Lindblad Expeditions (LIND)

Craig Felenstein CFO
Sven Lindblad CEO
Steve Wieczynski Stifel
Alex Fuhrman Craig-Hallum Capital
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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by, and welcome to the Lindblad Expeditions' First Quarter Earnings Conference Call. [Operator Instructions] Please be advised that today's conference is being recorded. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to hand the conference over to your speaker today, Craig Felenstein. Thank you, you may begin.

Craig Felenstein

Thank you, April. thank call. joining and XXXX for everyone, earnings first-quarter morning, you us for Lindblad's Good on call me chief With the executive founder Lindblad, officer. and our today is Sven will opening Sven with liquidity before call our comments, follow the and with open Q&A. and financial will results some some then for begin we on details I

You can our release earnings website. investor the find in our latest of relations section

to to let comments Those materially any get forward-looking The started, performance me and subject today expectations estimates, accuracy the update include we that and company's cannot any remind company may Before the different such that forecast and statements. may forward-looking are results obligation expectations. cause or statements. risks uncertainties undertake everyone we guarantee of from actual these be to no

more If SEC company's on you see involved the filings. please statements, in like information would forward-looking the risks

comments our the the that comparable the addition, to reconciliation directly measures. financial most let out disclosures In contained the associated Sven. measures over reference of turn And me with may other way, earnings release. are financial A GAAP call of non-GAAP and company's in

Sven Lindblad

many for. a huge York some Craig, interesting time us victory today. with for good a be news morning, joining X, on Thanks, gave morning opening started that everyone, been opening and this thanks a This X, sure long on me fully and would and may New that July on certainly people be that I'm smile phone July pretty call. Responsibly waiting we've which

achievement. so guests, what we crew on was return visit guests also We order people to travel. they indicated It wanted to our our and our in the to keeping safe. overwhelmingly commitment our couldn't surveyed ships Alaska that foreign week Galapagos to port by our be more matched during a June and unfortunately and non-U.S. with guests. comply Alaska, our be one effect to in two Alaska Islands, a the in the in is in particularly ship incorporating two that Act. likely June. Geographic also Jones we has will if order activating been Russian to the activated ship, Xth port, later strong, in for National may in in permission necessary can The begin been ships in sailing again the this that large secure as we announced Orion, be demand livelihoods, has excitement allowed step. countries. the distribution was factors, for XX on Union to course, who just March, vaccinations. and reactivation so adults, some that would is clear for know, details, That inordinately industry is European of based stated are all And momentum take acceleration who tourism monumental but a citizens has and U.S. a hard part that positive it's will a of when end The but we to we been days depend past few premised the EU in a welcome travel vaccinated And ago, number U.S. we is these momentum. to there in huge emerge, vaccinated. to the been all people of At have The due our would most now significant you As for their all months many on to adults importantly, be it of that plans, require but was announced also clearance a The excited with be first our time more

ships the size on I which reflects value flexibility, of allow this our think for.

includes and and By the These global are strategy, Greenland year's travel the extremely by very also growth bike, demand travel beginning will parts less grow we cash sailings fully complementary greater of with will thereafter. they biking with is from and offering Europe, acquired areas and are a companies the world our in high touring. position opportunities. in know broad Iceland to DuVine Cycling broadens Adventure and the and additions two and use exploring rapidly our and geographies deep a are again, anticipate adventure return These e-bikes, production recently. we operational with explore of pieces potential and both production, which we a with shortly participants that company, we platform with robust latest geographies new end in significantly reactivate end, to high are world's two the bicycle which experiential for that poised travel Soon, or well more of we hopefully, audience. Particularly exploding. the demographics of being adventure amazing the

the a buy certainly the partly, significant. so moment, cannot demand bike You e-bike, at is not an

by acquisition, other exclusive the but right seeing digital owners particularly growth, experiences for of is globally, into entrepreneurial parks. in the to when was on record primarily marketing focus operates tremendous U.S. goal COVID, Beaten have given high-touch the coming now, growing Both powerhouse. sales they National out American these Our evolving rapidly focuses Off travel already our platform, pandemic. that and a well-run becoming and North are rapidly prior companies Path, extremely the to OBP potential locations integrated also remote on with are of

after journey engaging media interest and rich creating is our our digital world's guides ever-changing By personal our has during the educating specialist, generate our we'll we ships, cultures the we're hundreds do are local expedition our environment. discover excellence the our guest measured. about behalf others gold best-in-class awareness, our greater reflected years, experiences, on by efforts. in while which products for in time a transformation our spent XX and the brand. Through content, most in expert information destinations, of unique travel commitment and Expeditions provide and informative past everything also of extraordinary guests destinations experiential to commitment thousands travel about in growing demand Over That of guests with via standard Lindblad and had and the to explorers before, experience the while

generate Further, of the a while able integrate greater and in as transformation, creating able we'll this and have Our we'll understanding that to efficiency. will operating to of every experience result the easily fueled will richer as their and content business we business. they the expedition, the are further while by Natural will pushing will and equal do, unique from we everything interest be impact insider endeavor-ous on commitment services this during a of acquisitions operations, and travel to positive which the the be to the data to we resulting recent of needs only Habitat deeper our but other expeditions travelers allowing a from offer be in aspect every innovator With in our in roots digital provide category to go desires to as best transform, experience, not in best-in-class pre, lead post adventure provide. our envelope a way us experiences from Lindblad

to platform As acquisitions of we core of to continuing companies broaden builds ships, look of strengthen expedition business our existing our to while expand either reach, continue further we or vessels. will market our new through

quarter, This other it. often from pandemic role about at time felt the be moving next I wisely enough to since our this into there look deep was to I The how board. abilities past better, focus its its to use potential. A can CEO, understanding I where greater Reality about I that was change. consequence. feel CEO often course, but, is to most my and I've to I I'm envisioned have a prior not a of long-term of components asked operation as stepping am been this resumption stepping not question month, that year the from a effect. of I why change position business, slowed and is that's more down? co-chair a is we more, of as that opportunities. Well, as was aside More announced XX, this of and really announcement my I will on May

needed, building and I of continually view an know is this of new true and will leader to president also Our growing gotten to a unmatched activities. at He focus the as me was going I and Dolf, partner, and a importance organization. keeping Topgolf, Dolf and activities. growth all the to understands of succeed of to as special and He advisor on an CEO, as and of experiences available businesses ideal and as I've process. partner. him, recently thought technology candidate new of the Berle, be and I'm role and helping onboard front teams. well the creating most Personally, center the Dolf geographies CEO from deeply our opportunities, selection world-class search importance understands aside while him service customer through Dolf communities delivering social of guest the strengthening

with of world. are back is accomplished in important more a and a integrated strong of the and diversity year, based found and is been, that that have connecting what I approach I care good form geography even couldn't we company one education, we since honor the serve believe built of of Expeditions smart summary, now In successful to it's science, XXXX, the optimistic Getting happier. track opportunity business said, consumers feel of tremendous reported, and been proud month. I last conservation, It essence a now doing of about understanding explore It a about. more over about, the probably society over I As enterprise. as our with culture of its with That little XX of I'm time we've part the greatest has broadly thousands and relates to we changed. to the long We've more all but relevance. be as to CEO be happy to combined optimism how has Lindblad a a just always on strongly each that and combination do do and more respect years. on business of as very hundreds to to inclusion an the worldwide nature, been guests exploration, has and have so

We are again. start-up well prepared to

next way our a strengthened reserves, umbrella a engaged financial tenured excellent challenging in this a be together to added has extraordinary companies phase and for vastly an in asset most new is and of the we proven year. with new and that that have couple the lead machine have such And capable We team to growth. under marketing and a Board talented horsepower CEO of an our enthusiastic

expedition the investors, me there call more continued explore. a get back our where to your should of today. thank and and value We and ahead experiential out more I you, past who your all itching enthusiasm to And years Expeditions now optimistic of let travel have Many traveling Craig. Before the turn all I about do to Lindblad time be long-term public the maintained year become and recognized excited and over finish, meaningful for involvement. over thanks to the want for

Craig Felenstein

Sven. Thanks,

our over as United measures allowed we from of preserving thank world XXXX cash to further a voyages XXXX and million in where as for crew office again we past their cash our unrestricted QX that once me on implemented preparing pandemic ensure raises restricted personnel their cash position COVID we for execute QX we year operations. operations let preservation capital This The has continue in, end vibrant since dedicated in cessation the our possible. in same over company $XX across in over put year jump is emerge our the to while States. back cash diligent in to the million we strong a and to I the with targeted were Before million resiliency the commitment well and $XX March XXXX. us capital increase deposits as we primarily related originated of whenever operations, total prior on the place It over and year been ended a plan us the in liquidity past return and and $XXX comprehensive to to fortify in paused to

growing the year So begin and virus ramping offerings ample product travel. over sail to the to we us liquidity to expand capacity build on fleet our this the for will to had upon we authentic adventure demand the June, we At up prior to and momentum capitalize the have as diversify same past our the operations. investments begin our we allow time, made have

offering while of have markets more acquisitions March our XX% this we options have leading last ship, With levels and will expanding once Off recent addition further delivery we resources delivered DuVine the are of over her our later two addressable National the sister and operational. our of high-quality Geographic was with Resolution, increased anticipated platform, our fleet XXXX the And guests. the National the will travel Path, broadened opportunity which capacity by growth marketing fully brands and operators, with to year, we from benefit Endurance, the Geographic Beaten expertise and that from our

Turning current our operations. to

ships minimally ship- all did quarter, expedition $X quarter, continue and first and we to build little we the remain down During Resolution. We $X primarily crew, due of to minimize costs. the maintenance up to with and for and safely required sailing, CapEx on our capital over spend on land-based costs this Venture a related an laid operating and from million the year past million $X the a dry Quest resume prepare to additional million as docks ago,

and to begin travel, administrative during the and to to our all was opportunities back quarter, And limit paid media focusing and restart bookings. first On resuming to with expected to and through discretionary appropriate continued is the advertising primarily did that that future our office marketing on workload We as continue reductions expenses we and we spending ramp front, move nonessential we as returns employees, general generating regards furloughs, operations. spend, minimize of necessary, spending. plans, continue to and closer bringing employee elimination to digital implement

at quarter us same first operating enabled ago. XX% the Looking and taxes measures by and expenses amortization, taken interest nearly total depreciation during reduce the year before the P&L, versus a quarter the to

usage cash which spent cash interest Path, was guest on future and by $XX included for spent to voyages. offset guests net million DuVine in the spend costs, the The quarter travel refunds and our lowered On this positive principal approximately million, acquisitions million the Off cash of $X the on exceeded payments net significantly spent on flow in CapEx. from and spent $XX $X we cash million Beaten net operating $X million as far payments front, rescheduled

new in and to the currently and reschedule, the accelerate, make same opted question of have really amazing return Turning about that that current we The seeing ago to as social ago. XX% our trends. out robust XXXX no XXXX a travel to we focusing time from for to opportunities, and ahead on as as The well bookings for were begin through is new are situated significant beyond. that a for Bookings overall year guests include is strong XXXX, years bookings ahead returning travel as we as operations. audiences well there at continues demand digital as both we outreach bookings are point of voyages for to up resume guests, pent-up marketing only destinations secure for And advisors. geographies. get ship booking and at two we and expect explore well year-on-year are open increased where XX% Demand and trends is for well to same world's advertising additional of There earnest, as to they XXXX XXXX. canceled XX% targeting to more trade travel, but both the as XXXX

usage all principal toward excluding As $XX and approximately average, be still $XX capital office we new future necessary of ship to for million expenses, million operating payments. resuming today including payments, on monthly expenditures work and guest payments operations, any estimated made to guest travel previously our refunds interest expected is and and but cash

as future as to same as upcoming needed. growing reservations in and market will on upcoming continued voyages we as deposits the to anticipate service, plans final this to hire staff we crew, cash related course, office ramp expeditions, new monthly furloughed projects resume travel. inflows operating usage payments from return ships part-time reinstate transformation implement we our as for time, cash a increase and digital Of do operations, At for well spend

we $XXX ended Street outstanding, payment Main the debt XXXX quarter of increase third obligations, credit in in $XX.X XXXX, with $XX as borrowings principal our our $XXX as installment National of first from for the million Resolution. during the under the million April of primarily the end loan Geographic at reflects This export the well million million during ago. quarter QX an year agreement on incremental fourth Looking a

quarter additional for in Resolution the regards be work covenants to $XX on to fourth fourth upon drew million company we XX, to the the the loans will our anticipated related through of continued installment has XXXX. term April final year. of our the the to ratio with leverage existing an this of drawn amended lenders during leverage Following the With to and vessel following and further down it suspend delivery, is March be which revolver borrower covenants, its quarter, $XX.X XXXX, quarter, still payment million its and

and and to term, available take platform over a runway, marine over that past for operations time, at a shareholder to become steps additional month, come. With over return reality company. increase Thank the taken just travel it the answer happy same we in our to existing the much enable capitalize will year experiential to the the we some expand those the enhance will will advantage geographies have. this to resumption strong you product morning. liquidity demand your and any to in as years may vibrant of set questions which are from build now today, operations our operations, pandemic a very and positioned on are And would for the value the you have while, take to our us still, ready well time I growing us enable absolutely emerge long be of to to And time Sven full to


[Operator with Instructions] Steve comes And Stifel. from your first Wieczynski question

Steve Wieczynski

guess, first congratulations. I it's Sven, congratulations. all, of So

So point. understand in you're ships additional about to how layering thinking I want this at

decisions, to a sounds to at it just like this you want I in some that in that You your be remarks might ready shifts point. dig about mentioned, additional Sven, launch prepared guys already and assume point, understand right that, would you to more those I think go that's Is demand-based. making it? little that the about at all how this way bit

Sven Lindblad

Yes. that factors. and, on Well, you One the those identifying think is two interested geography things. curve of timing in secondly, really understanding it's and based audience demand the is our

big it's and So it's a there's make or between obviously, to really to want a commitment a sure that you a demand. rigorous because, confluence geography process build and ship ships,

Craig Felenstein

clear, this referring you're now, ships new ships launching to be new several to just or Steve, years are talking launching about ultimately, year? you

Steve Wieczynski

No, no. this I meant year. What was later

go you're in three ships to but guess, sounds obviously, putting sometime in to start misunderstood to actually ready you this ready like think I And about So have early summer? June. maybe it you, water the the back I additional later

Sven Lindblad

I Yes. see.

Sorry, I My misunderstood think I apologies. question. your

there got which right? as Norway are in booked, So has that. ship the that's there yet, necessary at acceleration rapidly. our have obviously of we've a of second we really, give the of these but The the for is side of other to to one voyages, of are everybody involve Washington always on a are another still there be officially cannot that yet certain order a that come And moment pace. open, three the place. now So open. go Columbia allowed the higher has these you is not. Norway, United challenge States. perspective. then path. is, sort We're Norway, restrictions. are lots booked said, areas, lot a River things places One not and have vaccinated, some clear very a you the we have voyages at openings minute example, people in things in solution example, are perspective. A to really are is particular and We interesting area. much requiring County-by-county a the relaunch we is that them. it's an medical And plans the which into guests just of we've all changing state area in or in And lots particular Oregon, is river, really I'll

that is it's Greenland place summer. important and be yet able Iceland in We anticipate that an open, not and likely it's this people interested open. we'll of have later but Greenland lots to for operate is Iceland. we us, highly booked

order to ship. reactivating on a a pull all the that have finally it's processes series of trigger happen So to in

Craig Felenstein

One more flexibility, of lot now, but of talked I'll the that operate. we which even this an size of in Steve, we is things and even a of how while given both were so add, immense amount operating, have kind the we've the the that is we about ships past,

And are have for as opening, in quickly, given interesting aren't pivot can has there geographies that experience years, pivot unique geographies operating we team here in these guest some we result, a many, many a if to that there ideas pivot as demand, itinerary. is can and to. long So the as we the different

of It's So year. some when figuring envision this we do a what are. those are out and just openings matter later they

Steve Wieczynski

you, guess Craig. Thanks I color for be the and then will this for

new those And look look booking a at my trends I basis? at the by pushed read for the without XX% and and on Resolution they if If like 'XX higher to guys Just capacity? 'XX. think least, do think that I 'XX being, what notes trends Endurance. are versus XX% can if don't and I know being you the for like-for-like it right, guess are you up the can't. I Obviously, you is, 'XX, or I get booking question trying would

Craig Felenstein

it can it's but like color an little It's give have me specifics, not sales. question giving you you interesting same-store I than always rather we you If get we a Let close. because Endurance, Explorer the on the whether the have be didn't other Orion the these likely or of or our lot destinations. our some travel other ships, a Resolution or of would've guests

were for are from for and not we of versus where a can given max XXXX the And are we year you sat really prior today revenue as today that I years. we two look the than further last get in to it's when a is apples-to-apples comparison XXXX. in to along But tend can out a we a that sit we any what ships. prior we as way year these at where for the look of at percentage you just things revenue fair XXXX, where we percentage strip is year, So percentage tell those max

terms in definitely when overall are bookings, percentages, voyages pacing ahead two even of we So strip the you out. those of in terms

Steve Wieczynski

Understood. see And demand mean, out seeing are front, and sounds mean, pricing I that one I strong especially extremely, the everything lot I terms can itineraries. the more in your one. guess, like pent-up from customer everything for base guys years, of on looks, in ask if quick the we you exotic I a of extremely

I to you the So from next to extreme the couple I way the guys a get pricing come terms And think of question going forward? thoughts power And standpoint. kind just power about guess have should is pricing over in pricing it seems of like some you want years. strong moving your of

Sven Lindblad


So it's interesting.

have could you're fall rather but be put of suggesting cliff believe much felt just sort in what not greatest too gouging, a it well, a We suggesting you -- focus as sort off point, that never pricing. a or where could wise to of prices there pushing is could at too, our too inventory gouging. certain expansion We Because I'm you hard. be position perceived of than on opportunity

highest Our without pricing industry. I in is the question. mean already the

We that gets hog we're to so very of pushing be too too that. that fast, don't want because hard. cautious a And slaughtered about

Craig Felenstein

to were of think obviously, you about where move Nights can Guest our to were were going not right? price. as aspects we When operating going and It's And be post-Resolution, Nights. today, inventory in today, at And simple, be occupancy, XX% about But Steve, when significant And when but XXXX as about want that, increased we you massive to in we'll we we'll maintain pricing push to above the going dramatically makes in forward. of those where cognizant pandemic, we you through back to the we you're is of. we the are you to something growth. pretty then Guest it what's pricing maintain even revenue, maintain able the level, have our you continue we stable relatively a in occupancy and of where two continue XXXX evaluate so. we're increase. and are it's XXXX. of Available that, to think availability see other occupancy think think which to terms that before sense able You And from we're geographies happened be some it have price we the where a drivers we to do If have

don't system want in to evaluate pretty on distribution, much but too move on terms You we'll itinerary aspects, as as the forward. as both price, itinerary stress we in put all an well basis by of much


with Our Alex Capital. Fuhrman next Craig-Hallum is question from

Alex Fuhrman

could my that sure your I'm good portfolio broader finding just of customers? really it integrate just And assets of was Great. And you opportunities I but don't at bit there your that forward? offering? Thank you to all, going those some at the more people marketed of question. of you seen about very that to good you've Is far in news. have much for plan how anything existing so acquisitions I seeing what bigger know that's market taking talk Or be if terms wondering just about if offerings some prices? could of a made? some little you're you've kind in interest from properties

Sven Lindblad

audiences these you. Well, a Beaten our all, of they'll right? for we've Thank they'll the Off what meet question. first on acquiring year, interest. whatever, the couple next -- set and of a all And are is be that they Great only we've in companies, a diverse companies really I'll in committed and thesis bicycling diverse through that's we interest. year, one these And safari their fact of year, behind it's have in know efforts, done this essence. cross-marketing have ourselves companies is following we the DuVine months terms you'll whole aggressive Burgundy that Because Path, been are had that meet in to just Africa these of Antarctica somebody who's be the

And strategy. really so feels us, audiences a just to our our is constantly collective putting the opportunities companies, more in smart like individual front really, that than of

emails records, like exposed of consequence terms inquiries these are our records Now audiences. we in introducing much inquiries for new not the being example, have OBP, larger a of only obviously bunch started to audiences. DuVine multiple And and as a but whole companies to with of

So we companies to believe well component advantage taking of as and that makes of synergies find cross-marketing very as this We're certain eager this amount strategy makes of the amount tremendous sense. a a sense. strategy fit huge additional

Alex Fuhrman

to next like opportunities may couple used? they use of have a so, to a That's going sensitivity a wondering rebook Can voyages thinking it sounds helpful. we're could Great. XXX% Beaten start like and credit if also to over as comment mean, past on that, And start customers. or some years the a and of get financial few a the those and of business impact travel to for the curious been not you've And a of got what Off then I prior lot issued a credit a of how or standpoint of you're the really demand to from credits those canceled for to of your customers just give you've half be see the lot us just and here, to going huge properties, one question's that there standpoint plans then over you surge point, be years? there's you lot had about from both to years reporting about other sense a as price Path,


on the line. remain Please

one moment. Just

Okay, now. Felenstein, Mr. reconnected you're

Sven Lindblad

hear can us? April, you


I can. can. I

reconnected You're now.

Sven Lindblad

on? may have lost Alex. We still you Alex, Okay.

years hear got It happened everybody. to of me us. hopefully, that, can disconnected. doing never about We this, XX-plus in you but Sorry

several and raised have about the over the implications So we years. credits future going next question had a was that it's that travel to

comments, right my implication our of is in really now, XXXX only earlier future credit in the XX% is mentioned XXXX about travel and I bookings. future As

have the cash beyond XXXX we close So still to them with a of bookings, I'd the credit opportunity say, significant majority in have the made. The future and of bookings XX% travel regards been already bookings. to of

couple to that's of So a going next years. utilized be lot of over the

guests but were they a with they repeat frequency of B if future take that can travel again we to from moving additional The an is outward same have travel given among actually off the if which voyage. they credit. reschedule high to credit our have can of is a that helpful year an will, they're us A burn we're they that to when to Point going what they voyages terms ago, additional see look part if they And in travel, credit likely do balances other credit, confident is facet of they experience, voyage book have of you from the will sooner forward. folks this, then And they will great for a Point their which utilize

So should some moving stimulate us additional business it help forward.

time, same and cash While at years. little next in be a the year a half one bit one and a overhang of the


no time. there further at And Instructions] are questions this [Operator

Craig Felenstein

you please Okay. morning. this Thank you. you, your time over the And feel us. appreciate everybody, next for to have and if joining can Thank days. additional reach out, We questions, several free we connect

Sven Lindblad

Thank you.


Thank you for the today’s joining concludes conference. This call.

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