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Steve Oakland President and Chief Executive Officer
Bill Kelley Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Jon Anderson William Blair
Robert Moskow Credit Suisse
Rob Dickerson Jefferies
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Welcome to TreeHouse Foods Fourth Quarter 2020 Conference Call. All participants will be in a listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions] Please note, this event is being recorded. At this time, I would like to turn the call over to TreeHouse Food for the reading of the safe harbor statement.

Unidentified Company Representative

Good morning and thanks for joining us today.

I'd slides point on for at started, posted that our get accompanying the our we like out to we've website Before call today the statements call XXXX. the contain conference Ligation forward-looking This meaning Act may of Private of Securities Reform within

projects, XXXX may COVID-XX activity, XX-K implied of achievements forward-looking period other SEC Form performance December for approximately, the the or terms could, include differences. or factors Form March or XX, cause or only negative plans, that and such unknown the forward-looking XX, results, do intends, the future other with statements. by actual as outcome and XXXX, uncertainties levels and company nearly, are known these or materially facts events XX-Q any levels that solely historical risks, expressed The its including potential, not TreeHouse's statements words or statements believes, and all continue filings promises activity, statements or statements from achievements XXXX, use results, that to ending generally of be be factors, June of is relate expects, the TreeHouse's contribute discuss to described these guidance, September industry's different XXXX, in can some period to these current the comparable the XX, for XX, anticipates, identified such Forward-looking terminology. of predictions. seeks estimates, should, could ending subject of These other to, to may, risk predicts, by performance and the of

which discussing or can be Reconciliation non-GAAP sales this about of any events, on to press herein various or conditions the the and undertaking with either the items, release rely thereto slides circumstances speak is non-GAAP relevant adjusted presented reflect organic disclaims flow. information made unduly or and most the regard in date statements revisions cash obligation contained company some disseminate earnings any to and updates directly in measure including measures in on any financial relations measure such other between non-GAAP when The based. to our any will Also, net financial comparable change GAAP call. the we not the which any both or as are measures other change which section cautioned be or forward-looking evaluating statement website the found information earnings expectations to any conference expressly forward-looking only are statements, the in investor of You posted of free during

basis, and of purposes Cereal was sold on our like business. our the now excludes For the to a by provided CEO and impact results continuing the Mr. of Steve discussion, Snacks Oakland. division, operations which turn I'd and call are year to our over Ready-to-eat which outlook last the President,

Steve Oakland

the COVID and to everyone, by new throughout have customers. to our well especially environment. roughly chain. up I'm how our of my shown continue everyone incredibly workers morning, warehouses of the supply Men us. X,XXX so and that factories, thank do to the through as in I’d you begin year. I women work pandemic expressing Good we our serve like again at and XXXX challenges remarks for our TreeHouse proud start our in have managed the is hope today gratitude in to we my frontline well employees, joining this

team's of Our commitment. the was really to effort entire a close product the strong out year and performance

Now few there that want today. I takeaways my are to key a in remarks cover

success. We've on to our our and operations, strategy customer made the have for have and the tough a commitments. company our service and transform in continued substantial improved First, we simplified executing delivered operating portfolio, environment, position progress TreeHouse

our of and enabling related value. were to challenges future drive efforts to growth face TreeHouse and successfully critical will pandemic All

results both enable meaningful and growth us top but strategic only We deliver algorithm, the to quarter allocation disciplined not also line balanced through this will drove full-year growth cash progress. and on reflect the generating fourth substantial our that a capital for drive flows approach. growth Our and additional investment are

with Third, and we is are value. deliver on progress integrating making track pleased accretion, acquisition, the we strong Riviana synergies, to on which are our significant

in Finally, the the and position as some and how private you to beginning. in our plan we come After walks back a the of all details this Bill is the share strategy details year, leverage continue really leader just around of through evolve label, to our further against I'll to to drive nearly clear in X. growth. work focused March was We three years TreeHouse set set the time a joined that our and I execute them. When With ago, stabilizing XXXX, Slide that, let's forth quarter to at turn priorities on business. worked to hard of of

first excellent. operationally Our was priority becoming

reduced XX,XXX the XX exited manufacturing points. reduced roughly facilities of ship we meaningfully and As warehouse number part effort, SKUs, of that

Importantly, we've culture improvement. a also of continuous instilled

We to also to SAP. turned from and simplifying X, cash platforms [ERPs] consolidating on by going IT XXX% systems and finance to attention our XX our in order

and aspect critical on facilities. focused of selling two Ready-to-eat sale business, work snacking divesting our the reshaping Cereal of our the Another In-Store towards portfolio, working the business Bakery

focusing align next we organization us which in to increase top line every proof and continuous and to in service entirety impact, intimacy resulted including meaningful drive improvement point us led the approximately our which forward, of talent divestiture stabilization financial XXXX chain, exception customer to total, our growth, year. above we invest our build solidly continues our move accomplished to of mindsets lean, pivot step focus we This TMOS, the on targeted. driving our With were commitments, also our delivering on levels, our of was in to people target and and supply and our The commercial a The the across competitiveness. to and better each businesses expansion. have categories profitable our terms, RTE, allowed engine & culture. early roughly In to XXXX about would our the efforts key rate of run position take long-term success. two a our operations our delivered is strategies to the division strong us We that forward with XXXX, simplest made, for focus pre-pandemic. headwind, unique on offsetting Beverages, Doing in potential the so, Meal similar and and their unlocking lost them focused & Beverages how to enabling businesses. With million allowed due reorganized Snacking structure, a of amount we business Snacking In distribution of savings, We our to entered growth through innovation revenue to and roles, best each customers categories Preparation. cost and growth tactics of progress inflation, about volume. fast foundational that $XXX think on the

on cash engine value and improving cash simplification. profitability and our engineering While generating through Meal Prep, focused

as nothing As was had And the hold, unprecedented imagined. stocking XXXX of different ever all pandemic took had was the seen. like any and anyone year a March us know, pantry April, we in than

business our demand, As of had and adapted TreeHouse successfully what into customers, is to work service we our all in proving years us clear and our last that quickly safe service to hard changes our was keep model. of that the became people several strength heading the of prepared the pandemic, the well-positioned

harder ran to operations fill orders. much Our

engaged with closely commercial more than Our organization customers before.

The significant and best for profitability, profit The capital our and by of how and to we the Today, our the reshaped forward business, can cash our pandemic values our deploy value. stocked and health, shareholder results prioritizing safety, to the over to volume and Our the platform long-term heightened guided welfare balance as further accelerate for the address as employees. service differentiated last we create last support have years different volatile we one discussion, The period the de-leveraging shelves and very our financial supplier, equipped forward. improvement customers has demand than few pandemic our sheet our allowed when how ability uniquely demand, a arrived. our pulled efficiencies and year's capabilities, pandemic expectations strong progress improved our us flow. a we to us I a customers very TreeHouse, timing through our dramatically keep moving of

greater We a balance financial with stronger are sheet and flexibility. company a

in believe the is we operationally, fourth and year. are And the We that quarter more delivered proof commercially. for I capable and culturally, results the the

In contributing another Riviana X, Slide reflect quarter, fourth results $XX of with to Turning progress. we that the million. delivered our billion, organic X.XX revenue

our Our Meal Preparation on X% Snacking results and our just in over were Beverage an & organic guidance in organic driven business. by or of was growth high-end X.X% business, the X.X% growth our steady range, X.X% of growth, This strong organic basis. representing

generating them fastest trends we also outsized net in Many year, retailers growth, exposure we've free the us summarize to in sales our the range. quickly the Slide growing nearly label. heavy to leverage organic On allowing delivered are unmeasured achieve by some tremendous in For year, the country. driven cash of we of flow million growth channels. target Increasingly $XXX food progress private have composed more X, for X.X% the of made

pursue flow After times. acquisition, and highly sheet to enabled X.X balance of cash the leverage year the us the acquisition attractive strong finished Riviana. Our creative and we with of

original announced next of Turning Ebro's in it you in the QX remember, X, acquisition pasta we December. as completed Riviana and Slide to business

perspective, improve real basis and that XXXX we're $XXX plan pasta TreeHouse. and Riviana to $X.XX continues generate integration have depth and our expect opportunity. in million EBITDA excited a and confident we brand. creation label build to $XXX million will regional will for even regional about share. enable private an to track, per million enhance $XX as immediate $X.XX are our to from value of the in normalized service accretion and on deal Our an national customers private label and million significant efficiencies present of is mix in opportunities more to category, we Fundamentally, operating to revenue for impact, the meaningful on us $XX Financially, of a add in

meet private commentary label from commentary and new This And that that label adapted desire shelves retailers be and consumers recent and company customers opportunity own our in unique the a like we're to point brands is encouraging. their penetration reset overnight. current On that as in doesn't time today is growth reach refocus clear, something in signs that to landscape we retail It deliver. demand X, in support are Slide the To their participate deepest around returning. to environment, the increasing some shared unique develop very a their to to position this on private strengthen desire to have a private seeing we've the My happen large We that introduction. is the have market capabilities products, takes foundational with the way. programs. position opportunity we their label. our in is several As to meaningful

customers of our built able and it's on and depth We label categories, but that to we their TreeHouse us meet to clear count XX value are deliver, for shows both real are and in have is leader terms growth our we best and undeniably a in capabilities. scale operating Slide that reflected in private increasingly in results. needs how drive

QX, categories growth delivered see, private scale customer we for developed and and on relationships. Approximately supply above were label. strong in deep have we is can foundation, in from winning, you have that's outperforming of market depth significant which these, revenue we number where focused where an the a our formula like As XX% the efficient a of category We've in chain, generated categories depth.

detail momentum and leverage capitalize of to you are go back to to talk our on we where that, to how I'll our Bill our continue come value these advantage we about planning turn to and through strengths creation. categories ahead, depth. it outlook deliver the me then the year. on build over results Looking future we types our and position With into growth and and believe more our for are Bill? let can

Bill Kelley

Thanks morning year I I'm strong you, very joining of the to begin am Thank quarter the so Steve, Like results. and our you impressed to thank TreeHouse Steve everyone. well we today. managed by for through us fourth proud and I want team. good saying how

$XXX with quarter on outperformed top and adjusted We our million all which key me totaled Riviana. and on metrics delivered Slide adjusted quarter start XX. of includes Fourth our Let EPS at $X.XX scorecard $X.XX. the recapping was by against EBITDA billion, line the

X.X% pricing. was of growth Turning of a now business driven in organic XX Prep added and to pasta drivers, revenue and by Meal mix, the volume, of X.X% Slide growth addition Riviana top. combination The our on December

Riviana’s majority Steve mentioned, performance closed $XX far. added thus we the of with As million revenue fourth quarter. We've brands Ebro's to Riviana of mid-December, the about pleased in in the acquisition been which

near the about to value We very be continue long-term creation excited opportunities ahead.

to leverage As of their combined increase strong our portfolio, efficiency will utilization add our regional operations. we brands we to

organic growth give due channel. X.X% Snacking to mix. revenue XX, the and On a on we basis more on you & improved Moving at Slide look posted granular all an in of volume fourth Beverages, to nearly quarter, strong we by

the the performance. of a As bars provided our reminder, versus can that percentage year line top better last net represent so quarter we change dollars, the understand and fourth you sales

walk left million impact is two of from the the of bar. orange sale facilities As we $XX the to ISP represented right, by first the

second orange the box totaled into QX. business green approximately channel retail loss in The million account, seen After the our the remainder grew which these total within taking bar X%. of two sales pricing is carryover $XX adjustments, and items as

within to revenue data, captured measured subscribe the within Moving label. the the And further you first across syndicated TreeHouse bar represents are if channels. private we retail walk, green

X% we the quarter. Here fourth grew in

is net The similar in with metric XX%. the it which a significant measured number presence have label stores. measured our we growth our to captures retailers is of key their many value, specialty, this And e-commerce ourselves channels. and and a third of in believe to second of meaningfully America, green North channel because TreeHouse quarter, sales private outpaced We bar performance a

Importantly, fast customers. these alignment demonstrates growing expanding growth many our rapidly of here with

XX% time, expenses to costs operations reduced additional P&L. very adjusted at COVID $X.XX in early Things due fourth our offset and $X.XX Snacking cost related and that we particularly XX, down On of was across commodity PNOC unfavorable was our were by and due any higher in by the quarter, lower adjusted while is through other quarter due year-over-year the in in Beverage. which quarter see operational of COVID-related weakness mix to you schedules Home Away industrial driven variable The from channel grew and $X.XX, of strong, COVID-XX delayed compensation related SG&A XX%. that From strong drivers manufacturing our & the added higher Volume the fourth net $X.XX. of walk incentive XXXX. to in Pricing Finally, more unfavorable Slide and to absenteeism. over and variances labor performance our $X.XX EPS primarily related year, or than key Fourth absorbed search. continued efficiencies throughput remaining was expenses the impact quarter in to like of was Food by from

was Finally, impact the about a prior of worse the combined penny year. than Taxes and Interest

you As within and was context also cooking it good a growth in you think on is the by Broth can about at that benefit the with beverages wins this environment. divisions in driven example And some portfolio. our beverage as mixes see the continues today's XX%. XX, & Beverages pleased of their ready-to-drink new up strategic by the Snacking objectives, Slide very from home of We're by addition group, business. encouraged we're drink

drivers cash XX, at sweet million and look were our a and in flow. X% XXXX On quarter. retailer of strong the Slide the cookies, X.X as we candy, growth guidance our Net and at sheet distribution provided promotions savory we of main very the on free finished cash as delivered the around New year well at balance billion, $XXX in of top flow range. debt in

the X.X at debt-to-EBITDA pro covenant Our bank pasta of far leverage we business. quarter, capital purchase so this net impact regard ended very is we attractive definition We're our the this forma continue a the XXXX at address] Riviana times. to notes. of end on the the includes year number year, several structure evaluating and $XXX consider [tenants maintaining With based our to we fourth options, the This while paths million flexibility. year. million, total of rates favorable, called our remaining think our of have to balance the $XXX The have be amount our of

our we them. the in Before balance hard In for guidance, costs. through begun and year. headwinds increased the markets to to We're costs. will navigating impact ingredient year, to to We've combination tight addition impact increase confident of number to I continue plan That's our driven freight ability due the mitigate offset to of in XXXX, increases. these of $XXX results, pricing our employee costs a an and XXXX to I million on a working of headwinds these pressures. discuss and rising million action has ongoing inflationary headwind touch anticipating labor already $XXX to macro to our This efforts this are by labor offset been actions, manufacturing and costs lean want

Riviana of specifically, to enter We impact pricing we half seeing the the efficiencies will On utilization expect year. efforts. greater also as we our from start realize integration the second

Turning Slide on XX. guidance XXXX our now to

$X.X Our year you to revenue more is guidance cadence on minute. a I'll give billion for the a bit in the $X.X color billion.

in adjusted EBIT $XXX XXXX $XXX million. is million. for anticipate of to We expectation $XXX $XXX Our million to EBITDA adjusted million

We based to million will amount for an non-cash be for including approximately compensation you and an was our guidance XXXX magnitude. adjusted give That of XXXX. idea in stock XX EBITDA adjustment

interest Our at rate. our million this $XX we expense million successfully of $XXX refinanced to million assumes of guidance our that least XXXX year, $XX lower and notes

be which tax effective free adjusted to is cash EPS to of XX% approximately anticipate XX% in $X.XX be adjusted flow a expected to for $X.XX. Our We translate range, full-year the into in $XXX XXXX rate million. to

issues. several the give first share for see second our versus sense unfolding, year you it'd point be useful most how half a we pieces to there you on view thought to As we To about Not you that the for mention consider. of number cadence, uncertainties. are ongoing think moving a help cadence related the to year, I’ll half. COVID of key the understand

to the XX% year. been second approximately has half a anticipate Historically, As XX% [winning] are cadence a XXXX. first half. half in back the of weighted in the We the and similar this general in rule, our profits

you in We $XXX As first of the was COVID year half of XXXX know, to March from lift] in pantry-stocking all estimate and that April million. pantry-stocking the extraordinary. million [revenue the $XXX last was

will in per the of on the range facilities will the We In-Store have in that assume quarter closed two in of million expenses P&L the Last each sale XXXX. of the to we that absorbing XXXX been we Bakery quarter. year, continue April throughout million $XX COVID $XX

assume macro contributed comparability a Home a from the half year. pointing So out From we weak be to that of level, business will continues of much it’s throughout XXXX more the Food revenue. the million standpoint, Away first environment worth On $XX that

guidance Finally, latest to label some private government we in seen expect stimulus this likely [move] consumers round full-year by as assumes levels. top of food following: remains continues recessions. could our saying the of that for our to to to typically of of the end I'll the wrap trading and $X.XX at service $X.XX elevated up to most degree home prior First, return target demand year,

levels ability hold within current or significant Second, outlook captures and inflation continue to our and Steve? commodity do our not turn we plant to related offset and And successfully commodity and range of downs. share able guidance our pricing, additional the shut for With timeframe experience to I'll value are run his risks implement creation. back efficiently thoughts that, plants costs Steve at pricing disruptions The bottom-end disruption, offset to outlined. to we to to costs third, plant challenges. COVID-related with it

Steve Oakland

Bill. Thanks,

XX. Slide to Turning

journey. strong easy, we've than the Where of key cash volume adapted in we've next we earlier financial months the that our the pull us overall the agile. had learning’s leverage a year phase pandemic, wasn't our achieve challenges six ability but flow, have path a positioning were and forward we our increase of we our to to shape and forward. success, targets, identified profit, XXXX strategic to anticipated, good accelerated As embraced

the engines participate We we conviction Retailers of expect continue in. to around have across incredible our business. excellence dual category every

depth Our what can that we three while priorities certain value. is cost, top are seen truly instances, breath quality, in customers service. customer’s have important category and And be

engines, depth advantage depths of These strong with drive and and sales we to margins. of consumer with compete to categories as growth and go top such, XX% further. We representing single-digit line opportunities with even net those we have typically As consistently low-to-mid growth categories growth existing view pockets have demand win categories find capabilities. our the in to where potential improved

is grew an the because basis Let's and and share. in XX%, a take trend high, capabilities, given health and one, private it's win on customer XXXX, broth two cap the category strong and its three, broth management]. we great And XXX In broth nearly we door [price seasonal partnerships. These for promotion, example. strong pricing points consumer almost capabilities gained open label strong demand protein a attributes; conscious we rich private to around is share assortment, label particularly have and This XX;

one but and are broth. we a have consumer. broth strength of same example, stories relevance there bone we reasons categories. success and of the several portfolio, depth, look to depth from is vegetable similar Finally, the comprehensive across across offering our as to Broth just The capabilities,

These and to by capital engine cash Another to that continue are in businesses cash that ways categories to deeper us these for flow us to utilizing flow. to our categories strong fuel strategy. look cash sales cash for for consistent strength, are opportunities engines. XX% and pieces from sheet reinvestment, our categories harvest make the in balance growth add cash engine We'll return. These represent deliver stable, strong of resilient, attractive

greater our for the an successes category improved us a I unlock advance have to returns opportunities to a our creating of on a we As revitalizing generate the further category relationships, portfolio categories can't If also leader spoke we shareholders. to learning’s them redeploy do and leverages where system, optimize, there's to for certain customer and becoming allow evolution in we natural renewing strategy, focus businesses on is to may capital an these to our maintaining position is This about discipline that will earlier. I will run focused our that believe more exit believe opportunity and/or fuel continue growth. potential, we our opportunity clear that we about profit we build growth. and better and

in number Turning to capital financial us our a ways. creating deploy XX, flexibility to value Slide of enables next

we balanced strength. while program, preserving Going forward, to our a deploy capital allocation plan balance sheet

cash to availability continue growth type highly the to flow that will bolt-on explore are through that additions Riviana of considering. leverage accretive are a aligned business category pasta while our great for acquisition our of Depending The with that fourth free approximately the accretive We accretive cash bought we we million and return opportunities other disciplined we value M&A maintaining is look our example shareholders, M&A. existing plan and our shares. in strength of And targets. invest we the flow of capabilities. leverage core $XX or creating and back the to In on of remaining quarter, opportunities, to our balance and sheet stock XXX,XXX vein,

XXXX from Our to offset dilution stock capital plan to to and back return issuance. shares in to buy continue shareholders is

We allocation expect flow those Slide not potentially growth on only capital that enable by algorithm cash targets. us efficient exceed our achieve but strong to will supported XX, outlined we've strategic our

our from leverage targets repurchase. OpEx And further into EPS million translates discussing I look and initiatives our driving forward and combination our through finally, combination adjusted business, on and X% growth we categories. XX% growth drive line, at of are share at next a strategic $XXX acquisitions delivering accretive potential a approximately focus enhanced we each evolution see flow through driving synergies year to a of through profitability, the our tremendous perspective, very X% to We from least organic in in additional to to of top of attractive pursue operating we addition Conference will productivity, believe ongoing acquisitions and ability strength that Cagney opportunities plan. week. towards in focused cash to cash. ensure generate our are synergies will achievable will execution that financial in From improvements growth In continued the M&A continued fuel

press we Q&A, last I get night. excuse acknowledge issued into the to me, release we wanted Before

XXXX create As as results held in we XXXX JANA that we dialogue. the we guidance, of fiscal we quarter, and focused multiple Partners going on well believe spirit our forward. as have opportunity said, have we are the Today, with maintaining to and fourth constructive compelling value discussions

We will further filing. be commenting the on JANA not

close XXXX the is very and our strong business results. extraordinary Let adaptable, pleased me although With is we the call saying that, an let's our resilient far ordinary environment, we and that to have year, and with I'm your by open that model to finish can proven questions. deliver from


question from Jon first comes Instructions] Anderson William Blair. with [Operator The

is line Your open.

Jon Anderson

everybody. morning, Good

Steve Oakland

Jon. morning, Good

Bill Kelley

Good morning, Jon.

Jon Anderson

private as XXXX Couple for sales label categories. And there throughout with you. underlying your questions key even of about to I'm target performance deal importantly, you lot shelf. contemplated how know growth was of back you're your of a expect. to was your wondering thinking you guidance, I one more assortments which that share on SKUs that rate work the the XXXX, perhaps get fuller

private label share we back and how you're So, maybe about on with market kind on just assortments fuller as XXXX start? trends, update of an where are thinking to move you respect Thanks. getting through to the shelf,

Bill Kelley

good Bill. your morning. for Jon Thanks It's Hi, question.

with First share. comment I’ll just your on start

a have that almost you deplete the consumption back IRI does what's know, to we You the a consumers you a X and nicely allow on volume last but quite you already their in From to to cycles, and share] May is couple of SKUs, know the are look pantries, bit all have private to label reporting probably are if here that. go to X [held at our back shelf [indiscernible] see to and cycles the purchase TDPs it all SKUs all take sequentially perspective, shelf. recovered the scanning had of way

we business once shared QX think the and continue we that in back to we'll So, build nicely.

categories are win are and All deck categories or continuing in the of to our our that categories – strong. share the our most categories, highlighted really really, so are we XX once growth of engine

we're we think strong. we're think performing on we back scanning, is So, pretty shelf, and

Steve Oakland

I thing beginning say else morning, only noise in is at The would is, good some this last thing is pandemic. the year's the numbers Yeah, only there Jon. the – Steve, of

If pretty you dramatically. share early pandemic remember, everything jumped, in actually but private the label jumped

April. of couple lap there'll when on, noise early March, some of probably those So, we weeks last couple weeks be first

to we'll real the get have before doing. look work So, at consumer we is a what through that

Jon Anderson

point. Fair point, fair

to pricing need where is have know, capabilities what or it question know, costs and bit in increased several cost? taken have pricing, to view? year, you and given as ago price, respect between You a versus where implement freight, a discussions? your longer, changed Second TreeHouse’s respect this may to may have with lag a there of implement little you ingredient maybe And with bit are those on costs the both to maybe price been years has

Steve Oakland

question, Sure. That's a good Jon.

would didn't have years I I different sales that when ago, had customer in, right, and they built. almost the the they didn't the They across have people, commercial didn't you we of great five stepped We have was entire but system a forces. We systems tell price didn't we've the just that have direct we know, have or implemented maybe You data. that have protocol the There teams. organization lot today. three

right? commercial different top So, with service do It's think more and a this organization different totally we're we the a different stand importantly, is level, totally organization. to much So, on even a I a different of relationship customer this.

out question. heard you've much also suggest understand customer to what that better. here. armed would retailers need is and I it, no relationship calls the our Pricing, with that. but there's you've Our from been is couple teams from that do I The are mean of as have it, with so about the they all read already

all what the we decide movement of do right what's consumer, right can need on, mitigate, or what to what's those things. very the So, we're closely the with we working pass to decile

that. last So have relationships we have have have systems and that we time did data, we we we didn't

in half, remarks, but impact So, the back we need as to when of prepared his see most guided the Bill it. in that's we'll

in it expect go than gone past. we differently So, to it's the much

Jon Anderson

Thanks much. so


Robert comes Suisse. from question next Credit The Moskow with

Your line is open.

Robert Moskow

Hi. think tone Steve, categories more for the about the on Thanks thinking question. I than the is shifting. It's portfolio how much depths in definitely you're breadth. about rather

think, being much re-evaluated, divesting any still range accept time? regarding of you of there XX% Is to how and over could kind or the XX% dilution willing So, to the earnings to as needs are the as of you business much foresee much how divested? be accretion you that's portfolio, as

Steve Oakland

we I part. know skew divested You the – would didn't I over hope

well that an I right? is awful We've lot different in through some we of evolution. them, there as think run there we can don't run business been as

think have mix, the cycle, that, right, we I we're wrong that wrong is something understand the wrong advantaged, we now some customer have production like not where something where either there. we businesses in

those a business. And you growth all incentive time different running – very objectives in lot we're different. two. in different some objectives a the think a other is in a you than take that's different try know people, so invest and running business in and I you and some right revitalized And as business of three in going stand-alone to talent. systems, businesses different people to than things that's you that's need a business different different than There's Actually do those need of you cash do time

we be few think take as a more don't be It's think well. much small still but material. them about it mixing it'll to out, them. There'll is be things probably those don't divestiture there'll as there'll I selling about So, than be work I businesses positioning us

Robert Moskow

we quarter. first some first you like can And us seems also, last sense roughly, to it. year. I just give typically quarter? And for didn't like see that give unless growth in organic I the easy a you guidance an here, expect missed comparison some Okay. it Can

of comparing first in are gate So, the how out quarter? the we

Bill Kelley

XX-XX piece, It's year, going Bill. at not of We on first the – half, morning. Rob. weeks EPS QX half. in Hi, more How where in that numbers, the to did COVID to think we April to the takeout last Good in lap are overall? basis, We about be from it's an two about March terms think those guide split last and growth and going significant won't two and in year. weeks Those QX probably first pandemic. the watch those your organic that here. can. go we'll second basis point over and make that over sure did still And things call we in year, in because in, full-year think quarter. the We We up our crawl that's than and more as down about but there half as very the we that out be can it it directly this. for want add much – This and of we're the only when this you up and guide Riviana organic slightly are to us will piece we more

Steve Oakland

just more over the would that that statement crust, a I and that, February think itself. we that enough know and but right, significant We can to was a is will March, Thanksgiving will can at business would our tough business. Yeah, We suggest January just right, your right? second, should sell mentioned, don't we That's that be anybody I mentioned a XX-XX that and business. count Rob, over right? right? think cadence, this, Bill at crawl seasonal looking maybe I for right, on pie quarterly crust March of I I that add March, in say, Christmas comp right. pre-XXXX crawling I pie is those don't numbers, look and Bill have I just number think,

kinds We are back have a those that of lot businesses of half weighted.

will our our like So, it strong, seasonality be will I be would historic suggest seasonality. historic more but

Bill Kelley

Rob, – One this And mean. just one Yeah. I we leave topic. before point sorry, I'm

other the around inflation is the piece and pricing. The

you I end XX, half those kind that you'll half, but think the first their inflation towards where between day don't points build out. is half, day on of pricing up XX throughout back this the see year all one, one longer come We will year. Steve’s and split are more come second on that so base to together will seeing historical

Robert Moskow

follow-up. one Maybe

of you the business are quarter those those wins in new last some you quarter I Are been you said that gotten had there that all delayed, base expected think wins expected? you've and the still of now had or delays? have third

Steve Oakland

there. in is that of Most Yeah.

but be here first but still at the the maybe there in the commercialization quarter, stuff now quarter, They'll the of first in quarter, right? So end they're in in quarter, is first is quarter. the some the happening happening but process first be The on they'll track. first

Robert Moskow

Great. Thank you. Okay.

Steve Oakland

Rob. Thanks,


next The of Jefferies. Instructions] question Rob Dickerson from [Operator comes

open. line is Your

Rob Dickerson

what relative much. soft your categories seems for also a somewhat we once commentary these to I in had Steve, so potentially about one around you're just the XXXX the sales like guidance to to target factor getting some organic thanks then Great, top-line maybe playing kind low-single-digit of and longer-term mid-single-digit and expectations acquisition growth a two of contribution. growth to in of general question

still but that that net-net, the upside these So, seems QX, on line know I this is guess later, more you of kind it might in categories top then XXXX. the saw upside momentum we have we like, versus XXXX building with seeing phase continue in

get Thanks. a for better So, the sales bit as why I'm QX? to a growth wouldn't be kind you're just organic saw to sense trying XXXX than in implying given what little you of momentum

Bill Kelley

Hi, Bill. Rob. It's

I if Let me question. can your see answer

that as pointing the me as us COVID if right. thought, the you Riviana for I being up did it we And will is is the about that we know lap quarter. particularly think how know in Let around you're happens in. But get that XXXX the then first be piece you part significant, it add

basis. So, reported and number get organic we'll on be to basis on stronger slightly a a up

focus XXXX and is we X% you'll we Our organic still rate X% to that as point. of growth you long-term exit algorithm top-line back your where to to get think

Steve Oakland

think for we we sat a I thought call, went the build going efforts real grow about quarter first you growth, that the year, come not right? was to the happened. We as distribution good this quarter use we and And That's what that why but When gave is actually right. the over just those we Rob, year number year about all if the base in base We we've world to just be quarter And we promise to a that as the or a made us so see the the turn COVID all It’s that we think guided the guided current Underlying years to strong. fourth to volume. Yeah. through ago, a on, year for think company talked numbers a on. on guidance would to, really company quarters we right. year And look ago the pre-COVID, we that's what guided fourth the it all was didn't two half four XXXX right? did fruition. you of was our this saw, where we the

So, as look at we XXXX. base, gave the a for guidance

Rob Dickerson

enough. And costs. quickly fair then Okay, on COVID-related the just

to I maybe did the about you quarter, per I for XX think in XX thought quarter by had you mentioned, XX XXXX.

I hit any that's business year the is business are as some the cost the bounce seems progress relation assuming the should mentioned you cadence be parts a come foresee to it And that question pickle XXXX, Steve, in through materially of that's there guess that COVID like we and can of And had added then in back So, the actual there assumption the the as first down, coming I that in year think later but being is, back bit progresses? or really you I'm contribution of XXXX? that coming Thanks. down somewhat would back. little that kind it.

Steve Oakland

things hopefully right. workforce Sure. sort I be I like comment. it Bill seasonal you hope think into to bring cucumbers, able can and Yes, can that then to speak to pickles, we know,

how with happens, looks. of that actually not to that's shoulder is in It when year. picture this that's what not we think there and hundreds I a deck normally looks people it shoulder the do normally can and

hope So, and would that I business I comes food service would back comes right. hope back,

a of service is a business volume Bill, food got little there our thoughts? if have goes retail hope that direct down any we you other I correlation back. So bit our

Bill Kelley

Yeah. as kind lot back particularly expect you better their are a and get disruption for normal Steve's to a online margin I and so of to – XX that first the back that things, perspective, your [starts], that part, that our around is the go people did quarter get gross a all million numbers schools to it to our point, of through the million in put that point away, some is drag mean plan us lives year. on XX midway to gets from COVID that our happens. me home say, down – if and the between you expenses that absorbed pandemic business virus – kind the to That and if probably calms we vaccinations I all recover see in kind have of that planned related and better we From happen P&L. we

losses half those So, guidance would in in the at cut we midpoint. our expect XXXX to

will are better. be be to us, gets those than numbers if our so And opportunities that for better

Rob Dickerson

Thanks so much. right. All Super.

Steve Oakland

Thanks, Rob.


concludes closing would Oakland Steve for turn back over remarks. session. I the This question-and-answer our like now to to conference

Steve Oakland

a to day. thank to with busy know day and great a your thoughts a being it's questions Have day all, look you like I'd for you us, all Well, we forward go busy it’s and I forward. your us we as today. for for


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