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Gary Friedman Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Jack Preston Chief Financial Officer
Fernando Garcia President, Furniture Operations & Home Delivery
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Sandy Pilon Chief People Officer
Steven Zaccone Citi
Steven Forbes Guggenheim Securities
Adrienne Yih Barclays
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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by, and welcome to the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2021 RH Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speaker's presentation, there will be question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions] Please be advised that today's conference is being recorded. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to turn the conference over to your speaker for today, Allison Malkin, you may begin.

Allison Malkin

you. Thank everyone. afternoon, Good joining earnings our conference for fiscal quarter year XXXX call. us you fourth for and Thank

Joining me today Executive Officer; are Gary Friedman, Jack Chief Chairman Preston, Financial Officer. and and Chief

you and I number statements to a risks outlook like matters to as we These start, filings today our about make forward-looking issued today meaning the within that statements referenced other of are cause and certain legal securities of we Before the will as to for remind federal release press today. could involve in uncertainties disclaimer issued differ of would release statements materially. that forward-looking our the well of actual business that results press our Please our refer our laws, including the description date factors our and statements this forward-looking affect statements a the that that, information also in the the reflect results may we adjust Please eliminate to publicly GAAP non-GAAP no more to during risk of certain Also, of financial light these call, may of discuss this note as detailed our forward-looking results future events. revise new results. our or obligation measures, or to release of which these revision impact items. undertake call, of any we opinion only SEC of

Gary. With press turn today's is Investor results website measures call reconciliation call ir.rh.com. that, of a on financial the non-GAAP A these of and to find GAAP the of will Relations financial You to measures information I'll our available over regarding in these additional live at also non-GAAP section this release. broadcast

Gary Friedman

results and rest I'm letter. for the and XX% you with open our Great. billion I take billion few leadership to call to Thank Jack XX% another net who's our our shareholder record today. and through a $X.XXX to year you room XXXX. people, of pleased revenues the us will are versus questions. you, report up and going ago, year versus shareholders, and walk and the Allison, to we team in And of increasing To – $X.XX open then joining thank partners minutes a

sector If you the XX.X% million businesses, rates XXXX continues of our points of incremental RH up that resulted furnishings the for growth those of industry. backlog in revenues growth new Demand in grew our highest to performance to one money-losing the in the reflecting now two-year online XX%, industry, industry. course reflect XXXX. net the versus of financial represents as of luxury of set year end standard operating XXXX, over home X,XXX adjusted strongest fulfill in margin at two-year it our $XXX approximately which exclude results we expect an the versus a basis reached the XXXX, and in

desirability the separation and spaces. the demonstrates fully-integrated range, our elevated our strategic of by physical performance of significant our business evolving ecosystem, exclusive profitability and the Our product model inspiring power the our created connected of

our We adjusted XX.X% up on demand quarter versus million XX.X% free end and increase of fourth XXX inventory, flow million in ship $XXX the $XX XX% generating the which XXXX. million year operating for in generated balance year, the in to backlog. two-year We basis ended that times quarter, magnified We with For of the alleviate our XX%, in balance exceeded XXXX, and chain the year the half our variant net our supply despite -- year, within and quarter, range while approximately the ROIC QX. various cash increased nearly increased debt due to virus of the issues again $XXX revenues $X.X second of in and outlook margin new. on $XX last of billion a of sheet, the the points targeted million of the million inclusive is transit guidance of net basis. reaching cash once $XX

emotional Guesthouse we England in most Live of Francisco, RH for As by RH in the years Fire to brand to quality; hotel ourselves RH rollout XXXX The North a beginning New to opening billion In-Your-Home, in opening international and York months. and and coming they Building, every the in and RHX, American of RH estate over and GXXX Steel curated that a in customers restaurant will for experience new of year. used memorable New elevated dream, that be Modern, concepts; inspire date; reinvent York, in also our brand expansion our our fashion. Guesthouse; of concept delivery of unveiling services delayed the cannot champagne and with hospitality will the be introduction gallery the historic the new chapter live once the and of new with extending opening to and innovation World first any elevation reimagine again Contemporary, the connected RHX digital we've the San mark a and power The York potentially the new English San opening that replicated other growth collections portal, to New detail seeking spaces, The both two world-class London, Luxury. luxury selling century, and the C the launch introduce and product in customers into thoughtfully and a to RH, of privacy places guiding magical be the making the our plus with our bar inspiring ecosystem in bespoke Mediterranean of the of press mentioned, XXXX, unforgettable dine, and and culinary our RH creating new XX countryside endless a revolutionary new year see beginning We Wall and Street of hospitality plans history; featured designed in $XXX globally, by The our of UK past of and the The England, the of of experiences RH phase online. available Aspen. RH Milan unlike debut RH very products, Modern members former all brand brand. an XXth the significant travelers galleries the million disrupted concepts gallery introduction luxury average disruptive the the Caviar evolving were experience customers, and available inclusive Caribbean. $XX The market; the first the activate ambassadors organization many year of in a build the expansion are both for plans Paris, and Magazine that and be Journal an the GXXX these travel elevate world With this of highlighting to to RHX virus, spaces, will a RH most a XX-acre to our is the two expand restaurant integrated delivery will will enhanced unique connection create RH our volumes The featured RH already and in historic annually and Digest, later titles has Interiors Francisco The pages the and in and Guesthouse will future this at investments Report, to the four-wall charter Park, yacht world. of in opportunities profitable Rob charter by approaching with extraordinary praised of customized of our model, and were generated and lift-off it. Besselhem for compelling the home. dramatic our believe and of of and The Aynhoe of our not Architectural the at continued RHX, will of Gulfstream places, include christening the next our in

locations of the our secured Center, are in Dusseldorf opening galleries for The Palo galleries purchase at RH Alto, in Brussels lease Additionally, gallery represent productive Madrid, and highly Stanford in we and will the galleries. and London, France. next of for evolution which Munich Paris, prototype negotiations or Milan, Shopping have

Now business move outlook. me let to our

enter recognize and come, the years and factors that rising we internal external inflation, -- While elevate continue for expand to create that also several plan global record to will unrest interest rates with are confidence as our XXXX there such we efforts RH uncertainty.

economic on take we outcomes the to economic business of a expansion, we Although or may it scale, times contraction do of whether dislocation. themselves, advantage model, predict to have the macro that sheet present the lack ability and be balance opportunities strategy

late the demand first until sales that our first of We of backlog, Ukraine the and trends coincided market it the followed. that due the first February XXXX. providing have normal, to outlook demand conservative While to quarter margin following softening return are and quarter invasion ongoing quarter in remain in we believe prudent relief experienced the is Russia's healthy for with of remain to volatility we trends and

First versus in with XX.X% last the XXXX. revenue growth operating X% margin net XX% with X% XX% XX.X% in year versus the quarter growth last range in to to operating X% of X% net year, a range XX% Fiscal versus to XX% range adjusted revenue XX% the range ago. of adjusted the XXXX versus year, of in to margin in of XX.X%

RH RH Our summer Palo in early England in opening Guesthouse late summer, fourth inclusive Francisco quarter. is of the mid-to-late RH San spring, RH outlook in the Alto and in

and RH to believe vision no business and scaling the with turn and We and the idea there scale and me ecosystem, is of large those no view. those let are and scale Now taste with long taste far-reaching. taste,

taste Our and to both goal brand of we has for world. proven lucrative the as as the the home quest be our continue most in admired to arbiter the build position RH to disruptive

manufacturers, curate on scaling of planet. integrated the RH luxury platform, home most rendering leading the designers, enabling our the work products Our artisans brand across attracts to their valuable and compelling more and collection

Antiques RH expand to Bespoke, the over next with efforts Contemporary, RH & introductions collection other new to RH Our scheduled RH will and elevate RH Couture, the RH of decade. launch collections continue Color, Atelier and Artifacts, our

galleries every vast assortment $X unlock $XX billion billion generating of Our to $X to globally. immersive revenues open to design value and plan in market $XX will in North billion major our of America the billion

as strategy to a and spaces building the leader, places, RH an by Our selling and product RH, place conceptualizing curating to establishes brand that taste of selling ecosystem the maker. services thought spaces global and and is move beyond products, brand

more Our interior galleries, more by services design our products are elevated valuable our experience. hospitality integrated seamlessly elevated and further rendered and which rendered inspiring architecturally valuable by and are

walls will and to where in galleries for hospitality four the Our as we extend luxury continue industry. travelers beyond new the our a $XXX of into goal RH billion efforts brand is hotel privacy North market to create RH our elevate Guesthouses, the seeking American

and art wine, existing the amplifying our industries. customers architecture. of and yacht for strategy creating experiences services in Charter the core business, to Valley; our long-term are bespoke while and our elevating where adding design available and jets; our design wealthy in affluent to and architecture new vacation. while interior consumer-facing and is new Caribbean an Mediterranean evolving Youngsville, first and luxury and interior we integration our food, streams, private revenue RH RHX, the landscape architecture, multiple our redefining visit in This RHX, Additionally, and the experiences RH the design immersive an landscape expose like These galleries, platform architecture, authority Napa of and RHX that leads inside disrupting building world's brand

dimension furnishings beyond launch as apartments integrated the Residences, luxury brand. homes, our life begin where and will value comes North moving of into time of and explore spaces, furnished strategy to can the strategy RH by launch market market we World time that consumers. we RH, $X.X starved to The digitally with our housing be with services depth full and discerning online Our home and the portal the taste to circle of $XXX inspired trillion come fully The and deliver billion conceptualize an as American customers condominiums entirety sell of

world design. will a RH and Our most of who authority the architecture platform as are leaders celebrate that innovative an Media, arbiter we introduced when further and content taste influential the amplified will be shaping

world to billion ecosystem opportunity and the the trillion market $X billion to to to X% market $XX of plan expand trillion, today. represents, multiplies global Our of the valuable in $XX share $XXX the A by most address opportunity. a one any globally, the largest RH brand

Hermes, so, an Taste by dream, ecosystem to in be doing than better that can the no elevating of RH we and one spaces curated services and unlike in design, any the at places, with a to. mountain thoughtfully Our Chanel from and of creating inclusive and mountain. peer. customers elusive, building live world. world Climbing Cartier, RH, Piana, create travel dine, Louis products, attempted to makes make taste was brand Harry brand brand want to you to an rendering Vuitton positioned a inspires connection luxury and top by believe emotional and our Martin luxury ecosystem brand the the is [indiscernible], to no other Aston born to Every to valuable. do way has life before Loro nor Winston climb, brands luxury of a the the Never other more

from at their forced tip their to requiring not to We our extraordinary top reconsideration we what are and are work that hat the a those We nor to that capable who of, be their of respect. understand we neighborhood mountain has and invited parties. of are it so the creates

the a cap ascent, brand [indiscernible] transforming of $XX of the And a air million the a world. for and become vision with XX of of by leads individuals slim. XX the the in by persistence, lessons of not mountain. leading box our tissue the We as bankrupt and lessons organizations, Onward cover detergent by this The one reaching managing builds that passion thin mental business. the odds gets by the the developed a up in laundry and also business RH, we the the be and with journey on to nearly luxury catalog and the home They be classroom learnings, market appreciate into must required began of the continue is that the years the courage this cultures strength or top development faint character and and times Carpe knocked we climb heart. ago, XX can't down earned forms and team scar diem. a or in moral learned and getting that getting building

questions. to open call we'll the operator, Now


the of [Operator Instructions] Steven Our from Citi. first comes line with question Zaccone

open. is line Your

Steven Zaccone

very Hey, afternoon, everyone. Good much. Gary, thanks

you revenue expectations. year First just little more bit question, can a elaborate full the on

what $XXX the the demand full quarter? fulfilled for just how and being understand business. year So, you. seeing outlook terms factors your the despite in of softening you're newness started February the the Maybe first backlog guidance, the all Thank million that the that us year of into balance in of in help versus

Gary Friedman

Well, rates. rising everyone is X%, kind we're that the and Yellen, prudent increase ago, of view the going isn't the said it two too softness X.X%, clear our we've interest fact guidance. based going we weeks of now saw too market And was later, to to take newness of And Jerome a followed. even they Powell in inflation it's conservative believe though we that you've to weeks it's went X%. is this all interest rate as our to at you've softened the But And disruption. two it it Janet implied beginning -- conflict back And or and time I volatility that of long. years on now we've think when said, it's -- to and X.X%. business to And since saying got the got have kind the many waited to also got now the going not was X% X% consider

Not to you've to had rates a and Fed be don't math. business things I a got by everything. aggressive five sure. to sustained a When would war people So, during out a Ukraine think attention it's XX just slow of to Fed history that where pessimist, I four How There we are period. stop to point, mean tell tell invasion. and became normal? lot period, and need the have by is to it consistent don't will, recession. we returns but we to been be? know, if points, interest of Not us going reckoning lot saw times And to the raises a a It's of over there, relatively our invasion fact. And you pay that guys just you sure. XX news and And the a and Russia compounded I noise a about

and So war. pray as -- for like look, I peace we tend for plan say, to to

believe our balance of most product we one strategy, a hand of in And we We exciting lineup experiences the this the got history so, best We've got company. business industry, initiatives, going sheets year. believe the of our best the the have ROIC into we've in industry. great highest model, our the best in

of ourselves game kind And So a whatever happens. on putting happens, position to we're win. just in

Steven Zaccone

just had question Thank for helpful I very that. international. on detail. margins Yeah, a that's you the for

for should same How think I said these initial the the margin said for as bit the can margin Europe dilution of I think you've assume the way, little do operating years? openings So year just profile higher guess, there's opening you given this about the another from you than past Europe then next we guidance US. some the profitability UK a year? few we in should of the in curve and that be for next or

Gary Friedman

brands an a all is brand But has would say, value-creating that spent It's back. versus of business of we first a way There's be shareholders. less their brand many And the easier ton years license buying a their control it. long-term to for a going our money of demonstrated way, learn franchise globally taking to not the the of history done profitable together, of others, which and licensing the that that lot and or right assumption. and the believe their and great brands we've we're ours history like Yeah, I'd brand right? brand expanding time

to what exactly, accretive done it time earnings that's would study we're you So as going math the other's believe, say the like. Look, first be – of the will we've it's this. curve long-term But what look we to is models. kind

realize Europe. we've lot And there's this got as we of it become closer. a get excitement as brand kind we meet in than talk we'll we week consumer. brand any a people. affinity have don't opening for more greater -- We of what think awareness every on target brand people to awareness we've month, So we – to relatively but our communicate with anybody view I the think phone, and There's evolves. And better – I greater are as high of RH every confident

say, So scale the And retailer we States, it's we closing if not of we kind we United believe our of are is We're a operating of are still is just and business. not feel where to that in And long today, business to be term, of their I'd right? you stores, kind accretive very to confident. going growing. complete think about optimize We're still a that shrinking margins. kind

a lots and that and going top top have And luxury could some just US to dollars here to do see as in think of operating higher level. have scale. that, should transform And models the like the possibly product a we We billion transform We go of that evolve, of you about best several long-term to be have that, of kind to approaching being when in new accretive and with galleries XX%. margins world. can more model looks we're our international of on continues accretive on the

has out, it in Vuitton, has margins operating the Chanel a of margins the the segment to models times, individual margins mid-XXs. look mid-XXs. LVMH, kind operating in has great segment in -- kind Ukraine, the low multi-branded of and you but get business mid-XXs. if If margins And at Hermès in great operating lost Gucci you of businesses in has operating lot right? brands and brands, the mid-XXs. or Because Louis

actually cars. few access by think to to of view. think a watch brands quite or you a of -- a think consumer if apparel access of if brands from you back have sector There's brands, and lot from, competition for There's, wealthy point lot if luxury the sector, you the stand a about about also jewelry an of lot a luxury about those we choice scale. of So and way, just they the

of is stand you think about, at world, it's fully void. think void. luxury integrated luxury home mountain brand and really a the If big the you furnishing the and okay, big luxury in back a who if about, It's top the design,

control You've category of in kind of got their mean, example, their They're category, are take a distribution. four they have that just that for that America, brand. points niche of it, those little currently small, They distribution. think very brands portfolio franchised XX of relatively if don't I I points distribution out. have, XX, don't of control of points scale, Italia, of control B&B B&B you have they fragmented call of very of North distribution, kind

categories. design that's that, brand of Italia, the is in bunch thrown think, and in like all they one upholstery their you've brand FLOS other something got, but places. And best I So probably cover the has some don't the a Lighting. it's around they're then the group category, that's global B&B industrial And like

are to stuff Some of other throw trying kind things, what to people yeah out together do. figure and

market. a taken of Frank not trying businesses the many place building categories, model. competitors I of start galleries, real for long a unwinding estate people our model we to I And concepts bigger, awareness, and America, XX% I in we've going like, them exciting selling square are XX,XXX going really We're what journey, bigger. connect okay today crappy look When trying in are only move great And business, to We're shitty a they're are feet really something time XX,XXX It physical argue. we're The what a our taking the Sinatra lots to of that years of to and them of to mean most all XX% to to it of of kind making you a promotional experiences going have a understand them making spend internationally, part and them. from business, have way, to like But in little brand to product, our like customers. this we business, membership reposition to it's and like taking with choppy, not build not a I'd experiences legacy mean, and our dominant and XX-year shy we're into in our exciting and haven't spending XXX% not bigger. and that at other turning the to just we foot, And going our not bankrupt, at of where brand X,XXX are just lead, with just environments capable a to of. physical when says it's and we're category, stores necessarily exit lots kind small that kind or -- building. start across see galleries but players physical unwind, takes this an small. consistent greater had remodeling interactive and and kind to North the greater not those which experiences in affinity. so people to like, do bring not hospitality in of say we're is way, in getting experiential brand space, right? people create a we're they're I look kind X,XXX a then, And to sector. industry People it going and see just people not journey any

like you legacy Europe a -- got people other been people the are who we've going you with of any us even when positioned plagued and meaningful have US. in the to think do you or kind So, other they and very to people mall walk there's about you where today, Those are the who of people I and of way, that we and the in three store against us being kind not there's positioned being know pick think them other our and in best want old international nor identity, to really with today, aren't compete depending not four taking names.

internationally, nobody distribution. ago. years of There's like kind XX And so scale. of where were Most of control them so most it's of their And fragmented. them, we they're don't

for no the maybe opportunity think like just this the other is globally in brand brand I So, world.

How there? say, other that stop it, just take to you all their not their level? think product business -- over brands brands have? and category Europe. levels? going model like we really How Like We're who the going and we X% there it grow is EBITDA high are the If any with over there the in going of negative trying are not like to the about many leading trying in close and to there you control that with control Europe. is platform XX% with EBITDA. brand, on have? at grow owns How we're over EBITDA, you We're Who like

in it so yes, we because great we just So, just anybody get have -- I so it are about such but thinking a long we've position. long. studying And really us think don't and been for

when you I see is then we've really just ever anything a take And in competing So here -- you guys that. and a to better you what from coming. America to if us. with I say be what's I'd close don't in we're doing of view Europe in competing North wouldn't inherently. -- thought be in be done. just you you us next Europe physical want to in mean point And It's than I tell -- kind mean, competing us with don't want with want category, look. I to of Europe. that just our

it. So there you have

Steven Zaccone

of detail. great. Yes, Best that year. Appreciate the this all luck was


you. Thank

question comes of Guggenheim next Our Securities. line with from Forbes Steven the

if mute. line open. to Your is Check on is line your see

Steven Forbes

me? Can you hear

Gary Friedman


Jack Preston

Yes, Steve. we hear can you,

Steven Forbes

that. about Sorry

new focus on to wanted product I launches. So the

impact? the environment the the update conceptualize to specific the the color And can us has collections, can, the impact of to is you you also chain or in Any supply try of any timing in new breadth the current if Gary, collections on launches, these elevated way. anticipated in launches as Contemporary So Modern on Interiors. then we whether and

Gary Friedman

and launches. mean impacting late somewhat do Of together. coming the a everything What fragmented little you as it's it's course, I think? is

kind very the really we of -- So through. went greatly. quarter sourcing like some or would yes, impacted of country variant when mean, kind look, be the just you have before the it a But out have all think lot, of it -- And the have places got liked to It through cooped I the that We Vietnam in March. -- that of big not out ripped US there in the again, would some Contemporary we about fourth of quickly. just I kind up. it China, of US think with

So landscape about think we is behind. ours, you business be book to the catalog got about economic into we and want don't you -- big -- careful volatile, want you've just we're if If I economic a we mail months source headwind. want smart a think especially like a landscape couple the of We to be going also, we're as to into.

we're thought we reevaluating XXX Contemporary. with or pages of I We're mean, kind -- So might -- in XXX launch we're our plans. we

going it transportation think by raw it's issues, be I by not more it of been is the caught even all mean everybody think it XXX year. hitting be just of be later. to all materials just caught from might probably because have angles, have to the stuff lucky up mean, up end the we'll pages, many to it's sense the I I late. XXX supply thought we been like be is chain, now. transportation My getting would the to the us. I just And all us

vendors components having their shipped world of all Our to to them. over the all get from

chain kind happening. So of have you puzzle this just compounding supply

you because aggressive a wish but we're rush I being right mistakes So just I didn't. circulation. we pushed let said, have to see. is, can some in modern now it of We'll be interiors running kind the just like don't little would out probably in of we the want first contemporary make We there you it's How before that thing late. you key all We it the with will to take we in half, go half, coming and the conservative. of think kind get kind May. don't stage second stock, the goods book

that's for year. probably to So just also our -- conservative and the view contributed

world manufacturing, of it's just a whether out world on supply never -- we're of chaotic, shifting now. view, it seen in the even the and a execution is Everything projects, sourcing, point galleries, so -- So just the sync in freight. on I've from little chains, honestly, it's right is that -- construction, an the

everybody is So it. with -- but dealing

it's do think how it I intelligent quality. it's And it's in just the I like most to like -- So way. do like you say,

to think for we're bonus to for You, right I get points not quality, wait now. kind just don't going and of, rushing any are. got we

I risk more up think ditch. there's in of winding the

year tend we're more just slowing to more is be I that’s our view, things, to trying spend to thoughtful. of approaching deeply And fewer, chaos else world. customers' want a got big our all where don’t time very a a create down they back view. up. our is trying here get We're lot few important our and This we've thinking lot more world know, big bit. to So make moves. a We about bigger, because of moves moves. but in a We that’s everybody We're things

my than have. see you It's different what right front in news is best So now the you letter news is of in last letter. -- I the

invades And I didn't you've know to to Then Russia you Yellin Paul four last letter, then Omicron got war, inflation boom. says it from and of says hits. If it, goes that sudden, Ukraine, behind. say X.X. how boom, interest read all is to a going we're a the two,

I in now. don't port. chain a And got is. average. at water money. long better. of a It's all. time. weeks thinks what that's I That's chains product of think lot supply lot long time, gotten lot for of a generally I it is our it the -- It's time. we've extra right is getting ships into We've mean five taken supply about everybody a the mean, are there's getting think on a better I

if weeks some some the So steps an steps But the picture, a complex and more puzzle XX coming run time pieces And the be same when you integrated list, behind. it to you all happen. more XX on now, at that right ours, makes just the need doesn't shocked that is paint like time, and year of all to think means on the new, business it everything that difficult. where I'd I

a ask next goes into the that's to year quarter Palo make risk, going year, If what's biggest the not me you anyway. difference Alto but to first of

Steven Forbes

a the think incorporating to of try year Because right? super the contribution like the new prudence contextualize Gary, I you're a as almost we lot of not it appears guide, helpful, from of these you any And on you how standpoint have would behind comment record I how it? define guide bottom-up right? a you mean, sort here. build of prudence from or track the factors, great a

So the holistic guide behind prudency on a in just any thoughts on it? the just context

Gary Friedman

XXXX most think of -- Yes. right disruption and Ukraine because of and from middle -- Well, in Russia, don't XXXX we're think Ukraine we all one in this and the look, I guides I difficult I which it's Russia. it's the since mean probably

Like everybody that I it's triggered of everybody off pay and of greater someone think started ring a awareness. a bell, sudden, sudden, the to attention creates think then the talking and Feds I the like it's this was all races concern. --

what's I've all-time the sustainable? how sense math. other I long that it like don't got inflation prices mean, kind for You've at got seen. the housing make places in highs. and never happening is I Doesn't of housing you've know on sector

think Now do they're understands you make raise I I phone back has how or freight business the an from think How prices. go some mean, I the to -- inflation? and It's just going said, I are and space. coming in people be we're ocean we're new I the How's to to anybody with tricky think think is think, to think going restaurants, what's is I And if less this? our is a was businesses are view, going of telling anybody person going hey, prices and really because everything. understands in and said, either that? I we consumer. don't rates? everywhere, point lot called I a anybody inflation going in cars what going money, How And Fed ocean freight really it's happening to outrun were their don't high signing wonder just X%, up picked to Yellen when contracts, contracts.

to at time, And mean, unpredictable if super I got difficult, kind once. everything got going I you you're you think a into happening just of flexible. is So to be very prepare for war.

play I'd in call a higher that, likelihood wind Be have When anything. like be that ourselves. we we now. for it offense, mean wouldn't ditch And of pensive best mean and to we it's And when playing I got get adapt, by kind up playing but the call by ready I it to don't we outcome. and -- ahead improvise, days. our of right be I usually it's happy ready. You've overcome get optimistic, have days defense. able to overly

but container most some can price went the of X,XXX the us and down all Ukraine if everything, signed ago, world years to X,XXX? sign in So of I if ends don't freight I war -- inflation the contracts. miraculous way, everybody slows for new freight Two new know, from contracts because, mean,

Jack Preston

that. About

Gary Friedman

just to let's have to. But Yes, like not doubled. I'm nice Yes. just going you went tell increase. say a that what it looked

So and It's us. everybody. it's -- not just

it's to I've guy the that the think, just our and BlackBerry, room. maybe and wasn't like going XX big years they're Gary never here, that down his going just the And they'll It's of either I So more up -- to told $X goes, to be everybody -- the do they're right their the you've or margin people -- are value goods guy -- is And I then the going just prices never a XX view ask and honest. it's down So are real know from But XX%.' talking, is guy buyback to ballroom billion transparent 'Can never their Stearns you take the or Short, and going question, there, better In change. we of your to sir? he us. in in quality of think not uncertain, things, hurt now. look I've hit right? my to won't -- take think there again, this like -- this a balanced it's stock never But to have ran to I've try Bear and minutes stupid of take in like on And everybody it's industry. is I like is excited. excited. more and I not I they going because everybody he's talk been one every people them, everybody. to one going and scene someone I saying their up where Friedman is been tend look, I've also make don't things out stock take stock, want is profile -- been I have and just take to in Big like to prices think like think up to been I where scare I about to don't The

Steven Forbes

Gary. Thank helpful. of Super luck. you, Jack, best


you. Thank

comes next the Our question of from with line Yih Adrienne Barclays.

open. is line Your

Adrienne Yih

think Jack, sounds events you for individuals. how we hey, my worth, net about high somewhat market Gary, volatility, in business, brutal Gary, I two so like you net That plans there? Hey, tend past And the out, be impact taken in baked guess the RH was seen billion is much the that of housing, to honesty, And are have is then, necessarily your thanks it. would worth potentially Francisco I high-end guidance? hear what ultra-high that is, the yet, the to but the guide? question talked have much. which And the haven't second deceleration in awesome. we loan $X much then that very term you on San into that Thank Josh,

Gary Friedman

we're tell Thank I in I Look, I I really you. view baked inflation -- the but a just more a yourself, that in today? evolving. had just going mean, said, you. Yes. a plan There's Thank have thinking I best like position time all What's our wish changing. lot happening us -- a you and to next there's build lot like a you. it? puts trying where to mean is What's they to to report win. what's ask

move we can't until to we're to things it. and do. you mean environment can to can. to trends nor like anybody can one it. your going We we generally we all about it, position know. that see right. right? and a just forecast to ever a in then to gets when macro in and themselves. also capitalize trying little may if to the trying do big We're -- you're and you can't wait opportunities call more take don't points I it. I position see that's the We we business it, Fed in prepared, to like overnight, everything until move, it. Janet them. we a aggressively, win, just say, news impact really be No thought see there's in We're do be when see move. world. can't it So little So people. right we we'll a advantage When present unrest on move and Yellen But to And until be on can But XX really some to any these do I hard now, drops XX patient. you of any going think don't we're this don't look we slow

Just you got to change doing. what you're

won't change If things you change. things, don't

is conversation go. excited it's changing excited with We're to we're XX adjusting in never my Board. -- improvising my years, -- my been more similar career. entire in like I a this was, and said we So had help. as 'Hey, things. opening look, I But We're our

how rising things rates, so all the forth. there a the fall all get the is Almost and interest really things in runaway they everything -- in weeks, by of hot, why, -- the When that too you and next Here's happening happening, most of And wealth XX and also things way. so thing. What's in few it. housing read say what's because but the is you, things stuff. on I cool. get A unrest, happening all good inflation, usually market happening

great mean, like scare it. prices last can bids want that don't the other multiple The we to to this, see. side people. to like wasn't I again, time you, went you numbers just this, had I trying a not time the see I'm tell last houses So -- up

economy. new things -- driving of but productivity, economy. kinds of things different. are there's We're in businesses. There's again new the So creation, an new of kinds kinds There's wealth

we good don't don't or know. Like one the I it's to parts know. you have we'd Ukraine I we questions -- have spent know of you have whether of maybe through our -- time we and don't stuff a love know. wrote that you mean, there and today. the economy don't a I other does is sooner. asking be guys things enough business I settled a So the slowdown, lot be Is view, if in motor gets We guys recession, one that should points what the everything of hear should I we think.

Jack Preston

loan term about I also how opportunistic. be of I that think plan allow we're Look, think see the And provide optionality not question. answers Adrienne, to it. moving us And to thinking until for we the the Gary to raised summarized capital well sort we

we move, when So know. you'll

Adrienne Yih

the But any early? plans converts retire to

Gary Friedman

sell that's I've to happen all Yeah, a me million stock, got kinds in the But X shares in have happening. those options in to of buying roughly at one of probably can things. to expiring conflicts have you CEO our look, company, the that you've position stock do appropriate be right? got too things It's when and All back many you have selling you time the not can't things stock. also, -- you've is things, windows putting

Adrienne Yih


Gary Friedman


there's right of complete about, to just lot things all we those decisions. on flexibility yeah, so think got a have So you -- don't

the then no, sell we out, the be and believe, an I way -- there's The I that's but stock, years past maybe look, doesn't let we'll XX And make expire. the great decisions found I didn't IRS go thing. options. thought wouldn't And If options you the make IRS we'll can to stock. extend shareholders. so -- for our actually I selling have I some

is in this of to have out to it's flexibility. November it better So we so of can year, operating try option I get my way, more expiring and the think

constrict a So actually us my situation bit.

Adrienne Yih

much for very all helpful. Got very it. Thank you It’s information. the


Thank you.

Bank with America. question the comes next Our of Nagle line from Curtis of

is line open. Your

Curtis Nagle

question. Thanks taking much for Great. the very

state of the do in three. through malaise, fragmented. the you luxury of chain, US, have know, guess, at of over share? changed about next, in How we've thinking a So, and obviously, volatility, opportunity the of guess, maybe past, you gone here, of guess, has supply a years think I plays might yes, industry of here know, going as it's to a don't and pretty thinking the two guys sort premium of you cynically lot don't think kind thinking I noise I that things, the bigger stuff. on the thinking on, end least call, thinking about that still to out? couple Gary, How about detail of take of about do I just, kind I lot all sorts the

Gary Friedman

about I to three next we two think years. great feel the

cost I you or -- and make of we're one to all mistakes. make the the difference like the share can going environment. lot permanent. model it up and kind supply war thing chain, in Its between I that. these Curtis, inflation So, everything temporal there's business things just take of None way going strategic mistakes environment, kind -- tell in that company mistakes. possible a at lot stuff to and my any and it's all company, everybody only a of of think, this else, their issues, on mistakes of some is more in my a the the any And navigate the -- Again, money your best is whether you than mistakes the -- are once. we'll It's have it's And screw mistakes. just lot their in

looking team, have time. here, over of me, here we not our years, XX been a been Stef, been their short this longer here a of decisions. at Stefan thousands XX is leadership is who people here ERI right? determined on little a as who's I've think, decisions. period want collectively, XX has great So, years. than Duban, here for And Gallery long-term has we make livelihood We're And Officer, I I'm that in Chief to our company been

Eri Chaya


Gary Friedman

who's or Jack, mean, He years. XX, technically. was XX I with not BofA really here XX been take…

Jack Preston

plus three with… Nine at RH

Gary Friedman

Sandy. Helen -- Yes. Sandy and

Sandy Pilon


Gary Friedman

We Yes, our be tend -- I here a more to long going lot years, here time. There's in go room XX more we're be in to time. people long People -- Chief room. Officer. I a a around. been mean, the we've people but

ones. trying term, playing for we're to big the going direction kind kid of vector that we're that long make of we've good, good I and made and really we're decisions the So think really change the some of

right operating little we're accelerate we've a here have I don't We say, than increase best done. lot model that oh, next really vector better can making got why and think performance a the not sit this that and think now that's significantly we person. big we've a best next And than person. better It's we best more. operating the that's XX% moves the our We ever made is margin.

It's of could time, might the think there. you any that right just So, keep who's I another going confusing. frankly. could at get it's We antennas up, now. and you've going bounce a things for could Right is get to maybe there's luck. of better, to better. it's giving got prepare are eyes not things the really just a better. talking get mean, right business never is a I interest I'm look, Good that XX -- see our great now. now, anything saying lot quite you've We But anybody sitting lot thing. think operating about to guidance points It's to your And X got happen. it's right? not a end, now right back. to out your bit that rates Rising again, margin, We're open, war

of X%. interest last got rates, a the of years rate we've laid don't three be the really average graphs. and interest all rising interest might economy. away over big the We've look, all We've years before patterns all it patterns. I the at looked Now, rates the always out take in hit know. the There's the US like graphs all XX was the

on Buffett then. just know Munger XXXX, was it it's a push in scare I business But handful. time like I a this trying I to George was I funds and everybody not to the that, a in XX the except time. XXXXs, don't I in call, everybody call when don't That's XX%? was rate XXXXs last federal have this doing. was look, Soros and didn't it think okay? of Warren like in When's almost didn't I'm X% the rate. lot wisdom what and XXXX go How the You anybody. funds years today, I kid, of old for looks last know, people out federal Charlie there's there's the

see I much in than XXXX, my wise. into get picture. 'XXs, worked my of today. a start my started in in seeing field XXs, old of years bigger XX I 'XXs just a can of a I and I I of kind they're really got see picture. could In wisdom and And late lot playing old get really shit your kind do bigger a back had years If could. In I've you wisdom, think I XX somebody and go, gained If I my you of XXXX, in XXs, I and XXs get with bigger and done anything. hard. years your XXs, much like to was didn't wisdom kind better. look I

a that and seen time of six interest five has think seen anybody up happening a So times lot year? Nobody seven two year of I four, here are When's seen that? has Nobody this. years go rates or next this seen times in today. the people haven't a lot just things has last row and

play game money. saying, coming. the than just do? be be and more Do of if we just happier things make Again, Other be brighter, more lot I might trying we they we a but than the to uncertain, numbers too and exciting story. better I me. game, drum I'm the okay we're can I'm conservative, that's I way look, to think So don't couldn't banging look, have a have honest. that's the play excited, We'll more so. completely just people And be

Curtis Nagle

certainly For the long-term sure. view. appreciate And

of, terms last that be follow-up taken the residual guess, one right, guidance, pricing Just year. from in probably I price may quick you including just in from

continued coming cost in As costs lots of you mentioned, or increases. new

the – no? our guide in So round of increases the or XXXX included price

Gary Friedman

and evolving bigger into again, Yeah, model points right? model. included for we've evolving And general, selling fewer So Like are multiple in been guidance. still higher years, branded got everything we're to orders. customers, our we luxury in this price business the a has

ours I highest products ever the ever we've goods price had. a So be the different. is had. they best-selling get quality mean, is the It's points tend ever highest those to we've little Contemporary When we've had. we right

best-selling sofa our expensive most sofa. is Our

others positioned up better probably been we've take we're prices so because to up – for taking when prices So years. than

– event kind So it's and industry, car. in right? It's our buying, of buying like a

not car. car You're the of need the price at until looking you the

at the looking price the until need not the You're furniture time furniture. all you of

other a So positioned better as little I other relates think we're than it to and categories price industries increases.

That's and going so to have and are these and going from forth. But of materials are on oh, what's world go kind so if price down. earnings going can mean, price And disciplined say, today, absorb in we on We big. be we're be to up about it. prices and the real forth, on increases mean, are you pretty bigger. taking BS increases this – can from I suppliers – everywhere. so to of when I impact going what's the so they're you We're and kind and like freight not, are raw happening

smaller, and recently, and just – the so taken at we a almost And on so move and ask years while, and maybe XX% lower-margin a term? for then people do launched, average, to began out to this bigger were almost to ago, come but accelerated and in the I And prices positioned or the higher a is, I question Modern years higher-margin want business? Modern six forth. the And really sales, have six, chase XX not seven do that's some do that, and want yes, something was for membership of when view seven really I so launched want business cases. ago, for Modern years on we two ago years like to long times we've

I don't out the to be, and what are trying I mean, know. guidance So know yes, I and exactly going all but you model that's guys it's right. figure the -- to

smart, think to and I mind big business I of moves right any think something, things our moves. them, really we do change of back big picture weeks we in and right details that's get big big the the did And It's something, are right all if can moves. now. decided lost just big making ago. how evolve. And we the in change important kind the make and all not moves pull the But we'll on decisions the our based

getting probably when Unless mean, did later, probably little hadn't we yet. ones people I been So real mean, only a got surprised that trends slowdown we're seen people -- if what know, hit the now. our report? places, too. So right? and don't be to there's other happening. broader is But it's I in like I've just was I'd heard probably the reported industry, a the I in other be we're right

Curtis Nagle

you. it appreciate Fair Gary. enough. Thank Much


you. Thank

Our comes line with next Lasser of UBS. Michael from question the

open. is line Your

Michael Lasser

lot Thanks Good for taking question. morning. my a

So presumably, that seen on XX-point XX demand you've Gary, you slowdown, say to comp. when that's a

of there comps view the that financial position, these a demand year raised year-over-year? over and is few last And this merely your they be spot. or core into in significantly is your Is environment, that strong uncertainty the purchases prices lot down the now responding in very customer been a so are good where a possibility came being there that is So customer it in have your are would a counterargument while the weeks? the actually trending is high-end housing that? deferred, that Are pretty to market

Gary Friedman

many distraction think? bit could mean, the be Michael. the you could It of do I be so I don't everything. it a could war. little things, be of What know. It

points. -- -- I between we not dislocations to been a demand. has giving got biggest that demand color not our actually one we're also there really there's -- XX give We're hit So guiding And and and XX revenues. demand of the by you wanted to change. just

be to I that think going for it's way everybody.

where -- we look, doesn't just So try we that and just say, that's might eight to 'hey, mean it is. transparent be wanted up demand on because and to

and we to oh, back what's know quarter transparent when could to happening. say, let So really be down we want and trying been a for the And shareholders several has demand come don't for yes, we're you last people have. didn't I whole tell well, next our with months. yes,

whatever. probably going We for going these didn't have clients I got it, truth, just this. stocks again, playing everybody's easy mean to transparent. and in be there's we're today. to got times and know and So I you run. hit for I the I mean, And we're long to of the out I'm say stock our all shareholders. tell aren't

and first talking demand. strong. better The sales ones talking to continue the saying about in Well, comparatively are demand. we're people, they're sales, think I they're we're up to our going against, what QX about relatively strong sales

in it's like just truth. don't have to they Do that's has So -- do what the what know. got right you got. so Will -- this consumer the We three acting if not change it now, they it they're because like months?

Michael Lasser

across is said Trager, the there I That's reported last Company as also and three super board, that you weeks not only patterns or the the across seeing I slowdown. week, pretty slowdown the Grill consistently mean a any that you're have well, big this one. helpful. Are you last seen categories the can see

broader as So, right point it and trend, you this out a it's to is for probably well.

you guess, to run? And risk can the margin the to the and year, opportunity what flex geography? any to -- XX% prolonged target over I to is you what that category gets operating seeing worse, grow provide is for P&L? question an So from on long did there that this flavor how you're have that understanding then XX% this will obvious degree a base your by is If you downside

Gary Friedman

We've year, will shoes other that like be well, the are looks depends and counter things like that industry are stick. the into It goods to happen, all When entire this our that any this down on stays We've to it if don't things temporal. are everybody don't initiatives going -- they we We down. this Look, I this. adjusting there usually think numbers got come going in -- dropped. new got play.

So, you we now. I right for this have all is mean,

view. quarter, have I a Jack, think don't to-- much you we'll want So, know, And I do next better

Jack Preston


Michael, obviously, On don't those the categories kind items. and geographies, of we

And of there's model then, down just margin, if L. headlines a no there time, an generally, think sits I major extended P& obviously, that's well, there. is I risk strong for mean, period the risk the if

we'll you that update happens. but extent -- to So the

Michael Lasser

Understood. Good luck. much. Thank you so

Gary Friedman

Michael. you Thank Okay.


Thank you.

from Haskett. question line comes Chuck Gordon Grom with next the Our of

line is Your open.

Chuck Grom

a Thanks lot.

your that could just if potentially XXXX behavior some to context of continue business and that decline to Gary, the in wondering, theme, in cited. December on when to that you seen I contrast this Just compare of weeks was of you consumer unfortunately. XX% the XX% you've recent

Gary Friedman

like Well, to XX% XX% a XX% looks to a decline. decline XX%

So, different there's that factors very to contributed that.

play all will like right out like is those unknown. kind of how the So focused again, But now. major of we're on kind

our that making. horizon focus think a big on and is I the longer much we're really moves

disruptive. going we've best the work be So up, a share. incredible we've got Yes, balance We're best that's to an that we're going strategy. term, done. win, we're expansion sheet. yes, no global the we're teeing take ever short happens model. We've a We've what to market got to great We've going matter got got

those it This them you try just win But a do. sit would doing the nothing's seen. happening, things right? wrong not go is first the you're is to if and This act them. to thing we've rodeo whatever, -- of headwinds. seen to going like some So through Now headwind, here we've into be and not I'm you through navigate just

know, our compares different don't what margin so were it And company. XXXX -- different was XXXX? XX? circumstances, to like a but different how They time. operating I both in down, We're

Jack Preston


Gary Friedman

XX.X%. were XX, XXXX, profile. different yes. a operating cash different. in margin we an Yes, things of flow lot had had A of We

We operating XXXX. today. got margin we've estate strategy better capital We're in got return have things in XXXX. were on in XX invested open We've We've all higher ever a to got real than we than had. more pipeline than smarter an exciting better had. the we've than a We've and

It about we're to a you may we're answers. the super the guys best asking sound me But pump. like place keep excited. working butts So you degree tremendously right -- questions excited We're am. giving the I not here. most same off a And our now, I'm

tone. me talk different want little If probably things, or about get you'll you to about other a bit more a Europe more to of

we specifically mean the we -- don't in XXXX, have now. I've times? I No. the rates they're 'Hey, don't know, I raise have of There's see different. a in numbers. X Did we that And very inflation that's know is Jack, I we X different we're the did caution at have have I'd see right in what seen to say, environment. just behind?' cycles today? or No. interest enough So levels say anything of say. the Did different mean, Chair Fed the And way to Yes, I we we it's lot the No. Fed advised something -- going things

Chuck Grom

Got it.

I think we all appreciate honesty. your

Just spot. maybe the on picture brighter a bigger

the You $XXX for TAM RH called Bespoke. out million

say, can can quickly, the the years? you three out you five over to ramp, that on talk build quickly how Just next,

Gary Friedman

know. don't I

it's We on knock opening, wood. have our first like one

extraordinary. it's think I

some we've best one always this extraordinary how done. I we work out And is we've think -- do we've of things remarkable learned is monetize the work, ever and figured it. when the to of

the very York ways. in They're in micro XX got We've are Privacy architected that don't market. privacy. a Aspen social everyone. second Internet it's our and lot that's New going It's and is have year they're it a anybody's for I media, rooms. incredible in rooms and be kind a of one privacy in -- thing away similar architect no We thing one one on of rooms for privacy. coming one's a believe is that's to given but big behind that's everybody ever has a got nine the seen. both We hotel. Aspen, think There experience hospitality has

everyone. So about you anything can Google

price to yet. get for different get think else we anything that now. the a the can an a place going It's unlike have rooms, a haven't world. we point in doing if work. And we that's love the it’s a concept, it it's all we’d sold you believe been think, we -- can And in privacy to So, think And know, to I stay, things be we're room done we're But at important and we we market monetize. we're going creating hospitality. what market is really never don't

opened restaurant haven't We the yet.

our in the first that's that have that tremendously restaurant concept Francisco. we new San restaurant We Bespoke our gallery exciting. put live-fire in like It's

I think it's got wide a really net.

night We've We're fine-tuning it's every ourselves. internally food. scratch eating in been there doing it delicious every detail. think I from and almost

of an and And incredibly the so is a think design we world levels, elevate in taste style on RH stuff and for of brand exciting and us to be Guesthouse the concept going and lot like place that. will the and making

have going to but the what we're can for to we perceived it So modeling world. we're price could and if a closer we We're ways, of I we've think now. of brand kind real done. we've can It's to it how it's long to And not work we're see and it, mean, impact right we're works billion the it, thought not our the done. are RH work a about work in huge planning ago. we now be a then best -- -- it could on ever again, and saying, done sitting is too the it's going be It's I business. not it this of go how best But there billion that's build $X in $X way think only lot that yeah, ever we've I any ever hospitality business,

excited what see get they'll the we'll consumers So about tell And how it. think. to us

Chuck Grom

Thanks right. a lot. All

Gary Friedman

Thank you.


Thank you.

Our last question with the line of Brad KeyBanc from Thomas comes Capital.

line Your open. is

Brad Thomas

any up that Thanks good afternoon. are and I on chain RH provide question. if Hey, see how points standpoint, of on knowing more taking what for might we there's here like you're color you new follow-up expect to the what supply the hoping could anything a was continent Gary, things be here. price from States? should shaping logistics versus initially England and the see different delivery And terms in time in there customers United of relative or

Gary Friedman

the table. things Fernando just good. mean, across looking Well, got look us look, I'm he's at that updated I him back.

Fernando Garcia

absolutely. Yeah,

Gary Friedman


and We'll end. to that part COVID we'll it in evolves. able looks inventory. side taking I the from don't chain world think go is like, The The have see And supply be a and we're living we'll a got experiences many kind I ready has execute. But control, like at chain construction RH hospitals far, costing have not the a hospitality But any a about Altogether, think longer more. we of today so of ready. I think property. construction, deliver how XX-acre be to We'll kind going supply our the as opening open about it's big three bit to state. to of It's we've a restaurants trying England store. think think of Like, or like there's, five on to Like, six everything that how have. we that. I once. we're on

are room. have a We'll, mean, be fun Like got I the We've be next The to interactive picnics it and else this the that don't we the We make may going juicery. team got to I summer. we might think I season. think that's Restaurant, this The We've -- yeah, to experience. got be we've got happening. is the will be Boulangerie the weekend place. I yeah, But got we but a going Conservatory time. mean, got something the -- is going room, Conservatory. on it's come that The wine restaurant going -- tea just for to fun We've What lines like The really next Lodhi.

state. see great of we beautiful incredible light. our gives I well, It's lot it come. be to a It incredible to think product a are views. if is a to people environment It do going going beautiful, has

biggest We deer all white of in Europe. have of heard the

park have that We deers a graze deer it. on

us or The have and kind the yeah, it's great a there luxury what most not You look like at of we're a sit world the lets be it's -- Lodhi, externally. Grade in running picnic get views. all all behind, start. But, look always building. great, going going a internally unusual We you have they to a store is views bit this think deer, have listed and at call the off or it say we're to one The to spectacular. going a I Conservatory the to And sit And in

it us like all listed you have Grade that's put in upset, to in When building, but England sudden project. -- get our bit. down get easiest they've listed the not Buckingham a and don't building. process, Just to anybody it's approvals to the look, people to COVID forth. they've about working Palace perspective, been tremendous, so -- of changes it's a historic just but England any But with is make anything, and the a Grade is want a excited with one and on I And slower a been we're and so one say in slowed

And of So to open, late-summer. the we're be we whenever be But key. that's of may will spectacular. hit really get kind rushing kind mid-summer, it could

You don't like this. on chance a get first second make something impression a to

to thought August. we're proud but a get long to is in going be don't shot it -- everybody could I So be opens, it July, of June, now, to our it think could I it. Whenever opened probably It's going get organization whether it be know. June I

think – which Area mask was announced 'okay, they a party wasn't mask. said, in our years. of to opened be came party have Bay any California didn't you our haven't had work. a And Art in best of It we you of our the of it. San few And that to customers opening new in I We've the a really it are -- are we If two it. having think opening galleries, did just about San a we're we going the bunch of going RH Northern to Francisco, I Francisco, our shareholders We proud hometown. be be once excited will best in work. to of wear

record in So an there, experience new restaurant incredible that's wine We most built. up, gallery new -- Palm in there's and Court, mailed we and it called brand exactly I wine do enhancer French get on with even we extraordinary stuff got what's have most done. to is spectacular. the might that's and few the just caviar but areas, it's the wasn't that can't an the incredible we've rooftop then The negotiations, Tower. entirely the take bars going ever even the though coming I It's party changing one, of new you But had -- those But It's very a right? we we used that If mean, to because X looks Eiffel everything the date, set mean, have and champagne a of coming close when still to Francisco. downtown In invites were crown of think And place, We're see, In our you incredible. of is most the But -- I that another views the and just Mayfair make and incredible, the our the have have can't and London of see to San what's experience. everybody after you spectacular possible we right? has say it's country I perspective Paris doing Eiffel the I for with your this we're when Paris, extraordinary. to we're Paris, wildly years. engagement Paris caviar four in restaurants. stringing top with together -- bar England side. buildings a in so to roof bar RH -- champagne brand. then And in Arts something going in views going in shouldn't Tower. a this how goes views we're keep we're just floor sees Chicago, what it's to the Central more one And you're Paris, to incredible incredible on

and us to kind you came West on week, we'll all give blown if it's here motivate few good, we'll going Coast, when we’ve even think Contemporary the think party I think open, because up last see set on that RH of more let good just anywhere talk a our the to get it's so you not people it's it. designers away. tour I it, got floor, you shocking. we it's know, main want It's think mean the open how house, thing. very, But ago and furniture. they their to cool you're They outstanding. you people done and see It's a house, near whole people their bought if get I very just to there. It's and I the mid-April, we got things out -- no is to were change quality a if matter long I beautiful, new redo

have we're And about So if coming, COVID, there's we a a not really lot that excitement one. of pumped and can no miss party, England. do

Brad Thomas

I If all more times could really are over of have kind structures stuff. perhaps a and in a All had or capital squeeze good years exciting follow-up, different you bad. if bit on the dry, depending

been this now? the environment, about Just that structure where with you've to mean, the in circle question trends capital you loan. back it guess and should term seeing, of on inflation is what look think do I right I the like how

Jack Preston

consistently our not we've that cap capital structure. cap our We a about capital, deployment structure. answered very I'm think I mean, that we target our opportunistically I have -- think sure

changed. So that hasn't

about been last -- raised years the optionality the a we've accomplished provide We attractive very to that. for We think exactly. nine probably capital us at flexibility consistent for rate. going it give that quite and here I forward, some


Brad Thomas

you You certainly much. Thank so did. Great.

Jack Preston

Thank you, Brad.


Basham in Thank queue. had you. It's with Seth Wedbush. another from come the We question

open. Your line is

Seth Basham

some the sales structure Thanks to your cost anything outlook. that's thinking I'm outlook XXXX, talked surprised changing to prior afternoon. to a you if see you about the questions, been the are brought up December. in materially operating us guidance. point wondering in relative belabor to expanding good in your margins last more I'm lot, margin by in muted regards but and just for to Not when

For that you. or along back in example, those Thank the distribution you're cutting some of else anything of sources you're lines? planning

Gary Friedman

revenue operating looked just modest what relatively I've since had significant XXXX and growth. think at us margin We've pretty I like expansion. Well,

developing help of of know Guesthouse. middle many that of over maybe over for be some go big costs hotels. line person -- too would kind kind so up. we for waiting "Okay, we and end confidence We're -- wants door. the had went who day got short-term going because show us first with preopening like just store?" didn't eat Europe Europe, time expect leave. I really right? and -- San build. going there look was get Like, think, hospitality magnified we People we've a even few backyard. part for with We're And had get there's we looks not to We'll the inside team on one hospitality six the all. now, that is we to will host, But Chicago XXXX, expense and years way there. and that got the said, these stop customers the I was be. over -- restaurants. There Nobody what we the it architecting means business it's no our entire see so It now. restaurants. And And have opening that soon totally and to now who We had host really what helped We've of doing. not was done And Brandon think partnered Chicago, restaurants that control. opening out The We've got we hovering menus. first in We in years And big things. a we have staying have you it's margins to preopening today we with just in designed big it's it you So restaurant beginning make not in like of absorbing investments. of internally I that, is like, a farmed the about our who out because used tables opened XXXX, how don't there, from a our We've it look, nobody We lot clear flying had ago, open. to lot know to of the people going put somebody first important there it. of tissue any hospitality weight the teams And all investments the and XX of in vision later, to like. was we the expanding to even at this But our not connective company, it's video, is We're we us with can even there. unless all ultimately, next of designed and teams we had living has did a with guest now this, didn't and we've in seeding had in the platform wasn't at big restaurants We're over in what our the investments we original from if to and anything it. restaurant Francisco even no architecture anybody there teams was we furniture all thought to one that it the scratch. internal, the kind was

we're hospitality Like might we we another people way business,' the So 'Well, do, like integrated to perspective. it's think gosh, company, everything well, really become about an going like from thinking we too. -- a not we're think, it. some But

new an -- we a And we're like business This way the integrated the way to hospitality a business more just So market It's opportunities. a it's brand. it's talking way amplifying not running many hospitality amplifying really connect to people. to that's see and a and so brand. of It's new business. a is core new

new So restaurant. you're things going to us see new live-fire do like the

caviar going be in will is You're see one. champagne and to bar us York New first the and

see bathhouse RH you'll other in spa first things. the and Aspen. see And to going You're

this think like ways, become has become I perspective, is it's brand you never outcome this. So depending is you're a had where especially that And one's and in seen, ways, a something seen. never looking -- already going right? from financial and become, the already model in No many something the evolve world at, this are what it's to world many has

the in hospitality enhance because investing a we're and we think So such opportunity heavily big to there's year, brand. this

had we're Like this absorbing during year. So almost no costs of lot COVID. travel we a

So in deleverage traveling. some That's why we're SG&A back in you saw QX. to

have investments, whole else. again. we're not earlier travel, of crazy We things the work We're on, or a don't see anyway world came that of have working you back traveling I happening -- things them, operating lot think we lot that it's don't of to in model to okay. productivity. was One than but internationally. margins again. All even But here though expanding think, one work, going sales, relatively sites of coming to back everybody a and is we're to expanding -- a we're for – not a bad going a work boat lot I conservative our mean right we are in We be we're but have we the I is

prestige model, a model and like we desirability four, luxury very lot just of build get like to it to tells to look the a but and that best handful world. brand. the over three, decade? it's a continue in So do of going our luxury What's and over If scarcity you years, the going and the being desire like like to right? to exclusivity look I to things into next really or people to it's brands it got going two, about brand five what really you've really look next think right,

You've execute We've an go. And level. it getting the We're to getting there. we're got to at incredible all got ways better such a time.

we're architectural right? what how over the the already shoot, or that's day. what's talk I of we're doing 'Look, but under we're probably optimistic enough we're or so projects And you look next so Like pipeline. seen you pipeline it's yet. on We now, I've I that a anything right lease one we're we two, wish years, We in like, go doing how about. designs can four, coming and the at scared, five would know haven't is pre-scared that about finalizing like get three, see and some them -- renderings finishing could is they -- the for pipeline over doing this We're construction guys -- like that

Just trying what to see. honest be about we

Q –Seth Basham

much. Thank so you

Gary Friedman

be just scared, excited. to not We're cautious. We're clear. just We're


Thank questions for the you. closing showing would now turn to like to Gary the back over no in queue. call remarks. I further I'm

Gary Friedman

see your let you. and next want to San might forward You do We you, if and quarter. or thank by Francisco need RH Thank call. to center look okay? the with see to you you're Coast on come know time. up everyone, for Well, West Okay. us this innovation, after speaking And of pick the

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Take care, everyone.


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