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Ronan Kennedy CFO, COO, Secretary & Treasurer
Martin Sumichrast Chairman & Co-CEO
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Good afternoon. Welcome to cbdMD, Incorporated's June 30, 2021 Third Quarter Fiscal 2021 Earnings Call and Update. This afternoon, the company issued a press release that provided an overview of its third quarter fiscal 2021 results, which followed the filing of its quarterly report on Form 10-Q. Today's conference call is being recorded and will be available online, along with our earnings press release covering our financial results and non-GAAP presentation at cbdmd.com in accordance with cbdMD's retention policies. [Operator Instructions] At this time, I would now like to turn the conference over to Ronan Kennedy, the company's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. ahead. go please Ronan,

Ronan Kennedy

And XXXX all earnings third update. Catherine. cbdMD's call joining June XX, quarter thank you, for you the and Thank fiscal XXXX

the Chairman have On we Marty Co-CEO, Sumichrast. our today, call and also

safe business, I'll financial our results. the overview the summary and harbor provide provide will Following an Marty of of a quarterly statement,

on for are federal Sumichrast. occur update safe call plans and Co-CEO, With not subject law. quarter ending XX-Q the would this Following only other open the date, And except XX, cbdMD's events call results indicated, actual www.sec.gov. today's Chairman on after from reflect the ended remind or call August SEC, viewed provisions up for which that, to constitute be XXXX, to required securities that at intend and like our June any these Private Reform can to circumstances about date, prospects website various by Form Securities does made of these company's XXXX, cbdMD on speak XX, today's XX, annual to may the the with our of year that statements on Act to these to and report forward-looking forward-looking cbdMD SEC's remarks today risks including website the on filings risks for Any as statements may all everyone Marty the that, at forward-looking under the of of or our XX-K and Form statements over turn as XXXX. of cause conference Thursday, I'd www.cbdmd.com be statements we'll harbor differ cautions future September questions. in expectations, purposes for forward-looking We'd materially Litigation that the like to that described report uncertainties quarterly company's XXXX.

Martin Sumichrast

pandemic, line allowed our us delivered health Once dedication we safety we their work Thank And of dedication and appreciate again, to hard you and our you and has and said, will hard thank joining appreciate We do these top responsiveness top levels. entire good us that know the the sales the our also the adjust impact to priority, do that work delivering sales trend. believe overall ability maintain Ronan. year-over-year to everyone. keeping employees to for industry that the team, all that today. Despite very we we COVID-XX team better, a much, I business our while our want outpaced results. cbdMD With and afternoon, of our we on can better. while from

to goal back year-over-year at priority, this is and we while we of the rates Getting are global but do get to of international significant new anticipated only potential, of the XX% in on our sales achieving term or we our growth in mindful cash believe based to net growth to the near spend. range same back higher, can be XX% time, is the Our which market, have also and this and into see put markets, We our of the a been all products, executing US core long-term distribution and variety partnerships sponsorships, channels in new market. new place in new on quarter. launch not top

brands the mainstream to wholesale channels leading retail such expect additional ours. as CBD We as anticipate especially of open an our category, increase we to to footprint up

opportunity With to in channels. this pivot earlier we saw accordingly. were retail shift year and reopened this brick-and-mortar able company the specialty customer from the seeing As BXB wholesale habit more of we reopening to online channels, we slightly are stores, and more

believe of have compared will rapid a retail as is built brick-and-mortar best-in-class. brand expansion significant our retail sponsorships, we chains. to in in traditional headway very well most we The to believe we more we leverage competitors also those which our of partnerships, positioned And are recognition footprint. result We to through plan make our

partnerships With CrossFit brands very Bellator, coming of with the about and of you'll and soon. reopening the hear plans more country, leading our started those new already with to we've activations life iconic

we a of product we've production continue impacting market issue our with experienced conditions, As one to is several through sort new delays specifically of several launches. variety vendors,

million. the bullish now for and outlook growth, revising reason are on down next that guidance our which increased For of to while day, our on fiscal we sales XXXX performance these a results The closed we position We our brand Series of we Xst, for shares, XX. sales the cash first goal our quarter net cash XX% of to ending helps further offering of term. XX, December to for XX% achieve in range healthy $XX.XX to of million had our the December year-over-year Reaching XXXX, or positive of to $XX sales quarter. us $XX.X EBITDA A million July secondary near as very growth XX, $XX.X by million June from approximately million a million million the range $XX.X of preferred $XX.X our $XX.X a over remain XXXX, metrics adjusted a hand

open markets, and our new international products countries. XX to are in over continue represented We now

available global be such organizations, CBD will and capitalized in believe unique sales very are secure position only brands well marketing with which We a ours. to to and few recognized sports as well opportunities we

new M&A opportunities purchase looking recent potential We Direct our within Online, of also the are such CBD online industry our marketplace. CBD at as

innovative marketing in cbdMD leader been industry. has always, As the CBD an

brand an recently and Champion time our champions, filed Mr. a to roster has is matched and Bubba time champions not such the of for trademark cbdMD Daniel we team Cormier. UFC that Watson champion Our in of With [ph] includes, and X Olympia believe of cbdMD incredible champions, Flex athletic Reed, industry personifies limited which our X is we Lewis Patrick roster brand. Master's but

Paw awareness and to and lead the social in cbdMD brands continue reach. market Our media CBD brand

first of in product phase its its already in second development Our Botanicals new just cbdMD new brand is year.

strategic programs. sponsorship our We to athletes and portfolio of also continue strengthen

for been recognized the be as products of we've to awards. continue multiyear outstanding our of a recipient Product We Year

products its Paw or of importance and are of we certification space horses. pivotal has We safety category. customers quality of we addition, through companion to to know it in to how CBD is animal United certifying and of the products brand the animals has number itself distribution the quality National committed that with towards access customers we the and requirement NASC future. that In selling non-for-profit official for best are always the superior, and In an from safe of a received in quality health States, step certification a the order retailers are in to a Animal understand forefront assure critical pleased announce for quality and been we NASC the mass at dedicated the equity products. NASC gating eye and retail - believe country. the safety, Council, protocols has continue the group protecting supplement always to enhancing as quality, Supplement CBD this is our cbdMD robust identifying certification cats, such segment and in our dogs only the to a Having that invest

known therapeutic potential cannabinoids other of CBD, I've as said the as many As lesser is times, incredible. well

safety support advancements we therapeutic continue We of clinical toxicity as as are to trials working through therapies. tap to potential, cannabinoids scientific into demonstrate perform studies and this novel the to

valuable our brand organize and industry endeavors, aggressively cbdMD In resources has leading development And developing of an better several former year. Dr. instrumental we scientific to IP. Swift this providing Therapeutics and Sibyl are significant order success. of studies culture FDA all which we'll the official safety. commencement CBD We ensure its the hiring piece the included innovation robust to our be Fostering success, and of a of launched on necessary earlier recently been

in continuously connect brand with the meet of innovation our through our options needs so evaluating consumer's are we to marketplace. We consumers the our and can propositions compelling preferences

to stay of We continue evolve industry. great take values. our strong the We leading our to pride forefront in with at business

will in ahead. ended June the market. of will go We for brands I gain continue the it products, investing committed We results by CBD advancing to global in financial better over to share now people. remain you our the our confident market Ronan, and the that, lives are for Ronan, XX. wellness people's period take will we turn who that our With to our back and through health

Ronan Kennedy

third Thank the fiscal you, or flat sales total. Marty. welcome, were And million $XX.X net quarter everyone. On for of GAAP basis, a prior the total year's XXXX over

June this was sequential X XX% of million, Although reported same period increase of a a we last the in million second year. of to XX% XXXX, fiscal the XX, for $XX.X from quarter total fiscal $XX.X sales XXXX, ending net months a compared dip the of

in million of business sales quarter direct-to-consumer generated $X.X e-commerce fiscal quarterly Our the XXXX. third of

compared of period a comparative quarter for the decrease, generated a this for June $XX.X for to X.X% XXXX, the of million X sales million net or increase. months While and quarterly XX% sales e-commerce year fiscal months. $XX.X the XX, year-over-year represented our was total X E-commerce ending net XX% prior

of Our the XXXX. wholesale XX.X% as fiscal for third comparative XXXX, million net quarter $X.X for in fiscal business sales to the $X.X million up generated compared of quarter

of million For business recent Quality $X.X respectively we and during opportunity Certification. a NASC quarter, strong generated the net million, revenue XXXX sales. and CBD the with are X wholesale $X.X about Paw increase optimistic months ending saw and the sales XXXX, XX, our June our Seal

at in and for strong, prior as GAAP third year XX% fiscal a compared period. quarter percent Our of fiscal XXXX the from remains to sales came gross of net the comparative XX% profit

and XX% on between operating maintain respectively, we months and Based percentage our our June asset ending model, to the For light and X expect XX, a on gross category and was CBD sales margins XX% as cbdMD business. profit and profit our net gross mix, XX%, of ongoing sales. Paw XX% total leverage our XXXX, XXXX

we a gross in to blending future business consolidated purposes, Direct incremental margins will the modeling For our have CBD small Online overall quarters. anticipate impact

reduced operating in XX, fiscal advertising, to million Other and in $XXX,XXX June compensation, the contributing quarter was and up marketing $XXX,XXX increase were as regulatory million have the which this from factors $X in a a stock we totaled up over and quarter increase XXXX quarter. increase due for which million in influencer expense. mainly $X.X XX, $X.X R&D Our $XX.X quarter. non-cash prior XX.X% million, were expenses spend, XXXX, expenses increase already Operating to compared June

$XX.X loss the XX the of operating million months operations as for XXXX, declined X million increase XXXX. [ph] in increase in $XXX,XXX approximately loss a gross $XX.X marketing the over fiscal quarter. is operating $X.X the the June XX, profit, to increased and $XXX,XXX year million compared prior $X in June influencer compensation the comparative $X.X For from resulted quarter Overall, expenses million this period XXXX million from in ending GAAP to primarily attributable and period. from March with R&D. This in million to XXXX of income Sequentially, $X.X $XXX,XXX in expense

X our For and million $XX.X months million, and operations totaled XXXX from ending June the XX, XXXX, GAAP respectively. loss $XX

operating to quarter of quarter next $X.XX $XXX,XXX over on continue the we consolidated few depreciation prior primarily to year accrued expenses ongoing extinguishment third of in cbdMD XXXX anticipate expense million stock we $XXX,XXX this $XXX,XXX the resulting the of a one-time acquisition XXXX. December third quarter. increase Therapeutic to $X.X Other second contingent for aforementioned non-GAAP on investment, include loss adjustments related operating We the expense income XXXX and XXXX $XXX,XXX, in as invest of the adjusted Development. $XXX,XXX non-GAAP the to albeit loss fiscal And operating expenses. The non-GAAP $X.X addition liability of a period in statement mission. include Therapeutics past adjusted the invested of to is fiscal in to of Our loss in adjusted the a non-cash and R&D gain compensation the in as non-GAAP attributable gain non-cash fiscal quarters for increase from at levels, our of expense, related quarter a loan Cure operating compared lower million operating in during PPP Based million CBD income expense

of end re-classed valuation to $XXX,XXX capital corresponding shares The liability earn-out the additional third we period. and the earn-out May, a earn-out subsequently million to the of liability were valuation in $X.XX re-valued issuance, paid-in At non-cash total common liability the the result of the from contingent quarter, a share. of shares remaining per price change from X.X primarily of consolidated $X.X in the the market we for to booked issued time decrease of in The contingent XXX,XXX on gain resulting during quarter. a at contingent stock our balance decrease the a During sheet. are the $X.XX million period

cash adjusted are from of capital. million $X.X approximately We working include operating million non-GAAP $XXX,XXX $XX,XXX components cash approximately utilized XX, million and coming of main $XX.X investments September approximately had working XX, paid to we June the and cash. million compared equivalents capital balance million of quarter, cash a reduction approximately of XXXX. XXXX, the $XX equivalents $XX.X The of with of loss approximately During cash of capital $X.X on of working capital of $XX.X of and million dividends, cash and as

XXXX, of to Our XX, from million. September December stock June net increased current in preferred primary [Technical current was approximate XXXX. assets driver XXXX increase in as $XX A the XX% offering approximately of A proceeds of the asset Difficulty] our Series from

manufacturing of and which our million notes $X.X June $X.X liabilities as of current XXXX, XX, company approximately equipment accounts The $XXX,XXX the on payable $X.X million, of were facility. for expenses. As as company's accrued total financing approximately million has

the sheet remains preferred July from offering. even balance proceeds after so our Our more strong,

anticipate quarter, made number revenue slightly business. anticipated a to potential in personnel have expected for of in business of a drive as get marketing Since launches, protect the we and number inventory of against reduce aggressive issues demand track our preparation into align mid-third on and chain and to new Going as levels steps to our distribution and increase precautionary an to taking changes fall, are in product spend we back today's core our environment from well supply increasing performance future partnerships. fiscal of measures

available to this from number And into acquisition expect of like a turn remain calendar working now quarter business. launch of new have confident going products with over we call outlook the the maximize the the half of this coupled in other about With are synergies optimistic we consolidated business positive that, initiatives, operations our to We the to back the our of Additionally, set in coming to are months. and the during second to year. our Marty. recent I'd

Martin Sumichrast

it we you. open up for Thank questions? Catherine? don't Why


first Your question live David [Operator Shale is Instructions] is Your line from [ph] coming

Unidentified Analyst

can year. happy I'm as still of and guys. being but made It add operating the aways some Hi, expenses I'm to positive indications end the position, have been year down. last last you cash the if now, we're made looks by quite cash and about strong flow see color the promises from wondering that or to up like

department? Can happening what's reference decreasing some expenses operating give as you background to forward. made just You to going in that

Martin Sumichrast

This Thanks as the Yeah. new you Look, for - question. know, is we is CBD are industry industry. the Marty. relatively a

of advantage to We are sort of and the really to We of That unique navigating it. very because Reed We see opportunities took that There have advantage sponsorships because we kind us, up take really of our Patrick opportunity agenda. of. marketing the one a in on on it were those we advantage opportunities. was come strong taking wasn't ended of - it some was golf we're sector. decided that them.

an million CrossFit going enormous we be to took also in with of is folks. opportunity the We which quarter, advantage CrossFit think XX

to success. games. was Wisconsin an It up Madison, two it in was enormous activating CrossFit team ago, weeks Our

excited we're So very that. about

that's invest that so There grow believe now for the these felt a as we talk we starting we things that is industry. half in really year, market we in of the off in order it we increased that peers the lot set to maintain competition did the up, of important and really And which of the in And an the first we and share felt industry. opportunities. pay in future to our should to some was

we'll successful for come on is is that invested studying. safety, We with on other studies out, that, - the thing as feel we'll most vital we able on of as therapeutic think term well products, the be are which claims side, long we the Therapeutics. make we above hopefully, brands And really as to our on competition. that other the cbdMD The into elevates

off. that So we are they're we think right paying those just feel decisions and to make, that

that in we're we us get said I in our that next to As that to. think couple we can can EBITDA close of get get the it to we to quarters, get adjusted where number comments, fairly revenue hoping should my if

So your hopefully, answers that question.

Unidentified Analyst

Thank you. right. All

Martin Sumichrast



Zuanic line question Your is is coming from Your next Pablo [ph] live.

Unidentified Analyst

hear So, something line. Marty, me? think there's wrong you with I can the

Martin Sumichrast

clear. I and loud can you, hear Pablo,

Unidentified Analyst

That's good.

general just brand pet Stewart talked CBD you So the line. talk launched in I you category? with mean, in can Growth. the You Martha What are about there? obviously, Canopy growth about seeing your

of within pet Thanks. color more are terms Just sense in you the some in terms on where of color environment competitive have of if category and in share that? size, you terms a category

Martin Sumichrast

basis. side. category look, on competitors. of to space opportunity spending, have mean, the amount would older. to a pet their that help for We the growing enough, that I Unlike in on that brand year, to get pets lot fastest be know, studies pretty going have category. from a tens Paw the issues, our that space, our make, end we're think mobility dollars mobility, it's human really CBD, large is percentage an going millions able able a of be in as some animal they particularly competition. as doesn't not we of are the think of a dogs by our the We the to We're which lot claim enormous CBD you us There's say Yeah. suffer therapeutics think of of interestingly significant to is

Pablo. - So high million I numbers $XX size today. million stand talk low is as to in as the seen we can't as there. I've the about the market, market of as $XXX as

think in I pet the the leaders one market. are CBD of we

coming products out. think got in and X, probably we're new I the we've some top

the we That's lot a get to that in couldn't the get certification And But I on finally been NASC have of with to as order long a took to we we got they biggest because tell have that. barrier entry all do on-site the us there, the a COVID, certification. mass think come in and retail was very out time certification. retailers inspections. us did that pleased the thing that We're and here of it.

own really have. robust as marketing growth starting for first brand expect cbdMD in We that Paw really to And on sponsorships alone the as we side. be its Paw time CBD the going certain we're stand

are believe And to sports we brand. brand a in so lead interesting place. And with of that's big and as or Paw it to not, get very a with lastly, organizations, first cbdMD a asking interesting going CBD lot there us be enough global the to go actually before

So there's it. just an enormous demand for amount of

We see and it very to success continue we're with rapidly, so growing pleased far. its

Unidentified Analyst

sorry And I'm misheard you. the quick then just Thank or joined late. And again, if a follow-up. I call

for of is, You in you suppose, gave for the quarter? just terms is guidance I had but right? XX% the color Thank some September sales, you. December And the there. growth quarter guidance given year-on-year, But

Martin Sumichrast

December, our to out put XX.X had our we next of first XX.XX. quarter fiscal No, year Yeah. of guidance our

a We out list trying just production delays the get sure other seeing issues have it's down of with press We that businesses And to We I'm a the out products end you're products. I lot for some all finding employees, were go last quarter. release of actually in the in companies. put April. can having, whether of

We products Those [ph] think is those just little products bit XX days. So should which out really the on saw warehouse. going we that. coming a be mixes, coming into are out are drink come XX in to big. They to be were we next the late now. Those

So we're that. excited about

couple quarters we ramp initiatives, think able be with really so other together a should to out. our And two that, of

from XX% XX.X, bit XXXX, a going was sales XX.X little a guidance to XX.X quarter. to to back XX.XX from XX% pulled we December the still to year-over-year XX, growth which be to So

Unidentified Analyst

or to any going no… you the quarter right are or now September on guide comments But give

Martin Sumichrast

we're in The in right No. one the we're right one now? -

Unidentified Analyst

Okay. That’s good. Thank you.

Martin Sumichrast

Okay. Thanks, Pablo.


coming is from [ph] Ron question live. next Your is line Nash Your

Unidentified Analyst

of up of forward? CBD. and could Yes. that Are going coming for Thank aware Amazon is or you. lines contemplated opening this, There's out there anything you been some be their reports pertaining to

Martin Sumichrast

We've feel they do for be. that Thanks this. and they're that of you very we goes the question. There We it is aware it, in know, Look, actively. we'll of guarantees been they make of Ron. a Thanks, will country. going decision, one no do If as are to biggest guarantees brands. it. be we chosen working brands very certainly are, decision, no that quickly. make We a they There if the one the the is

So you we're we ready. be feel better ready, and

cautiously we're as And So of optimistic. know. we know, let we'll all as soon our shareholders

Unidentified Analyst

Amazon with touch to at in been this you pertaining all Have possibility?

Martin Sumichrast

correct that. they on through Ronan, working of a been do ready and we're move sector, to case the to part you add the want in choose be We've to channels anything?

Ronan Kennedy

We're good Marty, covered that pretty if ready you No, I think about move. our when go very live Amazon to quickly We feel strategy. that. and makes

Unidentified Analyst

that. Appreciate Very you good. Thank very much.

Martin Sumichrast



is Mike coming Fifer Your live. is next line [ph] question from Your

Unidentified Analyst

And are CrossFit on then Hi. Can with at now? way? know the it? talk the to can that about you there be second size your may I the are Or and you comfortable Thanks. see monetize things the potentially you timeline that don't And you have if coming all. is, the opportunity horizon question you that partnerships

Martin Sumichrast

No, the question, for thanks Mike.

I back done. to almost came of that team you'd about community a anything I was an Wisconsin see X,XXX and CrossFit up if X,XXX the another asked incredible the what that it's went as of a the I relationship metrics about would a the CrossFit excited at Madison, CrossFit it a I as know, whole and until I've I month brand. enormous, locations mean wasn't ago got in big dozen was, Games. folks, CrossFit is got I I been really it we globally, thought in thought the you, has, And million ago, we've iconic to CrossFit But US because people enormous this XX to me tell of weeks just had an and which really US, I sheer tell the very opportunity You couple you, there company

opportunity I the the opportunity is financial - can't significant. I - think really think mean, is I I

equally opportunity the think branding significant. I is

you authentic just do CrossFit it community community is way. can name corporate The at an where have a a You not it. throw in to

we be from hear authentic. have what continue of You to CrossFit. to It's the members

on running, whether number the local metro now gyms, of it's have leading we activations it's right Charlotte hit the activating We're area, where to we're the really announcing profile about. doing and with put going several additional States. to in whether here United are a going So across addition be CrossFit out our nationally that we're the games ground excited which that of high athletes,

brands And with to in In that there being addition have and had are them we that, are CrossFit been so other community. brands. learn successful an how the meet opportunity they to them from CrossFit in

co-brand had so them. just that how of And we've amount to with learn to but to only an not do enormous effectively also communication them with

And sold do The activate job. Coker, Bellator, so has be great pretty at because and to see incredible Scott which across is itself done blowing MMA. CBS everybody starting going is President Bellator, this Viacom. out. now we're CBD going fighters starting they up to to being just by do job, brands. And some are - incredible. also We're hopefully an Bellator us to large their The with we're which exclusive such an a are And league board. of now is the They're co-branding you're fights. owned brand, into just

partnerships building one there. and being the we're we're with biggest Monster partners. different at activating those looking there, So

an well listed are, we have how CBD position the So prominence of our tremendous just we're capitalized. as our company, because market, front we of in a NYSE in who opportunity us

out team different an incredible do folks are to have and of these and communicate that there get partnerships. dying We

short So question. that's answer a to long a

open to our we a first cbdMD, we in because see going brand the far going now see we brand, so we they next incredibly As Botanicals, of think for CBD Paw what their the take And done, hear a champions. where cbdMD the sports can they about which quarters. and is see we've lot coming category. wanting we're bright of global And forward, that future lot times honored seeing as are are the they call to just leagues you're

my that's you. So answer to

Unidentified Analyst

lot. a Thanks

Martin Sumichrast



[Operator question Your Instructions] coming from Gary next is Destefano.

is line Your live.

Unidentified Analyst

Thanks reflecting on Hey, first quarter. Martin. Ronan. for Hey, foremost and this

just quick thought could was I of it. of far? steps what acquisition around say a about integration missed and DirectCBDOnline.com? apologies have at you question, process the Just it thus more to kind generally, Whatever speak it, and Can Maybe this if the point. just how you early of gone

Martin Sumichrast

we this in Okay. of process, got And that are and overall John strategic Brad his human change, felt because built been job tremendous and was Well, And in now talk of product the Brad, here, see about CRO an we Wiesehan great for a good thought talk us, uptick a integration. our weeks significant Ronan know just they've the about John from Look, done a they platform performance. in is in fit They're sort all Head been a entrepreneurs. of I'll partner, buying our we Charlotte. terrific And a them is because just capital just can our have to and Procurement. They've few that we've the DirectCBDOnline. here us.

overall it able going CBD Number was number market. to two is interesting what's one. and that's So the in felt that see trends the to we be

And that. into so gives us insight this

that And kind of concept. was so the

a structured the I deal think we in good way.

value the shareholders, do want talk it for Ronan, that? a excited grow. as And you think it I and was as we're to to good the see about far integration,

Ronan Kennedy


us easy of expenses all to the it's really fully we integrate -- consolidated working business. and have streamline the quarter, of for this the within in to we'll kind operating And of having all - to within locally it So and synergies the we're it that expect maximize operations of kind to out get making next end much by working teams. pretty here Charlotte, the

Unidentified Analyst

Congratulations. Great. fantastic. That's

thoughts anything separate question, follow-up platform? Just the there? one rollout from of acquisition. Or cbdMD Is noting the worth it expected? as regarding going initial the Any international

Martin Sumichrast

Well, it's interesting.

we in you would the around tell would to had I me globe it us. big that we whether into and make opportunities, mean, our because focus If wanting that wasn't market a product. you'd of the really would and US I be distributors a the decided thought kind so we UK. ask push international it's I our really and year markets, ago the folks come is We

the really looking and think application markets waiting there. things market and there Asia, make submitted got allow because there. Asian tuned we we're into filed also then good EU. And we've into And love to a will very there. think us push and do the that I we we're in also Clearly, some stay on So then we're March. brand. get interesting in And on that several going had We to to and response we shape that our that at from in the regulators the really

so But very And it I XX there. us in those yes, a ability gives markets. making mean, brand, concerted pretty representing And our different that's to neat. push an countries grow we're really

So the and way a we it it's play, to that's objective, a we grow, can international in but it's longer cost going term to effective. think continue think we do

Unidentified Analyst

That’s great.

Thanks. Assume that’s a guys, time. [indiscernible] appreciate lot your

Martin Sumichrast

you. Thank


questions your With you no conclude queue, our so today. Thank in much the further for does call this conference participation. for