Cellectis (CLLS)

Eric Dutang Chief Financial Officer
André Choulika Chief Executive Officer
Carrie Brownstein Chief Medical Officer
Steve Doares Senior Vice President, US Manufacturing
Gena Wang Barclays
Michael Schmidt Guggenheim
Kelly Shi Jeffries
Yigal Nochomovitz Citi
Jack Allen Baird
Hartaj Singh Oppenheimer
Sami Corwin William Blair
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Greetings. Welcome to the Cellectis Second Quarter 2021 Earnings Call. At this time, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation. [Operator Instructions] Please note this conference is being recorded. will Financial the Officer. I Eric over time, Chief Dutang, this now conference turn to At Eric, may you now begin.

Eric Dutang

results Thank Cellectis you, call. financial second to conference quarter XXXX and corporate update welcome, everyone and

reporting call me Chief the Manufacturing Officer; will and of evening, ending our Dr. and results our today Joining at Doares, Officer; the with remarks Senior André Cellectis reports Executive release Chief filed are a Yesterday website and June period, is our on releases available Brownstein, The for financial report the months US our issued quarter be Q&A. prepared interim Carrie XXXX. Steve joining Choulika, second and Dr. Medical President for on Vice press cellectis.com. our press its six XX,

forward-looking these uncertainties the we statements regarding XX-F for filed Cellectis the time-to-time. actual may addition A description product reminder, outlook SEC in regulatory subsequent make and its Form most December XXXX, These report results development differ plans. those the financial and a risks SEC risks financial that will to to forecasted. Cellectis our in manufacturing, of with XX, and from the cause to filings subject and statements are ending with recent on year makes found be from As can

like turn would André. the to I Now, call over to

André Choulika

partners series stakeholders. has grateful the a our for today. incredibly our and Despite us of achieved all you, key challenges we joining Thank is achieved Eric. hard everyone and world facing, morning, our by proud you, Cellectis thank Good milestones team, and the work are of and

BALLI-XX on of turning stock and internal next and Cellectis a both thrilled share half acceleration execution clinical entering manufacturing hour. we and of point in Cellectis UCARTXX our phases phase for product development products also of three new half dose-escalation clinical in patients parallel new three existing candidate, our the Phase wholly-owned our XXXX, expansion with X program. products is product we you stage for lymphoblastic in that progress refractory relapsed for leukemia, all of excellence it’s in that demonstrating sponsored of myeloid B-cell fronts in refractory clinical has for we're into enrolled a the new first trial to reaching leukaemia XXX believe MELANI-XX During AMELI-XX or or an UCARTCSX Today, multiple acute relapsed for over and is you’ll and myeloma. relapsed have made the refractory recall or significant

anti-myeloma of American with patients UCARTXXxXX CDXX one MELANI-XX, including with of our The and quarter pipeline to electroporation oncology the target preliminary all first serum the the technologies, plan it and power a trial into enrolling place activity. currently space product the and an observed the one, Innovation is doses product for B-cell relevant the The dose in at the allogeneic responding virtual XXth manufacturing our with organize cytokines we the in at Gene well capabilities. platform, malignancies, validate data, malignancies, through can end-to-end product and CAR that dual Annual B event includes We product. target UCARTCSX numerous of novo correlated Cell new not change for view address that crowded success another Therapy for took attendance at Cellectis virtual UCARTXXxXXis internal first yet UCART and the UCARTCSX expansion Days presented editing presented is event is of patients level a T-cell of first three a data CDXX provides myeloma. translational Society the for gene not huge power enrolled called a level. CAR minus week. look May CDXX T-cell as group was in persistence the XXXX. We're candidate Early multiple During inside targeting in CSX de with MELANI-XX state-of-the-art of the second our UCARTXXxXX, the clear patient a allogeneic Cellectis great preliminary Meeting. candidates, for our as was candidate as cell the treatment. and new the

a In mucin-X mesothelin addition, epithelial we and also expressing present expressing UCARTMESO solid cancers. tumors targeting UCARTMUCX targeting

a solid innovative mechanism hot. UCART plan file and in We which UCARTFAP, the presented tumor we're to microenvironment, cold the associated Finally, targeting to a of fibroblasts to potential INDs tumor very to UCARTXXxXX mesothelin CAFs XXXX. pursue turn has cancer tumor, in

break of to sickle causing surgery be precision introduced cell of for genome plans therapeutic disease file product primary a beta, HBB TALEN platform Cellectis the sickle hemoglobin the repair heal for in editing TALEN market and in lysosomal an faulty the During that programs cell announced the the disease. immunodeficiencies. to The also disease, AAV and power hematopoietic TALGlobinXX correct of strand these using stem genome diseases. cell double treatment leveraged DNA under gene to induce of to will mutation storage cells. gene a lead DNA recombination. surgery days, disorders candidate genetic our platform designed XXXX. is for matrix is We homologous gene TALGlobinXX innovation we developed HBB TALGlobinXX the IND technology and .HEAL’s both perform sickle providing subunit to via

information are to starting approach. In agreed clinical clinical that supply anti-CDXX -- of is sponsored the financial the Innovation supply we our manufacturing Cellectis One at under more coding Cellectis and to can critical a enter GMP used of element the certain fully discussion of regimen agreement get was watching alemtuzumab our Days messenger Cellectis entered a as will cellectis.com. commercial center XXXX, Sanofi UCART alemtuzumab RNA partnership production agreement editing we part pre-agreed in supply to in into Sanofi a support now facility, antibody, that condition. on-demand to an material and Cellectis’ interested into alemtuzumab, episodes, matrixes execute DNA trials trials. our manufacturing website Paris on May its very of operational. are TALEN plasmids be gene you of and monoclonal you're regarding If lymphodepleting In

like are completed to execution two cells the that all now half Raleigh from starting and we announce therapy RNA a from of development Cellectis. remain runs arena. UCART of first In facility, training proprietary Cellectis construction at that competitive started to believe factor to this We state-of-the-art finally messenger proud is the with product. quarter. process, go injected. track Cellectis, to the success to vile the of space to for Eric, biotechnology file including the Eric drug GMP that, our Dutang, ahead. Manufacturing production I second manufacturing A overview manufacturing hand the devices have are Z, to XXXX. With be successfully Financial for up We in product of buffers viral would our and for vectors in master key call over on vile please gene financials Officer operating cell production major the the we for Chief independent And ready batches. in in a company electroporation of We to the of companies product an production

Eric Dutang

provides digit up $XXX activities In to the business of sales first we six XXXX. single I and the brief slide commercialized regulatory the payment quarter and in This highlight of André. like overview particular, XXXX, to set are development million of for we you, of milestones development, announced of months which beginning partnered by all at our XXXX. to financials Cytovia, and our includes of the alliance products Cytovia. of receive royalty Thank eligible with net a some second our

payment to expect we invest XXXX, as receive future upfront certain financing cash addition, In stake conditions stock an Cytovia $XX if option of in rounds. million $XX well an met are December not of in million or as by an equity to XX,

carcinoma. Cytovia Allogene $X a of ALLO-XXX from in receive in further of expect payment renal with We alliance its license study million this will launch XXXX cell

billion development reminder, plus we our and and a are milestones in $X eligible cells disclose Servier cell partner from Cytovia. receive to Allogene, on royalty As

of $XX activity cash, August, program equity to This XXXX. investing of Company’s of cash financing fund cash is position proceeds in Calyxt, and Cellectis, to million which as reflects $XXX financial to partially This restricted $XX in XX, position to offset current operation early was of Cellectis options $XX proceeds net a future and ATM $XXX April million raised payments. compared million expected net from niche cash assets financials. discount difference positioned The kind on any mainly the XXXX December were of This sales milestone Now million XXXX X million of equivalents, XXXX. be proceeds excluding in exercises by as from our way, into operations stock

December of Calyxt $XX The attributable of operating, consolidated of million million restricted in in driven XXXX. income XXXX. dollars. We million and compared was share share of have cash the $XX expenses expenditures between semester current $XX excluding expenses semester This XXXX consolidated net XXXX $XXX was million other R&D leases used first shareholders compared $X.XX $X.XX loss per or attributable per to $XXX including as XXXX. adjusted was of $X.XX $X.XX increase million in to first million per in a in cash, the of in $XX non-cash in shareholders Calyxt of or in excluding million million in The Cellectis semester assets Calyxt or financial flows XXXX and semester $XX shareholders Cellectis, of share cash was net million the by compared position decrease of in and to of net The the the and XXXX. Calyxt The primarily $X $XX $X XXXX in million million XXXX $XX or of Cellectis net first XXXX an including XXXX. Cellectis compared net $XX revenues as and consolidated at to were income XX, of to to per or June million million equivalents, compensation cash capital $XX attributable of at first was decrease loss Cellectis loss to share net result XX,

spend developing key our capabilities and in We in candidates pipeline cash manufacturing fully our and Paris our owned operating deep on of are Raleigh. laser state-of-the-art focused product in the to

other our concluding that, for call the to remarks. on should over making On enable André focus André, [Indiscernible]. like go With profile efficient end, back ahead. would please hand to an the I

André Choulika

novel of proprietary platform develop the to our Thank you, to with medicines transform gene At lives Eric. we patient serious editing Cellectis, diseases. leverage continue to groundbreaking

stage are we patient malignancies, into oncology pipeline settings, proprietary a with and advanced address Our to to additional tackle advance clinic continue the robust the tumors, current with to focused I'd Q&A. on candidate entering open hematologic the to and solid clinical programs in for patients the XXXX. severe of like call clinic genetic look HEEL that, diseases. the and with novel needs We medical IO forward unmet product to including With


session. question-and-answer Instructions] a you. At Thank conducting [Operator this we'll Thank time, now be you.

comes question from Wang of first Our proceed Barclays. Gena with your question. Please with the line

Gena Wang

Thank the you. Thank two for questions. you I have comprehensive update.

The at a is ex-vivo later very package we regarding technology wondering should first just presenting? system. your that will second you data of ASH? are impressive. And of regarding HEAL, this the then then But is the so will one what data indications the And be you UCARTXX, kind far, you focusing expect the year, question data seems have new most on

Just wondering thoughts the move system? have to to in-vivo if you this any technology

André Choulika

Hi, you questions, for excellent much by the Those these way. Gina. questions. are Thank very

to the one. the first suggestion second Carrie question my So, answering take I'll is and maybe please. Carrie have

Carrie Brownstein

Hi André. perfect Gina. That’s

obviously So, we submission. don't the though ASH, know work present to aiming data after how at that will we're

year. alemtuzumab started we cohorts thought arm, hope since by And data with year, some last patients be going enrolling that presenting out the more the so forward. the appropriate would pointed end alemtuzumab, we to lymphodepletion would into we be we that the includes of As

André Choulika

question. for take one. first Thank answering I'll the you, Carrie this second

genes. focusing So, editing Gina, of to are, concerning we HEAL, fix course, on gene

that So, repair ID genuine shown And move program supplies. trying what have we've cell is to the TALGlobinXX. today as sickle we is called disease real a gene for the

long all of outs focusing it focus have give our general on of way because will would insights also We the time. we product on first. first can we and platform in the lot safety functioning And the it's cells stem therapy tolerate probe the gene the can a behave a on us quality way how first the hematopoietic control at conduct the a that and the for have, for that's be TALEN and cells in

be on So, that are most once technology platform but applied on stem in all have the today quality that phase be with at currently that based ex-vivo then injection, In-vivo the safety the of during of HFCs of working strategy, days, will we in-vivo. loved the have hematopoietic And will the cells in our flow the on developing control are and I can clearance into some first. stepwise we'll we'll next-generation part products that ex-vivo hope then in-vivo. second new of the this are product very the -- Cellectis course, innovation type as and with efficacy ID platform on and good these because of be we move

And some gates series in lots excited. be with to company. therapy. and leverage, conduct we're technology. are is can identical recently is this a RNA of that are messenger genetics and particle, moving forward vectorized magazine, powerful are checked liberal -- the such of platform most very safe opens efficient an ex and nuclear practice, it shows et TALEN And happen that of for like things And messenger to that very technology, cetera not some competing TALEN we in definitely But believe I answers as RNA that to is And like technology way cetera, gene hope seen therapy in stepwise for in and have. You've alternative off-target that gene vivo we would extremely question. that definitely pave we nature way move that the the et articles vivo would there the the forward. as

Gena Wang

Yes. Thank you.

André Choulika

you, Gina. Thank


Next Guggenheim. your question Schmidt the light with from is proceed of Michael Please questions. with

Michael Schmidt

morning. I question picture questions. guys. Thanks had big Hey, taking a first. my Good for

have as with a cetera. diseases, closely you as obviously, going So T expanding on programs et CAR lot pretty now genetic well

the obviously perhaps CAR about Just just side? with extend on I'm had wondering a historically, think about company think on larger how and curious the you term Pfizer you to side. or strategy, Servier longer how your T going partnering with collaboration forward clinical the the you execution partnering especially accelerate

André Choulika

decided to CDXX, in company called that I as XXXX with US potential It Pfizer general, the of for of Pfizer Servier it in simple was XX to the fruitful so when in more and agreement or XX Pfizer, in spin XXXX, and two cetera. more the much, B-cell all XXXX so to malignancies like the in time company these of and very very a you have -- the February But more products. licensed partner history has targets partnerships. the licensing later is license past, to into in feeling in that parties terms -- targets there XX right CDXX represents was we resources to in of to the also this and been find for Michael, question. XXXX XXXX, out UCARTXX CMA we in Servier et Thank targets, year our I US. out and because signed execution, like third criticism developing has I this this not partnership In believe licensed power Cellectic that to question including right Servier in date, we decided targeting like And June end a Pfizer the CDXX Allogene, everything to potential power, out that take at

So then BCMAXX even Nevertheless, as them. by only find been that two and as generated since for as licensed that Pfizer/Allogene huge and DCMA I huge controlled MUCX heal. et the XXxXX, if Cellectis Cellectis CSX, that was partnership CDXX seen targets but I've Cellectis think us FAP, don't XXX, for considered potential the cetera, most potential UCARTXX, also have the I targets for partnership has that think represents a Servier to it's wholly a partnerships. always

tumor for of Cellectis a TALEN, we that Iovance. lot our Iovance partnership potential for believe First infiltrating and one was and also this lymphocytes, brings

CAR-T to have this Cytovia. cells, we're in so the infiltrating company we best this teamed quality answer believe cells also lymphocytes I not they our it to recently also gene to In world that going into and in from is technology NK are that this problem infiltrating by field, in the tumor CAR-T, like Iovance experts solve are to question, IPS with and terms in the of of up be tumor leave I’ll developed about the lymphocytes, NK Iovance but that and editing team the the development to derived

this excited this we these own to on very and this the to as imparting, biopharma in we've And can options this in And in I'm depends the for open, on discussion future. – and push that Cellectis very potential the opportunistic series provide producing have. But consider on we the to definitely resources partnering of supplies, some believe but in in we're value because manufacturing, poised remain will future. is we partnership continue is to On that. develop considered sell future. we're focusing very probably portfolio and forward on also of remain definitely the saying definitely also in to we're consideration the will the have something field. So the some questions the gate this products, that the is of potential bigger field. not company Cellectis because And because definitely be we swap Cellectis with them type in very we it in on Nevertheless, can opportunistic. consider very going the to clinical with supplies, commercial opens emphasize like And been the our what that also we the clinic trying by as of portfolio, for any much the field. best and there much

Michael Schmidt

beta gene and gene then expect that, differentiate disease. the some you program? great. on the out mechanism Cell how Okay, obviously the of there from just one programs on differentiated would clinical elegant [indiscernible]. editing Sickle product, Andre. therapy to This address perhaps is And follow-up Thanks, Based other perhaps very to profile a or guess, I

André Choulika

type have of Michael this for you different approaches. Well, a series of thank you, Well, question.

be haemoglobin by produces into the wobbling, can competitors believe gene Sickle inside that the normal our haemoglobin, not that or of the and effects producing side cell gene potentially in classical where in approach directly, silencing that bring will Haemoglobin the is the side cell like going sometimes of pursued inserted harmful. could another to be could the The the of gene there Haemoglobin some inside sometimes places be gene insertion will the HPV so in cell. is consistent, the insert approach low the are some insertion remain is cells one the or in metabolism random Sickle therapy This first beta plus it space, that genes start is the induce expression sometimes will

So this in we window close of approaching even though option commercialization represent this a hemoglobinopathies consider spectrum to in general. will power

So type of prevail. will I hemoglobin fixing this without don't think transgenesis classical that approaches

So an would intermediate. it be

second We editing here notice have text. editing you DNA the because gene represents speaking the not I'm the approach more about which editing scissors. use gene of means would

mistake. You of that go fixed the approaches gene -- of so Most which hemoglobin. peoples’ people into reflector presses expression therefore is editing cell these the and the gene which is getting a edit are on destroying BCLXXA, the consider is

you lift inside you as the the problem So expression the cell, same, before, the but same remains the sickling hemoglobin, hemoglobin inside case hemoglobin the the keep compensate that could so sickled of TX for cell.

have the try in therapies approach. destroy field be just gene going to gene. parenthesis -- a in I don't the then I I And the you this is to approach, editing bonafide selective Q-approach, works way that a gene cell But also. is the which also obviously field. destroy problem, the And behave. So a imbalance consider that to of I fix

mutation a have get You hemoglobin inside cell. the the you B-gene, in

with the a repair the itself DNA. the patch mutation clean You and fix would that mutation

means to, this efficient will cell. very these the tire why in editing. tires to the very the if of example, way. editing the the but represent kind true a remove to at century, the approaches, and the that gene believe types it time inside is what mutation four this a hemoglobin the true the end. the at here. from of tire will a the means That's put high to would you and expressing And mutation editing are these be And at we a you have car normal do gene, Not XXst a we for future will the tire removed car, the trying and side which be normal in real adult that's physiological really normal cells -- we remove So Its tire cell. mutation, tire, move believe have comparison behave real you hemoglobin the forward. fourth fixing the totally flat flat the with to And of that of

selectors this not IND XXXX approach, find -- in probably -- sorry, first XXXX the we'll the field So XXXX, the in field. in pursuing

our the a [indiscernible] destroying submission technology hemoglobin as end, -- that hemoglobin course, the it but in very power. – level, that mutation, definitely game field. will precisely far ability beta-zero this so lot at B-gene, of and gene the of which some changer by high change the editing. field mutation hemoglobin like the B-gene Of is hemoglobin that's best has the shifting field, itself. the think means game the and without therapy gene a why target gene It believe would we I And the in very this, platform And the efficiency, much not a -- at inducing to with high requires the the thalassemia this

Q –

Great. Thanks, André.


line Shi next of your question. Kelly Jeffries. is Our from with the proceed question Please with

Kelly Shi

address wonder this about And And caused are for I Thank NK what program also, the on questions. cells, not you What the And question and do expressed? dual you. widely expression but observed also, Dendritic cells? is forward? I'm CDXX Thank this CDXX to targeting targeting pursue autoimmune expression, program? only how relative if is CDXX like program, the B CSXs cells ubiquitous antigen? was another bodies by your cells question to rationale is about curious, UCARTCSX cells are for in issue how to taking long lymphopenia T other? this the And they complimentary moving each first this is you new and the Are strategy? simultaneous. to levels my My they how to

André Choulika

much, so you Kelly. Thank

okay. questions Carrie’s – two space, if I Carrie, definitely please think you so these fits

Carrie Brownstein

just Both malignancies CDXX than Absolutely. if more, targets in they're validated and B CDXX. CDXX not are frequently, and as cell expressed commonly

know, So CDXX. they’re is rituximab, is two this of expressed, in CDXX they’re similarly expressed is number all treatment the obviously, targets particularly for malignancies, all the as one, well lose B ubiquitous for -- -- having so idea, And which target cell if patients. NHL you the is, you at prevent of XX% or than antigen can escape, one other. more you NHL

between tumor also better the increased You which have cell, CAR-T and because synapses a the and should end synapse. up the expansion with of

So Express we excellent B can XX XX XX our the in is an more be from because mature. by early cell a target malignancies early for used T through cells -- And XX also and it think NHL. broad space,

that's what also correctly, yes, we of cells. multitude terms some this out autologous we and on CSX the was that immune theoretically But long as know of point the it for as expression, lymphopenia so, And exactly -- point, not other it we lymphopenia yet the BCMA. CAR-Ts in is, CSX, one see don't in at of are know rationale because expressed from CSX that. the be in don't is then patients we know as did you due prolonged So to could why

six prolonged out expressing non-CSX lymphopenia can patients them months. CAR-Ts for have So and that receive people who

-- and or six more. So months

how keep the and with chemotherapy reason, monitoring program for lymphodepletion XXX% we've doses And said, and it's that's we'll causes. see lower the So things infectious pan but unclear protocol, updated that moving we of if out. the our have

Kelly Shi

Thank you Very very much. helpful.


is of Nochomovitz question the Citi. from question. your proceed Pleas The Yigal next with line with

Yigal Nochomovitz

you about much from an a [ph] specifically product. is And PD-X to that multiple Hi. with CDXX I'm MKX perspective. reason similar knock public, which microglobulin doing IP knockout very for Caribou, appears Great. also question. with the a to is Thank CAR-T another very taking company curious product asking well with as HLA-E which product about candidate the there's an as UCART also their has fascinating I'm were MKX that in recently product MKX in a curious beta-X arrays, the cloaking, what UCART provide I'm you knockout [ph]. in that UCART went And the with

do I'm perspective based some in ECART edits wondering, IP respect you where an with So that, you. MKX? to from just protection on of stand Thank these

André Choulika

much long gene-editing. so not very the time fact for has been tend founded in reasons. this in In different the IP the And that company for situation much obvious I been Cellectis you lapping of the Its the question. much is appreciated. Yigal so types gene-editing series field of to Thank XXXX. command has But in XXXX, March negative of a being side. with approaches gene the PON this already were with we we've types also filing even different been time, had as of developing using of of so [ph], series the type approaches at editing of Caribou, basis any company phases, since even IP incepted XXXX, before or ID and crystal

phase. the be commercialized. strong. the And the or have clinical We XX these developing flocking take can since in know, in a are whole companies want to these history if very, company in these old field and all company, of all has including and I you solved developing in development the all developing And MKX extremely to all that and that be strategies. strategy at it will the ideas in years years or these still development thing you merit product are out, XX like time the attributes Nevertheless, start XX patent the of approaches. very years, least will makes the portfolio history even preclinical in of of the our years, we And see included we're at strong believe Cellectis field. position that these strongly the So strong type

competitor. easy don't seems to first that to it's time I to be So, very the at quite thing technologies start think safe I in going but tentative to all approachable, space complex guess, situation, commercialization. technically I seems time just resolve our think the approach come a simple to this We'll easier different and be filled intellectually, this will harbor to more that the to more at be around competing the those more And for it's approach being, the But intellectually. seems I approach for product time. it

it the keep strong here, this of the skill. not that company but like I space, to we're in it's going will space field very off very a I competition So one and like the first the think editing – have on in in and the tools compromise gene like they developing

Yigal Nochomovitz

And tumors your product with. one regarding, an follow-up say on strategy. your thanks. cell regarding tumor more start that tumors much solid candidates sense tackle would to make would can at just topic, Great, first have which How you this given you unrelated certain point a solid

André Choulika

mesothelin-expressing first target to attributes tackled go into have mesothelin already that be mesothelin be knockout, TGFβ clinic. into to come The cetera will and in et that something is a types CAR our a CAR-T clinic of for which in including there mesothelioma of pancreatic series go the series cancer indications different probably probably first tumor is of will from with receptor and which all quite the seems CAR-T

Yigal Nochomovitz

you. Thank it. Got

André Choulika

Thank you, Yigal.


The your with next question Please line with proceed Baird. is Jack of from the questions. Allen

Jack Allen

the level release press minus number dose Thank re-initiation And all with you. any the the if taking so the the enroll you start the might study? like the you of much cohort, are respect some you we provide you It based more on progress when in making reflect for with wondering, are patients UCARTCSX. the questions. Thank progress. to can level? color guess, I Hi. provide to Congratulations sounds one you dose were the color of still since

André Choulika

do question. Carrie, take to this want you

Carrie Brownstein

doing. lower to that, is the e with starting say take f reopened I well – can I clinic, I earlier. those MELANI-XX. we where are But disclose on. chemotherapy those what progressing of the specific Most importantly, in We're and with dose question progressing exactly we lymphodepletion the numbers of the of mentioned don't want what we're dose whole and at changes can after I

So those two are the things. big

of One safety is requirements other the periods. FDA long watching the is also requiring

that discuss patients are gather recruitment we continuing on with hold with escalation see have very the moving more things I very But between that investigators FDA So I potentially requirements foresee dose What being as – look active faster able very, the long data, slow. board. the We're and being in our safe. in issues to to future being into about an are to sights are is what patients. we looking is we issue, optimistic I'm don't

continued. to be So

Jack Allen

great. sorry, sounds follow-up then question. I That Awesome. have quick just And one

quarter milestones pretty color up with appears the year, and be how it Thank to was wondering allogeneic going a you're to February the to that from a in of any end program? milestone, going of more to the financial I the well to side, you it fourth provide – so of the by receive will account lined amortized probably size the quarters? across On pivotal be it you year respect due of to CDXX you're benefit number one-time this if the the is much. for initiation

André Choulika

Eric, this you. is a question for

Eric Dutang

but study, when Depending will will at of in the be information. And terms, much payment Based XXXX. of size you XXXX allogeneic XXXX. payments end beginning between confidential the fourth The for of the very XXXX organize as has on will disclosed of recognized milestone of Thank be not overview still if on a it's in stop question. stop revenue terms the the been they today. could the the quarter – of or

that. about Sorry

Jack Allen

No, much problem. answers. you the for Thank so


the question Thank with question. from with line comes Singh of you. Oppenheimer. next hearted proceed Please your Hartaj The

Hartaj Singh

updates. and CART is the circled have tumors Thank your is, UCARTMESO Great. a I by products. on a UCARTMESO that and you UCARTXX for XX is for just and and solid specific the dual question

year, in between steps clinic and What the comment, IND. you what are question. you get tumors. there on these the as into of if preclinical are them your differences for targets manufacturing the can addressing are next trying that the If just those? with André, any, sort another so, and what or one solid additional Thanks and you with Are steps maybe to the take dual have difference CART two,

André Choulika

Hartaj. very Thank you André. you Hi, it’s for question. the much very Thank much,

are all UCARTXX of on UCARTXXX and So based same and type the UCARTXXxXX platform.

is lentiviral added all because way. dual the by vector They for they're So similar, very the have them, CART of that same are CART. they the built

XX plus have suicide that embedded to lentiviral CAR [Indiscernible] So switch. is the built vector XXX that the and in -- A is

we’ve For it the CAR. made another by switch XXxXX, suicide replaced and

so So you the same. that expressed are in same much XX pretty have the and XX lentis,

which that CDXX lenti. you first is double Then platform. knockout add a always have same you TCRalpha, So happens,

a operator control kind So not makes even difference. difference. of would difference. that XXxXX, XXX, Any essentially the XX the no – see quality It’s

building the much of which level the the like term in very it. similar, third is one maybe slightly a extremely CAR [Indiscernible] it's well as is knockout. and know do straightforward, very is CAR tumor you So to and complexity, how up first and solid because different requires

BetaX knockout. plus is CAR, to or CDXX TCRalpha So offline it

And series selected order So knockout you translocation. I very allow some as very before, of there next us process mixture, is to a in to the it's mastering added the complicated. a to these things way. more which And prevent to year think start only types the I slightly modeling we're to technologies because make XXXX, knockout proportion develop have of technology not file serial production efficient in IND the the And XXXX. to excited probably said makes third in in a

Hartaj Singh

is This stuff. cool André. very, all Great very

could your general Just to so, Thanks the do like days, that also when that time. question, And we companies something facility for Raleigh, if doing able looks questions. run see -- like a investors? are which first for other again, of is it there's you all that? were thinking they the Like manufacturing just

André Choulika

Thank yes. you, question. The this Hartaj is, answer for

manufacturing plan the organize have We Raleigh. of live visit to our facility in

gene plant space. to with cell way the gene worth editing very that to I produce cell therapy it's we do also and state-of-the-art, gene believe, not with gene the in combines it, therapy and visit, manufacturing very definitely way a but only because modern addition, think it's and powerful a sophisticated

actually date in the quarter and organized the like for you this definitely So from save probably modern investor you'd therapies do will believe and the community future. and But is in we what this analyst like to this the to setting be everyone of way or a probably we'll type be now. third and facility. in that trend quarter third will send the months three And this to fourth that year of old visit

Hartaj Singh

Thank Great. you.


the of your Please line from comes question proceed with William Raju Prasad with Blair. Next questions.

Sami Corwin

programs, where Raj. of Thanks dosing terms Sami this was on you're the questions. Hi, at update you could in taking regarding, in for I enrollment we our then how for when your and could lymphodepletion updated Thank you also and gene expect about thinking data from trial, you. that UCARTXXX cell an And are provide if guys and trial? dosing? wondering, and is for

Steve Doares

And Thank questions. guess you Well. addressed to these for are questions much Carrie so you. I these

Carrie Brownstein

Sure. so I'll start thanks much. --

So UCARTXXX. I'll start with

to first cohorts some at previously switched data, the of earlier to some include as -- earlier for the year. half in meetings, or we're those probably that early in half open year see UCARTXXX. We inotuzumab phase involve. remain second we we And dose-escalation to last had so over continuing So and discussed late are hoping next

the our is would CDXX as the lymphodepletion tumor, be utilizing André of and as knockout. UCART terms pointed In program, solid out the first that T-cell

with we So disclosed doing we Program, not what time. in we would what using same. But the product. at with we're but for haven't dose, exactly be terms doing route be the that to similar Hematologic And this we're this the alignancies using lymphodepletion maybe of its now wouldn't doses choosing


remarks. session, We've closing of you. the Thank the reached floor over our to I'll management for turn question-and-answer end

Eric Dutang

you session attending excellent this question. thank thank are to like very the Q&A I'd for much. -- for everyone this like Those session. Well,

that things, in in the the company the from excited. in company. definitely have, by CAR-T programs that of marks the Messenger Facility. own our hit to has Manufacturing the like the new side, program in but either on term the therapy by gene also super also a excited the We're We're side, on we personal heal have we turning and but of clinic, RNA DNA to point a started our I'd One start that, say the like to Relay going CAR-T is to produce manufacturing, the extremely

XXXX of very will start year, this And of data the end in the and by exciting very exciting a be company runway of half will time. a XXXX. series producing Second

So the looking your next step. thank much you attention, very all and for forward to


today's This conclude will conference.

You may time. for this your thank you disconnect your at And participation. lines