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Nicholas Rolli VP, IR and Financial Communications
Martin King CFO
Judy Hong Goldman Sachs
Michael Lavery Piper Jaffray
Adam Spielman Citigroup Inc
Bonnie Herzog Wells Fargo Securities
Vivien Azer Cowen and Company, LLC
Jonathan Leinster Berenberg
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Good day, and welcome to the Philip Morris International First Quarter 2018 Earnings Conference Call. Today's call is scheduled to last about one hour including remarks by Philip Morris International management and the question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions]. Media representatives on the call will also be invited to ask questions at the conclusion of questions from the investment community. I will now turn the call over to Mr. of and President Communications. Vice Rolli, Investor Financial Relations Nick Please sir. go ahead,

Nicholas Rolli

first us. you detailed we XXXX thank and Earlier information results. for our containing Welcome release joining today, press issued on quarter a

App. of or comparable the reconciliations release end to calculations at webcast the or Investor terms, You may U.S. well which are are A reduced-risk as the on of products, access glossary for and directly GAAP as slides, the measures, the www.pmi.com on today’s PMI most Relations "RRPs," website. our definition other including adjustments, posted

Martin. that could statements. results Officer. pleasure and today’s forward-looking Statements unconsolidated contain presentation equity King, future as SEC As and used to general of began submitted business the to introduce segments net. my income XXrd. reflecting our plus and a operating in companies direct "OCI," corporate your in March actual press the using release we income various that for defined I note income, cause in allocate in replacing results. Please years forward-looking Forward-Looking XXXX. evaluate now reminder, reflecting effective our remarks are reporting subsidiaries, data an website to that Cautionary Chief January resources, factors of historical or new differ prior disclosure on projections X, the now review Form the materially or operating X-K to structure January Three intangibles, Today’s was and XXXX, statements six and loss a the structure. of X, we to of amortization managing expenses OCI operating we was are excluding It’s income, or segment a projections available and regional new from our performance Financial also business on Martin the to which attention

Martin King

Thank ladies you, and welcome, Nick, and gentlemen.

prevailing exchange earnings reported full-year lower XX%. a to estimated rates, $X.XX. this range at effective share increasing by to our a of approximately per we rate guidance, are As reflects XXXX $X.XX $X.XX tax morning, diluted announced change The of

Our guidance prevailing includes $X.XX of currency, rates. exchange at favorable

guidance XXXX. of a in to our driven reduction main to X% approximately effective our to in XXXX previously EPS $X.XX the adjusted had rate estimated Excluding growth is XX%, rate represents two The communicated, diluted XX% approximately that for XX% currency, our of versus factors. by we compared tax

provisions regulations caveat estimates I current interpretation capital First, to current further rates the limitations reflects related clarifications further It Tax a of foreign this interpretation which that analysis and which also must of second, credit our may the the foreign of income revised law, tax and reflects change our primarily earnings. as by as Income Intangible and and the tax available. foreign earnings the Jobs well taxing due , new change. become change tax assumptions current Cuts of Act; tax regarding our Global and Taxed mix in Act may Low structure, to also to estimate due as mix jurisdiction,

three caution the my Japan slower-than-initially-projected increases year encouraging; namely; timing the I some incorporates remarks year quarter. later more RRP over to the the price the also guidance related in Russia, revised in evolution been of elements category detail balance Our of of in of cover although has during the in the will which start growth

as and our recovery pace now conservative estimated the volume category year, strata XXXX who we rate socio-economic phenomenal of adoption; and GCC, this the and but with will our dynamics of how benefit slower share of adult are particularly to the have different full year of the slightly evolution, tax related reaching lower market through unfolds. the monitor industry passed cigarette we progress patterns initiatives early of smokers these in not have we Given may at Consequently, the guidance Arabia. the more stage Saudi our

currency-neutral Our around net of revised guidance revenue X%. growth reflects

three the Turning across full-year market cigarette volume Asia February. previously for in Region; notably The to decline, RRP for principally volume tobacco tax-driven the and expensed entirely with income results, decrease, André primarily to million was excluding our by net devices and Smoke-Free Saudi and of Adjusted heated a South quarter. contribution which IQOS of all combustible mainly as and in $XX GCC, units our Arabia; revenue $X.XX the impact of X.X%, by higher Adjusted EU of declined Latin Canada. the outlined as and IQOS coupled X.X%, share across higher portfolio corresponding to industry first-quarter by call the America investments, we Regions, down-trading in year-end in our favorable for markets, during currency-neutral our Southeast and growth operating due driven currency, higher declined excluding World, X%, of EPS well related which following XXXX recorded factors, our first pricing $X.XX the diluted tobacco currency. the Foundation strong

Russia, came and the Combined unit of strong certain investments. Korea. Saudi in volume, Nevertheless, our in in or primarily volume and in unchanged. RRPs heated Japan in as our XXXX February. estimated EPS $X.XX Arabia, business rate, as behind principally million the heated net this declined performance, offset movements, volume, due helped strong $XXX the that projection by excluding in cigarette and to RRP inventory tobacco The of we above by by diluted quarter particularly investment by in timing decline and cigarette the Saudi Underpinned tobacco growth result quarter, Japan better-than-anticipated remains X.X%, the incremental by was reported tax well $X.XX shipment lower effective in Arabia. notably partly in forecast approximately first lower X.X% of Japan, Our unit industry was provided

in to X%, Instead, on we the In XX% geographies. is, unit growing category, lifted X%, Japan, the to they across these least For category, consumers, X% groups during chart. overrepresented in continue particular, compared device same shipment tobacco with on sales the in combined pace larger our expectations. ambitious This is represents smoker volume rapidly especially shown "Innovators" the we to were of and first they more basis. earlier IQOS however, are are decline the more groups, are and to general, initially, anticipated, phenomenal This had in especially was of we a observed, we the new volume are of this product reaching Japan. are "Laggard" Heated than decline which industry awareness size. In relatively Majority" given at XX be the the slower less "Late likely launched in their device anticipate adult population. of any IQOS segment, than XXXX. smoker RRPs, IQOS' age and full-year, common quarter to due restriction that that Adopters" still the of of and, year plus likely an display, in the to growth that consumers is and We availability conservative RRP a fact "Early approximately increased the which importantly, volume around limited entering slower in total the speed sales to

terms loyalty competition specifically intensifies. programs the We users of are parallel, therefore to timing, of existing as address the needs adult content of strengthening for IQOS commercial these in In we communication our plans our intensity and smokers. adjusting are

XX%, However, total estimated cautiously quarter tobacco IQOS we revised the record which shipment Japan share this reflected and in may is brand. undisputed tobacco category strong our our icon heated continued an full-year in at affect the unit temporary guidance. volume, dynamic to in heated have growth it RRP

of competitive to by "Early the been availability has and This IQOS products certain users fact, been naturally RRP has the Adopters" there increased, device especially sales due In as products. has competitive IQOS "Innovators" also with restriction. experimentation

an particularly of competitive This converted switch X% to IQOS users estimated and IQOS, only testament a to positioning fully its given potential. However, is remarkable, the of is products. these premium

Before to closing we the of compared in units aforementioned demand. in-market persists, important I it is tobacco worldwide underlying our track unit tobacco to Even heated heated topic, dynamic on highlight remain on XXXX. if to growth sales this the double think

in by share to tobacco in brands, our excise movements. performance, from estimated the pressure excluding share, to geographies, was our the share tax-driven share of price X.X% decline by X.X% market higher increased quarter, Moving China to share increases impact quarter, X.X%. by to in beginning downtrading decline and of will EU X.X shares put Region. the on Over volume volume industry cigarette L&M. Total with our related half due by of due declined in international The were now one key the and which heated portfolio the X.X point first excluding the France. industry mainly both increases, cigarette point and full points including a sizable was total Marlboro for or by discuss Saudi decrease U.S., the up I our the few driven Arabia, where price of inventory

For the the of we X% consistent volume decline a year, industry with approximately anticipate structural total X%, to decline rate.

the of regional of offset by the total impact a partly Our largely by in inventory X.X%. share quarter, X.X points growth estimated share down movements, strong market reflecting of reached regional was HEETS, the which

which basis, income, a on was investments. XX.X% by operating currency-neutral declined impacted incremental adjusted RRP Regional expected, heavily As by

higher the in illicit the In mainly single-digits, year, operating the industry impact volume in Russia, we currency. adjusted mid anticipate total the trade. to price due X.X% increases excluding by of growth For to and income low declined quarter,

For as due in declined annualization year, cigarette Marlboro above expect share continued IQOS, decline premium was smoker low-price points, of we the the premium share a of price with as only X%, increases this down-trading earlier reflecting share We market adult approximately X.X full down quarter, favorable out-switching XXXX. in point, the by XXXX well to X.X well year. additional our as variance volume for to pricing industry Quarter-to-date price total Despite slightly. recorded Parliament for increased brands. a market, February the consistent primarily as while increases, by

after While welcome pricing environment particularly in development, this remains a the a the July. watch-out, excise scheduled tax increase is

pressure remains Turning industry following tax-driven to considerable increases. June excise Saudi volume price the XXXX Arabia, cigarette under

increase further impacted January. volume over First-quarter industry VAT-driven by declined in and by XX% was a price

share a XXXX market largely down-trading industry been impact cigarette vis-à-vis have the in declined decline price given moderation of XX.X our portfolio industry-wide lapped. the the We cigarette June when increases points, the reflecting the premium the competitors. year, the increases of of price Our anticipate following half in significant volume second by positioning

I along stages the first earlier, consumer coupled largely remains excise industry cigarette of In As reflecting with due GCC, watch-out, X.X% by enactment. spending declined the price Indonesia, with soft increases. volume tax-driven tax environment a broader the the inflation mentioned market in above the to differing nonetheless quarter,

as lighter-tasting Black, industry continued quarter points the X.X driven For by to year, performance increased Sam share Sam a Dji extension of the market Marlboro X% Soe decline we from drove family, Filter launched further by Philippines, the in Cigarette brand anticipate tax-driven increases Soe growth an in as the XX.X%, X%. in Magnum quarter. In well Mild, Dji kretek of machine-made the the profit price to to strong excise XXXX. line May

We Marlboro also recorded and Fortune. led growth, share market by strong

Marlboro's in its following We price are by performance pleased increase XXXX. particularly December

first We in strong Japan. HeatSticks continue for growth sequential this XXXX, to to quarter, the now will versus in of This I turn profit quarters X.X growth continued a of outlook by trend their encouraged XX.X%. very share beginning the the market. of respectively. performance be important in IQOS, national X.X and growth points the represents of reaching and market first points fourth

quarterly the launch, drive The quarterly in tobacco out, was primarily X.X% having in is that not learnings less advanced national strong and remember market, now in X.X% highlighting shares the to share. our perspective, presence that been shares from performance to sequential year is for to the IQOS's a with these also share in growth performance these those believe category’s as across strong brands Marlboro performance to also after shares that improved in put higher Outside Japan is one X.X% markets well to IQOS such IQOS It in a stand ranging in Sendai in cities quarterly top-X national brand in We heated a continues worth To forward. increase even X% than despite record full Athens of national Korea are these successfully in HeatSticks of markets. approaching reaching share to continued first-quarter market progression we IQOS demonstrates growth HEETS conversion. drive our quarter. and HEETS that Parliament. continue going achieved augur awareness quarter leading IQOS. this cigarette Greece. take tobacco in Looking off execution, Korea, we driven first by have the launch in at growth share in Rome our in other the category markets into off markets, in leveraging and Korea with first share an It focus higher share quarter the important specifically, This in X.X% first take Italy and

observing supporting seen the paying chart, a off. cities. trends shares offtake in markets category investments more our our combustible are we coupled growth targeted increasingly in that cash confidence anticipated behind similar gives heated this with of tobacco generation strong of As that further us tobacco the portfolio, with key on focus number are limited IQOS of our within strength RRP remain launch area brands, is enduring The XXXX. our This

capital $X.X committed to of growth cash expected our year, the with primarily We operating of over around expenditures target business, credit flow capital billion of our to multiples current associated restoring, the remain billion. and Board’s plan account over total. to dividends, this leverage for to our the expenditures We $X cash continue this We XX% support rating. use ranges at for approximately with investment discretion. RRP-related time, anticipate we for to of year, the the to For

have RRP Importantly, quarter by to lower the confirmed with rating, first in forecast February both rate delta and recently our In our tax and mainly certain its the "negative" from expected, our of driven conclusion, came revising than better S&P effective with S&P Moody's to compared results timing investments. outlook a "stable."

range our to the earnings share our cash across recording to continues growth while strong sequential parallel, invest contributing strong lion's and portfolio a pricing, apply learnings In flow. of launch wide ability tobacco is combustible of and quarterly share IQOS markets, leading Our demonstrating geographies. effectively support in

our for outlook full-year remains strong. the Finally, business

Thank Our diluted to guidance adjusted of X% XX%, rate I to increased to XXXX excluding answer of per happy share earnings XXXX. am reflects per $X.XX currency, share questions. now you. compared approximately a earnings growth in your


Instructions]. [Operator you. Thank

Hong comes of line the of Judy question from first Our Goldman Sachs.

Judy Hong

hi everyone. you, Thank

had I out of in Martin played just trends a terms few quarter. the the questions So IQOS how in

much last CAGNY sales I the like higher developed quarterly because is trends how number sounded and Japan for versus this in in expectations actually IQOS your that something two just did strong, market were you first think in months share average. than that So, device it lower come had is January the was pretty

observed this last and in something the terms two is device months? curious So, sales the just of situation then if have you in

Martin King

quite in out devices surge met And substantial production. for because than ship having to ramped you additional when to the as Yes, we the that we were market able we our that up second from we we additional we to did Judy you recall supplier were market and realized. And anticipating closer about a with had talking short units devices the sent HeatStick end additional we the had of be meet know if year mentioned call we that turned inventory it had demand some were expecting the were Japan as to time. we

year early innovators. some that would close later that we plateau We sort in in a the than It coming hit consumer isn’t and earlier are the a the this of adopters and knew year bit we dynamics given foreseen, reach what that had is saturating we to anticipating unusual. the just we

resume it always at almost those products to dynamics surging looked there and rates. a we you other enter new one then launches think plateaus and new other And at categories, points. tends growth we trends in adoption situations, as and periods have is and We some get are you and some new it of successful of bit where consumer then

are adjust going our plans. we to Now obviously

a pull the are adjust we may good to long going in rates we able the better it and or to in to earlier bit may this consumers persist how forward need it last year very know that Japan to -- we these be a quickly messaging don’t initiatives growth throughout our will and have We resume fairly we may year. bit plateau

we going as addressing And we're year. team that It's how the the And is that's headquarters Japan. experience Japan reserve in issues that to So for and some backed us a putting here from got in region have account the in us great some to see up folks the consumer these these in Saudi the pricing. to well still together a this terrific for benefits of in goes it for by box days tax early group prudent it was as to here. Russia address the the for thought tool segments. We've other

a So absolutely optimistic period uninterrupted just continue had mean year growth and about at Japan. that would short is bit issue to and ahead. I is torrid to adjust such this a quite We we in in share little would that's It there we an there. a actually of hoped. a And what approach XX% the I'm we're little consumers coming than go pace tremendous was some whether hit growth of reach -- we need about or which sorry points manner in phenomenal. whether had of earlier time bit different just

Judy Hong

No, sorry. ahead go

Martin King

You for of XX.X had mentioned we at the last quarter shares, year the are four XX.X. versus quarter the

you noise they are data shares inventory mentioned on looking focusing on as the there given share I more in and which from some We're a exchange companies were at retail. think shift because based the different XX.X. those quarterly that always market there's CAGNY was at in from bit of to of shares you probably impacts January there sometimes

look the of that XX.X reversing estimated then how you of because of good December If from is shares probably so We to the end you coming we're devices consumers we project month devices overstated reserving say indicator can of rather little surge was see the HeatStick measured had for growth, deal flagged competitors from cautious for the rest QX But XX.X, that don't effect. year-end likely consumers was seeing last good they being at what a trend the than we're inventory growth, the had sales if bit speed the a therefore big March to and new end the last to of forward Japan and good in optimistically that. offtake. than and and number January our was new due of quarter up the we're in that versus look What so it at the percent XX.X numbers. quarter come probably therefore understated really are isn't that came this the and device What you little first as some quarter still XX.X in a ammunition of flagging of sales in surge a see little we a get still by a buy demand in year at December flagging have in is in-market as at be it uptake at a our we're to really of which quickly we're some don't call year quarter so just there we in increases with lower lagging seeing pent to category. the

Judy Hong

the just though IQOS number the a shipment in-market versus clarify then and fourth because sort share the there quarter, I bigger in number of particularly was if market seems over the last in between sales number. year versus the of shipment like Okay, it can distortion

volume of little that's do still about the in also the then conservative as transit a bit consumers How inventory you or XXXX? think channel. probably adoption the somewhere about of about accounting you think think in this in slower you big kind that you as So have and for shipment more

Martin King

and bit a me little what said to setup go previously Okay, what the so back little a of bit was. let remind we

is were So last were and think we called catching we for able an we also the were we HeatSticks -- we only still no appropriate year year QX bit start that actually in up in and on year almost with QX out and inventory to in because thought started building the inventory Japan. what behind we what a later we

we that billion said the of year full built as we've inventory recall X.X If company for of you conventional cigarettes. net a

while obviously we of same heated reducing the Japan time tobacco cigarette inventory. for in So appropriate were our inventory units at providing conventional an

relying of out the to and were called of X.X at year. time had course one we shipments were primarily shifting that from still same factory. air the we were total in we fourth throughout billion the relying was a sea quarter shipments. X on So are and We the And still

some the meet potential forth to bottleneck the needed to anticipating second we new deal were the also year. so we the which any have stock HeatSticks device had half and volume with disruptions to So and safety of become by

say in So the year heated I was inventory clear we were for for build-up our pretty to think Japan. that of numbers tobacco within a last units

we got the Now for inventory. reverse we it of year we've inventory, this excess to point expect don't from have that that view

any an and have the guard We from to chain a inventory and and to a Japan. supply a rapidly XXXX in growing factory. on product stable HeatSticks But that's long that's you pretty inventory shipments single relatively against appropriate chain for for appropriate see disruptions and see we've supply focused young relatively still category will appropriate possible for gone

the in will the variance is difference in we'll inventory in XXXX call XXXX. out inventory variance was You'll see a be which that build comparisons on lower build than where year-over-year obviously

you the within year. been year the as of was the with on the reading arrived this Japanese government I the is primarily and the keep last to in takes sea from January-February in think eight recorded shipping of Japan ships quarter product having of a And six in I there's ships back shipments when you out in as to and quarter and of quarter to have water so get it sales IMS So when data think been also Japan. mind to maybe Europe that that bit fact also it fourth weeks on some mistaking it only revenue by we're people to that to confusion water have it import in

and source So sales shipments. on reading our of difference confusion that between is in-market the another our perhaps

Judy Hong

Got it, Thank okay. you.

Martin King

thanks Okay, Judy.


Our Lavery the of Jaffray. next question from comes Michael Piper of line

Michael Lavery

and you -- of Good changed it's as that's updated about what have must Saudi your your updated talk morning. seems though now -- as issues point Those for new Russia what revenue worse, Arabia. aren't just Can gotten in but a it bit outlook? to you little would they part

Martin King

sure. Okay,

So for year increase pass we a situation of tax Russia and pricing only have in which the it's year the to we more have per still that a comes July go pack. this with left lot on still the of Roubles situation a which is five

months lower last it's was it six than year but So coming it's later.

whole is Russia So unfolding. in still the pricing situation

is the long and pricing because situation The actually first happens, Russia reaches the declared there. its there quarter retail when that new then Russia way the to pretty the when way We're market. works But is be quite track, actually big a in it good. in and timing price no it has between through inventory of there's at production where we announced the came have is news on in

now So the development. time to still watching is we are there about. of big and we time to as the end between tax caution just really long it not come a with and the having and something new called retail, the that and a concerned such still pricing out the But a year

That's increases. so normal new of or lagging On skirmishes the not the have volume it's really way impacts up VAT. we're effect it's price others always in are. usual the SKUs the a these competition certain and now by in quite perhaps coming seeing from Saudi huge had story that another just We where full not I the news. of in price increase driven price You January think

a we were range. in market Saudi QX, QX actually XX% in recover sequentially to Our market share less In starting the share is or more bit.

recovery So more while lower in last volume QX versus watch is QX. it's QX is starting year actually the recover. on is which QX and mode The which was in out still way still in it market is than to down sequentially not

in the are Again so to a it's just expected we of as it's had the to for then the still early seeing but where guidance still from volume we're it situation calling different accounted not share news of than it roll what predict rate some that that we we're to a it's have sure again later. market and recovery year and and very caution. we days dramatically out early and hard make rather it's on total have our want through very numbers So the

Michael Lavery

me So so is I revenue and have been changed in initial by you quarter guidance still I'm Japan? right nothing's it you and the would year just help -- all guess understand this, fourth you're when the gave in reported hearing your earlier updated outlook really driven IQOS

Martin King

way. how It's XX that this to hard to a But the tackle we calling the to develop. going I situation situation just out at Japan I exactly more then What, device range the say XX called worldwide. right out trend probably Japan the the give we for and piece the are don't more from clearly resources and is volume of know the over in information this occurring. mean in the units in tobacco heated newer in in consumer Japan time but tobacco of heated IQOS persists these before. the certainly coming mean that But offtake year had sales anticipating is if point, be we're this different our kind is still cautious volume double dynamic more segments to unit way that's us we're still to of estimates a XX we successful versus anticipating or the will very

Michael Lavery

just twice last something me year's year which thought you was thought saying last like where So, might would the it help different XX be? understand the more XX number were IQOS in quite number is to then be XX. I today XX that you than

Martin King

again I that We connection, get bad Michael. having couldn't repeat Could are you a really that.

Michael Lavery

sorry. Yes,

just I XX be I sticks, saying understood that something year's more about billion XX if thought though? could last been a is So would it still think that you've you it to number now a you like XX a XX right hit like

Martin King

expect we is to be out our than sales. calling in-market am double I what No, more

for in-market to expect doubling. overall in more a this very -- across say I'm Japan. our not coming Russia in good a news very nice you wide well the and if Japan good better which be and doing this some IQOS better chunk obviously And the a last accounting but XX is range. other we was in situation Japan comparing markets last world what developments saw for So probably are heated only the share best a markets less would giving build big have year give range tremendous situation year numbers and of little seeing we XX by the we we're across just to a when growth the stepped EU way if cautious very up from we and tobacco year we're growth sales this and and volume revising more it units. a bit to and or volume estimate inventory for to and persists range But be the our is would the seeing over so But felt cautious of

Michael Lavery

or this out. but evolution you you're can help where model us go just you three, learning you and an do So that's see is going year understand, know how your years four, business and you do quite next in new as this I five two,

gets You we're must this around could what all investor expect for what where have planning and that, some amount us heading? an of

Martin King

model you. about understand don't took you years, I the for asking are it's how a know our connection we I that or very hard something. Michael, to away you sorry is have very that… good I'm do

Michael Lavery

business is if there's are products inherent is your so platform new reduced some different… risk this around a because and uncertainty Yes, how evolving

Martin King

all. question the hear can't I at sorry I'm

know don't you another We I a Michael can call in to the and I come can just get So connection again. maybe bad go you have question. back. can't

Michael Lavery

Yeah some I still and but the if can out, four there's hear heading? three, now one see for doing learning game to evolving. like business two, is what you we're how time maybe end where just what's outlook do try more your Obviously that can years me the you you're

Martin King

our across will entire I not a be building RRP portfolio. Well, new but same doing the we're mean for thing IQOS whole we only category

commitment can risk but substantially entire the company quickly make You We're this reduce centrally combustible building business in heard move as a not we happen. our to infrastructure have products. in our as the markets to investing as just to

we this. are to So very committed

with other as of just quickly we but continues the And platforms our conventional to as not do We extremely this with well. make product other focus. strong IQOS same well abandoning in portfolio time expect these not we're At the keep to growing have happen. a as volume products we IQOS markets

bang good that some also said reduce will right risk a to this modeling lost that on. fund would it our pricing investments for as variance okay. to had difficult. the we're we We've we're as portfolio, forth. transformation uncertainty on is using so conventional as getting to and we getting track some said it it's as we're but the is percent the X% We're which from is year as we're volume good see You for speed combustible that to sure overall prior full we can results We for we're achieve net the volume quarter there we far we're products doing and in in of this, fast first at very the year Asia getting prudent our quarter the pricing in go return first the how fast the on revenues well. combustible and side where in invest at and in back going move make extremely The side markets

you it it modeling at years, as out we'd have model it several a if good figured too. far look to as So like out,

Michael Lavery

So indicate outlook that as right for you hard margin now? to it's as the far

Martin King

right were we a As quarter, margins. the situation saw in drop margin percentage pretty the at look in our outlook, first now far big We down the okay as well four about points.

as RRPs So RRP X% points bit than devices supplier in a impact anticipated. the of that didn't It's and usual. a in of is other the of a first described we as was this that from share expect revenue X the the in shipped what about net disproportionate we that is from had revenues would the you quarter the said percentage so versus it bit to in into it new bit. they let's XX% we partly be out fact around sales things and some above the surge we coming Japan we percentage range, device We around from coming higher Still quickly that that net sell that and strip one about XX%. XX% a first of of we not was About of our out had impact half device is anticipated quarters. that of as revenues just before coming first the devices very devices you're quarter And the by we good I of for of had record which results the we as seeing see way. the the the quarter our that a little ship quite that,

points mean, I about margin of that's the two X% So percentage the volume, impact.

Saudi there and is a big a seeing is area Saudi very you're huge from drag, got that. in You have high coming which margin drag

annual So chunk have the the that's foundation which hit big you million quarter only. then a $XX first and in

-- four that's for together account So this pieces percentage point. those

Canada at you expansion and and Latin markets RRP well. of very and are that margin the that America we look EU good really a those and and that some of other impacted as of lot it's going world. course regions the Southeast we big pieces going on you other then Asia South aren't across lot There a had the in really have into investments If it's of put top but in by

drag new portion you infrastructure the then you and volume. margin which up some which not to it have big a not forward transition, scale a large have is digital it spending on grow a It consumer seen quarter. going the see So build it put transformation. should but in approach volume. that you the of big just volume of scale the A to it of support with when do step Obviously of and see the these of and should pieces all can we the invest as first in and spending -- this investments is continue you the doesn't lot will certain and it's a as and these there pretty making part in there's we together impact but we acquisition

consumer the So the new going ratio the manageable. become forward of while investments, should investments we'll have more to more

got other a The is piece lag. you've

it You something number we in of is your put fairly made quickly consumers. And behind year This approach, need consumers, need big where do digital investments to investments we for we to comes payback need need that the convert EU a investments. also a to example in exactly coaches, we you happen. make not but into gaining the the

a So there's a lag. bit of

of year in up step this some of the next year. half it and this we're most but course seeing year So we'll year payback the of will come that this see second

-- get a the less and in market the next lapped for we're get would volume having coming bit as devices is Saudi You won't have and The will the there the be of the a the we bit those then year on also some because shouldn't fact and have of have base to have be back them some devices drag. a a and pricing the of will year, bit foundation back but normalizes. share in recover our hope be working down, is that results cost we better next market we

you XXXX perspective business. bit on a better margin but certainly be things would put if logic all those together So should that tell you overall also a

Michael Lavery

for your thanks time. Okay,


Citi. from line Our comes Adam question of of next Spielman the

Adam Spielman

used look I by market you main my a month to of falling used Japan at to it share one Alright, is course. you quick answer E.U. the thank in very you the have to the if also really focus But month Japan the question [indiscernible] you appears sequential but be you get phrase first, and on Judy much. rid the

Nicholas Rolli

Nick. Adam, this is

very We switch phone just you the make if a a different just to have hold switch switch. Gloria second operator connection, can you can please. the the on going just so you us, line to one switch can we're backup bad will to we us



Adam Spielman

Or you I the email could question.

Martin King

hear want you. it to from We

Adam Spielman

Can you me? can hear you

Nicholas Rolli

Go ahead you. Adam, thank

Adam Spielman

the over even you share quarter-by-quarter? market I think the you market terms of in growth think over just Japan sequentially use right share clear and [indiscernible] what think am got share growth On over be to monthly QX market three still I in say you courses as think the I flats worse course to quarters. of expect still within -- which though I that those But quickly, XXXX it's if sounds expect you'll

Martin King

Yes, do. we

meet conversion of very surge we that growth Didn't in cap anticipate and that and supply that continue heat devices gain continued grow continue burn Japan, expecting to versus HeatSticks remain to in grow as rates also already but not we materialize as were expected in in the It's a share from the we just to the lifting issue the the we speed competition finally continue We there. we of the well Japan an to there, the increase. very and we consumers were much category. of are will to and doing successful we the Japan, product have having new intact,

of to convince I in over speed difficult it's of in bit the we group plus especially a late more group during share we the would you've moment We year there segment, the issue and smokers. hit mean the total that issue And growing, of of XX of we at that the got will. you laggards indexing are not is are parts more our adult consumer Japan so is and age IQOS more the XX% more not groups. or indexed adopters and an segment growing it's if an groups knew of consumer which under

and be it And to segment. a bit try to takes and the to move IQOS longer so them convinced into understand little

many timing. a of are are convinced now, if but they it's using just We have because you matter in there I will, and fact -- our product are

Adam Spielman

turn can I questions. turn E.U. I two to can you much, thank the Okay, very related to --

didn't Firstly, not decided it in would QX about interested And but sounds be I are market progressing. secondly, obviously like investments you you shares to planned what to do? some and hear to you make very

the accelerate course And you I expect due year run in Thank during share that the expect each you think how it XQ, or in continue, you quarter? that market to rate think dynamic X.X do it continue you. of will to was do X.X XQ.

Martin King

move to have ones and obviously are markets depending we're coming individual timelines making times project we choices investment less we can into in up execute comes built working. shift big It's I get resources to or I'm on into specifically over working that it when pull put it when the putting don't on not you another it doesn't the want so when investments on how calling and on so something try the to together is plans forth. information. there not whenever mean to you off are I But and executed. I resources not and mean mean to forward, project is and a working our is competition always in to which things it's I step which and return get it aren't to the gain work the of out deciding money obviously because get going the investments more to that investments of things money lined more surge and big case up ability case much this certainly

mean it's better results. to hard we're the as seeing in growth of far predict, speed As I E.U.

at Overall which Greece another to very here We we're and is bit. are moving at achieve are number still a you where difficult rate up fantastic. to though conventional increased rate pretty million E.U. allocation. year X.X I $XXX we've are going quarter other mean markets are Italy of accelerating very the of our we're of this growth. results across continue There a and product we're mean the with way for quite month, track now best where progression is in so month quarter was things to give invest. on along it a and it's step to been pleased net to to the while a of I sit the moving

wisely, the but to aren't that hard money reduce very spend in and the working. of getting place in money put we and that pay and getting we in put at number a example, the other we controls as well, differences are of being fantastic in investments trying it are to We're the that is we place the it's coaches to in EU coming messages tuned release a fine sum. better, And it is programs considerable before and really a are it's more starting not consumers. of that So only by make Russia sure the the to we've quality of off. better results much learnings And tracking that places market executing, the is fit markets

the across going, pleased places seeing really well. markets. as growth other many we're few what by in very we're world optimistic So is EU about with We're the terrific results but not IQOS way in just it's a quite

towards has the eye an you So that it the the the mindful a is engine gains reduced the because very move on of provide resources and see risk RRP. to product working. the for we're part keeping to also working business pieces that But be abandoning not the plan to worldwide. of We're going get is though on it conventional and

tremendous out and one RRP at is. Our joy pretty that jumping up the and rolling I brand looked mean a share it. year-over-year. it down new we're said share so world with full this up everybody and point optimistic and if It's would be was was in across you very fantastic like about

Adam Spielman

you. Thank


next Our Fargo. comes Wells Bonnie question of Herzog line from of

Bonnie Herzog

HeatStick expected. your as would Japan little a to but sales Hi missed to did the not about much guys, sequentially talk as of call bit of I I Hi. increase but have want maybe did I which you outside

want that especially ramp terms consumers, just refining the approach, your So what further as up year from conversations the stepped spending, as optimistic progresses you the that in more year to if how expect has could you're of you with you are to you expectations discussed that and met accelerate guys that hear having with I your progresses?

Martin King

more to Obviously good tuned investment future more the in at while the working more the the track. come. expectations, on We're markets. we're products glad fair getting the it, speed execution very is side to works. very put But well. We're learnings developing some you that's the The outside did. of a quarter did pipeline COO, into still what accelerate got have to do to We're is seeing and the meet I'm and already yes, works rate tool better what place. growth growth so behind in at and continue of Well Bonnie in and improved as and structure reality expectations improved very sharing to. across tools for. to amount on sales execution we is our operating Japan from hope new Jacek getting we're we've getting do high HeatStick We and they we're And with forth the boxes new benefits which as focused first the the this more very development that spend well we're new and

a for of the and I rest this the have imagine accelerate so pleased can't very plan results going We which you year next for as initiatives new new into that can the results go on year we're and far think products, detail forward. but into terrific great optimistic we're with I can we yes,

Bonnie Herzog

of questions, is that to which wanted conversion, on the how position a relative to Okay, are wanted for changed something HeatSticks and kind understand few you guidance combustible then discussed adjusting better make a you many and push guys just another sure I understand top you're continue to to HeatSticks, guys markets? downward on little pricing sticks going bit for so I to your as in to any markets the instance as question of try these in just line you

Martin King

pricing we on all. our at haven't changed Yeah, for HeatSticks plans

is IQOS acquisition. of HeatSticks Our main and course focus consumer with

pushing lot to we pricing positioning isn't a so or but game to So consumables got doesn't HeatSticks. so keep really at try we premium in pricing at the of prices change obviously the it of to ever this get point mean competition and point We've want IQOS its we're the an this HeatSticks. markets devices number anywhere on Obviously won't not we of out of with the competition. of eye to pricing increased name with the a have maintain

we because and by the above better consumers is We which are virtually have see product fine way that well it priced a the way. everywhere competition

undercut we we be the get careful much. hand have On don't to that other too

of but So especially any we growth pretty fantastic products all. changed for first on not mean seeing the on revenue company HeatSticks I pricing is slight change we which have X% the at still consumer language are The all, in for company. a about

I what flagged for a is from little a in there. So already based persists this have Japan the I We than bit terrific pretty previous it unit it said if is out changed we think which be number potential on heated had or volume what year. little a the lower to HeatStick to the tobacco

is And of. around and number. possible bit don't think range forthcoming very, the with everybody of X% But to disappoint be giving we I number. trying a solid as that and ourselves so so it's ashamed nothing be that room we're as X% little very on to

Bonnie Herzog

innovation new that to wanted final you about me, which No, and to in want circle year selling that back for all you talk at about but as any expect is question into a into not the considering maybe in to the be you that then well market, for baked market just clarify something your factored U.S. volume you quick mentioned is also might just guidance you guidance? the volume I this can't be to HeatSticks are I as your then

Martin King

in I what's really that volume in an number all hesitate I puts this and and for of look is Well, in you a because as a of you guidance will a well by line with immaterial know say know guidance guidance not and say lot is go kind takes. year. to line the U.S.

U.S. any know would and there all it exactly in we volume First for we of don't have don't when ship

part However, business what's obviously know we a initiatives to of when our we happen. the what other going it year. for plan and other or I mean can have It's provide comes to assessment of programs the overall

new initiatives we new together So them we're estimates. type when consider obviously activities for any and putting of type

Bonnie Herzog

Alright, you. thank


line of Our Vivien next Cowen. the of question Azer comes from

Martin King

Vivien. Hi

Vivien Azer

Hi, good morning.

your concern top year today. growth to in clearly and the X% look first and on for get X.X think cadence of is if line and maintain considerably course significantly the the of revenue sorry I your like you comps that issue outlook level comps change at growth kind full the belabor hard XXXX imagine the about over the is an what did When harder. to to when to of we it but in only going that's allow quarter again, the you of get year your So, harder

XXXX? So the cadence Thanks. please help the of the understand of us kind growth rest of revenue over course of

Martin King

strong Well, I think are above X%. we growth pretty expecting revenue QX QX and some

with the fourth As you I we comes fantastic revenue pointed fourth recall. XX.X% if out I believe quarter, where growth a the real last the it comp had year quarter hurdle in was

So revenue just and that that mind X% challenging. does comparison around difficult QX but X% QX for QX in But solid, partly very make more very year-over-year the there expect and before. in quite we're more with and becomes continued strong it we why putting over comparison growth saying the versus sequentially growth that's that out

that I about that's on one. you as as think give can I much color

Vivien Azer

around two that like confidence in level can you anything next robust of call Geographically quarters? growth that out much supports the more

Martin King

And that that had slightly on I are mean and we plan the in first our pricing we ahead. I pricing. good for Well mentioned quarter in fact

the in, Poland, in of first we're have that's in mean pricing fully and geographies. pricing pricing in France. mean across yet as the of it, Russia. not So in gets E.U. because alone we announced rolled impacted is implementing Italy, number pricing we a part mentioned really Germany, the quarter it the I I

reflected the in know big Mexico, Canada, now of piece you beginning a going the Argentina, the year that's rest year, As throughout year. had we Philippines, the be the for developed throughout Indonesia pricing to

volume The is quarter So first that's what actually part in little good volumes the the maybe nicely expected very conventional better. seeing a and developments holding CC, came in in of it. a up cigarette we're bit The that Russia, some despite doing some volume markets. well. volume cigarette having we're related a conventional on the impacts But for other we're outlook in pretty and of France and number that of in in overall pricing our markets as couple we well

Vivien Azer

adjustments outlook was you like we guys there had particular thanks. to drive on it incremental for about IQOS plan, kind How thanks? XXX the Japan, what guided in quarter relative spend On in that million think you would Okay, trends first believe in the your for. of originally spend, incremental should given tweaking I

Martin King

Japan. look need we're to we spend going I particularly Yeah, what mean spend to in

We need think are and various can areas There and we have and a rocket that will other we other ship the is into successful. very around which there you to to we that absolutely have put And resources ways the in reallocate it is do from off that conventional taking appropriate. spending very, you programs. right,

reallocate our some bit a of And that You geographically of tax benefits we guidance called increases. we spend million can above holding that XXX or the part this the mentioned. out that is far are necessary can reason also if as we we back as

in So but have put that flexibility Japan resources the very product we elsewhere. have successful the the only a and to ability behind that not we

to we the our we've reallocations the heads of more we from right want in these because is XXX to if deal total resources way in you given within to necessary call an what first So new on initiatives day out Japan. And that our net with that we it the spend find in will for end the need But we'll the look increase putting the a don't guidelines increase. to guidance. increasing at and yes, spending put we without we now need where together

Vivien Azer

one thanks. Okay, me please. for Last

a that appropriate Roger's breaks older saturation these thinking on okay, Japanese As guys say, cohorts more we IQOS maybe probably you and like it do where and think that are for innovation kind like too, about about showed curve we're think like for balance? are at you you you adoption you how that what consumers know platform of

Martin King

reaching, adopters idea that late move Well, in the to have the burn. heat even laggards buy rates. high more forth. benefits market with everywhere. share or the takes the very to We more I IQOS When how use conversion bit time had mean explain and just a individuals are we're won't harder, the so those how groups XX% we not you it's in works, what that bit it, It I Japan. them to ever see mainstream are don't it actually to

can It's considered more bit training be people becomes that message by You it, that every maybe what product just a use more how little different to explaining, a using them more little a on are anybody. it much see it a it, takes on the benefits.

So better, what saying what put on products the It's what at which communicate a XX are we of IQOS them. be different among chart. them, the can you that those plus how them are won't the among flagged you of or all front not groups that approach matter we're you messages, with the programs, are the way more successful in

we IQOS. So consumers that good -- for very still potential are they think

products during enjoy versus to can times a see these but time a our in the different day as but used the or something their might consumers platform over too product some they the different parts during we as day of absolutely of We even could over groups of different relevant also point product also week. role only of and that play groups they we portfolio also get entire or use within entire to as times during Now another. points individual to more different certain might see individuals where be will not of approach markets, some consumer these that time where portfolio address both one

getting to more It's So continue it so grow will we we any think different mainstream way a becomes in approach. Japan.

from were You and we quite already very to fast will have adopters don't coming have them innovators moved the But it, those to the will successful some mouth early fast that, almost the great fast groups word quite news. of goes. category with category, close these which in be it all of because it groups tried of convinced how of as the other we we're is is tackle saturation and reaching just either

Vivien Azer

Okay, thank you.



Leinster the of Our line Berenberg. next Jon question comes from of

Jonathan Leinster

good morning afternoon. or good Hi,

many of being questions, full discount in interest one of out devices on and quite many couple specific a now comes quick at still of when Japan sold IQOS? it Just how one just to sold are are how the price

Martin King

because is user. people was design register at for the new the An that sold more a percentage price encouraging was increasing original discount to full

So you view see and for remember from attached years. replacements see a is consumers buying a that in they two Japan to point see over positive been the need devices we've second a also for and additional are the you and which of now they device more half some because category

the XX% devices of that to the than need Right without be in So Japan you discount. now their reached end of have more cycles is that it's number actually replaced. sold

group plus realize little getting to So new the same attract XX slowly the to to consumers devices they on we which brands and group that in price that heat and little to more sensitivity the sensitive as are in bit This sticks. tends it's more are on direction. a buy have that group lower time At age both especially price back moving well. a there's so

to that for for cracking them So to a for is group. initial a devices them specially good and having opportunity their try offer good important

we So we will offering below realistic but prices usually competitors offering for our. out at we're HEET there lowest have to the have XX% be we judicious how XX% their we use be think I that discounts or number and

people more go put to our little So products in are to find forward. that also sensitive ways we as price front have of we

Jonathan Leinster

further terms pricing what maybe referring Just the and is sort potentially a brand with more the some of lower I or producing to the talked is a competition, more mean, to and of producing of brand just referring sort heavy sort to on in bit existing brands, brand? new you that are you're potentially whole take in discount comparable past here that HEET a about premium priced of you've

Martin King

you Well to in in you the our can different But different consumer on ways. going details have competitive approach go for to and long I plans. to do you're can groups to as into going think not I'm long find ways many understand reasons the over run, that haul

do do can it you different offers, special with offers, can with different it it do can etc. with products, You you

are price So not many the go be obviously we're I'm thinking about going different sensitive. to plan exact that increasingly crack which ways to going to of but consumer groups through

Jonathan Leinster

flavors you non-flavored similar finding experience on or the so popular, they IQOS menthol quick that IQOS, that been use where outside of traditional are consumer the the of was to on Another a the of the question clearly versions, taste? sort is non-mentholated very has more most Japan experience a are Japan to and or reaction in perhaps

Martin King

on mean much Often quite a lighter usually bit flavor percentage obviously. menthol But preferred is in and market. the simply market usually that think by we than The it I the higher because the see over smokers to on conventional and that is menthol bit bit have have a Yeah, index category. a IQOS from is taste version though because I taste a to greatly do markets people it it's easier the menthol the market it's depends to menthol IQOS different chosen different depends a go menthol bridge situations. the and in a to

Jonathan Leinster

Right, because it does does experience market vary vary, considerably quite by the then?

Martin King

it does. Yes,

Jonathan Leinster

in on and this sort that volumes side, reading the Pakistan I quick of the doubled a is right, am and Pakistan. Yeah, couple one units, X.X in going billion Yeah, things on added that there's FMC of correct.

in a in tax new with working in to actually back successful much the been order so were the of last if local lower recall much that to trade of year establish had pull paying had so tier that tier, taxes had to the you May raised weren't grown First illicit Because they trade. volume government lost illicit a we being taxes and prices tremendously. and producers all

volume May together in with from illicit a tier to trade able we year implemented and tax there that the lower price of this new was back could put So competition. last products were at pull

piece in with inventory was a in associated second tax load big a is there XXXX the The big price anticipated. market in

very the XXXX volume or low first sold volume relatively quarter was So in market. in sold there little

half the the So high normalcy it at volume in sold from is trade volume then is of coming an you're half the in other looking effect first and one XXXX a is billion very quarter XXXX number two first from mentioning inventory of of very which aspects; you're that to back with XXXX. roughly year-over-year more the quarter which comparison is low X quarter fourth volume in illicit

lot the a we volume those by do illicit of quite dire distorted two of So was a good news was trade substantially recovering both from The have events. legal what the pretty market with situation the that volume is out. taking Pakistan in

whole and in by very as this our Pakistan share the situation. a improved market development way that's So positive from well has

Jonathan Leinster

terms Okay, pending hated of sort and there lawsuits terms design any very is legal competitors just there last of of in are the other anybody IQOS outstanding the wondering copyright? procedures regarding against one, to of of in quickly any related sort product, any

Martin King

are property. but and cases hard looking competition We misusing individual our going there doing at potential comment or IP defend our we pending I'm in think we or remedies to cases Look is out looking intellectual actions on they to not we legal are individual where worked very either what that time. constantly at at this have

Jonathan Leinster

thanks much. very Okay,


question comes Stifel. next line of the of Chris from Growe Our

Martin King

Hi Chris.

Chris Growe

here I I be call nearing good with of here, questions. two we're the will know end afternoon. Hi, just quick

the the can planned is that is into in EPS across you first the of it future for quarter three QX the spread you the is push a the much first spending occurred quarters, symbol or that in how The quarter of could say beep quarters? next

Martin King

forecast first stuff. in the difference overall about it's rest that way in the the from Yeah, we was and $X.XX rate is tax and dollar flagged I mean $X.XX the mean we coming the had spending type the the good the difference between by business quarter. I very the

in revenues Our well, pricing came is great. doing

spending the tax. before. So is be quarter we difference less it's most had the and same We think the tax than the spending is more will what the or good a but actually said of still we the robust

and deserve obviously the quarter spend more what most projects and plan these unfolding and in still which are the it so still to the we exact you plans not timing forth. quarters. deciding I'm give the to in we we're resources So successful because and of going allocating subsequent didn't or are partly amount still first spend exact funding

Chris Growe

of spending, in more away you in spending? IQOS of taking maybe world we Japan think behind -- is Okay, are other and understand the customers around existing spending Japan and markets construct in from about million spending the total more $XXX to users that then developments retain as you that say example for the about talked new to so taking just away

Martin King

split. country our of flag going we're what do to trying I'm we need some go through to so split cases do All not pulling other words or In we I'm in additional the what which we're is we taking spend need different we some of resources there exact a put in conventional in including may some regional the timing that to plans forward will in of Japan. ways to just business. big anyway. from to In planning fund cases number It's other can it a company.

trouble We IQOS going think mean order opportunities I or some an that, EU have so. to instance to which behind has going to spending don't to for redeploy in spots more get we're opportunity. as adequate to been But resources do in that does cut

work more I and figuring issue it's it of to spend forth. and an what programs think so out where

going do to what by continue. it doing successful already I'm we do fully the split need So not to need which region will we the and by IQOS market get and the but you give to we exact is to

Nicholas Rolli

have we do questions left. any Operator


final Hong of question Judy Goldman comes line the Our from Sachs. of

Judy Hong

share guess buyback perhaps than pretty gotten up. better, got stocks quick taking your Alright, today, your ratings I had two just wondering you I down envisioned? mean I'm revisit earlier And to of you follow is I if and thanks overseas, cash the just had so some secondly kind but overestimated have whether for big market a and then how big early adoption can seeing obviously market can can just meaningfully just One, you've market the basically necessarily bigger an ultimately how share on not issue the get me Japan, basically we're question get. that's the you've it's already plateau questions.

around comfort was So you how there that bigger do there? actually get a demand out

Martin King

technology currency in way to future and on see and that able sit way going XXXX. if in that whether down a and or to decision really reduced of favorable success and or in we to acquisitions to example be we've won't that risk best the balance the haven't share gets we Okay, reward I having buybacks. point the It's for got at continue what's If We're mean be our stock share flexibility necessary. business have leverage area shareholders new said sure have with make be decide we're dividend first within our we more that the and whether sheet to stays increases we're board the some all favorable it make to of have continues improve a also working to the we at come. in Board to point yet. that the some point the will and But buyback

doesn't for every each what to own has them a are seeing growing. time. we there's go strong. we're beyond to Japan product want the We are risk eventually very quality the think way As them that artificial to to grow certain friends employees, chunk somehow buy that groups the able for It and speed there's move, far them and don't rates conversion them make products talk nicotine our on right product shift. We ability a as cleaner category. make do convince take We use of don't that that buy be the products. grow know so shift of this continue just look, at it, single to that you and plateau different there's And adult better cigarettes is some that to be when can we still and commit think a of to we continue messages, consumer using example that it's conversion are which a nicotine that we approach is we this as offered the can sealing it'll resources that you The the is convince approach won't think approaches, continue consumers we matter the to We to sort among to for the way tools, him them seeing that sense. reduced we to idea to don't using market more it, the think it on to where among big of combustible that. idea customized keep high consumers where we've to Every we've has satisfying seen the smoker by them seen period can extremely that it go of we our of limit. to and fantastic a some a rates you and get work and use and have

hit that's bit to This We've right take and going it that's than resources, isn't we more just the little the right and what may how adjust that as demographics but to a the products keep came had the we this consumer growing earlier and knew is and customized approach in surprising, take year it Now hoped. where consumer kind it approach different of but we're got were it it have more right team okay in okay. unforeseen. an and going may We take is we longer, we groups to may are. Japan. That's

Judy Hong

thanks. Okay,


Thank question. or turn back now any additional remarks. management our for final floor will you the to closing was over I that

Martin King

concludes you great for Well joining team. today. you And Thank day. any you. much This thank for IR have very us. please questions our the if a follow-up call contact Have


a ladies does today's conference you conclude gentlemen, disconnect day. wonderful and and Thank this call, you have may now