Nanostring (NSTG)

Doug Farrell IR
Brad Gray President and CEO
Tom Bailey CFO
Doug Schenkel Cowen
Catherine Schulte Baird
Tejas Savant JPMorgan
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to NanoString 2018 First Quarter Financial Results Conference. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this call is being recorded.

Now, I would like to turn the conference over to Vice President of Investor Relations, Doug Farrell. Sir, you may go ahead.

Doug Farrell

Thank you, operator.

call Tom Brad Bailey, the and our on and CEO; our me today Gray, is President Joining CFO. Earlier for today, the results first quarter NanoString of XXXX. released financial our that A be copy press nanostring.com. release of found the on website at can

and strategic that the for During statements success forward-looking, offerings. addressable expanding anticipated future future and about this and development trends our and including business existing penetrating are growth and make focus projections, related recent call, and planned may collaborations, we status and statements objectives, financial factors, of markets, prospects product

of subject are and Forward-looking risks to filings. statements are to from described our and time risks uncertainties, including many our SEC which control, in time beyond uncertainties

to differ projected that, and Our With today's call results let me those from turn materially to may this update Brad. the publicly. no on obligation over call we undertake

Brad Gray

strategic us of Good I'm update performance the afternoon operating to first today. quarter of details over review And to the going results. Tom call QX to our for for thank an our you an overview then, I'll for objectives the and and turn our the year. joining provide on

with commercial Our strategic made solid track to our as goals the year objectives. financial a for we establish off against execution year. both I'm puts is start progress as commercial us on to good our pleased we that recent and momentum meet our

distributor business, goal the during is particularly our million. laboratories priority by product accelerating across was $XX of multiple achieved increased growth quarter in the service clinical customers, first segments Growth our business. as this to top and XX% Our revenue nCounter biopharmaceutical territories. and core We of strong our

quarter. base, XXXX, grew which a as dedicated over months and - reps with To the base of channel. for during sales the In taken by consumable based our at our increasing by XX%, with install reps, strong tangible are to the We XX% consumable added our growth territories life we reps Prosigna, consumable natural the generating we sciences believe are expanded These that first last is consumable stronger both team actions strengthen result a our are of this commercial the this We of pleased productivity inclusive growth installed generated growth than growth particularly having about consumable on revenue. business, impact specialized XX%. sales without commercial creating field tailwind about these help territories leverage our reps. XX

new placements better by win run We to instrument utility to of guidance represented have Our quarter. sales QX increases QX, as research tenders by high for of increasing a offer predictability start to premium leadership the the throughout throughput Europe that under many great the XX% and dual infrastructure the durable are flex dedicated commercial and platforms my use to unit the where more likely just systems team in systems. are had sales Overall, in X% business. visibility commercial of strong our than in the our performance Spread to over was This option implied particularly that paid true nice the our linearity diagnostic grew with products. a customers diagnostic systems the that our Congratulations enhancements year. improvements created conviction quarter. on

me objectives. let strategic Now, to shift our

report in this Our research objective. I'm that on extending making oncology, and leadership our first progress diagnostics. objective to substantial strategic we're is pleased

immune-oncology. primarily placements about markets. accounted first for During XX% year-on-year, quarter, panel instrument driven our XX% by Oncology the revenue direct grew new oncology of within

latest our continue series of last addition our which panel incorporate cancer the top immune of on panels. expanding menu offering research As panel, oncology strategy panels leadership XXX our research The PanCancer remains to for our selling to our profiling maintaining is our development. is fastest elucidate a year drug in and to microenvironment use for growing interactions launch designed is immune immunovation. designed tumor's launched panel are of tumor characterize late and remains and to IO our the panel mechanism content diagnostic The ever XXX

Paris month, world lung example, the PDX with using non-small presented in line research to For from and a inflammation the real XXX conference in panel tumor in research which solid is study the treatment the clinical the signature, [indiscernible] value at IO XXX AACR OPDIVO blockade last demonstrated cancer tumors. IO researchers Their of included second setting. of predictive for cell

the XXX of now the cancer signature Prosigna. for span is the addition, In of that a have launched PAMXX provide the combines we of the power We animal mouse introduced the recently so from a models tools signature, panel, we suite IO clinical which inflammation panel, and basis trials. breast version XXX to tumor that

year, And so This to a drug translational This heterogeneity XXX conference our company a year, later was leading panel to offerings panels management. the customer lymphoma for understand and success quest strength researchers impacts support the We and was their positive indicator in in of far, is cancer high. development this tremendous additional continued patient plan interest to lung and oncology. how created AACR and introduce cancer. in breast with

record were abstracts commercial and technologies presence a number Our our customer XXX generated of in leads. about showcased

about our theater Our of platform. profiling and spatial series who our more spotlight to than grew XXX XXX presentation digital came attendees panels learn

cancer Biopharma. leader about opinion by for addition, attended the and digital from that customers profiling breast XX In were panel Academia hosted XXX dinners we spatial key and

had our commercial achieved We $X milestone for through side of the a breaking first on business. in a quarterly diagnostic also the million major sales time. quarter We Prosigna, for great

to Network tenders. decisions reimbursement accounts In France, following several positive provinces. several win We has for include the into wins coverage to expected begin profiling September, testing If unit the UK, for commonly as of sales, National seeing successful to driving Prosigna Prosigna. geographies, a we our the recently new UK XXXX. recommendation Canada, and as tender success opportunity recommendation in Health catalyzed are hubs Cancer access as Excellence, expect test in more comes ongoing NICE growth across establish in to by known continues In well Institute to gain its adoption in Care in provided all accounts. existing the and as Prosigna this updated gene beginning and effect

continuing Finally, diagnostic menu. we are expand efforts our our to

We robust from companies, preparing approximately ongoing a submit our to In end the the DLBCL number of parallel, we've results pilot QX. increasing study. studies biopharma by X PMA last Phase for our the with the pending LymphMark at to studies over assay, are XX expanded quarter of about XX% engagement

objective Our XXXX nCounter is into drive and therapeutic areas to second new applications. strategic for

matched targeting platform. nCounter the our where of As outside well-funded markets we experimental this described year, oncology research we're are earlier well questions to

neuroscience neuroscience used new immunology cells types profiling and designed prioritized immunology, Within immunology relevant mix oncology We accounting These XX% and panels panels, instrument important driving an that elucidate easy to with and areas instrument about placements NanoString. use market where and already research from quantitative biological us in being developing of gene today: already are well activation those QX. fields. can a during expression playbook borrowing customers made and PCR. immune we to of neuroscience, the by to and for in sale states three for various has the asked is be is successful field are have the questions Immunology of

enabled about XX% customers. accounted During our XXXX, from nCounter of papers the immunology for publications

as clinical along investigating of broad for offered For a a Association Myeloid that developed in panel to and customer panel with panels XXXX, Last Austin, disease. auto coverage auto of immune in benefit we specifically growing Texas, with Immunologists offerings initial inflammation, week, of biomarkers launched such positive. rapidly panel. at of curated targeted therapeutic content the immunology feedback immune identify elucidates are was we this menu for and new past the Conference more profiling, which American our area help several years, of we've a introduced In mechanisms

in The second we've immunology, cell that funding two $XX panels, interest processes, new characterized year, annually. adoption in on panels, neuroscience states and we disease different more of by Much focused entered the dependent last is activation and neuroscience high. other launched still the on early which abundance is on these in billion NIH market the receives of neuropathology of Though than the is one of level neuroinflammation. are types. phases Late neuroscience we like

potential recent grant submitted program. applications Europe neurology our XXX neuroscience approximately example, recent and XX roadshow to through researchers For touched over a couplers

PlexSet, a vastly offering helping Another nCounter our enables is wider QPCR, market. simpler high expression, application new is entry traditionally adoption which workflow which service into drive gene than low throughput plex a

motivate PlexSet During instrument helped several QX, new placements.

interest The selected of the a half region. sequencer. the biopsy of the end. we technology on be designed Our of digital precise the first processing the to to platform novel DSP enable to samples a gene third access And launch protein the of access the in of slides, either under is can next or DSP spatial profiling across objective within spatially and launch of under and these our XXXX, year to now Digital within is late by specific tissue performed or profiling for gene instrument expression full followed of by track regions selection in launch also is generation platform early a the proprietary samples a see nCounter strategic on and commercial designed protein our automate landscape sample. preparation capturing RDSP instrument XXXX. quantification short expression early spatial or is

for with we samples TAP, months, run instruments. customers, level potential the their engagement fee the technology laying avenue or have engagement launch. program, researchers service prototype work several which a our allowing successful a for XXXX past is our is Over increased program access substantially our on for One ground to DSP of

first week, to DSP nine that access the customers. we leading total immune-oncology services, expand models first expanded XX. our TAP orientation. of announced projects spatial a DSP organizations particularly Last new and have also among initiated using with quarter, panel the contract field to with of the mouse partnered projects, biopharma neuroscience, to cover panels We've such a we During DSP research menu for introduced to we bringing strong number

will We services groups Genetics, biopharma they customers. have which now already be offer FISH and signed will laboratories agreement CROs, IHC to select their become analysis with These Diagnostics with Covance, UK. services these including available. Solutions, when NanoString performed Cancer conventional technologies and QX instruments TAP Propath labs using market our Initially, able will under existing spatial DSP acquire Core five the but DSP expect to program, that we be

increased during conference. its In presented prospective researchers buzz our abstracts, major genome meeting. DSP. commercial of addition, and to during at generated and four featured DSP last when highlighting applications interest strongly presence customers. NanoString momentum scientific to introduce DSP AGBT the year, conferences Earlier and At Customer annual the capabilities we're this using among substantial AACR, DSP collaborators was month the AACR

to non-spatial observed that therapy anti-PDX biomarker and from an Rimm characterize receiving particular to biomarkers XX-plex University Each by used clinical and type, David pretreatment five DSP which a and is novel Professor using identified melanoma response. predicted on First, a spatial Yale have grind tied from bind samples that panel protein would assays. traditional cell profiling insight been was not enabled patients

RNA DSP reproducible researchers cancer cell Second, flow Genentech program access with from profiling and technology strong highly ran from through concordance both non-small who cytometry immunohistochemistry. demonstrated our and lung

in study DSP concept of Third, XXXX significant the spatial advances using with proof simultaneously capability NanoString RNA the networks entire resolution. team profiling them signaling read to RNAs to out, demonstrated reconstruct allowing characterize NGF with a

we qualified for cost. version leads, the use highly was the into the of $XXX,XXX price demonstrated and meetings the we program. Customer samples, of which that and provided customer DSP simplicity have quoting AACR, XX utility back built team of panel workflow. really or for demonstrated software DSP DSP XXX pre-clinical and the were to TAP under AACR NanoString first been and in demonstrated our research. analyze a Finally, feedback from for at their push interest generated submission suite with DSP platform instrument projects reality our booth about explore no alpha a DSP on list through DSP a extending grant fantastic DSP unveiled private instrument, the virtual data customer used the In experience our the mouse at of our of an on study

that are We DSP confident will an be than and more ever growth catalyst. platform XXXX now important

commercial Our the for launch a toward fourth year Hyb our strategic to in is advance & XXXX. objective Seq platform

opportunities February. We're to development and that our came continue AGBT projects, demonstration of several Hyb on platform. make steady including collaborations for discussing Hyb Seq progress Seq We & new in the the conference out customer & currently of

and been In addition, the reimbursement turnaround Hyb fronts. efforts simultaneous important compelling and we've suggest have expanded the DNA on regulatory our developments and market Seq. of results and sequencing XX-hour time & RNA there research both features that Meanwhile, are for

First, framework validation assays, based design, NGS development recently NGS-based the finalized US Food and for Drug a guidance of tests. diagnostic and Administration on establishing companion

cancer. a updating determination you and developments on Services Seq. the these in term in progress Centers long panels to & Seq for campaign Hyb make diagnostic future on for more sequencing Hyb national issued opportunity Medicare based on Second, positive on commercial Medicaid the quarters. I continued forward our & Together, advanced the program for coverage look us

the first our for financial guidance the over call review and our results Now, I'll turn provide Tom to for quarter QX. to

Tom Bailey

Thank I'm the the for you, have discuss results quarter Brad. of to to opportunity pleased first XXXX. our

step toward we quarter. momentum the outlined into the and achieving Our heading goals teams delivered we've second in a established financial strong first March good

the consumable revenue approximately XX% science XX%. CodeSets. consumable was reflecting revenue, a growth in pull an XX.X X.X the X% our million. from our more For revenue That system and quarter, of of which driven was the Panels an in $XX,XXX service and growth compared total indicator includes service revenue revenue growth. Prosigna quarter Prosigna for science anticipated year-over-year of and custom in includes per good growth than panel representing XX% of account first revenue, more science transition XXXX record a consumables as of year-over-year Consumable XX% first million, quarterly basis. than revenue product year-over-year total increase to quarter benefited X.X Life instrument million XX% XXXX, $XX consumables sales, through million now from on of to for XX.X X% the year-over-year. million the representing of life of consumable representing growth. Product result first and than of decline million, Life Overall, was our sales, includes more excluding consumables. panel offset X.X successful annualized revenue,

first the split was technology driven partnership the with of our for America in previous million DSP. collaboration As recorded program first derived access was Lam X revenue world. in revenue million for the Service our quarter periods, Prosigna one-third the majority the and X.X growth North rest with in about two-thirds from revenue with in Research. reported We the by quarter in

the by R&D Gross Seq toward that an X.X revenue was program million, XX.X was the year. expect expense XXXX, the over for mix was shift margin million We in the to bulk quarter improvement Investment primarily for the received year. during of over revenue in increase product of & compared the ramp payments course support our of increase the Hyb collaboration XX% accounted XX% the XX% from on for Lam with first prior to the service as and of Research we and driven approximately offset product quarter program quarter. consumables. by

the been development funded in Seq XXXX R&D expenses & would lower quarter first the modestly by Hyb Research, have compared Lam of as to Excluding our year. expense prior

away launch. from R&D expenses year a that our platform In approximately addition, a full to a a portion investment remaining of relate new our DSP, is in significant commercial

as This investments was to cash quarter for and expand channel our an the of was the primarily X.X and increase XXXX. expense made first million expense quarter in million short for XX% XX.X the SG&A with increase million of the result quarter, XXXX. quarter to we compared and Stock-based the of term commercial ended of XX.X investments. is Our compensation specialize

about revenue service trajectory our first our We business. and the to the and turning guidance financial exceeded Now, feel product quarter outlook. the we in confident of

and sometimes we in can We exceed. that consistent philosophy This feel expenses of providing shared XXXX for that confident we is full on that our with guidance our guidance we are we meet March guidance provided during March back the reiterating and year revenue operating call.

summary, product $XX.X second in million we for revenue quarter and therefore revenue total XXXX, revenue million. to of XX.X to service million, $XX.X expect approximately collaboration XX.X and So million of of X the million of approximately

will support Turning product available to to the to continue resources additional opportunities believe initiatives. to our that us current and our sheet, financial development current balance and us we business our development business and enable

million In so. expect established terms facility to equity financial would additional market a to the we've receive should favorable do us to at with $XX capital and our enable we consider collaboration raising Research, maintained conditions in addition the to through that support Lam be

NanoString We could interest discussion. that capital alternative conclude evaluating I'll various be vehicles for turn also available to today Brad business options company for are actively the your back potential and it may our time performance your in development and that pipeline. to financing robust the based now on business and provide core us you in to our improving Thank and product

Brad Gray

to have over We're a stage Tom. year and growth made past XXXX. commercial sets the that increasingly stronger for increased effectiveness team the Thanks, during confident profile enhancements our our

upon recent our into new while spatial launches excitement therapeutic provides customers our and balance outlook of and further your leadership conviction our now will during is expanding are company's for launch We'd extending in the the that Overall, markets. XXXX. on XXXX product open profiling areas the beyond. Our call customer positive our question. the are oncology, to successes we like of serviceable growth digital field the entry the for scientific Meanwhile, DSP about accelerate


first Instructions] with question Schenkel from comes Our Doug Cowen. [Operator

Doug Schenkel

believe revenue product first the million million high quarter ahead of $X guidance. service end Brad, was and of I of $XX

that internal a in in of to key to that want out might products you about things relative the your to services. drivers right things or expectations seem be beat two I'm maybe one lot call there the mind, curious to if are talked direction. You moving and that for just With were

Brad Gray

and two, drivers the life the that to Prosigna primary on consumable one, point revenue. would of side think are the - beat I beat sciences I the revenue

of to reps would visibility to the increased at commercial new the our consumables the especially pullthrough our of came a quarter. consumables and sales, which sciences probably new continuing On drive our time great guide. little substantially the where and over side, based to point leader had effectiveness of of the I ahead in we life team, panel field course our

On at the X.X in million the to for Prosigna we came with lot about year. side, guided QX of $X million strong $X million nice and there. a to momentum

guide is the between initial our source to where think those of two I from. relative QX the So upside things really came

Doug Schenkel

placement right on that of said, proportion your type gave not what based you've any least I bars why at than than additional XX was on base number. quarter revenue placement provide also color what placements recognizing a instrument stronger That of was in you have the for think that, expecting believe you unless there's, SPRINT that you what stronger you that are reported That an placements, some remarks. so accounted that here? being we greater approximately if installed you I expected. quarter, arrow math placed that described So Can use is which number, a instruments case the in from and in XX my expected around us is XXX, if would to be we higher, ASPs bit the just I is around what on weren't said, prepared

Brad Gray

Doug. Hey, Yeah.

we your math some estimate infer your from which working - unit installed to little I you're know base think, commentary, is high. of always of round. that our XX I units a volume

and XX number So your ASPs a I little the your estimates are a therefore little instruments, think low. is on high

the quarter. ASPs first I during think in historical with are line our

end what of of XX. I for remarks, SPRINT had As accounted placements, to the at in we lower guided unit XX prepared about the target previously think my was which I XX% right mentioned of

and for was year. So The guide about for ASPs I about mix the flat were revenue X% the against in-line. up in was the instrument line think

the instrument the guidance quarter. overall flat So, with obviously QX. for we're of I we maintaining for but good about in feel outlook, think during first And revenue momentum the year, the the we're pretty terms happy

Tom Bailey

where or I channel. the a gone, That has through add times, inferred to direct Brad exactly at into in whether particular would distributor a ASP is any might it's that, system reflect quarter the

that installed impact modest that base that to be mentioned, factors at So experienced placements. of we could in Brad in you're math the some of an everything when is the instrument that very result much line might On we're looking in what the do to as ASP overall, to there we've various previous reported flux but conduits the other at addition with a trying that looking relative quarters. basis,

Doug Schenkel

Okay. That's really helpful.

mathematical revenue clearly in last tremendous Maybe ultimately, making one sorry many on finally, use some that where will mode is lead one, opportunity there guess change answers when the And you there TAPs on helpful. XX for you. I placements sequencing average each launch leaps you of progress. and DSP those the that and into of announced DSP, have the back What's instrument and that the making the associated move is interest with end? you hope nextgen place of any in notable could with you DSPs in are you these Thank the

Brad Gray


$XXXX we've think think and I average the typical $XX,XXX I is scale at that the samples is So biopharma the question, is samples the about done, speak of first $XXXX. order your XX about somewhere half company TAPs between for under an $XXX,XXX. program answer to The for price XX XX $XXX,XXX to and so the value academic or of at each at is a

is So between two those average. it's somewhere the

like recognition bookings we're that for will our to capacity our revenue technology take to we and lagging and the we're is they revenue Now, in that will we fact, prototypes small question, time limited many of answer of Doug, time To program, in that because in your it what available realize sense yes, CROs and access these why participants out see the to broadly TAP leading to a TAP second could number oversubscribed. will time instrument hope have on reason under we the five we're program and really market service that the lifting into convert early more platform. adopters that's our program continuing think both the that technology go companies existing the and biopharmaceutical customers and efforts over for access great even in to help represent do

digital - meaningful level the read out. in Finally, spatial up increase for on having question, we from having on based have third in profiling NGS the platform seen opened interest a your

something in moved an the only digital able out customer the that about both profiling market plus we it sequencing closed much lower that if plus to platforms XXXXXX into spatial that acquire a we into been be with system today system, opened customer for If had a would have to next would market convince system today there But like hurdle think we XXXXX have system. the you genomics. or opportunity entry another for $XXXXXX nCounter That XXX we the we would generation nCounter barrier to much market forward for up, doing can closed a nCounter, the a adoption. higher have having out there the had to begin spatial to read and customers out is

addition, And interesting single who in format is single and approaches samples well enjoyed science than take and the cell situations finding DSP lot secondary have more and research addressed, a we basic that to in enthusiastic have how as from science one we're customer that space. early about single funded but cell the droplet based adoption. technology see gene of is very is interesting In very about researchers a a same vendors non-spatial expression cell interacting actually to traditionally step are a who using thinking other science

so up going to nicely. far decision So to I DSP NGS looks off to would say pay it's the like open that


comes question Catherine next Baird. Our from with Schulte

Catherine Schulte

quarter. nice Thanks on the the for and congrats questions

wondering and contemplated generate you partnerships already XXXX just do revenue new much expect that was how in TAP will in these your incremental CRO was prior I First, guidance.

Tom Bailey

revenue TAP the any recognizing into actually the be statement won't out income programs. We of

of like, why what So the - launch for product service associated we've differences revenue. we it's to and cash either the or we an under traditional revenue service until we the there's programs and that these we our complexities need under It's guidance book that instrument provide get we - have we wait we some are - we for next between revenue into receive book won't with you'd TAP that contemplated offline, is there can And can and that if Catherine as that what with all there into but not - part the based to to DSP reasons given. year book on when the under deliver revenue of that are

Brad Gray


that agreements, for think two question is, that for build of collaboration what collaborations themselves. appropriate. Tom was being and The I a us. the signing was ways in two an drive those Catherine, AACR services TAP Let under as me those five quite the we make there's to of going deliver to over event revenue this may agreements let things time recognize to - were for we of for agreement, the over guidance signing year. parse services on said, would some balance they that said, the time, TAP been non-revenue have on services these opportunity This contemplated really announcement your That knowing our me CRO One we've working some around the it timeframe.

in So to based it's guidance.

Catherine Schulte

you update to launch partner, in partner or your a B needed? and using any there? a launch interest to on plan use prior plans a something DSP, add partner is own if And on up your to were terms with you would set then a commercialization potentially of And then on it and if that

Brad Gray

imagination very and program So DSP exciting interest partners. it is captured has of a the and channel

see We are are and kind cell we opportunity of to single researchers market, market channel to in being that we core building is of there we discussions have entertaining receiving markets our to partnership interest the product inbound early to are force groups platform. the a into diagnostics we expand traditional product and expand need that win-win I believe sales those pathology servicing positioned launch translational be post That The are and of the looking the one said, channel from the the that sequencing a being later, will in groups genomic place. and we're next in generation is well arrangements think interested interested That adopters don't launch. with feel researchers successful and later companion types if the on who servicing who could put launch.

to or of we're don't will be of but going at these whether these think continue it So enter we specific Catherine. channel won't we collaborations opportunities, about time, I can this or timing to one evaluate the

Catherine Schulte

then do your curious for drive neurology a for much how appreciate commentary and drawing on last CBC will one demand non-oncology interest. [indiscernible] applications on And so yesterday some get your to going genotyping, me, thoughts just Okay. forward. I posted other to saw instrument applications HPV pre-solicitation

Brad Gray

So, in oncology our of recall last placements instrument about you may drove XX% year, XXXX.

that a yet a happened testament in me, be in of much field, to could leadership it's we our for we great too. it contributing that broader have science that that's So area but shows

if increase non-oncology to year, in takes of grow. sale my were would Entering areas instrument with therapeutic we nice like some me from time. immunology XX% that be be that about and to this neurology a new XX% to would the and expectations For, percentage boost able line

We fields those in with useful, reputation that and did oncology. great We think team we out cetera. the in and have sales have as cycles, we written well word in but the et to go, get designed build get we products our armed to our grant panel are

it balance pleased. see good I'd instrument this XX% that can. to start driving that's XX%, first we the placements, increase year. the the in of if like So year applications quite I'd quarter, of over if I And a to with non-oncology feel be reached


[Operator Instructions] Tycho JPMorgan. with Our from Peterson next question comes

Tejas Savant

This is on for Tycho. Tejas

and sense of in upside what budget? of flush the the of the to And assuming terms you're relatively follow-ups. light in budget the year Just of XXXX in here in strong start wanted a NIH couple guidance to I've then a of light in the a get

Brad Gray

the perhaps the had to hand in with Thanks, start guidance being had we've the can a year. said, add on it disciplined that's we're philosophy Tejas. That on One, confident more to Tom that over very came providing outlined was focused beat. really we board guidance maybe start time I'll from on and Tom then meet than We're top. that to and time to past. pleased we

which in the budget it's view the described end pattern And XXXX guidance. on assuming we guidance. be year, quarter so sometimes have both mid about second a substantial degree increase flush. budget That one our to you'll the XXXX, of but that little question to a and your materializes, just guidance, help provided flush to at we when that counted that into in were recall not the To we can't assumed is QX a a we year, in early

any So assuming of there's flush. That year, kind even flush, being the budget in think our where we're tends to said, extraordinary QX quarter anything I don't budget extraordinary. we strongest years be have implicit don't of a but not it

Tejas Savant

data at at this has this of in all. then of PDL after there narrow while, your any from in your the the And Every in manner collaborations, a about pharma. been once incentive hear agnostic AACR labels of we big change sort have terms biopharma conversations mark to commercial

enthusiastic all biomarkers. are and more still at changed very people conversations other or those have So about signature information, much

Brad Gray

therapies say providing that PD-LX. targets company besides the And the shows in that with there's the mechanisms other use. still containing engaged that's panel indication, very which on to focus broad the offset customers is of been a distinct the We're maybe and anti-PDX on signature contains that combinations of that launch understanding can resistance assay platform action of areas the PDX enables. the in biology, look getting of or mechanisms less has and And to thinking of remaining will predicts success the but are inflammation growing our history the therapies in labels on strongly diagnostic immune by some IO of enables the signature. of particular has are can field emergence potential fastest only multiplex Increasingly, these partners everyone that what I critical the the tumor addition, in think what addressed that tumor second therapies generation that our panel the noticed by and focused been of IO for therapies. and about and nCounter of kind question much immunooncology with panel, I in inflammation like we at response a become IO be drug of lot that think of XXX XXX developers a interest

where for us discussion the a that's of lot so And is today.

Tejas Savant

you're franchise, said, final commercialization, invest you of to And risk core me, about it. last DSP few the you that disruption the thinking application terms Got avoiding then to a given here how specialists. in from one only this call, on Brad, of are going one in

sort to potentially prioritize the for sell same the over pull to a with be there existing largely to a more because have it's now higher going of lineup reps, incentive sales box they option your that expensive them So versus through there's perhaps. and an

Brad Gray

yet, are question, I still sales force launch as that of a be those Tejas. we one to can through grappled commission approximately with just think I and the compensated commissions year haven't types those. think It's is the address away and a way planning really incentives good adjusted it's

the have launch, So tools balance I portfolio the sure that at today, our energy to instrument handle reps right. think at that the we spending but sales make right of across look of the are available time we we'll

have, system spread XXX,XXX. a system that for for a XXXXXX have We lists lifts we that flex

list sales so don't And apple stretches my force. cart different another to deal the points. instruments already I think price at add They or of instrument XXX, our to substantially with substantially upsets


questions you. I show queue. on further Thank in

I'd the turn conference to for over like Mr. back remarks. closing to So Farrell

Doug Farrell

Thanks for XX be to us minutes in The transcript about today. joining or so. should everybody up

call, dial a the please did If have portion that joining great for miss for The the that, please any domestic you day. International again ID XXX-XXX-XXXX. and is callers use you thank us same XXX-XXX-XXXX. number With XXXXXXX. of conference both, the is callers


very and does much you. today's for gentlemen, Thank Thank your you conference. conclude Ladies that participation.

a Have day. all disconnect. You wonderful may