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Chris Ferris Head of Investor Relations
Bill Magnuson Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Isabelle Winkles Chief Financial Officer
Gabriela Borges Goldman Sachs
Mark Murphy JPMorgan
Raimo Lenschow Barclays
Arjun Bhatia William Blair
Brent Bracelin Piper Sandler
DJ Hynes Canaccord
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Good afternoon. Thank you for attending today's Braze Third Quarter Fiscal 2022 Earnings Call. My name is Tania and I will be your moderator for today's call. All lines will be muted during the presentation portion of the call with an opportunity for questions and answers at the end. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to pass the conference over to our host, Chris Ferris, Head of Investor Relations. ahead. go Please

Chris Ferris

We results a Executive Good today at announcement. operator. Isabelle today's third thank for and the you XXXX. information Chief press and Thank and after Financial presentation review afternoon in Braze's us Chief Co-Founder our to joined fiscal for release Bill related results joining Magnuson; earnings website Winkles. I'm our Officer, you, by and Officer, for quarter closed our today. investor a issued supplemental to market Please announced our refer to more the

on expectations momentum These statements no renewal margin These will variety fourth market any During the XXXX, include this flow. size views of obligation ended differ cause initiatives opportunity, statements. cash and our quarter limited not actual call, that the our statements regarding expectations long-term free uncertainties as but subject we We our from and securities January results our continued to year and safe today. near- DEI and XX, under the make Private forward-looking forward-looking Securities that financial of materially are the laws may federal outlook statements assume business for rate, a XXXX. are our regarding and could gross to, and our are reflect such ESG and risks only Litigation to provisions to and our the of fiscal Reform harbor update full related of to Act of

be filings, company's today's items evaluate ongoing the to call available used in also website. third Please identified and please of our Relations our comparable financial section measures have management the in measures Investor of with addition measures impact actual non-GAAP to GAAP substitute uncertainties performance under the financial and by as on include refer provided a these the quarter a release non-GAAP the U.S. The to the in should measures GAAP. in of that I'd the to of further the risks turn not to most performance both the And earnings SEC like or directly accordance calculated operations to I'd Investors accordance to our U.S. understanding considered of in our on portion superior now, results. discussion could results, and release included reconciliations for call risks financial press with the investors our today's prepared financial fiscal to like to over our XXXX in For Bill. will remind certain aid financial financial that website. you refer non-GAAP to material the measures our affect

Bill Magnuson

afternoon, I'll highlighting good a third provide over review market to discuss earnings turning results detail performance. by before and our opportunity our and everyone. announcements then business, our to call quarter Welcome company. start and detail Chris more to as our product use it Thanks, Today, recent some customer exciting Isabelle public cases first the on our ecosystem, financial then engagement

quarter traction at strong third XXX% in with the renewals to compared third saw XX% rose million, believe last dollar-based XX% ability period high demonstrated We base reflecting to the and same and sequentially. deliver as to our scale. performance with retention upsells. year pleased which increased customer net $XX up the our quarter, growth we very quarter, are We of revenue third we generated In our

and ability customers to traditional ARR, land For retention expand XXX%, emerging or many across dollar-based globally. to in demonstrating more with disruptors enterprises our and $XXX,XXX with verticals increased

data, also brand that and on product be brands greater through channels integrating relevant way provided world seamlessly and but has choreographed opportunity awareness evolution efforts to that tireless software personal be entire in establishing as must recent strong both by and To connections with engagement businesses access category. Braze, the systems founded engagement changing built to as that and seamlessly are our can the built on and experiences platforms that mission of marketing that relationships years dedication We these the creates prefer human. they people's with connection communication team, strategy our and personalized data expect mobile-first; cross-channel Consumers feels across and through in lives. great Braze's successful, into business focused the believe resulting experiences. engagement obligation. create product is by customer on true. first, act These the The across real-time, and that their memorable they services. At strategies companies rising to best-growing customer way relevant leadership a is generation-old at upgrades We always Braze that with transform and Braze as outcomes beliefs infrastructure that the exchange. be the conviction: the support products and customers ago consumers a relevant our personal. a our well love numerous business and strategic positive to foundation the modern we of realize dual We clients loop guided expand evolve Braze releases of then would through believe our the second, of of to will and customer and momentum, our enabled be the imagine, testament forge coordinated, across in and through a that by and in way consumer human, platform. understand continue results which with listen are and consumers, throughout to they We believe achieved a growth be vectors Braze's Guided deeply an that deliver of they top-performing human services. results personalized, experience between has process smartphone as human strive born consumers to we best by prove and be were their must products that communicating that lens, brands further companies and iterative is XX each dawn era them behavior momentum by evolution achieved meaningful accelerated driven shared creative a an to are

For those Braze's integrated a ingestion vertically to of will moment stack. differentiation, our with technology you layer. to are take It I the being software briefly begins introduced explain who

our applications directly Our into and integrated customers' websites. SDKs native are

a trusted party, we customers' As become our product experience. part of native

to for vertically our or an Content well to it incredible verticals user base and layers: in upon Our message ingestion is android including webhooks, into directly brands over as XX real-time activity we in-app stream acted SDKs serve flows flows our in-app X.X Content both messaging layer and And iOS the and the remaining four such billion we all our data channels response messages just our nearly deliver interactive Cyber new loop end data leverages is impressions, push Cyber technology creating at Once back increasingly important built real-time Braze by flexible billion as feedback and on executed Cards, spans is our user. a the can across a XXX Monday, million case The volumes stream enable products, over X personalized and in-product message across to use stack messages, data powering weeks is consumer first-party processing for the interactive of Black billion interpreted manner, data brand's as a XX to web. immediately new channels to individual. nearly a surveys saw that technology e-mails, taken any year as billion it ingested, Friday billion across and of personalization Braze through processing over From Card few in-browser nearly This customer in integrated X seamlessly ago. action. and deliver orchestration, the messaging appropriate scale. across as a many of into and messaging engagement customer-centric system, in the infrastructure time action Week transitioning engagement strategy. first-party notifications classification, delivery And

More scale. importantly, proof totals personalized, at Friday global engagement that These to quantitative is volumes, we despite opportunity the achieved Cyber ability of our our Monday. customer reliability are and targeted global represent of through points XXX% And impressive uptime substantial. Black deliver daily all and market record-high

time, calculations, alone. Based outside States U.S. footprint for to ability the least United anywhere market is in at customer well consumers is feel transact new expansive we With on our addressable annually at which year-to-date, And revenue brands. any total our given battleground billion engagement international the for our our positioned on $XX to well. the existing of comprise the as roughly capitalize XX% market the

momentum opportunity, the and are of we build inclusive to sizes, brands investing traditional strength enterprises of our of with both emerging all platform disruptors. the Given and

walk the imperative in of count quarter start-ups XX% a few across total ROI for end category I'd strength as to year-over-year recognize mobile-first strong like Our with particular you increase for large customer at a customer a meaningful the savvy, demonstrating and engagement of long-term delivers the disruptor cases, marked enterprises third customer as use quarter successful through customers. how pillar growth. Braze briefly the

restaurant is brand quick-service reward financial their The as capabilities app of digital of they their The leading increase educate loyalty partnered to a or with first rewards brand launched newly their customers promote a $X after on users boosting effectively combining loyalty completed program. a a well in-app preferred which member. cryptocurrency a acquisition e-mail, driving tied a messaging, promotion more multichannel it's push mediums, SMS, in purchase the powers to used leading and investment program. across on reached as Braze to By with as and users and they sales platform substantial downloads

success to multichannel optimize actions guide funnel. them is launch leveraging the message drive used other to on successfully user app, orchestrating the cross-channel interactive brand A push-based their future new new that effectively tailored I'd example in-app, messaging retargeting of be Braze via messaging major promotion, highlight follow-on cohorts and a that promoted awareness inform a about to and their experimentation. customers series of they series. the an One the it's mobile into Canvas educate keys push, high-value like power multiple and consumer wellness engage that Braze way across streaming full the channels was reward campaigns with redemption further experience, The as app the journeys. and customer of the second to drive By Once the program, the can drive in to the the down details to highlighting connecting needed to serves users people campuses activation strategy unique engagement. e-mail to target of

users. the experienced subscription conversion As a rate brand it's with significant a targeted result,

Braze The their platform customers. third experiences customization is campaigns static several a of millions personalized takeout for features into previously providing European who and combines their intelligence to to turn users leading delivery and groceries

behaviors recent inside launched by without year and employing combining designed campus by operational all across environment, strategy that users' incurring channels messaging earlier is First, the common multiple personalized our Audience complexity the tools. a in company this revealed the Paths, product too a preferences competitive

like Braze actions, features tool, or underscore each customers from to and sending customers paths personalized a that I'd deliver specific With into that quarter. driving actions their Content, higher new updates send their few targeted can customers users food on path The their of the paths activation allows combine together at To Connected on solutions, We of within our now Canvas of pace individual many rapidly Throughout use new including into scale. product then had favorite messages you of dynamic users examples, including mix. products. there, taken the path navigated messages. third in custom results, of highlight launched on company This innovations newest layer the variety dynamically Action based feature given the store realized behaviors. orders their As channel entered, time down funnel to users additional based heard have by great a like through personalized new Intelligent impressions From those probability highly those customization evolution, their the Canvas. immediate for the each the to Braze these Channel customer paths have Paths, previously in user highest automatically the frame, feature boosting triggered message users based different segment the to our component, brand details evolving purchases. personalization a they users and recent and

paths this and with has results financial e-mails great new by onboarding service based company journeys conversion XX% and services rate a engagement personalizing sending for that conversion XX% users that members; an seeing already their rate are custom a on-demand streaming customers by a including product, livestreams. saw on driven some Our with

real-time tapping technology continuous analytics Data. Currents also customer connections, our partners By Currents, silos behavior EventBridge, quarter, This we into engagement streaming to four and Treasure data added their product, partners break data within and new RudderStack, to even down Tealium customer more of our streaming customers one new ecosystem. data Amazon engagement granular by can data

out to connectors, relevant customers Braze We iOS it's new also destinations to more notification, push customers an integrations or designate with giving receive each time. build of and data data ability direct notifications themselves enabled custom to relevancy in-house the the settings, Alongside custom Currents other XX brands urgency like CDP the to right send also rolled we launch, users enabling that at notification ensuring push store.

Finally, create Braze who campaigns, to Message to save MMS a brand's texting a allows brand Contact deploy which contact I'll brands mention building is quickly number easily Card list MMS them. creator in distinguish contact to recipients card their recognition. to can

functions than talented fiscal head count bringing all we've more XXX people. Of support as all our amazing global of head course, by products to X,XXX building this third end without be achieved the of across count quarter. the increased to growth, over year our Globally, these can't

a our As a it's And and we're such Founders our optimize social inclusion customer on a facilitating Tech and Braze retention. engagement like inclusive the and impact within can our customer platform, talent we we increase our hold ourselves deepen platform to program providing who businesses consolidate and continue live corporate comprehensive and is standard. cultural Sight responsibility our we proud success virtual as social communications technology Plain values. one a recently fuel best-of-breed initiative Black for world, Plain capitalize is platform department, initiatives. personalized helps Sight, of new our of acquire We've focused market them around social engagements new on One black-empowered created essential networking. that resources which it allowing be and equity building will high to diversity, experiences for opportunity, very to substantial

to further portion and X% impact mission forward Pledge committing initiatives. social reaches XX progress customer our this world. to These lasting that long-term expect the relationships exciting and the committed of ESG and momentum the reflections these to realizing and humbling to Isabelle? the and on I'll every Financial joining great movement, this that, our donating fund also consumers over values country engagement. continue our I'll on relationships our next towards of Chief should all look are nearly on as With to by our in in with company through ESG call public on remarks our under and It's partners around A over billions shareholders. we Officer, journey to the coming with our stewardship, quarters. years you working And We journey. you and We stock Class build a our continuing of updating this core you progress hand wrap are mission Winkles. we Isabelle be of goal common our on with to employees, my are customer DEI efforts initiatives our stating strong

Isabelle Winkles

We by of us a and to for strong XX% quarter and quarter record you, you, in-quarter rate. customer joining business year-over-year combination a everyone, Thank sales rose reported third a mentioned, renewal and today. as Bill third Bill expansion, million, $XX revenue driven new thank

similar as XX. momentum year-over-year services solid, X,XXX total annual and count onboarding Our onetime a third are The well increasing terms remains fees customer our primary line, our represents third that contractual combination to total subscription contributing X% subscription-based as was revenues. to nearly configuration our revenue of of professional the revenue. other XX% remaining the quarter quarter of during October subject Customer customers of top with as as component XX%

of those to with grew ARR year-over-year customers Our large annually, XX. total which or more XX% we define number as $XXX,XXX of

third compared quarter quarter. second basis rate execute basis up quarter. basis strategy, dollar-based and for XXX to and the our to our was the points to points continue to up XXX land-and-expand customers the year Dollar-based compared retention net We improving over compared on retention the XXX%, almost to net basis up points year XXX sequentially compared points to nearly largest our over XXX of up second last prior XXX%,

represents our a net a statistic. trailing As dollar-based reminder, XX-month retention

dollar-based the industries the across to our our net existing precommitted entitlements, reflects the both customer business signing quarter outside we services. customers. and with quarter. features Upsells revenue and addition to U.S. and expansion in and and renewals our to through upsells base continuing total geographic revenue strong monthly SMS brand companies regions, volumes strength rate increases to in Our and across as of contribute expansion was active within units users, XX% continue new third of third add-on existing existing professional This retention geographic e-mail include further penetrate parent

our obligations. to performance remaining Moving

a RPO months. the have of XXXX fourth we full in began year-over-year reminder, quarter only XXXX our which fiscal we and address the my the few fourth As results first announce Therefore, and disclosing sequential first when RPO therefore on comparison our period comments will fiscal RPO a in evolution. will we was quarter year

obligation quarter performance $XXX term renewals contract in XX% Our increases to third to driven current included $XXX These sequentially sequentially million. XX% business total extensions. were by contracts, solid rose rose the remaining and momentum million new that RPO and

the dollar-weighted end of XX overall remain increased our approximately we range second in While of months. the quarter, still the length contract versus

review to in like more detail. the I'd Now, statement income

I As non-GAAP. will discuss a reminder, some metrics of the are

$XX percent management roles several margin second, Gross hosting aligned core expenses, gross contributed XXX degree of better non-GAAP as in margin third well of year quarter through action as points compares revenue a technology note We have realized in and these XX.X% earnings to last includes provided benefits profit of the cost of cost most million seasonality was non-GAAP as increased of have of million, and database, of our accompanying we in several respect a and personnel profit e-mail of economies gross representing Sequentially, in And reconciliation first, scale structures margin efficiencies we to to responsibilities and earnings over continue gross to that release expense margin basis and quarters. in and non-GAAP the which of second in XX.X%. This in with discounts precommits. improved GAAP gross presentation. we percent our margin Non-GAAP the our non-GAAP to gross a volume items; a financials revenue. year-over-year our improvements the achieve last to quarter year. quarter factors: $XX.X XX.X% across due this to gross of the notably vendors the

As typically a have quarter levels for by our to overall Bill many fourth statistics. already Monday seen activity experiences as reminder, lower activity Friday our the in of an customers and increase the third Black early in of Cyber indicated, quarter, we

the by our Turning support $XX prior marketing revenue expansion and sales million was our and million R&D growth year outstanding or or to revenue This average XX.X on attributable market the compared revenue $XX.X XX% in strong shares products of XX% million year revenue investments and public support quarter. $X.XX fuel per non-GAAP overall to or a million weighted of Non-GAAP $X.X we future $XX.X expense to readiness. the $X.X as million to marketing to operating quarter. continue was or of solid share was was quarter to based of growth The invest loss of features revenue million this and compared count R&D expenses; in in basic quarter. to shareholders period. head the Non-GAAP XX% our XX% $X.X or in to investments G&A of million continued the in expense against in growth. global year dollar during driven net revenue and Non-GAAP or reflects XX% sales expense company loss compared million revenue to increase was of prior develop quarter XX% $XX.X Braze or our prior to new

increase taking million the XXXX. the used cash capitalized was in of a as deferred a third million equivalents, negative cash cash were last well partner, of negative in the the to XX.X%, and year contract in cash cash quarter year-over-year flow. was Cash year a statement the quarter $X.X note quarter cash The the free consideration earnings third and Japan flow and in this $XX.X capitalized will of same with costs. revenue quarter quarter. flow In stock-based last negative the our and After negative Now, marketable into out million million free in adjusted turning securities. and improvement compared our period cash, software, cash flow respectively. contribution was of margins to ago year a our flow cash $X.X for with venture. fiscal sheet compensation margin our by activities, million, Rounding the $X.X resulting free of operations such in ended to Japan cash quarter expenditures driven flow margin as restricted amortization free flow We expenses and noncash improved deferred X.X% by free $X.X as both Computing, cash financing and third during year, joint I balance $X.X in our Cloud that included million

the to our outlook and year XXXX. turning fourth quarter fiscal full Now, for

for both upsell to We potential and feel strong our our opportunities. optimistic pipeline continue evidenced new of revenue growth, as business future by highly about

includes risk and quarter. we guidance have renewals business appropriate quarter revenue this adjustments for new to fourth Our close yet

in non-GAAP the of of $XX.X million operating quarter share per $XX.X quarter to million period. of fourth the to basic on million be loss the loss million to average outstanding is be expected we which midpoint. XX.X $XX non-GAAP XX% net $XX quarter to expected $X.XX in fourth the be with of weighted the year-over-year net per during $X.XX the represents rate quarter, loss million. at range based revenue growth shares range approximately share million to a to non-GAAP in Fourth $XX range For Fourth to is $XX expect million approximately

range represents loss Fiscal million. for non-GAAP range year-over-year the the is of to $XXX.X net a For in expected expected of $X.XX midpoint. year XXXX loss year expected the at year revenues full be growth the fiscal a per a $X.XX year $XX.X to million million. XX% be on to the operating to to non-GAAP XXXX, Non-GAAP million weighted of full loss to same to be $XX.X which rate $XXX.X million of $XX.X of million expected a in are loss guidance. of of average few approximately in loss in be is shares. XXXX a of share $XX.X the loss the share period based million A is on notes range Fiscal range XX.X net count our to

While expect we will result gross to guidance, by are expect in to will XX%. specific of the in XX% the in non-GAAP gross target activity be quarter. margin not be providing range fourth margin higher non-GAAP our margin to we seasonally in quarter and impacted gross mid-XXs likely we fourth margins continue long-term the gross This percentage a

enhance these business While optimizations gains pursue both into some for also our back to that opportunities storage of we to achieve and offering may expect we invest the technology personnel computational to scale costs, we our requirements. to cost continue to as in capacity expect our revenue and increase of find

we are receive vendor timing customer may cash make when free quarter-to-quarter and providing payments. of when based materially guidance, that flow I'll Finally, free note on the payments not cash vary from we flow we while

are impact vendor results up with that the the $XX summary, For to very quarter. the cash some payments the fourth include will we large million to from pleased example, In by quarter. $XX we will million operations expect of quarter in

we'll and execution customer value technology Q&A. realizing questions. remains our customers And and begin New with open of the are best-in-class now engagement existing the strong. call for please that, Operator, the


with [Operator Instructions] question the line Sachs. Gabriela first The from is Goldman Borges of

is line open. Your

Gabriela Borges

feedback talk I'm Congrats you a IPO. quarter little competitive real-time of afternoon. claims on other where competitors what bit make love hear the stands can We'd feedback curious what some on like. hoping when short? fall and the bake-offs the help bake-off, on noise when a want on and us scenario vice where good that compete Hi, the in Bill, looks on Braze you out then any can to companies And you marketing. through maybe versa, that don't on get you

Bill Magnuson


has always So has varied. the definitely to marketer to set. ourselves our And value deliver amongst the environment built you're of ambitious sophisticated, Braze always appeal as kind aware, the competitive and been

So then product, to to when to the lot of to our we've real-time architecture which been graduate you these vertical and differentiation integration the that through comes be And never has streaming Braze platform but the build -- quick part and these of differentiators a a use always real not actually interactive of wanted it enables graduate truly cases. from. a just

collaboration are being marketing understand in at so you mail competitive where examples working varying in their they're provides have just for of with of a Braze comes to that some have capabilities list-based utilizing with really can undifferentiated through what have in analyzed coming sales are approach. common where and older collaboration or customers the kind kind sales a mentality the light real-time adviser them. that market of integration are a those quickly differentiation as Maybe of vividly to with going bring with drive those we're that used things we that But data we're embraced groups will That our look out of modern approach we someone They're their customers. And technology. at or will varying in vertical batch-and-blast trusted of run aspect to journeys, having experimentation and through into. sending when in that are results doing sending to stages cycle, through science, entirety ROI our often to that that interdisciplinary kind our in through cycle the through additional and kind with product challenger engineering and those take that that's and our addressable the go-to-market then journey. engagement that creativity growth points already and the communicating the process a you teams customer take And to

We will be consultative with them.

leap systems or it and the to thinking just data a of things kind over they their can't bridge are hump other a are that understand as of but going grow streaming will the appealing vividly and engagement new still places defend audience with built win We competition. or customer product and with them premium in other of and the has done. where Braze kind cases, cases where point preconceived we how in are where But those way cases the to come lower to kind point ready mindset, maybe much. kind it customer experience to our maybe engagement have that ROI notions a thinking in do of they high should experience they be sophisticated embrace less parts too been of the built is those the about channel rates problem us kind that for get challenge today don't we single about very get we price more they to of not that service, for they're can about price we over the help along And perceive far and are that where kind as -- against them there those of and a maybe kind have customers a that paradigm is way of we point

customers continue those those we're to cases, We'll those to going so be over with And patient time. sales in in cycles. work

definitely play a that something that's they saying and come many back around we've seen and time times. have We always that here over out

Gabriela Borges

for typically marketing bit the typically on of into and for get and your little bit color. a investment how maybe a follow-up Isabelle. that One that we ramp and that join appreciate Would sales commentary on little what expect as team. color year to love looks the for new productivity of new like I priorities should new ramp folks to we go

Isabelle Winkles

sure Yes, thing.

we the on looking across occur -- question last enter expect we'll that a levels. expect two strategic at with our do across about the year. a to enterprise the locations our the achieve board, ramp across in and of the within full ramps think within investments, to the faster But level down more major street be the kind year. expect can around count Typically, is year. year That's that the within obviously markets at head answer our adding new I'll we full world. board, We're It's we productivity So that a feet first. going year. SMB and take to to we're actually next When

So with we DACH the region year, Germany. in last folks entered

market. We Japanese into our to our expand also entered reach the Japan JV

We for Toronto and are next looking France year. both Paris, at

also as will Singapore classifications across the as then Coast investments regions start ramp regions and count East major head London we're invest West of of and the customer we there be those the we continue existing there the are type going U.S., or our but will all So to to some that our major across only well. regions not of after. And

area commercial up the then strategic and enterprise SMB, it's So into our and accounts.

Gabriela Borges

Sounds good. you. Thank


JPMorgan. Thank from The with Borges. is you, Mark Murphy next Ms. question

open. Your line is

Mark Murphy

you very thank much. Yes,

maybe kind see guess you're first-party this pivoting brands in the relationships of Bill, when reporting we acceleration large quarter, rethinking seeing and stance you're So in changes of I'm whole the extra on here that direction tailwind I could to line curious some IDFA. that Apple's be the top type of in they just whether that wake their any of from fundamentally

Is driving that's the to solution living wondering in you. more world. kind if Perhaps is way? your first-party that business seeing brands as this it for of Just ROI tangible Braze high something

Bill Magnuson


to absolutely platform that the of recent that, are ongoing we isolated it's something that to this think like I of change. shift several generation changes not fifth is but we customer also although it's also or that around you This It's identifiers changes to platform fourth these. and broadly of and see is GDPR, both and wouldn't then trend and the Google. advertising just Apple say first-party sentiment like has data sorts and probably across sentiment other to if in rules I sorts things of seeing most years for been is post permissions the other kind look IDFA Apple, this changes just

with And so in detective in data, look a kind a understanding on being deep creepy customer decided investment you good about and think that that a being in the opposed brand. order a we focus and at how as on in tailor Braze a way personalize of they're as first-party to when have we basis engagement the journey to to listener that of be really

our lives. been and that's for entire our part of so product And focus ethos our

think the from means of history Now obviously, data that but to with no right side a by on respect recent being benefited we first-party that's mindset shift.

platforms in more mornings data, and growth and because Braze's advertising to just COVID. it you focus mentioned marketing other they're heard of pushing are we're I that from these hit of about lot growth, a that increased collaboration, it see of ongoing drive on public have to that embrace hearing seeing secular Braze all previous a people, momentum and it Snap supportive the places the we've for transformation one the then from to of interdisciplinary a been visibly but we been last think of and as that markets bit basket like the tailwinds earnings the I in digital These years. first-party trends continued in several and and early that transformation all on big like some answer think them. the You're you've it's little still And kind the mobile, of teams have where the many big innings

Mark Murphy

pricing Or happen see -- Okay, more Isabelle, I'm mentioned Did I we I than it. really I you then gross positively follow-up, you across SMS understood. just relating guess were margin the a I that specifically channels? -- more is very that of to clear. of improvement think a in quick just guess And don't surprised. those surprised some of securing And driving XX%, factors to lower years. on or it wondering. around don't it seasonal -- mean couple lower of don't as this of e-mail? a recall any I mix is I'm prior that aspect saw piece I little to That's

Isabelle Winkles


I So combination. it's a think

on So optimizing last to ago, of on eight been this dimensions we to couple almost over a journey successful very and attack margin the a across the last or the sure which years we've multiyear I that gross make of arrived over day have we're been number quarters. years, since two certainly sort seven of

portions in-house, across categories little tends messaging that on components But side lower sequential volumes, there's be saw on margin of bit growth a that a the little rates yes, our are was so growth major think bit slower. quarter, been we on actually proprietary the messaging in third the tend higher all that And I be to in to spend. of the and the in change higher the built the messaging actually, sequentially, margin the side.

QX certainly that sequential some for QX. to the November ran that data this Black his of lighter as that and Friday a have very in do So We in mentioned. back was We messaging that part obviously the remarks relates statistics. anticipate through we little seasonality of in so will that prepared definitely was -- on Bill a I volume come basis lot much it a

-- seasonality, this wouldn't end XX% And so, to through persist year. of we we when talk expect we the the about the

Mark Murphy

you Thank very Understood. much.


Thank line question you, of Barclays. with next Lenschow The is from Mr.Murphy. the Raimo

is line Your now open.

Raimo Lenschow

in I've like the and while legacy of of in stack and Hey, have first competition congrats it or beginning remarks Bill, from it, the to about replicate differentiation from back question? message if get you thank difficult you on the Because a to well. architecture seen, is point think your is how The of it? of address build kind you then what I kind rebuild it still most me you completely. you the as have, like to to started that can

kind that? for in that but like take the to trying understand live in I obviously Like new actually I'm companies, And does well, just world. kind because are Isabelle. how speak a follow-up you living long world this we Confluent of can new to to this have and it public someone have it's of Just then -- Snowflake,

Bill Magnuson


to components So I think that there's two this. major

of one integration of inclusive in-product kind integrations. vertical is the The first

ton you that have of the footprint and platforms able across to experience, look And kind the the all instrument products, a feel in sophistication where then technical the that's of had our something of SDKs through products the integrated build all been way and the so into libraries interactive well and at our but world's the UI integrated way good different we've platforms. in citizens applications not be both just and doing kind in customers where those and mobile user the actually of so as largest across sit to are into background a when messaging deliver look the really inside the in an they web into to of of and be and

a and volume to When the lot which of platforms infrastructure use is data during I execute stack top environment, is we've seamlessly at to that to back alerts at in-product everything and this business doesn't few engine. then of through the and there to forth on there, that so scale. Braze a interactive stack or also breaking our the remarks, the and something when way that's both in we've very that of -- that express interactively scale. always to other the out ability able stream large, created where we look a build both to live hard immensely with vendors out-of-the-box volume-based, that just like channels, an an prepared being move our customer can't platform stream through basis you problem product. mention and we chasm deliver across placed them things crossed which It's I strategies just aspect And do have this things creativity kind for systems user other able Canvas in news to messages those so product while something are from even entirely sorts demands and that software like that's on can that an into lot kind of sophisticated on the the of during processing then be where built intuitively engagement XX you Snowflake to engagement able the kind of underlies or stability large out It's spoke on that of able our of certainly engine the all or and of the aspects up the is higher a of of focused itself go of a lives the and in layers you're messaging mentioned that The of just on kind is of even investment proprietary of a processor stream customer years. last at differentiation of performance kind proprietary. being do which a top a side of Confluent also kind just-in-time like but for the the And deliver lot architecture sitting over real-time do processing urgent of on where provide even really if a involved we multichannel

systems so interdisciplinary to there's controlling of these couple enable and bunch collaboration removing is loops start really kind other. when is which interplay to teams the I've each customer friction complexity outsized and a needs be happen. designed see best to a there's different those modern collaboration which And already times to into of intuitiveness layer engagement thing by and that's ROI. you you They and really where with mentioned to that it's So form executed a go And in of of back to it. dimensions on

And been for be that a and approached. for but design lot So, in really technology now the a year has how I the and a a believe I created and answer that purpose-built should more to pretty by than I think obviously it what way differentiation. decade enduring things modern could should we -- there's customer main this saying two there focused started more engagement really probably be has there's it this

Raimo Lenschow


question, Okay. a also people Can some already The Or well. of it's with couple to there's with of around attractiveness like can like -- first kind are see days. to a the see hiring that experience? new IPO, goes because have it numbers that's thing you the at employees saw of as that then you the look clear. stock have to you your as terms stability that see customers of of aware prospective have coming But numbers. I'm can like stuff financial you been really we and what in in one and Super market less that helpful, And coming Isabelle. terms only calls their your it through? -- big branding a CFO, if companies Obviously,

Isabelle Winkles

Raimo. Thanks, Yes.

over excited do days. kind So -- of think do months. really I this holiday We're the and conjunction all also going little to with think period. in us it's coming that's we're I early really, about the happening look, a bit to weeks what was

know for couple and holiday So of on because the my put there next specifically, off group I I've they're had to of that. talk of about was calls holiday even a the person sort to all hiring and Thanksgiving

really we're excited pipeline have to a be abroad. continue definitely So we about that be our of U.S. and strong of new there excited, spoken -- to and both continues I pipeline really in this -- it's internally new business whether candidates a that we the

this So I but in fact, think is, it's absolutely very call. multidimensional our first earnings

of to IPO of company. benefit for the So the of we're number the benefits that across excited to and kind momentum the of all going leverage a of keep dimensions

Raimo Lenschow

again. you. Congrats, Perfect. Thank

Isabelle Winkles



next from with is The Mr.Lenschow. Blair. you, Arjun Thank question Bhatia William

line is open. Your

Arjun Bhatia

congrats rather, this to is the about? clouds from? just And robust of out quarter, coming you gate just curious. attribute incredibly marketing customers we've with new that moving lot of cetera, another -- more it Perfect. quarter had beginning net here. data One would it I market that Thank customer mobile, the just and quarter these it of et thing direction Where and growth customers the Is this add a new are batch in great vendors, the these noticed the seems been talked record in capabilities, I'll like this processing, Or of more my I'm a customers. the metrics, legacy has your seeing another we migrating on you. the year from? And maybe you are execution?

Bill Magnuson

competitive already think as tailwinds play other secular Certainly, of seeing that cloud. we about of we're legacy we're through the some It's I are migrations few all enumerated at in solutions we that kind that of And migrations above you things a lot answers. point said talk from there's on a here. landscape I've the before. these also spoke So all things that seeing the from the earlier

the When use of were we're order cases seeing them lot a you platforms new have We all come look and greenfield instance, of have with, all focus, a about -- like in to out their those about, legacy come working the for that multiplied for use the well. as at, streaming brands engagement that send tremendously. also cases as players that before more But businesses they customer have to pivoted direct-to-consumer are messaging.

think at customer experiences. across creates that new fact that in think of is the So their in do running. strategically but legacy confidence for becoming it you there happening to number single in-person It's of living also the clouds, greenfield real-time about is the properties has many surface don't that also on can things these with ability it all into. area them when did from looking kind these thing allow It coherently expand the kind kind Every important kind by and different not larger like a channels that you you to acting look of more opportunities brands the that so the Braze they're so only need they're seamlessly cases the bring we by increase full new to and amplify and Content their it Cards, that data. use communicate migration at we helps before. about of together but engagement to unlocked e-mail and customer channels on of than with programs, these amplify you web that for Braze messages of further always the cases, communicate their to has the kind when that much enterprise certainly, And and those need of can properties loyalty islands

that. you're all of seeing So

a -- selling We as a is still lot a we're really of to have in been employees zero go-to-market fantastic we call lot category at XXX that selling we investing $XX,XXX the minimum growth well. our And into. From segment annual are That customer that our we're that also seeing SMB within segment. segment. internally into what of perspective, a

well if they smaller are on growth scale we're but time. kind brands so a certainly these even are over about engagement what category means seeing that at for in excited expansion customer as that are for focused lot of of operating sophisticated pushing and And we're that really continued

Arjun Bhatia

handful then as Isabelle, next items year up helpful. that on of very I beyond, this that's we if mentioned drove know more Perfect, a can. gross margins, margins I gross of look long-lasting quarter. But you into kind just and you one And that and from how that maybe mentioned may from of the we versus volume think about some efficiencies the benefit be -- is what that those scale seasonality? improvements like should fluctuating quarter-to-quarter and

Isabelle Winkles


seasonality and record would of course the be expense quarter-over-quarter of usage. the is revenue I ratably of the is the driver as think a being to based we rata pro Obviously, -- that So volatility. and on contract over definitely key the volume going

to So that see you're there. going volatility

within that permanent some and have we've realignment, feel, the we persist, about benefits will we us that of management to changes As made organization. a the result and right? Those are of think accrued realignment that, responsibilities the roles as

on cost with persist. achieved, I think similarly, the will scale technology prepayment the optimizations other it's whether efficiencies cost or similarly or side, we've that just those

and technology are I though and will cost. in enhance continue own that at order we invest our a improve think those what I to offering. in our own is capabilities would our improvements say to to going And come

XX% we show, so the we that. stand provided, to margin and gross road XX% long-term in of by of the And target context a

we're that to relates it the achieved we over of very but to by point this the stand last to XX% to get as quarters proud what so And range we've of many XX% longer term.

Arjun Bhatia

again. congrats, much very you Thank and Great.


Thank Sandler. from Brent you, is Piper question Mr.Bhatia. next The with Bracelin

open. line Your is

Brent Bracelin

let's I with here of last the large Super taking customers? cohort. here. maybe we're Bill, as out customers, other say, line large the adopters? are a the personalization XX was that for e-mail there higher and stood velocity I from XX contributing you top from by this driving resonating to quarter adopter of these Or some velocity accelerated quarter such versus, growth. early to Thanks strong net seeing Do new the think, thing $XXX,XXX-plus retention campaigns? quarter. question those early are higher for that a of products you, campaigns What's and campaigns one fourth higher of to of think marketing ROI, impressed customer straight factors, tailwind expansion guess, most jumped mobile

Bill Magnuson


competitive talking lot So amongst larger we there. to are things. of the case I think a that expansion of growth I things few growing. combination variety back of a use at Most just in especially those it's context. of the customers One was go our the about a But a that is there's when them customers, look

essentially -- the of As users. comes we our to aligned through works, product we largest component -- monthly our have pricing our pricing active

as And help we grow user so with our us, component they're grows. if customers their is base obviously something which with them engaged and successful that

We have a product last also had the expansion lot over years. several of

to our And their to channels more and more Braze. customers continue premium and purchase so features there's been of more use for and grow

see also that grow. Braze utilizing are to the We teams continue

team parent web a mobile bringing team through loyalty in and time, cases cross-expansion to move just and a like things use it's promotional company over it's and a maybe then then team with expansion whether messaging through or well. recurring that's as So over a out start we starting start to large add other brands, life of transactional into we with we'll then out cycle kind and

So there's grow. a lot under dimensions can Braze which of customers different just

monthly primarily specifically your users. to active are we to not speaking velocity tied Now, -- point, we're

revenue same increased the use model higher it think higher have message more that really consumption-based of into This kind company of certainly you et of about way more it's like brands, do while or in strictly translate the So model about pricing strictly shouldn't initiatives, usage it that. more cases, volumes over time, is -- into velocity more teams, expansion ROI, growth translate a cetera. would or durable levels

Brent Bracelin

the How Is mobile And become a there. direct-to-consumer? a consumer kind around as to business supply there Omicron about a marketplace. I potentially about we impact would be the and these impact risk, quarter how some more color we for just need quick are constraints business, but guess, of then in-person? impact to your through think Isabelle, for the should helpful to think Friday, thinking headline direct-to-consumer business. of through risks Just Cyber activity impact out that have in or like headline headline the limited the very we appreciate there Super to on follow-up headwinds starting strong helpful. trying some an to Monday. variant and out sounds this about think chain risk there the campaigns? demand It meaningful Black the go of I could how it versus there does to as think constraints you Is that stimulation of

Isabelle Winkles


forward kind in -- particular as just necessity data the a able of a that that's some of So a back. to the data, call one-way and pulling that door been But a the The first-party be trends the of the shift our engagement the direct-to-consumer. large, them look, strategy, to I some business. trends towards continue of of importance bit COVID now for and actually we secular time COVID it's an been of overall customer-centric sort a be need just we've and And they've accelerant shift sort these of lot been to ascend don't so world would point in been, a been impacting at of look XX to by there's wind we this another at a this of the at months. things last as been whole on map of see all have headwinds play to the host not that but for have have to --

kind last have has or hold. trends several weeks Omicron any not as customer of the in seen consumer over trends taken We shift

behind us kind the speak there. to just of no particular add would mosaic I headwind So to of that but

Brent Bracelin

a had. I all holidays. that's And clear, have happy safe Very and

Isabelle Winkles

Thank you.


question Our the from Canaccord. Instructions] [Operator DJ of Hynes Mr.Bracelin. is line you, with Thank next

open. line Your is

DJ Hynes

Hey I'm guys, thanks keep to actually, and congrats going and Isabelle. I'll to one for here. taking the question a it on great to start go

if it right. I'm Isabelle, math think sure I really math everyone's So was XX% growth to calculated strong do see right? our results, going the billings is the and

I RPO investors that The going for for right rate for to metric. should we a want about billings proxy RPO metric know what CRPO. range quarter. that is to going is use they're bookings that first look time for or might growth you as know, are wrong, growth right? next just other there? As year-over-year the any look we're ballpark to And the surprises drives growth, going get a the ahead of get in growth Or right or anything at Is like? with there RPO be thinking I to divergence

Isabelle Winkles


addition, quarter I is that annual improve component So the obviously, revenue. the there's just or growth, growth. of change strong upfront. billings, contributor in a that annual upfront, customer are also think in deferred our XX% billings when continued about to the we've contracts But to a remember, revenue billings that obviously our this XX% And

the from collect continue so a on the customers -- be upfront, basis. more your stronger will cash And that you sequential to metric be

And so that -- is to well that adding strength. there's an element that as there

DJ Hynes

Okay, got it.

that next be invoicing won't from quarter, -- to lower from upfront. growth way because seeing the a the don't CRPO -- little now benefit benefit surprised it right if it? it's we bit that Is when the you're interpret So,

Isabelle Winkles

in the quarterly highest on the to and quarter -- So tend be revenue. basis, of actually quarter a will deferred change fourth

-- do into there plays timing just when and element how as receive sort you just of them that use there we we in indicative of the the kind billings is number number. I of an to caution of So of because payments future would of growth that

play I So and talk be in we'll at quarter. -- -- done I fourth you'll the through RPO is quarter but happy don't fully would dusted look, see number that will once the of the out the to know the end fourth how

DJ Hynes

helpful. very Yes,

Okay, guys, congrats.


is The Company. Thank you, question Derrick with next from & Mr.Hynes. Wood Cowen

line Your open. is

Derrick Wood

partnering guess I you with for Snowflake congratulations. question mentioned my echo I'll Confluent. and my Bill, and thanks Great,

Snowflake And it data then of comes is on. when warehouses, particularly just seeing data when into to are being these add your new own curious capabilities called integrated sharing You you new laid you much SDKs, the data architectures I'm level about Tealium your cloud at out just partnerships architectures demand curious, out? with and change EventBridge. be stack look makeup CDPs, the what the landscape, on broader with I'd

Bill Magnuson


streaming able that's -- also seeing of before but top kind we to business-user look that be of can a built So connects toward close Braze this we and seeing cloud service-oriented services and I be and of kind Broadly, if would taking a that of those your APIs was Braze kind of APIs trend that the say how buy turnkey also you at trend cloud SaaS the and productive part want the will. of you kind a of kind product heavy engineering product we're dashboard use broadly teams. architectures. magic toward about talking trends promotes and software that really what seeing to ecosystem I a home-built then to of be we're where -- the both architectures a occupies by definitely of obviously It's We're provide that of And for first-party, purchased how that, the of responsibilities between separation collaboration the set can on lot earlier. also teams product, by really SaaS be the software. a

of data that such you point way the work just how higher-performance becoming players toward view each interconnects with actually rest into you trend expressive when data and their more take look definitely of that's a these maintaining the translated and technology of when the at are other, then toward all interfaces toward we're between so, brands ecosystem various streaming and And that where themselves seeing APIs, also for toward partners. the models, the responsible connections

tooling flows And bidirectional and so of set customers. these. the you partner teams expansion these where there's see where current to can and out to which for there manage continue engineering a build Obviously, data our we for why our lot one manage of that to that's build we'll continue allows

maintenance-oriented. be to driving to them to and be teams. be We marketing things and in with be product that. ROI those with don't operational to or productive, engagement are and new kind data want the space, to that customer engineering want and having of We more a want are things teams we lot collaboration going the in be of to fun through that and transfers a belief We extent to them babysitting them that a differentiated building creative have dealing questions doing work vision

the continue ecosystem outcomes look around a we all from with customers. of obviously really to standpoint. so all important service customer for our And partnership at And us we'll from how goals standpoint. an pay to It's ultimately, engagement attention architecture in rest strategy our technology of evolves that to the

Derrick Wood

you. thank Perfect,


Raymond Thank Peterson you, from Brian question Mr.Wood. is James. with The next

Your is line open.

Brian Peterson

the well. taking question I'll for congrats Thanks and as my echo

kind of So as that there's emerging is are tailwinds. expansion of pipeline isolate existing that from And there a get versus with don't were IPO? a pipeline. kind noticeable base thoughts how things but know that. is there obviously, be I'd or new? to be of of I'd And curious there. I'd of the customer if lot curious any your I net way a much the the -- be to mentions of And couple in impact there's strength that of increase,

Isabelle Winkles


IPO question, a think, came the up So prior I question. somewhat in

it's our new think customer types, our base bring the the in is absolutely strength you're is seeing a global new for of in the interim. existing customer ability dollar-based a we're the it's continue of our and trends area; about strength the the in from I We're penetrate to It there It's board. side, retention. business companies board employee multidimensional. the excited very, the seeing side what pipeline. ongoing see on on across since it's holidays customer a then to industry about That be we with there types, we obviously strength speaks across were sizes. parent are opportunity days opportunity, perspective. net really that couple little particularly whether But so pleased board customer excited or across bit our It to to And net in early so across further really very base. board. in continue to terms our And there,

there to about we're U.S. vectors when so and a different currently of to strength expand of alone, seeing this is you so that relative We in revenue are the different -- so number so opportunity we're many at think $XX much in billion many just dimensions; market the across opportunity level areas.

Brian Peterson

you. to Thank Good hear.


from with next Scott The Berg Needham. is question Mr.Peterson. you, Thank

open. Your line is

Scott Berg

ago? versus net are Hi, that super how solutions about up the you either rates Isabelle they're revenue how change? Bill had one using I Congrats any on there a quarter. differences today retention -- kind question the that What new pricing a product? you maybe land? guess and on in customer the difference of talked the initial is strong. I ticked big quarter Are in fantastic seeing year [ph]. But were sales about seeing maybe the the in Is or you

Isabelle Winkles

size with I'll kind the elements the on -- can the some And can lands of size there. use the then of of and start cases, and -- of dig I kind kind I of maybe contracts. of think Bill into the So,

rewind clock were still, you of we if COVID. So depths in were the a to definitely -- ago, about year the we

size continuing see in are lands. to our the we of expansion So

that So strong. definitely is trajectory

the they're certainly, it's landing business. starting strategic -- of of and And whether sides business multichannel, enterprise so at -- our side -- with and our multichannel,

room once the talk want the if the to And in there's still use we're customer. lands certainly they're of a and seeing expansion that of our with new cases. Bill, door the purchasing strength So it gotten lots foot in with size upfront is for what knowledge we've you the about

Bill Magnuson

perspective, well, to doing from journey crawl-walk-run a in I good up Yes. think set entirety that And use true their, enables we differentiated the tried out were a it technology enable with the a experimentation. up encourage case lot work way from what I shows a strategies and over there's of definitely the because of map We people mean our customers to time. before. combination and of that that them we it's

customer we the their are in we integrations customers -- start shift over as straightforward their more that time, the think I the and many see a especially these cases. as don't inputs you And engagement use there's as and over more been so and cases continue into then signals use them strategies advance of And time. data advanced build of to meaningful starting -- incorporate more kind to

Scott Berg

guys. Excellent. Congrats strong the quarter, on

Bill Magnuson

Absolutely. Thank you.


Mr.Berg. you, Thank The question with is from Kim Capital. Yun next Loop

Your line is open.

Yun Kim

Thank you.

congrats So, well and to as Isabelle. my Bill

talk driven behind the renewals that's reflected in prepared around one strength remarks, especially about large customers? as quarter. rate. dynamics key talked of the And you you the So obviously, Can the just net about expansion drivers the those the in in the for renewals, contracts? seeing customers of how it before just much especially versus channels? of instance, increasing For you simply are to volume by more on the their And expires, multiyear channels upsizing is more deals expanding existing well contract also, deployment

Isabelle Winkles

Sure. Yes.

customers So of original volume, the or what e-mail, question, such channels renewals active to see the all that in monthly hadn't last yes, in decide -- volume users purchase on either call as SMS, upsells engage definitely the we simply sizes the additional they've they contract. we increase early purchased unlocked or already of and things the features yet or

your early definitely then, making And sure renewals caught larger see other midterm So just we I'm upsells I sizes. at of questions. all and

SMB -- renewals, a that time was rate, the improve few that number investments -- rate of you has in able improve the investments relative over the been we've last renewals, yes average. that to had the least made really which yes, to across yes sector over strong we've when lower that quarters. And historically so about board. company renewal So the really a the We've made that of our not is new to think renewal then,

purchased customers, They're their larger mix. expanding a seeing terms So volumes of and there. new then what the into increasing definitely they've in we're it's products strength And of features. and already

a definitely it's terms dollar-based of to retention. what mix the is So in adding net

Bill Magnuson

by some And there so Yes. of I has what that answer usage different many And which their have multiple are to there's dimensions people see channels, lot we're of the that ways expand continuing use is cases, platforms, questions when the engagement cases. these Braze increase above to of geographies. think you you all because just been a multiple different multiple across you use just that multiple multiple kind together, teams, of expand those of

accelerating combine together, differentiated. it terms we predictability of very that lot You've drive And rate and of got ways of you as in ROI. And benefit a from it. the certainly to them growth the gets

Yun Kim

you Thank so great. much. Okay,


last with from Pat is Walravens JMP The question Securities. Thank you, Mr.Kim.

Your line is open.

Unidentified Analyst

about it's for work And question. us about then just more CDPs so Team, like on Can Thank much for give you Hi you your Twilio? Jeremy how Segment. some color with talk with [ph] you Pat. relationship the

Bill Magnuson

sure. for Yes,

of our continue So and importance spoken about going the conquer there. our the a invest we've to problem Braze, and And integration we're leadership lot maintain kind differentiation to in modern in customer vision vertical of obviously, that space. the to of heavily engagement

the think lot about lens lot a that. a we that spoken I've drives -- also of We interdisciplinary

of e-mail. and for CDPs And have do you we're including Twilio, think building all for them analytics continue with collaboration vendor for work they're deals over you I channels, and so use more always places look our strong done a job we kind at Braze us advanced look time. smooth the as a also benefits a of flow people tools developers. of the together are that with product able broadly when and the data great to to partnership go-to-market the being where they've that's relationship to through companies, the CPaaS these kind certain more And certainly when reason of on going Also, across certain cases SMS both

turnkey other which our how we share with is to assemble that the as customers. from of buy are with rest well. in build that continue going also teams world-class APIs of, to committed all partner build know robust of remain back in serve And best-of-breed place ways that go the going where we we're with to of try our purpose technology that that to to we ecosystem engineering also are both our And and technology our ecosystems conducive partnership want vary a with for to so interact customers solution you and to to customer-centric kind we if for to top vision. to to those mutual place powerful why dual each going product SaaS Braze of on should that companies be the collection can engagement And be order are vision

have a that space, will our our start customer and where they so to ecosystem that the expand there today that that to over really way we can own have expect that partnership We built out. engagement technology delivers we in believe to similarly, differentiated history. in the continue work time, integrations move -- continue into partners we mutually will product over We and with is is And that the as focused we we transparent will having places -- best-of-breed interconnections think ROI. beneficial be certain

that's R&D be so way should be paying of customer-centric in do we'll evolves have view the want vertically to we implications our engagement lot our for ecosystem. investment that stay And and attention on that's to elsewhere for a how to own how done focused customer in and that And partnership our integrated. and a going strategy


turn the to for Walravens. now remarks. over Mr. I you, Bill will Thank conference closing CEO, Magnuson,

Bill Magnuson


And a to close really regular everybody, company. to you. all We're forward you of as public excited today. insightful the first-ever with joining We're today Thank they you hope of that earnings we'll close think all you, kind for thank a out. cadence going questions of call for that having into good to I continue Braze we're to to opportunity I able into. we it answer a gave with lens the and ahead our and out were us So that's that, super build looking


rest day. the call. conference Enjoy your of the concludes That

You may now disconnect your lines.