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Robert Barrow Chief Executive Officer
Dave Guebert Chief Financial Officer
Collin Gage Vice President of Corporate Development
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Collin Gage

Good afternoon and welcome to MindMed Q2 2021 earnings call. This call engages [Indiscernible] Development for [Indiscernible] coordinating today's conference. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this conference call contains forward-looking information, which may include but is not limited to statements, plans, strategies for MindMed.

Forward-looking statements are made as of today's date and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance, or achievements of MindMed to be materially different in the forward-looking statements. Barrow. to & disclaimer today Edgar interim CEO, attention filings in will your MindMed SEDAR on Leading Rob draw the contained full our be We the call to Please investors@ email you any may questions have Rob, you call. begin may the

Robert Barrow

afternoon Thanks welcome 's to call. and so Earnings And XXXX MindMed Collin. much, good QX

by and discover, also continue suffering health. mental a and to deploy Chief I'm of medicines I'm develop, our Barrow, MindMed. CEO we today Dave half. over As has mission and Officer, psychedelic-inspired joined promote at I'm and changed and our the Guebert. therapies alleviate Financial Rob to year past Much MindMed

our However, remains mission consistent.

large contract by therapy our mental to innovative will rigorous regulatory science including therapies, and waiver classic from develop, address psychedelic including discover, plan established this therapeutics in We prices opioid as mission further such problems on We our novel health. society, multiple generation as and inspired focusing through [Indiscernible] deploy psychedelic and and XX-MC. not to LSD, psychedelic-inspired to such both mission proprietary pathways

therapeutics, potentially of this and and to our technology the of we end, access, revolutionary of To recognize medicine are to therapy. also additional this new psychedelic nature through facilitate adoption, critical class multiple advancing tools projects scalability the build digital the Given need we Albert, division.

bolstering of During development the as second with and core pipeline drug our focused advancement digital quarter remained and programs, activities. the we collaborative of well our XXXX, both on development as keenly research internal

NIMH Program top add of study of his the internal relieve area we In novel studies an by digital Clinical of Health Hospital Board-certified member the principal industry and board regard, of the sources. operations. Harvard to were Study successful network, to the made of in and founder building investigator Emory am School where we depression Adolescent Psychiatry the at National internal more or Dr. of accessibility funded and Professor alternatives Dr. of or Vinson psychiatry. discipline. prominence the field therapeutics Dr. Morehouse sequenced is research Health and Medicine, and great the new psychiatric of been Medicine. of group Development. Pediatrics reflected and from of Her which University faculty Psychiatry one Massachusetts therapeutics. his has treatment heading Whereas largest NeuroScience million is Advisory also The go and Co-PI practice. excited depression, the and quantitative Fava The other adolescent to to Bergethon, Pfizer a School. Directors, to and mental co-principal Bergethon and by from can Institute measures this School our forensic experience and as honored strides of Vinson, Vinson Fava Institutes Dr. Dr. pharmaceutical of XXXX our Peter specializing attracting and enable Associate Fellowship, we're perspective where continue in series trials Peter $XXX than in of Pfizer in to Director role Mental transform National research from Dr. work STAR*D is clinical are obtaining Research Dr. and She's funding triple Biogen Sarah our Medical our development conducted General closely drug to in development, both as a Innovative the a rapid Site development to psychiatry a mental And lead ever our healthcare is adjunct Given anti-depressing day and about Lorio Group, Dr. in I Dr. Vice the drug joined medicine to from trial she platforms a Child infrastructure to health adult, when as has digital of world-leading acting innovative personalized we the and clinical a transformation announce growth discovery, advancements of President, lab, the excited from addition as quantitative is and designing be with Maurizio qualitative in the that They of physician, rapidly to child, the Board. clinical medicine. a head who therapies. Board humanize Vice talents trials transition leads of this Scientific he process. honored will and within a shifting and and invaluable the EirGen, quantitative encouraging Bergethon, advanced Worldwide group. of Furthermore, solutions and Fava effort clinical Biogen. early President expert the medicine, in

an on to our drug overview development Moving of pipeline.

our quarter the key for programs we candidates considerable drug anxiety lead disorders development to lead to second drug the with of Over continued of and one to commercial treatment XXXX, remains LSD. our make our have advance drug pipeline. Lucy progress of Project expand

to of Our Phase first Lucy generalized anxiety The be under a arms, taken will in symptoms a single or following disorder five patients the placebo. of to LSD. of XXX across assess dose anxiety study X trials study including with clinical LSD is forward into administration improvements planned treatments the the select placebo. clinical Project be pivotal study And final catalyst we'll

underlying Additionally, this significantly optimization action that response based dose we clinical scientific LSD with the design and of it predict our of advance study, believe that mechanisms psychedelics. the rigorous of understanding other will on

We preparations XXXX late XXXX file make and in begin XXXX. to of to progress this patients enrolling early expect to late or study for we and and submission continue R&D, in which

Flow. Moving discuss Project to on

continued we adult to two patients announced LSD Phase pain ADHD. is Earlier trial Angie preparations year, make final we this in ongoing also of our upcoming clinical Project the also of progress late review our on anticipate have enrolling for start We regulatory The to this launch year. franchise. under and

track to our psychedelic anticipate pre Dosing and make Phase our a request clinical progress study of in Addiction we'll our -IND [Indiscernible]. have we substance discuss to Australia synthetic has this in re-engage continued our which Phase and study in XXXX. our enroll in FDA by and begin development development intend to to I completing in plan FDA to we remain file in early trial s engage meeting year. psychedelic of ongoing has preparations Switching advancing After our program, time, XX-MC clinical later also XX-MC, analog Phase to advancing XA thereafter to patients natural to of discuss the program we are II planned development Program, year-end. continued a for We on clinical Medicine this pain that

efforts progress acquisition three that along world, digital of inter-session these several real through continue of fully and intrasession to to we year. software drive HealthMode the the make progressing We're in products. the lead also our monitoring, which monitoring, with and following our to our dimensions, in We device the team, division as Albert anticipate of potential integrated, earlier of process modeling been therapeutic have continue digital the has projects projects these medical

to advancements months. efforts relevant and and We are look all forward these the further for we as projects working coming to in protect these innovations progress sharing in IP

a lab at are continue academic scientific the with the psychedelic another with achieved research. and leading LSD, MDMA, Psilycobin and University the position UHB to has excited ground We relationship in Liechti and Basel. Hospital our

its position trials and clinical leadership commercial into in the the Translate Our research leading the requirements UHB, same. FDA done work remains -- by compliance agencies. position requirements, conducted of other strategy with regulatory and and drug

into we in mainly us Liechti team. and Basel, this studies, have recently drug the with Phase assessments LSD potential. ongoing II which As Dr. psychedelic, by investigator-initiated University Through will as DMT, which and part this acquired X XX inform have studies valuable his MDMA. I the of study short-acting This of Phase completed with we a I nearing Phase the X its Hospital Phase pharmacokinetics provide conducted pharmacodynamics, studies the being UHB, extensive can studies, we includes and commercial studies, licensing and development future this ongoing collaboration, of intravenous announced insight is agreement I -- with and initiation, X have

psychedelic unique filed as -- worldwide with UHB, we have of such a A safety. out explore already and novel of compounds patent to onset potentcy, generation inspired selectivity, MindShift provisional this receptor Compounds, compounds been been related we properties, that data library to utilizing organization, exclusive MindShift, a has with may continue applications collaboration action, and continue and pharmaceutical Through collaboration pharma to application of has the rights. Swiss Importantly, by MindMed. provisional which have by discovery duration MindMed UHB file initial of synthesized our patent

us give can Dave overview the we and these As exciting like would Guebert, making now programs. are With I transfer that, underway progress advancing to projects the of call great CFO, see, our many to to you in financials. have an

Dave Guebert

Rob. Thanks,

committee summary with of by www. disclosure gov/edgar. build of sec. in of issuers document to Directors. RSM as growth U.S. The highlights statements core on XXXX second our are related in documents have strategic discussion Canada brief financial our approved figures for of and the for MindMed the statements, continues our provide a execute financial I the reminder; of Canada EDGAR and development and all also to plan. reviewed LLP financial audit Board for include a The and our and can and management capabilities electronic its assembled activities., found expand dollars. been along analysis quarter-end complete Our operating quarter of its will the clinical system at and quarter were filing be research being and expressed the the electronic analysis, our system across at retrieval, statements team by of

licensing General comprehensive made in compensation primarily of and was to comprised XXX,XXX, and the consulting XXX,XXX, clinical, as and non-cash Research expenditures cost Company is G&A. X.X months of fees costs fees. well payroll costs of and and XXXX, and costs were million, costs programs, assets as for expenses Relations property, million million costs. quarter, development Research intellectual X.X in payroll X.X direct manufacturing, of of up Investor expenses compensation, of ended loss of of The X.X of for all quarter million, research CEO other XX.X the general XXX,XXX, specifically XXX,XXX, of of net share-based amortization of include administrative of of in of and Good. or consisted increase development fees the million, XXth, research regulatory X transitioning compensation and of Marketing other R&D primarily indirect regulatory development the Our consulting position. and professional million, million. and million. X.X intangible and insurance expenses clinical items, administrative of and X.X share-based manufacturing-related and X.X and June and million, related the $XX.X XXX,XXX, the costs fees of XXX,XXX. related for public

balance million, cash XXX the capital was of as XXX.X our to balance XXth, sheet, our Turning million was June working XXXX. and

used exercises, cash million option, turn Our I'll $XX.X preliminary warrant proceeds million. With Rob. Net financing, the was X.X in during the that, operations presentation quarter. to the back was from and

Robert Barrow earnings and us Thanks, joining for today's all Dave. follow-up That you we look touch being questions call. with Thank in completes with you, everyone, all soon. to to Please investors forward