Mike Havrilla Director of IR
Lishan Aklog Chairman and CEO
Dennis McGrath President and CFO
Frank Takkinen Lake Street Capital
Ed Woo Ascendiant Capital Markets
Jeremy Pearlman Maxim Group
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Greetings, and welcome to the PAVmed Inc. Business Update Conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. to of conference Investor like Mike your now Director Havrilla, Relations would turn to the host I for PAVmed. proceed. Please

Mike Havrilla

Investor Good operator. PAVmed's in afternoon, This business Relations. of today's is participating Thanks call. Thanks update for Mike everyone. Director Havrilla,

moment the differ and statements McGrath, is from Factors Please Joining made. could both are Dennis business filings Lishan in Aklog, Officer; and release risks disclaimer updates the read announcing available include our Chief cause website. forward-looking Financial to known and are that Chairman to Securities me differ call our in a The actual to the about And with Dr. to results and Chief on Exchange disclaimer and in unknown PAVmed's these the forward-looking cause take call, press are today and materially the Executive conference subject release and business may described and financial statements forward-looking this uncertainties, on President press results and the statements. update Officer. Press statements results Commission. actual release.

as those be or the X, annual the actual Aklog? those call list publicly in XA in turn filed changes the these Lishan reports or and description Part important differ Dr. on by to results events, Risk contained quarterly affect or filed would and to any reflect other in may likelihood statements. PAVmed and update expectations that forward-looking based, which required in entitled to will with Except may like or With conditions said, report law, to statements may forward-looking over that from obligation Aklog. on I or Exchange recent circumstances on further Securities affect Form in that operations, any revise PAVmed's expectations updates the see and most uncertainties Factors future disclaims Form any and subsequent For risks of Item XX-K intention XX-Q. Commission

Lishan Aklog

Thank the and And or afternoon, you important Well, good on next forward these over the our quarters for namely, active strategic this seeking so coming everyone. subsidiaries. useful to of with PAVmed are recent some where past I weeks, its the developments Mike. look quarter very company on times minutes in and evolution we up spending you you, And XX catching thinking, and exciting insights and to providing are in take years. the

with some to cover that with positioned I'll of topics nine the update. I be after updates, then who over business I and as comprehensive review About believe had financial more on corporate keen many in our which ago level I of important for of to it to support First, your long all let fall years remarkable we the another start decided long-term victories matters investors over a together to high unwavering up and of five to investors. gratifying IPO discuss how have thank future commitment through, usual and always, of all. shareholders well PAVmed that have and will down of are will upfront exciting Dennis the moment we know and our many opportunity is investors been company, us I lists months will comments far so recently have satisfying that to us general what frankly stockholders. and a It termers state I interest company. later, see how me for really the our are proceed provide hand of been all many a out and and future Nine few months us take Then sheet our We nearly our bolder remain our they our long-term we plans an to growing for systematic XXXX, a things with balance for and challenges. is potential will of come to some partners. grow pursue very that quite decided a future for success. to its working well. realize like accelerate the fully and on to with and expand corporate decided company few the time this their to course for later. some the We've mission at relationship the bolder use bigger certainly subsidiaries, successes the of grown more assess planned. out come plan appears I expedite I'm our sets now. groundwork detail this bigger PAVmed strategic We multiple start And fronts. in to later, to opportunities. be our will and couple shareholder of to proof to challenges level plan has Lucid perspectives, public, of aggressively experiences, more bring critical and to To however, as and commercialization licensing even touch take while evaluate Boards. value. critically laying company partnership these to our our to discuss To fresh to plans seek diversity and M&A ways skill do strengthening our I of pleased and on successes two these would

million Christmas or portion consulting take also investors being leading convertible including sought anticipate attract especially Our We've during all some funds Day, the or institutional to or cash. cold institutional financings calls next from exercised we able balance months. say third-party other whom outstanding the Valentine's to individuals of warrants we Z up between to out XX caliber now and gratifying and highest a and type such from which to our as Dennis is $XX down more fundamental either Fidelity, org sheet of headcount proceeds engagement. the been a long-term is a doubled I'm during that will does into We tripling It continue Vanguard numbers These of effect following period these runway and by has that full number Lucid period. into and the this chart, many but would strengthened with us our almost IPO, time Blackstone. free, number proposed XXXX. runway approximately of XX proceeds XX debt our meaningful PAVmed of substantially emails for this as than extends further. in we employees, estimate over were our the detail, retire supplemented cash to of even debt. PAVmed's use have And review from not This that extend that well happy runway more to raised

with course, substantial growth have stock more from and this value our Of tripling. importantly, shareholders during most period, our than benefit shareholder

couple two past flurry new us a Since and including the during others Boards meaningful to the Directors, has comment of I on weeks, contributions of ask made brought often new perspectives, company. with and experiences two five seen have Director would activity thought quarter, each Finally, in a how to new and our I have very skill fresh between Directors them. women our minutes and take about recent sets, investors

business. licensing us with more strategies, pleased of various Those as of and how participated programs the Lucid company ago, which These is and after leveraging colon mission for to Chairman Chairman early strategic the quarterly other the to founder has as groundbreaking our the detection Let's the was behalf person understand Directors. EXACT matters wisdom cancer cancer vast pre than engaged much Stan Stan the two invaluable very for strategic of zeal weeks Lucid's core our as call perhaps develop introduced Two CEO he of with welcome stakeholders is as to start anyone mission the Vice positioned Latinas company. frequently Lucid's and trial analysts service a first in cancer advisor. you clinical potential with new field XXXX, already fully embraced and early lead esophageal who helping such experience, practice the I Board, with engaging and rolodex who the I esophageal cancer. and as guideline year aspects long-term deaths of to is of cancers. of uniquely Cervical and partnership, Stan M&A and role its He his three President to on and include of contribute potential admire strategy, this in large detection prevent Cytyc, investors, of all other respect engagements and through opportunities, in this Sciences. Lucid and

critical Next, very support Jacque its commercial played Sokolov, who Lucid joined of expansion already role the Lucid a in in April Board has of efforts.

and took sure a roles compliance underpinning numerous in my work has these are billable by Chair leveraged three not federal to the in of robust byzantine quality Jacque, quality activities and as similar number is launch members to large of his state by the proceed announced activities. compliance where states. upcoming by such Board new referred As built our that allowing experience Hospira, public specialist make other subject in in launch multiple clinical expansion set committee, many to of of physicians may attorneys to and He testing good put care know, with centers months of we for over patients to the systems and of team primary companies three infrastructure yesterday, you What EsoGuard you centers that hours we Lucid of we as us regulations. test to of know place, their Lucid these are testing. and a Phoenix, these

to week. the was I last Aster Finally, welcome Angagaw pleased to Lucid Board

and too industry ties both who generously her is other as rolodex delivery April among UK. White, for Board Board experience and Atlantic. she professional connecting for in She's us global her to long-term North America, and things networks, also also to is strategic joined added working on sector. over Healthcare the in CEO most for Executive, will - with healthcare this quarter. she America. past a important her us has We standing seek soon pharmacy and have and undertaking. to healthcare inroads of our of already Lucid during long industry one the healthcare deep Health based the opened extensive to and largest the sides at ways Debbie into Board large UK the initiative the roots decades is most systems executives has networks She of whom global and discussed of importantly, Management prominent two an integrated Board business in Directors global PAVmed's its of healthcare other on in the of planning leverage Sodexo's which did in make with Director the

prominent is technology CEO most planning highly health Veris subsidiary President PAVmed's he hardware the initiated Baxter, the product America, He recently elements sleet the serving the Health. which me the artificial served his Finally, Veris. initiative. including companies and on June, battery user of focused meeting He and He acquiring Microsoft, in and Board's details Medical interfaces after experiences services a soon software Officer North of in interest of organized on infrastructure joined collaboration and of Board also wireless to significantly with Tim Samsung new discuss strong Executive and market as and dialogue too with providing taken Both the digital Samsung, Chief possible IT productive a leader has with digital a the digital technology, cloud heavily in Board. participated a digital long-term our on health in strategic with of global the for communications, overlap platforms. is intelligence, based

let many investors. know of of promised, interest topics to I on few me As to keen that now important move our of are

the Let's start leased in proposed IPO. with

its medical at publicly value During diagnostics own on take capital standalone I allow announced call, its to potential, announced to initiatives, unlock several long-term intent our we our its fulfill present it and a major access time. growth commercial that February execute also public to Lucid company to quarterly as

very pursuing as transaction. intent engaged due retain be majority and Lucid is that IPO During moving the applicable controlling think going also forward do That reaffirms path IPOs, would our really plan any take an indicated interest Lucid it's to May that is one reaffirmed PAVmed I that following of lead and in public Fitzgerald regulations banks. would strongly disclosed we call, process and the that the all said, through well. serve today to that the to I we had IPO I reaffirm can surrounding a previously Cantor our

always how Although am as optimistic holding depends conditions that can I be up. near this a market term event

stage to As I I would much process the are more where the as can't. at really like we of say

financials. commercial have to the by would see target EsoGuard payment and some EsoGuard continue XX EsoGuard quarter number of We first date. XX are to of Lucid to tests we revising we relationship I testing The and efforts to EsoGuard commercialization solid what the on volume who to and testing that this previously we regard forward-looking that I'm to in first in other the second activities year, increase report quarterly and claims area tests with from of process tests and of in performed report what the the revenue purposes. status primary reported the keen performed gastroenterologist the XXX% can its sequentially. in growth double be our also been recognition. review more we quarter, than We quarter happy and clinical after processed We more EsoGuard have our beyond those upfront performed upwards tests representing improving like recent we distinguish limitations includes which by discuss in research tests XXX for interest EsoGuard next number

realizing with good we complimentary limitations to and must observe, Given say suffice forward impact. now traction pre have we the it the look to that to continue gastroenterologist IPO

billing, have expect selected which at to begin course of a centers locales are claim these of understand The test Lucid lag submission We will single volume. EsoGuard to weeds care where not to and we the you EsoGuard physicians help test referring and the in to is world bit a centers. payment these laboratory now test going on get we as primary a on targeting developed complexities our as collection LDC. performed the I'm patients or educating stand laboratory areas testing and

licenses submitting which California. Our Pacific allow is certificate located Research in insurers CLIA it partner test. QX. billing The central is the submission holds to Dx, by in and to the EsoGuard and state began claims laboratory and that perform DBA Research of laboratory CMS Irvine, Dx, Dx performed Claim

as new test. claim is of the Given these cycle and this in claims times adjudicated, process still most remain a being are

step, Some fully on entity, more a and later, private processed payment billing it payments get bit out will That Dennis been final revenue here. this claims is second the network in part. recognize relationship not of how the lead the payers. begun laboratory Again, provide quarter. our the The will me of we course, recognition the receive to revenue from did on have Lucid more and details in weeds and between has the let laboratory to

the to and relationship with laboratory of relationship them a flow governed Our is the contractual from us the with laboratory. by funds

at outcome us term short we activity the enter was contractual laboratory amount modify Lucid the the performed that laboratory. reflect process great pay our the transferred compliant month make Phoenix, and and compliance will to our with and we and and mentioned One earlier, had establish how be laboratory centers to test robust comprehensive and strictly contract launching with delivered are I relationship to funds the from to that As whereby go compliance prior laboratory quality as to to a various activities a by the these Lucid quality monthly a to Lucid. by fixed into including month the federal in can state billing to would who sure lengths between Medicare agreed be infrastructure regulations, adjusted would invoice entity

contractual and That tempered was effective updated these test course, amounts Dx. August govern Research payments executed contract laboratory. will collections Of from by actual by X, are the

quarter We recognizing will updated revenue begin the under contract. this

future plan moving ways proof critical partners, a We on that third Dx strategic and one Lucid's call. revenues our with CLIA element report certainly couple assess our expanded quarter such evaluate our to next one will of critically of and I to Research its The earlier billing, mentioned CLIA was mission revenue laboratory secure to relationship to at recognize and streamline quarterly partner. our and us what complexities to compliance forward. and on this for is has recognition payment licenses. process and plan was of The certificate the and Lucid accelerate plan to seek its impact processing, significantly own long-term associated exercise claims, quality its motivated

receive So forward, bill moving insurers. and Lucid can from directly payments

discussions We process Research look how advances. to this, are the and with Dx best effectuate in updating as to I you forward on

overly EsoGuard of of matter to details critical through technical, much is to the of if was revenue recognized the interest into I apologize testing process keen it volume was translating of of the us. you a all felt take I So that important but growing

this the like to on one am carefully health before and highly course are we rise news nothing variant of I critical the aspect would challenges have of factor our surge who all handing a other U.S. up extended seen not if more as that part This tenfold spread on of care those something good reins companies on during is, to monitoring. contrast many, in throughout speak the healthcare faced than the Delta business, to impact that the remains a virus. serious challenges. to of seeing is a any Finally, referring Delta hospitals, over who Dennis, in the approaching of result in The COVID-XX certainly especially is topic are in of surge for rapid the healthcare the winter associated the us of early XXXX country, COVID-XX and strains systems into front more we transmissible that yet and parts most within the meaningful the related operate year. we cases and not I companies, and many

physician activities almost unfettered mostly outpatient in their we clinical operations. access to to equipped their to Lucid also and in adapt disrupting have to and continue pandemic without commercial how physicians Our practices exclusively It offices. have learned are setting appears an that the better and occur clinical

they've be interact test okay. But certainly a systems is up to we with major variant of implemented. delta that holding those So these seem

shift the and surge to that things limited that to fall in and our as Although that, could start will countries hope follow emerge impediments the into to winter. if Delta business have UK, the continue could worsen the and India cases and we is landscape like they

ongoing which impact our have a Just in more on on reboot of meaningful commercial I'll could later. report detail CarpX,

may Another fact to seen as area in surges to clinical clinical struggling and compared these it sharp in that as care. to CROs are COVID is is as vulnerable reporting non-essential trial always are companies staffing. enrollment, research, be maintain Many declines

to impact with not to on an comprehensive will we Fortunately, on reins update update the seen on our before we enrollment, With hand have financials an I situation. trial proceeding clinical Dennis more monitoring the on that a although closely our are business. our provide

Dennis McGrath

Lishan and Thanks afternoon everyone. good

we this quarter XXXX, be report ended for that our published our brief XX-Q in with second will quarterly be It in our afternoon reported coming time summary earlier on the me Form at Let was XX days release. press financial in SEC June our the and website. filed results on @sec.gov will available the

the EsoGuard So recognition, with so our tests cash when rule will performed already by revenue as as GAAP recognized far calls, from revenue quarterly a know as update be regard general to you the is test but previous company. collected performed

this during private this and mentioned, first been previously the revenue private of negotiating contracts our mentioned. them. And Medicare true was likely As coverage were policies. billing related Lishan only payments by and by will and as period recently payer not third-party transition disbursed as in and more There received payer if be recognized the reimbursement quarter no agency,

This be fix EsoGuard purposes, can laboratory, during as assay also updated GAAP begin submitted reimbursement monthly will is reimbursement collections. with upon the the adjusted arrangement again timing and can obviously of revenue insurance negotiated the billing the actual month in quarter to third for laboratory. recognized received to the month This submitted collections fixed period, compliance versus will we've this is payment reflect that reimbursement. by they're For transition estimated recognize third-party be in a processing expectation from companies. payment collecting tests to is which and for our for Consequently, and Lishan arrangement revenues result it time based we outlined

XXXX metrics our company, in up evolve ramp issued coverage their provided performed evolving marketing the analysts clearly here, others highly are now But and corporate early with to four are tests for Obviously, estimates press adoption, sales Presently, provided doing our call, in the continue last collections promised very and efforts and the and EsoGuard patient as we'll are the have of revenue now release. various reimbursement on in As our achievable. there submitted particularly the update by further influence landscape. are payment testing are the reporting analysts dependent centers. we're quantity diligence. due upon banking innings

update been As CMS reimbursement our for call likely or local published. LCD not you decision are aware coverage yet from is the corporate still related last

million incentive digital are not So second for development $X.X $X.X increase principally to marketing now costs, with $XXX,XXX million increase other for the is expenses, regard approved to NetFlo, XXXX. presented costs compared services compensation increase to and costs $X.X equity in commercial our General administrative PortIO, new approximate the with approximate outside principally separately EsoGuard, and the increase prior from related product. to related as including respect million trial results the stock-based programs. the quarter, the research financial million million as with operations sales which clinical were CarpX, period related $X.X and for and in quarter compared approximately were The $X.X directors corresponding year for professional hires, engineering Board with expenses, million for in grants about for grants new $X.X health to

related second a headcount to million increased were loss non-cash which event a $X of company's table, amounts measures, reported these year professional better other are costs in loss million to related with charges, principally of quarter A financial for increase $X.XX press Commercial million a of these with detail Also, these along of non-GAAP and expense increased personnel, the activities. again, per and share to stockholders provides attributable approximately non-cash in and marketing and occurring namely; sales to XXX,XXX net press financing related the consulting related versus depreciation, period, commercial $X.X compensation per and common and the understanding release the periods. performance. to charges to PAVmed provides highlight non-cash for compared respect current interest XXXX. principally common and or operation charges. release of So to loss with entitled increase corresponding share, prior prior $XX.X XXXX, more $X.X substantially all million expenses $X.XX services stock-based XXX,XXX a the in enable

You'll costs, quarter that or charges, as $X.X financing $X.X second reported that for related the of or adjusting $X.XX June free. is million per PAVmed GAAP million that for company by XXXX notice from other common of and XX, non-GAAP had of million loss the $XX.X loss table after approximately non-cash such and share. cash debt adjusted

approximately the with additional During the company second the exercise of from the quarter, issuance net $X.X million proceeds received of of common connection stock in warrants. Z

I'll So Lishan. Lishan? back to it with that, turn

Lishan Aklog

Dennis. Thanks,

our So rapid on let's a short Lucid, time, and up now of fire updates I'll our as with proceed portfolio. of and health commercialization, then with with updates update the my other will which, in various close launch, proceed systematic business. usual on bulk the start CarpX products with the brief take

through the diagnostics First, in who case in or Medicare operations the technology proprietary in can capable commercialized non-invasive certified which lethal and capable is of and capital our X of sampling, scalable focused tests setting DNA test Lucid's detection commercially advanced other with we academic performed convertible inception, three developed $X,XXX, cancer, specifically and EsoGuard promissory granted to in a collection required test anatomically or and early targeted of prevent opportunity studies. an a for final PAVmed $XX.X add diagnostic fees technology laboratory with issued this the esophageal date. collect screening. procedure anesthesia in advances. believe well-defined esophageal technology tool, collection EsoCheck to its it is underlying risk NGS years as constitute $XX heartburn, products to serving research stage in esophageal as subsidiary story. model. EsoCheck methylation Lucid clinical only background University. as Lucid Reserve our million the screening partner without management and a to Lucid of company, just payment management pre-cancer Since U.S. at highly determination our based samples year. multicenter medical cancer collected EsoGuard PAVmed EsoGuard And highest pre-cancer EsoCheck cleared the a are a and CLIA at esophageal We recommended five a protect detecting were specificity widespread those patients device, be of for We the a of January a device the performed products of over the disease nurse laboratory approximately than Dx, first on that June EAC. total Lucid and these laboratory of cell a commercialized reflux from at addressable Medicare billion and just Research developing on have pre-cancer believe Lucid's of a has and adenocarcinoma available underlying business was only the EsoCheck market the makes EsoCheck, cancer formed assay of effective by agreement per on GERD, X, to for collection early device risk some rate, as DNA advances collected esophageal cell of the XXX(k) XXXX to the protected esophageal of esophageal Western already stage less target a you or sedation. these cell as patients services services trained EsoCheck the also to performed with products accurately U.S. working is XX% accumulated EsoGuard an pursuant for payment shown managed at and than minutes $XX as risk cancellation population is performed pre-cancer office precise Case has new have catching to esophageal EsoGuard the chronic license the within who the commercial can The EsoGuard on the gastroesophageal working of since or PAVmed esophageal millions and and published technologies up sensitivity as inception, known patients. and clinician May detect in least through that deaths commercial samples This million is finance capital past Lucid or from EsoCheck exchange greater pre-cancer. note We lead esophageal

regulatory across evidence Lucid practice As EsoGuard my its strategy growth for multiple a remarks, a to support in as I recommendation more raise ongoing growth drive capital on company commercial has expanding of intent opening expanding to and clinical focused and as background well of maintains and our and XX,XXX EsoCheck high disclosed channels, products and XX,XXX will Bit the position the for are public as with an death die standalone other diagnosed reaffirmed to commercialization This IPO which the clinical U.S. proceed guidelines. and those common on efforts our in that reimbursement between over and patients rates from approximately to GERD even U.S. cancer. new GERD the relationship are be cancer story as esophageal and mortality will esophageal it second cancers, Unlike its pre-cancer of painful stages. cancer approximately rate year most with in the XX% our you

using GERD progression paradigm its of traditional deaths endoscopy. EsoGuard BE. cancer us shortcomings first stage Esophageal the to and standing upper as widespread one for screening guidelines halts with also of risk which esophageal these pre-cancer risk This with card of The preventing pre-cancer result XX% the cancer which current or factors. which screening deaths cancer, detection esophageal cancer. risk tragic at less I GERD advantage ablation over order monitored for three recommended patients opportunity early additional primary recommend severe EsoCheck. and its GI the endoscopic is undergo million GI phase, long at requires screening esophageal respect. U.S. clinical highest and prevent EsoCheck pre-cancer core the patients. cured and from or this is $XX to to in represents of and detect men with believe known Unfortunately, changes or reliably of dysplastic Lucid's these In tool previously risk take for the later to than as screening a esophageal or of to patients group through correct be serve prevent EsoGuard consists As mission We XX Barrett's target estimated opportunity more pre-cancer have in care can deaths, mentioned, practice in GERD the Esophagus, at stage that the esophageal to early

areas of in and the dive now certain into EsoGuard EsoGuard a me update you key commercialization. doing before on deeper Let EsoCheck status

past CE On CE indicating certification front, mark for EsoGuard countries. CE marketed quarter self-certification in and EsoCheck the during mark may European be regulatory that completed the we both mark received for

which will to capacity process manufacturing On of the San from our Inc. of per Coastline over units EsoCheck a high based we're side X volume transferring XX,XXX manufacturing, increase Diego, to about year the lines in International, in million.

anticipate efficient to of manufacturing We expect We goods. cost manufacturing this the transfer for but complete capacity, kit will unit substantially the of end provide dictates. year. EsoGuard only long-term doing specimen same the not the as This by lower per demand the

we XXXX, secure fee for front we start history the let through its a technical CMS of This through Medicare for coverage with the the codes MolDx. clinical more resulted process reviews. to or CLFS. administration's the directly EsoGuard's gap secured for side, understand determination of LCD student COVID-XX our ago. their local has laboratory backlog dossiers according Medicare on change In program. slowly the reimbursement granted We contracts payment that determination to Palmetto determination payment LCD which over brief reimbursement. EsoGuard assessment coverage and in MolDx On CMS has Medicare with in and coverage to Things much and moved to final CMS moved $X,XXX Medicare us from EsoGuard continue PLA me CMS They effective submission became gone in side May a significant schedule GBA allowed and a fill schedule XXXX, payment pandemic have X. of of coverage the of process of year on Culminating the engage of or October in XXXX, January so payment await

already screening believe recommended the We strong for by professional that well-established society presented adverse continue a for and to our population case dossier well based coverage on defined guidelines.

of not new payments for delay submitted reimbursement CLIA has MolDx been resulting backlog. laboratory yet contact the entirely Research or access Our denials leadership has Dx COVID of that of with their the confirmed workload Medicare received claims. The market and has in VP is due and and regular to

but a CMS currently Although of or effective, LCD Medicare its EsoGuard in coverage bit gray pending. determination payment our regulatory is with national according reimbursement consultants, to a and still zone

just date Although code to tests a recently was program. fact technically, not introduced streamline non-coverage that [indiscernible] has MolDx issued has a the tests or through called slowed to on process. a determination processing claims the claims may which pay required Medicare code, it is been processing LCD The an may the received diagnostic for special claims EsoGuard to by by statute which for practice Medicare of that in pay not awaiting claims

receive On begun and have of payers payments as the begun mentioned, for network the process has private engaging during this side, I tests to we quarter. private out with the laboratory of EsoGuard past payer

to a pre-cancer the to directors indicated and held EsoGuard of addresses approach. unmet coverage we can with net since not we The good test have data, in utility savings. expect esophageal a to for payment our state feedback positively burdened cost cancer large relative with with don't And be and in and caring costly align of patients also the demonstrate which endoscopy. finally with and clinical our EsoGuard a widespread and acknowledged data. effectiveness, detecting launching. the supported registry of to strategic due deaths, impact focused our for of negative types the cost existence of making. payment economic positive cost feedback and successful that secure collecting cost the for pre-cancer felt our to healthcare the fundamentally a discuss May in EsoCheck EsoGuard of be provided expectations on on clinical Clinical And cancer. meeting needed undergo Most to some biopsies screen analysis we based detailed are develop would During alignment performance fully need determinations clinical clinical healthcare needs test advisory of acceptance endoscopy now portfolio expectations of which coverage cancer patients decision and major cost target samples failure that dialogue to our esophageal economic of to EsoGuard on data some the screening collected major two that and EsoGuard unmet including with that insurers, testing medical the utility Board prevent We'll pre-cancer. esophageal plan population, studies notably major with for who We

is discussed the testing. in audits as establishing undergo needed. Lucid regarding implementing commitment ensure to for indicating against criteria Another They We the that through for help procedure testing sharing as for by centers collaboratively had EsoCheck risk evidence payers on test guidelines. with topic medical directors based testing a control arrangements working to mechanisms, important practice performed billed EsoGuard serve check indicator indicated and important our consistent an that with and potential will our strict who proposed testing, to EsoGuard

Board we a an begin to have set various sufficient am discussions become test in to advisory specific second additional our to in will scheduled a we We network on a approach. to direct forward looking payer, next meeting have new points. get I of a contractual on region their Medical radar, provider more often specific with Directors of and validation month submitted Once their

of European developing we're terms CE secure market Europe, a that certification now proceeding with mark strategy. we've In

consulting who us in in esophageal engaged to with strategy are opinion existing with secure based to leveraging disease help major firm We country-by-country are our relations participating Geneva and strong a Europe, trials. key leaders a clinical in execute reimbursement develop European

on me our commercialization EsoGuard with with move starting engagement Let now GIS. to

commercialization physicians. efforts are DCI EsoGuard on initial focused Our

We of that the to the embraced the enhance have they funnel EsoGuard that are notion expanding potential their gratified has patients. practice pre-cancer generally esophageal by

the well concepts. honed several is now to includes messaging Our and important GIS

few existing First, GI, their to endoscopy that less Cologuard, see EsoGuard undergo add cannibalize risk patients much endoscopy. unlike with does per seek or not an ever so compete business. Since

believe we EsoGuard expand pre-cancer dramatically practice for the widespread will funnel treatment. their diagnosis, definitive of patients and esophageal that monitoring testing in Second,

are esophageal who them in undergoing EsoGuard are and network, fourth to patients them patients candidates Third, will cancer educate the since GERD collaboratively work testing. for referring pre-cancer already testing, we there on And physician their that relationship many colonoscopy. their engage between practice, with EsoGuard including

a well well-received I as working and opening meeting boosted at Popper have Poppers our my with So in well-received David reported a past NYU. been May, and positively initial have from largest in by on world this Dr. these his EsoGuard. busiest GI the boosted EsoCheck - noted efforts has Dr. physician, GI the by remarks, experience are presentation

primary care role of the not move centers. Let's and recent our our Lucid physicians to on to of expansion include EsoGuard commercialization test

ever GERD physician. - nearly exclusively previously I portion small see them cared all small only patients by noted for GI very physicians primary and as care of a a a So

In with a patients has to positive esophageal lead early in extensive PCPs be believe for sales not in guidelines screen PCPs that dozens engagement very with on the with adverse centers. the screening cancer. can will early office-based availability experience widespread cancer simple to area GERD the fact, That's educated and pre yielded are pre-cancer. a patients risk rep procedure that His past few deaths month in referrals the prevent Phoenix new screening of PCPs of has receptive dedicated results, tests clinical to non-endoscopic Phoenix we relationship, He esophageal understand at that's cancer test withstanding, once such to GERD to them meeting they of area hired weeks. in we the scheduled driving one's PCP. This marketing to diagnostic coming for already

leased whose Phoenix medical staffed Lucid trainers and Tempe Lucid. in assistants announced operated by Scottsdale office by centers a EsoCheck practitioner Glendale, located this So in we Arizona in employed and test launch week, suites and in a medical are

office practitioner the assistant cover by these personnel XX attractive. be modest The per to leases that very procedures medical analysis nurse is center medical perform centers number to than a to clinician up necessary per estimate week. We day. per less able EsoCheck a tests of the economics and of that Our will supported be should indicates two costs procedures per single

states hope launch to remaining with then City Lake test program the once partnership in an in We to Salt acceptable, the becomes of and We should Las reimbursement most centers consumer eventually Lucid self-referrals the year EsoGuard's practitioners hope EsoGuard which marginal. next Phoenix practice physician threshold three independent without Vegas, likely will Arizona, nurse payer strictly announced US Assuming centers reached is to from volume program, also nationwide. more expand accommodate support program and become phase test to our provider Upscript that telemedicine operated with pilot allowed supervision Western steadily least Health, Denver. cities to in marketing. this direct at fully states the telemedicine into economics contiguous then These recently

expanded telemedicine and which In and development past full time engaged We over and the have to at level, the support launch team are with put markets Lucid level. order platform, be in to increasingly commercialization sales first fully quarter branded now expanded fall. recent should this senior weeks, complete leadership the and the marketing the our to significantly of to manager sales development efforts, the Upscript representative and we at ready

as previously over coming the to continue we to to team expect quarters. noted So make I substantial additions the

This program on update clinical the Finally, to let research me commercial our efficacy close efforts. clinical ongoing Lucid development our with our reimbursement a support brief evidence expand out and of regulatory program. to and seeks products

We're to GERD support non and use with with of COVID PMA European Despite years FDA patients In new management as in our XXX with esophageal These of patients patients will training preservative. In-Vitro sites XXX bail order enroll enhance still will BE-X and and Barrett's submission diagnosis more of the process we they particularly begun risk bringing introduce FDA Barrett's a of these a and and in with strong. active XXXX, with a research of approximately along in Esophagus XXXX. and study trials, enrollment over indicator dysplastic in detect April factor XX five diagnostic targeting sites to support upcoming which enrollment launched screening clinical to two non-dysplastic a clinical are Netherlands. EsoGuard completion XX of of to sites other which been international Europe, launched multicenter EsoCheck and the in control data enrolling - actively early have beginning Esophagus. the controls. dysplastic, GERD ESOGUARD our approval cancer, or U.S. since to we U.S. one previous study has in ESOGUARD are Spain decent since and the system. the age have enrollment The the end XX Europe case numbers studies to normal active We in by BE-X many XXX an PMA reboot as trials enroll in-house, the clinical infrastructure or

for I'll some those our to close provide much now with context Finally, who brief don't on time updates learning of I have background products. about or other are you PAVmed. just

I'd SEC you for filings to with So questions. as our additional refer to always, and website information us encourage any or contact

training model invasive the CarpX, enhanced a experience a momentum specifically KLOs utilizing reboot our chain National and contracted marketing working. surgery the limited not has scheduled first and challenges gotten recruitment he surgeon cadaver and our start to Medical, treat a hired the to Kevin faced Carpal build adopters and hand decided remain schedule release broaden has and extended CarpX to specifically the number the the early National build a time successfully Manager role that of frank expand look simply and team more an syndrome. the case deliberate a Manager, the training important who repeated focused hand running the steps and Carpal searching orthopedic efforts optimizing and Roberts sales, drive have device December. clients commercial cadaver and surgery beginning in We successful of early deeper invasive of and full an of building we a minimally Tunnel CarpX advisors COVID Tunnel minimally our that to and a more full early supply we this sales in CarpX commercial in issues in including of Sales a brings team them momentum of before work the quarter hands with steady fully over experience decade U.S. Kevin plan, our a end with successful said adopter started as on to was ground learned launch. to be committed efforts CarpX dividends. commercialization We first in drive commercialization of release. in large half space, Let's He by initial serve of with I'll to in and brings surgeons we and our as played case past year following recruited distributors. We completed the Kevin cases. Trice in including But CarpX volume His the and year. hit has Sales hopeful safety second early Tunnel pay quite contacts June. at towards access state that for to would is and procedural longtime to the I sessions year been in It commercialization and was cases. device. frustrating related and Carpal launch Trice

frustrating As of future including what as generations remained very which the the a technology product, things of I is still about have groundbreaking been is R&D on I've exciting underway. upbeat believe future work

wireless are healthcare includes and here optimize Next, Veris moving that more The also physicians And well. combined designed which well. do this should we to front, really the excited side some first with communication, a on with the through sensors technology device start prospects with going oncologist acquisition of about this fall. Health. both intelligent Things core provides and work patients are new going software initial an is be the and Oncodisc for digital The the rapidly tool effective implantable and hardware a testing ever position off to port remote design great with the monitoring vascular I than is technology. data we and forward to access analytics. cost platform, outcomes and design inherited delivery improve in the biologic software am animal care Things remote

software are applications. to highly both digital build the We experienced Smartphone and developers with based engaging health cloud

of NextFlo, has here collaboration. is the are healthcare Microsoft's us. team Tim to on Things been forward noted, continuing And an I news discussions As good. On very we important previously Baxter with resource potential for to looking and Internet our

set this fall this commercial fall. validation to We and our groundbreaking going in for received the clearance be positioned in to QX. in wrap building product QX up IV XXX(k) infrastructure of expect the NextFlo well verification and early We're FDA hopefully to testing file and should start our submission

the albeit advance to Our at engagement with technology. while slow application in this disposable large be strategic pace, infusion interested continues continue we pump a

to we the NextFlo set So it, sell This sets. not the commercialize consummated. past were portfolio and also an along IV company the in we're broader larger well the space by with on is deal a IV quarter positioned if strategic market leader including solicited even

our As ready forward hope Columbia, America our where planned we'll underway updates to outbreak on human severe Things appear look and port intraosseous this takes getting grinding it The to summer, as is to early America. South be IO study access of vascular I back this when track device. finalize approval us. getting and engagement implantable, process Two seeing to in and soon. South halt came patients just was commence a on the a result a COVID begin FDA across to enrolling long

in have On FDA a submission a support to package submitted U.S. pre de month trial the this U.S. IDE and novo front, to meeting finalize our we've fall. expect last application

our hope the catheters highlights brief and thermal progressing and from despite few year in data submit study collaboration continue second we pediatric DisappEAR and this molding on a tubes advance be to esophageal restorable thermal the forward. console to our process. very and our partner ablation position XXX(k) our Work of look device Finally XXXX. our infusion for to earlier close We ablation with design portfolio. in animal development manufacturing a continue Canon is the EsoCure from USA, products to innovations challenges well, emerging ear promising, histopathology in with research early some progress clearance in

is first volunteers non-invasive glucose be to model technology before Our XXXX. our I Work monitoring the FDA the on end human prototype to data going year. any ready target for milestone half date the and for have is expect of don't now technology. testing our proprietary the on animal report generation submission for diabetic a well and we new second or XXX(k) Solys of our

you your the So thank for with can And all operator, to questions. that now open attention. call we


Street from Frank [Operator Takkinen Instructions] is question Markets. with Our first Lake Capital

Lishan Aklog

are evening. Frank, Hey, you. how Good

Frank Takkinen

focus Very here. Wanted in and good. Lots questions my for here. things new questions. exciting EsoGuard Thanks on my to of taking

payers, you have speak any First, private heard success rate the for those well you cases as heard there have just back that seen you've can broader to back as levels that where from for on? you reimbursement a

Lishan Aklog

why that? you Dennis, don't take

Dennis McGrath

Yes. Sure thanks, Frank.

private of the have been by is, that about expect And for are coverage in received at out-of-network which payments rates almost price, there's on of is. the CMS which they're ResearchDx which the been that asked that rate of policies has the rate is that payer the billing because and the CMS So you in half from out side not designation agency network, paying XX% out-of-network largely typically payment encouraging XX% place. find we what rate would what of

Frank Takkinen

it. Got

the to great. And ask on opportunity. Phoenix That's wanted Okay. then I

kind that. one you area over of talk doing in how huge exciting a just just may talk care opportunity, to really And start adequately educate generating how primary bit of here. that volume to then time? get I you talk Obviously, target some is ranges to the patient about this you - Can can to think volume enough you're volumes what those referral I but about think direct-to-consumer just little to physicians wanted trend? the to advertising

Lishan Aklog


the start question. with me let So first

seen I sense early really sort mention did too dozens engagement, a And up. the lot lot meaningful to in as of come centers. bit of area. be for just said, this early good to of that with is of pilot us a very it care to one started It's referrals able meetings. on lunch bit quick will summer, the who how So I calling a with We've a ramp kind engagements of a test rep, with early primary well for cases this to is up to us - as program. any

primary quarter, to next actual the procedure marketing how the by these translate and certainly to should have testing that efforts our think as we volume could and sense volume - into centers. is care physician how I at we sales a better expect

more anything question? you really - than stage So apologize. would This really early your in the really, be difficult say that's really second it to process. us for repeat that. Can I

Frank Takkinen

efforts, to the marketing you market in related that generating Just have your awareness.

Lishan Aklog


marketing any media. traditional consciously So yet through have so we've designed we initiated this as firmly as X-step process, a direct-to-consumer not as

we and media Upscript up platform be telemedicine - that the can on and marketing. the two undergo activity test visit at some we're those wanted running a to with two, could so up is things they needed centers patients wait to were so because test until have that We happened. and seen the social the also the telemedicine building platform, direct-to-consumer in to response centers that that we One, running,

be expect until platform not is telemedicine as to to said, the on materials, already going are frankly, are ready and I that I trying go, so marketing the to all and that to and buys So all but that switch ad of the in place, we technical.

Frank Takkinen

it. Got

at Okay. one more I'll with And end just one end. then quick the

providing previously sites metrics were trained guys and around You stocking some EsoCheck.

give So, thinking around the can latest us those metrics? you

Lishan Aklog

we're decided discuss - with recognize to just We and because where for revenue moving that for future is think more can useful clinic have directly. you procedures forward track on and the a accounts commercial going revenue we Yes. activity it's more along metric accounts, one will

that others more on equipment trained procedures, you have even going come procedures a and and example, then week. a stock have and to for not do centers that get you're can perform So board, the

accounts. avoid procedure information So we'll to useful on volume and useful, the on at less focus the on future, for we're reporting going less least foreseeable

Frank Takkinen

for thanks And excellent taking That progress. makes congrats questions. it, sense, Got okay. on my again

Lishan Aklog

Frank. Thanks


Ascendiant Ed is question. from with next Woo your Our with proceed Capital. question Please

Lishan Aklog

afternoon. Ed, good

Ed Woo

there valuation? your ramp lot marketplace? product is of in had products wait new the got kind what the there then too stuff question add I there of a a you until Obviously, of IPO out you a seeing Talking Will going up. things high? terms new at on. of busy, market you terms Lucid opportunities. in of still you're lot a about potential on? out very before reasonable Or Are are And you

Lishan Aklog

Really, really question. intriguing

both So parallel. of we're pursuing those processes in

and acquisitions. level opportunities continued increasingly partnering it and with absolutely DNA parallel now has our this on the the for and more So we level but regularly at Lucid been viewing very licensing, are constantly, reviewing

that So not the I at, the, of can don't that about time one additional in areas used, for have is screening an really there's Esophagus, Barretts leverage an to not we're to front, non-dysplastic Western a some be technology as just progression example. of Barretts but will for to endoscopy in-licensing for talk identifying EsoCheck progression who area out monitoring have for say, alternative - and On Esophagus. and the from device of Hopkins, some dysplastic patients that have for exciting - technologies John pursuing we're looking to that that but non-dysplastic Case for biomarkers for opportunity particular another

see of institute on cancer the had a on others. We - lot We've conversations side, also - and are natural several with opportunities we the ongoing. technologies actually diagnostics reviewing we

across transom. that's technologies So are we certainly and full steam these coming ahead, seeing all

Ed Woo


is before So a of the hear much you it a good complete? be IPO surprise opportunity that wouldn't Lucid found we it about will that if

Lishan Aklog

really extrapolate the IPO. be of able to this on Lucid that implied I little sort to comment the sort that because of timing can't a of

it's how than say just just the unlikely, would IPO. obviously continue me that's It let - the expect IPO things things on the But proceed well think depends I event another go unlikely. at I I nearer-term a to with was that transaction.

Ed Woo

Well Great. questions answering luck. my and for good thanks

Lishan Aklog

Good thanks to you. lot, a Thanks talk to Ed.


question proceed is next Maxim your Our Please the from with with Pearlman question. Jeremy Group.

Lishan Aklog

are you? Hey, Jeremy, how

Jeremy Pearlman

about doing, the Anthony good. I line quick for you're had on am CarpX. I'm one Vendetti. the just I question How

guess, we'll a like? that? really due procedures now do you the I some the from when look are COVID middle in, ramp then to then in know talk more to to you're you there does delays you think and I sales full So up? and commercialization mentioned And What up side. of And maybe reboot. will Could pick because just that start

Lishan Aklog


part X historical really XXXX. related was really full we sort it I and of for look in last sort KOL, the getting what the think between first way months The more XXXX and about a we initial that clear, to commercial X initial is, half COVID the good be early and foundation was describing at launch. to a launch of the of year that I of this set in can established or year Just adopter, this early matters the end lost of

safety traction surgeons, love range with through obviously, reported fundamentals good in folks of help a now, to to of As enhanced having early really report Calvin about broader That significant we'd quarters. was I with The of early an engagement important - it's in procedural broader forward full really you coming transitioning we that on to remains and engagement but from behind the launch really commercialization the hit efficiency able a to KOL sort initial to commercialization before greater type much cases community. and with being the the until procedural and cases a said, fact up incredibly be momentum adopter significant get unchanged, surgical have we out and that device going look done to

launch X KOL full commercialization. months where said, still X from doing are we to process. about to committed the I probably that's and then initial we But our as initial proceeding so lost to And

Jeremy Pearlman

right. All Okay.

my everything perspective delay, comment. else, month So right, questions. my just KOLs plan, to taking for got you okay, like conduct from said, just with just Thank whole then you the other to much but X-X it. move very first I and on

Lishan Aklog

Jeremy. Thanks


remarks. and for gentlemen, to end call we of over Aklog turn would the back have to and Ladies closing session, like the I Dr. question-and-answer reached the

Lishan Aklog

thank today great and all questions. the So for us joining you for

directly our we releases, keep with news, also to you to way encourage jmh@pavmed.com. up new questions best sign for follow the always, forward our on LinkedIn on abreast Twitter, periodic us progress news and YouTube. to me updates you PAVmed alerts any I our events with and look Investor keeping e-mail via, up on - As of our website, our Relations conferences. press contact The to

So thanks again, and day. have a great


today's concludes This conference.

this at for participation. Thank disconnect you time. may your your lines You