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Karli Anderson Vice President, Investor Relations
Anne Noonan Chief Executive Officer
Brian Harris Chief Financial Officer
Kathryn Thompson Thompson Research
Phil Ng Jefferies
Jerry Revich Goldman Sachs
Stanley Elliott Stifel
Adam Thalhimer Thompson Davies
Trey Grooms Stephens
Garik Shmois Loop Capital
Rohit Seth Truist Securities
Anthony Pettinari Citigroup
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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Simon and I will be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Summit Materials Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions]. Ms. your begin may you conference. Anderson,

Karli Anderson

which call Materials Welcome presentation call. financial and XXXX our This conference an updated highlighting quarter issued to and quarter a website. are all key call responses and to investor and results. our on Summit We today's data, of detailing on Summit press operating commentary are results afternoon and Materials' posted nature Investors by workbook Management's the include third release XXXX accompanied by forward-looking outside of statements, may financial uncertain which is section their supplemental operating third of our control. yesterday questions

on results these statements a in Although expectations and way. management's may are differ beliefs, actual based material forward-looking current

that please Materials' as to the could cause which the discussion SEC. of on a Form report quarterly For actual filed report XXXX, see with each of XX-Q Summit Risk Form factors differ, Factors latest section annual in our XX-K, on for of some supplemented the is quarter the results first of of

Noonan. Harris, find financial non-GAAP and business in our our Ann financial in provide call call measures release. remarks. can CEO, reconciliations Brian a historical Today's today's our Anne begin from CFO, press with concluding of update will will a provide discussed You Then the will review,

can call one open we I'll turn many We as time and return Anne. With questions over and that, follow-up your in so accommodate to question will possible the one then we then the line available. for limit questions the analysts to Please have the to as queue

Anne Noonan

earnings thank third and you our everyone, quarter Good call. joining morning, for

driving at normal is start like an to on by I most value financial Before the Safety results, we and would daily about actions begin consistent Summit, single of core safety. with update important providing our the talking is practices engaged all our place construction These in COVID-XX. the Summit employees. vital operations its all in measures of to are distancing in protocols still markets. activity throughout throughout safety are response as Enhanced and Summit organization to operating essential

rise of that are redoubled nationally, safety cases our the vigilantly As community presentation X ensure health headline on Summit an months employees. The of we following the suburbs efforts overview large to numbers customers, and This our incident dedicated indicator its of X,XXX to our and Southern are and nine We'll is that has stakeholders for centers. leading is our of to medical year-to-date of XXXX. evidenced We moving commitment see markets performance where metrics and first the begin Americans participates a with over improved best quarter. every and thank zero Many with practices for and Slide in for safety requires roads, employees our we in third of highest exurbs. companies. their focus all single-family schools, safety which have culture. homes nearly new markets distribution are the This centers and operating ultimately assets Summit Western migration require will growth strong new by

recover residential a several year pricing. last lower in aggregates work, on segment based Missouri supply work due its will for paving directly the located where Mississippi year's Kentucky reporting pull Residential tons. a record reported We of new to British increase completed have July. for drove acquired bit to performance normalized customers. and fiscal weakness In though in returned as our we Kansas from than We operations, higher will on that despite less were favorable demand aggregates margin this market. a ready-mix of aggregates Houston, recent X, Columbia. business price revenue rates and demand to at River the these Virginia. particularly West reserves exclude Vancouver, higher net markets demand the an construction in and to if our year-over-year mixed adjusted And of demand that cement migration the and drive COVID good and they of posted on Houston ready-mix. value every drove relative levee price chain. located ago segment construction, attractive and of Cement expand such stage continues EBITDA and in will This pure-play in and our that rationale we and markets consumption flood We XXX-year segment, growth a deliver million revenue delivered presence in of two and one-time capture markets a All results. aggregates light asphalt scenario in that The which as City, state. free in that conditions. high-growth to and Multisources in The EBITDA construction trends both strategic bolster our Salt It outbreaks in slower revenue August. Southern you in August, EBITDA. QX, the concrete, adjusted run and in have strong in we Both existing materials the create also increase to volume event cement through were are volumes repair and despite the higher adjusted double-digits businesses year-over-year. scale more our aggregate flow segment But been oil acquired repair Net more June important year net Lower transactions by East closed near markets is single-family Missouri, permits in conversion segment in Gravel aggregates to ago. after XXX work lower challenges Texas Valley Lake increased positions levee by West East cash recently the acquisitions achieving challenging than led Year-to-date, XXXX. will

EBITDA by America the in to resuming to fourth $X.X adjusted operations Our impacted recycling an million. limited forward a America basis normal explosion QX We year, profitable on quarter. the look in in sometime operated which Green earlier facility Green due

was lower segment early provided tax record X, Slide to was indicators. and QX reversal Cement to Incorporated our QX XXXX West financial Turning up offset as segment as unrecognized results details was Net Summit QX on and income of on for revenue X.X% we've was as down some well an relative revenue East net to XXXX diluted the net attributable revenues. adjusted XX% benefit XX%. by Reported up income more

down prior on adjusted $XXX.X period. the tough EBITDA comp to of relative was Our X% year million a

flow However, us ratio keep up two steady organization. though at the acquired X%. Summit leverage was cash quarterly capital working cash X% free prioritize focus quarter, cash times on our and the X.X helped third throughout during was the operations period. continues to up from cash management and in flow companies Summit even That

results and U.S. month being the activity possible centers. of early the Texas, the wind fourth Looking Non-residential and residential demand XXXX, in the October the is fueled at read-through Central particularly and quarter Utah is distribution from farms for by strong,

around projects activity However, resilient airport resume. and retail Kansas, remains in projects and Public with Utah Virginia. Texas, have when been deferred those delayed will uncertainty or

However, the and Carolinas fiscal challenging. situation in still Kentucky, is British the Columbia

is unfortunately in While may the hasn't those see XXXX. optimism changed, we that conditions budgetary improvements there in locations

year-to-date X served maintained our business interruption. with XXXX we conditions, without our is can that year-to-date pandemic pride results. safely throughout and executive economic take company summary Slide Despite continuity the an This continues Our have Summit's customers XXXX. line performance accomplishment with in and on is in uncertain as

Net expanded believe year. picture provide XXXX year very year-to-date basis the levee included We XXX-year Net substantially. income our adjusted X.X% work as cash since XXX a ago profit achieved by up also ready-mix growth points results and one-time margin prior versus a volume asphalt. in we up aggregates, And year-to-date more is flood. profitable gross results for fulsome revenue is

the expanded up On by XX% markets non-residential. tax collections in are is the and basis residential up relative of X% growth Summit's a public, points Slide Adjusted update we’ve to exception XXXX. current ready-mix favorable in pricing to the pricing only mix market the an X.X%. EBITDA with also profit our X, margin represents conditions and up XX.X%. XXX expansion trends revenue. aggregates gross adjusted Kentucky, major states that year-to-date points the our is of from XX% in business. XXX in roughly end-use seen resulting We is XX.X%. margin states expanded is of of products good and to five Pricing XX% for basis margin X% which asphalt most disruptions On And X.X% months of first provided not reported the news Adjusted revenue, serve. services, The basis, we for cash ready-mix we price parts up have X.X%, reported many top in that are asphalt. cement, nine of

approaches decisions state funding each However, differently.

and the expect their has X fiscal to points. interrupted. best So allocation In TXDOT data been Texas, XXXX. is Prop jobs the highlight to we've latest awarding our year They not receive full in done backlog

expected into by has and many growth the which suburban has year-over-year. Residential has resilient XX.X% XXXX, projects of tax Our most typically and is and operation. same higher steady. activity centers construction farms, in wind of in Texas residential several public and diverse highway September the most is work been and were served country's August up planned. projects our are through markets XXXX calendar is let exurban markets. home of collections highest Houston the completed Non-residential warehouses one permits and single-family Non-residential North activity booked in KDOT as In were distribution such X.X% Kansas, than July year. been

Salt as in new unemployment strong new permits the levels For in the year-over-year. the operation low inventory delivered third were very record August up and home Lake country. It September. second had state XX% quarter, in residents attracts rate is market the City a in with our in-migration Utah lowest Single-family results

up term Missouri's in revenue steady the activity is for Department estimated a its impact to tax Transportation now, XX%, though decline longer initially of been has less of While clear.

in year. most calendar Kansas, completed the let projects and with same non-residential As are

So is Residential our activity this visibility steady. into time. is limited at XXXX

The Kentucky, the that outbreak. of in top revenue. in with our X the issues states fiscal of from state resulting smallest budget terms continues legislature to preceded shortfalls COVID-XX struggle Finally,

have the lowest are period was far in is and a Thus, resolution believe corresponding conditions revenue sentiment is all-time With mortgage particularly current developments right update decades and expansion, in highs also and for at in we levels. rates sale are public now the A We've certainty three we’ve market. of Homebuilders demand. sources Slide highways reports Slide period on end the to we've acknowledged own Association construction By of budgetary by for wind is than originally project expansion believe through lettings road evaluating accelerated have increase yet. cautiously The behind. spending. homes of non-residential contrast, funding estimated, single-family near business distribution outcome its lows. center builder that all-time less projects. House Transportation or deferred. for funding market The suburban an of XXXX the state a be and we provided that we budget residential, end significantly near airport The such passed Each Summit. the proceeding still several federal X, those Senate influence may shouldn't On and infrastructure delayed While non-residential National outlook over exurban homes experiencing infrastructure, new they levels. state. would has in Index about the growth less has Billings term long-term as the Kentucky are stalled. regards and normal XXXX busy we impacts Cabinet infrastructure seen affordable general funding served bullish. not election And to vary visibility, levels suggests Architectural X. The its that the The rebounded market at have Act. been FAST by while supply with projects impacts severe be farm are more are to is Both fund fund to strength markets bills continuing of needs. The that Concluding but residential given by

adjusted that, development. by basis in to aggregates five $XX growth. With they Expected aggregates future for investments operation. financial Summit full results. greenfield investment the continue our all estimated of to-date, on over organic another from We annualized greenfields I'll EBITDA a projects Brian strategy aggregates pursue under is are will It generate $XX greenfield of million completed in XXXX. sustainable in to call XXXX turn million of an million each discussion greenfield is with drive that XXXX $XX these to to investments Five investment been have once and

Brian Harris

Thank you, Anne.

of XXXX. maturity, third the notes start with $XXX I'll due strengthened sheet million with X.XXX% the over had available ago with structure. to Slide We capital quarter. nearest-term increase in XX, July, of Summit from from Turning our undrawn proceeds the million the Summit's which of $XXX due redeeming of of summary we QX by balance of XXXX, our $XXX year quarter. outstanding million our cash, a all ended revolver, X.XXX% Combined million In is an $XXX over at with $XXX end liquidity million notes

$XX.X revenue adjusted million projected our million Our efforts ready-mix QX our X% on in leverage from acquisitions XX, X.X demonstrated third benefited for XXXX range provided highest some decreased to balance $XXX cash capital On of capital year from management. in million. to $XXX acquisitions. as million. volumes, West on you'll $X.X net free with an our our the from XXXX segment, debt CapEx while equipment we ratio recent reserves the the quarter reported being On completing in to We net EBITDA, ratio. of in revenue showing We Utah, markets. good two is associated now the to year which ago. contributed remains quarter an bridge M&A flow working XXXX. led Net million we improvement The particularly million is deployed updated by an million invest higher to ago to bridge the to to million growth in million also totaling QX million guidance. incremental from to Performance and was our $XXX for X.X in continue revenue times comparing Slide expenditure revenue $XX $XXX ability improve aggregates which see and XXXX, net By to $XXX strategic increase a with times million unchanged. a incremental XX, Slide is in organic increased we additional $XXX.X projection add our spend quarter, greenfields to to XXXX $XXX.X liquidity improve a $XX Increased X.X% we've

posted our year revenue repair normal segment, Flood aggregates comparison to contributed aside, typical relative flood difficult volume of Kentucky below net that relative to segment's region. from distribution East activity and to non-residential repair performance part in price $XX ago which million, the East Our strong still work letting East where levels. wind and volume far is Missouri of nonetheless also price. work higher in Kansas, is center proportion by Kentucky mix farm outsized a the declined and segment contributed where projects very a reflected when an and product

of Our net million segment's $XX.X XXXX revenue the markets prior demand, was lower in QX particularly Cement to in down relative South year quarter on Memphis. the

driven West offset Turning to we've of year a million, partially lower performance $XXX.X and decrease decrease a adjusted QX year was segment from ended ago. provided EBITDA Cement a segment a relative bridge. We performance from ago, at Slide X% by to by East The record our quarter XX, the segment.

$XX.X volume and million general compensation. costs accrual along operating $XX.X adjustments, XXXX and partially and revenue metrics. strong associated workers' Turning third aggregates, Net in GAAP revenue basis, third million $XXX.X asphalt to to in stock Slide quarter as a financial higher X.X% cement in due key price. quarter-end of and of due has with volume, other aggregates decreased lower true-ups volume and On price. approximately see in for lower to you'll compared cement administrative million year-to-date revenue ready-mix quarter by third West transition higher healthcare quarter and compensation offset ready-mix net and increased to income segment QX asphalt performance the the of CEO to X.X% and our and to related due XX, decreased with higher the

and Inc. year. of of income Reported attributable one-offs, is of a $XX.X period. reported source tax in line is costs million Summit, up On the $XX.X roughly year-to-date primary reversal benefit relative year-to-date year income the a income unrecognized increase million with higher prior the operating an net in included to are prior the totaling running $XX.X on million X% net these QX basis, revenue. G&A Excluding our to

diluted Adjusted XX margin XXXX profit several Slide where metrics, Adjusted of the a quarter the yet and over mix-adjusted XXXX gross net XX% on prior effective to first basis expanded in as a year XXXX. rate. we comps the financial by impacting months tough we’ve XX.X% basis ready-mix. our a XX, of contracted third as to Adjusted income relative presented But significantly XXX year-to-date to points and which months of nine are from of year well points XXXX up basis compare points non-cash the versus up for on on year-to-date. Turning nine basis, to combination ahead tax we year points ago. quarter non-GAAP basis the aggregates XXX year-to-date by XX.X%, to prior is due adjustments XX quarter, the improvements is EBITDA and margins volume price year-to-date at QX first contracted

we Turning to aggregates, Cement X.X% average increased for contracted Organic aggregates, and for for asphalt. prices consistent and volume price ready-mix volumes X.X% X.X% asphalt. and of X.X% X.X% volume XX, in increased have concrete for in Slide year-to-date. provided cement, X.X%. selling ready-mix by comparison Organic a remained for X.X%

repair Turning third of tough than business. mix contracted in quarter the to points the adjusted we’ve in work in higher Aggregates gross which our volume quarter on to Slide price comp year-to-date QX of by margin XX, XXX all cash XXXX, margins at relative lines normal basis business. provided featured a and flood and

our nine months XXXX, are XXXX. unchanged aggregates year-to-date first the margins of However, from

as our basis methods. points reflecting the basis Our Kansas Texas, our Green and lower storage fuel XX% and trucking products adjusted growth in in businesses, and North pricing well-managed Virginia. services and by business experience products as cost experienced winter engage volume for that Cement we materials in expect XXX markets our year-to-date costs and and for in in year, in the points XXX third both Kansas, gains, Year-to-date, in XXX and margins we basis QX pricing QX business residential particularly downstream growth as our slightly and EBITDA third reflects basis the in points from Texas. gross XXX Cement Texas costs profit contracted and together only at we greenfield quarter an early margins cash and volume to our an well by with be as expanded Margins recycling the impressive the in strategy, quarter, basis Utah our and expanded points year-to-date comprised pursue will Materials control have of impact continue which increasing by M&A. proportion production explosion America facility. points, the of markets contribution XXX contracted in organic of on

income For purposes, We we quarterly should paying million and U.S. the of taxes for estimate federal expense minimal modeling anticipate interest $XX and XXXX, no to the fourth $XX cash in taxes. that million. range quarter be local state

addition minimal until not payments taxes, expect In TRA cash XXXX. to do significant any to we have

For adjusted share, the And turn the of use Anne million with being call XXX.X Units. million, of purposes I'll Class per and closing XXX.X a A that, for her calculating share LP million X.X please diluted shares count earnings remarks. back to

Anne Noonan

Summit single-family uniquely recently those offering being to the and markets markets work to homes to established we built towards where Thanks, Feedback a who and we more ready and you the and Xst, company the value analysts in wind of investors, of management integrated with remarks has those migrating are What analysis eager provided it and flow conversion. positioned our on locations employees, growth the an Summit, our benefit tour focused this of my the to world sure growing, Brian. sell-side aggregates, CEO are on in and tell cost strategy a free people business. at is well-positioned more desire next are are embarked in can to I homes important can position many and humbled to many view creation September study, appointed Summit you. about our phase perception lead honored get time I centers and Summit the initial Slide an a on XX. is capture Americans and cash hear customers, the growth mix, are important to and that from feel conclude your across its for stakeholders listening is call I is today future insight remotely, In and being markets financial current other upon I'm vertically joined of where living. Materials. is creation. valuable in from data participated Immediately The affordable value prepared strengthening, days. you of is that centers outside-in will paving. presence, they I'll of farms, of you on roads, or and and our future. asphalts need value after growth and distribution still answer high vision former thank Summit's we I outlook early they

component We a are aligning a part our our invested returns maximize use performance. as business compensation capital. our we of is key that ROIC evaluate on now plan, to framework will to and

like Summit We strong are are support turn balance performance over its delever foundation with an sheet continuing returns underpinned acquisitions, financial to to and focused of greenfields feedback increased on consistent end questions. that fundamentals. of Sustainable potential, Summit to-date. strategic review are And the it growth investment strategic growth by our operating portfolio. as Operator? With provided and growth with cash organic while and to that, leveraging that to on operator markets finally, a focus the across generously for in you've future we the portfolio organic I'd generated serves and entire the the in-depth conducting growth


[Operator Instructions].

of comes Your Thompson Thompson from with line first question the Kathryn Research.

open. is Your line

Kathryn Thompson

segment. Cement the on focusing First,

through the cement up also the including quarter? a tough the expecting on higher costs volumes expected. more but then quarter, still from margins, a that And puts segment, plant give Cement color delta? the as are than the bit just little in Now you on follow-up impact on takes comps the you’re going Could and

Anne Noonan

just address cement volumes. me let Well, Okay.

our if was impact our remarks, in our at cement an that said decline had the So Brian forward, refer volume we growth. overall of look takes of as Southern puts and moving and in overall the markets, The negative I'll most on -- let X% margins we to of by decline, pretty were look million just also at year-over-year, close, one $X.X volume you America course pointed impact our Green in cost the down come out if had coverage, recycling, also the reduction and but which quarter. of the fixed the has Cement, from volume we on on which been prepared of an most was

Brian Harris

don't add explosion really The more side, have on I impact, big the the Yes. much was The to running. up Kathryn. to plant not cost that still obviously, impact. and EBITDA, is

We the fourth expect on quarter based during timing current that to estimates. happen

the in have and lose to ran under So But albeit than were it's been plants ground well, lower a little bit because absorption volumes. probably Otherwise, controlled. as QX. well from otherwise, likely were of well. costs low overhead running the in we're and of QX plants those did an We well impact QX of

Kathryn Thompson

the clarify to to on CapEx, is Are that other greenfield there overlooked? increase have just may in And Okay. initiatives related that, expansion? all this

Brian Harris

not spend the $XX we've range actually of The the greenfields. to That's unchanged. in to million. it's $XX kept related greenfields, the million No, on

increase we've come identified that couple sources. from the So of a has

where Utah are we aggregates aggregates opportunistically that reserves scarce. purchased is first the market, The in some

advantage of very to going added the purchase to additional trucks so advantage markets, [LOR] came opportunity we really second high-growth in the so take many And And was of then the part in of along, of equipment, and that. markets. on those we took that growth was that some it those


comes question Jefferies. the of Ng Phil with next Your from line

line open. Your is

Phil Ng

tracked provided But appreciate anything of of It be trends. color would more if you on trends color could seems volumes certainly soft you because October inter-quarter the it guys some specific primarily? in are more volumes businesses And a helpful some like core how provide inter-quarter. on on little your

Brian Harris

for the Houston Yes, and a Laura question. lost had weather swept center the market. days very into they weaken And of of in the came through That did just with a through coast. few us little thanks you end Phil, Yes, Hurricane towards right the country QX. through. -- up then the We over bit

high some priced in Virginia. lost margin, in markets we So Carolinas high volume and our the

disappointing the little towards just luster pretty was of we the kind a much bit of of July, bit But cadence a through end was that took other August the as than So and QX, that, off. of expected the volumes September. and

Philip Ng

think the touched what strategic upon you terms are Anne, reach you takes? of philosophy when from then, a portfolio, this. deem guess, puts reassess think your days vertical in of reviews guess, And And your non-core if Early is markets strategic integration? of Difficulty] [Technical I I sort the longer And term, any you unintegrate ability I how important what's to example, on direct out things? and

Anne Noonan

question to found if it the your front Phil, helpful. I of mind that you hear end very hard there, wouldn't repeating it, would very be

Philip Ng

takeaways forward? Difficulty] the days business of terms your reviews, [Technical unintegrate in going terms of in in how strategic early your sure. In process Yes, the

Karli Anderson

quite really we offline. that couldn't I'm We later maybe up out. Phil, Hey, can What make catch sorry. is with -- you

Anne Noonan

were very that your I and Phil. question, blurred you heard was on of it, part around --

and I think strength does model. for I demonstrate year-to-date question and of our integration we've would ever the an the think of end integration. really this came vertical an is Lake of Houston And performance markets. to this you point example Salt that there's If about quarter last asset that where through vertical record had I for your Summit, City our


the Your comes of Revich Jerry Sachs. next line with Goldman from question

line is open. Your

Jerry Revich

prior capital a returns pivot you how to the talk teams. wondering from approach on your I'm could about if is

of attractive done good has team assets job the multiples. obviously, at So a acquiring

past? versus returns way So you what's key looked tweak the on approach? look as capital differences think the it at you in the about the the the are your the team and way at strategy to had What

Anne Noonan


cash doing we the part of one differences, really really over course portfolio increase strategic look to like refer define elements all our plan, forward. of in added the at as as think fact all our And returns, growth business a I cash our now to optimize we normal at the sub-segments time and needs, we're we're key review to and on and emphasis will look to And that the the that, our moving it going that. incentive portfolio the to we've the potential and of review.

would with I saying then and moving look forward. active sum having management on optimization we And when very basis portfolio, increased emphasis up our it portfolio So running at a the normal company.

Jerry Revich

the Can early can last talk in point expand focus lot the on running could the then structure increased broad helpful is days, terms the you you has strokes if had but would any of Can acquisitions Obviously, that changing? expand of And be -- historically. you point? how on a you it's about know company on I company.

Anne Noonan

We've It been of days. company. very of really the Yes. That stage all is in through your And a on the going process. one thank view process our outside-in again, was you here. kind for input clear early

of the hope on that, is very conclusions. have to business ready. Secondarily, sure hard we're on our get third making to update we've then which ongoing, We we earnings term answers but call. near at any review focus team in-depth our strategic been resiliency has scenario, And the that least is part working -- some don't really any been share there, to is an our in really COVID and next


with comes question Stifel. Elliott next Stanley from of Your the line

Your line is open.

Stanley Elliott

welcome Talk optimization. about to portfolio of the the Anne, And kind call.

Do on in context of hear portfolio? to here. put acquisitions to I you that through X.X work two Or hold gets would M&A done leverage just continue the of think the that at the mechanics You've we love times. as environment a

Anne Noonan

the and Yes, we succeeded about on allocation we to of acquisitions. we've invest and priorities, and growth obviously, focusing in two to delevering in capital the in focus of growth portion that our We strategic cash but putting organic on did year-to-date, company. do capital company organic our continue Sure. talked

being hold. strengthen forward, that So say working acquisitions acquisitions I are returns these really X segment. And to on West that very have the feel been growth would we're would moving my understanding say and we acquisitions as are I play ongoing in doing aggregates strategic our X are did not that on which that. we pure is really selective for and two high is, will years our segment

that selective lower and just say, all on hold. say not clear to acquisitions. on you would loud we you we hear would But would company. that, on I continue delever, while the leverage So I prefer and

Stanley Elliott

markets kind nice of How bit, would X how thinking it's following non-residential or before little markets all a strong the kind then pick in you residential end the market key been up on retail that really typically nationally, highlighted. a commercial, side. have market pretty would things of especially residential as And about the that growth switching those have be in long gears trajectory to but up what of markets one-off, looks nature whether like

Anne Noonan

Well, quote months we to commercial. generally, guess and we that the I light a the would determine XX the bit, vary market XX this typically, at little does rate will to that. But look residential and on segments these of in-migration on

non-res -- lumpy as non-res. on strong when a light XX is we at typically XX -- But residential is we say, it West in months a bit to So other would low to are continue rise, that look the retail, really I lag, grow and segment. following we on why the the in which


Thompson Davies. from Adam Your next and with question Thalhimer line the comes of

Your open. line is

Adam Thalhimer

what's see such your important to you? because outlook specifically just for wanted Utah I Texas, and markets for they're

Anne Noonan

if strong look Texas, Utah very I'll Well, Texas, with and at on start TXDOT. we

So be strong. our to spending public continues

Residential, We have backlogs XXXX. strong. very into

our and about And would North on there I that we say considerable So continue very and the residential, public growth. talk If see we been in-migration Utah, spending again, in pretty has both strong. Texas, employment; low Houston steady. to

in two strong those are So pretty all areas. indicators

Adam Thalhimer

are Mississippi about River of there? a how Southern cement. And markets. seeing in the What kind been thorn of Okay. you side They've

Anne Noonan

a driven by seeing level predict can't don't. in near-term. any that the return that to lower we not pricing. We're we and of We're oil lot estimating was significant COVID that Well, because

on our so that our behavior And which in what we behalf, drives operations. is control control can

be As a that depending back into QX on will will hit place how recover come million, and loss Brian earlier, in to this $X expansion referred million quickly XXXX ramp it's we've that the had $X.X of we to likely we QX up. thorough into on QX

that we in So have plan place.

But around business. case the have the to which close can't initiatives really this our look then at supply commercial focused price to to So a excellence. excellence, control, around when do staying and an In excellence demand, commercial execution, chain operational we number uptick in of as will excellence, continue customers that be it's Cement. we we of do we

really we we've will costs we and logistics sure forward. distribution optimize. new at very cost never to chain, the our And some to focus in on and moving containment continue supply strong On but we're make brought talent look our is continue and team this operational done, to on excellence,


the Trey from comes of next with Your Stephens. Grooms question line

is Your line open.

Trey Grooms

to picture bigger one maybe So here. I'm going try a

and that election we're good get So to business? that, were saying impact you few which think chance your just folks if out. of some starts here we a how the sweep, a are to going blue when do that And a days into there's pretty

Anne Noonan

We which predict all to lot in say never the even future that. Trump can't though kick XXXX, we talked about infrastructure say on that bills I really a pass. will an

hard timing believe do an uptick is to it predict, we will be to the However, very The business. Trey.

Trey Grooms

margins And on cement circling kind briefly. then guess back just of I the

sequentially you there. didn't can were both XQ periods the there explosion, maybe the incur very I EBITDA understand some understand change but So different margin. the in from cost repeat, benefits that saw but that that period had did I

maybe it about? dive -- little of talked you about what there sequentially, of cost and at anything but not and a outside the in already year-over-year, should can ongoing there we we've some bit, So there Is how maybe think those? differences look

Brian Harris

the for question. thanks Trey,

that the down we I question, of and high the think recovery overhead the overhead did really has one there get the you shutdown, some from it QX know, the between and would cement a on that base, just cost to was absorption with shutdown as volumes mentioned difference in be much that QX. we the due Also fixed quite that. being Kathryn's have autumn recovery of didn't primary QX, lower, we on the That to plants.

one will second happen in The QX.

QX. that, have some of have days in don't lost we So which because we


Loop of Your line Garik the Shmois Capital. comes question with next from

is line Your open.

Garik Shmois

markets? about ask pricing, to any intense moving mix just wanted given a how landscape? a provide about bit bit you Just the challenges competitive And just we little Can of more couple of just given a you price volume visibility some in pricing given quarter. negative Is to little on forward? it some should in your seeing change the backdrop, the of the more are getting think the volume

Anne Noonan

competitive have we're I'll coming landscape, things different regions Brian drive the pricing. address seeing competitive will you, significant dynamics the the is between that specifics any that a in business this really markets. into one are change but pricing, we're not I any But surprise of changes. our was in how to a that on the Garik, tell the seeing me not fundamental of on

Brian Harris

in priced that line then Multisources on averages levee job Yes. main where the the are was the our was the Garik, business. pricing aggregates highly in to due the reported pricing, the the that comparison for product we positive the very had in And our prices than repair on the actually reason average And we have decline acquisition, prior selling lower with organic Missouri. year, that quarter. elsewhere

in do in But of go just vacuum, a little you but drag pricing So margins that the they selling I'd bit was because aggregates not what average to a do hand-in-hand. is at ask look the keep mind, a price. the on

lines by have margins actually good prior as prices, them. in LTM with our see lower comp, X.X%. product sequentially, year-to-date they increased on You the very were quarter-on-quarter. margins And The are same year. the which are our you that difficult can you'll selling the actually look have margins up if but even margins And have aggregates

moving on positive aggregates, and over on prices a at pricing mix a margin year-to-date bit up about look X.X% strong, and And there, year-to-date. but X%. have you So few by up price parts together. ready-mix that's little were X.X%, And really to a even adjusted,

Garik Shmois

to if on moving just year or want you're given well, any just constraints any bottlenecks trucking logistics anticipating next on seeing And capacity some the reported bottlenecks as ask into side?

Anne Noonan

time. Not at this

in I with better drivers Texas had availability down, capacity. pricing of oil think actually and trucking a actually, being we've

the medium in seeing here on impacts no So the we're term. business near that or


comes question Rohit of with the next from Truist Seth Securities. line Your

Rohit Seth

be been question My first infrastructure came the that an shovel-ready projects earlier. on, -- Fed? on from passed, on bill an repair on less earlier in there be would spending any maintenance-type guys just is the pickup given infrastructure that's If probably And and work. jobs, fair question is that curious smaller building I'm I beneficiary it your you of the might coming think to has the was say the focus

Anne Noonan


because work a repair our I think of rebuild. that would lot assumption be and is a correct

from some Rohit. uptick So we see to expect that, would

Rohit Seth

taxes taxes question, taxes second the was when a there came liability. -- go some Brian, recall TRA then the TRA, I And of corporate the -- Okay. on up to down, if elections revision do

other be TRA the or unwind move that way, impact what they liability? would if the Now on that does

Brian Harris


when So any But up the hypothetically, what happen would would on liability go the same as when timing I was are way corporate is payments TRA change likely. the it the rate not reduced. would it tax down in came think

and that depreciation in there, any along that the they result we date the step-ups way, accelerated remarks is mentioned generated we the whether TRA we expect any from other of get that to the as under few attributes XXXX, or tax acquisitions. As earliest is prepared payments a from have constantly are be shifting basis

rate the liability. increase the tax So hypothetically, an would yes, TRA in increase


the from comes line Anthony Pettinari question next Citi. Your with of

is Your line open.

Anthony Pettinari

possible ROIC you'd about from then compensation is, talked returns Gravel? what which being about like you greenfields added versus think Multisources And is Ann, generally, the to investments? great. returns and incremental expected talk to just it I aggregate for acquisitions Is Valley expect CapEx

Anne Noonan

I returns specifics greenfields, mid-teens. With think we've we more Brian actual target that? the on said the ongoing from acquisitions before on in

Brian Harris

mid-teens significantly paid Certainly, multiples -- can at yet as higher. high lower know pay and greenfields, even if for entry precisely sometimes that the if multiple quality aggregates what the We the acquisition. paying were you to would would you're than to in EBITDA is play be. the Yes. you returns be through it’s The

the point IRR. actually to So to the from a as We'll unfolds. little in obviously, EBITDA those those EBITDA $XX on million XXXX, But based is mid-teens the be entry returns in much longer the know takes each we'd of expect realize projects it the more lower. of But investments.

Anne Noonan

at look complete when that. Anthony, the review, other add, we we're strategic I'd our then through thing not And

haven't on target really still this at a we in set point So ROIC time.

our will in-depth something of be review. that So coming out

Anthony Pettinari

And anything talk you purposes? an quarter. what you've is for or weather gave then, keep that weather you there impact Is in far about mind us up the -- impact of modeling of us on Brian, we kind XQ so gave an Can you in in October? the update set should comp seen

Brian Harris


trend. a of country similar the most in October pretty have of we've patterns or that the parts have different held in weather followed think the up I seen well

of So to and see we're continuing, Southeast. the in going some days lot we've a wet weather lost

But Beach, significantly in all had Columbia, year. been So They've days this Wilmington, dry. rain it's more elsewhere, Lexington. Myrtle Roanoke,

Columbia, So West Lake, of particularly Kansas, incrementally has Missouri, been dry. kind Wichita, Salt

the been that all probably You've we've fires seen dry. had, it's but

moment, in the weather at have pattern of So we October. that of kind unfold seen similar


question comes next Clarke with Deutsche Bank. of from Your line the Seldon

is open. line Your

Seldon Clarke

in It talk recent well. been those I just earlier. bit in up has us context about the some you this versus on as how more Could markets? the there's aggregates And just differs you know profitability pricing looks asked, mix a what margins these or is a can from to bit if M&A decently and apologize like little in the of issues markets margins well quarter. up a held pricing? I you negative potential on frame service improve help just maybe impact said had drag But on provide existing opportunity maybe either I your markets? there just pricing

Anne Noonan

which acquisition, and that aggregates. done have commented in Multisources acquisition, the pure-play our We've of done process I on was we're as a the integration. just starting

margins were correctly lower pricing, earlier, as there out So the was but pointed Brian strong. some

we apply look excellence, our to And the to pricing also entire sourcing always we of X get turns operational do As And to be and to that for the integration. commercial to we to as portfolio. X.X we look our the also able look office, integrate, have expect targets back improvement. to we

Brian Harris

about the to million up Gravel contribution -- from the add late $X.X quarter, in quarter. in bridge, Multisources was really about wasn't the delivered It in we of just I'd EBITDA anything that, in Seldon, you contributed Vancouver. the There Valley there, million saw And the EBITDA was on bridge but $X.X QX.

Seldon Clarke

review, But do a Analyst Investor your type Day when then kind don't presentation? you'll of Day that if of is or you any around something string a just sort broader know you timeline into question. time? have calls of should we I complete this And just sort earnings strategic expect it. over Or

Anne Noonan

with and are working when we team thought and that out days, do specific a we very sure have doing through. we're we revised very come in view Well, a you a that well tell something early timeline. is don't the make I strategic hard, comprehensive will to is roadmap, very it's

course now, ready, made we decision time. getting with we side discussions roadmap haven't strategic the to we we're We feel at that that not obviously Day coverage our our buy-side, have But our normal full If up sell and for interactions. ongoing that would an when Seldon. it's earnings consider Investor


Research. comes question Longbow with from the line David of next MacGregor Your

open. is Your line

David MacGregor

that and through evident market But is the market points, a get Or be tough pricing. And kind fourth cement. of you a we Memphis, of to looking of on knowledge, you just pricing just and going the can there. get a that North North numbers. most to about just recent segment price conditions you color. slow bit I But from across the it's helpful? of traction had always weren't Memphis. that river on the I increase so of provide about coming to more the And it's color market the up rest system South on more the question would little able basis a sense talked quarter common been any appreciate XX think just traction Maybe maybe I just in trying think at see of, and

Anne Noonan

that put Yes. really which our part, Southern been boils in really the X.X% The it pretty increase. demand resulted customer Northern the portion, mix the were in challenges steady you demand has together, and to down when two

I a would It's not price explain we mix, get lack it's out. said execution say, increase. would where the we customer that on would just of So

David MacGregor

be or...? XQ? does for mix is that should And into looking so correct play What we that how there? Does

Anne Noonan

particularly markets same Well, I see more Southern rebounding. the I think because our don't

are So carry from across I think today. you where we that could probably just

David MacGregor

the any isn't from just further mix? there so benefit entire across XQ, And incremental in traction

Anne Noonan

mix No, because change. should not the

David MacGregor

is then striking by but any getting sheet XX And were times? And of second through growth? in debt. question leverage just EBITDA balance you and it down you I'd is the investing and paying quarter, important sort business of Or your and a be X.X combination using months, next it next Or be there balance get looking about leverage a and XX, you the little questions further and forward just the plans see interested where between cash? the do I in just stock the in do from addressing there helpful. earlier is buying and just a both? repurchasing color would the to XX, guess But

Anne Noonan


I think review. undergoing we are our strategic

the change doubling numbers excellence any on really operational that, down on not So our upon I delever we've we out have of that diligently working sure focus do organic concrete capital, as in team our rolled ongoing a working will result has strategy. to growth, say been working strong. is we've and making

continue So delever. we will to

our we come Now at step changes will review, out review that the will and significant of time. strategic any


with question of from Capital Mike the RBC Dahl next line Your comes Markets.

Mike Dahl

on with But just can work. wanted think us still in the been tough tailwind the a have any And you costs in XQ? about anything would XQ diesel Just ask around understand from costs guys? first presumably a and question a how to comp color Because you levee quarter? on margins, to that in year-on-year unit the so standpoint, repair give unit for

Brian Harris

but actually on a they a hedge year. up do the where aggs diesel ready-mix, particularly for We on obviously not of has costs diesel the tailwind and for entire the been of Yes, throughout our were the then balance, but a we all as business, mileage. a been just portion have pick throughout the tailwind as diesel we year, us forward organization, us by lot

basis, mix-adjusted It's of a -- with above QX, a pricing. And isn't have affected really back in the more So mix XX% to really tailwind. bit QX, that we There X%, would XX%. the side equation I'd been to have LTM that underlying by anything a been the little in over up now X%. XX.X% has cost in that on and sequentially, about do specific on would say we're actually of is the margins. aggregates

pricing that had So mix margins was was it's really very this is which business. in abnormally QX. highest just over of than XX%, obviously, comp XXXX tough factor And the the we of where of QX biggest run-rate normal a

Mike Dahl


head and into And ball 'XX. Brian. as but question, Thanks my I Okay. and obviously know second to it's ask, early around perfect public there's a here, debate non-res crystal we

think helpful through I of of is outlined what current state-by-state terms kind state breakdowns of play. going in the you've certainly

private res combination the guess the of kind I on think public that the with seems get more on there remains like of seeing thinking to your if comments and of volume you're about of when are across side. places I have majority takes is year, next it potentially puts business, resilient what up and non-res. at based some in you look to think markets early the you your positioned year headwinds that your 'XX with in we make overall, your same signs? where matter public versus view But trying to to side markets that in growth you're do you're I'm is, actually yes,

Anne Noonan

would this we low inventories public, I rolled factor that time is our any further all though, say, are like impact overall. residential other there's that side, obviously, I markets. talked I one from on haven't across business. about would COVID up Well, say and think uncertain the we major at any but all

expect grow rates it's and to So consistent to that low. year we with interest would stay continue this if

the on I our the where markets, West Kansas area. continue. each we've On decisions clearly but segment, very to each we in Kentucky -- be believe public is expect have, And is Virginia state rebound, we that that makes out will strong particularly their differently. And will it's strong. side, pointed don't strong,

and we'll see just have to that. on wait So


I will closing over we reached call for and time allotted turn Q&A. to remarks. the any Ladies for Anne back gentlemen, have our

Anne Noonan

you, call. operator. concludes for us all And you joining today. thank our Thank Good day. That


gentlemen, concludes today's conference call. Ladies and this

disconnect. You may now