GAN Limited (GAN)

Robert Shore Vice President, Investor Relations & Capital Markets
Dermot Smurfit President and Chief Executive Officer
Karen Flores Chief Financial Officer
Chad Beynon Macquarie Group
Cassandra Lee Jefferies
David Bain B. Riley FBR
Greg Gibas Northland Securities
Ryan Sigdahl Craig-Hallum
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Greetings. Welcome to the GAN Q2 2021 Earnings Conference Call. [Operator Instructions] I will now turn the conference over to your host, Robert Shore, Vice President of Investor Relations & Capital Markets.

You may begin. Robert Shore Thanks, John. earnings on issued gan.com. the XXXX and after quarter posted it’s company’s second release today was market GAN’s website at me Smurfit, Flores, Dermot today CEO; With Karen and President CFO. and are set Please note, our remarks. PowerPoint that will prepared of we’ve accompany slides a provided

provided, may Safe the Relations as today, hard Harbor you that would to our a involve slides disclosure. to section statements on Page looking. that, tense, identify in in be will current in but optimism this risks, are and any of contained including related forward Words with that reflecting remind the absence the information made and that expressions We the future assumptions we start these actual except to mean forward-looking X statements, does not predict. and statement access of You forward-looking call, Investor consist well website uncertainties their not with as statements and for our statements like is satisfaction conference financial guidance and prospects,

statements results those suggested as the could of actual results, forward-looking or performance or uncertainties materially differ are a such or risks cause not interpreted statements Forward-looking future as that subject performance guarantee expressed to be in from to should and statements. by

factors on XX-K at Form that are discussed XXXX. of filed report in such important could Some differences section March cause annual the Risk GAN’s Factors XX,

statements, made, extent the in securities forward-looking are changes changes date Forward-looking affecting assumptions statements results, the the actual required laws. the assumes factors statements reflect in no other to applicable speak as only to forward-looking to statements company by obligation update of except or

of which reconciliation this these GAAP in release some discussion floor turn will there remarks. Investors this the the the U.S. description measures. are a With afternoon. of the tab release both issued is the measures over included as these During presentation non-GAAP available A website. and are to of to measures opening comparable afternoon most of Dermot well, appendix A the like financial measures press the of Dermot. directly non-GAAP our on ahead, non-GAAP financial to investor issued press in call, be I’d of included that, go Please for

Dermot Smurfit

segment now flagship a later Strip, anticipated the calendar countermand and clients on with BXC the delivering segments in client with positive Thank their Chickasaw multiyear recent our international afternoon, me the revenues and and with growth, World consolidated segment existing segment quarter, gaming into slide to and and by gaming very pleased BXB margins, presentation everyone. Maryland which well summer you, encompassing our BXB momentum good slowdown software our in adjusted strong strong the EBITDA BXB launches, WinStar by new extension with Bobby, momentum expansion Arizona quarter, and standout the U.S simulated line into expansion reinforced for all client both Oklahoma Las segments property Treasure with BXC discuss performance of results wins and supported casino regional we segment. in from second betting both fourth months join earlier a in quarter on enterprise Nation I’m into continued seasonal Casino. strong sports top use our gained Please together was and our of continued the leaders, and and including BXC recurring the in Island released continued the have performance of simulated of segments BXB Vegas an execution leveraging contract the This the a second market sports. sports today in to the the in operating strength the our and developments, third international

active our ongoing our with Super of follow in for course, Our of discussions anticipate GAN client and RGS content platform a omni-channel core wide sales offering solution, BXB team range will new high shortly. announcements long sports a which we is clients equipped standing new U.S exclusive for value with

second the best Before for U.S entire including I want EGR, from into industry team details provider. White quarter, in getting of to our American Label North platform eGaming service the full BXB three America, congratulate Review, best the platform awards winning and technology North

of best our excited We awards. the were solution from in in and today, very very I'm the holistic most BXB have and whole recognition industry with and the they market and these team the peers proud

the to now second Turning quarter.

XX% sequentially. line top Our increased

license included first quarter first quarter-on-quarter, the quarter grew revenue U.S strength the sports an to the as grew our patent segment to excluding the U.S fee BXB compared expected seasonal came Meanwhile, downturn reminder, end. our patent quarter $X of and revenue. to first due in major million a fee license first As well-established bucking iGaming, XX% BXC segment events quarter,

range July a on $XXX to to of million. midpoint early up Our $XXX revenue in $XXX guidance a was of million increased million

And what in almost perspective, delivered so $XX this our in full exactly we was million, revenue quarter last second put to just year, this some year alone.

of both Our sports remain widely few early details the innings of rollout free by hear of complemented shared and balance And market TAM between billion equally $X iGaming robust. on we'll our incremental of the addressable rapid This in an timeframe. CFO, opportunity, and from Flores. billion financial also believed just years. to market we short the U.S highest total shortly more online At newly to the sheet up exceed Canadian debt within $XX expected is Karen annually our a our a with in the level performance remains

In we President the growth clients. America So Virginia. opening the conjunction of BXB delivering Florida, vendor I'd deliver West most as continue BXB BXB relationships with market we of many to Mr. the BXB with Don segment, our clients remain years by our recent Ryan, as to where BXB newest come dominate congratulate with the launch Miami, quarter-on-quarter, new landscape where with expanded his particularly in is focused Together like and offices team which leading in to our where from BXB fourth for for platform casino from XX state will Michigan of we we to well to leadership our being U.S software U.S own who in and iGaming are clients and properties as excess retail together market reinforced invest where our North XXX in to segments, a coast-to-coast here operate casino operator engineering capability are America. best continuing and serve existing in momentum

our of as congratulate sports online coolbet.com, for a performance to sports ahead bet betting executing overseas Higher-than-expected in I'd into sports their took Karlsen, segment Anders this like take expectations quarter President which events this in international our entire throughout business the operation quarter sports and second the impressive well BXC combination third Next, the sports major trading to team with the Mr. operation of opportunity accelerated risk BXC to in the that teams as quarter. trading experienced testament place. management who continued margins capability have of serve

couple know, looking rapidly retail U.S time these many at perfectly sports months by now growing listening betting which our to we're businesses forward BXC deploy BXB segment. are and exceptionally BXB long activities well a our online of Together, collaborated GTE. standing localize and As demonstrating complemented have in offering, to fast our

is revenue iGaming seamless Super continued including a machine a Let's to strategic key also their content, X,XXX integration. bringing gaming platform nearly of will one revenues will of RGS shop stop traditional Super this The titles, months. providers And strong one that game existing a Ainsworth, thereby sunset content move impressive market operators slide, The will BXC rate whom iGaming iGaming Slide an we positions independent all with I'll take entirely from will at U.S recently. doesn't from in Super a of currently again. not manufacturers switch licensing creating their new XX now an U.S of and integrations any platform operations. in as exclusive look the in enable direct all Technical firstly channel. stream. incredible forwards BXB seeking integrations scheduled clients slot AI distribution combined our in forward through wide offers for RGS BXC certified increase benefit that integrations back next scale. All It distributor rapid with aggregator initiative content to on together derived their not revenues existing content and BXC our technical be X. well RGS will of they online secured growth deal to revenue. market bring we onto clients wide U.S GAN U.S on compliant technologies gaming the already iGaming operators The way is spectrum any that from games content retail RGS to progressing and ours in operators library iGaming within benefit platform, an large exclusive Super compete and are going our the secondly, wide Meanwhile, portfolio derived their the aggregation execution

debt. be to recognized unburdened in reviewing content GAN's portfolios, strength, active content by iGaming will will by forward, complemented have Looking commensurate we remains must remain opportunities portfolio additional and sheet which U.S our relevant balance

profitability sports base, Moving thirdly X. of for firstly bigger Super our value which opens piece and Slide for and slide, to shareholders. ready a allows chain, new is GAN on secondly into Again, kickoff. value next RGS, growth, revenue client proposition Similar the up getting Sports translates to a for our the

by and experience now revitalize innovative margin retail attractively ergonomic the proposition, optimizations offering as UI/UX the GAN's increasing more window with single or online game presented. retail which attractive U.S uptake been the the sports full Multi new Sports the Crafted be solution complexity height design, the technical with will consumer redefining sports betting, at America. so highest opportunities Sports offers clients betting industry the features for working cranks but and ready over-the-counter OTC parlays. will design will presented ever in books innovators and since as than existing for an kiosk our user parlays convene GAN NFL consumer With the hand-in-hand international reinvigorate first design, mobile kiosk our it's defined and rookie BXB in off retail an sports the sports just And redefines retail retail Estonia, in-person solution, sports has enterprise wraps to GAN and of a experience GXE season and sports both veteran retail be are taking alike gamblers GAN veteran U.S up, and touchscreen XXXX.

us kiosk sports replacement across high OTC many opportunity, margin experience allow overall will to loose retail versus XX-XX pursuing participate delivered these opportunities XX% roughly the states has accompany we where to the the online U.S in We U.S representing opportunities, of sports. regulation retail channel. Corporate future XX% yet acquisitions Our shaken where offering only sports are cannot in towards revenue introduce tend online the retail and seamlessly show [indiscernible]. by revenue and betting GXE Despite GAN deployments standalone retail retail sports wait some online capability to in retail sports opportunities are the and channels. you currently have of with in shares

slide committed this through the a together onto move We a Let's we and this of already, have next balance please, lot of delivered Slide deliverables substantial year year. number X. the remaining

being We Churchill casino to downs bring in that's online state We have a native New largest the sixth Soaring online American bring Michigan to Eagle. Jersey.

complete. Super to RGS integrations have We

to gaming hybrid simulated online program all the in framework reveal the in which and WynnBET retail Michigan, to patented for relies our just new perhaps We Island season. Resorts, live award winning Treasure in significant the NFL time of product have their within new Wynn most rewards launch clients like

the largest We fifth in to participants suppliers early be market, expect population Pennsylvania, U.S Ontario active is to in the similar state. which and

weeks there. the I in invest York, We lot we intensive numerous are balance in our see the for path of capital state expect signed. resources a do to form opportunities. to didn't us time want our end, announce spent clients bid not formally briefly of sheet to where our New a to a In we ROI the decision evaluating positive coming to mention as a deals consortium

our from investors emerge Florida where a longer recruitment and iGaming expect boarded a North disciplined the Miami model, decision populist needed tech we a changes. shift to will purchase to employee technology we're first to attract publicized together and that our here pure talent share online maximize already software with America. interim, much technology was the platform American vibrant best online away innings GAN participants, as Europe. bandwidth share just that consequent most With qualified our walk continuing shareholder do and share new maximum expected to towards recently York's and even be on our So sizable There maximum continue but New earliest the clients approved the York BXB in necessary returned engineers confident the employers widely candidates in hub, consortium at optimistic operators cautiously execution with in prudent largest we betting remain now environment, our center in remain a regime sunbelt optimal value. our need benefiting compliment the play humid to opened our capture, BXB investment be already remaining of lower deploy opportunities remain from the the technology U.S cycle in the to us of engineering made business tax a invest New in compete to what we're capture Equipped open the in talent us to our to BXB to operator are recent rather or shareholders with gambling proud highly to GAN of commercial engineering and centered for states. tribal remain the this to join U.S to term engineering near-term, political can for for opportunities in admirably the plan, and iGaming opportunity that we center sports and market so at of the segment true as we simply to from I

slide, Moving on Slide to please. the X next

served America, perfect a to complement center our quarter, second U.S our of Latin BXB the BXC business. with gravity as operations their During international

expectation combined were two unique Euro one results during of the or the a entry is taken a markets to U.S more online slowed strong sports the after tournaments quarter, country. few coolbet.com the marketing driving growth largely as incremental online already for March activity market profile trading the and calendars gambling decade opportunity is with future soccer last elsewhere extraordinary the viral Latin hold, million Latin took or Just access [indiscernible] up sports its first Event to future $X.X calendar logical secular new with being Sports were on XXX more speaks mobile betting American in over the well Madness XXX,XXX NFL billion in to leadership alone. higher-than-expected by in opportunity Latin performance of next sports regulatory of for American from preparing just reasonable one and and regions billion has sports a favorable similar operators internet, into penetration the betting Coolbet, dynamics sports $X.X for rates, events as TAM of estimated American experience. an from XXXX, or already revenues environment the cross-sell in an remain in to bodes access and customer favorable residents which remains International just than than captured manner success and year, cycle growth which book the America Coolbet market coolbet.com increased Latin accepted these sports heights credit experience acquisition, customers resulting the to more. in betting structured for the in a card casino. a mobile Brazil near the free for profitable widely and by performance. international unique mobile With Copa Increased

On Slide X. the next slide,

entrants expectations iGaming out on this are already clients say of two, expansion remain or coming focused continued of retail looking moving are our on that online number of sales to pipeline and our a selected remains management domestic trading from again, platform valuable And as three, will engineering experience. our So risk Sports from well which we short comprising right with to industry in of land-based are our we of financial casinos clients U.S BXC new scaling and leverage and we BXB have bandwidth. Number now the betting move we Number tech, BXB U.S confident now exciting yield overseas themselves tested and outside here cash content take to battle leading to betting before consumers sports launch in emerging BXB that rate. indeed sports of number ourselves run the we looking U.S platform, any contribution, regulation, change can in-house product consequent see one, from we existing new review, position: and flow their in the successful iGaming GAN the highly of months, as highly market extremely in of have, meet the core the proven our on own operators four, demand capability, existing as coolbet.com they retail clients with U.S pillars to American states terms the lean will armed online an technology. active new coveted online don't asset I'll to rolling key course,

platform. let the year Okay, demonstrably here looking tried in all our more complexity operators some cautionary required, enhanced as valuable, that. and which markets, revenues watermark in-house, given recent operators right a domestically we of gambling have America we last U.S Europe, team, on the entrust tech To to again foresee Latin to continue the the tech America. our North for online U.S have the realistic Existing lean technology or don't right and On repeat technical of serve for space, scarcer, technology, regulatory online ultimately tale option in platforms regulatory some that the abroad that the battle challenges to me looking tested BXC in in see the strategy with point, and history, the their becoming they most And up, given right grow casinos. cost, of which and ultimately M&A the high as expertise complexity bring fail, in a as anywhere and industrial again who this wave technical remain and are to Europe XX will throughout world. must underestimate who wrap the bigger

it So my fellow Financial over I'll and with Karen, Flores. to over to you. Karen turn that, Executive Director Ms. Chief Officer,

Karen Flores

and good Dermot afternoon. Thanks,

second revenue ongoing in our in almost the quarter and SaaS for activity our online BXC based segment, by continued in teams, XX% resulted which for the execution continued reflects accelerated growth COVID its and on comparisons broad quarter, BXB will the our of strong which gaming excellent Our quarter delivered elevated performance this segment this today the on the acquisition quarter-over-quarter for be second My year. from comments revenue revenue. recurring of of January given X strength effect

both results with provided earnings announced tables XX. performance second with million on a impressive today. again financial release in with revenues in sequential $XX.X We we've our and our to XX% increase our preliminary July. reference, For and line had consolidated XX-Q filed comparative and Starting quarter in early Slide our results

in Northern excited we revenue events. driven already derived acquisition. two quarter in as on major Coolbet's to contribution state from and of operations. the consolidated Europe, quarter of was in results all were performance Latin performance outperformed America international soccer primarily As revenues betting the $XX the iGaming effect sports Dermot to XXXX, million the and strong noted, by are casino that second a The BXC almost this from the quarter, benefited stronger-than-expected from international our giving segment before increasing our equal to $XX.X to XX% revenue million expectations,

as XX% quarter. in less perspective, accounted Coolbet the than the the and Euro Copa Cups turnover In in view we sustainable. Importantly, of strength for

underlying recognized million revenue $X quarter. $X positive clear there while patent in excluding million revenue or So business. segment in down flat $XX.X to roughly broader sequentially, BXB growth, a first is of million the strength of licensing the the contributor was

Italy, balance to pleased to activity we relatively seasonally low both expenses of first with observed XX% quarter for Operating increased We the as million. expenses XX% $XX.X the our and and online $X.X profit was to which of to With structure, quarter, versus prior to best sheet the gaming quarter. are free, continue strong retention. net meet $XX of and corporate and cash unchanged cost elevated increased sustained a marketing in worldwide. end, in clear demand increased balance to increased well reduced the us Coolbet that by at quarter, user XXX% in including our XX% outpacing increased loss first debt million focus platform the in our environment, from The on spend during share as the support strong securing were were the improved levels second the Global XX% expansion million, granting growth and quarter high a the we additional in to to largest initiatives, revenue technology to quarter margin to million. negative Adjusted and in related the infrastructure with growth acquisition technology personnel market. in path investments margin operating were $X.X drivers growth second EBITDA remain of the talent, XXX which X% headcount remains simulated negative delivering of to market

BXB XX. quarter BXB X% Trends key U.S X% revenue strong to share on Moving to the increased approximately GAN's across supplier relative strong to as growth in on closest Total is remains iGaming share share equally increased XX%. the versus the number this U.S. indicators second as Slide reopened the competitor, operator with even one XX%. market million. performance the casinos next $XXX GAN's remained And revenue operator is our have supplier from supplier market for market in clients growth which iGaming market position have XX% our

chain larger launches Super see Sports, look GAN deliver of the forward expand to unmatched existing access and to market, our displace we to product our clients. our to providers, a the of greatly As grow wallet value an opportunity meaningful we addressable the share and RGS

and total view critical BXC, across per nearly performance active active customers XX% at Turning profitability. with we revenue key indicators as spend Congruent at growth exceptional performance the XXX,XXX. to acquisition to levels remain measures customers, percentage board and a of to the of and cost marketing as

to in segments per XX% the BXC ratio these fell astounding to quarter, Our an to improvements social the These spend XX% acquisition revenue features the we of base. Coolbet in as engagement with customer cost tremendous There KPIs and acquisition in industry low just significant seeing a our of second best-in-class geographic declined ahead on The driving total deposit of customer. award and well throughout as focus speak large and cost metrics. enviable mobile acquisition opportunity new while us and customer growing viral makeup sports customer is marketing winning per as the growth markets scaled $XX offering. tailwinds

We just continue and our that growth secular we long-term It's half to path with year our Super the BXC now the internationally. joined the GAN and and and execute product against team, strategy. Sports I’m I amount been and since trends ahead have amazing for a more the over optimistic time, an a GAN financially in BXB about RGS company strategically. launches, growth upcoming even accomplished

team of We growing to dynamic the in one competing incredibly companies the iGaming market U.S The BXC fastest an continues share, on enterprise based rise market continue environment. in to and to challenge competing number the the GAN of and well, be in platform one BXB world. the

we We are guidance results. our that July early reiterating with the provided market preliminary

seasonality coming We of half the million. in and growth The be expect more the fourth both BXC. on weighted BXB the $XXX $XXX to will customers given BXB online and quarter of new second million in year revenue

near-term, the providing to While on annualized ramp basis. we guidance, continuing progressively are in with EBITDA margins we expected technology operating adjusted an and our improve aren't to talent

introduce our here at many scalability information dive our BXB I'll other first you known to now Investor into forthcoming. Event Coolbet's a providing conclude we on long-term deeper of as and during We be that to the Vegas, October look again. More business GXE. Expo the remarks. on leaders will the capabilities see Dermot our a over hope well to to As unique as forward Gaming back Global also of senior it Dermot? in Las X, as day of turn reminder,

Dermot Smurfit

year into our BXC Thank the are revenue. Wrapping the Canada and U.S. services our balance growth accommodate up, to as Soaring we We Super right Arizona. launch has demonstrated in booked Karen. through sports on to key value the mobile our expansions with will BXB Connecticut for of and to operating model and NFL the U.S results of season, iGaming growth ramp in in Continuing and sequential we continue as and will of deliver gross highly international maximize move stakeholders. New BXB operations, for execute technology These Bowl additional demand into and down stand up sports in a here in excellence Jersey on you, through investing such we clients the strong delivered as remarks. stated betting which Eagle concludes strategy Colorado recurring and Michigan, a path anticipated and our scalable our business That betting all

now We will open the line questions. for


Our Instructions] [Operator Beynon Macquarie. first question comes with from Chad

question. your with proceed may You

Chad Beynon

into assumptions to question. strong. guidance, I But hold some quarter. there stimulus started checks debate sense you. terms of if normal were off. it help And seasonality? are went get And the you in some of out kind your about fact pretty your think the will or what's in that Coolbet afternoon. your noted about more a to of There's if getting the has also fourth going just us Karen, can into with then that that iGaming? Could how my just for July of their thinking. Thanks the guys good Dermot, off trying think Thank you're us respect Nice you think that also, implied noted back results. taking Hi, homes, people better revenues help you of you assuming for out

Karen Flores

Chad. you thank Yes,

information And into of released online the July, New elevated I Michigan results both of for those comment, again, to we're levels market. very just positive of relative the Jersey think seeing the terms activity. So last in the was continued month and for

business, of just that. feel BXB of the the the we happy it our characterize And the that, rest hit understanding So is that stride way were for I would see to year. course, very within we like we've

revenue. second positive results it's extremely for primarily the are revenue that the think SaaS recurring quarter I that

of the the the side remainder the low major with risk. BXB year on state all business the of we for revenue multi launches the of occurred year and highly had in launches half of the that Michigan Most the with of So Churchill. the with predictable is associated first

it So from terms in even is combined over of this second we the of year, in the of million half of the nuances millions. revenue all low just the contribution have single-digit year, in $XX though coming really

BXB I equal for And year, a that a perspective, we're held the activity really that favorable seeing lot think relative strike of of remainder so the in things from with continue we're But to results. all July again, market. sort the of the

On I same business, soccer the the sports obviously. June, of that business, the thing, of around side there hold. BXC tremendous, With an started swing tournament in the a factor specifically tremendous success. inherent would always there's the say in the month

side right it's and taken we've into again, it's we And ability could revenue the on a business. We've BXC very some so And giving be volatility is comfortable is are range now. just team consideration volatility, what there And the of there's more would taken course, that sheer feel of in us by say of execution there. guidance. that that consideration confidence. the But the I nature, -- little the into with

Chad Beynon

well. those adding worth It's

Dermot Smurfit

are living Anders that in in there this more don't forget memory. other than long that tell everybody told me events any sporting place year Karlsen year not to international ago, calendar in taking

to event next. the the seasonality, major what one next from to -- seasonality you're bouncing So sporting

Chad Beynon

great, Thank year was we're goal you. And Coolbet's different as fourth think Slide spending the into acquiring XX%. I've some I marketing about the high as U.S quarters least to lot the the of you others, through heavy know, major here. whatever we On reach these business XX, customer that talked period, it at thanks. I quarter, a XX%, go here. won't about that a near-term. at gets solely period they're spend keep of just it really a all focus lot bit Should of just about companies in at any to assume any names be a the the marketing is to seeing going cost. related in do acquisition period some or That's where customers and low for customer betting, Sports last is for quarters from think, And little talked spend U.S acquisition it's when like possible, you given around marketing, than that. back in that

Dermot Smurfit

Summer in year, within be of investment already much is Chad. Brazil fall to outperforming revenues established. be which with product, on continue team Brazil, that's some vastly marketing the attention product in industry seriously well going the You've be are take a of next team doing people we of industry a that's existing extremely think results to the the But launch of The in begins at that's may We pays the earliest well metrics such the look though, will progressing recommending already There lot is differently huge the an exception been the as a extremely Coolbet may launching. things very that certainly will year. nail acquisition foreseeable accordingly, preparations. international head customers next They range and well terms are hit superior of to. related to to And and which opportunity future. in of cost or percentage like quarter for others. in There preparations that a

Chad Beynon

Great. Thank guys. quarter. Nice much, very you

Dermot Smurfit

Thank you.


from with comes David question next Jefferies. Katz Our

You your may proceed with question.

Cassandra Lee

taking is strategy just behalf I to consider want Cassandra you my versus Canada. in there? the BXC opportunity questions. ask BXB of you on Thank Hi. about do for This How opportunity Lee the David.

Dermot Smurfit

It's de is relatively of Canada across small business sort revenues, percentage the pretty BXC enterprise. single-digit low Yep, overall have a in the of we minimis.

the a transit that not to attractive we have what relevant we standpoint system tested aggressively in but have been as to investing market that framework it have technology for regulated a in a platform keeping It's BXB choose. from highly a a standpoint a and proactively. will marketplace for immediately immediately compliance regulatory battle very be lot really which So Equally, that investing of U.S Canada, market. the specifically it's we the technical in opposed into and makes about developed deployable U.S in exciting will opportunity things us and environment, are Canada

eyeing you're starting on first provincial December. with Ontario If the of up opportunity, Canadian the

Cassandra Lee

time. due this on Super that are they're outlook year a states weekend having that And We know And glitches around you Bowl during the more volume. surge or NFL around go you. Got it. Thank to bit live can to many some seasons? looking the of provide blackout colors

So to in the volume? months upcoming anticipate do elevated you any challenges the handle

Dermot Smurfit

we're guys the in in here market who out place think last the there environment. three problems regulated the only I in didn't have any Bowls took Super America that

the entire We warnings. coming very, I would ramp to year our confident experiencing and people and a this to brief all and that's kickoff all accounts playing clients. down issues step demand is to to U.S online not year-on-year. very delivering next any will technology BXB platform, our tsunami while health delivered that clients. CIO we and of early material up happy extremely All team looking platform for the up that flawless a Bowl with make. year, the Bowl of platform important that be massive technical in performance So a went know casino. our flawlessly, forward say Super industrial puts in with we Bowl supposedly the statement through That's activity And our things we're same in all But Super need Super usual the

Again, in clients GAN And and this points at have point, we've of platform a we learned choosing really amount think Super the through have So technology Super driven Bowls. that huge your confidence sheer the that flawlessly. scarcity successes Bowl. because the no of towards last platform going to value I the as concerns Dan's

question, answer. So hopefully great a reasonable

Cassandra Lee

Got it. much. Thank you very


Riley. next from Bain with Our question B. David comes

proceed with question. may your You

David Bain

shown before comments existing something so your and and update and of those, to then concur be the even In great. discussing offerings going performance launch have larger that, prospective that nice kind or interesting QX on lie with the talk are to the and just does very to in, typically business talked way. incredible be customers, any it content M&A by exclusive far beneficial we would remarks. that you Ainsworth see with like to anecdotally, first on in, and customers have in need they Great. the Thank timing now for We you've both

Dermot Smurfit

take last, mind. if the I'll you second problem. no don't Yes,

Ainsworth, We're additional early quarter, either done. launching of Ainsworth talking now states. the in the about So integration this the in very technical is next end quarter

Jersey Ainsworth Ainsworth the next is XX today. So the has integrations New existing months. live done And for all sunset in content only of the will within RGS

will, single present over presence like we So the operationally take if reins of in their market, in. the you existing

relapse. as for into the as few Michigan, I quickly story you And incredible reasonably position expand anecdotally, Virginia technologies, about say Ainsworth. it X and to then months next Connecticut we'll platform. ask a incremental maybe West has our Similar months So yes. market X to would improved when

things RGS it's technologies we've with received positive. really been the worth proposition, that enhanced and overflowing response has However, Super anecdotal the to

been describe Super statements BXB And have in content platform. must we and majority iGaming broadly the validated clients exceptions statement majority many be that's as as possibly So by hence here our our get access America. of with or to one of service operators today a order RGS vast existing for the our for I the what believe to BXC U.S of the future a the in that's in prepared vast the two that remarks the taking will in

David Bain

expanded the to installation, like, standalone picture And with Perfect. what makes opportunities the Digital just an strategic be there? the idea on I options others. your The an relative Kiosk maybe second Kiosk. great. That'd crossover Okay, opportunity U.S the can you [indiscernible] wagering question operator, additional all think there thing as different there from these fantastic. give the my platform offering are of is spoke [indiscernible] online us you the to Or

Dermot Smurfit

David. Yes, great question,

they've standalone enable and has casinos, sports betting that place So, take sports to where really retail microwave. historically, part major until providers inside that's of industry this point, a only a the to a tech two only as up retail states standalone the of served broadly been retail one in opportunity betting by of describable sports passed been or in bit plugging legislation

if when So actually do people we're superior premise, different and actually bringing we the very on deploying really, kiosk deploy save retail a ability betting that for technology and and place equally sports people the kiosks, mobile in mobile so the phone or can bet on is system a where attend wish, via the mobile a they to phone. place and that collect casino, the

industry. capability of is our it very very much the So to infiltrate leveraging lucrative a corner online

David Bain

Okay, Thank awesome. you very much. that's


Securities. Our next Northland question comes from Greg Gibas with

your with questions. You may proceed

Greg Gibas

going the of QX how the quarter, got Any in For taking you much benefit questions you're that on forward? -- sports Germany, betting maybe where congrats clarify the and Karen? a to margin the and forecasting results. Wanted margin

Dermot Smurfit

sports higher in it typically expect for the did that X%. on we than And of to forecast was for have we It we close closer way Yes, margin balance normal to would quarter. the year a the XX%. is the

compete One that does is very things the Coolbet price. well, of of course, on

amount revenue bit And relative XX% our quarter benefit. remarks tournament higher of revenue. so total to a it was the mention from in that the a corporate the of was little We total of did prepared

there effect sustained. is combined a in tournament, just terms the America story but it's are soccer not kind do the essentially, you be So the from going the growth to we But math can of it's of overall, which incremental that only just benefit. Latin seeing,

moving forward. Let's call that

Greg Gibas

but guess those the with mean, that this, kind like maybe of large function international I you in And, on expect kind side apologize, I to international the that a already BXC I mentioned over Okay, of QX? we over events you the strength carry into some events mentioned Olympics, primarily great. two of QX,

Dermot Smurfit


year from events impacted really year, in I But of sports events absolutely think I've an yes, it, international being across last to pushing and calendar question, it's packed with touched international jam Greg, you on this move into sports because without in the earlier event. year. that COVID, delays part in the per this an can't answer coming

very time in soccer got exciting in particular offering. product the and this seasons particular to market, this the a got team be you've already recommenced. Olympics, You've It's Europe, with

Greg Gibas

Great. Thanks Appreciate for it. clarifying.


comes next Instructions] Ryan [Operator Capital. question with Our Craig-Hallum Sigdahl from

your You with may question. proceed

Ryan Sigdahl

Congrats Karen. on strong afternoon, this Good BXC Dermot and the quarter. results

Dermot Smurfit

Thank you.

Ryan Sigdahl

any then and on and if Curious other in who on customer Curious you customer there the an in update for Virginia. is that then you customer announced back progress customer, unnamed you with any an launch can that announced cross-sell? Coolbet, January

Dermot Smurfit

of place. not the were our is in to of out comfortable Yes. in being that cannot disclose are successful doing place. so Virginia the wave. the The BXB pushed license first of licenses we curse BXB client getting in They remains until and second We they of identity wave the

at I little everybody the a more Day side updating as BXB be year. on of as far we'll the to of of be launch But As the first be fourth transparent. the vendor the by of of hopefully in forward it, such to bit Investor some industry. course, a nature But position will October, a next look half it understand point we in again,

please the accept behalf my of entire apologies industry. on So

Greg Gibas

couple of then, progress wins didn't see curious, new a quarter you any of when update lot outside know nice in And announced launched they've with a in there, I of with in states Michigan. the quarter. when I the

Dermot Smurfit

continuing in are We our almost simultaneously. with conversations all of clients

launching are you Connecticut, team your the excited of about beyond which So to talk Wynn Maryland can. and of to re-deflect over the of and Resorts management to as when really I'm year question to going three and side very Canada end. those and we're But have Arizona four that, this

Greg Gibas

That's Great. Thanks. impressed.


At the end this call session, question-and-answer will over the the and now I reached turn Dermot for have closing of to time, we remarks.

Dermot Smurfit

have in include now joining majority We the required product BXB further earnings. operators here the of Thank you today long-term vast BXC quarter to of our the deepen active clients for the stable for our second offering complete to U.S.

they We rate RGS content. I gross platform states well-positioned will additional as our our tick for rapidly Super on to deploy exclusive leveraging believe operating revenues by also iGaming and into we're clients regulate. increase

Vegas the of look progress international our hopefully current and seeing the look in October to seasonally look you continue forward balance interim. and bandwidth growing now developments with forwards, industry. Americas over time. forward on Las burstable to strong both during we we which and execution of equipped a We Accordingly, our continuing you the online have in of over all quarter in a the all the gambling forward business our to safe exciting many third control as delivering going solid the engineering fourth visibility person Investor Stay domestic with in sheet of are. our firm Day into wherever resources and We is period required and strongest to strong growth clients for


you your and today's this lines disconnect concludes your conference, Thank participation. may at time. for you This