TT Trane Technologies

Zac Nagle Vice President, Investor Relations
David Regnery Chief Executive Officer
Mike Lamach Executive Chair
Chris Kuehn Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Julian Mitchell Barclays
Jeff Sprague Vertical Research
Josh Pokrzywinski Morgan Stanley
Nigel Coe Wolfe Research
Andrew Obin Bank of America
Andy Kaplowitz Citigroup
Steve Tusa JPMorgan
John Walsh Crédit Suisse
Joel Tiss BMO
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Good morning. Welcome to the Trane Technologies' Q2 2021 Earnings Conference Call. My name is Hilary, and I will be your operator for the call. The call will begin in a few moments with the speaker remarks and the Q&A session. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. there a remarks, session. speakers' the will question-and-answer be After [Operator you. Instructions] Thank over turn Nagle, now will to the Relations. I Investor call Zac of Vice President

Zac Nagle

for find is being morning for on our XXXX Good thank, webcast presentation. conference Trane where at us you’ll earnings call operator. quarter accompanying Technologies This Thanks call. website second the and joining you

not considered includes Please made that measures, in call explained go to Please a financial may statements are We in see call made the description our today’s which on differ pursuant also release. tables are for actual law. the recording of factors attached our also Safe and the website. to results of results. historical non-GAAP that are and our Harbor are cause anticipated two. filings materially are forward-looking federal archiving Statements facts this of to slide securities our SEC news to from some presentation This provisions

are CEO; turn the Executive to call CEO. I’ll Chair that, today’s Lamach, on Mike? With Dave. David and Mike Executive me Chris Vice call and and Regnery, Joining former CFO; President Kuehn, over

David Regnery

Zac. Thanks

of has to words. this as forward Executive I'm Before Lamach. Mike? few to and And the looking to to proud we it Mike Mike his like moment company with continue our Mike his XXXX. to his Chair in Mike half culture He until over. want capacity for turn to him retirement role to strong I'd jump CEO now as of a with recognize first work in a a over take team. I'm in built in, I couple high-performance times incredibly reinvented and have worked

Mike Lamach

analysts we're After as investors. much, I and large so of able number you my successor, we appreciate Dave with connect a to that Dave. Thank announced

people. to a I'm for to group for of with and I letters. such work First, personally great and I've thankful the opportunity thank everyone words e-mails kind the had want

bit a and is my In of call. fact, a final XXth today earnings marks milestone,

leading Trane excited want to how I Second, share Technologies. to Dave have I am

retiring things. view, CEO, only As hope in you a my for two

with that successor. better started; is in having spending you're him years have have your XX last and you I our what a and accomplished, and and in extremely years together. And first for The proud several worked things when closely I'm tremendous a co-architecting the confidence have I than as sustainability complete secondly, trust opportunity we've Dave, leader. absolute we climate-focused believe ahead strategy you of leaving confidence that little

Dave. you, to over back Now,

David Regnery

role thanks played on Mike today's the my had joining to call this in the speaking is official the but of after I've have everyone us and announcement. list an long Thanks analysts calls thank and the who call. shareholders also I'd of several with like first to CEO. for active right on pleasure past as these quarters,

Mike and As is slide in for co-created closely transition turn this and to strategy worked the years. calls, Please have many Technologies three. leadership We together I a not an Trane those revolution. highlighted on evolution,

months and industry, our clock critical and XX to more our steadfast. innovation has remains sustainability have decarbonizes. change. on unprecedented continues purpose-driven every our transforming past megatrends underpin ticking sustainability strategy climate change the the only leadership world the is long-term day, over significant the While face is with intensified that the This is world climate strategy contended challenges, The as as

can and reduce world's and dramatically carbon Our accelerate aggressive bold goals the progress. actions emissions

quality, on we indoor we see proactively cold our air heightened the addressing upgrade to trends, infrastructure focus In addition, emerging in need chain efficiency, energy and as aging are schools.

strategy. margin unyielding and market helps in This long drive over long term, us a is term. making for allocation free planet. outgrowth end our turn, more to board cash the shareholders our across our flow the over consistently, value team, for result We The to which and difference for the are for and our strong capital deploy relentlessly the approach drives powerful balanced customers, through committed

slide of vaccination continue first top reflect quartile half raised is a reflected expected range our we positive economy significantly rebounding strong a high quarter, Moving are for raise consistent the to while gradually the and continue global to year, XXXX large year guidance and variants four. very have to rates. pose first improve. posting up Through the coronavirus considerable demand demand in other both outlook our EPS number expectations, of full shaping The delta After the risk, with portions to growth acceleration XXXX. and global

and XXXX. context quarter, In Our leverage on from XX%. XXXX performance of EPS we quarter of strong the only is financial more was not and products Backlog in more is strong the XX% up than XXXX. and shaping our also record up any more global to and EBITDA in high growth versus for the innovative backlog Performance up and ways, were a XX% bookings up strong end call. up and basis the than our XX%. throughout QX provide also anticipated revenue is XXXX. down XXXX. driving modestly with our a on from backlog good margins Net, XX%, It's record organic earnings a growth Adjusted XXX of but XX% teams high. services XXXX, than adjusted QX bookings points strong, many XXXX up P&L, Demand as levels is extremely organic second our in delivered in backlog of up visibility largely with organic XX% robust was context record into

what be are half changed areas affecting approach to about a thought few our talk take constructive would challenging. of the substantially I and to more has are and There environment second that's making two how minutes operating it XXXX. So that

slope The is and of and that inflation risen dramatically. first other material has speed the

that recall in tariffs impact unprecedented saw time You'll we XXXX to XXXX frame. and inflation the

and that changes currently XXXX, In implementing are in far Trane inflation. not net expect, cost price are we'll into and $XXX beyond we tariff price we million XXXX is we exceed half for out of of and the entire and time action incremental our less incremental of the year. $XXX organic half guidance XXXX about QX the the of end seeing in impacts, leverage we're in also was faced pricing result lower To frame. in both in as the us The in about second are than but the only million far higher on inflation Successfully plays the drives already faster is inflation. material from price. we the XXXX offset $XXX clear, if what peak XXXX. However, during Technologies, seeing cost to EBITDA at to otherwise negative implementing incremental second time executing industry with this above in offsets million lag baked our revenues what be numbers market,

industry price. to holds typically However, on our

expect we to solid these long-term, business. our So actions tailwind for a be

The second resulting greater other changed economic have and strained with factors labor further has as systems chain. in that thing inefficiency the tight chains. stressed is and markets environment, higher already such the logistics This is strong value cost throughout supply combined tight

no We these But and impacts fully customers. is our leveraging to bullet. and high-performance there needs and initiatives the system operating business transformation mitigate are silver We believe manage our of meet our and year points the leverage demand. of can expectations as half of limit to the meet work we a in of the to customers' we impact few these back strong inefficiencies

record track we flow our deploy allocation capital XXXX. high-quality Year-to-date, to in about earnings of half fuels and cash multiyear we've cash delivering Our expect balanced free deployed strategy. the

business sustainability M&A of and pipeline purpose prospects for driven X. support delivered business growth returns to value solid in XX% our robust organic a that slide differentiated Longer with Please focused units. growth quarter, powerful and have secular number across and shares. XX%, performance mega-trends the We be We to revenue continue continues on bookings and shareholders. top-tier segments in are strategy to our continued all term, respectively, our up turn tailwinds for and see and

Americas Unlike Our delivered and entered mid Commercial markets end in with XXXX, the year business prior XXXX, XXs quarter. and who the high growth, were Residential growth growth distributor HVAC significantly other with be backlog, half sell-through at to independent in extremely first record were The mid-XXs organic HVAC industrials of HVAC high and the single-digit bookings up from quarter. being our Americas comps delivered declines peers up of significantly quarter Residential QX second after in team the Commercial backlog strong, building in with easy up year. the revenues many XXs. low-teens down bookings continue up of entered HVAC We record the the robust on

out capacity actually but truck industry in continues may simply as a very single has Transport trailer substantial XX% revenue bookings were North reflects build It's recently prudently prior this year XXXX, bookings months opened up for an nearly the slots on up also XXXX. for We inflation, Our orders look than delivering transport outperform noting more worth from booking has growth low looking book and quarter bookings only natural American the turned Americas were of pause Transport trailers, maxed this XXXX, our which story the digits, and positive QX quarter. in several a to a keeping strong bookings for first growth production like quarter's upon markets, order miss, up focus that eye out. largely Refrigeration business and where to it's XX%.

quarter, the Transport strong Turning XX%. delivered in teams and with HVAC Revenues both bookings in growth also growth Refrigeration. to EMEA, were Commercial strong, up our XX%

for demand products and energy intensity emissions gas helped to reduce our our and We see strong greenhouse customers. continue the innovative that for services

low of XX% HVAC impacts Our in to in quarter, countries. with with growth some and rates in of and region, challenged Asia vaccination X% team and COVID-XX delivered The Pacific Transport. growth pandemic be continue the bookings lockdowns in both of revenue Commercial partial growth the

like Chris? over I'd the to to call Chris. Now turn

Chris Kuehn

QX. growth adjusted adjusted Thanks, increasing X. strong leverage margin outstanding supported as we through growth, turn operating Dave. of of revenue despite strong EBITDA XX%. XX%, by number Slide organic we drove and strong Combined Please headwinds with EPS delivered move We expansion, to

business and initiatives innovation, addition, In reinvestment increased quarter. technology in the productivity we in

points when call, EMEA, XXX and beginning advance relentless savings, Dave outlined innovation proven Please growth, our basis our of volume As to we're drove of basis turn number growth. productivity respectively. margin XXX transformation strategy In price Americas the to EBITDA points, sustainability at to the realization fuel comes and and strong X. it expansion and Slide the

Asia stack, XXXX, Asia's points year were Pacific's implementing a force region approximately on sales basis we has two-year margin but improvement on is points margins EBITDA since the be strong basis up the XXXX. its XXX in impressive, points. declined the levels, quarter Since margins continue very XXX remained pleased to strategy per progress with made XXX modestly, or and in direct at up basis Further, average.

to drive continue look performance. you portfolio, will couple a strong of As across our themes common

on solve is focus our their First, challenging to market outgrowth and most the complex customers help superior our fuel relentless innovation investments long-term. over and in problems

savings second we'll drive deliver The in by to business We're using the XXXX, expansion. a on and bit in track reinvestments margin on transformation transformation later to is which savings $XXX fund presentation. million touch

the Dave. back to call over Now turn like to I'd Dave?

David Regnery

also with future funds education this vertical. deep and market and Vaccination our strong February, We rates with X. comprehensive execution, as combined for see remains the with growth. improving from with today. market Demand markets. interest K-XX end education, outperformed benefiting more business markets demand strong continued and indoor our Demand generally our force Thanks, XX increased turn with importantly, to customers, has years Chris. from number defining and in supporting broader our relationships in strong, is particularly end example. We're indicators for improving forward federal position a multiyear over over These and high direct quality this focus, End Please office with are given of tailwind number in relentless Commercial solutions, office education air both end innovation the as significantly stimulus customers. warehouse HVAC data since markets the the and government one through strong are and are a our markets across demand. strong characteristics current center growing. Americas power Slide ABI agility business, sales for

COVID air see for are of encouraged is may remain a variants as to prudent impacts the and and healthy the indoor quality backlog picture unpredictable tailwind that continue year very optimistic, the business. with second the new we cautiously given and enter by strong they Though We have, forming. half demand our of the we long-term emergence

bookings half delivered second given and XXXX. we half revenue record and a against revenue Residential, half the second bookings and half backlog. comps, record tough Overall, Turning expect the second to second entering of with year and we of challenging quarter record in strong are a delivered first the

the weighted of expecting balance of average approximately with Turning transport to growth Americas transport, the XX% for for XXXX, market growth we're strong continued year.

and demand first at OEMs Given point, good have constraints trucks, we for this market year for of but trailers our of in be I'll APU to at pretty interest have section. the a transport through year, about and the strong half the supply transport to the XXXX, and size business limiting that talk potential XXXX strong our topics will continue more outlook even has stronger. visibility

EMEA, Turning conditions the economic to improving region. are across

increased We expect back and markets of vaccination and supporting the the increased remained continued the of with strong. in ride number improvement venues. of an half the year have rates Transport opening been

average expecting are market X% weighted We growth.

should good is be business a for very us. and transport markets broader year Our outperforming XXXX the

of data XXXX, pharmaceutical Outside low, the lockdowns picture in rates increased centers, in countries. in some supported we is rates to strength mixed. generally Turning remain China in partial Asia, with and healthcare. by electronics, vaccination China, and expect Vaccination growth

call Chris. like to over I'd Now turn back the to Chris?

Chris Kuehn

in turn number Halfway first Please After market EPS of top clear play an we're out largely year, Dave. as goal to outstanding growth the quartile through XXXX. expected. delivering quarter, strength slide nine. a raised the seeing significantly full guidance Thanks, year with our we

QX XXXX Importantly, we EPS top industrials, through other as guidance move see peers our earnings and continue to the quartile among we season. as growth

headwinds, Given at guidance believe increasing chain this time. inflation supply remains and prudent we our

the offset up organic of revenue of are second previous XX%, to pricing to executing additional reflect the in Dave of We $XXX we an half estimate in are approximately Net, our our additional year, million $XXX growth raising raised guidance, largely inflation outlined. as our to the we've guidance million from X%.

All be adjusted the leverage Other of approximately We unchanged, organic elements versus also slide. total XX% is XX.X% XX% full approximately growth as is in, and on strong to translates approximately for the $X.XX, to see XXXX. expect to our earnings can expected which revenue growth deliver you of largely guidance be year. approximately EPS remain to expected

or on guidance, We the remain to of time that to this a I continue continue to spend growth, of so of are to lot free flow greater to The adjusted organic won't we additional our slide cash Please We've expect leverage and XX. EPS than slide. takeaways equal number income. strong key XXXX. in covered net XXX% main expect and points go strong adjusted

primary XX% XXXX are revenues $XXX year. on currently of executing modest to X.X second points however, expected to constructive up growth. throughout Additionally, and M&A be the provide Based in with we be and FX in of year, each to details comparisons this We visibility, the given half unusual moves is the the which outlook. number about offset half go to Acquisitions XXXX guidance, some adds to our additional approximately XXXX, of provide organic second XX% it revenues typically half from only from XX. may on leverage the believe The million EPS orders, the for incremental X% inflation. target impact. annual driver, additional to we backlog, market expect Please we're add slide additional in second price

in other rates, continue holds and Embedded back underlying a FX about Assuming to range. productivity we that X%. strong growth. savings the XX% the FX revenues high expected continued at leverage to half points XX expect reinvestment the would volume be additional generate netting in to of total in basis current add the transformation and inflation, is expectation business. programs, year, of up are All-in, In about of another

in All the guidance of full May. elements part of provided year these were we

leverage this back but in also of the the since price we is million standpoint, unique the May providing As we've taking where of real a highlighted, year. additional drives points nine logistics change is carries in $XXX from Mathematically, supply lower We're we stock guidance us, around inefficiencies. with and not costs are stressed discussed. it which and half of chain to main

are organic we inefficiencies savings the successful transformation material year. our XXXX, cover expect of half headwind we points and the of of All-in, inflation. a system half in few portion in to expect leverage see execution of just with large a teens of second the during to the operating high business back Our and mitigating these price leverage

The the to we is the QX. quarter we time in number than this of to other revenue similar third at that quarter, expect piece provide and leverage have guidance fourth growth QX would stronger Please go with XX. both slide

million track a initially December, $XXX million we incremental of transforming $XXX to on of This million of year deliver cost $XXX reduction As by we gives our In in a savings XXXX. us for of in expectations, we're investor performance by XXXX, by full XXXX, run fixed total identified reductions initial during deliver million of million exceeded $XXX to Technologies, XXXX. early. rate $XX savings outlined delivering in savings, event our savings. We cost Trane confidence

invest our time. our continue to XX. on to that slide to number further focused will excess reinforcing over We Please highest consistently We to effect deploying balanced cash high-performance has remain which strategy for go compounding cost a and opportunities flywheel, shareholders. returns these allocation to strengthen savings is the with capital committed

to core We markets continue our through evolve. balance continued us our remain with reinvestment. strong business to We sheet optionality strengthen maintaining as committed provides that a relentless business

growing earnings growth a dividend We rate to over that long-standing have the commitment reliable, or a time. above increases and strong, at of

strong strategic M&A pursue improves a pipeline We and continue opportunities. long-term that to returns, shareholder of further M&A we have

provide I'll in value. excess consistently XX, repurchases time. we're expect stock cash of value Please over to as how and the slide update turn intrinsic on All-in, We in calculated deploying we an to XXXX. to and also excess cash XXX% our share deploy continue see trades below

billion with approximately Year-to-date, nearly deploy share of to M&A in $X.X to July. and repurchases, cash, in including $XXX track million have repurchases we $X.X billion on approximately $XXX million are deployed share in XXXX. We

million have dividends down We $XXX and pay paid million to debt. in $XXX

we have I continue in our of shares. a and M&A pipeline strong opportunities As shared, value see to

I'd Dave. Now, to like to over the Dave? turn back call

David Regnery

XX. slide go Thanks, Chris. Please to number

past an to provide in update markets. As we couple we've done the of the want quarters, on transport

with Our and outlook America EMEA for XXXX numbers. is to adjustments modest largely unchanged, North

supports capacity As one volume and in EMEA Halfway overall to the is of higher seeing bookings, we which growth quarter when across of truck an on considerable point XXXX, our markets constrained trailer than strength. IHS, of we're confidence degree the backlog, even which we and strength reported in with production through trailer both XXXX. added and discussed ACT forecast is earlier, these from results. revenue year, shifting first

other XX% point XXXX. up is The for us strong towards tailwind I'd for another at slide to to number stands is be Please for like from that is XXXX XX. to up shaping XXXX as highlight forecast XXXX. we This go units, XX,XXX look ACTs overall. year strong us a

growth EPS Our addresses and world's top guidance innovation supported on deliver uniquely to and only only but growth, places And investments free our growing sustainability current leading in in and trends these the flow. investments efficiency focused Energy innovation of stronger, are not that progress. business cash we're we quartile companies, in our positioned firmly by accelerates also and industrial transformation. are high-quality megatrends on

the ability shareholder be structure combined that our end end Operator? balanced to strengthen of will we in are take expand our now differentiated the are markets, our questions. to ability deliver strong to the $XXX capital and and well-positioned margins markets. to drive our your happy We to When additional demand further generate And cash strategy, flow to track underpinning savings outgrow we'd to returns. with will free reinvestment on exceptional enable continue in deployment, our cost to company. This megatrends continue million improve


Barclays. Mitchell question comes the Thank from of Julian first you. Your [Operator line Instructions] with

Julian Mitchell

on color Hi, homing which on is good morning. in Maybe helpful. just slide XX, very the

categories? you On if that be across around Any geographic context the when figure, leverage Residential? commercial the that, operating Transport those And half leverage, big of is may by any? hardest operating leverage there look segments in mid-teens all-in changes any or second divergences versus any sense HVAC versus at hit sort which

Chris Kuehn

it's I'll and Julian, Chris. in. Dave start may then Hey jump

don't specifically we guide or revenue growth by segment. margins As to you know,

all decrementals anticipating it factoring earlier, really when Underlying you supply high we second organic the guide We chain teens into impacted teens are the of is that inflation, it's think around second FX why material leverage EMEA the really our half really see the impacting XX% of half chain about in all is we're being you second think our constraints, high inflation, second think in in X about similar year. cover the supply of M&A organic chain when in, factoring raw to happening material And and for which today. organic the previous concerns strong. all approximately points I by the Asia, Americas, What supply That, where businesses it's segments. around constraints half, half factor they're leverage, across When price, the leverage talked all are Dave price mid-teens the by the about and driving and we're leverage additional is versus of year. we plus those really, for across in regions. down

David Regnery

end, Trane Julian, is Technologies. the chain Dave. are constraints Yes, not globe. for really They're the as real. Yes, Chris the to unique question. we're said this this seeing across at Thanks Supply

of in industry first – year. out to seeing the think these a the for it increase it's like the and third inflation, why long before, and our entire I've that's price quarter we've quarter, -- I this of accelerating at industry and material it's second been his the the really never taken time. the end in but I've seen the this certainly

Julian Mitchell

context around some you leverage sort gave the both operating similar of having of and across And fourth third helpful them. quarters

sort that, into year, early do management, and cost out back right of account few rolling moving many of the further on of price hedging that you've and or think increases. early And what get announced next the extra too it's sort say with sort operating months more you you into when call leverage bit, and now? rates little a beyond look to and parts try we there's me Let of next balance too take normal

Chris Kuehn

Julian, of moving I at us point latter to XXXX. of think a call just parts the your lot for point there's there, end this

As about cost talked basis. takeout we've leverage actions our the We we organic internal XX% an towards really and the December on we that. XXXX, it year. But of to better the closer environment a as closer support have that we supply demand we transformation Day, get to looking Investor still and as exists we're much view and call as think, environment, in operating annual structure chain get got to inflation it

Julian Mitchell

Great. Thank you.

Chris Kuehn

Julian. Thanks


question Research. Your comes line Jeff of next the from with Sprague Vertical

Jeff Sprague

Hey, everyone. morning thanks. Good

Just me. for two

M&A on M&A shot first deployment. into if But is you'll Just the here as I year? doesn't of How share chunk a goal there capital understand decent is going repurchase. close sounds it the there's or sizable kind active pipeline? materialize, we to that fully on out two toggle a like

David Regnery

we've Jeff, but the been Dave. we've won't is record in And track with channel way, deploy very the last by too the whether acquired great you that on give it able this Yes, a the is okay, several technology side. the I years, M&A. with our to on much had robust, actually be or specifics M&A there, pipeline side or

and some of on So pipeline our we're can hopeful, we is execute M&A that. robust

Jeff Sprague

are you this. the general, of supply you as chain point currently follow-up, sure of if the demand, you're I'm other Okay. And of issues, I'm front few on it's a in the addressed playing where missed sorry so I see kind constraint, needing kind half? call, not in materializes of as the that capacity of end labor you? fully And back first just of in a out kind and at and But minutes how actually you do

David Regnery

the is extremely the in only have quarter. unique globe also don't good the but news, demand mean the quarter I the strong, stressed this our not order And Technologies. chain. supply been to in second I think Trane is really Yes. has across Jeff, we first

facing I But yes, industrials have supply chain. the we in think are some this. challenges the all

the that we quarter, ramp will see Our suppliers up. of it. challenge anticipate great team competitors our some the the is ramp They're doing our of But getting job same use third through in are it the of suppliers helping the way, managing lot able to continue. a up. in a this We little better fourth as quarter And a by key industry, supplier.

the is again, not to causing unique just But a factory. it Unfortunately, exactly them. it's fantastic of constraining a is Technologies. getting So we is not inefficiencies. some Trane up job showing bit, this to when they're Team need doing us components

having we're quarter. lines demand be challenging fourth expectation. better customers' Again, the little in the it output see will We constantly So a and to reschedule our again rebalance quarter. and third to bit meet through

Jeff Sprague

the for color. Thanks Great. Appreciate it.

David Regnery



line comes with question of Your next from Pokrzywinski the Josh Morgan Stanley.

David Regnery

How Josh. Hey, are you doing?

Chris Kuehn

Good morning.

Josh Pokrzywinski

thanks. Good,

I have just sell-in in I you there this sell-through, second et few follow-up to of numbers around inventory kind quarter ability of think and and like missed feel and or where Resi. minutes, how I of ended supply about chains moved then vis-à-vis deliver backlog you up half on say the supply channel, but the So kind first the Obviously, out chain you a or of could sort Jeff, cetera? independent the between one the different instances versus lot quarter. Yes, apologize, much in

David Regnery

give Sure. Residential color a I'll around total. in little you then more

First of in all, Bookings were we're the quarter in Year-to-date, over XX%. strong Residential. seeing very, demand our up very bookings up XX%. are

So Sell-through very was distributors the strong to independent up XXs, XX%. wholesaler close really, demand. high through in our really

second That's to levels. was the for news. high how their less. channel teens. It good mid- record quarter Revenue at the was that's in us serving they're So really in was to up the dealers. Sell-in

close was We're two about was revenue We backlog to now months. record And levels. levels. measure backlog talking typically record also backlog in weeks. So at in business this

the right make in seeing this this a of Everyone space. industry So that in odd and And numbers in in is it's now eye-popping long kind sold. very again, strong been I've you demand time. we're everything is industry time seeing an Residential.

more make, that to earlier. you're more outpaced supply as so I our strong going the mentioned the sell. is you Demand So, has it chain capabilities of the

I stronger quarter, we up we So, supply suppliers chain our of lot think helping continued a process challenges we're quarter. and in ramp the fourth third again, the in see the the see through

think in fourth the growth is what see start to Trane I than quarter that, will work will and our to third we be in Technologies to chain again, believe rates So, in the quarter, quarter. going not constraint And the supply fourth hopefully, this less through. incremental the we're unique

The extended see I times we production you resi you -- time continued and for add space, continuing other peak of for us typically and factories time. period that rates our about running at at in trough is we period an a peak point all of have peaks of peak the think times, we see And have would time. like

I would I that questions the share some have with disconnects deplete we've we would here would back probably gaining you're order there for themselves gained shipping last mention I in there's about -- is share. backlogs that ourselves future. share level, in when evening how But in a see the some over The residential see we short-term the share normal at and many get time, over out least thing share you and our tell to out residential, to six there years, business. I going other know -- in to

Josh Pokrzywinski

in benefit the solidly. one appreciate that. you're I of customers as carve impacted would factors seem the also that off seen energy or commercial side, maybe during pretty those being whole applied retrofit bounce We've they Got at And side, Americas, or different COVID. larger would new But guess strength a the on commercial That's like seeing side, have or the on lot construction of comprehensive. you the there's once. the other? then unitary it. obviously, back light been sort toward Cyclically, I most tilted how

David Regnery

in across look our every where don't growth all verticals. mean that in verticals I've Americas, a vertical play in the think I there's the time if I we commercial at and seen HVAC Yes. had you business

So, the since you which strength very ABI, good have Obviously, is thing. a a been widespread, on macro February. is which has strong level,

a used energy-efficient upgrading lot the broad to a education these tailwind. quality nice. of strength The back, be really at your it. of But lot is and So, for the product which seeing that's everywhere. your coming And A six right of greater are, of months we're funds strong innovations Office now, going more our in strength based. out. we're able It's infrastructure starting Look to is schools. see vertical strength opportunities. you're certain air is be really stimulus a the that indoor to part capture

Josh Pokrzywinski

Great color. Thanks guys.

David Regnery

Thanks. Okay.


Your line the Nigel with Research. Wolfe question comes of next Coe from

David Regnery

Hey Nigel.

Nigel Coe

Thanks for guys. good Hi, morning. the questions. Hi

Chris Kuehn

morning. Good

Nigel Coe

back Let me go to just to clear. residential, be

supply So, on competitors is Trane residential. constraints, this chain this isn't capacity

that? Just to the mentioned the you're you you you on And with curious, points help that, are pinch them supply suppliers measures where what to taking major with are cope chain? seeing

David Regnery


is the all, a our of entire throughout really business basis. global on supply First inconsistencies

they or the to compressors, an the fans, freak use in our impact system. I all within electronics harnesses And years, wire on knock-on think everywhere. for storm started, chain, continues motors, Nigel, has be all it connect. out the We're really through the interconnected knocked not the it hit that supply unit. that, the effects resin have that electronics seeing and it the as is have and you it's And with through and have whether electronics. to the the products southeast all are supply just controller certainly They smarter gotten

with XX/X mitigate problems. mean, little very though job fabulous is a one I of supplier whack-a-mole, a it's doing And plans just ramp-up ramp-up. see our I suppliers be So to our challenged. we're fixed, to know said, And and bit better. we with why with -- we're working our teams of one We some quarter, fourth getting the going as to is you partners we our -- has a next team actually little their continue strategic it's some what is, suppliers we'll goes a them be where doing that's the of bit have broad-based. this, working see visibility, have but here, help I QX think

quarter than we So, the a better be third will quarter. the think bit fourth

Nigel Coe

peers. the Okay. mainly or looking deals Is And amongst color. you put or software your pretty technology? it industrial barrier major And fit through Thanks. seen you've focused acquisitions, mildly are great That's hardware coming pricing, point? this some on pipeline, more is at on some the M&A more richly to of priced are then it you

David Regnery

make There is right the we've have some -- day, out and of that same the M&A are it there certainly some to Yes. in value channel sure to always buying seen we We're We've sake is our it. acquisitions, the not pipeline hurdles. of using of going So, model some robust going there. that for certainly in end very buy it our seen mean, technology our now. we're the okay? of clears I our that used, We're At acquisitions.

pipeline and robust. So stay is tuned our

Nigel Coe

Okay. Thanks Dave.


of of from with comes question Bank line Your next Andrew Obin America. the

Andrew Obin

morning. good Yes,

David Regnery

you? Good are Andrew morning. Hey how

Andrew Obin

you. I Thank am good.

of you If my background, type apologies. hear different

David Regnery

okay. That’s

our I think world. that getting all to we’re in COVID used

Andrew Obin

sounds about if sorry it and much just – could October months. to like seasonality, but are volume resi, lower Its it, hammer you think if just about we talk September

have assume So, could wasn't Yes. Regnery>: been given is Resi, it year-over-year you David the chain in backlog, if - up supply demand fair constraints? to it for that A

this is of I Residential couple right now our look very business. X weeks. Obviously, our usually think there's there. as Again, in a backlog at things we large X to

close months. we're to X Now

to the So of plant had constraint. portion that, even storm did we you roof went through back our that, would we that job during a Texas, backlog, and great you freak Tyler, a but normal our our a part Supply the season. small in where obviously, peak building a A the recovering chain there. burn recover Southeast collapse remember team did to you'll of I the tell hit of of February, get think rate. as back certainly in have is I also if partial from relatively and you building,

I a is was of think all, thing. good which nobody hurt, first

days. that was producing scheduled. going ramp-up though. up plant within running, product a X It ramp-up the as and And think is I is

disruption a producing second was record overcome. producing had And rate we're product, that now. We're or lot we it the quarter. -- in because the So, of obviously, at of a we've revenue month in said, than better managing seeing third of fourth quarter. the bit we line be really constraint a and the right and have now, supply to our through sight quarter to we're chain is That it

Chris Kuehn

a Dave, very what residential lockdowns. the half a second perspective strong I out would was performance, of XXXX, of add coming is from

saw think the to growth last in second of high I in teens we residential. year mid half

it comps industry, through customers. half chain into to but be to of and And will We're meeting are Dave's to the continuing that customers with QX and supply with matters the tough today, QX. that, point, we're way, do and we're to the either really do second working demand So XXXX. endemic expect we

Andrew Obin

maybe healthcare? particular institutional Thank just talk you. And key business, your you can for you. and on education about Thank verticals and just visibility applied

David Regnery

in in Yeah. healthcare, very and activity nice strong the certainly quarter us, strength and We're -- education both seeing second saw seeing we're for verticals there.

forward Our very remains robust. pipeline going

to we're Our orders that pipeline customers that closed is talking defined about. as aren't yet were

a have value of great verticals. both we in those So proposition

So we the future. -- strength into there see for

Andrew Obin

very I much. leave it at that. you Thank

David Regnery



line Your from comes with the next Kaplowitz Citigroup. question Andy of

Andy Kaplowitz

good guys. Hey, morning

David Regnery

morning. Good

Andy Kaplowitz

question if maybe ask I could So Andrew's a in different way.

demand for of IQ trending about toward high range end talked the X% your X% You've this year. to

at be talk that you X% your analyze your as to cycle, for education work? had verticals this several offices? a cycle customers, you of for point? Now said type remarks day the about customers such two you've and longevity the the seeing see in multiyear prepared to you could tailwind more could do time a do behavior that but you you years some this of are asking come the in know And I

David Regnery

this be closer a for Yeah. to X%. into X% as business do our the future. to we'll it see We tailwind X% year That said,

roadmaps with and the of day how happening. education vertical seeing that infrastructure to is funding as obviously, our in now some they could becoming are available, stimulus upgrade We two we customers, activity provided their

So that's good news.

back thing for seeing the a get lot to air about quality office. to other people seeing in demand are indoor The the we're audits is going of as is how they're space audits, the thinking office we're their employees

And go vertical and with did the we the process exact same to nicely. upticked we're education vertical. that's going through office the So

well. see we that So coming as back

I The other quality would say indoor more system. an just is you, part it's tell more is getting Andy, air to difficult applied thing and is of versus what what

to the air better number, if be to being on maybe -- to indoor it's have So where that as it's you're in very you indoor sure getting I'm air not what similar quality controls It's our solutions systems. referring quality are like tell these to. applied controls, embedded the me

Andy Kaplowitz

then I ask refrigeration, gears ask And and transport you the longevity cycle. me But shift of Very a if about talk there's there. let the lot about to helpful. obviously,

double into given XXXX digits the quarter, going have You've capacity visibility given But orders constraints. constraints and in would say refrigeration what's in really grows now, And you have mentioned XXXX? you out out given slower you on transport the the there. there, the good backlog still

David Regnery

if in about all QX, we Yeah. bookings you I the back to intake at growth. wouldn't mean order I unbelievable concerned low be QX. go had

just customers full the So for placing really year. it's -- and orders

put are they And it Thermo about a So some reefer the constraints to a you're we're you manufacture, intake on if not volume don't order all. trailer concerned in said, King to not the okay? don't business that going our sell Obviously, That that XXXX. trailer we box at unit pushing have into see every seeing trailer OEMs, on. we

the If XXXX they they XX.X%. XX.X%, have is you it at they I'm look XX% have at market the Report, above XXXX, have if at XXXX, ACT at sorry, which least -- look in the what now you trailer Americas, at for

above XX% it's So XXXX.

robust. be to going it's So

at North been you mid-XX,XXX go the they're way, last the years, least now, out in the America which, really you to by range, forecasting in for if If XXXX. of where market, XXXX, is nine the XX has be to trailer industry exclude the

will we So see, XXXX certainly, a strong year. be

a call it's will for strong the think little year be but exact King our I there, early Thermo percentage it a to business.

Andy Kaplowitz

it. Appreciate

David Regnery

Thanks, Andy.


line comes of Tusa Your the with next from JPMorgan. Steve question

Steve Tusa

et the congrats cetera and Good morning et transition, best cetera, and luck. of on

what in of booked just the pricing the you initially mean, the planned about on talked Just then what impact I incremental year, talk had cost. total you so And price you are? about you what Can cost, numbers quarter? for the

Chris Kuehn

start or QX, direct positive second first as quarter. was quarter in cost inflation, the and we the Steve, QX. I'll the there. I'll we Chris. quarter, is in the Price we positive size saw in In did second in go. This times in QX positive, material roughly X were But

year. of starting the continues into really the and half second ramp So up, to was ramp it that to

the half the we second half it's where bit than inflation. million to half second the X second of of price the of we what cover the had offset to it's little a more of points $XXX million, now, year price $XXX in inflation, guide year. in $XXX guidance the million the added of That With in original about for

cover is inflation. I it's last a we us, inflation. material where the we've see size par in to terms XX this in So it do different won't exactly, ahead cycle of of What been record, pricing on certainly around or for but years

This quarters, positive I XXXX, about cost. think XXXX, QX, up to positive six catch quarters we're cycle, inflationary that five, many QX. we're price it last time, us on took

We year, talked million up expect the the with in of to flattish really just from to given trying is May. inflation. in we be when last increase keep half second an that $XXX That just

So it here. volatile still remains

So, hopefully, color. that bit additional a gives little you

David Regnery

need almost. to that system do to have jobs are in real we what really versus an job. not in Steve, I in time most had operating remember, in XXXX, able price we today, what we applied list we're The -- mean, place XXXX, for a applied hone And pricing there's

Steve Tusa

cost absolute what for is year? dollar the total headwind So

Chris Kuehn

describe I'd dollar cost actual an Yes. number. I don't think

volatile for year, to to could would be I be cost. little very It on think, it's call the favorable, full flattish a year. on depending things I where say, the fall But we price bit I expect out. think

XX% of half that some with XX% roughly locked with with a we've for copper, got commodity done a now perspective, recent aluminum. the step-up that That's year, space. locked in actually us from Second we've hedging

So exposure I of have half a second still year. the think for of bit commodities little the we on

to significant. hate it's So but seen, just try any we've to it the peg number, to given volatility one I

Steve Tusa

Equipment? Right. how did do a And light -- the then light commercial quarter? commercial, unitary in that just lastly, how did on

David Regnery


order unitary business rate incoming up basis. on was an Our XX% over well

we're strong in So very unitary.

Steve Tusa

in Same revenues?

David Regnery

than little of -- a bit too, little actually, less pretty in a close that. -- revenue, back but bit revenue, bit No, a it's

Steve Tusa

color. for Thanks it. Appreciate Great. Okay.

David Regnery

Thanks, Steve.


next line with comes Your John the question Walsh Crédit Suisse. from of

John Walsh

morning, everyone. Hi. Good

David Regnery

Hi, John.

Chris Kuehn

How John? are you,

John Walsh

made would thinking Thank construction talk good. the customers but Good, I see broad-based projects there. Can are bit list. about standard I'm you perspective not if mean missed you. -- this just about if more they there's the I on love point -- delaying new your any are projects you talk a just this but your side, get to is little you inflation? a I could apologize earlier, I applied Hey, price as

David Regnery

incoming -- the rates, with order John. Yes. seeing We're very strong not obviously, we're demand,

what seeing job So to delays we're we being in seeing we ready equipment. there. is But sites receive not are are seeing delays

So in seen It to that. started we have pick up quarter. second the

several seen certainly is I very certainly we're on ready commercial industry site incoming in side, strong the to not going have delays. to be to customer skilled it, the on the is sites again ship labor. a a if receive not struggling job job getting not And the product causing side, think but some construction to we've outgoing seen our push space. Obviously, our which we out, is backlog

John Walsh

a just give what the market for I know I Europe, And on saw bit remarks, you Great. saw was you're wondering the heat could there that number XX%. And was you. us in I pump then just that we in then particular. Obviously, demand? don't prepared Commercial for fit you looking if around seeing what apologize I quarter. in in the more HVAC little I color did said your if orders but that in Europe Thank if just

David Regnery

a okay? close little on Revenue I XX%. up color Sure, mean, John. up Europe, XX%. Order rates to

systems, you We're our both really we've by demand and the for seeing And expand Commercial is heating. in strength for in seeing substantial been industrial we saw can industrial operating now innovation. high Commercial we Thermo business, our products work also flow as electrification space. cooling which so to our the able cooling really our of high variable of process the water maps HVAC if And XX%. HVAC and at up was it look it's our think I businesses, King business, led demand we're both

have And concerned you week to standpoint out were do I customers' -- were exceeded tell me emailed literally your mean they years So again, and a go was just told Advancer exceeding had to them I for product the said The me I efficiency customer that and that an innovation. expectations. our you said, read introduced it's it for the that the what business, in I a that about should ordering expectations product. some I and early talked ago, really And into in going ago want expectations. would Thermo have on. If King I Advancer order customer actually we X.X we're about to I from energy you I you I e-mail told is the led this you by wrong product Advancer units more.

really and so trailer what for I is happier just been accomplish. and So, in it's be be -- couldn't for space reefers step the they've couldn't -- a of that that to team, I'm we change happier function proud able the team in Advancer Europe,

in Europe us expect the success future. and it's So, story a great we for in continued

John Walsh

Great. questions. Thanks the for taking

David Regnery



your from question with comes And the line next BMO. Tiss Joel of

Joel Tiss

How Hey is it going? guys.

David Regnery

Good. How are you Joel?

Chris Kuehn

Good Good. morning.

Joel Tiss

in there's on what's or a residential you down share? All push in right. cracking Just to I market still zero any Asia to start just wonder just And government you into the know if there to we color implications little going bit attractiveness a on about for is for there? little rethink of there? gaining don't could bit and if guys from I are

David Regnery

in great is which see that margin. XXX expansion, our of the We're rate basis another is think the our nice it's I business well. to Chris I points think I story. earlier. We growth. Asia about order talked to execute was Yes, low continues In margin quarter, think, continuing incoming had, teens,

it's at four significant our did we basis a in look the you points. over it you sales investment made XXX back from on two-year up we go stack, years when If if force,

in we're So, happening very now happy performance, our right what's with Asia.

the China, If your doing see is there government a really around as business. tailwind is we for our what question

they're think all portfolio the to environment, Again, market, in carbon of -- do July. built that's products they the launched about we have about in that what that. we're and think trade the I You doing decarbonizing

the with goals big targets. look to part going So, we out by XXXX, there -- government we're and play achieve again, those if be -- further a neutral their you helping in carbon have to

there. China replace to help to really the with a product and a mission of There's environment big a there's decarbonize we great portfolio built lot the specifically, to have world. whole but So,

Chris Kuehn

Dave, I'd add.

I margins really in balance revenue that equation to think the and that a growth looking both just team up the years over well. of struck really and last sides also great with continue has margin expansion, several the hold backlog at

from So, law margin it's think I the been on numbers, they but have a revenue quarter both growth discipline outstanding. the really and small really has of expansion perspective,

David Regnery

a point up closer brings order there. our our right direct explain Chris of Asia discipline force very becoming we story with side And in build-out design, we a we're good great Yes. The proposition, value the happy around basis of the sales it's as there. to the now. whole customer The results can get and

Joel Tiss

That’s great. Thank you very much.

David Regnery

you. Thank


I'll turn to Nagle now remarks. for the you. over call back Thank Zac closing

Zac Nagle

call. for everybody joining today's Thank you

As always, look at Be We any we'll be to soon have forward and all day. take great a seeing your questions. available time to you safe.


you. does conclude Thank This conference call. today's

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