Byline Bancorp (BY)

Tony Rossi IR, Financial Profiles, Inc.
Alberto Paracchini President & CEO
Lindsay Corby CFO
Tim Hadro CCO
Nathan Race Piper Jaffray
Terry McEvoy Stephens
Michael Perito KBW
Andrew Liesch Sandler O'Neill
Brian Martin Janney
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Good morning and welcome to the Byline Bancorp, Inc.

Second Quarter 2019 Earnings Conference Call. All participants will be in listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions]. After today's presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Instructions]. [Operator event this being is note recorded. Please

like Tony Rossi would to go now to over conference the from turn ahead. I Financial Please Profiles.

Tony Rossi

us to discussion We'll page Relations be Good thanks a and slide Bancorp's Thank Presentations everyone part using the Please quarter today of website visit as joining Events our second call. Brandon. Investor Byline morning. for for of earnings you, XXXX presentation. Byline's presentation access the this morning, for and the

that you performance remind conference to of like I'd begin, respect and future we forward-looking contains the Byline risks with and this statements involves Before call condition uncertainties. Bancorp to that financial

discussed Various the any available obligation be website. statements or in materially SEC disclaims factors filings results on to made forward-looking The during forward-looking expressed Company results implied future cause could different by the from are statements. Company's the to which actual Company's are any any such call. update factors These

but intended reconciliation refer Management press to also information supplement the contains measures. on GAAP directly release GAAP today may for the non-GAAP which available The to other discussed well the as non-GAAP are the to and the quantitative comparable website as most to not of financial measures. measures be substitute

like call Alberto? Paracchini, President And to and turn with over that, CEO. I'd the to Alberto

Alberto Paracchini

all Tony. you, joining you of us appreciate quarter Good this I Thank morning call. and second welcome our earnings morning. to

quarter Tim the call in CFO you who call As give of over detail. our financial with for performance this overview usual the an over will and Credit more highlights Hadro, with our Officer. key passing Lindsay are our Corby, results start go the morning Lindsay Chief to I'll the me before and

before back for come the I with up remarks will call closing questions. opening

of the a Investor section help As comments a that morning find can the you our deck Relations website. of in our you can with this follow reminder,

number driven improvement quarter the Moving in by saw deck. margin quarter see on from We strong had in solid quarter loan a good and income growth, delivered We a efficiency non-interest positive ratio. our first of that to had key on trends the another nicely of to continued Slide areas. expand X

and also Oak see transaction. We benefits to Forest initial the Bankshares of acquisition that begun of Park have River complete our

came million $X.XX included conversion merger-related diluted Earnings share per in $XX.X at or which and expenses.

to share. Excluding diluted share, items these were per amounting $X.XX $X.XX earnings per adjusted

continue XXX adjusted basis; from returns ROA between basis XXX on Our period. income the the pre-tax basis XXX in and with last and year-ago higher basis came up was XX% XX quarter good at ROA ROTCE improve increased the points an spread points revenue year up up our points categories. than fee basis points was XX.XX% for in to from year-ago preparation from Overall balance slightly period. first XX.X%

of the from the organic X.X% increased income acquisition the reflecting interest net impact growth. and Our both quarter prior

Our margin higher income and accretion points moderated loans from that prior net interest expanded securities reflecting excluding by yields by costs offset basis the deposit quarter. XX on

the C&I up From basis. in higher CRE. offset saw and on category for the competitive remains XX.X% quarter perspective, on loans notwithstanding a good see CRE year-over-year customers in I'll provide were talent. acquire both in market The a point opportunities additional business good by We activity C&I X.XX% we to payoff growth continue this to and during remarks. and commentary the closing

points $X.X increased Deposit deposits compared the On XX $XXX.X of under the and points the prior at stood moderated by million costs in five at billion just quarter the basis first the to increasing end deposit front, quarter. our basis total quarter. from

by of and expenses. an ratio for both to With and acquisition progress respect to merger-related demonstrate to level efficiency our the adjusted average continue solid we expense reflected non-interest efficiency, assets improving as

Park quarter this River down in percentage due we ratio expense point offset an overall year. increased increase more levels by basis, the second same efficiency our of meaningfully was prior On reduction XX% in from Oak the Forest adjusted growth to the but under seven revenue. addition from Our and the primarily to than improved period quarter just from XX% in last a quarter had our previous the more

higher points Looking activity our increased lower guaranteed by XX NPLs as at asset quality, stemming we resolution the government business quarter. the from for basis quarter largely for our and experience inflows

increased XX points Net the basis basis previous allowance from stable quarter. and loan points losses at and remained charge-offs our by for lease X

With to pass that, I'd call the over to like Lindsay.

Lindsay Corby

Alberto. Thanks,

I'll and lease start the loan on Slide X review of portfolio. our with

billion the prior $X.X and leases increase in or to Our The total increase net of a were due leases $XXX total primarily million loans was quarter. at June the XX, from and acquisition. X.X% loans

$XX Our in of net. increased million came quarter. Most guaranteed approximately was portfolio the originated loan and C&I government up portfolio the our million in growth which $XX

downs portfolio this of as increased this of payoffs prior higher we million payoffs the Our $XXX versus expected $XXX.X by million acquisition quarter Overall, acquired category. $XX a in and result the at quarter. pay million saw and offset

deposits the acquisition. to million On of June billion look to this We XX, average period impact at Slide X, to our the primarily $X.X $XXX Moving and fluctuate. increased deposits. typically deposit total balances balances due to

deposits helped the average X.X% average quarter. deposits was growth $XX.X in and for organic in increase average deposit The from deposits and the annualized costs bearing quarter. Excluding by offset assumed the growth acquisition XX.X% the non-interest for the the deposits the in gathered $XX.X grew growth or DDA core or million acquisition, million

increased quarter. basis our points of basis saw the in basis an down is which this points we interest increase saw of Our XX quarter. from points total deposit prior deposits bearing from point X in the quarter basis costs down cost last XX we five Similarly, increase

X to net Slide Moving and income interest margin.

impact in as the and of net the growth million. income organic Our acquisition as portfolio. quarter loan $X.X increased well of interest This was the the our partial lease result

smaller contribution quarter accretion from a interest X in despite Our margin the increased net points X.XX% to basis income. second

from last quarter. the contributed the quarter points income XX down basis points to Accretion basis second XX margin in

accretion higher from added margin interest strong our portfolio also XX Oak to the Forest in primarily X.XX%. loans Park increased government River The net as loans was basis points which yielding higher carry growth increase Excluding as impact of yields. our well due to income, guaranteed of

accretion X.XX% The yields leases offset than yields deposits the quarter. excluding average from X.XX% more lease increased on increase The our loans to in previous and income and this quarter. improvement in loans the

million the X. million result repositioning we was prior as due second non-interest to $X.X quarter government on of $XX.X to with in of approximately from income income a million in increase our on million securities the loan quarter, sold the the Turning of $X.X quarter XX.X% sales during of by our net which Slide second $X compared some increased included on increase non-interest or a million gains investment did guaranteed in in guaranteed remainder In the primarily The loans loans the portfolio. We quarter. gain $XX.X prior sales. government

percentage more had a our last mix premium. USDA than We favorable in that quarter. loans resulted within positively loans our higher impacted of a overall This of mix sold average

which the last on Due recorded our to we servicing quarter. the assets impact non-interest approximately fair adjustment higher million prepayments income an same value $X.X fees of had our additional

expense. non-interest Moving at Slide our to let's look X,

quarter, impairment Our items increased the held-for-sale conversion core for periods second on our Adjusting and $XXX,XXX last non-interest expenses system from million $X.X expense. merger-related charge as in these an both as quarter million in asset quarter. prior included the expense in expense $X.X well

The was primary addition the from River Forest. taxes. driver by was of Park This payroll of these lower Oak personnel offset increases partially

quarter. the first we Our levels regulatory recognized in normalized assessment the following expense also credit returned to more

synergies full-quarter a are recognizing more acquisition projected of With savings being we the our from Evanston systems expense the realized. for conversion, First to see beginning

the realize us a by the Our priority Forest XXXX. remainder second position to remain track cost the savings. our half Oak year River is expectations of over the Park should which We good on of of put with in integrating efficiencies

at look X, to we'll Turning Slide asset quality. take a

and of points non-performing and assets acquisition largely from River increased total Our addition business lending the the at Park OREO due the our of to government both quarter basis points and to the loans non-performing XX basis guaranteed leases Oak coming end XX of higher prior properties assets Forest. from of

government Our June non-performing government million included million balances guaranteed of $X.X OREO as XX. and of guaranteed $X.X assets of loan balances

leases from government business. non-performing largely the guaranteed into inflow and loans was new The comprised of loans

government quarter. non-performing to ratio losses XX XX from up prior total end NPLs, points, Excluding basis the basis loans guaranteed points was of our at the

million $X.X were same level charge-offs of average leases for prior XX net basis and loan approximately quarter or the quarter. Our points as the the in

an for in factors. our was charge-offs resulted During The allowance loan primarily increase our million by three provision was increase and the quarter, in which $X.X driven covered expense loss.

acquired growth; them them portfolio; for non-impaired for government First, in second, originated renewals migration impairments we we which the into were the to and as the general of portfolio in provision reserves we unguaranteed moving unit result portion seeing higher accounting a and and of loan results our guaranteed increased of our reserve. third, loans general specific due

Specifically of acquired second included and quarter $XXX,XXX million for loans, the originated provision for loan loans. non-impaired million $X.X acquired $X.X for leases, impaired allocations and

prior quarter the portion of basis our and of of government XX%. loan increased losses for excluding was And allowance total from our the NPLs second points at Our lease end provision points quarter. XX coverage the XX leases guaranteed for and loans to basis the

acquisition acquired the accounting allowance In impacting we loan and acquisition total the portfolio. allowance addition loan and of metrics, percentage loans as traditional also analyzed the June plus adjustments and adjustments with our represented XX, for lease points conjunction At basis a our XXX the lease of to in losses leases. allowance accounting

I call the Alberto. that, would pass like back With to to

Alberto Paracchini

you, Thank Lindsay.

environment, and some to provide market previously I'd closing, changes. like with In positioning, leadership additional on of our comments the the you announced

see As acquire is and employees concerned, to the selectively far customers as to continue company. quality add to environment opportunities we new the good

employees added and in We non-revenue have revenue areas. recently both generating

We for with institution size but compete and with both to nimble and an in doing strength platform the attractive value have employees that who customers a business believe, needed marketplace. the is capital we local

allow areas. instance as during had to leadership a changes, retirement. week, month. second that goals the his the Officer both have down with end is In transitions take also to announcing continuity talent the be one place announced retiring one departures. have of Lammers smooth the when both we allowing respect would position stepping we've recently and we of Tim talent Bruce This at our for had We in place a his announced With thereby cases, executive Chief company quarter in place as for that in occur to Credit from

the of Tom's took with over leadership and our XX years government of With XXXX business. Tom has we're experience. lending leadership, Tom guaranteed been predecessor company industry since Abraham over has ranked which both in one largest Illinois fifth confident in was the of for direction of Wisconsin. half and SBA and our the the number nationally first the as business year lender

us strong joined banking Evanston as Officer succeeded as and of Credit will he Tim effective the lending XX the years where on has by July First part Owen Chief working understanding industry served in has and of than as a customer their markets officer. be base. Beacom our Chief Chicago of He Owen more XX. experience acquisition

has Byline of anticipation Credit credit in as Tim Owen joining over Deputy his eventual functions lead well-prepared Since served Chief worked to the administration to Officer coming our with closely grow we He's has as continue and retirement. years.

to and a years. to Tim I since past the before over company. and service have opportunity has one us and moment day work had his to thank the been want it's Tim leadership six the a to privilege him been to with for with take

operator, the With to like questions. call open I'd that, for


Thank you.

Instructions]. [Operator now will session. We question-and-answer the begin

Piper Our first comes Please go question with Race Nathan ahead. from Jaffray.

Nathan Race

Maybe just places. higher production start in the payoffs of the Looks up growth obviously like stepped are outlook quarter, those here. loan in from kind on

growth a production So it strong from that maybe in itself manifest seeing you're mid just perspective here I and was kind that payoff curious far terms in high-single-digit looking was loan to like XQ XQ of of in we thus also saw will what continuing?

Alberto Paracchini

Nate would the is the high-single-digit. wildcard. could range in it a mid-single-digit payoffs to that bit from mid still same a range temper Yes, high-single-digit it range call the say be of to and I What would

the of As from we particularly this see this coming payoffs saw higher don't the changing know, point. And really CRE at the we you factors there business. side well quarter

really So degree mid that's that the tempered be I and the from would would CRE to say to high-single-digits payoffs a particularly still bit, coming and book. I a say stemming would from

Nathan Race

is on going increase about then the maybe terms curious Fed maybe the NIM helps pricing the then on increase loan how perhaps loans in trajectory where should yields how in you. thoughts loan And And with just on I'm you're obviously the SBA core now of core to rate July basis? new Got cut we curious into the think overall core so putting portfolio well? today production a just XQ inflect loan yields and just as

Lindsay Corby


NIM was higher were than at expansion Nate. obviously Oak some the in So portfolio the was from rates to are of government driven and from the you does yields did primarily coming two loans that factors, there nice tend the higher. higher on ours. acquisition see for also Park; also yields And the the One stemming guaranteed fact be that their slightly

was increase that in to the this quarter that mix really it So the tended yields. drive

We assets. here environment there pressure do rate will some rate forward think on the you that with going our see floating

of with environment little NIM, a the the the bit in rates. compress here the say quarter I rate and terms long-term it's outlook in going given So the falling just second would to

that quarter the that Nate, as but the think and past the looks outlook or in take. give we So hover next have right range, the depending of on what like what we'll see do remainder is will we around X% what happens week,

Nathan Race

Okay, I to quarter. increased one in It I And just seems of that's the loan the was more. guaranteed some appreciate quarter very that, non-government increased could Lindsay. helpful. tied this private if non-accruals provision ask like

So asset portfolio SBA from seeing the just quality within curious and broadly? perhaps perspective maybe you're just the what

Alberto Paracchini


the I of in the qualify of risk to things in that they financing. SBA portfolio, a guaranteed loan that government conventional business fact think general, going route companies lending know on are don't because general it’s the we're as a for it's says you higher that a well two portfolio

higher carry that's a the will standard business. typically as loans a just that of non-performing part business So

that There particular I mean and saw granularity. resolution this things. business. I mean quarter. whole was or that any we fact probably then any two not segment higher lower would What in I that were was see say would a activity type. the we with inflows particular the coupled quarter very did coming as these bit are Nothing be a loans for good large from

an focus is sure saw your moderate timing manage making increase making the net-net and really So growth you continue control us area on is we process but time don't sure timing effectively the the essentially for sometimes certainly and the that all of we in -- and resolution NPLs. side resolution enemy an that there to

into anything credit quality book as the far any generally, see overall terms whole of rest NPLs would we the and a As of -- in portfolio I the hardly as didn't anything. solid. say inflows Anything remains in

don't know, anything if I have you Tim, add. guess else that I to So you want

Tim Hadro

opportunity I on disappointing to and been of but just outflows outflows. an the No, the and I'd I not would is only outflows of which much reinforce little is certain we level much. it's have think NPLs it's in the The anticipated a last the a going that controllable you said forward. have than quarters. And degree focus -- can to couple inflows higher the function pretty as And we inflows improve the of been that

Nathan Race

on congratulations and color the your appreciate I retirement, great. Okay, Tim.

Tim Hadro

Thank you.


Terry with ahead. Stephens. Please comes Our from next go question McEvoy

Terry McEvoy

contribute that terms some you more if wonder areas future have recent revenue. a little of you the specific Alberto, be mentioned within hires some in hiring to what bank, will additions? you some made I

Alberto Paracchini


quarter. So generation here some that would Terry bankers We've probably looking added we've and in revenue we'll make of still couple on we this I in hires have to bankers side, say the be added a incremental CRE C&I.

company. those in revenue added to of talents addition In other generating we've areas areas, the

organization have the recently. of example compliance and from such Financial Former joined other functions added that we've parts we for in So of different a and bank. General folks as MB Counsel came the He us new the

on success adding your in organization quality the selective good high but to generating the we've going the we've think specific individuals will good revenue front, on really that -- forward. to had have been But will we question -- contributions make

Terry McEvoy

kind if a the I I Then, maybe cut a would basis was on a of follow-up XX so quarter, you'd a more is basis but this my little on impact? core around we said for margin, X% be your what just Lindsay, ex-accretion of you question margin you I some the specific points question. X.XX% Nate's guess thoughts on be around hoping bit know rate get

Lindsay Corby


in million point I that income than it by offset be interest we So a XX that'll static but decrease, look a in $X net basis volume. of terms less of terms at think Terry be our it'll

necessarily net see the don't our that going of I So that. terms income interest be of in dollars to down aggregate because

we're In but deposit depend and bit terms down going do and our to it's to of sure percentage, make on the NIM We come we responding little by the offering appropriate yes, a want it pricing rates. customers and to dynamics competitive market what here doing can in that. will actual right again


next from with Michael Please Our Perito KBW. question ahead. comes go

Michael Perito

my morning. as and good Tim, luck retirement for Thanks Hey questions your good well. in taking

Alberto Paracchini

Good morning, Mike.

Michael Perito

expenses, start the and with your to on better run I that you you you number belt have and where back sense of rate closed quarter think other as still said willing July, helpful? be to moving are early the of million well. color do deal second and million Lindsay you $XX want last into year fall And was I quarter decent any hold, outlook might on the does half expense $XX in XXXX under to would offer guess maybe the I a in that the now in range a

Lindsay Corby


we're We've some think still do range I hiring. some to hiring obviously that and really done holds continuing Mike.

successful ventures that my would -- talking depending was the there in that terms about the view on in So I'd higher on new in in say of it how Alberto in we lenders. be that adventure is a end chance hiring are

Alberto Paracchini

degree on, high to quality to that mean we tacking say continue the see these bankers. good Yes, to Mike, and I I that opportunities would are

cost because investments if for those very that fact in is that, themselves than willing certainly the make payoff so future, confident to to we're will the will We Lindsay's we're do pretty, pretty that more they point so. in

Michael Perito

then about on SBA talked side, business but kind the what are we side Helpful. forward? moving on it. And the like Got Alberto pipeline looks there just of the the credit production

Alberto Paracchini

on side. Pipelines remain the SBA solid pretty

the think to of closing in pipeline we've more carried have probably but processes the a smaller what efficient a don't rather I we're I view an only slightly our carrying we're carrying it as than I is probably indication probably in activity call that continue we've improve. today commentary business think it that -- of loans and function gotten past.

carry order call of we more to So generate so that less spending therefore it can inventory production speak out in unit. to

But as does translate, that into translate future far how as how does that business. comment

I think level the year. we of here feel the with pretty level the to the we are rest of respect business, about of originations good that fundings anticipated and where for

Michael Perito

Helpful. And was a then appetite and just the lastly outlook looking on for also your M&A comment deals? for Alberto

Alberto Paracchini

that Yes, I typical been conversations think probably mean place, of takes quarter. I think terms the and I to the chatter what it was activity typical has probably similar last in

quarter, it's level effectively quarters. conversations transact be that say would those level of to of can I been gap. Chicago being the the days which and locally a has think indication sellers price a last expectations maybe announced in transactions know there's But I think of last you've coming in buyers last down price probably maybe -- where are bit. here at in couple comparable last that couple very that here between seen remained so or day I has still I willing the the some to some expectations is an


[Operator Instructions].

comes next Our Please with Sandler Liesch from go Andrew O'Neill. question ahead.

Andrew Liesch

you've to in could pricing to you curious that keep seen have had still of you've relief to that for you're the and that kind know just area and I'm what you the back going to here I growth? margin good but Chicago, dynamics what of campaigns been deposit guys start your in there's you that mean deposit guys if bringing work rates, running Chicago sort lower -- any Just

Lindsay Corby

relief seen I we've seen side, relief at competitive all. Andrew, say here the from CD on remain in seen coming has the the we've if -- some really we've Yes, it to would and where been that's market.

what keep that see we very So our marketplace rates duration here. of it's we so with repricing. we'll But advantage and dynamic low, can tend to and happens a competitive take

opportunity So happens depending the relief on there outlook from we for cost what some standpoint. a what think some that week and of next deposit is is, do

Andrew Liesch

our think let's Yes, Andrew add, quarter question would time question was asked see what last that happens. that was I I I to answer you at say I the it would and think who

the the market has think We'll see happens Fed with what coming anticipated rates; shortly. I rates down. here

think it's as and that. but think seen think I where the that -- --we're that intensity environment in competition been there's rates the reaction do that or has back environment Fed to anticipation there's the competition people overall that But the in and expectation don't has think somewhat somewhat. levels I think of competitive eased eased want remains to going of I intensity we've there's I reacting like is say I the been fact that are But an is muted some to anything I are something to that and that. lower competitive of

our well portfolio. we position managed the this quarter thought with I

quarter. flexibility I some we the we transaction while we for in managing where that with and took closing off, where and balanced good advantage received deposits the average of well still to anticipated price growth to of ease think pretty terms of that

think let's here. go I rates from see So where

the rate what what does. see does, Let's Fed the

to folks that they attention the of I the react. and view has market that in pay think as how pricing to barometer overall that will think degree an impact terms some a I then

Andrew Liesch

commentary. very helpful That's you. Got

my the many have thing and good you too on probably questions haven't You that guys the covered think questions. over we Tim years. to it's had congrats I all other retirement a ask

So thank you.

Tim Hadro

my That's I of successful call speak. have when definition to earnings not do is

Andrew Liesch

Right, Well right. congratulations.

Tim Hadro

luck and because congratulations nervous that prefer about makes I me Thank retiring. you. good

Andrew Liesch

Yes, yes.


Martin comes Janney. ahead. Please question Brian next go from with Our

Brian Martin

the today all? follow-ups. rate just, rate to with of remind to that LIBOR variable percentage any that's are tied Hey loans couple just of of where just loans Alberto percentage or kind variable a me ballpark are Lindsay your or of

Lindsay Corby


it’s the inside a in So portfolio, quarter about then rate of our for the the around it's in LIBOR It's of total little portfolio, of half, a XX%. of variable about over terms and terms LIBOR

Brian Martin

on XX%, going I the the side to indexed impact, okay. I be is cut? are earlier management on the And of and it the how if you funding to then there certain does funding that offset deposits your see question the I or Fed guess active cut, a all to just part on are guess trying rate guess just as impact

Lindsay Corby

No, it's primarily management, active Brian.

Brian Martin

the Okay. go let And you your guess, guys I see I and of landscape guess just are kind from the you're more of outs you is All today? today right. type more transaction, is M&A, given more then disruption lift the have me hiring for or I market I suggesting are -- you bank guess explain, -- to you guess seeing a point guess of it when at here are you of on I in seeing look kind whole opportunities just it

Alberto Paracchini

our think not has you changed. would I think we're I mean pursuing, I tell strategy I

the to advantage has would really of the what that Obviously to the it's good we've recent opened talented add really changed the of environment the certainly because part people opportunity terms both. some that taken of with of And up equation opportunities of to marketplace; we've seen that. answer is the hire be in think I individuals. disruption on in has

the overall same. But remains strategy the overarching

perspective, M&A from look number you I think when of targets. an at the

higher about that there's billion kind in not Chicago $X there's within to at that here are XX the then many. million really think and kind of segment of institutions end, of roughly that I target $XXX

and higher the kind of towards the from be there our numbers of in number opportunities the think been a are inception kind skews but that that's will end I and since So future. target segment the down bit the

Brian Martin

is done or ready if kind to opportunities. with M&A lastly the on would assumption perfect there business open be think guys about I Oak It's it. Park of for just Okay, now, and guess you fair were

Alberto Paracchini

that's Yes, I fair. think

Brian Martin

has would any purchase Okay. And on helpful be could you that offer if it accounting me. it commentary that's and the anything from Lindsay then just

Lindsay Corby

for In terms the of Park? purchase Oak accounting

Brian Martin

the and outlook. of No, just just aggregate in kind in general,

Lindsay Corby

Yes, outlook.

that changed outlook much. Oak really from hasn't too So additional I Community you're our what We think right, added Bank think obviously Park, that's Brian. hinting accretion I of

Brian Martin

given Yes, should lower kind trend guess of just impact. the I from it here

Lindsay Corby

you continue the will down think Correct. gave in it'll higher little in the here It to add runs Typically when beginning. I range, I a stair beginning transaction off be faster Brian. the on, the a accretion you step

there. So and from then it slows down


I'm back over the showing I would to conference like remarks. for to closing any further no management questions. turn

Alberto Paracchini

Thank you, an want for take thank certainly years Tim to Officer. know and to been look now our with moment a Chief to a over to just Tim as have privilege have forward and I opposed But the really service. these his we again Credit involved to Tim continue. continuing to of Operator. will years all It's worked advisor as to relationship

thank back morning you Byline your quarter. next again call to will thank over And to I want on call Tim and I just for the again with this pass So that that talk I'll and interest in thank and you operator, and acknowledge you. once to in that, and want to you we with the participating dialing for


Thank presentation. concluded. Thank you you. The conference is attending now for today's

now may You disconnect.