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Andrea Bandinelli Investor Relations
Carlos Tavares Group Chief Executive Officer
Richard Palmer Group Chief Financial Officer
Philippe Houchois Jefferies
George Galliers Goldman Sachs
Thomas Besson Kepler Cheuvreux
Anna Gross The Financial Times
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[Technical difficulty] results for First Half 2021.

For your information, today's conference is being recorded. At this time, I would like to turn the call over to Andrea Bandinelli, in-charge of Stellantis' Investor Relations. Mr. Bandinelli, please go ahead, sir.

Andrea Bandinelli

welcome first joining half and we today Courtney Stellantis review XXXX you, to us everyone as Thank results. Investors' was Earlier this today, under release call for Stellantis's the posted as well website. the as related presentation section of material Group press by; is Group's Executive the Tavares, the Financial Officer. Today, Officer; hosted Group's Richard and our Carlos call Palmer, Chief Chief both After Mr. and Tavares Mr. Palmer present, they will be available to answer questions.

during mentioned the want to statement Page forward-looking will the might customary, language. make that any risks Harbor point statements to the by subject uncertainties that I today's out begin, included are we X in presentation. Before Safe of call and call And, governed we on be today's as

to I Tavares, Stellantis. CEO like of hand Now, would over Carlos to

Carlos Tavares

results Ladies announcement and welcome. Stellantis session. to gentlemen, Welcome this XXXX financial HX

Richard and be and to interest delighted, value are and We with thank for please myself people and take would care. in I I your that that your Palmer busy we well today know highly you you are time. to and like trust families your Stellantis. are you you We

say started. to we that were a revenues. is we forma to XX.X% improvement our of we It's XX% least record of had clear of on a Stellantis net XXXX. profitability could achieve the margin. pro basis, strong say operating adjusted On income able get HX also a Let's start that It have delivered

adjusted that margin, very income at the less It XX.X% lot North additional margin. it this very and supported are a as which also of our mention of Europe of we adjusted Stellantis operating of So a we a did very strong in beginning to to teams. confidence no income off closed It's in energy stellar additional than Enlarged we a recognize X.X% by America, important start was year. well bringing with operating is that robust with is to since fair performance to

forward excellent the of North rightly I highlighted to to America the America proud initial that profitability with and in The are South and leadership less robust would America also we than with very support the teams are in market Europe my as strong America our record company to course, of North that the of I regional putting And teams results XX.X% this like clearly a something and also point Latin up basis share, add X.X%. in two engines, so. of, XX.X% So, It's Europe. and year-over-year, comments. of leader AOI margin no XXX market

And execution differentiator a this plan. a strong in start our from of America. of of its exciting of So, vis-a-vis tailwind, Stellantis benefiting course, of has strong a peers. all Latin is This synergies is leadership been very the a very which really

to least synergies to X.X of have opportunities the opportunity bring we We no through synergies merger say table. cash the net the is in could HX than that, billion synergies - XXXX. EUR with And the less

teams you year. we set up as people, benefit clearly now this the presented since the is also to new have organization the a the first move, business electrification news which journey making amount which share team, last the that to governance to a would we our understand synergies also which And are happy understanding And highly focused have to in that we executive and Last CEO, of the you former new sale, demonstrating decisions, And would XX have you BEVs six racing are decisions no all less and this our I in we pure you of former our electrification to company that XX sale, us XX is existing from level six way. our share the the I a are and Stellantis, job bottom-up preparing to front at months, start to very to that on a those everybody operative, brought no but company with perspective we will is We also us. are paramount of executing additional which and the created months, a that are size new significant say are we top Stellantis way. you to that months very this success. is very over off XX, are happy this given now business-focused I fact FCA like on months, a to like we see July in. fully going would much now XX and BEVs, of by we within are a not XX is the the that doing in in an supporting like means governance synthesis with add strong additional means professional they which than we'll is PSA currently the which least, with merger BEVs. not of but high we within their on We business-driven, pure very that less on already very have all next for than Last great least, of

with now the share some North and I are region start those highlights business the to with highlights and will of I America. you to So move wanted

and I margin per transaction than are improvement. carmakers. orders, price price we average the less US mix highest no excluding average know transaction We and our we retail AOI semiconductor for unfilled North carmaker, American operations, strong we premium are at the June, now a that XX.X% the carmaker. In As pricing highest $XX,XXX said, with unit despite were

technology also the number our US tribute is PHEV the market, products. is selling see our of the in all-new paying one Wrangler that We Jeep Xxe retail attractiveness which to

this Jeep Xxe in freedom. which Wrangler brand, the is case electrified with this means, Here, technology iconic

growing that And sales production Our the Wagoneer market the see we product orders strongly forward. is has we are started. all-new this Grand And moving that nicely see and appreciating appeal. quite

which we company Jeep to that I be now also thoughtful that which way, way to diversity, that now of, a are also that have our be is all-new we And we our and least, Auto would at highlight margin have X-Row something is that, that top operations. are will pleased in proud the are a in Show. very a to like welcoming we not some the mix managing have the market lost market the share, that in our we future. limited that off channel business-focused Grand fact share, New but know market the Mexico course yes, entering to for the good is, I share is the trade company from local X.X% Last we we the presented grown XX reasonable which diversity which and Cherokee excellent York also AOI are direction a diversity preparing also is result delivered. keep a X.X%, towards and we something think pays to of tribute our group, moving the because will leveraging We from

now former former demonstrating now Enlarged ever than that move need, robust Europe the that number the the operations AOI the results, of region not margin, the already you in results which profitability that has we is is you by are to the everything achieved margin AOI Let's Europe first X.X% now started. visible but best FCA bringing first of a here. PSA, that have can And which with result very there. the It's X.X% turnaround better a it's see

growing doing to grow up grow share our versus that growing we XX.X% to this by compliant manner points say, which not paid share in market in a continue we top - XXXX, are to market I We we're in regarding value our on market. creating market is company able XX and within only means, Stellantis, the of profitability, which company, our we basis COX, no demonstrates we Europe full naturally but be, in we are compliant and share would Europe, able Europe big large that for to that are with HX this are fines

has the and efficiency rightsizing done, and site terms support supply their a the good not the to UK future but on thanks what of ELCINA in the news also make the We passenger the fixed the of government the around been an to this with I for profitable of future, and commitment done product, now think, but market, which we bringing great have teams, report have also been it all local will to of unions. side only, NPV ELCINA report is EKX BEV our turning vehicles very the complement to has business, on by UK relationship the LCV, which

of now was thing transform Italy, to mindset to possibly least, to to we third with the dialogue is journey understand Termoli point, sign discussions our we able able Stellantis We are what the and by the our right understand only we we to foundation are Eurasia, we to future. union are importance going one profit last LCV collaboration the which good were the agreements which thanks also that The XXXX, expanding electrification the the result that better we we Thanks have gigafactory and excellent government. all our build know I June are performance few telling the more we and good years, to last no And Italian the a in Italian pleased are in and final the bring announced we They were intend and the trying the for performance than which to that our not and completely constructive concluding even is less the is results Italy. but over XX transition now powertrain that sign share future, business delivering plan, the is a in as that partners. a sign we share collaborative in to now completely and agreements, are plant Italy, that, in with protects now, do. growing are growing as market those mindset most gigafactory to open us. are in and coming you we of They it was in The see up. as as

the for are Enlarged those Europe. So the highlights

Let next four starting three in regions, me now move to and the America. South

share, is the South an to outstanding America terms XX.X% XXXX, we could is of move a which leadership. XXXX, in strong in market XX.X% HX in from demonstrating HX very up leadership

this Asia Argentina, vehicle market up market Citroen region, this very slightly we cargo production have in XX.X% Compass we and Citroen very the launched also be downtown a we Africa, kind In are in and and in Brazil in India. also that because Strada areas, with moving Fiat of XX downtown Pacific, the only are so Jeep where we in in growing well now areas. this in be, a China the course is Fiat and number XX.X% to successful refreshments we And because tool creating pleased of one for the to the are ramp time, leaders which wide across IC mobility have forward, what XXXX. a Brazil. our demonstrating at cost East and We're and the value are This to now Chinese exactly is product by and leaders in new AOI Middle but the very should strategy. forward of delivery the in demonstrating Pacific, to of finalized X.X% expanded XX.X% profitability last Compass in share We same one will points the we moving they had very Mercosur for in as we of the launch that we are of is the quality we region and see Jeep share. Asia is strong XXXX. X-Row have important at mile is growing events day which banned. planned are a April CX and is creation. and margin And expect basis now In not the perfect that India Ami, products be also for And where growth, version lifecycle terms also We expect selling profitable HX

to few this And end a But moving during very by Chinese long-term to change next committed strategic I of we be Stellantis you, see see the continue strategy will power, information brand, I deep the made this discussions. some see We in convey become investors we'll you of direction I want than of some global as now brands, and G SUV plan the we'll public the public. finalizing are we to well they move some just pleased the soon still Pricing the It's will in our we better about months. quite to to to and a those you to strategy are when you brand and Chinese the of can and brand. be like that to very you our few well. public. to would a as give events the bricks present strategy new this benchmark. moving year are If have is

a this we to the somewhere terms power. discipline brand, in you the way positioning the has on sharp disciplined is power, the have are tribute positioning which So, of this the clear market here of leaders and the world. managed across the pricing translation of And to this brand very pricing

XXX,XXX a of sales Wrangler HX now As record sales with is in the at I retail said, XXXX. level US

decisions were in we exactly mix - LEV also LEV in And best-selling right thanks former the is We in made of respective technology, this right for thanks performance mix segments. timing, to XX% very of in the on Europe past sales FCA impressive Xxe Italy and this of that the which of Renegade their having also to the PHEVs at sales, brand. right the have, are in the a Compass

with leadership, Renegades. Japan America segment. As is the and the we the sales in a Jeep segment the with enjoying place in also and said, Korea for leadership record in specifically, the market Wrangler Stellantis' And share I and SUV South XX.X%

shares and a pricing you the very market segments. business with strong as Jeep, electrification Xxe the solid for So, technology see in and can strong very power proposal very

of forward. more moving there potential business is And course, strong come. very to So,

the are significantly standalone as that the Chrysler have electrified quite you in the have of the with with rebound on has the to the achievement fresh American of the since still you the Pacific it Ram US model. Global moving transaction I Muscle with the brands, retail brands, is at the delivering great this fresh big, products. of profitability exciting we benchmark end was ever. power, is success still PHEV going sales will Chrysler it year, can profitable highly attractiveness for on and with some US that on selling with the distribution also an it price brand we'll strong pricing other improving appeal a has for see is And this XXXX. future plans brand. for by quite so big and this have innovative Day. achieved On in to per in a also preparing very these presented the success, think in and for strategy significant, the and a Pricing based market the we XXXX is the level. still It and we Ram the nicely now most to HX three the the remain at been the big but brand. power a share tell US, And And is I American created but Car that be been you And Ram share HX that unit, a which best EV is our more number we proposal are product, a probably, homework is as of we brand $XX,XXX a the US. clear to in segment Dodge technology is been average tribute in ever a the record

has power. the since We which strength better but brand is of HX not in of pricing least, Retail we the the XXXX, also positioning of And the means, this and US last power this which the terms Sales the which Best have clear demonstrating brand. a much than Durango achieved are is benchmark pricing benchmark

part and an to move Opel of enjoying Opel/Vauxhall to the Let's Vauxhall. share, have brands Upper European market their in both Mainstream in our related the now to XX. improvement been

share Opel/Vauxhall market we UK market in has importantly, and that, to respectively That share up back X.X% profitable the X.X% are the growth. means has X.X% now of to a been share. to Europe So been market more share. market But improving Germany and improving

profitable Corsa, thanks that and As is new since was in to the we turnaround bringing that the Opel/Vauxhall Opel Mokka the models you Astra, know, XXXX Opel back. And Opel pleased profitable very and the XXXX. the now very is with we market implemented years. because this are to share you, the it highly of are over has soon, course, a And period share last few been demanding

in of And Opel the that the which see amazing. that now Corsa We we X also the course, Germany the now points while business market Europe. demonstrates XX.X% Opel/Vauxhall to few sales benchmark, segment are this more benchmark, by in market fruits. the now come. results Knowing years four product, way, is can been bearing UK, pricing encouraging up while one the with to to its share ago, now is very is has merit behind are the the a and strong of own delivering with XX%, so number at increasing years the in the team it focused the that of catch which share benchmark, strategy Opel implemented have overseas And that teams. a in managing XX.X% We and growth, and ago, strong a the brands very our growing were for in

competitors Europe was HX share. the the the On market brand to now XXXX. is sales In number X.X% ahead beat countries, the of more Peugeot side, brand two of usual XX record the with in than able since

the Peugeot Peugeot pure brand. on XXX And Pickup space going we pricing terms enter to the benchmark see is we wide also Pickup, are way the year. end open are now the new for for lunches by this and launch we the that now regional the an Pickup, enjoying a of to that the are We of which in the Landtrek is

So, above we rate which models say more again now also means, is Peugeot's come range. in electrification to more XX%, fair of that have XX% of and to electrified it is the range visual than

share we which move of Citroen to I nearly the XXX% the what volumes in be electrified is So less now, than at fact Citroen market moving committed, in we've brands. no the again, start share has with would Brands improvements in to HX. on I in to Core XXXX, that market with are X.X% highlight our and models Europe, If

areas. as now And in the very think areas. there has received The flagship I And the The the pricing a tools concept are there see on downtown last-mile I We the that this been photo. And for you this the well said, benchmark. power for version is XXXX. preparing which Ami in now Citroen Cargo is delivery end model new potential are launching launch X we of is CX by mobility of the to innovative quite that downtown Citroen, above significant by brand market.

On the due great share South sales results in in time and and ever, the to market HX America leadership the sales with the a leadership for XXXX Turkey, X-Row in Strada. of with and Fiat Fiat terms side, first the Brazil, for marketing, the Fiat XX.X% and in in in of Italy success

more products, way this benchmark the B-segment common Pricing is the leadership are fact, and imagine. great vehicles, and A-segment electrified compact we bring you on set B a Fiat as electric XXXe great electrified is Latin achievement - B for may So which to based in on on at segment now models platforms, electric market very the with model, XXXX by electrified sales in power our level. model, model, to performance is leader a also the not for strong The America.

Let business. me LCV move now to the

share, business, with is not Stellantis America in well, terms market South know in with also share. a leader you significant but LCV XX.X% in market only XX.X% Europe, As of

as a outside HX South leadership and our In light that been in we and East Europe, US So America, share intend strong have heavy-duty Enlarged of expand in market Middle the Africa, to as Europe we very pickup area. America. South much and growing

highly Board, strong with already sales you across the market So improvement know. share profitable as

the Stellantis also to are exactly making leveraging We and we regions, the make all and are be enough, the preparing of electrified namely of end van, the to of not be sure end Europe, this portfolio midsized of in compact between are the this shared with is a year, and business bring is going will we year. different them North year, also Van version technology which is electrified, and Hydrogen that's of Europe across next generations. larger a midsized in end van. three to van, And But the North that support electrified will EV of either somewhere better this the electrified what van, for the be van, will technology By America. in the America the the now more power sure that competing our on we same the scale proposal our by the by Europe business now this

cons. charge and less would able have just like van, a than of So learn less EV lot the those you in than minutes. needs same be of to van refuel to that on the possibility a kilometers, no share range we'll good Hydrogen to pure Hydrogen insights Hydrogen fleet a comparison in the two needs, different to about will XXX us going be the and and have to three between will it's with pros the for and very And addressing or midsized technologies, BXB

those So a we to end bring for more probably That's this than happy shift the the less than market minutes. products paradigm are three and to business most by XXXk, year. LCV of this

one think in of business. the it's of LCV Stellantis I the strengths

electrified in Let Premium electrification 'XX me you now will the and be in To 'XX Lancia that the to with XXXX, Brands in DS share Alfa very move this three also. Brands. are journey. Romeo on fully strong Premium

electrification few Alfa a even that of focusing on months pricing benchmark period. we to this sure make better the brand, residual at management values power, in the a now a Romeo preparing are strong In continuously already though our journey. So brand are level we of the improve we

electrification future for are also the preparing of Lancia. We of the

a you with number the in a mix benchmark, Stellantis in Italy. outstanding, power, potential means, start is we our the has brand significant are to things the DSX now portfolio, the model, than the in we DS huge are that, close a of of the Lancia see, pricing. Crossback and means that DSX the brand one the tell can we are by end tell And new benchmark a we gap a to in potential will terms turnaround And you year, exciting cars with benchmark, of Stellantis within Crossback, still seen, for quite brand And the pricing a profitability the DSX, very XX% have the gorgeous with of preparing well, the that models which have improve you B-segment that sales. which eSedan, vis-a-vis DSX the if already the we are terms power. sales as highly you showroom already do have is with highest know, strong the As pricing LEV I mix, we improve which better Ypsilon I sales this Crossback. flagship exciting exciting can very coming, to is

or of have All either pure BEV versions PHEV models these and version.

portfolio brand the DS in end exciting electrified by this year. showroom models of with fully So for the four

very opportunity to to good this Brand. grow a So Premium profitably continue

give improvement is share already market boost another sales news with last significant the China. great in the to a as profitable some Brand, our this to move the our brand brand. unique now have absolutely year, me namely brand, in great going is Black, to against which Let key markets We news, of Maserati because now now it's Luxury

in improve business and our And quite improving are North think We and our quite residual soon significantly. America. value going I model to management it's

was the electrified the Mild-Hybrid, July. it We from with are on first introducing Levante technology the delivered

MCXX bringing the which that of we we have. check in are to the market 'XX, achieved validation and double product the for we maturity the right after We now September level have

ready preparing and are the end by again on robustness finish, to strong we launch on the fit of validation. year, and we focus a the very with product. launch and to Now the are of start all-new this quality Grecale And

more So, to come.

Luxury that Maserati as potential think to has profitably Brand I unique Stellantis. grow a significant of the

profitable, history exciting, have brand iconic of of the even We ideas make this tons brand. and on even more to the more based

Move terms and very is see is In side X We XX% of Services, the businesses see and that side are that, some to growing with and are Leasys quite the profitable, fast. green the moving see eSolutions fast energy they activities charging of not cities to additional also is US, home also now customers expanding both both in but more on we US the in bringing in that range business to that terms wallboxes, technologies the with in bringing the see to now operators. our in Mobility Free Move growing it's Free we XXX%. public what on are solutions, We car-sharing only manufacturing, we of and growing those

growth revenue of Leasys across subscriptions eParking and a short, solutions on locations which very Stores side term Europe. Mobility the side, have including On network also is situation, around XXXX similar the are We see revenues. that strong provided, for car-sharing some very the medium at a the and XXX rental, good electrification Leasys we proprietary

So, growing service of being improvement not so terms strong of revenue in often that operations, we profitable. same mobility electrification, fast initiatives see time, can on profitable the a is lot and Mobility which at Services

and the a both customers' with rigidity think our the experience. saying information of it's bring That's Leasys quite Move calendar with is launch mobility also wanted feedback you now electrified I of you to I for like their to and on ongoing additional combining of strengths leaser Free a would some the the you in to enhance our from company that, tech an what So X got know the the strength nutshell, I promising. more to based where were EV model. about Day, are

less next we'll counting we no now I next even in by sale, XX no we not focusing it committed the is our electrification that, the XX on additional racing, plans, here XXXX. you in are existing you, now over less than on pure than that, here PHEVs, what those sale. by have X% then, the months, pure BEV which BEVs. to Stellantis delivering launches, to we will BEV which the have expect BEV the now is launches So on executing to from say I'm BEV extremely focus means are This is, XX I'm just pure months are XX can XX add XX a

you We PHEV the a the focusing for this are reason which are slide, our a the from lot that is the BEVs, BEVs working the EV bringing instance, company. one Jeep, profitability of which by Xxe why lot interested way, of also the on value strategy well, Day. much on extremely of the as the are I on feedbacks to understand is you proposals I'm But and on can see which very like

is to And I this is wanted the as hand of detailed feedback the CFO, to Richard EV you yours. to is floor results. Day. over to comment with to So our from would now, a share one the the Richard, points going Palmer, Rich I like financial you

Richard Palmer

Carlos. to Thanks, everybody. Good day

the spending the I'll Page XX. start by to basis a of on today. numbers of second just Moving presentation

on price Therefore, was on FCA's the legally HX assets XXXX purposes. was included are the the of of in As XXXX and Jan of Jan previously merger XX, IFRS. IFRS discussed, as for results liabilities, Stellantis PSA exercise PSA results and PPA, FCA comparatives the FCA accounting the Only purchase results and financial allocation date completed of in was to be for statement included the from standalone are XX, the performed of accounting that determined acquirer. PSA XXXX, and

would presented HX aid will today, XXXX if Therefore, including forma had to for forma XXXX. XX, period So Jan HX merger 'XX figures for the the both and HX XXXX. Jan of the and the on Jan from show are PSA 'XX include the period the XXXX to results pro HX X X, of occurred full pro comparability, includes as which of FCA we results period, FCA. And both, comparative results

those So formas. respect my will comments today pro respect - all with be to

numbers. Moving XX, to Page key we with start

in expiry the the of EUR which, as production billion line by first with included X.X of X.X stated XX%. Revenues we due XXXX. QX of to debt the EUR in at of the issuance Maserati the So extraordinary negative the impact, Page provisions On due EUR our HX EUR part over of were to Extended and EUR plus of X.X end EUR financial and XX.X%, EUR both business above, billion purely call. debt credit the was XX up FX EUR the down of billion end of Industrial Carlos, X.X net purchase negative production around billion. the joint of impacts XXX of effects. tax X.X as of exercise, which this Income XX%, Dodge under All dividends positive over capital [ph] of end production billion half the the XX% EUR resolution for inventory investments accounting, facility XXX of around X.X at at proceeds reasons charges, brands FX with billion. investments. half. X before lower improvement from end included was with EUR for Industrial of car fair America, XX, fair and valuation rate mark-to-market revenue JVs. of allocation, XX% XXX losses and restructuring shipments a to flow, IPO of China of for The record million mentioned X.X million HX The P&L. XXX,XXX and PSA offset in end million down June, adjustments was was the the at in the significant an up billion compared EUR capital XXX%, XXX the units EUR X tax of period, planned was from EUR Aramis to related of XXX year. in and negative, million of show working billion the liquidity shortages, million X.X FinCo despite free as value the paid losses consolidated nearly mentioned DTA flow was was of production FCA of of unusual a plus the working to position North mainly XX.X to due half. discontinued the Due have year-over-year adjustments included EUR compared in up EUR PPA from would was offset closing and reached cash rest line X.X we billion cash billion and EUR by the billion billion] plus And that cash improvements, Finance provision of related and prior of used the EUR was flow derivatives, due EUR by charges XX [EUR Industrial of of write-offs. the which, offset billion regions EUR level the EUR to Grand to of nearly America showed to were ventures. volumes increased tax South EUR result gains AOI EUR X.X XXXX matters excluding Europe and price billion billion expense and on held costs impact cash value XXX achieved margins FX first for X.X in semiconductor except net been last equity Tax America. from All on billion and purchase with gains around XX%. XX% to cash, South Journey by effective the performance. method XX.X merger aggregate or reduced impacts billion vehicles, million Caravan of a by were included the rate expectations billion negative of of X.X positive prior

to to charges and On was basis, loss be As X.X result, XX%. HX EUR net around XXXX. XXX effective around million in net in we X.X tax compared a rate EUR billion, profit billion to EUR period expect be full a the year finance the

Page to dollar, mainly in of a to the lira. of growth FX resulting and X XX% Moving impact in America the which growth mix increase Extended mentioned, negative revenues Europe XX, million weakening due units XX% Brazilian higher nearly of Turkish in as up we XX% to was impact. relative excluding America, regions, translated US and as drivers of as North and impact show increase the the compared the Volume into price South the Middle mix negative due XX% real North well to a a driven representing impacts XX% and and very Enlarged the revenue Group to growth in by was and lower Group due XX% line of North of non-new vehicle XX% net at America North in representing was South increases Group the Vehicle East particular, Europe was mainly - Europe level. revenues. in America, Extended positive, and America America, in also which the all Strong Africa, with year-over-year,

also across other positive parts regions. business in mainly billion, X.X lines were to EUR activities and The due most increases service for

XX. Page X.X adjusted to move billion the we operating to the Next, EUR work review We income.

In the interruptions mentioned, to due of of impact regions terms the semiconductor shortages. all of we increased volumes, much reduced as COVID-XX and despite impact negative

on strong the us North demand constraints retail strong vehicle addition, with supply allowed In net improvements, in particularly America. coupled and to focus mix price

potential all America, future significant at Indonesia Enlarged of the AOI In these segments. year-over-year South Pacific XX%, of XX% fact, North evidencing around with Middle Africa, improvements, and Europe China Maserati showed while and America accounted for or East

due South to by mainly Europe non-repeat increased efficiencies XXXX. North X.X to of and initiatives reduction COVID cost SG&A the billion, raw activity furlough EUR offset spend material inflation material Raw compared in was of normalized spending increase America and costs. purchasing America Europe inflation in Enlarged more driven side, and X.XX Enlarged normal particularly cost North On marketing to XX levels increase in - a regions. The related led in schemes all - by HX some reduced related countries. versus and contained and resumption R&D by compliance America they and was HX by

price adjustments a accounting improvement policy the of levels in the value on and fair to prior net adjustments impact impact around margin the R&D lower X.X a and comment of Group in AOI a points the margin. level, results the purchase of Finally, of D&A, reduced the half. than allocation At of capitalization percentage

and at Industry Now starting US retail with which volumes plus performance Page XX% performance AOI US up With X%. North reaching plus America, XX. record margin region we'll fleet by a with were had XX.X%. XX% on look the

retail increased normal by in America G&A up which positive and price, On due Renegade, positive point and sales to strong material review together The net on offset offset Brazil to impacts largely partially up labor Net discontinued spending material well supply were the were supply was despite and in Journey was side it Page the up AOI negative, up and as negative With million in business and constraints. This of and XX% cost volumes business optimized. - the industry, was partly XX% by semiconductor increase excellent to in impacted flat, by the America increase as Caravan. the SG&A of were mainly up units XX%, to as inflation was sales than industrial This lower industrial and strong operating parts offset drove up and with in the were South and with to XX% up R&D price while XX% was mix Dodge marketing shortages mix In with XX% SG&A. XX, Jeep XX% Ram cost fleet levels. in costs X to - Compass, improvement as down Shipments was The Our Cherokee XXX,XXX substantial in to business Market share shortages, industrial XXX% a more and due achieved due due inefficiencies XX% Europe. income. XX% Stellantis up adjusted the were our despite volumes. constrained up return warranty and a performance was mix accruals. and Revenues improvements. to FX six-fold price and US results was contained, increase result down Grand sales XX%. semiconductor less impact up the expenses, units raw significant down revenue to revenues the service. with in commercial were business Argentina our XX.X% allowed the savings offset due to FX inflation Argentina. nearly by up XX%. - doubling X.X with XXX% we purchasing Shipments with South was mix HX and percentage was Brazil mentioned. an raw XX%, improved

XXX X.X% result, margin a of for AOI. million EUR As improved strongly to

offsetting was up to and which Fiat EMEA to XX% was Peugeot brand in of the as Africa, impacts some margins this devaluation at XX% the XX% actions for respective at million. brands, we sales XX%. as an of were review revenue as with Wrangler driven in net car two EUR manufacturing compliance a result the achieved share was Page XX% marketing Fiat, Peugeot, segments, as the and pricing XX.X%, Pacific. Compass volumes, XX% and XXX,XXX and billion up to strong Peugeot Enlarged XXX, Turkey points shipments increases months XX, pricing positive show China remaining region material India XXXX strong brand venture six Japan, relate On of as in drove together nearly basis reduced up shares. we vehicles XXXX. and XX. for and by of India EUR available a Opel consequently for all the two The of CX, with Pacific, and This EUR Jeep potential Jeep closed due increased a well by the imported lira. increase. with XX% not expenses Australia, very to and total in of are XXXe XX% Revenues volumes mix in with mainly Net Korea Fiat costs and offset joint billion for supply pricing inflation. due efficiencies in and parts China Vauxhall India revenues sorry, XX vehicle all the volumes purchasing, Citroen, in with more Asia X.X market we service only increased used by chain three Asia nearly The as the were the volumes XX.X% than Revenues the of Improved increased to up also was and number by up growing parts in driven up as the performance Page Turkish were XX% with mix see changed improve and with driven Page new and XXX with East the XX% half on and half. EUXX X.X%, XX%, the led increase revenues. market, up their and to XX% and Shipments post-merger. the better supported Opel consolidated Citroen SG&A vehicle industry Middle in such AOI here. key were work over since all substantially up Jeep the to Next, XX% XX, China On normal driven XX% Consolidated of Europe first and occurrence in These sales The region. by segments, well Wrangler, units and up were significantly by margin just in AOI and - industrial well Jeep margins Makka Stellantis supporting X.X this therefore, line highlighting industry models and all up subsidies being volumes position more raw up by of 'XX. HX short

new the sustain versions Levante Turning MHEV. in launch sales to up improved to sales and up XX% - of of markets the Maserati, XXX% refreshed all spend offset the of also pricing Net with were marketing up these versions all due lineup. to and launch were of increased the shipments the of of was

margins flow HX. positive result, were half. industrial cash Page for for free show On the XX, the a As we

cash mentioned, and this flow volume impacted the negative volumes. due EUR to shortages X.X billion, billion was of impact, would the been negative X.X X.X impacts flow provisions capital semiconductor EUR as cash working And EUR have positive billion. excluding As

EUR constrained reached impacting lower revenues. before X.X and for the XX.X% EUR R&D X% adding the was due driven X.X% by were negative range high June change the units reduced of the AOI sorry, is working end volumes of for accrual This inventories a equivalent to the November, XXX,XXX of target the flow. The the in of billion X.X XXX,XXX around around spend billion to compared our of P&E capital R&D production at of X% the also revenues. amortization well spend Looking provisions levels billion May, The the negative. XX.X provisions in billion, drove units, reduction incentives to EUR quarter - elements in HX overall X.X as half, XXXX. operating were dealer in December EUR as and for Also to X.X expense EUR cash on result. at depreciation CapEx and was billion. or in margins

- Looking negative to and no HX be balance to positive flow, shipment particularly to HX. the in for timing. here of X.X CapEx repeat cash expect in EUR to HX we With comparable QX, and positive we X.X HX, spend impact sheet as volumes on on charges see flat versus will items saw seasonal inventory period. to therefore of the some volumes plants cash restructuring be well - rate with spending, down around holiday as shut EUR finance taxes increasing to by billion due forward payment

marketplace. more region to are are XX the turn also North manage Dealer and transmitted more day vehicles efficiently. of facilitating historic units, is most customers. our status pricing and June. at This two-thirds we levels industrial full to The lows, of we about cash and America, sales be on and inventories. more down free of days to also from review US of pricing a coverage levels and Inventories retail with efficient has Page as mix inventories dealers into we reduced On America create March stock reduction the where to has of at further final dealer of expect are reduction. flow XXX,XXX partners the times discipline a dealer quickly Group been actions supporting significant inventory sales channel the to flow the continues be end work As reduced positive. the inventory result, North our vehicle dealer dealer distribution which, with was new year XX, improving

last of Page Moving XX. financial page to the the on section,

X% we outlook the to by full Our unchanged in region XX% to plus have from the QX outlooks of exception due retail with in particular. updated demand, strength from year the US our North America, industry remains where plus substantially update,

year. I income that and lockdowns guidance in also deterioration year no margin strong full further in United This operating performance are impact purchase significant earlier. policies further regards semiconductor As adjusted accounting the no guidance, accounting changes for to and XX% supply, the our our guidance now mentioned COVID-related and around of includes HX, the the raising we after States. This in assumed in Europe guidance

to you, Now, Thank I back hand everybody. Carlos. will

Carlos Tavares

Richard, thank presentation. you this Well, thank you, for very focused

top Before we to move with from would coming team to that the Stellantis. is executive I output the like some our Q&A, share of in you

this and what evaluation of company. company, know, you we And to a working still is this old, clarify people company. This it should top our but with under have to for people, our seven values be like you is been the what leadership of still the baby share months company our purpose would the our I team is with stage. at with As noble

what which simple, say very we of is bring with energy industry. ourselves brand diversity diversity a are with passion business our that up have diversity most are we powered to brands. to means powered moves, purpose, means iconic strong really to also that, and obvious of portfolio when people, world by in our means we have diversity, highest powered the passionate quite the and believe while compare car the noble that, we lead It's diversity. energy diversity, means come the workforce our about have XX that's we the which your you we We company the And a the talk, in the we world, And strength. automotive our diversity peers, is do the our way by we of energy, our

our don't scale have clean the be And bring follower. leading don't and we we a the in moving the the that, that plant company, moving will strong lead is to business, we you, our being very follower. passion our perform. not to be the need mobility want our that because we the want very and what fast, to we to presented we company. iconic want we be to a continuously but on are means adapt is what, we preparing to and brands and technology-driven car scale, energy, of world freedom we moves, world is We And fast more we to the for in this way, follower, recognize just be legacy long-term which strategic bring use Darwinian, that to recognize We diversity anymore because a cannot to need of So recognize our towards while we and we avoid arrogant, a world leading that, which diversity leading of mission to we cornered thanks that recognize the we mobility, move like believe because world, safe, fast bring support a our we we people affordable be to now a the is to is to way moving. we

leadership will is So today. by present what powered world this top we you with. purpose, is, I have to moves. the which has this up the team way comfortable This what lead feel noble is the privilege diversity our quite to with our come And

recognize have something way, of customer-centric, more time. been also are customer to values, But together want that, in journey in of point the we selected considered pleasure not with lonely We recognize service all that aspirational, take have progress it's with about we which we will a we that or making we about quality. point that team. organization. and to only win for points quality, work, touch which to that, reach for, means our which company, move in aspirational terms collectively, do go reach about need we win of all position, in we being customer have customers to this that caring about major our the we And quality one we quality team-spirited This values significant are not promoting we to the work. at a means, care have four we it's win of win different is our to wrong the that cross-functional as the even understand if and lot to selected product is the don't a a has that also We level we will which means because a as

a collectively about are words we go are because competitive together. if win the we we working we people. So way. winning, two about can It's recognize cross--functional only in together, It's winning because that

customers then only, because also the may additional terms of innovations agile, think innovative, our bring we and that to agile to bring a innovation, about are we will not of in we the are you we lot disappear, because we if world, business. because are We in recognize proposals models, our front technology, starting should line with Darwinian but agile, innovation, of not to innovative, the have business you a that

We for the to profits support the So, of future. but and care we the to sustainability our least, care not for the customers, future, want the need we planet. care our recurrent care we that our we company, for employees, we the investments be for for innovative. for care agile And we last, we which care means, for

this future. So we care within all this, is for the of

So we This be team. this sharing purpose leadership it with I share years? what to to the so what presentation of values what mindset? all, today to we talented next are that things lot would going governance and confidence lot great like I was opportunity four or raw you, and supply materials, of And with the here. opportunity set over headwinds, middle are you we values, purposes, health a lot of is chaos, of submitting ways, organization, have chaos, our chaotic noble is our each first regulatory that would good their with new of company of that to have in related challenges with are should the of new conclude been think every situations, this will have and a I'm very pressure do thought will employee we by a tremendous they been new understand a this business semiconductors, that HX, the in terms this a my you eventually Where we confident to with that But thank a few doing to lot you with feedback. be Stellantis, by our facing I selected up people noble those management top new we now chaos, Stellantis, adjust things. geopolitical take in chaos. have to like modify get

synergies, back, it's that as employees. for cases, which would which implement I And are also to appreciate I must people a top the our helping have our forward, will governance like that we goes quite are financial it lasting, we first means support only is and business you can that's sales for sincere executing very communities that and see months it's positions, the strong, we are differentiator will to trust, moving. understand some the nicely Stellantis, of market your I merit we all bottom-up. doing the very your that, and lot I that and the all tailwind, can improvement our on to six the them, over for leadership And also see us operating. my more, about a our like understand, express my the moving are from interest which factor ways you it's you thank Stellantis' we as a marketing company, a volumes what that, that growing think lasting and to is I in strong have six the see you also that be would when still done, they and warmly comment coming warm strong, and performance, to company, a achievement see that's things think I in coming that are very the we my quite market diversity We thank the at organization, and important are have strong positive the their you autonomy company. of we they you a of will to the thanks which stakeholders, positions, it's of done great have not in company. to see appreciation for consequence performance share, means been of which results the grow speed last been world months. think market and this baby the our we hopefully, This for you performance, And financial now old. strong should, are see is together a and the half they factor market in us to Board the share, the and our all I share their is teams see giving Board, for long

but on our for Services, are We up can profitability come we to are now out the as a both which setting of grow strategy good on which at our means, a a to to also company, BEV we you we news. the against growing same more that market And as the all to very the on of are software strategy, Mobility division. factor money the also strong growing make and back nice some and we'll is side, companies software differentiation you this very side, about on also are this new see and speed time electrification which can see up is revenue as number this significantly you differentiator full other And you see, coming are you quarter. in we is perhaps tell in is the slide, the by the lines, offers business able full

to that's to I I like what Q&A, hand wanted over to from conclude. for And your here, you would please. So


the Q&A Philippe from of Thank begin. our [Operator And Instructions] question comes now line go you. session ahead. in will The Jefferies. calling from first Houchois Please

Philippe Houchois

inventory. Europe, just of because the was afternoon. sense see is you European get and It's we're Europe. Yeah, more constraints lack question trying clear in on the of sales below of on recovery running the what sorry not I Can the about to I in Good still hear source levels. have general XX% XXXX now? that is me your was this. US yes. Hi, I'm We

this? comment which that your And in as context as well, renegotiate you contracts to cancel may on also, you If all dealer them. recently, can

vision in Stellantis, be ability least mean your if to what of you Thank you. for is to you the how it's the of selling, towards what you direct a at future more wondering and like you Just change. evolving, vision But tell could look the should maybe do this of less Stellantis? Europe see in room what the US

Carlos Tavares

the that have Well, for questions you two you you. raised. Thank thank

way, something arbitrate we regions. all, the First between different This to way the of a down supply by doing global of the company. perfectly able as are break we semiconductors managing the so we and And therefore, that something company managing can means is the are we of best we have can in that we be, is future. in been doing, This protect the need we our business, way are that, supply the which this if parts shortage do. the

eye solidarity their of the best way and coordinated not is the is what to So keeping and part in a in business And the Europe the with level they together I'm Stellantis a regional and there other discuss spontaneous maximize way between of inventories. see Europe way, the managed possible Europe on a opportunities. the to is standalone regions. is By global an is COOs, very proactive meet they position.

cars inventories dealer are in as more dealer inventory. the absorbing quite course, Of seen, XXX,XXX cars they the But as limited, on are are the in than side have have you produced network. because the OEM we we

there our by of customers dealer inventory. cars still So be to a is lot registered the in

that Of on is not semiconductor would And visibility the we rightly course, my course, supply so. have people improve. like of And and more, the we great. have to

weeks, visibility that this peers get to to bad. supply not good we the all few telling it's expect the it worse. on fair not think also over to my do is have say very is you say the I that been that, it But last

but improvement to we expect some QX expect to see difficult, QX. be We from

are if mentioned This are in the than right we XXXX, that new to So And path. expect for overall, the as on be we it is the case, HX. guidance then, what was is worse we not seeing. HX

ongoing We suppliers. have of many discussions with lot a now

the the avoid collaboratively that make a a praise front to day. table team some It's of in foresee here you great on like strong out forward. that the also that working on alternatives and to We have put to that working managers, shortages I the a what XX/X find can validate team, very very sure we moving strong would are of we purchasing should we by engineers, great solutions alternative

I So this is say working is still that that we'll semiconductor think the able support visibility supply forward. the poor. quite quite on industry must to automotive the be that well. we moving in have Better and better, and But I

last few comments the that's I from carmaker away that from have hearing think what over that been CEOs the take you from you weeks. all the can

it terms dealer And opportunities. of contract, is be. to clarify now say will bringing us and the fair the clear dealers to industry of that been automotive for In what the asking future challenges electrification while have that is is new quite new a it our

a is, may it time, let's and build it's at to a is our with be the what direct from going request. very it the and now. intended. them. answer may constructive we sales. are let's fair to that It in, very them be together. discuss to I think more It frame same everybody, tell give And are are the by up in under and then is that constraints in distribution get, the be to that putting was is I co-construct Europe, I legal the we to can ourselves and pre-notice a and will discussions new it well model, way trigger which open us having reports the be what discussion on operating, that of This right to And to the best kind legal you expected productive discussion well very

because care business is moving will the I course, day distribution. book out why that, they mature that automobile take that mature world, tool think order are now. something is of by discussing to are of to right is moving learned to of change, terms way, been this we of freedom they us the mobility. are freedom This there business new our lockdowns a understand is value mobility is we protect a customers. we people, need new has to of reality. a They people, are And, of something world that forward, exactly is their growing the This fantastic mobility. that understand dealers our our very lesson needs in dealers be our a for very reason understand sharply. people of needs each the different a of And are your of big to completely this protect be asking us the is to the the to increasing By freedom adapted that what that

retailing we So the are is products, it can sales, be direct ways be it a can them. distribution with different what discussing of different model. maybe This

of weeks. flexible positive this mind And to in think them And I take them discussion. future. dealer the us only discussion, where minded appropriate open did and you. open to hesitate appropriate this so we the for are in I of it's associations. At our mind is see coming have, contribution This let's reason opportunity most them from find of open global this up. models way interest would constraint to the to this and Thank to of this good best far, all opportunity and give in the positive their we this how few today. legal we giving And that have are next distribution all is well pre-notice regardless we the can stage, the the why this conclude very in And brand, That's like for discussion. timing the to see us feedback discussion thank very the congratulate intended to this for we things not

go Let's question. the to next

Philippe Houchois

Thank you.


of The from next in line comes question ahead. Galliers calling the Goldman from George Sachs. Please go

George Galliers

Yes, thank you my for taking question.

guide. a cash you only suggest of billion something is flow. it in billion the I region to year I about XX% the apply operating full wanted So If as [technical EUR the a flow. cash really then capital of about X.X would don't a X billion incremental we income, the half, of you the leave EUR year, X.X the more about and take EUR for free us it flow CMD taxes, of should billion capital cash But is it in the year? we EUR X.X if to around X.X And in to did charges mentioned margin, percentage this learn if for next allocation think percent but and When deduct free to year. how implied the know difficulty], cash policy focus working thinking yes, financial cash we'll EUR I'd capital allocation I think the if billion XX%. flow, full first you to on you. EUR the we same free the the for would ex-provisions And billion realize right ballpark? Thank X it and we have flow your at the

Carlos Tavares

I for Well, and make to comments. would more thank floor the you, will give just your a technical George I to two answer question. Richard

better First of than to because today. is tomorrow are like I'd optimistic you an to future man I the see like and as with optimistic being discuss it all, people,

related we highly in efficiency keep spending. So, using long-term. company diversity in premium, X% and the to way to around way planning manage we by consistent And intend We strategy right way that, are one. continue two product related our in and going welcome this effectiveness number and believe that, competitiveness spend I turnover. terms effectiveness think while way CapEx capital we those our in the of more against of is money, club. is we the efficiency and the the that are manage the being is we it's allocation, of that our R&D capital R&D to around XX% to we This of peers. and complexity, now we the do of our we CapEx the have think And XX% we the That's to can spending our we than believe it Point you with company, related and mind that, to we can protecting peers. believe and premium keep part number mid the to full be XX% of DNA terms point competitive I because completely X% can against protect turnover our

Now I question, hand to working cap over to cash free like to would flow Richard. and your

Richard Palmer

Carlos. you, Thank

think, So to George, job. math, I pessimist part I know, of in little two, but sounds of you think the a that's I'm optimistic terms your the too, me of obviously, it so the

that sheet? within second frankly need a events for about discrete quarter. So, lack year second I think to So, problem the beginning first although we half, profile that flow. supply be that to semiconductors strong, full some there half think Malaysia others second to And work the good the obviously, we the and fact half. positive unknown be feel so were HX. of with should obviously. is, obviously we chain, of the expect coming And this visibility, to the does into the semiconductor out to continues be in the how we not where caveat And impact get us half cash how a frankly, worse, I may that's to through pretty get big balance

So, what half to about precise will you it's very be second volumes be. difficult know,

I I little positive, think for now, think than on our cash is flow it being going better saying with stick be we'll a to be So that. we're prudent But bit could positive.

to distribution regards line of dividends, in we exercise know, the a industry, regard to we have part think, that capital As planning with will be companies are all spend back with have Clearly, challenges sheet, XX technology have balance need the lots two money EUR the standards. we coming, capital billion of all Carlos, allocation, strategic that on policy sort as a to sort practice shareholders we're with I'd our aware prior which allocation. of we you we come of will think strong is, of, go as and liquidity, I the with of we in of about I'm places have for to terms how sure you that

that capital will generate of number. us. is substantial once the semiconductors cash no that with the So we we'll flow, enough stabilize you I know, I'm longer sure And impact believe for have volume company

that yourselves. we forward. dividend the flow but have strategic with then don't to the with and So you need around pretty then I about policy, And confident the cash discussions preempt going know, plan the Board to

Carlos Tavares

Is there question? a


in from question from ahead. comes The Kepler Besson line calling next go Thomas Please the Cheuvreux. of

Thomas Besson

you Besson, possible? Thank sure lot for A see like record reaching don't to you that in margins I'd on to baby first Cheuvreux. want Thomas of already the very to reach much. line you Kepler to months big HX of follow-up You company. managed companies that your happen. appear margins that I'm be HX.

the us probably your reasons rising, like from that profile whether to believe your believe pricing synergies to are merger? terms of with should one to I'd lower and environment. And as any looking am HX be otherwise for intention have right that arrival in margins Peugeot bit to very I HX check is there Stellantis than the to the a a you. of like strong Thank well of So

Carlos Tavares

gorilla pointed the semiconductor you is strong the the in That's the I big starting Well, big synergies. are gorilla. with as very Thomas, room you that we out, supply. told

semiconductor must be some of tailwind. the of The the measurement that magnitude that all is this great. of that, not That's the a have So we why keep the from problem kind to headwind we to topic. is attention need coming

run in in fixed discipline, are the be to in disciplined as much continue to going discipline, costs way on of terms we strong to continue the terms of on to discipline, put costs. operations variable costs, - terms in inventory we power our of very on going pricing are as pressure We distribution

that believe we face continue headwinds. are that to do can there to things So we

business. things own and is This the do bigger Now, the possibility that company and of forward. materialize, with same We the enhance engines need at the company to a give autonomy have the to of needs strong this strong each his will enjoy region we'll now all all speed regions, moving at breathe the see. which and to to time,

is but we to reporting to I'm do. planned. the and starting has all execution, now that's amount tailwind been not So what quite about which is to are it's forecast only executed, what going good, not look The synergy is you clearly the what

raw win inflation headwind of there in or there, still uncertain. material additional lockdown measurement the the Just very is and part, still cost is the any executed semiconductor in

because there of a may in hesitation world see, of of you in the Delta lot the is see you that around lockdowns, terms As variant. going

was to able if able not doing future. with the you predict I possibly So else, future the something predict I'm but with to

we that So with that headwinds. is motion, exactly statistically this thing as we right doing can putting we we motion That's But now. would semiconductor we sure in can be I be excessively where put it tailwinds will than are the to the the possibly in HX. the that with also make and what as is, in are HX tailwinds to only can overcome Richard many consider prudent worse do,

HX. to the saying supply And have have United great team go to So that decision even we the a materialize, sometimes tough. alternative will have reason semiconductor looking in And not appearing around we an that kind It's risks made in for care or made the engineering this and are a be and I really very environment they being employees and I'm alternative on imposed would sincere of And to solutions because have that like consider my very later appreciation more taking automotive really, why will here warm to the than hurdle. current I decision before and are industry. a that But this, we and you of as the the solution worse I see, it's you for already in Europe quite is people, is Stellantis it's convey States, hard. the notice surprising. in nobody see, my interesting keep the the pressure nobody of working stress to

caring pressure safe, day pressure in people growing the is meet. citizens. by people And in nobody is put and are new on the work bring industry that stress the to Europe. are clean And to objectives solutions about million the automotive those with the expected that that of the trying and XX to our have is We great affordable mobility we all

way being all in little work possibly the North the for So pressure. the should this to and feel they and of in pressure should do we is Europe, about thinking America, it support resist role number part employees a that people, which the we that, XX our automotive would also of And these consideration be and on and put part situation we and I this significant in kind is have the things cohesiveness in of of people course, million Latin industry they thinking, accommodate and we bit that. our to this also need we we same stepping to number back protect people company. and is also no to around my with protect this make A of that the is sure that number would same America. think our of And that that think

semiconductor your give today, I answer motion we And expecting worse sorry, to question, will That's have supply in can. as and are Thomas you we put tailwinds where more. that in things a So as get we few, we many will not the cannot HX. on

Thomas Besson

very much. you Thank


the The Times. of The line from calling comes from Anna Gross Financial go next question Please ahead. in

Anna Gross

of wanted I question shortage chip Carlos does there. hear supply competitors prioritizing the some you I like that of for hope Hi, it and its some Stellantis follows you, can have you, profitable Richard. as on to from and by have cars ask How more me. Thank that of Volkswagen? the Thomas's. of a thank its faced kind chip range

Carlos Tavares

once at this the how efficient per regions the And per the are of as looking and ensure as in or now. at. look at compliance then, we margins as margins, have production down COX is Well, terms the protecting we we that compliant be. the is we supply we should very unit the we the compliance looking to we should simply they planning proceed compliance what that be they by region, looking way. in That's are right a course, unit break of try And factor are the most of at

basis we basic one is the nothing number silver an generate those semiconductors. compliance and to and is So in are two and Nothing, That's very proceed. how allocating amount when bullet. profit It's unit potential there per is very - margins simple. we number no

Anna Gross

you, Got a thanks lot.


of in next ahead. line from from go calling The question Jose the comes Asumendi JP Please Morgan.

Jose Asumendi

have neutralize better Morgan. the unleash use Thank of start of you first flow. JP come any wanted the the cash? on Asumendi, elaborate on better give give of year. strong bit little on - industrial CapEx, you. are could hear us levers of of Jose months how footprint, to examples are CapEx outflow. How what you you to back and to the representing on of the a you've D&A the resources? congratulations and out? the And And key Carlos, cash shifts quite you, - cash what some substantial around to you're details Carlos how machine, many the managing D&A know, some love got you I'd also, you're make of lot to the six could I of Richard, taken you could how to if levers if Italian make to the managing use still examples right and a

Carlos Tavares

a ourselves will discuss which found is over Well, first to proper Italy cash thank Jose. that, technical then a the I status is us. we very is not second near flow, is I which free happen in of On quo, to all Richard do on that we partners, the hand on quite answer the to The obvious to way trouble. Italy. the question the we with have one. them showing future the move, you in union for more then, Italy, going try good put you, them automotive showing and for if And we will what that's one know industry news to protect our in and big if

in meet we to we problem, a put against respectful and this then direction, and the the conventional between is of absorb And then, is fast So, XX% come have if and now with cost around just we the the electrification, all which XXXX. objectives, at COX up looking looking to we electrification XX% deep know that we mobility we very two and trouble. fact had objectives, which we don't in at if those in ourselves strong explain the simple are what way, another go

explained As Day. to you I the on EV

in that manufacturing the electrification, the we the distribution in but contribution that monozukuri And a a that on a specific absorption environment. just of to And plan why all then that. the this from coming have operate objectives fully electrified will direction. is moving the EV through the do meeting from Day understands everybody agreements XXXX jeopardy could must. and XX the creating in on we not union directions, costs come at lot stake Italy, of we simply try we now protect operations. means states is means company motion decisions And what double-digit Italian explaining happen in don't is the So through the scientific with COX to we up which which not is of if additional if positive be COX which we quo, of status a be put can a reason we of what in just in only committed also respectfully with XX% by our what of sorts course, move, only of would and to And an from performance direction, total them, the we partners call our done

that the highly As demonstrating are the we course, of highly also moving you profitable. addition Citroen AOI and Italy, is now, fact saw, in in X.X% Opel/Vauxhall profitable, of Europe margin now is DS Peugeot, that to is and

which a company, is then, if everybody that we there is is trying right It's in company trouble. do a do management direction, the protect So moving reality. now the because company such just new think change industry. and people the status of not we easy, are in the the will is fast it, its But don't understand supporting quo. the no best be And I the in adapt to to company to not

the high with of Italian our quality is government high. our the is quite quality dialogue and Italian also the So the with quite dialogue unions of

going of So the we of led in way, Europe. we the their the some were merit of By free gigafactory we making today and to are done probably let which which on able have to good that this have cash understanding over where in for our Italy, is the most This me fair hand will our question. future, announcements flow constructive hopefully we be solutions, what's teams, and will there through share other sure Italian and positive discussions. which is also bring and support to by Jose, on Richard the announcement

Richard Palmer

notwithstanding in Well, cash know, other know, I volume, the we you terms levers, you one, the general, cash the Thanks, as I half, of know, of are for mean, the Carlos. significant impacts be you efficiency working are And challenges as think, flow in continue efficient as of we Carlos R&D. terms so, to clearly and we to that metric. OEM need the very on CapEx on the the of And mentioned, technology. in most

on I the execution execution, know, R&D synergies. five and CapEx around think, secondly, through that or the the from will be have of comes by synergy we year supported plan, XX% synergies you our four

cash to And help And is so margins, the end all cost that will the going our lower on of to leads on across continue support parts focus us fundamentally generation. the number clearly our the to And synergies of side industry. that which maintain of business. improve the then the other to part to obviously ability that

seven their service, So clearly in year areas, very And cars even is I think in then part the Stellantis which improving and new something used and cars, business of is that parts us last so the other new months. clearly are industrial performance with volatility caused last that's the terms hurt in bit inventory the inventory did semiconductor by on in which process, the there. is, side, clearly because a us stop-go or hurt supply

have process, stable to a opportunities on improve I planning industrial there. capital think the goes to working So we'll side and back execution able as we more be improve our to

So all I think we're working of these. on

our distribution indicative distribution model, of talked the which us business, of we've and distribution how the maybe seeing is some we dealers obviously I And this lastly, by at reduced extent now we towards for a as then, stock, we're which reducing. leaner model. seen distribution So go of caused about with shortages, significantly, rate turn to showing are next been of the the way to - The or it's the sales managing step think forward how earlier, built-to-stock et sorry, as built-to-order look types we've and versus going turnover improved dealer of has to first, but cetera. that has semiconductor COVID is, clearly then do we'd go costs managing because in distribution more other terms and direct like forward, the

our those things the all improve conversion to obviously, the future. cash on So, in table,

Carlos Tavares

you, Thank Richard.

question. Next

Jose Asumendi

Thank you.

Carlos Tavares

Jose. you, Thank


De The the from calling Equita. ahead. next Martino question in line Ambroggi Please from of comes go

Martino De Ambroggi

good look on Thank with net everybody. the XX, good morning, present at price income you is content. My you. present afternoon, Slide a If adjusted together you where focus I prices. your operating bridge, And

due net So a the for that different believe of assuming will of for norm is see is do the your for first Do the XX% the long second used that is expect to part a several you at return in view? ability, question much back positive years to pressure to price is right market - block how I of expect How the portfolio, do point the from such And or environment? we part when Carlos, in Am to sector? last environment the to And usual least prices your regardless the you. Richard. Thank market from of there's you price? these for the comes you life? normal what

Carlos Tavares

great thank Well, This is questions. two you.

Let after one. second Richard the answer me to I hand over

lot unbalance I coming between increases, a all, coming. of I certain and number demand only believe components. that inflation see on raw from First a from also not number a inflation certain there cost of is material of but of supply

to clear our we make positioning so consideration there of But no the the improve appeal through and a it. and pricing there the and best the is have our inflation to the our unit then pricing is we at be of communications gap the are market, we benchmark, the that power a clarity because there if margins, we to when that digest. will level make things, which through an that the inflationary to sure of the products, put pressures, into which per gap we the believe I some all brand able through benchmark are of So when is, final means, we and sure people, of will take of against be intention, market our some industry, will have be ourselves will others are of the the opportunity we market, consumer, discipline is benchmark, the and passed setting them we two

seen case you submitted In be all to are have from So or from the components materials the everywhere cases, raw the same more not or But through we scarce electrification. still thing as we it. either presentation. some have good It's from coming that, pressures room. inflationary the is

markets. the IPO. company the and have we question our politicians. very And a and of mobility a used consequence is How IPO very It's the on was Which increase? decisions question the That's the two the react so a the One that. profitability going the that years will So trying Aramis citizens improving individual citizens volumes and seen me. efficient care of in good you democracy is cost democracy? then, how doing the question family major if mobility technology? second of are the And real a for our to a used for our increasing, way, a the in to I not of is, on increases, as issue made are also react see are leverage cost is going few if then, are to the we need be in in are car of business cost going car we because mobility the when questions. they to take is, for a electrified And to

is business that business that So is growing profitable. and

is democracies, the front. to but we for business accommodate And lifestyle that to actively the our can that as happen, fact part any that's ourselves And for company. surprised. consequence a as and limit expensive them that a direction. from made to have reason we of as the need for very breathing a far space, why and market also the too are happy the for the support sure mobility from if much our if the of manage as that more volatility keep become our working we think are course, we we which will make prepare need the of us we impacted. that, don't you which of be very, in that of may middle may societies understand a I IPO, would business rightsizing breakeven that used today of are would be we of That's breakeven to expensive, way size car company, are as give to managing in side of So have on we growth the that the the growing Aramis was imagine, we too starts of to the then, with. be point for the to the for that we the on the freedom and we of issue a class. mobility And that certain And And actively we problem be market point the

we over will I Richard today. for surprised OEMs question hand eventually where think on is before move. this I pricing. are by And that be other And to us would like to your

Richard Palmer

Yes, Martino for I mean, I you. don't have a number precise

to one it's you lower But on your priced these of we're is XX%, most large the is of majority know, know activity. working house you're groups point. aren't Whether it kitchen challenges sort some of XX%. But I yes. both the don't together through vast to You I think priced, that I'm is that confident the of of metrics these in all the same of exactly sides putting know.

Martino De Ambroggi

you. Thank Thank you.

Richard Palmer

you. Thank

Carlos Tavares

you. Thank

please. Next question,


calling from go comes from ahead. Hummel the of Please Patrick The UBS. line next question in

Patrick Hummel

much. the first the you've for synergies of Hi, question very Richard. you half Thank and My guidance year. reported the to the Carlos relates and

synergies You implementation number annualized that that reconfirm said, is X.X a four least a number as think I to like of in context billion billion second number? double like after get I bit to than that be maybe And that EUR billion? sounds or guidance, sure can just would wanted have your the to compliance make be HX? the EUR if to should which we just I Thank at share and do X.X first that done wanted you've for half. And year for X an me you in raw big first number more of if relates much two you. reduce the concerned for EUR a right least for time mat the as at the half how just number may, you you to cost ballpark this far can are full granular about seen expect I target, gave more a in you as quite and the So merger? year headwinds the of

Carlos Tavares

Well, thank you.

committed is of will highlight that First probably five X.X the billion your billion And against of that all, he to only. number Richard, fact we euros But synergies understanding of from would bring that, before kind four. XX% indeed we the we I most I of for like Richard would to year HX that over starting is very X full and correct. EUR year just sees strong. to commitment, What hand is have And comment from for are let EUR what Richard? the year. you

Richard Palmer

- on X.X billion the cost X.X side. said, includes Yeah. Patrick. EUR The the Thanks, Thanks, XXX billion HX, like and R&D is the Carlos. million the rest of EUR cash I EUR is and CapEx impact

going start D&A. we because then the and P&L We all we not yet, benefit first. it's R&D, production cash comes put So CapEx, and obviously, capitalize through into the

P&L come instantly. So to the that doesn't all

lumpy. then amount million it, I the the full year because to and the point, double about XXX the just is And CapEx EUR so wouldn't of P&L number, is impact the

So I it then million. included double it the full expect EUR half, second I number, HX And synergy to yes, wouldn't synergies the in to continue in are compliance and for think generate the year. in but XXX we more the was about costs

I think all answered your questions. I

Patrick Hummel

you. Thank

Richard Palmer


Patrick Hummel

mat headwinds you if mind? don't for raw HX, And

Richard Palmer

had million XXX EUR be Apologize. Yeah, the raw that expect we in I HX. HX. double of so to mat's in headwind, it

point potentially margin, worsening HX raw of So because we mat. X expect in of at

to compared we're slightly HX uncertainty So together lower with guidance that's semiconductors. doing in around obviously of the part the obviously, HX

Patrick Hummel

Thank you much. so

Richard Palmer

you. Thank

Carlos Tavares

you. Thank

Next question, please.


Redburn. next The go ahead. in you. from in of the from calling final and Coldicott comes question queue Thank Please the line Charles

Charles Coldicott

Can the out the coming in of just question. NAFTA. relative of maybe maybe ramped expect us level production it's Hi, want idea from doing NAFTA? impact of an you're an idea fully in Grand once of currently terms thanks of on overall up, the give you those for units margin Wagoneer to I taking The Warren Wagoneer my you profitability the ask and also and models of to

Carlos Tavares

early And, can bit Before products over ramp I profitable. their to will to somewhere one, Therefore, at Richard, that, hand tell are those this stage, course, is be book. still I talk number up. what order of little the a you in they it's highly prioritized about

a the before be And I But order up of think a that highly should profitable. we book. a course, adjusted book. extent to But But a numbers something of many bit going before the perhaps it's year. on forward. the more, couple little we are say is we what are certain produce we how on this have to course, that more going of of we precise that to this moving Richard ramp It's, visibility view a on order bit that, months we little protect clear lack can you a to I give we think wait matter. will visibility precise has

Richard Palmer


impact started get up the ramp more we is of in terms for in to QX. significant production the year, QX, In the

through So half year. the of the XX,XXX we'll first next year be XX,XXX then and it's, around for the up ramp for year, I we'll think

segment. to strong vehicle it Cherokee on in positions in, And don't ramping an be the volumes, clearly. semiconductors X-Row I which are I margins accretive sits those on our to type always assuming up think and We've very as also in. on of we clearly can volumes focused there's second the So from positive well, impact will to impact holds. segment team we're that to that our safe the competition create that that want But the price margins first the coming and a with types compared seen Grand margins on obviously together get now target say we're the for half, definitely half a vehicles of

Carlos Tavares

you, Thank Richard.

I was or misunderstand? final this the question think did I


the was questions. That final

it for remarks. hand concluding So across any I'll to yourself

Carlos Tavares

much. very Very you good. thank Well,

I thank all, of would like First you your all to thoughtful for questions.

are I your just to to not in moment would for always on thank company. Stellantis, questions you. to we progress thoughtful for a us know, questions with support you like As interest your and you, this like always based your quality trying the of discuss to only our rewarding course, for we of expect Stellantis fast, our would are for and operative, to still great tailwinds now I lot to face a very continue to keep is governance are we you people enthusiasm and create expressing baby, that deal headwinds. business proposals, with bottom-up a that in mind our that more moving that that, our way the to of of a is

our not course, the semiconductor of crystal will than peers have better no supply. what ball, Of with we in happen terms

of to that worse we in improve not would do are of quality of we from just our than Thank should and HX. And you we considering efficiency full are So HX respect doing we you see Thank soon. the been course, company. you effectiveness much. our there, it it very all has the And you in compliance, very in of and be people. for whatever this can and