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Jack Dorsey Chief Executive Officer & Director
Krista Bessinger VP Investor Relations
Ned Segal Chief Financial Officer
Douglas Anmuth JPMorgan
Justin Post Unidentified
Unidentified Analyst Unidentified
Rich Greenfield LightShed Partners
Mark Mahaney ISI
Ross Sandler Barclays
Eric Sheridan Goldman Sachs
Colin Sebastian Baird
Maria Ripps Canaccord
Brian Nowak Analyst
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Twitter Third Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question-and-answer session, and instructions will follow at that time. I will now like to turn the call over to your host, Krista Bessinger, VP, Investor Relations, please go ahead.

Krista Bessinger

Hi, everyone. our Conference joining for thanks QX Call. Earnings And

hours with We Investor all published have couple website Jack shareholder had today. Ned and of a read SEC, our We a our chance that it. us letter with the and to ago, hope and you've Relations on

your opening As our so we remarks usual, we'll can questions. that brief keep get right to

also we a will take questions on reminder, Twitter. As asked

using @TwitterIR the at us tweet please So #TWTR.

business statements, this plans, and outlook, call, of our we change statements During are predictions, our time. may over as strategies, forward-looking goals. on including comments make expectations These today, long-term which about will based and

XX-Q, due uncertainties, filed be upcoming the Our actual factor non-GAAP XX-Q SEC. most risk with materially call, this Also, measures. certain number and of our discuss to including differ we and the financial risks will and results to and could during XX-K a recent

directly shareholder not financial be And those have GAAP our our I'd GAAP entirety from call measures it the to finally, are webcast in Twitter, measures Jack. comparable few an non-GAAP website results. this our most in in intended substitute These for its We to a reconciled to website with on Relations be turn available being is on audio replay and And hours. a like our and to that, will Investor over letter.

Jack Dorsey

up of QX. a questions. XX% increase quarter. products Revenue year-over-year had from few accelerating to me revenue growth continue and from year-over-year, audience which in We increased growth. with highlights QX ad of Ned performance you XX% A get XX% significant billion Thank was today. everyone. we to growth us continued million Hello, DAU your monetizable joining we revenue for with in QX. and And before XXX X.XX Average, across year-over-year solid this to strong see an increased

that and you into sell we the have seen, we deep at AppLovin. announced as year, quarter we may rest MoPub of to how the looking Before agreed we're get the to

contributions time I categories, years. to news, and commerce and paid. First, customers of communities. for our jobs; to put build intention you connected team allowing Follows, The In and including on our who The to roadmaps. Twitter, the strategy, and focused all our talk many launched hard and our work casting team product last refocus resources us energy demonstrates across people helping Spaces, revenue services we about and on an our Ticketed sales thank narrow to in our confidence Tips, for in want get these core products response, MoPub us us the ecosystem QX, MoPub of SMB all talked, direct their X features Super trust serving heard core with discussion, we and and

favorite payment pay the ability We a including the first-time Bitcoin. variety methods, your to of also had for using creators

systems continue to to which just well, product. feels personalization more Twitter and more We upgrade our improving getting machine come started, are as already the learning lot's here. responsive but intuitive, We're throughout

on we're of Ned. Overall, the priorities. more where clear Company to XXXX, focused approach that, course with the year, with confident feel pass we're end about we we As to over I'll leave it headed. a And

Ned Segal

last pandemic up year-over-year at mDAU driven XX% Total silent and essentially end in grew QX million, quarter surge from mDAU both a the guidance. XXX revenue U.S. by expectations. our to coupled X% to the grew XX% X Jack. unusual and the line seasonality. our Thanks, with year-over-year, quarter-over-quarter, focus was typical year, year-over-year with comps of Due execution. high with

rate of to to basis. XX% believe mDAU back XXXX people and COVID we The every We optimistic has more of to product those serve expect growth, more given day. for our across continue And on point believe healthy our us normalize. we QX and conversion to a which in the uncertainties, impact total low remains in due up our top behavior remain above funnel, QX or the of mDAU we Despite the at fragmented year-over-year world, was tough grow and QX year-over-year these yet comps. to roadmap, consumer rate allow

related DR Let some of more official Olympics-related Olympics share the XX event Olympics on sponsors Olympics. of of XX There on highlights from than the me to the were content Olympics Twitter. strong for times from And us. tweet reviewed billion were QX. The billion X our tweets Twitter. Roadmap a advertised XX impressions the video on

also made great Our strides. ads shift direct to response

on just of These ad yet examples comes there accelerated of increasing critical our new testing are learning we when introduced pace rolling same a updated advertisers the launched and we consistent inside CareSouth, for traffic stop an multi to destination most more campaign delivers it focus on advertisers, drive to Twitter. performance. few math and our And For work. products features, won't market a period out model to that clicks, we multiple website enable to

take and sale the to on deliver to expected Ads resonate sale sale SMB close accelerate more go-to-market As to and and expect DR, to Twitter. the although with Jack for associated it impact a more investing and to the has general increasing on connect more it the our to $XXX better upon loss of billion QX, annual teams total to not a lot the their half the with is there positions of additional addressable share. supply revenue associated October, We digital by loss, for continues our resources engineering announced proposition, MoPub recoup XXXX. there share no monetizing results. working product increased in are worth goal billion generating and will with the or chain moment full and and and launching in I've some market closing, changes Despite largely on do revenue work development shift in time of between of MoPub. estimated X.X mentioned it's well, while product dollars. Which growing focus economy year-to-date, are MoPub sale revenue commerce XXXX $XXX associated are And million website in of XXXX, us spending the expected $XXX our advertisers on is of of noticed of on also in and to be The the reallocate to more happened on expected and been than across market that value earlier, team's apps. our and economy. in with services revenue advertising Both to goods. ad our resources pleased The I'm particular. focus focused broadly and the

a also ATT. on me moment spend Let

both impact around into for impact ad supporting sequential campaign scale to the remediations continue and across leverage and in the is plus adopted vary with through as minimizing and put on QX support we changes our remains The XX% revenue given The improve we And to see resulting on the to as but SKAdNetwork, likely changes, to basis, The opportunities seen effective we and more personalization the mitigations iOS on factors. the We long-term still too assess in opening people's have improve from that mix incorporated privacy-related more impact as contributed April, standards, inventory to QX and each, to distinct up development, unique our experienced. for technical Twitter impact us. place Manager. attribution we've the formats, well revenue related management of our better across SKAdNetwork and early and we've we've expected, experienced Twitter response. our impact features Since product stack Ads the signal, on expect which modest. modest 's invested signal like and launched and speed other ATT impact Apple products, ongoing launch revenue ATT, but iOS, in across of Ads both platforms to lower We've ID than performance our new them of continue. view and we've a guidance. of ad was to in ATT of from the increased direct Twitter an brand FK show ATT It's QX unique

Let couple quickly a our outlook. regarding to me of turn points

XXXX, grow a provide little as in enter to expenses talk announced posture expect we more to revenue here. me in settlement litigation total investment the continue about And more our We'll continue year. expect We let to next we excluding QX. but faster XXXX context than February. in

for Our XXXX, into a we're increase to results, data additional XX% bring likely investments we've our with in or expenses headcount hiring in XXXX. in investments QX and flow with QX. expenses prior any excited next pleased more we our us the momentum about during XXXX growth plus people and with metric other We're annual total resulting including year made XXXX, annual into will mid-XX% center, increases in new

Let's to go questions.


roster. pause compile [Operators a moment just to Q&A for Instructions]. We'll the

question is JPMorgan. Doug Anmuth from from first Your

line Your open. is

Douglas Anmuth

one think and of expenses. how Jack, taking the will the impactful and secondly, be for do growth to the just path you have 'XX Thanks And just made questions, most X, comment on here? first in for products about then XXXX new you Ned, to you which think in increase returning XX% do about the I your

it understanding So make sure right. we're

you expenses will add even additional you You're 'XX before increase mid-XXs, anybody take the that hire to through ending expenses. percent or saying flowing

number X that's months? in Thanks. that So you'll update a

Jack Dorsey

the take question. to Just first

we personalization across gotten to where and that our the games, and we've a some But and opportunity it is about. is everything that greatest in surfaces that machine we intend itself application also been more Our greatest consistently AI, do, learning and every talking lends of here. general, This we newer growth into around emphasis have. mainly capabilities and potential of put products to lot the surface for relevance. speaks product we've That

to recently. longer, highlight. Topics far interests continues Some more a and some be

expressing lays to to with helps we it. XX because the foundation around But one topic different onboarding. languages, consists I'm We're instead helps intent employ to follow particular close consumer ton that also for least to having topic. everything. it a this are or closer us XXX our experience, intent the and our million We issue accounts business a on, at And This of topics this signal of want helps create. experience products closer XX,XXX putting now,

specifically much topic an just is the our So with narrow to piece a which allowing could talk smaller my be what of of customers to that people feels of about example we like Spaces is interest. communities, location this, neighborhood. all rolled a a XXX% room And which case, in casting out

lot something that talking that tweeting that be see because I conversations tighter is and a are think they we broadcasting but location have of the entire will new world a it, ways actually be of find group particular they're usages. whether a it actually about feedback interest interesting, having don't like just feel People definitely and locally a much geography. to or

I impact would we ones the gotten point to. are lot behind, is area biggest an So to this be But continue lot, gains personalization we've put we're although those we've and of from the it. will where a a feel

to potential. speaks Just really the

have to every of We much so more have. we do just machine learning generally terms and surface applying area AI to work in

Ned Segal

Hey, Doug.

month more, for before, never bit been they've your top made and that ritual. be it Just healthy of get been but round continues to rather That daily a funnel or or on past, little folks to a world on to the to us. expenses. Twitter of for a on tried The they've the add part haven't or their question in is, haven't Twitter all

bring knew that from this XX QX to and incredible on DAU last out and year. [Indiscernible] the So be topics now we is to build QX. XXX going of QX started up events the where Those growth there DAU next throughout pretty we growth. that that the to to plus And acceleration top February the year Twitter million so people healthy XX% was going all end a that all to over are world. remember the number years components XX% growth we us that in for we'd When the it that QX. of be and to funnel that put from going continue laughing XX products required with all in

you And a we'll for your investment do. we P&L add decisions typically mentioned of we're through as mindset to around you in the roll goals as the math or were year, already with full on invest everybody, put it's growth. give February joined the so have And when in one When we expenses, just continue on long part on. to going question the people data and vested for posture a and we've second do we center who in work, XXXX arm those whether the drive hiring a back on want to merit to Company. The that already more our you changed. So color February, to as hasn't increases remind track just as But

and You doesn't datacenter. actually start use for which to, to depreciation naturally get datacenter, includes example, the for you the this until start

You mid-XXs want the in to naturally we get of we're the middle out all and the sort where that the year. to we do so next process things

I that. so growth want get to continue year decision want we but do next that drive of to and would And don't we to front on be invest do in resource anything that isn't a that, top of reallocation to decide to else

Douglas Anmuth

clarifying. for Thanks Great.


Your your Post, line Justin next is question open. from is

Justin Post

your with shopping. in Would enabling you you. progress to Thank I Great. guess MAP the quarter saw look and talk about the product,

the And second, better you. comparably. at guided high which talk Are you a in overall about than maybe growth the XX% good, MAP pretty little growth product you that to expecting Thank end, opportunity. So and is the contribute QX. quarter-over-quarter you to how see bit

Ned Segal

Hey on side. Justin. Couple the revenue of product things

that First, a with the that's continuing That progress apps, to spend strength of as on strength a launch Ads, Food lot gives than some begin some is we there. areas where progress FinTech that's again MAP, we travel gives us. overall a were sense in seen year-over-year make you to were we're coming haven't grew XXX%. past, to travel the that a from which our where lot XXX% with from couple campaigns, you ways they grew grew XX%. faster sense people delivery the show saw A people We tied as travel, from. such grew one MAP MAP. pleased is where of always slightly at to a pointing of advertisers of their to

you on put mentioned from profiles mine can have your put now where and you You your operation, your businesses to shopping, so can website. differentiate account business we Twitter, hours

will We profiles. those so it also straight from can you make buy product

destination experimenting course tuned XX%, a dollars stay more gives for We've on that the multi year. our Also with attracting for is click-through been improving Carousel advertisers of So response why by and and which more direct sense that. over to this side, is good service. this more rates more the that you the -- and

put So down against that sale we'll of we'll with keep resources roadmap it. MoPub the and marching more have to

guidance. your question second revenue For around

see normal look you the was a four last by year, prior which mid-XXs. us the QX if in was So sequential out means back you no year from you growth for at years, and to that the mid-teens

so to when And you this that compare

Unidentified Analyst

very Thanks much. afternoon. Good

Ned Segal

to us And little the ac [Indiscernible] we're strength got feel to off the with X able Being the expected than to consistent a continued able having how that the see were for that's start deliver in really reasonably a our QX out them the The seen pleased what throughout billion Olympics we had to at quarter strong we're QX. in tweet past. that from like with revenue went perspective, we've billion we X.X Olympics bit entering can a you with the We backs, with better to advertisers. wind space. range,

Justin Post

Great. Thank you.


Rich Your LightShed from next question from is Greenfield, Partners.

open. is line Your

Richard Greenfield

for sort taking the on want a about think Thanks Doug of question I at to the question. beginning. 's follow-up

all of are as of changes target process? where the really expose on-platform data Google Apple privacy of yet to able shopping you As commerce versus think into and just few guess about you you about newsletters, you as and this you of XX, are you just I'm starting. but play iOS topics that in understanding translate out that about this looking for to think next And longer-term how interest I review, effectively? advertising even on outside positioning does leverage like, how really like, your 's could signing you're Jack's it cookie Ads not And Thanks. years, you changes not does changes. do any How on focusing being what to like target talking graph think using into the all as think at first-party about the intent, future, and to comments in topics, up but are about and

Jack Dorsey

Relative to of today. in from can we the using quite it, it's signals what were terms get small

more fully other opting we what is Being peers that. one about It in they are surface having all things also are into being which in topic launched in is leading stronger more be a of making us much we that topic control a a who have surplus of such around to an area, people gives talk direct being just community have what gives it privacy area understanding about can want interest sure much particular testing to So particular consider advertisers and signal. ways particular communities, a us broad-based an interested us saying that may collected this topic telling in to thing of people We exactly making our intentfully shown These able timeline. data internally. to hasn't way. want join them way. interested us or are video able to that is with make that over new follow sure people But what for we're interest they're gives home about to that, in also we're and do but is in instead that sure

ability So not people lot or topics be to might them just to they on if the that intent, act it And are that gives reach. or not. space the political a they trying to anything more they safer different want avoid have that

that's to signals product or [Indiscernible] introduction we with itself most a service drive. it tighter making want And on valid tap give or as us that that not to purchase and create deliver group. at to then more it's can they those product utilize us can imagine. whether the or things whether so And much they that irrelevant we all So these starts or what ultimately the they'll we tell a And that's feedback sure to a person something. information

these less So topics. to following reinforced interest. strengthen in depend a relevance particular And less inference a spaces and to everything we All have in that intent our better actions order newsletters [Indiscernible] signal. So to on can things from positively the to get all show and these around particular

Richard Greenfield

data do days in you leveraging that the are intent data is you're and next still much like that very of Is like, we that? like data ads, over we about think of Where the user early start How it very the longer next from this and do -- couple we it. terms XX think said, not of drive when you using of couple to using of in a or about over how see event? to really just years benefits the years

Jack Dorsey

I of is think -- the right mean personalization. our biggest I one in priorities now Company

finding sure using relevant on and the also think greatest to as relevant more this in So going so that of more off we right can but similar these very you're our we in that seeing what more signals to opportunity of and us drives all relevance the start ads, all are that is it's growth put increase far But advertising everything usage, relevance. premium signals just segments. from And for of systems, show. terms you're I to These tweets we're but that not a more don't make well. seeing to the

Richard Greenfield

Thanks very much.

Jack Dorsey

Thank you.


Mark is ISI. question from next from Your Mahaney

line Your is open.

Mark Mahaney

that. or and your the the be? customers. do business takes unlocking that you Okay. I you've a do length now. easy not you. to party state are you not small are think relatively easy, with do unlock just to as advertiser think you need to time small Sure know base obviously What two they're Thank the why do How ask things about three really want it's do? medium-sized that What is that you advertiser to to should reasons of major I it it's engaged Thanks. but base? they

Jack Dorsey

of small number is think both that DR One performance-based products of the more not served have here. in move things of we sure there's well lot this, capabilities. businesses a part have also making of and is do a advertising. the advertising we terms Twitter, that our I we big but continue towards them on a far

they onto a how bunch they're locations as -- a there's is where to sole a areas providing reach. about proprietorship big to keep make trying well. come us actually a Soft increases small part, intuitive reach interface or Serve understand product that then system that better of our and And business the talking and that surface I one-person think customers topics

So now part be the topic next my of been And intent St. given again, the here. a up. as hometown can to follow is we for Missouri that I using we've big Louis, communities going signal, have

also As surface going small you to area communities, tropical community's locations. for an around interest and consider, communities incredible particular businesses. focused be That's

up aspirations that in So that of performance in self-serve of form some we making there's retaining moving to profile. that and and get things them, have are away business. up -- some recently will utilize direction more advertising the more lot the as foundational then scale up we But smallest And businesses able business me -- there's things actually did small us ourselves. crisp which to. really open but are and we're around immediately, been we come, they're these means work and also sure help a locks that our website the were something products, businesses to new more can commerce. orders. be launching well. terms in like a the and capabilities attracting the in That We They helps building including see in for right to and intuitive with the And small all the a it value as

Mark Mahaney

you. Thank


Barclays. from Sandler Ross from is question next Your

is line open. Your

Ross Sandler

then problems potentially these much there's the any around I you're and Ned, if the through and folks in one factors really and good I XX share revenue think business from XX UFR looks third for around wonder U.S. up and bit Snapchat there. in a you Q-on-Q, plus that, quarter significant Ned Facebook of reported more other iOS one the picking Hey, a Jack. have larger little of That million. big pretty of advertisers do to self-serve Is some of tap Jack, smaller XX or spending follow-up that get sales on effort that dollars question. in our out module, into are mostly are there there a this that. just tap a to e-commerce e-commerce the shop Is guys millions last $XXX a initiative, you process interesting. into outbound looks businesses. How

any Thanks a color Just there. lot.

Ned Segal

of first it's the Examples during places, impressions continue with around the of the the the college up or just around to both during the use U.S. full to bit, of Music particular, how season on revenue, it's their little in lot a went continue to NFL. great around at we're different to performed of that and coming reminder back back highlights went at a during U.S. Ross, for a has the year-over-years great a us in what and going think and COVID lots points as one this that another. not stadiums, geographies commentary with reason It's audience and in to relationships billion a as every at opportunity Japan, with to back, of opportunities touch the examples Video that use the U.S. lock-down continues as U.S. just times football a advertisers and it wonky Hey, Twitter the connect gradually But improve, the in for look Olympics we've saw then although that and and though. part. year-over-year. they the see Ads as advertisers. still expected the saw opportunity we part to XX to different There's lot Twitter grew places shows we've out went which they I'll we U.S. so as there so, for Awards where sizable lead baseball different some by second of of economies we And all advertisers have pleased the better season, another of lock-down. we are events where a in QX been way opportunity of billion really example, them. that seen. But turn Pro began the us as great. they other come XX% just We or us. [Indiscernible] Whether are they there's with the on customers in season, a in are And powerful when we as into is Japan up to we'd like the great people of and helping the out got for theaters Olympics, certainly lots other Jack X it MAC a went which and than all we be as to come impressions reach

Jack Dorsey

small -- And area where start commerce this scale. is we to a an want and is

a lot lot a limit solutions but stick right it turn now, one systems the opportunity or their partner constraints on sure of we is larger with. lot to just smaller, up that's a potential of want larger think So want inventory more, so to that and that turn doesn't as on that lot retailers inventory people who already on a and tap click But e-commerce were there's much, have to and brands. legacy make to around. tied retailers that to we building opportunity from a us into running have also and are great one much well. product later Twitter with people that I And

on of to the scale sales and mentioned. products and turn then then to look want great engines more will make we building and sure that we it you we're foremost as So first

Krista Bessinger

Twitter Caza the Jack. asks Thanks, far? review we're tipping into the at take so to becomes about asked far. going and he how global the account strategy also and And monetize does Twitter How from he the has crypto at progress Olivier And next question from subscription so fit now.

Jack Dorsey

tipping tipping third-party Bitcoin that are services doesn't makes of Well, world. before you is where receive to globally could just matter in people so products number accessible, is had that use a the for turned What we on interesting we it tips. Bitcoin

send be specifically bitcoin If address bitcoin the you have over to network. lightning a And can receive.

can it. You do

if a really opens one the to having to state, we with of those. and of for operate aperture market-by-market it sending services instead can go So look and that up bank,

are more stick which every So more speed. much The to product that started which newsletter the is is And can Both figure it they're want express review products continue But again, right updates sure out allows like review, Tweets, we and out people why is are new the where the the people and we'll we real-time, Twitter then and products, roll it scale is the this, format iterate We to subscriptions with to more for to single reminder you on formats. potential multiple more that did make which our a see. this. of we in and these Spaces, in moves we we integrate that want yourself small order. tipping long-form, for day. to opportunity in and product. that progress make The we and short that them conversation more an evaluating is place a sure audio want

the rather than at equation now. one of think looking any I part

All potentially call Space, for out to to able top And in another which for host you that saw consider able instrument If recap followers initiatives. commerce and things reach Ticketed this to host is one is being to price we to it around letter the space, entirely Tweet these ways. the space in Spaces. Ads and people complete, our to writing all a emission they're for what sites. allows Ads for the space. those ecosystem, going positively new their someone products wiener, reinforce any sell then be after

on able be treat see Some get this newsletter forth. back not they to but and credits people the some the Space, so can might to

So the individual between parts come being them going model, the as focused ecosystem the greatest is of the between value we not but from. and the on but making strength, the strongest, the we're connection where aspects it, connection is think to actually

Krista Bessinger

take the Thank you. next please. Operator, question we'll


Your next Goldman from from question Eric is Sachs. Sheridan

open. is line Your

Eric Sheridan

whereas maybe in before. much about direct separate component in that rest brand you've the we far so response. revenue want so about years taking globally? the me world Thanks the Thanks business, upside brand between as that in there business couple distributed terms to U.S. evolving versus for what ahead? size saw much strength think is to and business to more we of you come to for respect about for to a we've same topics of And located that much. the the a should When in out how was U.S. from? element so of the built how advertising question. in the And with of the derived mix advertising talked think snap widely date back Is any way I the

Ned Segal

Hey, thanks, Eric.

to get to at. for So could We We we outperformed in Carousel or line had and given line not made be given any straight at some we progress improvements to really brand time right new we a Map, we the that it is based and feel one version being campaign here we we out improvements example including a a that about is be MAP Analyst advertisers Twitter XX-XX. of more change make. good of of to But MAP it's heavy XXXX long-term product having roll-out are one the be on that look going the reasons, on of our well. of terms of any been Japan heavier website Day, much the tends But But there. year. in mentioned us to having see to to Twitter, you to a to market remember that because lot variety When brand XX-XX earlier. in bunch get there as good quarter can be goal period another, mix rolled back a one we've to talked inherently are another wouldn't that's that or DR made another, like Ads said and across think a geographies, clicks over a heavier DR from product from in just for from that straight Europe to that. a

continue update you and give we'll we'll sense that highlights XXXX making. we're February, the that time progress and you and a begin for So next we'll to annually. between just The now all mix give

Eric Sheridan

Thanks, Ned.


open. Baird, from Sebastian line is next question Your your Colin from is

Colin Sebastian

communities I in I letter, off, users. thanks very much. in has uptake maybe the think Good afternoon with quite guess, that first strong topics mentioned the you and been with new

of existing I we don't of XXXX as could expense retaining features. among into look know users follow-up MoPub. And adoption next? that offsets the how the newer people for a legacy just talk normal the might year into on that of well, Just pace amount you're one many But curious about just or much wonder hiring headcount how as those if opting you Ned, outlook.

Jack Dorsey

the topics in new topics, able terms On in up do both but quarter. learning also to in of topics personalization lot a still around variable open and topics in that to the related lot I topic or most suites of new they're XXXX home machine this towards we applying that much the for find faster, more enabling a of There's launched system terms in. thinks being the these timeline I'm topics. and following are interested days by right relevance A introduced

following discovered wouldn't a otherwise, I've accounts doing the that all I just So and from work. that ton

think retaining both we of more giving abreast terms we're of authors. into really put in more on-boarding. do sort it's starting it users and also, and And them of what So more current of to helpful,

going there's that to a think momentum be do lot that. we from So

slouching show that make work there, us follow our it might to to the being more ATT tweets cohesive, less see to experience, feel how However, a taxing browse And to the demonstrate tweets say the like it and if and feel bit I right able understand topic. you you would make experience, our a and it still little that navigate more do we old. NDA UI, is

a help think I would lot.

infrastructure better right from working. core now and more interface at have experience much creating So It's the looking the just we're cohesively we a perspective. the


question next Your --

Ned Segal

your of on, part second question sorry. The


interruption, that me sir. for Pardon

Ned Segal

No problem.

The second part the of your start question was around in I'll on MoPub. expenses. just

that to to many remain broadly the other will DR. of More time Twitter organization. Commerce of we from reallocate their many will to lot people go-to-market SMB it to of And turn that can, MoPub for our at work Colin, sales as is revenue. So into will a to whom as move parts take thought we the people will

that that ground get back on more we we solid than we million billion with will but and time towards can goal around for XXX before. over expect track more do XXX be focus think or Twitter more monetizing on XXXX all to recoup been that So don't that X.X we had

next this sort with from with possible the many for monetizing of an of really other remain going doesn't hope most it work but be perspective, those will course so to staying moving at will and some as change expense have as we MoPub, year us around because people And picture be to Twitter.


Your from Canaccord. next from is Ripps question Maria

open. is line Your

Maria Ripps

that you growth growth new year you And customers just a their going that for compared do Thanks login then or engagement more was your talk just snap Can it in whether you around to with and about treated the And what taking my efforts AppleID. supporting show Can that Great. you to user in quarter? or was for with as you to not effective it see functionality the noteworthy sign that say that up on Google secondly, the shareholder mentioned forward? questions. user to you how made SKAdNetwork testing? for needed elaborate effective. account you seem letter, Can maybe contributor

Ned Segal

Maria. Thanks,

different us is have And SKAdNetwork, done. a to it's that of this lot hard for we're on first others So at to coming what angles. speak things from

level we've aggregated basis. to more and Twitter the on showing anonymized customers room work this lot able a then and There's One before. best it been them us of where a couple around their to people advertisers to SKAdNetwork can how show we is early also more how a we there historically, and has reporting both success XX% improve. up to on for is report of to inventory for able partners SKAdNetwork are advertisers on their from us. haven't help ability. campaigns continue of done make where from just an have whatever to measurement And have allow reporting now that report average, the to iOS people Ads we Ads, enough it has and hard hard sure give customers the campaigns use worked camp have and just to opened did us things that done Two so campaigns to to to And the at been that to performed benefit accessed could and their signal, of I on

us, as Maybe coming all or on fact that different that impact And starting were implemented perhaps rather another angles the campaigns it's from maybe things is had is then point. such pool different starting this they're mix a times. so I see different has we that the ATT to think different a on different are less from reporting

to every while. last how Twitter is them been possible. into just help us. is they're Sunday time. their on or to have We're a friction not we device find has should do that can a of reduce different They with The a before. want a something great maybe second come get Twitter sign-on. we sign on all the Twitter reduce lot them ways looking much people created everything they looking to we as on people may friction possible contributor the quickly looking a remember are to better timeline of Twitter than opportunity accounts it as given for top the been on Single as surface password to them and overtime question they're for over an around as conversations how quickly the this been do of on and haven't to for possible. But it, for a helping they a lot quickly for at-bat us, is get our and on to the as who where show We have as at single people of funnel nice that with new continue can get work And them as what example

people topics into single before. closer great about important what refining lever to finding able their sign-on of when another we them them the suggest to were onboarding. we topics example accounts most process the a talked to they get we follow able that accounts that topics about than showing a value suggest or as to through them those want as So want to they where to and in to and find is topics learn faster what the timeline and get closer We're Jack help that. of

Maria Ripps

very much helpful. for the color. Thanks so Great, that's


from Your next question Brian Nowak.

Krista Bessinger

Apologies, Operator. I'm sorry.

last this I we'll so make for one. last have we think one the question, Thank time you. just


question next from Stanley. Your Morgan Nowak from is Brian

open. Your line is

Brian Nowak

squeezing be performance bit little for of thanks Great, your the about situation. to ATT in of be now. the to sizable. couple talk and business I performance, years like revenue how response, in you're order to seems for the to get go half of thinking the is you on a pretty going back Can next about direct it wanted DR,

straight in making you you and going sort signal technology of are investments to 'XX already 'XX? see of have made or that and Apple already kind AT&T potential loss making yourselves line. or other are what you any to do changes about already, So Just the in think disruption from you minimize place, they've just

Ned Segal

through how top the lost. business more is to right at ability that's lot this them front of other that after show we opportunity them a as DR others, we that extent with that works experience us, it turn it's the algorithm to off and to how not of A and So a -- their leveraging perhaps a having same Company timeline It's we're asking because X, the by on their and overtime. app, as the whether things people grow personalized to Brian. at we in the show there trying have right Twitter trust isn't signal permission do we've up so, giving built of been smaller not do. we've we're or

Twitter. can show typically to that there's the leveraged as haven't as that to as or well or talking by-products services Secondly, we ads, show help earlier historically about them map that goods on we website, Jack was just click people signal and them

lot a additional be with to over the map that future we've that the just may DR, can a few monetizing last to resources the be and as quarters, on improve of to of to that it focus the about on expect is signal with the that done where DR brand we good we've do we out in past. it continue that been of talked Twitter with road there's or in Ads and relevance optimistic So unique Twitter, relative in laid we're as past job we haven't Twitter leveraging

Brian Nowak

clear. Thanks, Great. Ned. Very

Jack Dorsey

Thanks, Brian.


or you. does for Thank today. the turn And I closing Segal, will remarks. conclude our session to any for that additional call back CFO, Q&A Mr. Ned

Ned Segal

QX joining on for Twitter. on to quarter next report with your February We Thanks us, after Twitter speaking forward you everybody. closes. appreciate you Okay. we'll interest in and Until when see look we the XXth then, market


does conference this and have Thank conclude a Ladies gentlemen, call. and great day. you today's for your participation