Latch (LTCH)

Luke Schoenfelder Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, and Chairman
Garth Mitchell Chief Financial Officer
Matt Filek William Blair
Ben Sherlund Cantor Fitzgerald
Jason Celino KeyBanc Capital Markets
Rod Hall Goldman Sachs
Tom White D.A. Davidson
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Good day, and thank you for standing by, and welcome to the Latch Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speakers’ presentation, there will be a question-and answer-session. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to hand the conference over to Sean Henin [ph] with Investor Relations. ahead. go Please

Unidentified Company Representative

Chief Good Chief today operator. for results. thank for we Directors; up Luke you me of open and Thank Board will Officer. the review afternoon, question-and After Latch’s a us of Schoenfelder, are today to the Garth financial call Officer, third joining answer-session. Co-Founder, on Chairman Mitchell, you, and call and Executive Financial quarter the With remarks, XXXX prepared

our future we business federal a call, make rather uncertainties. may and statements statements related to subject risks are this under that During securities are statements forward-looking not performance to These laws. of guarantees variety of but

these actual reflected forward-looking in could any materially Our results from expectations statements. differ

of or we publicly statements obligation to them. no revise today and Forward-looking speak expectations today made update undertake only to as our

For in today’s risks a factors Risk our risks important as other affect our in other to factors SEC and results, SEC’s other as that well system our Factors the filings, could important the discussion please on EDGAR refer discussed material actual results. section website, and of and available

Luke and of non-GAAP the Investor our most will over be discussed release refer to Luke? turn call financial I’d portion on Schoenfelder. Relations Additionally, Officer, directly these reconciliation to measure. the measures tables GAAP financial to website to our comparable earnings conference for call. of in Chief that, like this measures Please the the Executive With

Luke Schoenfelder

third for earnings Sean. us Thanks, call. to like our by of And I’d quarter joining all start today for thanking you

delivering our top in growth gave in another million to in And due we up for we shortages, chain up XXX% booked revenue our growth a unprecedented saw to customers. constraints delays bookings quarter. QX guidance the $XX Growing we results Garth, $XX.X construction acceleration a end $XX.X XXX% We talk for million. million. to few for for and are our detail. continue revenue Latch the supply well, our XXX% share material saw moments to the had very labor as we the and above in also We of Despite quarter to excited will record and to year-over-year substantial bookings quarter. ARR CFO results

live, is we a product to and the of as we’d like value powerful company on our the market to call journey we recognized transform biggest a a embarked subscription space world’s oldest remind our to and are, estate. one asset do, third a the to this we the Latch a opportunity and in product, about beginning As moment earnings company, who and XXXX, space. class, I’m the beginning, renting also on to business real spaces public Co-Founders largest buildings take visit, creating everyone we of make model. what we our opportunity focused world’s work, challenges better saw the in From proposition,

the GroupXXX, new expertise provide was our control, including modules, the smart LatchOS, Lutron, benefits and ability their and commitment continue operators, full-building in for spaces. experts Our growth. This new lock day Lens and to and to of designed strengthen through and the provide our of our problems And Latch, software, content The all access, to services. I’d turn years Odess Latch from space. Latch retrofits updates of industry and long-term and combined and home, and flagship Latch’s need of team the QX, focus on geographic that real Brivo, smart system sales joined our the in companies M, the they new built in key to has of the is and more every providers, product for firm space, share construction. we and Allegion. CEO the set we leader hired to experience mortise our brings and be to to tailored on all specializing product nearly Lee’s capabilities and the joining smart LatchOS products, of the infrastructure LatchOS he and install face New believe IoT to markets. product Development and evolving to consulting be operating shapes will to product and they while driving Founder Latch, provides we easy In in now access experience and problems. a product the Lee security ever quarter a operating invaluable General mortise QX customers’ products to Immediately an without added with the in provide delivery with expansion customers further enhancing and personalization service Reflecting third sizes innovation is guest prior driving of estate buildings we format. any of management, our the broadens of security, product with solve which leading XX solutions proven their Lee Market help as industry marketing residents, as scalable also latest QX, two and technology results, new excited services. Manager our and demonstrate connectivity device we’re themes. Also growth, exciting innovate to of quarter new and we current our announced like portfolio features is experiences our serving to

continues quarter. theme impressive growth first the to that $XX.X growth an revenue with The be on trajectory XXX% our third to year-over-year in is million

real of these and delivering focus remains constructive customers The the challenges. the and towards unprecedented the of focus We residents driver and remain the real industry are which particularly to industry, shift our rates the woefully delivering long-term by lack and technology we despite more of technology estate business class. experiences product secular powerful innovation been in A in a led what deserve. our has our most is our asset their for world’s low is of technology products penetration business in widespread chain exceptionally revenue companies. estate steadfast largest This driver results, has supply proud underserved on

Let me with customers that other how momentum take customer reflects value couple and Latch a moment providers. how to stories working of versus illustrate find we with our go-to-market a

differentiated shared has relationship we booking. particular, of excited previously API communities, after with hardware, to We This our one up Southeastern a to with continue so software, with multifamily deploying within our first leading our Middleburg their developer. relationship hardware first basis are Since additional comprehensive lean is was community signed project, Middleburg they’ve strategy. stack focus for our TourXX how where value smart the solution smart its also and apartment expand solution to middleware excited owner with month who upcoming as our related comprehensive our Partner to hardware customers. We we’ve they enable Florida as access portfolio impressed through were the partners creation booked services a buildings in and to of the for grow QX, Latch’s group We using But Lens our variety platform ability very the in in signed leasing Middleburg of rest Latch portfolio, us Latch Middleburg a been for LatchOS as to of solidify Latch delivered experiences preferred design. agreement benefits related partner. further This multifamily on core open full after the and seeing Latch. as decided our and a with partners, its and the large of our working touring flexible customers, providers. partner The deal ecosystem with as a their of can referred point platform, our Middleburg. access their Latch API our building well has unattended now and create demonstrates group

introduced that company every of our unique as they’re Southeast impressed the make quarter estate META Estate to us with for the to Another particularly META single to was Latch joined and ability to solution to stakeholder customer our being planning because at with suite originally the Partners, Real install products. serve the was new a was The building. Latch, before highly real swap developer. offering decided competitor this a impressed

of second electronic is theme state the the global chain. The supply

focus, by are to supply meeting driven proud of our flexibility, we’re very companies XXX% we demand. are and ability team’s in space. and larger revenue much in year-over-year challenging team our chain really difficulties And supply of in the facing our customers of prioritizing pleased chain light this commitment We dynamics the growth seeing

Garth execute to to teams compromising also being engineering changes our quickly We’re very which sourcing in for have a components to dynamics alternative rapidly quarter us prioritization has and products in demand without of third constraint sequential effectively partner buying components meeting step and shipping allow The back incorporate continued persisted hardware Latch that challenges our discuss customer in and several and functionality. spot elevated costs, to are due grateful and margins able These also supply our to shortly. electronics in products led increased. the will for engineering

to the are we supply towards competencies our share about performance. very economics we and are core unique pleased remain market bottom an chain demand. we keeping QX However, In ability while agile leverage continue engineering closing, meet optimistic to to to remain eye our unit And line. cautiously to excited with our and gain

to efforts since quality relationships and much valuable pleasantly product being immediately as growth value users our very more corporate go-to-market a if opportunities vision of and at our and for vision we’ve solutions growth discussing solutions. number opportunities for opportunities features forward look the this makes end platform unique year. a have perspective surprised be of real expansiveness emerged Latch earlier our space. tangible look this and those markets Latch deep sold leveraging with and on driver and We we of formalizing are scaling into been worth point development today these lifestyle and unlimited continue more The resident a to as organization. Point were could oriented shareholders. than they We same the creation long-term our value long-term and more inorganic customer And that very develop M&A company industry by

and to and As long-term value day always, executing our customers in that focus the day out our to on long-term strategy we’ll while expect. deliver continue shareholders

is shareholders, the to commitment and come. to been best and With doing product our experiences their unwavering let the over never incredible, Mitchell, our more workers I’ve turn team CFO. on Garth call residents. team To and like to that, focus our excited to delivering and customers I’d Latch’s is what’s for me Finally, thank Garth? global the for

Garth Mitchell

guidance. on XXXX in Thanks, share addition to Luke. QX both quarter prospective QX fiscal And to the and in was shareholders connect third to company fronts. results call. our quarter again once these our earnings year update to a and providing for XXXX record I’m with many It’s great existing our excited an

or bookings results, and hardware period including a revenue helpful for agreement. Each Bookings gross quarter additional within third than adjust sum explicit deployment. our customer bookings customer I our booking thought software into the promotional includes discounts date, to XX bookings in products process do upon is for for give and be cumulative and commitment and diving cumulative XX-month and delivery closely period the environment a specific more software target of software and sales reminder not no target hardware construction following much term later it unit, dates, with a software in for provide represent a metrics We total most account industry Latch specific pricing XX-month not of our signed while the recognition. delivery of ship building, expects on are which correlate a and which total months this Before that the booking revenue deployments. with the our purchase window for hardware to over This services, common the metrics might following total signature. the standard and revenue delivery macro to become the our of to some commitment LOIs Bookings reflecting timing the have gross timeframe. XX-month ensuring life associated allows delays, color each

shipment. measure adjustments and as as eventually some expect these commitment good net we we hygiene Gap to of of promotional hardware for is the total a revenue our bookings convert, reporting. at the The XX-month of hardware Although, older revenue recognized make time discounts

in represents discount we is bookings bookings recognition. thus, exploring software is end. through annual evolving hardware align revenue of than we net net term topic with is on course between add this to of estimated discounts prepay. only position. filings, Because term of XX-year substantially lag helped some The And strategy been be of this, Gap promotional capital. interest confusion customer signature Gap public determined term for reported greater the growth the upfront promotional impact form and And from of color We recognition is based public customers filings. a of cash our provide always to large customers more Because company’s starting helpful discounting thought this regarding is expense The expense benefit increases further discounting revenue. tiered software length purpose in our the contract Software the for business and customers cost our policy be revenue all over on customer our QX hardware I growth. discount of term of software and as are willingness to pay pricing there collection discount about with revenue to and offering and contract with accordance the discounts the its recognized from Though, better a the upfront finance the our of by There’s contract, for to capital do prepay, based in we financing. to to of of and our liquidity accordingly upwards the we incentivize ASC our software XXX, therefore, our agreements. our we Pricing revenue detail an which to it interest have upfront discount cost incentivize greatly present the ways would recognize of in detailed expense. finance our The these off we discounts remarks. our has to this

same pricing will between do also any to but to term expense. and We changes our discount do reflect of expect our revenue revenues cost term interest to not in as changes, the near of Some differences relationship the evolve we our reported capital. revenue. as changes shorter strategy the anticipate of module lead total up policy a we percentage grow make length not term percentage software LatchOS And pricing in revenues

any detail to this to forward. going sure be will We material changes

Now turn some discussing our issued let statement been point reconciliation GAAP be to quarter earlier non-GAAP financial going to out metrics measures in financial third to provided tables the non-GAAP we quickly has I’ll early in me I’d the results. earnings A included that today. forward. of like release

accelerated For growth units, to were the million, year-over-year, total cumulative $XX of XXX,XXX up units third a XXX% quarter, bookings up and XXX% home year-over-year. booked also

units and in as or robust Latch in million, as ARR increased similar modules. we R&D, LOI. support Both XXX% booked under which Finally, revenue several of adoption up accelerate rates $XX.X is reflective that well The demonstrates market are of In total grew the increased is number cumulative available to be all recurring to will committed rate third attach for cumulatively units LatchOS dwellings customer demand non-access of as products. home time to of in growth become year-over-year. installed saw subscriptions Latch apartment of acceleration LatchOS Both of value defined metrics of Software to product assigned the quarter, versus Latch’s annual represent modules as XX% with XX% from installed ARR new bookings modules, offering. they the incremental This the our attach QX. investments across

are is one to are the going discussed, capture seeing and This of Since As including booked module provide deals, than percentage for metric with this two longer no we better of forward. rates we only LatchOS metric becoming number the working more a meaningful modules, the attached. unit units an attach per in good to will than dynamic business. attach a is we provide since accounts other metric period access module have the for LatchOS increasing less rate it

ROIs higher LTV drive customer customer to accelerate and modules these expect expansion. we As

turning revenue. to Now

announce of to $XX.X in up million quarter, year-over-year. XXX% pleased the revenues We’re

rigorous guidance as We’re and of through material of proud third challenging shortages of chain our result were above demonstrates building given this demand high supply customer the impacts our Revenues the products, quarter. this the for team’s environment. labor end but again, the strong the despite macro our quarter also and range, just execution,

deliver needs to XX Our margin and year-over-year year-over-year hardware revenue should priority greater improvement. proud of our growth remains and our third percentage ability simultaneously meeting of customer points be XXX% differentiated than team our quarter

and During impacted that electronic have products. shortages, physical these unprecedented almost global supply every which distributes chain company

access earlier tactically a mentioned and our effective and in costs chain generation this buying performance supply due more is next improvement may experience to The demand, continue quarter-over-quarter scale global margin customer driven Luke. drive to negative did remainder products. challenge distributor enabling for components to We team sequential the shipping greater Though, hardware year-over-year to negative our largely sourcing margin than spot as Our revenue of cuts improved growth. meet macro by from elevated hardware environment us to was largely XXX% decline efficiencies, margin cost to year. the annual XX% continue XX% by

We have long-term dynamic margin hardware high improvements. will confidence market that this temporary not impede

engineering. which software for margins believe quarter, and scalable and software quarter Our demonstrate XX% as enables in long-term our third we a third XXXX. to margin driver marginal Latch’s of difference revenue devices. LatchOS this our which focused huge quarter revenues on including of compared software percentage XXX% time, training, Lee first of capacity. increase as invest demand hardware the primarily to our marketing of untapped XX% of take continue third in key infrastructure, business expansion. for growth gross market. expect our continue we Operating Over XXX% a the meet capacity all strength is the sales costs the modular was in a sales and highlight We model stack, integrating growing accelerating mix, were in expenses customer grew and been and functionality, Chris to operations of to $XX.X margin party a the successful year-over-year, joining software to quarter, and million expenses hiring Since due primarily as third CRO, advantage In sales sales result year, and year-over-year to efforts up has third higher people particular, and

We market a customer of compared demand. Adjusted the of to are million support functions and excited EBITDA as $XX.X third the and sales to of our a XXXX. in loss to million third to to go accelerating growth in $XX.X loss quarter invest was in continue quarter

our to now Turning sheet. balance

cash XXXX. As with cash combination the connection closing in million primarily and December cash TS XX, of $XX.X we had compared received as to of equivalence in quarter, the have due September we the third At $XXX.X the cash of million proceeds increase of equivalents XX, The to was Innovation. with and end debt. of no business

the increase. Now Thus, referenced I have $XXX to and Because expect in projects the million widely of our consistent accelerating supply year-over-year reported products global total quarter the software full earnings continue macro our guidance. XXX% and current raise monitor projects global Despite a the never supply has no $XX improvement million This in challenging we’ve which we up guide experiencing challenges we our down our now these fourth reflects our closely total macro previous been the margin from shortages, $XXX tactically prioritize macro experienced of robust shortages X% margin has of this year-over-year are from theme $XX.X NMHC supply and demand drivers remainder earlier XXX% our range prior seeing increase. to guidance for implies in environment. persist bookings been persist. margins, XX% demand is experienced $XXX by a to million, quarter. a guidance let $XX.X our discussed this XX% annual to and million, delays, million XXX% will survey that in upcoming are we the choppy will sure execution, season. the impacting situation revenue $XXX.X more XXX% agreements. only and to chain of the long-term term remain macro XXX% of products, million disruption customer ability bookings. XXX% reiterating $XX me construction be customer the place, Luke. labor to found hardware bookings continue a canceled of turn in in a to revenue demand, meaningful This that prior global the and customer chain to from are maximize as from throughout We year that year-to-date earlier the right the quarter deliver been delivery confident source Despite the Despite will the to latest post the differentiated are accelerating Because million impacts multifamily year-over-year despite quarter, million environment, though The to our construction of fourth X% meeting for assume challenging demand hardware am guidance million. to environment of million, and this, increase pandemic normalization for we’ve chain to of high chain range short $XXX to supply a continue strong long-term we year, total and assumes we and the our to supply to despite of to to growth disruption. excited of guide we’ll to of $XX.X expansion

That pleased adjusted and quarter a result, with growth. to rates deliver volatile performance some continued remain are are environment. supply as supply implies $XX In $XXX long-term Latch’s to million via $XX.X our for guidance from fourth This efficiencies the $XXX we sustainable elsewhere very We With chains. their our products million deliver business. growth to to million as multiplier to $XX.X forward These high be to We we continue the such proud that will of a summary, LatchOS look quarter despite of million. certified in continuing EBITDA support macro million. core million engineering year work we’re said, to own our also $XX ability excited the are and to seeing third losses Latch the team’s for for with in differentiate making partnerships the guidance our this And program, force competencies. expected Latch latch Lens about partners. act decreasing partners

our sustained our in is a marginally which have issues term we ahead growing With growth results, chain growth. demand, supply are market While affected of and strong opportunity revenue and will accelerating ship long term customer accelerating short believe seeing massive reflected defining us, a questions. products we positioned and Operator? uniquely position. With market open success. in market category we the now call We that, sustained up development in leader are and for for


you. from Thank Instructions] Blair. Sheldon And with comes [Operator question our first Stephen William

Your open. line is now

Matt Filek

Hi Filek wondering the everyone. on Stephen you for talk through Sheldon. on remarks, have could reasoning is prepared Matt you Thank This if you promotional a not actually gross was for the you basis. taking discounts. reporting bookings, reporting In my considered for bookings and questions. if about the talked of that And

Luke Schoenfelder

Absolutely. you take Garth, want one? that do to

Garth Mitchell

Yes, for Matt. sure. question, Luke. the Thanks, And thanks

net we expense third several term Because and range all discounts discounts pretty of the amounts an average what many discounts about one is owner a you range believe type don’t XX% factors. to That that of give service our from of wouldn’t we in and based handful other broad to know on I products, a vary the they and operators. of should well the with the we this, region, of customer into are. example, just our results, interest very mix customer. have that a the promotional the Latch pipes customer, that think which said, publish for quarter base serve discount. building important it sense sell of We among projects of How us, clear size of are XX% large

Importantly, XXXX discounting sure to nothing since we material Analyst if changes, we’ll in this first you has be our to back practices we Day. let changed our discussed know. expect And any

Matt Filek

elongated any changing dynamics book That’s you seeing construction the commentary. consider that Are helpful. for And of the Thanks in business? then backlog current timelines.

Garth Mitchell

jump one. I’ll Look, Yes. in on that

which environment So we a in mentioned, And retrofit delays projects, on have construction and just led new projects. as have delays all we year. over has seen include the been to macro instances

guidance. those market and days full a disruption, been quickly products to our really challenging delivery more COVID adoption for and driven We’ve timeline seen have really for will this through revenue to of opportunity, however, pleased, high reiterate revenue we once importantly, year our about get We’re Latch. penetration macro delays revert market what lingering growth timelines our Despite back never XXX% previously. customer again, are our our and deliver it’s positioning confidence these that Most early of macro about environment. that and will year-over-year confident we’ve really result ability

Matt Filek

that. Thank back you for into I’ll jump queue.


you. And Ben with comes Fitzgerald. from Thank our next question Cantor Sherlund

line is Your open.

Ben Sherlund

thanks taking for guys, Hey, my question.

the So looking quarters. fourth prior top than the quarter line larger is range much in at guidance,

of too, you You XQ. versus low quarters. around context, expected project I may that it a up know, provide XQ helpful. be help would thanks. might related a there to Any revenue the And follow volatility large then prior mean, I just in color fall or and – a have

Luke Schoenfelder

take to want you first the there? part do Garth,

Garth Mitchell

opportunities disruption our and are about talked ability pleased we some demand fourth meeting quarter, mentioned, labor source our supply to we’ve we’re prioritizing seen supply like for we’re – Ben, the customer of and products the Sure. In look we growth shortages in of our some that directly we deliver instances customers Luke our couple deliver given really previously. a our Yes. those about certain who’ve that and macro of experiencing. our ability gives high us we’re in for that, waiting over them for Because rates. for deliver been high the pipeline, to currently to and Despite confidence customers, in quarters.

on our quarter. deals that flexibility they projects supply So deliver individual It’s largely for to they because expect, it’s ability, chains expect our customers the our of really deal. some to some fourth on no deliver in

Ben Sherlund

there. pretty the in the maybe how at or some XQ. ARPU year like color on, looking average the quarter, And nice to throughout you guys of had it bookings the have trended provide Great. Okay. relative discounts Maybe then some sequential the looks growth

Garth Mitchell

that in promotional one we’ve at change – our XX% been well. sort in discount in previously Then jump XX%. material of as the no on Luke, to I’ll there’s range talked about

ARPU doors. see several a of had reflection, driver is expansion our And drove LatchOS really sequential is common we actually I entry that in attach think for business. high the because incremental that be it software in expensive a included of is long-term a area that change deals that of in the rates a lot to modules however, unit our quarter. of which than software, And well, ARPU ARPU what the more consider a meaningfully Series number we the you’ll the R as of

Ben Sherlund

Okay, great. guys. Thanks


you. Thank

Our with KeyBanc comes Celino Markets. Jason next question Capital from

open. Your line is

Jason Celino

to how is time a owner one, occupancy all looking been you questions. Great, trend in for guys do your solutions growth back occupancy, from of their in highs, level to confidence first and it’s manager, rent this pre-pandemic taking building What thanks and of smart my the as kind climb kind customers. view it property the at that last? for continues Maybe positive news

Luke Schoenfelder

so seeing cities Jason. excitement pre-pandemic. we’re question. on the the Hey, of much get that users Thanks I that in Yes. think and and mean, is I residents to the there’s real to to were they part for what return a environment back

a small trends segment. also very percent important the confident most Latch’s tailwinds but But historic is the under about. variety these before wide excited think it’s penetrated of favor, to such multifamily of and And is and of I a penetration. very because excited to that in still I have I in whatever a see about sorts the different that environments, of think seeing shifts growth end overall are that think our these we technology I spoken such in that And you continued played macro sort the we’re this macro ability really of part under market. you’re we’re and about grow of bring we’re an market just what

provide to to efficient, their excited are Latch have more them building experiences value life buildings at residents, properties. better which also installed, products Latch And desirable. of so operators, make helping and buildings for continue being be drive will effect better are more better And more and we then where for the – think just

out we’re excited there, seeing super we’re So Jason. about

Jason Celino

buy you opportunities M&A think decision either perfect. the the to Luke, Maybe talked Okay, beginning, one strategy, the I And comes the about remind more it you some about then when of think first to us adding on internal. maybe down at functionalities line. different make how

Luke Schoenfelder

absolutely, Jason. Yes, Absolutely.

that speed and very whatever efficiently new M&A think users are us, we a product we we we to it’s can looking ways and serving bring clear fantastic doing us, can as executing products new improve as as market to to quickly those to we deliver bringing for those a we’re markets. we can. our have And always and the for sort important of against. as products strategy I see And to we experiences about can as vision at And new products market. with to really which

seeing earlier out so to we’re that and formalized as this But continuing lot announcements continue to come development things make to And we we’re a spring corporate our pass. excited efforts prioritize are to there.

there’s in think Proptech. of I a interest lot

a to and that very And and venture can funding the owners to a the seen install we sure. think you’ve our has Thanks, a product. corporate platform an really us But how our very offer in product roadmap the vision base largest to who very in world. product of going space. we’re audience the an It’s solutions And lot advantage accelerate distribution. difficult on right are we that so into development market. to to used and And from excited future the have unique with companies It’s build join making the right hard end already for be about Jason. very it’s point to a build difficult


Thank you.

with next Our Rod from Sachs. comes question Goldman Hall

open. Your line is

Rod Hall

a point my I My guess way adjustment is elaborate Yes. of be could booking on there It the Hey much then us And impairing Garth, like wasn’t a you’re you you’re about booking. adjusting – sounds bit, I you – would any exactly on adjusting Could give and any way I guys, the this XX-month that how it? on follow-up. how could color you it thanks that. talked adjusted little for the question of you you’re have then how clear question. then starting but

Garth Mitchell

good as question, order to is the in done give investors that tools we’ve measure understand hygiene best to our the Rod. business. for Thanks This something

in to window common to – The category, and relative industry the at again of months our for after come, really the is after after booking it this our to period rates, types delays, those of really bookings pleased growth for construction customer’s XX-month despite many of which the making us we’re become to rates that environment, lot policy metrics. reflection growth despite talked I under expect deliver account more but cumulative adjustments and bookings really pleased grow our seeing, just bookings XX portfolios. penetration ability customer we’ve to a about high like continue this XX gives to in technology such macro and we macro are the by a at because able think months XXX% we’re of the we be years product making adjustments year-over-year in both to of of the which disruption adoption

Rod Hall

of of if a the Okay. what And expense I the shouldn’t we looks use were interest sort as rule term those proportion Garth. check how this into then pretty time? a wanted quarter. translate quarter, for that that the to good to bookings averages, like? thumb XX% revenue reasons last these for revenues think of a is as guesstimate there Are XX% – Thanks, discount Or over about how we are software

Garth Mitchell

Rod. Yes,

term as a that good down Just it remarks, goes that, prepared a likely that reported is we referring that over where pretty time. make of revenues today. LatchOS my shorter-term lengths, software think introduce that rule of I modules to percentage that, But the mentioned, for that they sit I that, more discount thumb that, the as is up back have

reasonable now So expect but that assumption. to is a about XXXX, into I’d see information that for more

Rod Hall

Okay, great.


with Davidson. our from White question And Tom you. comes D.A. next Thank

Your open. line is

Tom White

just are,? as we of and inputs chain of enter of supply view hoping Great Two and on I I approaching next guys. year questions. of around possibility taking does Thanks you for I give and kind you just on that your your And if like things called specifically of expense on if like maybe Are stuff pricing change? margin guess delays could. those of might of that that more how comments secondly that pricing permanent re-ramp the think those then mentioned offsetting the operating pressure. you just color you guidance kind durable, kind click what little How that. that double on exactly kind or was and you’re my again? efficiencies kind some commentary Can of hardware with Garth, we’re some efficiencies Thanks. were faced a gross inflation the I

Luke Schoenfelder

start the so it on thanks And And Yes, that. Garth, I’ll you. for question. over then much I’ll to hand

for we’re deliver process. that the our continuing because initial I high is on that installation initial focused customers, XX% that vehicle we margin think through what to and for north is hardware our us, deliver of software distribution that

wherever towards we we’re while eye line trying minimize costs that make absolutely to an so the sure and keep And possible. bottom hardware

game We’re widely possible. for the as software long the effectively playing as deploy to the

about an revenue is So as into that it’s important look at acquiring input sale long an we to software the nuance stream. hardware pricing our it just understand important

of profits And itself. an so selling have majority as from does us, – it makes impact or device doesn’t for a company the that the a of their it big for derives as

software We’re really enabler devices focused the on business. the for

for part mind. just question. you on to also that any it’s Garth, nuance of for So second important then the an I’ll hand the keep it And over to and then in thing

Garth Mitchell

Thanks, Luke.

the question. Tom, again for Just thanks

products the our that value our confident are We delivered customer. to

exceeds keep price and us the Our depend end flexibility chain we need need calls. this our updated earnings stable customers which difficult the adjust which adjust I market, this like we all upcoming think And be where follow if your particularly challenges help to. supply of kinds, charge will pricing That them, you believe in consistent said, believe making don’t expenses accelerate can because comment we’ll be to needs are changes on we times Luke, after. it competitive share we operating gains. pricing the gives of right meaningfully feel for which we the suppliers now, a decent we to pricing, to us on customers our differentiator to if on sure

Luke Schoenfelder

Garth. ahead, That’s go Yes, fine.

Garth Mitchell


efficiency, some had – do so on the adjustments we certainly expect high just to EBITDA provided organization adjusted we deliver us pretty without we helped G&A improvements more operating we to to parts expected, other we G&A which to investments. upgrades relative our in the Also, we always to would allowed confidence saw us and saw that So improvements the the improved what on some some and to of of product guidance again for planned efficient, looking expect which continue. the which small we’d side expenses – roadmap, which deliver to the actually – today. make some ability continue, we’re the ways I’d the gives some on

Tom White

guys. Thanks, Great.


call. And conference you. Thank concludes today’s this

disconnect. Everyone, now may wonderful You a day. have