Planet Labs PBC (PL)

Will Marshall Co-Founder, CEO and Chairperson
Ashley Fieglein Johnson Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Chris Genualdi VP, IR
Mike Latimore Northland Capital
Jeff Van Rhee Craig-Hallum
Ruben Roy West Park Capital
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Good afternoon. Thank you for attending today's Planet Fiscal Q3 2022 Earnings Call. My name is Hannah, and I will be your moderator for today's call. All lines will be muted during the presentation portion of the call with an opportunity for questions and answers at the end. [Operator Instructions]. to Investor conference Relations. like Genualdi, to now of VP would pass over the Christopher I Please ahead. go

Chris Genualdi

Hello, everyone, and of XXXX welcome to Planet's earnings fiscal call. quarterly third quarter

we like Planet Before current events future plans, as The our financial statements expectations. remind call, historical begin forward-looking our forward-looking inclusion we'd estimates Any based we everyone related and today's or that of our are may outlook. to performance make statements well to to on as by future be Such assumptions regarded and SEC as or found can our such will plans, uncertainties filings, in forward-looking information expectations be representation estimates at should not forward-looking a statements various and that be achieved. www.sec.gov. which detailed are as subject risks

or by which may is those statements undertake of performance to and we to from materially after events. reflect such on the the circumstances responsibility or statements, the results to such indicated no differ date reflect statement Our update forward-looking or unanticipated forward-looking actual made occurrence events

the financial future discuss that non-GAAP will financial comparisons. and and period enhance operational believe results, overall useful about by its in measures. period respect used information management a transparency provide operating to and financial measures means decision financial prospects also decision as operational for with to non-GAAP we measures understanding for performance these to financial We use of greater the allow evaluate past We and and key these metrics During call, making making.

Marshall, afternoon. this you, of and Co-Founder. other Will I'd discussed performance used management indicators call this time, CEO, press we in often measures, now At release. by by For in Chairperson earlier more our Will. the our release reconciliation over throughout Over more see are and competitors to to like to detail tables Planet's the call, and please this in financial number press used key information a in our the provided issued provide performance turn industry. indicators non-GAAP on These Further, key

Will Marshall

redemptions for have merger Planet. this into and initiatives. XXX over we've trust call week fantastic ring Group, Exchange of at the everyone last Chris. a saw New to Inc. tuning million the believe Through our PL. completed $XXX SPAC was million our We're from our you million ticker the We for the capitalized on truly PIPE XXX and the proceeds. this huge proceeds It invest X% thrilled investors. York raised Stock today. to Thanks, fully York listed New Thank capital, With in long-term additional under from milestone Stock transaction, with remarkable our and less opening in dMY IV, celebrate we growth gross such the than received to bell Technology we’re just Exchange

our milestone public Going and journey Planet. XX-year for the the a significant marks beginning chapter of in next

to today. dive results today. for team dedicated Planet's I'd we wouldn’t dedication we us and mission, team, the their our hard take getting Without in work into a like is that moment where Before thank to here be world-class to this tremendous we the are so quarter,

sales to growth a team. is additions at by now straight to This results fiscal XX% the to of saw quarter. for XX.X XXX growth. grow record count and million continue third represents the Let's turn year-on-year we delivered sales increased XXXX, of as to away. We From XX% the customers the customer XX% of and the a pipeline quarter our revenue. we year-over-year our year-over-year end We see execution grew period, which our

executing remain outlook for our this reiterating XXXX fiscal from hear on focused you'll full plan. As we're against revenue and Ashley growth momentarily, year

U.S. a subscriptions reflection a to to Intelligence value to analyst visible, agricultural large make insights help deliver Planet's timely a by we company, rapidly accessible, and smarter people Geospatial an decisions global We mission-critical that Google, local and or Whether customers at our you're government, delivers National changing actionable. that unique is value data or state change world. data. of Agency, the make growth our Our the proprietary in a

two customers every Our feeds and day, to these a of applications highest fleet to our scanning fleets cases which high-resolution breaking, of any revisits unlike existed fleet customers. and XXX any its opens us space satellites high to which with and super use Doves the approximately cover in of data the also This proprietary to is resolution have a area XXX It's deliver never customers. than diverse square our to number of It market of enable of cases. set of new geospatial global before. complemented us more up of record fleet Together, kilometers million deliver use that and landmass XX empowers to earth’s serve other scan the capability. today, largest Doves able SkySats, industry, by interest is

unique in possible constellation scan Our and aerospace made us to development, the our agile significant spacecraft lead, sets which from a industry. daily apart technology unparalleled gives in approach coverage us unique is by others

available Last FEMA, to you its collaboration NLT. and recent we are some Light disaster program to and with and New this sense month, the to Also XXXX Reconnaissance make critical through damages users efforts contract GEOINT and expand U.S. a we Office, daily dating the response both frequent the tornadoes, NRO's NRO's integration recovery announced plan into the Federal with to change. Technologies workflows. about Now of access which NRO. a tell following It through with it imagery can you to expands to we assess our will we as extension signed the CGI key areas or quarter, extension the becoming the integrate to With for incorporates National partnership, extension how FEMA during architecture. Agency, disaster of such data data our archive hurricanes are the Integration our partner Management third new NRO's to response data that include PlanetScope give PlanetScope our climate Planet's incidents Commercial monitoring access to a This is back the ever-more includes providing satellite announced daily daily or Emergency existing or like into customer I'd access wins data useful. over and that continued interest and

the in is customers by Planet's CGI quarter, during making SkySat number make a available how we and architecture, is and had improve of In agriculture, and improve opportunities can While through examples These users increase imagery into farmers helps data are company artificial hear use our using mapping, our friendly our excited the We make the verticals; informed decision. market We reduce our the crop so Southern their informed a remain we more demonstrate expansions ahead, of consultants about data using Taranis, aerial of customers and critical and through fertilizer outcomes. high-resolution that area our cases to PlanetScope growers who season is faster where third as data to with a adopt forestry, data, the which a help expanded advanced with increase with use, Taranis the opportunity the crop across ways user data our combination efficiency agriculture you'll very different recent their our data as data enables generally just help already they customers among the coverage growing our of significant significant about call fashion. system that medium-resolution In to customers in Planet Planet yields, top businesses. products our into decision expand different same all and agriculture, finance, providing data including forth intelligence. three value incorporating hemisphere to the use solution. expand data. for see and government of their use decisions

to You'll and our is of of value hear unique myriad stories Planet's both data, which company. incredible proprietary

all are markets. And on these We foremost and that systematically capital after first we with raised. just that's the investment going focus have the focused of

described the markets market in Day, Analyst opportunity our huge see September As we in current alone. we

vertical third all I Explore our diverse held annual our to customers where from hosted turn we of to user October, products. audience a In Now conference, users offer XXXX, enhanced our very want across image accuracy, and serve. We will we resolution. constellation, of increased and high resolution satellite markets a big which our of Pelican, including there, latency number next-generation reduced announcements made that we

monitoring fusion data the obscure announced aperture radar, customers see SAR, also or helps which and clouds with We synthetic optical weather through data.

Let is software me strategy, focus area second about investment. of key talk which of our our

growth. Twitter. in goal to year, Facebook, our marketing with his through and both leads to proven Planet our products, mindset him. old this monetizing Product and such has entrenched earlier at hyper companies and and scale to Kevin organizational data President brings Kevin know, organizations right software is organization Business. and probably incredible drive He we expertise scaling towards welcomed Planet sales, as and fits into record Planet. reporting alignment disrupting track building higher a growth, teams as platforms His go-to-market of and Weil you that industries of to helping our engineering product software Kevin As Instagram

a probably Investor into our our webpage, you our and you opening data up which potential step up This up capabilities. stack of strategy heard use that month, expand market are then analytics is take Kevin geospatial users to how you that's a available If each we replay on to number for greater access With data. moving democratizing of walk tuned our Investor we we're making addressable applications. the through the and Relations our virtual Day is stack, to last easier consume, to

amount and accessible only organization of to a think in closed this our it new be statistical of analyst example business. series our acquisition Every on strategically roadmap. we're is imagery case Along researcher. will that in are use by product market tremendous this journey of of drive a great other we A we're gaining of data to makes or this a our accelerate we any scientists. investing business M&A VanderSat. are data And have is data We accelerating also and and by number growth greater This take moving usable roadmap in can why these software potential we we towards users. that in insights a data Planet's board where confident are is vertical We our of geospatial that third capital from team step is lines, see experts for Planet's our used where data. time we

help to our biomass, help as temperature, offerings insurance software science what as variables, that as insurance, important in accelerate data series and brings as we sensing help well us a Planet expect to our agriculture offer customer tier potential in of remote call products bridge this acquisition deliver gap which class the will can VanderSat position customers. the are to VanderSat one strategy. top of variables Planet the agriculture VanderSat accelerate data us finance. from soil We our complex world accounts very to such planetary our acquisition and Planet. to We're mature excited verticals, We verticals have such soil and that join moisture VanderSat will at other the our derived most team, science and and team believe in

like I I'd touch a company. financials, before over it Planet Finally, mission-driven is work. our hand on to impact to cover Ashley to

and Our space and to earth every the day accessible. accessible life to change on use visible, making whole mission is by help world imaging

This, science that value world. world of to companies, huge the in governments imagery includes timely sustainability. decisions about platform around and the in machine has course, learning make communities evolving empowers Our and

in more Also, worked example, and system. detailed areas, because these type. entire we of already classify map consortium from coral and it's or us good for the build directly All was and an Countries take six at enables felt away is effective lead data last means put Planet the the achieve the face. our Planet's major nations and Public funding their space commitment mission drives data world than that also researchers to measurements I've measure We've Planet, most made that of we Companies governments we it we to those begin also can for today. through emissions. in tropical we've generation for need a good data their our produce daily first it We projects planet a can a real the world's to This that ESG pull new is goals. ever to is needs this data have shallow the as year, Glasgow. governments powerful never planetary month, public the emergency reef critical and the markets targets. around marine The to MPAs, the We for require reinforce by COPXX NGOs journey basis key revenue, commitments protected are see we coral because As My but to our conference that seen to their of than companies waters, on decided both Conference philanthropic corals last the several with systems regions. because because believe the Corporation. I it from met. Benefit such a our We are track to in investments ingredients need today. for a these

public For is of to to sustainable benefit corporations in don't social a and the responsible humanity mission a a into are going a know towards that means, change. this a Planet's those world Public a that incorporation. sustainable produce accelerate operate PBC DNA that always and Corporation what prosperous Whilst of Public of intend that our of class is relatively part has environmental illuminating and Benefit by and new manner. secure public more Benefit as certificate to we Planet, codifying been and by

you committed in the So now our building incredible in investors to you. long business, capital need Ashley Thank group incredibly against all. And After call to on summary, that execute seeing plan. our to commercial forms and in mission of transformation have that with provide I'd the I'm growth And we turn term. the to with forward we're and we be to onto debut us. a plan, And keeps global have will now sustainability of us focused like the to significant and public which, have momentum the company, we we a relationships look the to We the recap supporting economy. a confident over an public made our to in tailwinds digital excited of take questions. financials. our markets

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

which that to growth. Thanks, Will, year-over-year had $XX.X pleased in report third and strong represents good came quarter at we afternoon, fiscal million, Revenue everyone. of I'm a XXXX. XX%

revenue than came on larger consumption which customers in pacing our we the of anticipated, slightly quarterly Our of higher a recognized is due largely one for to basis. revenue

for therefore execute growth and $XXX to against plan, line top our million the outlook our of year. continue revenue reiterating We full are

quarters, XXX for Our end grown third of reflecting customers period continued more than year-over-year XX% period was which demand for for the End the growth. customer count count growing of quarter-over-quarter quarter, consistently customer represents data. has XX market Planet's

count period we reported the reminder, of count customers a period. contract end As customer the an all active total define Planet with of as with at the end of

indication force. been amount the metric growing internally pipeline. that sales basis. we've an market our the to growth sales demand on of has Another able limited we achieved at XX% growth of in rate is a growth our by Historically, as pipeline year-over-year look invest sales our been of We

market As in for raised Planet's sales in across investments organization, meet data. our to adding such, up making market top to growth. and earnest the us invest public all one we We critical to accelerate filling infrastructure to teams our These we opportunity primary potential critical our expected that and of of line investments step in of beginning the they to marketing. positions capture ahead us are globally, enabling sales our began investments in the is to these the uses QX, the of sales and capital the supporting in force need going see leadership

our While existing and ability customer accounts. drive reps to important retain grow equally meet important is adding customer sales to is and ability wins, factor new demand new an our in market our

to in top organization growth significant data in our critical another also our in investing as rate, success global improvement which well As Promoter we should dollar our growth. Net have we've products, lead Score, driver retention line net as for been our seen customer enhancing

winbacks regime. of the takeover rate an metric net of and fiscal government due For XXX%. third was the suspension quarter to by large net 'XX, XX% with a government dollar our dollar retention This includes rate unsanctioned retention the contract was

in net retention exceed our winbacks As shared dollar year September, at expect Day rate continue to with XXX% our fiscal for Analyst meeting we to 'XX.

for quarter saw both margins, and fiscal scaling is to the expand third extension gross XX% margins revenue This of to our 'XX fixed, of our fiscal by XX% driven several of Turning of by QX in satellites. gross in life and to 'XX. high the non-GAAP very our is goods subscription useful we of of we compared and resulting data model, Because SkySat sold margins, which XX% relatively cost between direct XX%. estimate our

in amortization our As cost a and reminder, satellites of sold. depreciation goods of we include our

On the one us our for the the we useful satellites, of caused satellite, expense. SkySat which estimate our to failure accelerates some expense, depreciation the on that topic of third in life which quarter, thrusters of depreciation of experienced adjust the

We approximately agile fiscal 'XX. fiscal and expect to strong We gross non-GAAP expected this our X.X 'XX anticipate that by that build constellation percentage model impact our accelerated future don't depreciation ability aerospace of with this to us margin enables both reduce will to current in demonstrating redundancy. and customers, satellites points our our serve

our expect line model We expand to business and as to gross forward. margins our our continue grow top scale going we

the quarter, investments and began to third sales accelerate marketing. R&D we During our and in

increased R&D, just product, the our with and line on outlined spend a moment strategy Will we software in ago. For

In marketing increased of EBITDA we accelerate QX quarter $XX.X to resolution in in sales resolution investments resulted revisit, and accelerated the investment to we solution. the are adjusted Pelican and our third an very These force we million. high business strong our fleet marketing, programs. those announced our sales began in addition, and in our demand high seeing our investments in for meet investments In loss high new for the

marketing about drive. outcomes and for strategy that investing for and of We're in confident sales investment expect business and it will our software be Planet. areas the our commercial Going excited engineering key forward, in we to

the million, quarter for revenue spend our CapEx was as quarter. a CapEx percentage for X% of third the Our with approximately $X.X

forward expect range be the 'XX, $XX guidance million, to in million of million. the to quarter Looking to approximately spite revenue outlook This to suspension $XXX fiscal with of implying the large this of I fourth million of contract full line year earlier. to in alluded the shared in $XXX we is $XX earlier year, revenue

$XX continue from full expect a between in million. resulting XX% XX%, approximately $XX We marketing million is loss Adjusted sales EBITDA basis R&D, a as and expected $XX to a to million of we year quarter-over-quarter non-GAAP margins million EBITDA be loss to on in expanding XX% and in QX. and gross our of investments $XX

Our CapEx in spend million, is our expected $X.X as XX% to from full million million, million ground with of station CapEx well January. investments $XX This to for be Doves $X replenishment results and $X network million XX% as our super between scheduled early in revenue. $XX of launch or year in up QX to

Finally, of items some models. for housekeeping the your

with including therefore debt our $XX for and of payoff associated forward. that incur interest approximately going of will the loan SVB fees accrued completed we not and First, expense million, interest

notes sheet balance equity. previously on convertible all the converted that have Planet's been were to Additionally,

For equivalents cash and today. and can transaction, concludes questions. the shares please and filed SEC our earlier with cash comments, That following outstanding take detail form forma the on now our our pro we X-K to refer


Instructions]. [Operator Certainly.

proceed. Mike Northland on question the first with The line Latimore you Capital, of may

Mike Latimore

Congrats Great. the call Thanks here. public Good earnings news. and on lot. a first being

Will Marshall


Ashley Fieglein Johnson

Thank you.

Mike Latimore

sales rates close on trending? you at pipeline give So how color Can a very cycles little strong are growth was and XX%. the

Will Marshall

Can you take that, Ashley?

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

periods. some in with say geographies, signs of prior they've been showing in line basically And improvement. I'd Yes.

Mike Latimore

Got some you the you little or little color cases on geography. new vertical further with expansions? you talked it it. specifically -- Are great. such be these what's of cases? on ag the use they products expanded use a several R&D? new new geographic seeing ag expansion about expanding internal in demand into as behind for like around more Can expansions going dynamics give of a for Is where current you on one on highlighted And in the would there. A big kind And color vertical, then

Will Marshall

primarily but suppose the it's former. Yes, I

-- to it's as in us with product as So will can the addition, expansion We a ag that do clear signed to capabilities for. then ag also is product there's a was with we Southern market we of hemisphere expansion have opportunities well. add also that exactly for growth and territory. within those this another where they're value-added to Syngenta We've case, territories they as piece. have that just asked actually, Taranis other And really or that see companies we expanding just both partnership in be services, add, we expansion big expand about lot which them wanting pay of significant in talk fit

Mike Latimore

I you’re guess Can like sounds the Great. as hiring you one, headcount sales confirm hires on expected? just last just are sales track.

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

continues Yes. the of progress ramp and reps pleased quarter-over-quarter, The reps number to so grow there. with

disclosed that the And fact filled frankly, our I see, mission. candidates leadership As just based strong part the sales we of close is and mentioned, publicly them in and which an team, continue we out on we've strategy. to important pool obviously the ability Planet's to position the

Will Marshall

Candy, I'd fantastic add out Officer. doing He's of a have team. building just in confidence Chief Revenue just Charlie we personally great job that that our

Mike Latimore

Excellent. Thank luck. Good you.

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

you. Thank


The Thank you, Craig-Hallum. is line of Mr. Jeff next Rhee from with Van the question Latimore.

proceed. may You

Jeff Van Rhee

Thanks for my and questions. off running taking Great. I'll congrats here. add my

couple for So me. a

ag the terms anything defense norm, particularly pipeline? from the it of for look want on key ESG, a markets, And those develop to what terms in you're a at in within seeing pipeline. if variance any Just the that's second dig in notable of target to were of and you

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

across actually No. I'd say board. it's the

the I helping awareness think feet to on to about and drive get it and it in. Planet, we've qualify been certainly pipeline having is, street then as one able more bring that's the

in is covers broad and use government, interesting a where areas land use deforestation. growth really including monitoring array a actually amount some applications, the monitoring cases from which to of of interest water seeing of new One civil we're significant and

for will uptick that's we the of be one significant the sector tailwind that's we're one where exciting, a and important area So our it's pipeline seeing sustainability certainly anticipate overall. areas an in where and

Jeff Van Rhee

well picture, the on I myself questions obviously numbers and One on then the bit Two guide Helpful. could. think I revenue And outperformed below. a as was quarter. the consensus if

the You the at revenue wondering also, I'm you what unpredictability. the was. consensus difference. is wondering on usage respect VanderSat some guide where secondarily, if versus incremental about on just impact color that's I'm expenses QX then And from any about talked And if that that acquisition. QX some with EBITDA, QX had to guide the look the

Ashley Fieglein Johnson


So knowing more got on that exactly at And had wide around thought enough just was that But revenue, really Day, given little was a the our you've right. bit I there Analyst yes, usage. is it range I a a little in bit of unpredictability QX. expectation

that just we'll of on overall more but I've lumpiness QX get this year, so our revenue ratable just that's matter move And some recognition, and of timing pacing. it's haircut and keeps we where as the -- out a more to whole of And that the of of us revenue picture. the out

been So between bit movement and CapEx. And EBITDA, a on little of there's that's you're front. seeing on what then revenue OpEx the primarily

have CapEx guidance, OpEx And in minus so expense where if back were September, the some Pelican with look predominantly you see shifts at fleet. we that for related but we consistent you'll CapEx our between and in had to EBITDA it's

capabilities. our resolution, our So seeing a about fact the in high we're and interest revisit high event of talked marketing in following we that that October, lot

And shifted so as recognized what expense that's OpEx. that, some lean from as of to our would we into CapEx be

of there. same. bit kind But is little the of a variability picture spend the So overall there's

Jeff Van Rhee

leave it you. Thank Okay, there. I'll great.

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

Great. Thanks.


Park is from line Roy The Capital. of the question Rhee. Mr. next you, with Thank Ruben West

You may proceed.

Ruben Roy

we usage. you much congratulations. and start my maybe very talk could my on for guess just taking about made, Thanks Ashley, echo just I last To off comment start, questions the

add fiscal how those subscription next these about areas maybe is and to cases to like think think just new versus guess, some of use start how you you look insurance, these sort about usage we you new to mix year, as the of And think some verticals as of out I'm of are do across going ramp finance, getting trying verticals cetera. et more sales ramp, if figure as 'XX? I some to

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

lot to do we of Yes, contracts. structure how I think has a just it our with

customers, they're us virtually for, ratable quarter, sell then use to on a revenue that a couple predictability ramping credits which credits passing year. have they gave some would high it of the because lot latitude of of signed that basically and subscribing [ph]. terms the the were It even if becomes example, ago of we us customer use them when so And per still per to credit recognition, revenue we across for basis versus the gives when tasking contracts years it might certain a in we it's month, stream, easier a actually more number to

see whether ratable So move question? that from sense? that tasking or away more revenue address consumption think of a to it's the pure able more and Does in shifting predictability, think it's terms that to contracts. of shift the how about PlanetScope revenue to less Does we I of more subscription-like has subscription a make your SkySat subscription, we're

Ruben Roy

up quick it very just then follow does. you, That's helpful. And for a Yes, Ashley. Thank Will.

the you going government, -- big a defense cetera. expansions, et with As we about about guys think and on lot again intelligence, obviously these talked

have areas of balance kind to addressing it's next of the these you some exciting about think sheet in capitalized Now steps and emerging kind markets. in some the of growth of

whether invest you there those think to board you markets, we markets two forestry of about So about, or one do it's or as most or finance, some investments of or think accelerate et new that the you're across think you are Will, cetera? need excited insurance, kind it's immediately into, any or

Will Marshall

accounts couple for years, most Well, we think in from our existing the where existing firstly, cases use next those come I expansion either the in the of of markets and growth new from know work. accounts that to already is markets going vertical comes or

more more lot companies and ag the government civil the So well. mapping, countries got go side and rest a U.S. -- intelligence to counties government, opportunities and we're a There's traction of where the to lot world. local where on state across governments agricultural, lot We've government civil There's after. having There’s go -- defense as that's civil the world. there's across the after. XXX there's a and then equivalents in X,XXX

And market so we've there. got huge, huge

of I excited of think all ships else very We really new on, that of the -- world I'm alpha go tell because anyone those before in to expressed et For into to stack attack market. output intrinsic think wide stack in the and markets so the value. development of can more et talking finance, the software can go that before before have insurance principal some cetera, sales now value it's finance the the the alike. that work needs our one. massive that other the to right? finance be primary business couple We capital the that and primarily core anyone else, cetera. huge. mines to to soil the those, vertical why about, mode. software anyone enable else, before data markets investments, anyone on you're area and major ports is it for enable I got But That's tell will sort up for that's doing sure to marketing have like two our the we is build just after a else, But for and our the software I about that's and personally using

it's So not now. primetime a thing

billions markets in got in -- a the of in opportunity of opportunity of I huge front us billions is core revenue that really those. said, and As we've just just

Ruben Roy

Right. Makes Will. sense. Thanks,

Will Marshall

worries. No


the pass Roy. would the team to like question-and-answer remarks. session. I now the concludes for call Thank That closing to any back management you, Mr.

Ashley Fieglein Johnson

continuing go all the I we got we've a today. company. as think We look forward to public that's forward as conversation

for So today. joining thanks

Will Marshall

the has Planet with about a business sense is to market. looking you fact the Analyst our market. we you, the that -- relationships a is subscription our enables market beginning the said a which one Day excited in no big and Look, Thank I that building at huge everyone. the differentiation public with really all big what forward scan are and of as Yes. data that else I'm we

that go fourth is thing opportunities. add those I now can right, to to think fully we after we're capitalized, a which

and investing we're and it's where And execution. now execution so execution, we know

So thanks very much.


earnings the participation. concludes you your That for fiscal Planet call. QX Thank XXXX

You disconnect your may now line.