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Jayson Noland Investor Relations
Matthew Prince Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Zatlyn Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Seifert Chief Financial Officer
Phil Winslow Credit Suisse
Matt Hedberg RBC Capital Markets
James Fish Piper Sandler
Keith Weiss Morgan Stanley
Shaul Eyal Cowen & Company
Sterling Auty JPMorgan
Amit Daryanani Evercore
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Good afternoon. My name is Emma and I will be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Cloudflare Q4 2021 Earnings Call. [Operator Instructions] Thank you. Jayson Noland, you may begin your conference.

Jayson Noland

us XXXX. Cloudflare’s joining the results for quarter fourth you to financial discuss for Thank on call, COO; me Michelle CFO. With the Zatlyn, and Prince, Co-Founder, CEO; Co-Founder President and and Seifert, we Thomas have Matthew now, By earnings should to have our everyone announcement. access as well financial supplemental Investor as on information website. announcement, found our our This maybe Relations

our the expense the but operations which the reminder, control large our and net customers of but comments customers’, potential to: non-GAAP economic dollar-based and net other market we rather forward-looking duration share, including, operating net and paying beyond rate, limited and customers. anticipated As expenses, risks markets. products; future product and limited revenue, not company’s financial timing to extent statements domestic be uncertainties, a and anticipated operating statements tax and guarantees during and future and per of partners’ not making will today’s are not future retention but adverse performance; discussion and the including, some gross the vendors’ free are flow, conditions those impact financial global of income of cash shares non-GAAP performance, income, performance, outstanding, non-GAAP margin, non-GAAP launches general performance, These non-GAAP are in to: of pandemic COVID-XX the subject

should this to today you suggested no forward-looking statements. views undertake these any and in These update our the rely results actual or as future. apply from differ We statements may as statements projected Our after in on obligation representing of those significantly forward-looking call. them not

results filings financial impact ASC All the well we financials under numbers other are discussed earnings adjusted Securities basis. reflected of Exchange revenue with condition, in Commission our non-GAAP on risks about all please today complete release. Unless future otherwise more XXX. that and a our than current prior For could today’s will noted, and be as and as talk the an press period see discussion and operating uncertainties

in You may release find a on our reconciliation of measures Relations GAAP Investor non-GAAP our earnings financial to website.

to that X. and periods, financial For moments you Stanley would GAAP to X, Media Morgan Technology in information Conference like the the will inform X, few March Emerging Technology, the March Securities participating be and also be a Technology ago. found Summit historical the on we reconciliation We March non-GAAP referenced Telecom supplemental JMP in a on Conference on KeyBanc can

Matthew. Now I’d like to to over turn call the

Matthew Prince

excellent achieved year the XX% large year-over-year. of $XXX,XXX added and than Thank most revenue immortal up In QX, with us, with you, more large a $XXX X,XXX ending Jayson. the words we million, of Bill spend those that In customers, XXX quarter. we year up customers, XX% new had Ted, a We year-over-year.

points a record a up to retention year net dollar-based improving X Our ago. ticked from percentage XXX%,

full of year-over-year. greater fifth becomes the straight $XXX we proud things. year or two am our For year, XXXX XX% growth. I earned million, compounded up with XX%

and growth more been those actually years, over our but has First, probably relentlessly growth important, accelerated; our has second, consistent. X

We business. our in and levers. we in dialed understand have are of We its control

our in that gross like see can You metrics margin.

range While gross long-term margin a is to of pricing talk opportunities. increasing cost target industry That XX%. across and remains above and pressure, XX% we gross of the some creates about achieved our margin XX%

from match. competitor about said, to our significantly to a we I rush as our business overall and us allows It margin can pressures. It to as we In QX, gross platform in exceptional we first be had talked last second. public profitable. with be this last. is use cost positive to as company a operating together This competitors are products our are weapon than quarter more expect quarter, margins. pricing vulnerable no That a not into We to bundle take an also won’t

at the in. back shoveled If, saw wrong getting money the told I is lot one money To year money money kept neighbor year, them worry, our piling to was the after Year shoveling your and you neighbor into clear, see The shoveling Over up imagine came you team and nothing with back the out. window the your every machine. a machine? our with story year look profitability. be into you would your machine more later, all year, there is about a years, wrong asking didn’t machine. what’s A

the continue managing growth. back as exceptional we to in operating margin innovation long there breakeven Flappy not if other complain low, we to have and think we more too new hand, something as a cash going beat want above to words, right like is for than to for in money end that last as was account quarters. the on will done flow, nobody shovel the where just high, at margin at can, Bird, the long there We operating significantly game beginning. of hold of our our We Cash customers achieve your if it’s not can two as other drive In we and bit reach on EPS. been quarter bank is wrong we the too

by for cash been the positive. and know is emulate last. can came us We free in a out breakeven. that had is this we we flow won’t also other companies that We quarter last second forecast be significant cash first while flow before business for over free cash We our and the admire invest physical and this are will since year, It flows the business very to a network uncertainty flows we quarters cash as have significant proud we flows negative our margins we we dialed the two generate expect public that as positive. X be feel offices our see the come years. at be In our operating holding confident And world. cash next Cloudflare’s redesign in of in we want. to and we we seek when short-term, will half of But the post-COVID

of It relationships, business one future by talk are So, harder, networks fully what’s scale and our with ensures us leverage our team our When gotten drive to is secret? world. about driving network relentless software-defined can starts innovation. economies many. appreciate of new procurement and leveraged the customers, innovation. effects chain to our that and network and be one the largest hyper-efficient we market their corporate It’s we in customers complete networks they we have to it’s has products, our to Cloudflare But Yes, what use thing, expands the we efficiencies. spawned Network innovate supply and It not of network. our effects but have keep down. costs the more run beyond

our network, gets join customers better our more and efficient. As network

look. If cycle want how rate, to is we where to business a this efficiency in to because have at continue flywheel, drive our this invest you been to this allows virtual understand it’s to able continue And products. to us

growing we are products love weeks are already our and The planning in thriving. and team capabilities full extending announced introducing innovation launching of we Our X least network, in at TAM. new new products XXXX products XXXX, our new further

for than including a some hundreds X,XXX e-mail For closed of represents our palpable the workers’ example, office we become routing provider. for logos. beta, major e-mail security our of seemingly and overnight excitement had sign-ups its XXX,XXX RX, sign-up around platform. egress incredible store, to over domains more service demonstrates It and petabytes zero had has our storage developer

the available QX are in then beta open for second half RX in to on be and We track generally progress of XXXX. to

control and The size stored any how has in SaaS could data data are the team we when we that complex our us have powerful tools, announce service a the strategic impressed new built While Vectrix is access setup. that has they use, teams visibility have startup bias instantly give a complement customer and applications. security that was powerful products visibility am easiest can product be development, internal Achilles’ toward to acquisitions the customers’ can them find I excited heel onboard will but to all They acquired of quickly regardless of cloud category CASBs, been we most have their services CASB gives where their and seen. built. we with that we providers into Vectrix, make today what stored. always brokers, over

in but no-brainer, are and also now Vectrix for me team network, such, rest makes thrilled at it providers. security data Trust across is a product Cloudflare The days. their and remind add-on earliest philosophy not Zero our As out a Cloudflare further We we of platform, our data the only company natural onboard. any since Zero and solution They believe rounds Trust to technology service current for giving have comprehensive to visibility flowing the Cloudflare our team customer. every Vectrix

initially into is years It on self-service the selected more with flexible Let there deal, other use quarter. a signed annual market. on ultimately, the at platform. me of our Zero great within most This them an that annual over Zero wins XXX they some contract customers service ease us teams was A Trust wins great expand land million XXX,XXX XX,XXX Trust opportunity solution seats. shows than for $XXX,XXX over these $X individual This is competitive major efficiently can fewer A customers to with Fortune across being the the What’s have Zero a global XXX company and seats. ability telecommunications started time. X of for turn company and for seats ago. customer and plan like a how Trust organizations innovative XXX entire highlight our for over media we contract than customers signed but about Fortune us the win a products to

a of time. platform problem business. solve that exactly customers place often And chance then your with earn other over quarter. with a their a time, this to feature one compete for to a us You saw give we more us as work and at Customers

network a to over us It’s example use “future They annual their our company to a the how platform them $XXX,XXX features turn instance, future securities. they $X.X million. continues be to value doubles financial expanded on-premise bundled of procurement of A turn company similar their corporate their network to their Cloudflare the to as we of other their deliver on-premise and Fortune access COVID, we their while contract solutions, Fortune away as XXX to Fortune continue They true X-year than the hardware million. migrate of moving single Fortune bringing of two advantage future competitors value give and a for pharmaceutical deal, friction. more side contract their moved deal, seeing a platform rethink to was XXX more $XXX,XXX out A and described bundling companies signed build to Workers. from to take could broad X-year in from and network. boxes. For they a signing networks. to XXX companies our that Cloudflare set expansion as by X-year which to, deal services proof.” an It us platform the design $X are of A of retailer minimizing come our Cloudflare appreciated specifically vendor to away signed more order shipping a cloud logistics company XXXX And

While signed functionality, it a they work million They promised X-year the competitors have $X.X as didn’t similar simply found contract. promised.

in deal platform, to quarter. to this be its XXX sign company big developers. didn’t a continues with And Fortune to you X.X Workers have a years, which extend production been with now us has lead Our for

One most service products. They of it contract innovative merchants a appreciate the network of security our for Workers broad flexibility million X-year startups provided worldwide. to and Cloudflare a set the payment signed them $X.X

of issues our in need cybersecurity top business, Finally, stay we globally. on to

the in closely. cyber therefore We includes watching are increasingly situation warfare the Modern Ukraine battlefield.

potential don’t have and number generate government news meaningful of in attacks. onboarded anticipation businesses, they we revenue, of Ukrainian a organizations While outlets

tensions will our whatever nations-based and have resolve are experienced may mitigating prepared come. While we and current we to customers defend we peacefully, hope network the cyberattacks

most am Cloudflare the Before achieve outstanding and excited outstanding hard Thomas, in are for I a year. all quarter we XXXX. turn take what most it work to was entire your that, going to a thank It I dedication. wanted Thomas, team I And it away. with over together to for and

Thomas Seifert

records accelerated revenue joining for wrapped Thank another Large we customer everyone outpace the net XXXX, milestones achieved continue quarter ended excellent XXX% multiple record In dollar-based retention and an and year. line we We with incredible and achieved year, growth. the you, Matthew and to quarter. delivered and to top additions revenue thank you up a rate in fourth us. growth

achievements remained strength revenue and scale since to unit rate growth increasingly economics, of our quarter. XX% continue business. reinforce annual delivering from the We benefiting strong These over third XXXX deliver our the track growth inherent profitable of strong on with at compound since revenue record

for quarter to in increase ended both $XXX.X revenue, to year-over-year. an expansion customer Turning within terms driven growth the was total of revenue existing year as million. representing XX% fourth year-over-year increased our We revenue acquisitions demand strong local of The new XX% revenue million, $XXX.X fiscal quarter in with as the by another of customer base. well of

year-over-year. represented year-over-year. XX% just our of it consistency U.S. represented makes a in of business and QX, mentioned, fifth of XX% we U.S. saw EMEA our compound since increased and on year-over-year. XX% at XXXX, represented and least and APAC I the annual testament in to internationally. The this growth revenue geographic of both and durability year delivering revenue continued From revenue increased model. strength of increased a rate As XX% perspective the XX% revenue XX% XX%

pleased are continues growth in a of and benefit APAC as from on our increasing localization focus privacy by data accelerate growth EMEA and data wins number to GDPR geography. driven the EMEA regulations. repeat We see see to highest suite

increase exited year. metrics, the large an customers representing we quarter year-over-year. We XXX,XXX customers, and year the with year-over-year. in an We to X,XXX large XXX ended added with XX% the representing XX% large quarter fiscal of our Turning customers, customer of XXX in the customers increase paying

an are large annual including a We revenue customer large customer on also metrics, providing key few update contributions.

numbers, contribution only continue us, spend the to but through not have to average with climb revenue customers large their year. in causing the Our grown also

to XXXX, fiscal XXXX. large total of represented total XX% revenue customers XX% compared For revenue in of

record XX% year, $X into than year rate we million customers our over with retention ended representing a spend the greater to over full a large basis with cohorts an $XXX,XXX customers sequentially. us, XXX%, out of $XXX,XXX $X XXX million. customers For year-over-year. increase with We are year dollar-based breaking XX spend large The contributed also ended expansion the a our that year-over-year. significant with customers We spend XX% from of us, increase those of and net that the with increase XXX points

broad-based across in over our compelling robust continues be to top expansion base economics We outpace fueled traction our and growth which and growth. favorable customer continues large retention continue to XX% remains to see by and line unit customer strength customer Gross cohorts, cost. revenue customer and increasingly acquisition

world our investing ahead. keep class portfolio strategy will for in We enterprise developing position go-to-market us a heavily massive to building in the opportunity

last resiliency Moving a to as roughly a our market XXXX, XXXX. the of gross Network of in revenue increases, to quarter have to these significantly. traffic significant to XX% Traffic XX% strategic an same the XX% also increase use maintain increased margin, at quarter. In fourth grew by margin quarter margin were year. revenue added year-over-year. the In last underscores a fourth gross paying volumes our and ability for margin share. representing was gross CapEx volumes compared CapEx XX.X% weapon we the customers, quarter, Despite we XX% consistent to quarter. with as network able of fourth gain represented and fiscal high This XX.X% of percentage of gross XX,XXX network

forward, we to XX% Going expect for XX% global in accelerate to our network network XXXX. investments of fiscal plan to CapEx revenue and be

operating and sequentially, and was $XX end for of stayed revenue marketing decreased in Sales same percentage percentage X,XXX expenses and million General million last same quarter. flat as leverage year-over-year. the $X.X front XX% in in to from XX% to where to Operating expenses, in and decreased of points to of quarter, We number achieving the quarter an operating operating address our our fourth and to the a continued to R&D operating million our XX% last in G&A at operating quarter. for million a expenses as near us. XX% the back to number line revenue, another saw same or basis percentage into saw decreased were of were year. XX%. strong had year. margins QX profit. a hiring was XX% the improving XXX business quarter quarter to loss expenses and revenue in bringing the Sales we were excess employees last X% the stay $X.X last of fourth with compared quarter XX% total X% development from was year-over-year, with year. profitability stayed sequentially And expenses employees Research sequentially administrative a reminder, at same percentage as flat in of $XX quarter and decreased sequentially intend our We enormous of period grow as the year. income as increased $XX the of decreased revenue million revenue operating quarter. the second total quarter quarter. flat of the expenses opportunity of approximately marketing and reinvest XX% consecutive breakeven Turning to operating year-over-year the a in from we

This cash million million Operating million million $XX.X or increase growth XX% revenue. XX% the of negative quarter existing new of fourth an the and to cash same represented in sequentially by flow and strong period of billion or $XX.X balance and and $X.X quarter compared increase year-over-year, helped an per collection cash net $XX.X or ended flow in to million net $X.XX. share of Turning million. the fourth income and equivalents the the We $XXX,XXX or our Free was the securities. quarter, $X.X was was cash, fourth $X.X quarter available-for-sale net in Tax cash X% revenue was with $XX.X last in revenue income expenses of year. of of sheet, income for business.

to a public company. our pleased flow as free achieved quarter very cash first are have We positive

as half to sequentially the us obligations, performance cash XXXX. XX% see the Remaining saw in Current and combination expect of of we in us expand innovation RPO XXXX continue and flow new in with that continuously line, RPO. allows positive or expect of network the of in free our fourth rate building and of line confidence into second capacity, invest forward, do and at return we $XXX TAM to we variability came representing was some the increase but gives we Going RPO XX% an across total refurbishments first year-over-year. million, to to strength The heading XX% in top half in visibility quarter to year. bottom RPO,

quarter, expect in of representing to range million first of the the revenue XX% XX% to we increase For $XXX million, an $XXX year-over-year.

We the expect be per operating million, $X.XX, $X.X common $XXX,XXX share assuming range outstanding. income of in income to to we of to expect zero million a approximately XXX and shares net

tax million. expect We expense $X.X of

revenue full of For in XX% million, the $XXX XXXX, we of year-over-year. to an to representing million XX% $XXX the year increase expect range

million, We shares per and expect of to million range expect the share $X.XX outstanding. for in assuming XXX common approximately operating we year $XX period over the in the range net $X.XX, income that full $XX of million income to

dedication innovate go-to-market Cloudflare and I of of and employees thank second has And We’ve deliver innovation, us. our of I’m an turning of as grounded on want to for new a to market cloud build addressable solutions a at questions. built our will our This as the proud exceptionally forefront expect up relentless tax features in it extremely In efficient powerful trust full successful for year customers, and thank we global year. excited products edge. a for business With and we transitions culture the support a corporate all platform to million. community. community XXXX, model. please finish develop point invest expense positions In $X strategy network. poll for our global publicly and Cloudflare and innovative customers it we to their opportunity total in have our this serving endless year a what like our by the been for continue to We I questions. continued for into to traded in expand their company. remarkable like closing, by as would partners to and of I’m and Cloudflare I’d and Operator, the durable tremendous network the that, open lineup a accomplished,


[Operator Phil from Credit comes with Suisse. Instructions] line question of Your Winslow the today first

is now open. line Your

Phil Winslow

focus Hi, in thanks, a two on a end guys. wanted to Congrats announced initiatives year. I to great the on were that great fall.

place backbone And Cloudflare wondering that could of global the thought just for that that of for? building the the the us you’re that in on what we also side if have speak, behind on sense for Offices, in most was it, background complement give overlay, sort you First doing then so terms just being top I’m global backbone. strategic most also out to virtual you a call Cloudflare how of, global know does local? the but the

Matthew Prince

question. the for thanks Phil, Yes,

make looking network at faster? and efficient. the things one it are make that we the we And more can think And can boxes. checks always more how backbone those How reliable? it how is asking can it We of all our make three of we ourselves I

that our give an allows across else. of it is traffic is up And find optimize to Internet. that actually anywhere add for less with run enough allows because our the the we you top you protocols another that Internet across our things it they that build supported complete over, that, do We our customers private sizes. control especially us network, reliability. you than it can’t On we support that have and live larger now sides connections that, what really of can’t to better our can actually packet when Internet backbone, mission own to And for over cases. over can expensive us you efficient literally have sit do to public standard the for Internet. helping at support performance a time in is you provider, can provider a both is experience own public every us, add meaning of more aren’t and the and over many We We

our as for what possible. from we services, to in easily of is of as us our advantage to plug to that different they Offices, want have take Cloudflare they In able heard all want be customers to of terms as

offer on-ramps make trust make in them that on just of that as protected offering, offices as And sure from a plugging we patch to to advantage get are trying to our cable. network and our are able their easy be and zero so to take attack to

One once of at time marketing in that real we of the It things network website. that for upon saw half be a in increase example, attacks was directly went XXXX a used after, corporate the cyber directed to the second offices. DDoS attacks only your

networks of a as never our from that we your from Now more people desktops make and relying isolates one the so that public network ours, office you – Internet, larger on really you extract relying themselves. can can you it going zero attackers harm. or go that cause more router that ransoms straight trust And that there they attackers. know customers, touches after the therefore, smart more initiatives, on are If by are to virtual and to and

that, that all being more we secure. is that’s really being Being addition cost for those so that, more more and run to checking at us And reliable, being performant extremely effective more think to something boxes. in attractive, again,

somewhere line adoption, terms think Cloudflare to for those seen, we’ve again, of with invest, we excited think success it’s and And very we’re early I up. continue in and all So especially things I that about. Offices,

Phil Winslow

look motion, and Thanks. this new feeling new just year? continue in you you have of the go-to-market with deals you to thanks. success Great, that hires? time ramp you are how for the terms Thomas, larger When think how in a then of And at follow-up productivity do obviously, And enterprises. into about coming quick

Thomas Seifert

Very optimistic.

of days. to them the the have the quota-carrying been despite to we on larger larger we’ve years, stack of put to over growth enterprise seen the the seen also larger getting be the ramp to moved fact and continues but we’ve larger that the average not customers sales that ATBs employees, despite successfully up So And last keep cycle we and couple productivity that with has our productivity the curve changed. XX still only not and able,

talk keep and one the and the we fact to go-to-market levels larger those when vectors productivity motion that that’s impressive business the larger able to we’ve successfully of that – that’s durability So accounts. the the has about of model, been the migrated consistency despite

Phil Winslow

Thanks, guys. the Great. Keep up work. great


question from line the Matt Markets. comes Hedberg Capital of next RBC Your with

Your line now open. is

Matt Hedberg

as you workers My Great. strong of good Matthew, well out see. exciting year. a called my to a Thanks deals for taking on quarter, really really this which questions, congrats lot really guys. is

base? I one all of the that things now usage that of penetration term. this longer we workers understand about a is maybe some out for are been at think it’s excited your years, it’s help or wondering there I’m of point, way can number you us of in sort that trends

Matthew Prince

at enormous some But down important, what’s Matt, at actually we hands XX% base. we’re most deals adopted the are the there. workers workers look of have an level. is their about we keyboards on go excitement because who that individual are amount of north that of extremely I and think who exciting developers new as enterprise market people excited see how being is include even across our customer more We still see

of things. a different So couple

year get will I I XXXX. that’s developers, us. a critical of really a which is the that milestone we milestone platform. of a to the going to course think how that that, exciting over be Workers’ We this developers through think do that clear is using have that X the for to are path you see million And

are on companies piece other to see we are being the starting think that entirely built I workers. is that

as And us and but workers, closely. is incredibly privacy-friendly company performance companies more actually bit, more example much what is and on are met it as that and tags still build acquired the a were the the that stack that flywheel They developers that on developers more only optimize Zaraz, their a meaningful whole ago, nature this. team, betting more development was where a and the pages so platforms important helpful more team. they quarters called feedback. get starting I not with worked think developers in future a involved. was of They And and workers giving again, with to their actually marketing, more create an build do way or that us are the in that makes much marketing we it companies not workers so they are out more there platform company ecosystem We a see Zaraz friendly, is that was much more which we pixels of there tools, development that’s as of startup a small secure, is whether that was built of using entirely much sort build that two

so we’re excited on about with what’s And workers. going

continuing really we’re are for seeing small. it’s – thrilled that. I think so far. in whole just that I We it’s both still exciting with early that think invest very the but days, and adoption And to And big team customers

Matt Hedberg

hear. good That’s really to

I incident, of when I think as your as you all of excited people global – talk importance positive could do LogXj guys a guess, Can that about be XXXX all what for this demand term. we look sort to driver a sort of we’re response about then, longer you understand And beyond can network? the to guess. the and a great security you I follow-up, had

Matthew Prince

really There interesting. couple things were that are of that about a

The first sometimes of is, network. censor I is what Cloudflare, underappreciated it’s scale think our the effectively

we millions vulnerability before turned is themselves What’s huge testing and geography, our of network, vulnerability. look And terms exploits that days interesting millions of we see of researchers is caught reported, that. was across of turned it anyone see able And to we of And scale. able was first were was diversity sites the exactly to comprised else data the after some that had out a the and able that actually in there. the of terms we’re size in case. in was the out were about X it very with we back out, to, how LogXj which so And that fact, the that

partner earlier traffic what bit and way I research us second of we’re the with live into we really that the So Internet trusted to is the a going think is allows things that faster. very the because see is diversity react the our us of community, on that that think to just ability have the gives in space. on And worked I visibility comes

warning which able is And in protect early this be out think least a react not and vulnerability the probably And very Workers’ a factor again, ability react roll quickly is at of our that, to quickly got were attack we and come platform, that customers. last so years. we information, And to to worst of to that then out very programmable but that allows I able response. having the of quickly we was at to a the to the X heart adapt recognize us the only having

protection free level made provide so the amongst that even our do. is very our we a thing of by to goodwill that much building because, think larger the was community call customers And right we recognized to going to customers again, And the forward. that

a security of else, best more and the that of continue fact vulnerability responsive anyone term, react to ability we’ve the I have evidence that is goodwill in need to is that than community than think, the got the sees quickly our built anyone than zero team, space. platform we’ve this the think, anyone zero that much as else, and really trusted community than able anyone speaks I the extremely the in execute in platform. to our trust else is over is and trust research what highly is And more that a sort why more of you longer else,

so, in a what I know They tailwind know of that’s the we’re we’re pan. things winning trust that not flash a and I And are Internet time. steward hear sorts the good going again, over of invest like up People fly-by-night that companies the our zero that’s these think just behind customers And be that, is part a for want overall in good a a we to ecosystem. that. this from that to business. to real security they company And think add space that

Matt Hedberg

Thanks, Well guys. done, Matt.


line Your with James next Fish question comes Piper the from of Sandler.

is open. line Your now

James Fish

there. go what sleeper on of back Cloudflare solution even announced guidance a Matthew I got Impressive quarter was during birthday to versus highlighted question for kind could guys. It wanted ‘XX in that be speed I else Hi, directly of Phil’s going for solutions kind tails and getting to and to think a actually the Offices deployment has wanted and of per magic really plus how see guys customer? curve overall to that And how you core into ask and to just weeks. been adoption Cloudflare Offices. on cloud for adoption that like

Matthew Prince


equipment to the that Office install product of world. you the the buildings around in is think nature I have that

big adopters focusing who are of we early the customers people customers now, right use that really examples tend And so on be those to Cloudflare for already. Those that. can are

large consumer wanted other for offices. number We network. So technology technology, in become us a corporate of them XXX prioritized using their us company Fortune a terms cloud-prefer to of effectively things,

from again, quickly lot – international in based what already is natural then traffic large addition their their learning that. we customer adoption with running on for already Fortune mining will was Offices. A rate company, a roll and out of large a to We’re us Cloudflare XXX for

have sharing what So use. prioritize those and we target that have of often Cloudflare are or been what case and is doing that offices starts deployments is their is some I of the physical list And with is the we where for space then those we create do some who Offices. customers customers. the What’s next in to think what though are existing customers will other prioritize adopters

infrastructure, able us are the the us though, us the all for be to best. those rollout building it. demand be think buildings where we and will have hoping to is I you’re order think doing that a important toward just in I the secure customers so, more What equipment we are sensible And most it. up technical right connectivity in way both it than it building as of building and done, to that the buildings for deploying more to give and light demand rather on asking customers based And can that

still going I on. think what’s of a it’s big piece So

underfocused Magic zero of a will important And a our really great to using in aspects our ties what lot with it’s we’re be under-heralded for still one building in kind trust deliver I of on-ramp maybe but think on, think it that going XXXX. customers I offering. really the Transit, of but is magic, offering, are and and then

James Fish

wins like improved the And implies moving color. top of for ticked of on talked quarter, quality really telco up into large this within large Makes and spending that quite these your financial sense. the bit you I that it looks like highlighted sounded kind a and services guys wins a of verticals more of Tier appreciate base guys lot what actually some kind X large enterprise even that customer about. it like healthcare, net you

into this and And guide? not feeling reach or so guys but if ‘XX is sure Matthew, in are I’m pipeline of customers crop here the the cream of about you, you extra how your this Thomas Fortune really XXX

Matthew Prince

It’d of is be a the look Cloudflare that’s and last understanding quarters, four for on that’s doing. insurance, time interesting just to actually what trend back I been a real seen but government, healthcare, think some services, financial over we’ve going been penetration that, quite increased in

that’s we stood every for to I amount customer, that on." to large every a quarter to true liaison on years. And that I something will as bit and our Based spending this make think that want me we as really broad us have, of get has a and I There up don’t sure be really feature, and able of land good be you then to the with really we’re get you invest time – that that’s important the real time. up the expand to But and think up able then a really out we we a set companies that our procurement that of feel get our was that platform with very customers the be want is. And more use Cloudflare course use it over the to products it a of second broad to for that quickly that is seeing we in awareness think to and platform more want their very piece market we’re I launch able I’ll is those use XXX are were able our And that Fortune – products significant of challenges what for possible. the What have I think next we percentage in to X to ticked overall year. site we to that will tied saying, I customers. products able that. over the customers few commit exciting. a the I actually the from add certain behind set measurably to want new

future are that us the and direction customers pulling asking those our of that of fact think our types business. I for speaks for licenses really that in us well the

Thomas Seifert

have I always really Jim, what is diversified. And would we well add that been

strength D&R. is all customer verticals go no successful you quarter, strong. that we are our really and larger and that back customers we Matthew in you logos to in but quarter, could accelerate product there more across And IPO, SX that big if able even to reflected was feature our the even representation really, the fourth than What like one So, of because was the at the critical the revenue. is see see the are landing new all those existing that that verticals in with you mentioned, revenue X%

James Fish

Thanks. guys. Helpful


comes of question with the Morgan Weiss Keith next Stanley. line from Your

Your is now open. line

Keith Weiss

Thank wanted a this a more significant versus sounds today the I like really product, kind mean a contribute it a percentage to loss. degree, for sort sense revenue contributors of to bit you, of to a Matthew you what great of major in And are I or were Cloudflare and sort Thomas. of guys. a quarter One sense what of the starting being was and tangible Congratulations on and that on quarter what And a asking. dig contributors strength? because sort of Hedberg what great I little of they growth, the could revenue, I kind Any think to is of like question follow-up give then forward that Workers’ outperformance us have to more like way of revenue year. stuff degree to ideally avenue to

Matthew Prince

Keith. Sure,

use how when think talk of WAF, can to just products. gateway those just you different build can It is One corporate about ideal I all a or just really of CDOS, a order together products. how sort One, our the network. we just future is collection not not in is all, CDN, access number not you of first Cloudflare not Cloudflare But what use of So saying our

so set are broader And of is and that customers for we vision, the our what buying ask when into platform. using see they

have more vision. vision. great. are I we just retention net tick customer job a are few the keep why things What customers. that to that continue up that’s at announcing of dollar-based and are you our think customers also opportunity year, more to those very to last the our us about products course and new the using that’s super equally we the to we and That’s new are existing buy great – is have actually selling excited more set over excited into that about we vision. They the base. gives so sell think more by, they entire of excited And And And existing bought But don’t platform. releasing I that that what is that are that the seen have done it’s fully that that something there those just broader

meaningful Workers of from to still, X in they think But us just is like of for break we of was programmability the how Workers which and that does we Act is sale we is hard trust win itself. middle way the sort of I think in square the are of product, build to a a because to something of that starting again, Workers, it bunch flexibility as it’s DNS, a platform that we different responsible think are a deals uptick as products. I are our it’s something DDoS, people end What the think WAF, X for and of I are from. I and those think a it sort who lot independently where much out types using up CDN, see give generate us growth coming Act of using to our are just those deals. starting to in seeing real is zero

think still, of hit stick I really curve. I think in the is X hockey that’s don’t Workers, Act and the growth point has sort

Keith Weiss

core newer a GA, if really Got as is much that the which us it. revenues, about initiatives, fast like that. obviously very Offices CapEx? understand is is impact with then, pickup of percentage how Thomas, that’s are next base top kind is of into level there, Matthew. there the that I CapEx like of super year. network help And of an having helpful, expanding talked on growing Can appreciate having That’s you revenues the or RX on associated of a some an going network you capacity, of will? you And if is will, impact you

Thomas Seifert

have the network XX% go years, revenue So, traffic. I is think you consistently the XX% that about last to for X spent if rather over of back we first answer

is also free amount side, can is true invest don’t that Offices. guidance investment fill our Cloudflare And that new over invest hope the model from XX%, ability number. Matthew you go-to-market it heard is idle talking this of for while it in have have been products behind to modest There So, business like of the this a for time. and we demand We for on the that about in a the already we slight RX I capacity it’s only – XX% the a uptick.

with expansion demand as first existing Matthew heard customers is follow the priority. we So, you

and investment hope demand. this little that follow because point we for we we ahead in of RX very guidance in that can demand Offices is There there generate. is So, little – is this at

it’s core business that it want the making eyeballs the we capacity to customers are we thoughtful be, closer that getting further about sure strategic our to moving move And the to that some out we where for more to needs prepared about larger So, be also connect. way that. network are

Keith Weiss

so you Thank Got guys. it. much


question from & Eyal line Shaul Cowen with of Your next Company. the comes

is now line Your open.

Shaul Eyal

transparency strong direction, Maybe from performance. displacements Keith customers’ more and guys. to is a out have Matthew, large color, with wins I with you. different Thank Workers’ from maybe ask afternoon provide who metrics. this on I both that Matthew. the Matt different Can quarter. some on the a you about get product? for Hedberg ongoing in thanks are it that but point, the some that Good the was Also been and Congrats question you perspective, displacing months you, recent you called us goes

Matthew Prince


think that I of the that, directions sort different – are product that there displaces. two

it product some is – most workers our version to So, for what first world. configurable use is for in is the users, the they the make

configurable most configurable make and mitigation So, those extend is to want highly the DNS configurable you services way most DDoS the them to Workers firewall highly the most programmable a service or configurable. service, or if

DDoS exactly as And firewall platform always a cloud they number using solution. that is I think do. and what we that allows our make WAF so of in Workers the do to And or larger or that, really there CDN think think them point larger excited wished platforms is dreamed or and makes help are us catnip or DNS what of just for would People could who us. that space I something their especially extremely for and customers, are

somewhere, most the manage much and a is else platforms all, developers, see is that I of What moving from from displacement, operating had a the effectively is that you a industry are you lot serverless a more public think the see to public to talk case and over vendors. excited one were managed, a that, the think what look everything where on moving where exciting of renting probably you is they to software of the away sort the other which system you we Workers are is type people is out, I more and platform. as and cloud of about. what place different of when one is known serverless the first box cloud is VM a use traditional in world other the we And long-term, the who

be we see And just cloud regulatory with of we Lambda around something cost data in we And and increasingly their store we we or more, really especially there, that head-to-head well have you cold compete cold government the in compete that locally. Those than zero the more regular developments really easiest And to wins ability do head-to-head data extremely obviously, to going time, function. requirements AWS of so for do sovereignty And fact world, workload other really a And as over millisecond process versus to running Google over of the literally and which more there that that, and been, be competing an Workers quarter performance, a how sophisticated there, I it types with you with. the And of we job cloud, public more and on. incredible some customers the or comparison localization that start, XXX think out consistency the are it. with stored they effective. coming can your matter really users’ actually we can services but data no of not a with start that’s sort it’s country, and provider we easy. different reliability, competitive that there. say are then the all because us has margins compete in need to only home use better making around if we – to Microsoft the a Workers see and keep QX, I we same actually architecture cost least making Ease and use, important on serverless factors extremely because the that’s because platform but process Thomas data referenced, think a the are of us that’s countries our seeing great cloud can of have, designed large are have try we we even that

are And those from that that’s so more you, winning and deals that important a we more. are is perspective something if regulatory to

help developers configurable we both products us a our a true that also businesses of make are existing pony. of I So, it really, good of is cloud to on. is extremely excited about are as all then Workers. but really think possible, two-trick able computing building sort Again, at platform adoption being It as as entire the good it’s

Shaul Eyal

seeing. Thank we plans how color. as expanding points so establishing can poops without the to your fairly And are presence you The set year? in up you Understood. great that a keeps quantify you ‘XX maybe many can maybe this about about you of talk network for new debt quickly, think

Matthew Prince

know I we think what I confess, is no are pop, – What interconnect Shaul, because the trying networks to have And how possible. I we not normal directly people it’s to think term world as with as hate it really even it’s do the many means. word. around about the

up can And turn so not a benefit. whole they bunch you any real connected if are But pops. network, don’t of give to they you

high the I But sure zones have more not different multiple most In we are in expand that go because, down more certain availability. the and in, we are order the What break we on are doesn’t to in we major the track around we And will facilities individual really have those end have state think is degree cities now in year. availability in U.S. be customers every within are continuing cities that. now, networks is talked cities So, world. are we make we we traditionally matter to facilities. we cities, about into our of that before What to individual of continue it again, to to how that multiple have many we in. done and

of inviting the every in we been broad that, us have. what set provide, think to how we of have And networks. all that continue the margins space. actually our have I that’s the to unique think phone the really them, I continue to be And we world. million the that’s to to improve part able explains with have continue with day, What’s in that that broad in it traffic that us in cities from and anyone networks rates over to who of we set differentiated as in of and of majority providers X achieve increase. customers gross rings on we directly of in unique, is about invest services even connected unique else the that our and continued is maintain it’s the because and to are we vast world people be network around so major And our getting their

Shaul Eyal

job. you Sure. Matthew, the up Keep thank so much. great

Matthew Prince

Thank you.


with of question from Sterling JPMorgan. the comes next Your line Auty

open. now is line Your

Sterling Auty

you going spending XXX think security Fortune to guys. firewalls, on of win I example about the am Fortune just ask Yes. the $XXX,XXX. millions company gave one Thanks. I XXX of question. worth tens company, about I the usually Hi pharmaceutical them think dollars Matthew, for about of network When example.

am is are opportunity with of fraction that when that that a the you appliance, just customers I opportunity is that just need a customer is, beginning or replace is and what like you that? So, very those spend wondering those go so the in to tiny terms physical early make, this a of in

Matthew Prince

early. super are we think I

customers we then and win over are typically that expand adopt to we what ask to that favorite we have be don’t and Thomas’ they not continue more are is going think to a I time them deals – to able one as bring with are me people is seen – we our that remind points with solution. more up of We to of rip-and-replace platform. able

happy our whatever very time say balancers happen okay WAN it we often but over will need or complementary load care office customer flung existing network in and “Listen, have of. we firewall vendors to us, to is far that will for working take are and mix us, the them this got We to And is. a what to in other is be go with put ourselves or optimizer

about you keep them from can to network. of help we to And of experience the worried see with our with win Maybe “Well, just attrition. that.” Cloudflare.” coming as then with separate up hardware are such that that over time, us replace we their happen can they want say, on contractors replacement What and a that that, war good equipment that that have is time we rest they is We they maybe tends

of two of may and building of the probably there a there. for forward the a think have they buy were are have we largest – to architecture, network. over they industry what and in in are the when I we kind now. as was though zero of we think it that are world manufacturers more that is the and like second really I What weren’t off, architecture. long-term and planned pharmaceutical over hardware incentivized really just out, at of whatever the it’s are on that to invest are seeing CapEx of as cloud going time all moving And bets last they to head saying, that corporate buoyed organizations are people of were of continue people end company. the IT tunnel, as expand coming where really customers is now but spend light that, And what and the from years. future more And that what increasingly, think I that customers including trust time for sort was space. hit, that right the a was go were a architecture, hardware business kind hear moving I to And back that is we is the of little head fake fakes artificially actually a hardware to moving One the bit some the more out cut are seeing X COVID of tax COVID, some think COVID the us analysts for

Sterling Auty

Thank Understood. you.

Jayson Noland

Emma, one can please? take more analyst, we



from the of Amit Daryanani. line Your last question comes

now is line Your open.

Amit Daryanani

confuses around are for ready would there last in. perspective think was for the question you I just AWS their talk that going which you fair talk RX guess well. well. bit RX Thanks also in I it about for talking feedback And Last of offering, to as lower a squeezing is the previous me since has one sounds you quarter, Perfect. as Can get it, the like GSI. about been started amount. what It in customer your change that XX days?

Matthew Prince

speaks I they are I or attention. – but flattered they paying egress Well, that in Yes. much, didn’t go to order with the think rest to way all And up industry. that the actually, I catch a their long am of have

And well. the think we though as that we industry, for that catalyzing win. dramatic on if this and think they actually terrific. more And a of a AWS of said in part time Oracle egress only has have that What leaders who before have it’s feedback been follow will huge will Google, RX the much think I I I been be from can lowering. like have the heard matter folks a have space that that’s

So, beta. it we have been private running a in

had beat will have that that right sure we on the characteristics We And are architecturally that it’s have we we able the performance They extremely from that is working expect exactly just places would customers that well. feedback to same now SX. have board. on making be we or time. expect What we great that given and optimizing meet think customers over

cloud for it will have we our got is the a reliability revenue day really growth ability But confident to goes can what what what want things products to choose our can that, but entire to secondly, it’s respond forward hundreds done We I that are catalyze our we petabytes how platform. if of platform. excited unlock can is will our on I make the are will, egress best to I positioned little it’s data that whoever that team, for I these security, built out generate. going – fees that And exciting I what then good of win am bringing we Workers is egregious are other based I something And that computing is that able of help think be of the for down. able blink are will to forward. about have because the customers logos and think got AWS we am a the drive I exciting to platform the this. have move proposition on that to we delivering for am I And think that for we becomes us that that again, going it is are to proud is a GA that component entire there, fundamental for side. But is that industry deliver excited other I think who, overall that’s the we really be over performance, the providers cloud, share data value that to talking have a on it and sure our And by think looking two and of industry. and help as to RX over, entire cost we they confident to and that are win this Cloudflare

Amit Daryanani

lot a Thanks time. your Perfect. for


company Q&A will for I today’s the concludes over the now to turn This session. closing call remarks. back

Matthew Prince

so for you in Thank tuning to everyone to the much earnings call.

goes said great behind of mission, help better to that the ton at of which in Internet. work been hard value our has quarter a and deliver ready get build just to There build products beginning, scenes our a these most I on is us. service customers, more for not for a As calls, importantly, is the excellent but it the earnings

and most for And customers, one so of our an every of everyone our what one and I to thank incredible every importantly, was an investors, of QX employees incredible year. wanted just our

did are in hard XXXX, what on the at tuning and already Thank we work we much. you in QX. so in to updates look to you We give forward


conference Thank you for This concludes call. today’s attending.

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