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Greg McNiff IR
Lisa King CEO
Philip Jones CFO
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Greetings and welcome to the Vinco Ventures Fourth Quarter 2021 Earnings Call. At this time all participants are in a listen only mode. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to your host Greg McNiff, Investor Relations for Vinco Ventures. Thank you, you may begin.

Greg McNiff

to results fourth conference welcome year and and financial XXXX call. morning Vinco quarter Ventures full Good I am Greg McNiff, Invesor Relations for Vinco Ventures. call and Chief the Chief on today Lisa be Also King, Executive Officer; Officer. Philip Financial Vinco's Jones, will Vinco's Today's available. archived the call website investors.vincoventures.com Investor be press earnings Vinco's on where of is our live section release will webcast at being and Relations is currently well growth the discussing forward-looking we including our our as expected will automotive and around centered be fuel today, certain expect opportunities matters statements. we performance Certain strategies and to transactions to as platform growth complete are growth, Such differ statements to materially and forward-looking risks to contained could those uncertainties the in that are subject from statements. results cause actual the SEC, the These Form XX, Report risks and ended are period XXXX. in uncertainties filed the our XX-K including on discussed on for our XX, with December XXXX Annual April filed documents that, And to to call the with I'd Lisa. like over turn

Lisa King

And fourth pleased joining thank us Good full for We're results. and XXXX quarter today. you morning. our report to year

I progress I'd a review for like organization. to of few was moments some to the the quarter, the of Before made. significant transition take XXXX a year the we've highlights discuss

of media the We company enrich grow we advertise around on with to unique on experiences endorse to strive create brands content and media lives a can endorse to company. and marketing We're international rich users. on world. broad with global and and engagement entertain, focused a platform, relationships technologies entertain to automotive media opportunities our content, believe focused robust continue entertainment into millions digital users and compelling we content the to our users As engage to move pillars, platform influencer of our We social through four and engage, enrich. and with audiences continue

at of the highlights relationships, endorse XXXX, on for closing programmatic platform leak-out opportunities shares of celebrities certain and commerce million XX acquisition Ventures automate digital advertising for restrictions. stock X, digital $XX events, on issuable January use completed buying, enabled the intelligence our that drive of through and with efforts millions are technology of of consisting for create This advertise paid and In Here with partners. a our and Honey up Vinco marketing provider analytics and AdRizer, cash pillars. celebrities with solutions partner our company of company consideration our to our us in million to influencer acquisition to brand Badger to the influencers four and - based artificial brands some promote impressions unique common coupled media of our

marketing is to two year. region, summer season called, inventors Everyday reality PBS through population events strong country The an I'll is second Inventor and will ViacomXX. expansion Next, to with entrepreneurs this production In India to moving late show. through later and in This Vinco’s market economy share is TV partnership the Viacom with the with the world. forward Challenge Challenge, banned be about partnership market market momentum a set Indian which show series, Lomotif Inventor as more continued the with engage entertain for In XXXX, in that's for audiences the largest begin The India for Lomotif. the unscripted efforts growth a content a fifth by largest producing, our Lomotif Indian and TikTok. the inspired broadcasting begins a premiere in and of the and its co-production Edisons. remains

with An worked with the next working Lomotif deal and global concluded who over promoted expected Been album content bring has Yatin India’s Gaga, Pharrell we Scouted, released You’ve sought Jackson, recent entertainment events plan actively Lomotif blended market, format users We opportunities is platform. platform. producer live cross-platform the of be to which the with broadly influencer to Michael and our engagement in March initiatives the Vinco’s several to events Kumar talent the have being We album Lomotif’s on coverage X, and live strategy. Insomniac, on around to initiative social a Okeechobee Indian is other users festivals on will example brand, the Lomotif and Music of the world. to streaming platforms. production, through shared BTS. help countries our and engaged music the media, exposure an and the entertainment to deploy of final under anticipate presented and producer stream and engage to other through with on Festival show Beyond been Arts Lady during weeks the Xre XXXX. the increase Grammy-winning The those and distribution Riley, of We've on media Teddy Lomotif top search is popular events Lomotif events,

in X.X and as the generated according top registered to spent market acquired Analytics on sites the the ad on our promoting active Google downloaded strategy the of minutes during platform, the the broke AdRizer. festival, our media Lomotif XX Apple we from first million through U.S. Lomotif Over on We three-day million generated Lomotif of U.S. XX% the effort the viewing ad millions test of five-plus festival. million AdRizer the sites. users market. to alone traffic the social the in the with live came our for validated platform in stream time the concert, average, YouTube who visitors XX hundreds streamed Of boosting believe through Store newly the X.X expand beta festival, impressions into apps

engagement in these our in of music also to or of America. Lomotif the during Las millions Carnival elevated Vegas, surprise of content guests. Lomotif streaming of arranged the was festival performances appearances of and Electric the the the Vegas Lil dance and including TikTok, At largest across views X North additional Daisy concert. and XXXX, platforms Snapchat, we effort not believe Lomotif which performances under drove Lomotif brand Lomotif for YouTube EDC in in but drive Kid views platform EDC Las the example and brand we the Nas Another electronic on The only and October hundreds resulted Lomotif Instagram, brand engagement the LAROI platform, as of

media platforms strategy of Lomotif on furthering of which our social Weekend millions Game exclusive O'Neal’s was House, the arrangement XXXX, blended stream Big implementation cross-platform distribution reach the Shaq's February our to of distribution Fun Another across brand. world, generated Insomniac with media around views Shaquille the live LomoTV in Party,

generated analytics across platforms. that #LomoStyle the and worldwide AdRizer We engagement, our user by also able increased content We million Lomotif platform Lomotif last offering be with like revenue. to coupled contest celebrity XX use the growing we'll views believe which digital engagement over generate platform capabilities, user events to brand year the our advertising Hailey for additional and with Bieber’s

on Containers. Freescape joint The joint its owns statement business some and preliminary registration crypto Form company’s venture in and launched a Cryptyde’s Ferguson provide and January developed we Also, customers and entertainment have and the its QX we involving in updates. process its new CW characters QX investing development work Lomotif spin-off ongoing ZASH's subsidiary, of projects XX initiatives, are I’ll has are Machines, CW in in planned mining loans through equity [ph] XXXX. invested operational has Cryptyde, in in connection been initial in Machines Metaverse Cryptyde’s venture XXXX. welcomed in hired SEC equipment which and [ph] expected with and of PoZASH a the company reselling investments the Cryptyde, to future through content further projects. currently the form and with XXXX, filed launched QX Vinco Lastly, with to employees media be team of the including

provide in as practicable. by updates as ZVV. our In to ZASH we're quarter. in ZASH'S with addition, interest summary, I'm negotiations soon in execution In fourth acquire further We'll encouraged

pillar us increased and interest our large endorse total Media million to of the million, company and through media increased growing to market term ZASH last industry for ZVV the focus As discuss position million stockholders’ our Phil stockholders’ $XXX four Media cap of on Entertainment, of of to had we week with in over financial of engage, growth. equity $XX and entertain, an of call acquisition $XX and million. to the turn joint continue our and Lomotif more will long to the results to equity well in end venture and I'll of And a equity approximately entertainment Partners, our will market has Global cap $XXX strategy has equity and and over growth approximately XX% Phil? total our XXXX, enrich We end with the as through our that, believe and detail.

Philip Jones

Lisa. Thank you,

the of is integrate and expertise assets entertainment believe meaningful financial to ecosystem, media, us in is will for foundations mentioned our in Lisa as of and year, first we expected your platform strategy acquisition beyond. us, enable as the quarter benefits a performance our a platform into February of of This impact way. the its are we milestone one AdRizer our As finalized AdRizer. of which digital in advertising and we significant this XXXX These monetize to Lomotif

progress in spin-off steps completed we begin to of complete Cryptyde, Cryptyde XXXX. soon life well We completed. our financing anticipate to spin-off we its currently is Secondly, company continue which proposed a in on to during as as as believe second be the the with make standalone is needed of quarter to positioned order place

Now turning results. our to XXXX

partners, media financials, our the statement, sheet, is legacy company, businesses, sold States. during balance how formed growing Vinco we in operations was ZASH To user our Vinco complex providers flow the Lomotif in began do list an entertainment with Partners to it of joint for statement United America a South media review development of a spanning transform this venture, including XX% digital from XXXX busy cash a ZVV of With easy with of technologies stake As to ZASH discontinued is which we and funded Media and you see we and Global company. XXXX, to and or Singapore we into certain Asia, assets and the content - and strategic investments, acquired based Media. as

finally certain for arrangements, and spin-off In capital convertible complex that including of addition, accounting we warrant triggered instruments, prepared multiple debt subsidiaries funding warrants into entered and requirements. our

we in ended had from very As December with instrument. of financial XX, we of we with this transformative our At which these connection process. our XXXX. XXXX, enter cash are reflect in was complexities transactions $XXX position million convertible we restricted $XXX as But XXXX, pleased results our note million the

approximately of raise outstanding of for common for December had fully if XX, could exercised company. of warrants the as $XXX funds cash approximately addition, In million of purchase XXX million the for shares we which stock,

is on our previous the to warrants accounting fourth million Similar December. and at the estimated biggest December results quarter changes warrants warrant outstanding warrants with to of full the Associated XXst. a the the fair these of quarter, end liability is balance of our treatment reported $XXX year as of the in issuance of and sheet XXXX impact value

to that exercise or of price that As in the liability eventually a due is underlying is either company's a will and non-cash this the important warrant value liability reminder, to share eliminated will as warrants. be understand change exploration the fluctuates

X.X% operations for Vinco the of of for the warrant well for income Edison remaining on transition and equipment $XXX company's due growth from initial personal Revenue the the phased decreased of by fact, which offset impact the of quarter, treatment, revenue year-over-year the product the the media protective [ph] the Nation impact have is our results, to as line warrant product was our the a entertainment company. decline we Honey After division, quarter. the to liability in lines. out. realized reflect sales a as of packaging other liability segment, a Medical continue fourth due entertainment of in - warrant Badger, immersive operations the In of for revenues of a adjusting value accounting the - in to of activity quarter decline partially basis being This fourth and our million to fair business

million, $X.X compensation $XX.X cost incurred based the which million XX operating employees related covered million, were costs Otherwise, employees of operating $XX.X quarter expenses the to of and During we stock which expenses was XX compensation. for at our Lomotif. of the only fourth

mentioned that’s In professional important this cost million the transactions and event I all Lomotif the and $X.X included costs many the legal of with addition, associated associated to with fees earlier. our marketing

relatively look our I business, structure very low we at when So cost as XXXX. with core our enter happy I'm

million, the compared recognized For of quarter, we $XX.X quarter fourth the $X.X in of income fourth income net of XXXX. net to million

loss of of As warrant created in income income the on the mentioned in million against warrants above, value of fourth the to increase of during due was XXXX. net liability $XXX net the fourth netted the issued quarter primarily a quarter, fair which, a the impact a other decrease during

we are balance. into XXXX, in Moving balance believe our and entering cash position restricted cash the highlighted sheet, a to we strong by

Our review increased which liability growth the unamortized is along related million. section working with liability $XXX filed understand convertible aforementioned our note, to encourage debt the with of on with the XX-K everyone of our for balance the SEC the warrant the Friday costs, to company's requirements of listed the company. issuance I a the sheet further impact and of finally, net capital important strongly operations, other information information, reflects to Form results, along details of

our the the results first activity. the acquired our are with quarter jumping preparation impacts past quarter partial newly warrant which of quarter reflect now of of XX-Q, the of Finally, XXXX, continuing into we along the first as quickly of are first AdRizer, we will [ph]

clearly this from continue see XX-Q to with is advertising we core monetization. an digital XXXX, after transformative plan build more user which operating show expect revenue basis, to upon company potential in creating year media multiple what to base, XXXX. a streams expanding but Vinco we expect to with content We a cost In a to moderate

reporting that, for to turn to on XXXX With So call Lisa like closing Lisa? we the are remarks. to back eagerly looking first forward our quarter I'd results.

Lisa King

and and soon the of all We updating progress We're call you our your next joining about ahead on you. to Phil, thank opportunities you, Thank forward and look us growth the Thank we you appreciate excited interest today. us on quarter. for support.


This you. concludes Thank today's conference.

this time. may you disconnect at your your Thank lines You for participation.+