TT Trane Technologies

Zac Nagle Vice President, Investor Relations
Mike Lamach Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Dave Regnery President & Chief Operating Officer
Chris Kuehn Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Joe Ritchie Goldman Sachs
Julian Mitchell Barclays
Scott Davis Melius Research
Steve Tusa JPMorgan
John Walsh Credit Suisse
Jeff Sprague Vertical Research
Andy Kaplowitz Citigroup
Josh Pokrzywinski Morgan Stanley
Andrew Obin Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Gautam Khanna Cowen
Jeff Hammond KeyBanc Capital
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Good morning, and welcome to the Trane Technologies Q4 2020 Earnings Conference Call. My name is Mariama, and I will be your operator for the call. The call will begin in a few moments with the speaker remarks and the Q&A session. [Operator Instructions] At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. I will now turn the call over to Zac Nagle, Vice President of Investor Relations.

Zac Nagle

operator. Thanks, thank earnings us conference and fourth Trane for XXXX quarter call. you morning, for joining Technologies Good This call is where being webcast on find accompanying our the presentation. you'll website at

website. factors description securities results. made attached see cause in Harbor explained that to call and call includes archiving our considered We facts the for not the law. provisions today's to are forward-looking some also differ Statements on may anticipated financial a to actual from Safe of non-GAAP statements that release. SEC This recording and to our results tables are Please X. news in Slide the our of Please historical filings our also this federal measures, are are materially which presentation of go pursuant made

me I'll the please are today's President CFO. COO; Lamach, and CEO; President and to Kuehn, go to call Slide With and Chairman turn and Dave Senior call and Vice over Regnery, Chris Mike. Mike? that, on Joining Mike X,

Mike Lamach

and Zac, on today's joining everyone us call. for Thanks,

climate businesses several I Slide economies. agree Please X. intensify was Around year. and extraordinary global saw that people, to of world think floods we endangered wildfires communities, all and an the the saw pandemic and XXXX We impact can change turn we manifest the and droughts.

strategy. Even as we to responded to these major true our global challenges we long-term stay

continue steps as essential care challenges a is purpose one team Trane spread. and we distribution end thank At each focused tenacity climate boldly end full present business needs in to to immediate continue the facing global there Technologies our our development, our Thermo to the We launched a solving the pressing challenges rise risk and to COVID-XX customers. solutions. production The of customers put from our world and sustainable members of for Our I cold is the take resilience, day other world. stay[ph] and what's our faced. underway to to team the vaccine possible many taking serving innovator provide chain to action most and to challenge for want King commitment in and global complex

to is vaccine efficient eliminate as the and contain virus. people as to possible the the administration to eventually many of and spread intent Our delivery enable of equitable

We divide schools and believe broadening and food. rely Virtual of is environmental technology for vital the disproportionate are students It's an and our is this on of also acutely access and indoor especially systems. our to secular in quality the equity children a impacting amplified address on impact learning education the educational focused many our pandemic. open long-term the indigenous schools mega another And color. by spaces. This and where we laid improve critical trends bare we is industry health to digital indoor safety and and that having students in

our and strategies applying and are and emissions. indoor improve and to solutions to improve quality energy and expertise that with residential reduced We efficiency spaces balancing air commercial

are by to challenging communities XXXX, aggressive for commitments this is to future the future to our to and We're Gigaton we quality reduce in status one Trane reach environment better historic XXXX commitment the putting by ground and a sustainable our with we is which customers' year launched gigaton our where the stake and new At parity and in drive Challenge, of protected a gender like emissions All generations. leadership. for our normal. of carbon Technologies quo where part foundational a create the create was thrive

years. over We are founding of the $X also million next coalition Americans a XX a hire member to OneTen Black

sustainability in future and trends. our blueprint ongoing Day Investor in to our fund against transformation that are our we investments December global to at plans executing for innovation We the business discussed aligned

elements with opportunity model a be the Fundamentally have positive expect and free business all Trane us the to combined have differentiated for these our to responsibility world. to capital we allocation We balanced ultimately that financial pointing for performance changes change and industry together, over powerful returns continue a to a we strategy delivers sustainable quartile and flow deliver time. cash for top shareholders Technologies

Moving power globally. X. our to we quarter the broad performance of based We system. Slide of operating business our and the strategy financial fourth In demonstrating market outgrowth strength resilient delivered throughout XXXX delivered sustainability the

organic with significant our and positive We adjusted of the improvement points the fiscal globally. margin markets EBITDA growth XXXX end having also EPS tumultuous XX% XXX basis in in despite declines quarter. We delivered strong expansion of bookings growth with productivity the majority

While people, year basis. which was was deleverage gross significantly EBITDA a deleverage for just margin significantly actually XXXX XX on in increased target our investing to by basis and full XX% our is favorable adjusted points business margin and

capacity exceptional optionality and flow delivered delivering billion of record our cash our also flow in to free adding conversion the free extending We and excess of XXX%. full $X.X for cash allocation of track capital year,

XXX%. are conversion XXXX flow many fact, our to ROIC. And on cash average free cash through In investors how X realize know is I flow year earnings focused we

the playing people in annualized of pleased We've adjusted that business invested I'm We X deliver year committed XX.X%. our and customers offense emerge XXXX XX.X% $XXX of with competitive in but RMT Since of we XXXX, and to to the was cost an us million that the to stronger onset our innovation outstanding and for markets. outgrow been leading there. for formally an cash and our we've to flow report other for aggressive the to didn't stop advance further transaction Technologies. average on an pandemic, closed heavily early would in Trane positions ROIC XXXX, savings by system So, our In year end launch our operating the year adjusted we side. on

savings will annualized from our our ability million on We leading innovation fundamentally work to delivering lower $XXX commitment in both that to continue $XXX it's strong limiting delivering structure leverage. These our markets business end initial million and how feels transformation visibility a continue and to The be with initiatives while present XXXX. our our and including outgrowth will solves window complex also customers. short challenges time. of market a to pandemic by continue XXXX order problems bolster significant to perform premium to cost in triple savings value relatively It continued

and However, market globally. mass and reflects sufficient progress end distribution on and for our vaccinations efficient vaccine continued guidance improving based ultimately optimism approvals conditions supply, production on development

we're leverage it's between of strong growth and X% X%, organic approximately XX%. early As of organic stage revenue strong targeting and

four proven high return made which three investments are benefit We ended January the for will acquisitions see also quarter of we on key us. channel in

We and of excellent over many technology proven years acquiring record have a track delivering strong and returns. channel partners

to for recent sense returns have cash of Investor recent Just flow to the which Day. to EPS of kinds yielded we're about in these acquisitions, growth we're a ROIC $X.XX X.X% growth in excess at expected give two are X.X% revenue and Including add of points acquisitions discuss adjusted to guiding between a targeting share. We our $X.XX X.X of and you of XX%.

optionality allocation Our to profile and time. excellent cash over as capital of provide excess look strong sheet liquidity XXX% balance we and deploy capacity

of focused sustainable day world. we Please megatrends to Lastly, energy challenging our progressed. innovator every year outlook unchanged. at passion performance financial raised performance advanced financial Each positioning X. and what quarter results deliver and execution Secular XXXX leading to significantly than excel these our strong to free XXXX pleased top the powers competitive becoming and more gross with go tier outlook for we our cash challenging This in deliver strategy global to addressing remains We're modest returns our and differentiated forward Slide a for margin enabled Strong revenue delivered lot consistently what's during the throughout our global to as the climate us us decline crisis. improve be environment. final shareholders. and pressing There's team our sustainability resilient better as efficiency flow exceptional a core deleverage delivered. are we of. megatrends In proud a and possible a a analysis and extremely

to discuss to bookings to Dave call quarter. I'd and our revenue turn Now Dave? in performance like over the the

Dave Regnery

Mike. Thanks, turn Slide to X. Please number

the to We responsive Despite continue and quarter. focused X% growth the bookings in remain our related teams headwinds global in delivering pandemic fourth customers, and to revenue quarter. headwinds, our flattish face these

both Our and revenue delivered X% bookings Americas up growth in and segment X% respectively.

Our teens down concerns. also equipment building outperform against bookings America. rates XXXX. ongoing and mid-single XXXX occupancy North building by and in in related XXXX mid-single resilient QX Americas against with XX% approximately to down lesser through versus bookings growth on business a XXXX remained were remain Commercial high closures lumpy HVAC has health comps digits in extent challenged to XXXX low and safety contracting Services two-year stack to a digits large related to continue Revenues and QX

market However, the opportunities quarter. conditions air changing than our The HVAC XXXX. markets and landscape adjusting as remain remain quality Residential adapt delivered indoor Residential services. and outgrow and team in also XX% our of strong such the areas in revenue and more HVAC contracting seizing teams Backlog assessments and to entering robust remains digital connectedness growth to

Trailer revenue gradually and has the pandemic. Transport Americas low-single prolonged down business in COVID-XX Truck accelerated and Refrigeration markets a growth America out the Our which outperformed up XX% delivered North cycle markets, the strong team over growth, digits up solid bookings The of quarter. come were down transport by

were vary the by teens, by and bookings markets, significant while in to HVAC but in overall pandemic the outperforming bookings bookings Turning and down in country, X% positive down were Transport broader region teams to high both down revenues underlying to but Commercial EMEA Commercial EMEA. that and issues orders lagged digits. The [ph] high market growth continue Refrigeration. quarter EMEA revenues up with continue transport were execute were single-digits, which mid-teens. HVAC overall conditions. lockdowns challenged Revenues quarter, were outgrew our down Transport mid-single and the delivered X% markets well. growth be

results mixed X% X%. China Asia-Pacific signs continues and bookings continue down be show to improvement. up revenues with of overall to

than pandemic. more by of was China declines in offset still in of the growth are Asia, However, rest a challenged number the economies or by

call to Chris? our and like turn to I'd the performance Now to discuss over Chris margins. operating

Chris Kuehn

Slide turn a Please the of X. Dave. Dave on overview to slide. good provided our revenues prior Thanks, number

Board. basis I'll adjusted despite across reflecting growth decline up of Productivity the comments margins. cost EBITDA strong on containment strong, Adjusted focus EPS execution my So points solid margins slight a XXX driving were and were XX%. revenue

during also has delivered cost price in positive region every quarter. team the Our

addition, initiatives Please to and business innovation Slide region transformation by Americas to being strong Likewise, pipeline basis employee A Mike In maintained regions of points. our productivity to and XXXX. improve and cost X. which projects, XXX versus productivity margin shared respectively the EMEA combined points containment, cost delivered price our outgrowth, with In points XXX containment structural strong robust solid of the reinvestment December EBITDA we productivity basis safety market at number EBITDA margins by XXX industrial and that measures, basis and expansion we is and Asia-Pacific levels high fueled referred turn in technology. drove earlier, of event.

Now to over the I'd like back provide to Dave our to turn outlook. Dave? market call

Dave Regnery

the X. outperformed turn strong XXXX Please Commercial Chris. Americas execution. broader to Thanks, agility significantly markets have and throughout HVAC Slide number focus, through

Our low digits growing building service but expect indoor XXXX limited in visibility to half with soft and pandemic, remained remains second occupancy. Interest indoor the fourth air distribution the anticipate indicators despite of market improved over continued resilient low-single in despite longer quarter And quality, the tailwind not we the we comprehensive revenue vaccine providing and in XXXX administration. term. a only quality improvement for air remain and assessments demand due high

comps Residential. half revenue the for XXXX. half we a revenue in Overall, more record back us strong fourth record XXXX, position in the bookings normalized second quarter, the bookings which in of of to expect in We growth puts XXXX. the tough given year entering Turning and with saw backlog in

from that about expecting growth of Transport We were the the mid topics cycles with single-digit first with Americas with in quarter fourth to quarter. in growth talk began in for year very the the emerging Refrigeration market high some to in XXXX Turning see range market our through the Transport in ramping quarter in strong interests. strong XXXX. customers more markets of placing Orders we're down I'll deep demand orders year. the

countries Europe, market we improvements some to Turning EMEA. of with lockdowns. It's into in the additional early The to Transport in with region. dependent broadly economic emerge XXXX current heading expected rounds XXXX improved approximately the of markets to to X% recovery continues expect country cycle distribution vaccine the but be given particular improvement. the call recovery from in in down projection are rate with growth

Asia. to Turning

in expect We XXXX. growth continued in China

climbing to is path balance, slow the still the Asia we picture been curb for largely in a However, has Asia the virus rest XXXX. see and to of recovery. On mixed

back for over the Now XXXX. to guidance to outline our turn like Chris? to Chris I'd call

Chris Kuehn

Slide to of just outlined, deliver production on Based turn administration Please performance expectation an Dave to XXXX. for backdrop improving pace expect Dave. and Thanks, the XX. number market we in strong vaccine financial the and global

As $X.XX with and EPS Mike performance indicated and financial $X.XX. organic revenue XX% of X%, and organic earlier, we leverage X% strong expect of between organic growth deliver adjusted between approximately to

We three from of acquisitions and be to $X.XX growth between is expected XX% is expected accretion discussed XX% and revenue $X.XX EPS points of the X.X% translates a revenue and also carry $X.XX of growth all Mike operating growth. which to in X be about total to X.X% to earnings expect between to see outset X.X about will which at about EPS margin points the which you deliver channel and

to flow current We out FX albeit cash greater early likely tailwind of expect of XXX% If uncertainty and net end would the or equal we be project free to volatility. call, rates a than given the global year at too FX adjusted income. strong remain the to to

expected XX. provide we estimates range across wide provide is Based would be go translate what today. nature to at backlog, of we the with on QX between given translate We and we constructive see expect FX transitional XX%. strong level approximately given visibility currently net X% guidance, our organic point about $X.XX up Please we exposure the and orders, revenues in Acquisitions XX% pipeline point high FX of outlook and are a approximately quarter, leverage level of largely revenue growth, quarterly community current a for rates another into translational and each X.X%. about would of FX are All X.X up about hold of add to from total point number if investment revenues in growth. be of believe Our each the of FX add OI EPS. to to and the expected be but may Slide rates, about it to in uncertainty don't

operating quarter quarter. first operating M&A earlier, that and QX approximately QX currently which Combined, add points XXXX of We're models. discussed these year are margin more of corporate impacted As expecting in of to items in translates weighted $XX QX. of at couple first by to and million about carries point the EPS of in primarily which FX heaviest each approximately based your costs, margin quarters. I $X.XX other will X with in investing for first in about help costs QX, want compensation, be There is on to after rates. integration-related highlight in is were timing than annual the a the stock-based the also corporate expenses, heavily

corporate transformation costs in drive estimated $XXX lower Our continue at XXXX. to million activities

adverse no impact the So, full QX year. has of

incorporate to purposes. modeling want outlook may you However, this for

given approximately The XX% XX% the stock-based The roughly reference The rate compensation XXXX as investing annual other XXXX XX%. guidance to in full rate by traditionally of estimated low tax item, XX%. QX. impacted QX I a The is was want adjusted highlight point. tax year QX remains to rate is QX again effective in

QX, So, seasonally there from impact may go is as purposes. for to you to of year no guide XX. a Slide but use number full the this modeling want a low Please

We've XXXX. we XXXX. during of of As million million savings XXXX, deliver investor a in December we we fixed $XXX to cost cost year reduction initially and reductions by $XXX initial our exceeded event transforming Technologies delivering Trane identified in million expect full by expectations $XXX in early outlined in savings our

go of are XXXX. are savings million on rate Please to run number deliver Slide to and XX. by now track We targeting $XXX

excess high sheet in allocation challenging for our focused a to excellence the projects strong high expansion. cash is the returns growth, our with Despite opportunities which are product and conditions to levels to with on shareholders. balance us reinvestment maintaining and highest consistently continued as innovation business leadership to deploying markets we ROI balanced committed technology with continue economic margin XXXX core provides evolve. vital optionality continued remain We Our in that business strengthen strategy capital our of operational

strong longstanding earnings a commitment the to a increases over growth time. of above have growing dividend rate at or that We reliable, and

long-term All we pandemic. pursue trades repurchases and calculated plans time. XXXX third to Slide paused for XX. we the M&A of XXXX. strategic expect quarter favor to capital to returns given And our and deployed as COVID-XX I'll value the our improves our XXXX, continue and continue the intrinsic shareholder strategy in, and to deploy of we over discuss XXX% We excess of optionality share cash stock we and capital below cash see further value. Please turn certain on balanced allocation consistently elements in of preservation in Through how excess

did and to $XXX million on a we year. However, paying our rate dividend paying dividend, pause during not the shareholders over strong maintaining

also our We the during expectations fourth generation year and not allocation cash paying of on the completion of visibility on balanced to resumed capital during our of elements the million pause we year. quarter, matured in all RMT. free did consistent $XXX based strategy Entering upon improved the earlier flow strong down end with from debt, markets our which

we Mike On value front the $XXX acquisitions that as in previously M&A channel million accretive discussed. invested

We XXXX $XXX have in and during million. repurchased additional for the of share deploy $XXX quarter quarter million $XXX million an also of repurchases a the to-date in total first

a Looking by increased we our This plan reinvesting balanced with at fully this starting executing dividend in quarterly payment announced the we strategy. March. $X.XX our the annualized, XXXX that to continue week, per share we've full to allocation business as capital XX%

remaining. ability authorization, billion our and cash powerful to existing over which We and free liquidity deliver commitment and strong also deploying excess significant billion announcements is to program, our our share approximately $X to a $X value deploying new continued position, execute repurchases. capital repurchase share adds balanced our sheet the in to million $XXX between reflect announced These capacity We XXX% accretive balance allocation strategy. M&A confidence cash our time, flow anticipate of which

Additionally, it in in reaches retire we as to debt $XXX maturity million XXXX. plan

elements returns balanced the As capital shareholders. cash play consistently opportunities the our are of on focused I earlier, to deploying excess are stated highest all allocation with the strategy we in to and

points. Dave of Now key like of call topics over to a turn Mike Dave? the I'd investor cover with key to to back Interest and to close and summary

Dave Regnery

number XX. Chris. Slide go Thanks, to Please

As we've recently decade. for profitable which the so three discuss acquisitions a presentation. channel has to discussed proven growth been throughout over earlier acquisitions, the track presentation the about in we us we're completed these why We've past excited

So I won't spend any more time now.

strong the However, deck M&A for the your revenue purposes, HVAC. the total in XX. XX. Please versus we'd in you a am. for Americas the number and the go organic Commercial and EPS that acquisitions. we slide Slide and in our to slide number is go give he like helpful but and out a I have won't additional I'd for each of I When we questions do those are key you modest than you know earlier The provide but call, great and of XX% is objective this Zac, EPS M&A guidance is takeaways to other it and feedback. HVAC now. the leverage of probably today's bit stronger of on and how Zac about ask bottom. who leverage we're Zac that impact time accretion We've to think ahead XXXX. elements so to Slide hard organic bigger spend feedback. presentation, out, is time expecting some We'll covered in The XX% thank revenues the quarter modeling a the that lot for It in reference. the of know got you slide break modeling Please we in this also additional growth of that organic adds highlight lay EMEA growth, of that

list. markets be careful kidding to aside, with bit on refrigeration to transport refrigeration everyone's a global question versus All business So was that. nearly the transport think about I and need a our how

can. we As provide to a as much result, detailed as we continue transparency

the and to the colleagues. at safe keeping time story, While sensitive explain competitive information enough to same your simple

based On many into the We've the was down but with EMEA EMEA. Truck After cycle markets IHS for highlighted chart, in from note. XXXX forecast you pandemic. North therefore three see the left a the this recognizable up the an boxes it's and America in Transport cycle for points by up are three the Trailer, of to in before that accelerated big rebound markets in you. are the in APU. the X% on approximately and point published numbers side and The emergence The Refrigeration, data of American act North the in in XX% big can to in strong down important for XXXX

are diverse, businesses which Refrigeration through resilient Transport more makes Our highly cycles. us

of for to for it. products some of growth rate as Americas wide Net calculate a all are businesses up and for don't need forecast growth the approximately on also to In XX%, for transport it's Again look for These we X% business and our possible, middle is our of our regions comprised in mix big trying Slide lack market. rail, need the dynamics understand given aftermarket -- markets. as forecast weighted XXXX and Refrigeration of respective X% marine, each parts and on Transport Transport third growth of to of for right, refer rates between of you, growth a the two-thirds XX% bus, of varying The the and you business. While is so box weighted that total order based the of closely, three the follow with both the simple complexity the you this in business air to each make other on EMEA. at comprised services. average most despite more What math roughly and to range catchy show is average the is we business does freights.

King. setting for strong to strong up a in of position is year market each excited what growth and a to Thermo have are entering segments be these be We

through storage Lastly, continue crisis for help opportunities vaccine COVID-XX see us solve distribution. to and to we

news challenges you've different with portfolio the As and good to the from more activity distribution our seen tremendous. states and seeing Countries all administration. supply the vaccine across roles storage logistical come. are of paths reports comprehensive taking We're and are

remarks. Now like to the to I'd back Mike? closing turn for call Mike

Mike Lamach

to Please Slide go XX. Dave. Thanks,

strong continue megatrends intersects we what and see movement trends a energy to progress. uniquely stronger and for we stand efficiency these that are growing to what do in demand We we growing deliver are only sustainability innovation with around and for positioned accelerate the world's

as our the to meet Even in responded pandemic and in on needs on to in innovation growth, strong but challenges our XXXX not focused new of we and to investments and market position leveraged global business caused in also we our more we're transformation. uncertainty only solutions by investments than launching financial the customers. invest continue And businesses XX

our our sustainability and of passion and long-term over a has profile time, flow the inclusion, exceptional returns. of shareholder market that of this strengthen on that start-up our Trane to are underpinning type Dave world. deliver the Chris, be said markets. to and that Technologies, I've change credibility and to markets, we is our a and additional megatrends cash with a are enable Operator? differentiated questions. culture it now, fosters And ability well further cash leader to balanced the a improve unique of part excess to industry will Trane the When sets ingenuity happy generate ultimately that reinvestment change the structure your deployment I outgrow and We expand savings combined purpose XXX% capital take positioned we how track performance. free Technologies essence to will It's the end of company drive and margins of with cost end of the continue ability to


Your Please Thank from Instructions] Ritchie ahead. you. [Operator Goldman go first Joe Sachs. question comes with

Joe Ritchie

good everybody. Thanks, morning,

Dave Regnery

Good morning. Joe. Hey,

Mike Lamach

Good morning.

Joe Ritchie

it this few you're but on Dave, some I know at Commercial for morning. that question the mean Americas driven, that just the in the I comps maybe EMEA, of that we're versus HVAC and trends from a seems Hey, getting seeing least to to or Mike the start quarter. was bifurcation be investors just

Mike Lamach

Hey, is question quarter? Joe around the fourth your

Joe Ritchie

around start the then Yes, bookings more to the seeing, fourth Commercial and year HVAC specifically? guess I trends and the quarter you're what on

Dave Regnery

Sure, problem. no

do Our the EMEA, our to all commercial been strong me into that fuel, market. we've is EMEA market to commercial able And introduce that in in of been the okay. with business And but let the innovation -- has more year. by a not start lot necessarily has

seeing we're uptick industrial we're well as into entering of the heat So air a our lot space. in technologies as pump cooling

would more the In in and side comps really had I say strong the is fourth Americas, So led by bookings had saw there. you the we the quarter. EMEA we innovation some tough

You that over up stack XX%. were two-year have to remember

thought our there. do down, are it So stack the with we in actually was we performance did exactly Americas, comparing but what we okay again the would we're that we up against

certain verticals continuing we and the XXXX. strength certainly see warehousing, those we're Americas trends data seeing centers, into in in business Our

Joe Ritchie

follow-up guys Okay. just try Great, provided, with. one are be to the sticking Thanks. -- my question, you with Maybe guidance

expecting Americas and with simplistically businesses, And digit with it two the you strong you kind standpoint out then those then about specifically just Americas provide I get just XXXX number backlog thank XXXX could think of I you you into HVAC, can about Commercial for business the you're for And side are also of color heading mid-single that. growth thinking if on a business, for like Americas guess there. growth, how the in the transport on from So Americas? a what market and resi looks the

Dave Regnery

appendix can in but start interest rather. the Again, and this Transport there are Sure, Americas and But Mike start just in the I'll spoke will Dave. the is about add. it's topics of I pretty clear

will Americas estimating that would our the to and the think a rate north be we good So in that's Transport XX% the we're business. ramp see. little through growth Overall, of there year

in opportunity normalized strong there. will support revenue nice to XXXX the of bookings XXXX We that going totality. transport and year anticipate be fourth XX%, bookings our we quarter residential to very more year in saw really fourth Our a that assumptions in quarter growth over

up gets maybe to mid-single digits low-single the thinking we're So digits.

half, some it's We're this However, In choppy, back the strength tough comps going to is to have saw and anticipating that's the that We're just Americas to and of people's be of into first going because the a the in vaccines to to second than right. arms. a of be half XXXX. first the vaccine the administration in the going year very we of be by half. those distribution half be second going half lot led stronger

Mike Lamach

provider issue. to that other that perspective company's Joe, we're right, at were RNA from if in tell capability Industrial we you going friends be quickly tack again, we're lean that distribution and but against this of We're and we health large have providers plan. that the thing optimistic that get do we're storage basically care perspective, being vaccines adapt about, sort run about I And that. our to of and with to and colleagues working optimistic vaccine very could and same shots an a have we're and this efficacy technology optimism giving on logistics a into would working that and only efficacy with gives say of right. we the obviously Southeast from me to like some cold the think vaccines. But to concerned going thing the the not I will be time variants, because can bringing able healthcare operation And capability,

to helpful. extent an schools. wildcards ventilation We to is we've with the disbursement much also in formulaic extent support that helping be with like disbursed. potential would could got federal will funding schools around happens example that be the that And some the think One federal be see you could funding to a US, it there's

on gets if impact it's potentially see player obviously as opportunity and between well, to in but believe not, quick to eventually I big would September going an enough schools. May vaccine to schools and a maybe really flow You in helping mean I we're ventilation valuation that's

counting So there opportunity that we're per say happen. but is to were for not if us an that like on

seek I that over think some well. benefit a we period from multi-year as

Joe Ritchie

Thanks, good. guys. Sounds


ahead. You're comes go with Please Julian from next question Barclays. Mitchell

Julian Mitchell

very morning. Thanks Good much.

Mike Lamach

morning. Good

Julian Mitchell

leverage. one the Maybe question on operating

placeholder 'XXs than mix of the because XX% So better savings. organic Mike, you're you mentioned about had the mid leverage that assuming and that

leverage of Just Do two wondered lag costs higher quarter and price spread? around for what's on costs? material dialed offsetting a in a the your we maybe get comfort input number or for those regarding those offset that

Mike Lamach

really which Starting leverage, operating of had the know that turn acquisitions, which Yes. you be leverage actually but you before when very point organic little X.X -- Chris to sort quite to of and no or just then on you at high, would I is Julian have it translates color really only had a FX, carry leverage. you point

down XX You kind range. of come to that

color you be price typical about any on period do We what XX% the the cadence. costs. We to costs. target understand to we price both we time We've going [indiscernible] long absorbing told operating about commodities? Chris, cost, don't that a it that the to of commodity we're have why do. that for that basis normal in understand so XX%, in points this both operating been would to relative As successful implementing of sort innovation and our on relates just may see us we leveraging input system and that our

Chris Kuehn

leverage point tell XX cost. Julian, over but price year Hi, we basis year see that would in right it's improvement that current what I XX% at full to we our Chris. guidance, XX Mike's thinking point enter now in you again Yes. our organic playbook every is included inflation to

from any year The locked executed a locked copper full of are typical our that's strategies some lead our months. were about six And locking those over XX% perspective. purchasing for around generally steel and times timing so really period we're entering of XX% strategy, through into

gives how we to about marketplace that visibility point. the think at some pricing that us So

sure we'll before. the our time, so to playbook. to we necessary variables is just at pricing year been we're Mike's or understand the XX points. And normal standard right those at executing executing our of look same have We throughout are make the just But, part that basis now point and the XX So to here still playbook. we're

Julian Mitchell

that perhaps mostly follow-up, $X.X Chris. cash very and tailwinds. in 'XX a one And working you. good, cap very, for maybe steep CapEx drop some Free just I was flow billion in think you but big with Thank is

from match easy kind $X.X trying this year billion just or how may will to rebounding of this number. CapEx should be of absolute to understand year expect reversing? difficult we that be capital sort headwind What it So and working

Chris Kuehn

question. Hey Julian, good

elaborate. So

our XXX% you and said, in performance happy XXXX we're the conversion, with very conversion. As

are a conversion. flow For guiding XXXX free we cash to XXX%

absolutely lower that's $X.XX a free that's do I for we're think of the at our don't much some continue We But I strategically, part So, midpoint. year-over-year billion you $X.X modest working level, know that's going some model we at conversion. capital let's earnings perspective intend to based reinvest the that's of had on the expected. to flow cash a in would conversion expect to expansion. business, stronger level from the tell gave say XXX% guide have I

As in little end at see I working necessarily XXXX. us you the noted going capital don't a X% back over bit to had XXXX. we of down were the levels

it the a our year. our think XXXX, of I I X% really while X% in I that CapEx some a be business, that X% back to to in we range need and expected for the back support about for was lot what expect really to still expect we've still in bit, X% learned growth XXXX. come amounts and final will come to to in

the our in all I right grow then we've think capital managing as to otherwise, So, at to. got earnings execute growth place we need expected working go business metrics the as and and funding XXX%

Julian Mitchell

you. Thank Great.

Chris Kuehn

you. Thank


ahead. Please with comes question next from Research. Melius go Scott Davis Your

Scott Davis

Good Thanks. morning, guys.

Mike Lamach

morning, Good Scott.

Scott Davis

seems vaccine going tough, I it is possible the come, like we're years would be to may to vaccines able be This for to opportunity. given imagine. I it quantify distribution mean out but

or least new guys the business a many you in ways, new is scale. for at this So at

all? think do where it So you at sizing about

Mike Lamach

shot RNA technology cold much think going need that is volumes add something ultimately and max for could healthcare state Yes, like This look every for I system is storage capacity. place as more you're other cold well. take shot, for like that in to and year needing RNA booster prevalent mind, for every flu becomes situations storage again technology or a my every the to some a provide

would longer-term that's have and that seem government large Healthcare we say a scale but going be modes and centralized going National you response capacity the forth, the to I tend demand the refrigeration have. storage capacity So a In and sufficient and need, of System the transport we think some on about more I have thinking more to with opportunity. be to cold growth do air run, certainly large-scale for solutions and mobile storage when and it the so will so more cold-storage traditional traitor I devices truck short in are think the of that seems to quicker be

these see any apps a and and you becomes through you As that for believe for of in queuing that see in it's larger of going obvious see storage sites mass going the the lines at vaccine people that the demand pop-ups more going wasted the vaccination some there scale end get along. way mobile to more of you're to I kind day. larger vaccine

it or to So more which long capacity cities to an vaccine. as element countries, surge short, of structural there probably ongoing will ongoing element an of type for more is story XXXX. But a there's readiness cold and states this, this relates storage remediation handle a of in to be

Scott Davis

Is further. to could I to X% just draw so level point of it much bit that confidence shouldn't you that one your the which material little about it in some rate the we model? a line is with below where to mean smaller is growth than it tailwind that, say this a is at And and or a far two? it's all move it's as just, think

Chris Kuehn

wouldn't you be I will we're really take lot Scott, it's the a say of you freezers have wouldn't residential temperatures logistics have opposed center size even would been might larger sort risk larger pharma managed cold into power, telematically. it. larger gone of on a think these size that portable. on diesel. the these that necessarily way even because can to the about it with or -- something a would run a, learning something storage short and we're could of I these sizing can at as residential I say of sort would I never major can It about a XX/XX,XX/XX It or old moved at of be freezer, there's looking have that it. what been the looking cold Yes, would it, be hospital because run disrupting if game know been capacities. And

literally the about a the think fraction to of a cost you if cost and tiny store fraction So, it's a the dose, in industry.

industrial moving to refrigeration is comments and So and better we can more and process solution that disruptive this safer a using industrial cooling ammonia efficient. is Dave's energy disruptive. provide

disruptive more put the a that hard big we're of about. to thinking the on some are these So number It's things markets.

Scott Davis

Yes, interesting.

Chris Kuehn

the now I their started on the well on Scott, helping earlier, distribution. was was first as Mike enough well, vaccine color storage don't we're just Carolinas local response little with, extra vaccine. them here need we we health a right the the said have through care working with working provider to with talk in logistics, and

vaccines have then need. to these deep based end realize freeze ultimate we fact away with container team gives and that purchases questions follow-on any a we of the any sure flexibility. like is storage or kept wanted provide to that the kind more to be our So that to at They healthcare a right destroy had they come. mRNA And don't started the not they will are go ask they vaccines that can temperature. May, provider, the And make to at on of were they they they because made not going

Scott Davis

need you like send New Seems up you -- here, guys Mike we Jersey. no to

So I'll could use to on. everybody. some it Good pass luck help. Anyways

Chris Kuehn

Thanks, Scott. Thank you.


Tusa next with Morgan. Steve from Please Your comes go ahead. JP question

Steve Tusa

morning. guys, Hey good

Mike Lamach

Steve. morning, Good

Dave Regnery

Steve. Hey,

Steve Tusa

usual. first up all, on follow the great of -- as congrats Just on execution

saw that? benefit identify kind Or question, in vaccine know in on Maybe trend? you about up booking of XX now you around this talked color little kind more what's just run actual you us following you right based of this I Scott's on give from rate on all financial guys the stuff? mean Just basis? that at what you think the this you order so just just could a are

Chris Kuehn

to related Yes, be have don't orders and space both lot that. systems in a change in it's, may tweaks quality that turned indoor we capture certainly and nuances the but air

a to hardly how and think a across why codes, standards buildings are IAQ structural store you regard worth the capacity, know, way to change why effort. the so change. is readiness that out convinced, world, comment vaccines. opportunity. really I'm about we to It's and will change I and then something number really will and sites, are other it's and hospitals it's So permanent centers that's will of that can I these than it's different of in to And that storage the and this Because be a applied or the past single my large that going and long-term With that country be, things ultimately moves prepared medical that that regions in not had from pop-up earlier they finite the and whether FEMA, of structurally, capacity storage. the country response it's major have is the think organizations cold

of something to that feat. example. past small it's not of is the minus thought chain, what cold but getting thing, going opportunity into huge critical in then cold offers a an more It's it's in to be it's these no apply XX to storage, temperatures be terms and medical So storage was just another link another the in disruptive

for So for be other to getting that that process other able and look applications to we're applications for at use cold to to looking ways storage.

Steve Tusa

now, what within right like to revenues or revenues, million kind just of the million like kind range. are So is in you of within millions like that scope like it roughly universe XXX of the XXs where it XXs of in $XXX just million, in

Mike Lamach

persistence asking the four your to time. appreciate times go one I'm not there. I going Steve not But three, in [indiscernible] question we and

you. got So,

Steve Tusa

then commercial And business? I equipment year? residential? kind captive mid-singles And for commercial independent HVAC for sell-through this commercial global distribution what was questions the What with and and total And Is between for up simple thanks. your revenue? two equipment your of difference is expectation it guess distribution what your just detailed. Roughly,

Dave Regnery


globally. One to Commercial question questions. thing? kind separate what's our what's and two a again is, it's HVAC specific then sell-in equipment So, of sell-through rise, look And the

Steve Tusa

Yes, yes, correct.

resi commercial and for for then XXXX for XQ equipment. For

Dave Regnery

up And is Steve strong resi for Dave. residential, question I'll was us this the first. Yes. It with quarter okay. remember, a I'll XX%. start for start XX-XX, we're

wholesalers, XX% company independent XX% owned. So

fourth the just in at you the they had look was the it strong sell-through If quarter, some mid-teens. IWD, in

more was us. as sell-in but than was mid-teens, is which for which there our obviously their in the that sell-through inventory adjust encouraging they levels, was So --

global the for the guess probably applied, the you'd range. basis global on I the it in probably have basis, it's low-single digit up right, On

Zac Nagle

Thanks, Steve. the Operator question. we next can move to


you. Thank

John Walsh Your with Credit ahead. Suisse. comes question go from Please next

John Walsh

morning. Hi, good

Mike Lamach

Good morning. How are you?

John Walsh

Good, thanks.

at and Does just the So, the scenario stimulus kind know you start get commercial little in Europe just gas sits change kind that energy has on about that some apply where thinking love reduction laid to getting of we to thoughts And there US, conversion what out your recently in would there thinking you've seen of the about opportunity it embedded buildings. is government of I how you installed historically? greenhouse Do of if those to report that upgrade base, a actually been base the about if square seen HVAC but We've a XX% look might or their installed equipment. right you? upgraded was buildings, footage that only of sound had XX% XXXX to that I'm built that think don't before know that a the if policy? actual way numbers?

Chris Kuehn

looking around the billion because year. space said, data, space. the than teams the the will to is, tell I'm opportunity is, that and around growth. the enormous an rates you're feet, that map what of the period pump is what seeing heat on tough to you've looking a at square It's seen of in John We're and growth the electrification can flattish have change you five for and with in a say as a as exactly and the I it's law the you growth upgrade. tremendous Europe. $XXX into size refrigerant and happening just look if strong of this. example. years go in changing opportunity. think really better codes reality now go commercial standards just I five this of deadlines period example at we in what accuracy pretty only happen, showed and being in that, upset[ph] process, anybody electrification economy. generations mean Technologies point record what but EU just generations, is Europe have It's but for explain know about what back five Europe, of going heat We look strong we're what's Again, over high our us we the and rates and -- to at It's are for heat The communal happy over I'd experience at an is about degree talking And us that time Yes, you've area Trane world you an just in end last not call the probably in the that with back of launch you actually long amazing

that. buy the So day it of GDP investors management buy Why really the why makes that Hopefully buy to feel is they multiple spoke company. think we confident the a a a and case delivery in that model this on At portfolio they idea. deliver business can end team for we they business. that or the the an

making case Trane the think why is this So our we you're for that Technologies future.

John Walsh

to there. probably one. me But in another Got just should sneak it you. pass let I try

Chris Kuehn

away drop now, the should and You walk microphone John.

John Walsh

and M&A placeholder for that repo. thinking $X Just billion about

like the be large? it type comes our that I does to more seem out in bolt-on there models, when towards to, assume repo of acquisitions least kind for You pushing would that are what pipeline at us look but

Chris Kuehn

that. and and we a depends is question and because it on billion for I model on so the opportunity so great you appreciate and give it M&A, when right. it difficult you is a We It do It's what clarify to how forth. you to know

of giving things. deals in love five that toward We done which billion something profitable that much cash four, you you the deploy ROAs. in all can these is is to $X the So very count extraordinarily we've on been three, we're has we're of plus going terms XX last years

more those. Soon do wanted to of

opportunities will. we could out coming out and coming that. the is downturn we've know, a often we to able you opportunity, there do as feel the we of of if got to find right the like And so capacity recession, be And

model And, we're you that's seen you And reasons terms capital the a yes, flow to if -- because of industrial yet ROIC any need because of it. to do really do, the Haven't we So found don't do the is, to the one but is of outstanding been the we M&A going now sector. and effect. top more to cash some we've there want trying with compounding cash go of this something give go be yes to is we're it and that years minimum we expectation, has for what quartile in that which

John Walsh

Great. Thank you very much.


comes ahead. Jeff question from Sprague Please Research. with next Vertical go Your

Jeff Sprague

thanks. Hey, everyone. Good day,

Mike Lamach

Jeff. Hey,

Jeff Sprague

ones from hopefully quick Hey, just two easy me.

the just of my of operating I'm if on took the above piece leverage detail. up TK kind the TK, take just XXXX also the your around and margins segment segment guidance to Obviously historically First margin portfolio. and all I today, that appreciate does great highest I just average wanted wondering average. kind of deleverage get arms back there. in below

Chris Kuehn

I'll start, Jeff.

gross the our within with the but XXXX back I business lower volumes, think in delevered they the think TK for I playbook with their stay year. margins

we on see tailwind of our, XXXX, higher year, bit five full the that's as XX% our leverage long-term that points about target a than where what of modeling organic and part is. For

year we're that a as the as to XX% the Our organically transformation leverage with continuing seeing some the well beginning level, TK XX%, long-term on savings by growth at higher basis year-over-year XXXX target we're being but the fueled as well. improve

Jeff Sprague

wondering as normal thanks Equipment backlogs helpful, sales would I on on maybe start for And just the answer there you little think. Great, we would outlook. How projections to that. are be Any relative your above picking forward year see? way the Dave's up also Commercial color what

Dave Regnery

Yes, I'd coming strong nice are up which the to backlogs our into mid-teens, in We're is see. XXXX. say,

there. activity good and So,

Chris Kuehn

at sort when things. Jeff we equipment. at not about looking sorts and are recognize contracts looking of service of the Yes, only We're backlogs we that think I

Dave renew grow into right. of well. That's a backlog saying obviously and and healthy, as is what's our and expect then good really pushing service So we relationships to the year kind with customers arrangements

Jeff Sprague

appreciate Great, that's solid, I guys. Very a it. lot. helpful. Thanks

Chris Kuehn



Andy next question Citigroup. go Your from ahead. comes with Please Kaplowitz

Andy Kaplowitz

Hey, good morning guys.

Mike Lamach

morning. Andy. Good Hey,

Andy Kaplowitz

at embedded percentage Commercial changes talk of the HVAC business low-single have rough you're to XXXX So on of over has give American services? this up into what digits quarters your forecast of services couple Could North global in focus systems obviously then, you what the major And last been about is given stable North relatively America. you in is existing assessments resulted small the upgrades can a point? idea versus IAQ, that for

Mike Lamach

out growth Americas should that do just maybe give year. happening to of fix business there. let's we we while Services survey we're kind is would pathway of anyway, do that we've kind ways XX% what expect a retrofits[ph] and we reality are growth Americas pointing do data to even and but things got these really, of that our to modeling Commercial can the the business go we you building year. we're the that's next teams people we Dodge I to be of the the the think pathway in think and we see about run stuff a how us lower every IAQ we're in and work growth right the and realize, Almost some this going deferred some, with very between grow [indiscernible] as there -- mean stuff there, amounts be key is some would about deferred that a good some fixed service to while realized but albeit down continue Americas because would we some Commercial in away service

and long optimal to that things really request So of get being going for asset quick that part capacity as the capital stop proposals get getting tail, to then for for term invariable you the renewal ready day around an planning you're that model. done. now of this paid and planning, being customer some the obviously for our being and go -- customers' pay paid And the the these two forward. becomes model they maintenance long to survey And the it's the that

So relationship it's very and high work. sort between a doing of very, doing surveying

Dave Regnery

two are based day view. to remember agree our is starting seeing activity totally the And I said, indoor on Well, The Mike Mike. with air pick up. we're you, told that quality system as

for activity of going So as us. nicely we're upgrading is solutions on it's two the that the And about IAQ a embedding system. into day opportunities, really lot

Andy Kaplowitz

you in color You Asia? guys. China rest that, offset can weakness for us Thanks happening by give its just Asia. then on strength some is the And of more what's maybe being mentioned in continuing

did inflection see interruption. despite like bookings You quarter the an in Asia what this in looks

China? embedded So, seeing you [ph]? overall are the an in outlook by what's uptick HVAC XXXX And for forecast led

Chris Kuehn


I Asia We the has continue pandemic. recovered nicely China from mean -- to

is continue spotty we good And the really to rest really really see struggling Asia country they're and results Okay. there. pandemic. it's specific with The of and

We let's believe be will. XXXX it's The they into second perform year For start that economy to and the Asia, distributed confident vaccine continue we economies think of and in it's that let's to be that back almost we're China of our to going year. get -- to and this the models. we the rest will going hopefully mixed show half rebuilt will come a think the

Andy Kaplowitz

Appreciate it, guys. up Keep the work. good

Chris Kuehn

Thanks, Andy.

Mike Lamach

Andy. Thank,


Pokrzywinski ahead. comes Your next question with Josh Stanley. go from Morgan Please

Josh Pokrzywinski

guys. morning, good Hey,

Mike Lamach

Josh. Hey,

Josh Pokrzywinski

is what like. bat folks And your what writing is are various standard or not really guys look specifics be efficient are kind ink lobbying smart in pushing would a green about kind guys you're Presumably, spilled to procedures. going this of that those So would whatever. efficient a go of discussion less a folks like what view like? is or What one kind both is appreciate call here. type it the this view? it over And and model about stuff, with of running there outcome be to of keep for lot of and would like, good deal kind with I'll that of Europe way US kind of penalizing you I the kind you hey, all new to lot and and Mike, just of a on question. of in you a incentivizing kind what conversations actually look

Mike Lamach

conditioning, systems. refrigeration Yes, eliminate air exists technology the from emissions gas I to greenhouse mean

out five, it today six we've Now had for point in years at time. this

advantage than for about the high in a world's space. actually the do it the think customers added by marketplace. of there about to you The for curve solutions on to it's is to pay quarter we've when carbon It's third had design that's out No that not which the a is XXXX lower emissions the shame been and greenhouse gas done system XXXX. efficiencies ask so a be And longer out all invented 'XX, premium already this. go to emission a beginning bending technology the a to it easiest and thing, because are we we

So when This we codes, because had customers paybacks is changed giving put that's doesn't the We're greenhouse matter. it's science-based to all price motivation trying whole you and are an leave. we're emissions you take was. and this, to limit That's And gas we you laws, better launched really Gigaton XXXX what on tax the taken to could want see economic would out a in targets. what it, we this. Challenge the the not standards, to rules could, that that don't need do

first first We've XXXX, finish Now, commitments. launched in We maybe based XXXX for but XXXX those we HVAC from actually hoping you're approval to science targets company targets approved that the we the so the based sure actually today. and industrial, are committee were science that later approved. commitments, that -- and received

But the base plans gas avoid thousands be to Of those and that and hours changing sure course it laws, fundamentally, it's internal emissions from takes years science of in to approved. able and takes of it do HVAC the that to together put to period. codes, thousands make standards refrigeration

Josh Pokrzywinski

you So more incentive it than see base based? code as

Mike Lamach

need you out We're because the in asking process there. they and need we're we're And for as the emissions become The to. a more going it others right. with is saying see XXXX we stuff, same and cost innovation based. XXXX the winning I knock we're the total would you you but I choice. are all energy to economic the to not And winning. need need to No. the going codes to efficient, approach, we're and carbon emissions profile. the going we to people take wait more don't to and and ownership make of because to mean reason in do could give we're better best The follow, that

an So of wait those help, sure yes, more and when you make thing, things to get benefit the don't this help that codes it kind standards end for this But of lock economic can tail to codes we need standards. all in. we

Josh Pokrzywinski

Thanks, Appreciate. Got guys. it.

Mike Lamach

Thanks, Josh.

Dave Regnery

Josh. Thanks,


next Please comes Your ahead. Andrew Obin question of from Bank go America. with

Andrew Obin

Good morning.

couple simple from of Just questions me.

with lot at stuff. you. the Thank First all well in bond of funded America. looked you applied unitary one at market that market? a compare commercial retail sort the and market on with can look you look lot a herding, good and right? and dynamic restaurants I Because know, schools do they're North of But contrast the the from broader you you of look at how unitary herding, there's think markets quite market in of market, hospitals smaller commercial the the issuance you just unitary if do like universities right How health and

Mike Lamach

unitary to and to going people and to to if theaters. know that when to and and are is, is start Well, closed. business mean that's in businesses, than accounts get people clearly because where risk they it's in been want I inside and market, maybe have tough, be and a markets in clearly that that eating go place, around national don't the like don't warehousing comfortable to the warehouse They online looking restaurants again, its is feel and open the hear of movie restaurants proxy those time confident box small this And going to be people the fact just you work. really going to model and the sorts you permanently booming the spend the pandemic to retail at things of retail of you're in it's rate, XX% around your but things. going I'm go are mean movie commercial being absolutely to when that right, be you careful for big are if eventually improve those about we're be there economy, rather a about able need most I but the spaces. theater, the kind social and people conditioned markets, to But the shopping that's closed

conditioned. today. And more so seeing are we what warehouses We're condition them

be an And eye that in to cautious warehousing, about we that are got you grow wanted impaired to structurally are you sorts markets. and seeing really that centers markets. to of made and But keep white was about on play, is markets decision,XX going You're years lot got a that it to retail net we places. ago of the what the those data commercial which of not

Andy Kaplowitz

follow-up Got it. a And just question.

bit I of started late. your about acquisition. little sort You was a talking out

you Right have apologize, now two this owned and questions. balance So I but independent. between

So, going forward margin super And how right much revenue stable owning stream. sort to move trade-off can a how high you you do channel, the the between look of the needle owning at channel?

sort the look dealers are can from entrepreneurial long-term, trading what amounts what of time, do at about the The independent same for between but think the You multiple versus hand. Alaska healthy the of we've you markets is channel? the the dealers balance in how heard owning very look lot long-term channel and more standalone

Mike Lamach

And in here you Andy. our at then now realize ubiquitous Thanks, that dealers are right. Yes. term company,

Andy Kaplowitz

I I long as It's know -- long-term dealers the term. Actually,

Mike Lamach

for to us. Just channel independent to be clarify an -- those TK always going is

XX% to business share our channel to XX-XX going an commercial commercial and what's analytical best is say we for that margin Our place residential only XXX. decision and is that's expansion. make And the channel

it market owned it? the do share. Residential we TK sole mixed Commercial better It's is wholly our we And indirect. is going with be be and on to Canada. the independent, somebody How And US locally. then in HVAC do Do focus grow? need to discussion to going do to going margin is So view

Andy Kaplowitz

you. Thank answer. Great

Mike Lamach

you. Thank


Khanna question go comes from next with ahead. Cowen. Gautam Your Please

Gautam Khanna

you Yes, And question thank way. on congrats for taking quarter. the this my

Mike Lamach

you. Thank

Gautam Khanna

was of if just Goodman anything two of about wondered 'XX of talk asked, may about One, recur part And and maybe on there you've think things. Most have the benefited that XXXX results have there curious but been competitively seen we longer questions think I'm were codes have having refrigerant some COVID in just do mandate And is not 'XX? just last weird related things a year. any standards? the you. kind in what that and incrementally some of latter my about interruptions may There changed. like relatedly then term, that's in I different what I And

of changes of the upcoming potential demand? remind and Just can Thank us of drivers you regulatory product you. some

Mike Lamach

You welcome.

other, is issues, answer simple company end-to-end, period winning one but one the year difference XXXX time a we I'm remains with and a not sure that a because and way was our largely have fundamentally of intact, of of seeing part intact strange more over strategy that first and the it. in now that a clearly no. year We're had On lot dynamics or we've regard, competitive been than it the would remain long the was

can drop is fairly if better and ratings aside fundamentally to So, efficiency points where it's a issues known back are about equation. competing is on precipitously had of to your a and price [indiscernible] but absolutely we point that you the math competitors going margin to and input forward, [indiscernible] structurally rest to with about may offset forward all and going question, look that XX or share we because costs market revenue are and have somebody in that may you drop not tell market price get that's

So, going any forward. to I in be the behavior XXXX? strange going happening on markets the it's Dave think don't

Dave Regnery

Yes. Gautam. Hi,

again, actually ready was and lot leads different got the that by far options California. California bit change think XXXX, you're is your it, to it refrigerant, some On I right of And follow-on is there XXXX for efficiency originally We're then a change. our change efficiency we're looking was pushed that XXXX XXXX. an there's in refrigerant really as going and a second next The be there back today at already okay as there. time portfolio that

out requirement answer yes, is quality meets few XXXX is that on and a team short So while working refrigerant lot about now portfolio already where the our years. for that a is

Gautam Khanna

Thanks a guys. lot

Dave Regnery

Thank you.


Your Please with question Hammond comes Capital. KeyBanc Jeff go from last ahead.

Jeff Hammond

morning guys. me good fitting in. Thanks Hey, for

Mike Lamach

Hey, Jeff.

Jeff Hammond

Do On ones. resi quick rates backlogs. half half. growth second strong kind are you Just the that the sustainable said of first you two think into

of dynamic? and home them kind give people supply to have at ensure stay going Just we to and the wanting backlogs

Mike Lamach

No, no.

just I think normalized into behavior. going kind you of more

in system anomaly So XXXX.

So no, really tough comps. it's

Jeff Hammond

strong were the fully to and be the it stock to of speaking kind half. to just just I'm first they mean, does first I of backlogs no, And half. distributors caught dealers want No, you short. of like seems said, seem be There kind given as end

Dave Regnery

a going half season little some a first and than be everyone caught has the -- some the comps, hit get last heat a RWD know bit or of going to it's of obviously knows all conservative to they're coming then was is what we the called the happened easier Jeff, here There going second year. what into be And half. short. sudden

more overall, expect to for resi. going we But phenomenon. a a half first half-second normal but said, be Mike So, as year it's

Mike Lamach

like opening, waiting that. see not is efficacy obviously if bias, lot get shift is some the what's of would Yes, and see short all markets you waiting and a reopening I in in we're back level of are those, distributors from to vaccine cut a bit of little scale there there happening to think too people just distribution, with terms inventory, a to sort returning of of work, general maybe and away office but a overshooting but

Jeff Hammond

And great. just transport. Okay, then on

You called out XQ. outgrowth some in

your kind on outgrowth the versus of gave is for and what wondering the you Just visibility detail markets? transport

Dave Regnery

going the I think Europe well for year to as as we're and great a bit have a growth but Thermal Americas less, will be little --

Mike Lamach

to got six product ago a big great just We Look freezers. it's at launched well. and months in Europe, doing super the four of all

of So think share report I out terms get happens. but there, mean, what we're of as outperform don't might gain then you I that would sort embedding expect market that to and in into the we to yes, you the

Jeff Hammond

Okay. I appreciate it, guys.

Mike Lamach

you. Thank


now the all Zac back today. have That's Nagle turn the for remarks. questions for we to closing will time I call

Zac Nagle

thank our scheduled to everyone questions staying to joining today's especially and for hear call you, I'd typical few Thank answers. and operator. more like time on minutes after for

in your days and around live the the for have and as then some always next forward hopefully and I Jen questions, to you look weeks at on will few day. be great we Thanks, over seeing all we So, time. road a XXXX. point and appreciate


conference today's concludes you this participating. gentlemen, and Ladies Thank for call.

may You disconnect. now