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Alexander Lobo Stern Investor Relations
Dr. Milton Werner Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Frattaroli Chief Financial Officer
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Greetings, welcome to Inhibikase Therapeutics’ Fourth Quarter Full Year 2021 Financial Results. At this time, all participants are in listen only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation. [Operator Instructions] Please note this conference is being recorded. At this time I'll now turn the conference over to Alexander Lobo with Stern Investor Relations. begin. now may you Alexander,

Alexander Lobo

full Joseph Good well financial everyone year morning Financial me as filed Full XXXX a SEC. Officer Inhibikase XXXX. available are afternoon Officer. XXst, Inhibikase report inhibikase.com. Therapeutics for welcome yesterday's read Conference Call at the to issued and Executive Results Chief December XX-K With being release to for which are website We form XXXX, Milton Therapeutics encourage the annual Chief is and with Inhibikase’s The release Financial Dr. release ended Yesterday announcing Year reports press company's Werner, and Frattaroli, also on results Audio today as year and Inhibikase’s Webcast. press the full on press annual

law. over Milton? with Dr. potential webcast, required company filings or the this events by on like Xst, public looking this call covered conference be and website, revise investor I after note uncertainties and that forward date risks in circumstances undertakes by discussed being the With the due except the of to webcast certain risks to of future Please is call most Safe no will looking of would section call set reference. recent is through said, information relations may company's these are at under statements to today's In forward the the Harbor company's provisions differ archived Litigation time any business. for there addition, stated on SEC turn and Private contains to cautioned uncertainties Actual implied this this are that now Information of date only broadcast, as Participants Werner. could sec.gov. those obligation of XXXX. reflect call be of live April our Act is results to with that forth Milton the the or information conference associated as update statements The materially applicable that sensitive from Reform accurate securities the XXXX. or Securities

Dr. Milton Werner

program and welcome We've into Parkinson's advanced in important Phase year you, moved XB time. moderately for progress our transitioned Phase rapidly call. a made study volunteers for has of full significant very Thank into to period really clinic that in we us dosing short disease and mild advanced dosing in a into with disease lead XXXX company study. healthy as a patients everyone IkT-XXXXXX clinical X the from Parkinson's a Therapeutics’ to year extension our Inhibikase stage earnings Alex XXXX was

from pipeline, make early Just meeting of atrophy, well at a I of safety recently, to presented little talk but stage on, validate potential our progress believe continue In models of Spain. studies in data these as the more IKT-XXXXXX short, we have an we results advancing IkT-XXXXXX. towards later both continued to these filing. these multiple in system the as in about AD/PD bit IND results IkT-XXXPro will animal annual in Barcelona, therapeutic we of

quarter. further both second We programs in expect provide to on the updates

we our efforts, strengthen sheet to our well year last these development were of all pleased support support XXXX. to Lastly into to efforts balance

improve believe for execution as shareholders. us of these and of position on value Taken together, the year our seek the all for we that a we efforts pipeline patients to of create lives

in me lead our the IKT-XXXXXX. start highlighting Let made program by progress we've

kinase, a Tyrosine abelson clinical year you XX selective c-Abl highly As a tyrosine inhibitors or kinase non-receptor history use. is IKT-XXXXXX many know, of of inhibitor. have

and is dose this barrier the studies. to ability designed nervous toxicity been non-oncology we to toxicology Tyrosine animal to predicted inhibitors few and different generally system. in in extensive central reach regard Kinase the in cannot indications. Drugs class a -- have a cross IKT-XXXXXX However, approved Tyrosine and validated Kinase only molecule profile and therapeutic Abl in the for inhibitor a brain that have were the brain, models in have the accumulate were that features well low the blood as

are X volunteers of dose tolerability, and maximum escalation elderly study continues study Phase identify and The the in by been exposures February objective initiated study, in single safety, demonstrated evaluate healthy Our The multiple which XXXX, older in and to IKT-XXXXXX. primary PK and was has to dose pharmacokinetics high. randomized dose tolerated of very the has of setting that profile settings.

observed an the given linear have hour dose, XXX,XXX the curve under displays nanogram once greater dose There covering than or and proportionality area AUC in that daily, a milliliter example milligram blood. adverse For per or dose. up XX XXX is at confirmed in been nervous milligram measures central of in to events IKT-XXXXXX Penetration the into a day no clinically experiments XXX fluid. was subjects spinal seven single significant system across dosing by

pharmacology of fluid but dermatitis, motor eight study. be to One early forward in tolerability advanced and a were clinically and portion significant safety, is patient one measure -- study, in This adverse of evaluating Turning eight IKT-XXXXXX we are dosing in to were cannot of alpha-synuclein day case X:X plans interpreted encouraging healthy is spinal was the case enrolled from with gut spinal day Clinical and also in in the the aggregate three are short clearance sampling. two have cohort. cohort patients. to that observed, observed volunteers. events has three following case no of closely is study and Parkinson pharmacology been IKT-XXXXXX features trial One disease. levels extension in and controlled In analyzed, of pharmacokinetics motor The and now to first of headache exploratory duration paralleled the motility mild study moderately the escalation of And clinical IKT-XXXXXX as assessing which pneumonia. Cohorts disease to a just non-motor the of and presently XB the there seven with results completing non-motor Phase changes older and and look endpoints. seven patients Trends that of dosing all randomized of dose patients function dose observed. This at dosing. escalating placebo

we both together, promising Xb a Parkinson's design the to and these validate of the treatment from continue the believe X program. and and disease safety as stage IkT-XXXXXX studies modifying initiation and results of the Phase of therapeutic potential Phase Xa Taken Phase

measure safety function to trial inside yet up Looking a brain aggregates in to non-motor Phase Xa secondary blind ahead, and working exploratory with XX will symptomatic will we of not and randomized Parkinson are week leads evaluate clinical initiate tolerability be doses evaluate IkT-XXXXXX diligently for double The patients who've to will of endpoints, three of of reduction our the treatment. alpha-synuclein as study. IkT-XXXXXX doses outside need XXX diagnosed progressed study in a the Disease, or that also pathogenic the well as clearance to endpoints. as The as trial motor whether X:X

first initiate quarter We the patients the dose XXXX with expect in agreements of and subject to to FDA. second the

I review to wanted couple turn a stage Before financials, touch Joe of programs. early your to call our to I

Disease a to from This characterized are nervous therapies are to and Similar systems. disorder seek and this of pathological we neurodegenerative animal beyond National the progressing This Stroke, Multiple currently to in affects no apply of movement neurodegeneration the people Neurological grant there Institutes we Institutes As XX,XXX is alpha-synuclein receive progression of halt XXXX. evaluating or we autonomic essential broadly may that Atrophy affects of to System models Health dysfunction in and our is approved neurons. and both and US rapidly by National currently part of the work MSA. of MSA degeneration MSA Parkinson is slow that MSA cell Parkinson's, in IkT-XXXXXX learnings of rare, aggregation. lead approximately US, disease. or Disease,

c-Abl a have in MSA disease Neurobiology And animal in whether we agreement and one the we Phase of the positive in we that a of of therapeutic studies with addition equivalent previously third in the model. in may role in IkT-XXXXXX least bodies occurred are study advancement reviewed into Depending clinical Our occur Xa have in a of MSA. on therapeutic that benefit results mechanistic preclinical peer could in c-Abl potential the the benefit paper animal of to preclinical Disease, XXXX. European publication the evaluating But published of only if FDA journal subjects advance Union, will the at and quarter XXXX. models on IkT-XXXXXX see regulatory in

Finally, continuing potentially Imatinib a IkT-XXXPro, formulation are of safer, better prodrug Leukemia. Imatinib-sensitive cancers we advance for designed to we’ve stable-phase our Myeloid Mesylate, Chronic as treatment such as tolerated which

stability collecting in product, of of manufactured expect process to the the second in drug data application investigational the for XXXX. new quarter are submit and the We now

regulatory to studies pathway. the commence may the later proceed in and with Following the accordance XXX(b)(X) of we the receipt FDA, it pivotal final intend other agreements with study

Now, Chief the Officer. over let Financial me Joe? Joe turn to our call Frattaroli

Joseph Frattaroli

Milton. you, Thank

year December XX, approximately $X.X Let revenue to ended ended December me increases XXXX. XXXX to an $X.X XXXX, million the review million fiscal our year compared of Grant XX, financials XXX%. year for for for the was

Company’s not grant could clinical result the in XXXX, towards which shifted focus its During plans, advancing Phase trial was X revenue.

non-grant due increase from the our the of compared an $XX.X $X follow-on end significant trials. clinical clinical Research XX, million The XXXX were for X.X increase was ended ‘XX as to were for June, research development human in XXXX, an addition XXXX, XXXX, grant up in trial ramped and utilizing related research activities. to we our year December conducted During resources related additional primarily our increase million year able we X,XXX%. million focus to to approximately fiscal from ongoing capital at our offering, activities on the expenses

over year million as ended period public grant at same 'XX approximately for due Selling, XXXX, administrative was public during our administrative operating the X.X with primarily general Our million increase during XX, fiscal for compared XXXX, December ordinary by XXXX X.X initial of the XXX%. costs activities million approximately expenses our increased year related first the research and after to X.X increase December of general XXXX prior also were The fiscal & full offering. to an company incurred a significant year.

XX, share, reported or of million, or year December approximately per approximately $XX.X for loss XXXX. loss ended million $X.X compared a to share the per a we net XXXX, $X.XX net of full year the For $X.XX

concludes to over Inhibikase of in fund XX, XXXX, operations December the like had quarter closing That hand remarks. financial will be cash XXXX. for of statements. As call runway to I'd sufficient anticipates to its XX.X million The back cash. the Milton approximately third our into company

Dr. Milton Werner

work I'd we doing of such from by an lives have that devastating Parkinson's. conclude we and that patients improve the significantly to very diseases like by opportunity are as we're to excited neurodegenerative believe saying the suffering

preclinical year a ahead, recently investor KOL virtual April to updates all and across IkT-XXXXXX event, about our look would throughout forward and their upcoming As look year. on we intend of We'd presented the will continued at share our and which the and for XX. of development and XXXX like strategy including data place execution open to I our our now study for Phase you We clinical like providing view programs pipeline support, we partners questions. shareholders the to Operator? as more Xa take thank call the and to