NextNav (NN)

Gary Parsons Chairman
Ganesh Pattabiraman Co-Founder and CEO
Chris Gates CFO
Timothy Horan Oppenheimer
Mike Crawford B. Riley
Jaime Perez RF Lafferty
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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the NextNav's First Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call. Participating on today's call are Gary Parsons, NextNav's Chairman; Ganesh Pattabiraman, NextNav's Co-Founder and CEO; and Chris Gates, NextNav's Chief Financial Officer.

Before we begin, please note that during today's presentation, the company may make forward-looking statements, either in our prepared remarks or in the associated question-and-answer session. These statements which involve risks and uncertainties relate to analyses and other information that are based on forecasts of future results and estimates of amounts not yet determinable and may also relate to NextNav's future prospects, developments, and business strategies. In particular such forward looking statements include statements about NextNav's position to drive growth in its 3D geolocation business and expansion of its next generation GPS platform, the business plans objectives, expectations and intentions of NextNav, NextNav's partnerships, and the potential success thereof and NextNav's estimated and future business strategies, competitive position, industry environment, and potential growth opportunities. on risks or cause and to materially. based subject and actual are differ certain to uncertainties payments current beliefs expectations are results These that may uncertainties, subject which forward-looking of outside statements. discussed differ NextNav's cause and Such materially factors, could are to that results statements other important are unknown forward-looking in risks, actual assumptions, control from and many results known to the factors continue include, ability risks, gain but not These other uncertainties, markets, the to and limited and within key of in important NextNav platforms partners, to assumptions, traction to notable the are with both U.S. the business network, be indicated partners, grow business Exchange possibility factors, COVID-XX sheet, and customers, and NextNav. deploy documents maintain with its the by internationally; the solution of key to manage the uncertainties other that capital coronavirus with including of economic Securities suppliers, XXX relationships with respect ability filed the balance with other time-to-time strategies; Commission to by maintain and maintain NextNav and ongoing pandemic; may ability to its risks and NextNav's flexibility management ability TerraPoiNT growth NextNav and/or employees; the affected impact generate, it's and to and line Pinnacle in profitably, from including effectively and competitive adversely and

events and New these may from how or impossible predict time-to-time, uncertainties to they arise us. for risks and it us is affect

result recent forward-looking impact future are upon forward-looking Risk made. You the to may in which our are as or And commitment filings. cautioned information, no events, factors any our only identified whether statements, undertakes update as statements, new otherwise. not reliance undue most performance the that a NextNav SEC place speak or of date to of revise

prepared remarks, led host our session. operator the Following question-and-answer an will company

company's Gary Please over conclusion turn of go NextNav replay Chairman, With Relations posted will discussion be the of Parsons. to to at I'll the a call, call our Investor today's the website. addition, In that, ahead.

Gary Parsons

be much, to conference very you NextNav's quarter I'll since many and and update strategic everyone, weeks recently fairly with quarter an you keep here course, our spoke only and and operator welcome, business to first fourth you on few to brief. ago, provide call, a of the actually comments we earnings Thank my pleased We're overview call. of on

of more you off Chris Joining me today start Q&A. Gates. on then and the the To it CFO, Ganesh, to NextNav's to of a Ganesh and it quarter, call, going the overview open highlights. call a NextNav's with recent will we'll I'm then call operational Pattabiraman is he'll as and I'll CEO, wrap-up heard a pass financials for the of quick the provide some the up at review offer then and look Chris

in off will a plan the build momentum XXXX. awesome year, start you NextNav execution an first to we off solid last hear is our delivered strategic in quarter. continued As today We against

key in As will Ganesh Pinnacle detail, in gaming discuss and our expanded for our such network areas as partnership service. we EXXX greater

in something when new sometimes, agreement added Things space, an a Internet transportation we've vertical Mile with the talked Last in but IoT the added past also about really Technologies. or We of with

concerns. of United States month Today, been spoken which budget a are their the recognize with DHS affair Services. ramped we also for business. and allocated quick these and or resilient, beginning following of more government government Transportation also U.S. saw officials is of fiscal which we've we've Both Position, detailed conversations roadmap out. that ensuring apparent really we've last attraction, Navigation, in on officials I vulnerabilities earnings of what build produce our you quarter We to would to or much also partnership steps continuing can money a of engaged the a and government's does the was XXXX call. very to is TerraPoiNT our continue Notably, protecting efforts budgetary integral remain engaged gains and the Congress towards Department critical discussions interest signs we and highly with the these infrastructure example about PNT assessments and in concern. and systems and also and interference out both specifically this results. continue process And it and last interest how of about in and And drawn secured we along includes to meet GPS XXXX multiple meet not growing we remiss this with Ukraine, see spoke technology growing war the last approved course, didn't and to Open designated to PN&T remain the of you, told with European on allocated part we be to past. assessment, they government in to which Timing in funding of year Alliance, As expect in resiliency. address you'll targeted this location the funding, remind an great all needs all promising PNT how the the with deal this by that becoming of hold contemplate the through as the Since progress funding earnest of devastating industry have the to about, solutions talked publicly which in Europe then Russian government's I has hear to in fully The about are member, importance a built We're Congress of make been the interest, minute, I we spoke, elsewhere. terms platform find if now areas GPS examine GPS, ubiquitous, finalized full around We're be in are guess, to now up services budgets DoD particularly, next U.S. the of as verticals. government course,

in is process, into quick mind. VP we're Ed topics of key ensure our Our well, built process interests closely that involved discussions, budget thus taking knowing that a to ensuring this ongoing conversation. top and the these momentum remain of look the next as further out far of a Government isn't we've Affairs, remain Because year's the in Mortimer

turn over that, let to progress. to you me the Ganesh? with the provide Ganesh details call So the with quarter's about

Ganesh Pattabiraman

We partnerships against the and that and off Afternoon, Service. have us. opportunities year, and executing quarter, Services. build first last front business we some today In many me work welcome began of everyone, excited our Gary. in To Thanks with the the first key to call. quarter Pinnacle earnings we our of of signing to about stands pretty by where Pinnacle build the into good are continue of we foundational strong our our we announcements new the with, TerraPoiNT starting of let a begin slate while dig feel

leadership safety build space. position to our in continue on the public We

locations, January, safety of We're we may and and in for actionable including a public information it enable information view, announced show by and GIS safety in with two a dispatchable measurements the deals public location you Next on in the calls next by working to three raw intelligence by originated to tactical data from continuing the such data we Next Using other Gen this wireless both Systems visual back vertical a positioning and in is Gen received recall, from service. dimensional providers automatically leaders the of in address, with the room indoor with are a announced key building. major excited provide dispatchers the foundation for now PSAP a access for understandable end, to public floor where As street Advanced take that one safety. actionable and GeoComm to the dimensional with and To the who convert name, can in PSAPs as the ecosystem this Pinnacle displays an ability axis is elements XXX able way end We're wireless more to way location GeoComm platform building carrier including makes XXX. level, players is Systems now our call partnership visually multi-storey as the map for that provide -- information, Technologies space XXX map GeoComm the building local expansion about to build and data points. GeoComm location really carriers vertical operators emergency our highlighting altimeter number. to adopted making and enabled vertical which on into map.

its across of Advanced to a that and level or Generation the gain the turn, fastest XXX the platform. next information, need safe is and EXXX needing those natively have the in display Gen and to first to both we that for to to incoming in capability NGA's confidence rollout of serve, instances. handling format. large be vertical Carrier XD to XD will response solutions access clients expect floor one XXX will our the on It's and location platforms Next Nevada. data are report growing and in now California Project major In they Integration happy allow I'm emergency schedule generation also Next and clients remains that calls call cloud able show year. cloud-based dispatched responders XXX remain they later devices ecosystem with

too. good pretty feel we forward is moving how project that So, about

moving market. continue foundation in see, to to continue we'll a -- additional established solid opportunities As look you forward. or can identify we've establish safety to public And

are and Beyond this, in gaming our also expanding Metaverse space. we the footprint

to and to gap previously location location recently or this our and a validate environment to Here like bringing treasure their and experiences in a first can floor technology development fast-growing tied The augmented agreement location real the provide we of the we're property Metaverse providing NextNav's in the NFT into partnership see Similar is augmented company virtual also ourselves purchase will of geolocation experiences way verification announced to game. nascent and enabling with gaming gaming Widow location of location the virtual where the with vast and we immersive our experiences working reality more vertical Games, users, or leveraging use you're authentication, to opportunities echoXD, the the on spoofing services able market. It we different the to of reality depending mobile XD an enable physical align in at. signed Widow to interactions or capabilities closing digital Metaverse. and is expand a estate landmark vertical the this something best-in-class application truly Games in unique with transactions prevent to application, real worlds. which that's a authenticate location, between and

As be with virtual real-time Widow Technology events. properties integrated Games' that this title, GEOPOLY tied selling Pinnacle couples real and mobile buying, will into world game digital part upgrading, opportunity, the of marquee to

and attendance, virtual verify helping vertical Our and location-based dimension users experiences the exciting mentioned, area Gary world gaming users rewards, we're location, timestamps the them geolocation, facilitating of making users the interactions will prevent is us for with our enable authenticate location. in-game including is transactions, before where IoT. safety and help logically-aligned the users can events, geofencing location-based technology you've positioning other presence finally, And heard real as actually while at to other to technology Through businesses authenticating and us spaces virtual and services into public the grow of talk spoofing. specific and and about and in validate also One moves same and in diversify.

location a weeks vertical asset capabilities and partners Mile movement natural during use expanding view a tracking the a the of ecommerce of solutions. we number Pinnacle sensor pandemic, case. solutions. that partnership providers exploding With announced partnership step this event asset a proprietary services to Mile few provider we ago, a with for IoT next analysis key to in services Last Technologies, as enable large enhance Last Just with

partnership location operation to visualize strengthen enables required applications, This organizations could via intelligence. infrastructure business mobile data-driven site done security Our and API, assets otherwise the with movement web, and localized X-dimensional decision-making. Last and expensive to or be understand can critical be of provide or precisely on-premise Mile complex with that to hardware

keep that lot we at additions, exciting development assure these stages to partnerships we you have progress. will updated other various as they a Beyond of of

we continue to towards site technology. solid optimize make TerraPoiNT, Expenditures design, are network we to transmitter building Now, to launch planning. commercial as and expected be the overall conduct of turning selections, the XXXX modest this progress in

holdings of to perspective. from and scope and Our and strong maintain over allows sheets spectrum the both control us capital pace that the technology activity licensed balance

internationally growing and here -- officials of stemming government both with GPS see and vulnerabilities, As U.S. Gary from mentioned, concerns. continue we integral to active unfortunate to and address address these expect roadmaps an interests the in the in We in events government part remain -- services to to Ukraine. in location these discussions from be

and we're Alternate will hosting participating they evaluation Union our last next we officials. Positioning is noted where Commission's Italy. technology Center, be to in will XXth, Joint On Research week, Conference Demo we Navigation Ispra, European which the European May quarter, As be Day, the showcasing Timing the

the of results you We summer. performance the can and coming full the expect update information on report of demonstration this later Department of demonstration this sure to our to released be be the similar is made available. out Ispra, as more Transportation's We'll

And the addition Ispra, In a how with needs I XXth. week Workshop current the and to the specifically panel May excited following will and can NextNav's This government I've to further of technologies speaking needs Position officials to senior Italy, note to future. just in asked I'll the that demonstration one review the today NASA flying of them. that, and in to With U.K. to meet efforts let by look we Government meet me like on PNT week our be and Navigation to make European those is with financials. and VP the Chris progress I'm Chris? forward Timing have Union a NASA many at I participate Mortimer, on over been resilience. Ed to be things PNT on our collaborate and to Affairs also of to next for continuing with turn underway

Chris Gates

first in to in In quarter, GAAP today. afternoon signed what about from expense. quarter includes customers first talk the of well the for about amortization in thank of the loss $XX of Getting progress that as now year. us operating the million makes the approximately we Good our million, and We're the $X.X everyone numbers, excited illustrates our we as and in first joining recognize Thanks. rest quarter, and into for of and in that you the results to you happy depreciation us million beginning $XXX,XXX XXXX. an the platforms compensation $X.X resulting stock-based revenue topline

the to of for value $X.X in income our was fair and loss period included to million million previous net element the the non-cash warrant charges Our change of $X.X in the non-cash a addition related liability.

were expenses stock million $X.X $XX.X again, and non-cash Our including total operating million million and comp based $X.X expense in in D&A.

XXXX million with and as at sheet end, and quarter had we in us into balance cash, capital as and remains balance providing free we flexibility $XX.X we beyond. Our debt ample sheet work

Now, to optimistic be transition near-term we as due the we the we in national pleased and terms remind with service, that adoption first that and usage of large customer also expand. in scaled that of operations. an schedule. and as on the our as discussed to of revenue there EXXX likely of We're is earlier proceeding of seeing highlighted the we've call, Gary outlook, for to our to significance customers like service Ganesh We'd past, EXXX time continue the remain our about our including to investors, the service implementation carrier is service in we're to and in wireless adoption continue grow our between certain however, scale our lumpiness as

with We meaningful additionally, customers potential rate contracts to finish variability expect government revenue around and significant with contracts. and XXXX a integration, run platform XXX

anticipate closely of billion to X.X an do note, We're novel business in national like watching again, our employee our chain And while we certain horizon preordering finally maintain inflation our for costs, up call course, property, the including and monitoring to emphasized we be we're not and higher equipment the open business, intellectual time, the sheet. long while for megahertz at components. at we've our network, issues. supply are lengthening potential I'd material deployed to your effects As somewhat this do we not time. With this questions. asset, spectrum extraordinary -- foundation closely past, for balance top also final lead And material expect these the that, and


question [Operator Our Timothy with as Please Oppenheimer. Horan go first the from will line Instructions] ahead. come

Timothy Horan

just traction -- countries? behind about A on were? you Hi you ahead the expectations give Maybe a around Secondly, track or talk think maybe what questions. I do on few of guys. mentioned can know some your lastly, all internationally or update them the with you maybe, the you've by revenue, sizable give year And all us three? in the color can run you can rough end idea, maybe rate Thanks. a you're

Gary Parsons

stage like of guidance Well, or let because fluctuation associated lumpiness we'll contracts any expectations on now. at hit sort things obviously, platform with to or know, get you run large Chris And where still we're other not some me providing of mostly early an it -- and we as right in because you get we're that, integrations. this rate

to the would actually, adoption, public, we first XXXX, and new look would think, new platform call we our becoming specifically, partnerships, most be into penetrate even I very public things yet, I of very now that as after that we've what out ability itself that had been not into mentioned, marketing, But what seen pleased hopefully, be and government gaming, like government. certainly, seeing things IoT, successfully with the turned the that, identifiable of safety, like has we're contracts. of

quickly now. saw to much we're woken and right that. you very along as MetCom it front, closely that can me Japan. international over presentation, Ganesh? we we're That's Ganesh in And over into to issue as to move Ganesh's as trying work even clearly, with the On to Europe this on too. I from very turn has continuing very, mean, up very area let nicely moving

Ganesh Pattabiraman

Ispra, do for think Japan, actually the Europe in meet and in part the of these U.K. with This on the in I international we're larger see we in the progress we framework our RV are their headed the making the meaningful some technology that's a types that think, to why across reason happening will are activities with debt and of of with capabilities Europe Ed I And to there at board. officials, a pleased in is capabilities. because seeing out on both trial revaluation certainly set activities, market. front, set PNT and Yes, the partner there. mean, I strengthening quite of coupled That's -- enable we these Gary. greater Tim push that U.K. MetCom

it the But I MetCom we're think Japanese further this progress year we we they're the allocating the of expect have front that good spectrum see faring. the how on now government suffice to is rollout both and some later have currently say, that announcements think right they I on Pinnacle undergoing. trial activities and to some seeing to quite

Gary Parsons

interest also to we TerraPoiNT issues the Europe and Hey, because Ukraine well infrastructure number Pinnacle probably assets require of service, actually, the we a be as getting there the which lot does focus in a able how Ganesh, And get as utilize of to countries not an to on we're critical Pinnacle note the of lot stuff want we're a awful resiliency, and GPS in spectrum underway. interest with a on the conversations but cause governmental may backup internationally, in side. in this they

expected anything Do MetCom well going else? -- Pinnacle the even to And address be just move thing with forward too. certainly to the so to want and you Japan in Services

Chris Gates

I you I don't captured well. think, Gary, pretty it think

deal a quarterly the the cautious at especially quarter part you meaningful have concepts that things about get closing of if or moves impact. a it end of a the mind we're keep I months of in even reason the providing, quarter, few specific it's can little think as one to a the is

So, seeing appetite. we are

that reason. a of signing direction, our terms want underneath caution still are We customers little in bit we specificity really, to base and that seeing of that for maintain base in customer growing. revenue We are and

Timothy Horan

runway, Chris, Yes, said run can around or the color I XX you you some of the by more wondering rate know I was or what at give if just I end any XX understand, a us that? months just you meant on color material the months

Chris Gates

to isn't extremely second, to, want expectations direction at this meaning putting we working what strong but with we understand provide not with that. I in the that start when a -- well sure we the timing degree and think are don't in about right great think business, something very there, want we in founded that do formally scope. that -- of the make do We is the is predictability the they interest like out the I

Timothy Horan

the lastly, Okay. me, are And then partnership. setup and partnerships, economics and the the the the of for partnerships

expected, So they are any them? they of kind Are around, you lot have worse? they But of falling in call place yes, but you better? a how

Gary Parsons

I to to into? Ganesh, want you get want you do think

Ganesh Pattabiraman

consistent will we public Yes, the safety, can public think provide. talked say mean, I it's yes, product gaming, frameworks for seeing I in that IoT, in we we've Tim, categories say, largely expansion. safety would I that about, I the and aspect, are the that defined I with the

And desktop we side, and so, the is. different for altimeter that about, it capability model. provides talked view visualization a but just But, slightly they're

Gary Parsons

more us that It's richer game on positive for did for front what and than sponsors. it

Ganesh Pattabiraman

the is, desktop it is or it's on it And month per because of model. It is side, type user, seat, on per also is a per higher value. it Right?

larger Some similar an MOU, it. with but dollars to associated it

we and as on deeper, we integrated on all Because of segments feel the again, platforms. get think is, shows I expansion one deeper into the on that it -- positive front. those So

Gary Parsons

I I before volume in become out on environment, advertising marketing I public analytics, to of Yes, where which data mentioned the going in things. non-public more overall, associated folks be anything the things so seeing the tend economic to with safety, even in forward, they aligned, those are type contract get -- things with what because the place is we're think to past, things, to safety of I we've worker think, think before what all we're mean, are if volume, it's the a consistent have to really and XXX going alone those and need appear you those

the also that patterns have they, seen. on out we no reason those, will still jury's follow that to we'll they expect but So we have

Timothy Horan

guys. Thanks,


Mike question the will of Riley. ahead. B. come from with go Crawford line Please next Your

Mike Crawford

and that just intend Or quarter? your consistently? were customer billings the last you in Thank off provide What quarter? you. bookings one something to a customer Is was that

Chris Gates

Hey, Mike…

Ganesh Pattabiraman

Chris, to one. get you want that

Chris Gates

Yes. This here. is Chris,

I due think a referenced we not to the probably on basis, to annual simulate something we provide earlier. an basis. kind quarterly unevenness And intend it's on but again, of

we sort provided year, providing -- the provides felt anticipate it I end a I capture that. over of good that, quarter of happened on is to but year think a entire sort at basis. don't what quarter

Mike Crawford

one Well, zero. in was customer quarter, we were given of Can buildings the the XX% quarter? revenue extremely low that and assume in receivables almost first went to and bookings that

Gary Parsons

We We did. We did collect. collect. did

our see receivable the and you'll We quarter, think -- billings not is I not have did have it on collect That for period. statement. the cash did correct. accounts flow huge did significant in

Mike Crawford

just more… Okay. one Maybe

Gary Parsons

to what also of because that at over these we be Mike. government revenue And tell also contracts period those be. say I that'll Sure, It'll expect recognize least the if a actual are into for things. give go to any you feel what will We'll run. those them say contract is sure, flow how the of type important of might then or we get when what try we time to you

best there is annual other that it. the like if that, we'll basis or to are So the probably than any that. hopefully do I off one do think But way yearly

Chris Gates

based Gary, becomes that with Yes, payments. Yes, the part especially consideration. milestone of

against take look kind the some service. that course, of those a as imagine those forward we've through And of then milestone are we quarter. be we there products Be that One some into So the of of work what into been little activities. may emerge. quarter, had payments yet based as we delivering to we bit would first wanted in of done fourth into, to a give

Gary Parsons

And Mike, you said you another one? Yes. had

Mike Crawford

for Yes, is down was related the should million that first back a future? couple X that we like, in to a Or business, quarter? stock going what million year high thinking about based first, an the there in to I that's a be have just to expectation quarter, the this but get comp

Gary Parsons

that's, continue come then with kind was periodic going content, do see sure that recognition report hiring, Yes, call stock the to we that's that's one-time That to out. of down. think back And based be a, there. annual you'll we'll new important to to

kind like its our repeated. So anticipate like. stock But be cash you expenses can know, based really comp, cash magnitude on our you operating what financials impact kind what to we of don't our understand real, the of that looks what look

Mike Crawford

either? Not say, QX in, next repeated year,

Gary Parsons

That I look far many future, assumptions. that it's to frankly, the that so into don't it's subject to hard matter, on the line because

Mike Crawford


Chris Gates

Well, business that some, people assumptions as on while headcount, there to the is will too. some as ramping how a many adding people how obviously, we're the we're have many impact that well, big

Mike Crawford

right, and pleasant just matters. to All more turning

and you're TerraPoiNT on optimizing design, So your commercial planning. transmitter network

there? supply bomb? what it you for chain? lower doing do Or optimizing do how So to mean you're the Or what you exactly what

Gary Parsons

different because things. you number that, want Ganesh, a of its Yes. packs get Hey, to

Ganesh Pattabiraman

cetera, a mean, of form cost taking into sort for a the, is of also to the are I of it of the changes ensuring supply some account factors, from the chain. perspective. It sort is variety enough is It small et Yes. to in factor

that factors update it's those obviously, that you so occur, are think of I think I two continuing a gave we ago. months variety to And just

the now the on. the again, think the going of is sort I throughout to, point we continuing the, that process that So network finalized with along that the completed. it's is are set and rest is parallel of get that assessment, right a planning activities market expect year, not And also that of

Mike Crawford

X.X you but low mentioned in the spectrum thank pops the of billion holdings. megahertz And then US, of have you band And you. megahertz then, that eight

plan. TerraPoiNT five enact to really You need your

additional look megahertz what or other take to you maybe the spectrum? you other should So expect megahertz we steps should three are taking or pops spectrum? the that out million be value get XXX of Yes, The next to some

Gary Parsons

get that's Let the are at not that But on this look comment. now, point. now, that's me initial We out very different just where that, age it's important we not, to product We're heavily right let something exploring probably right about a talk on it because number appropriate options it. think rolled address more certainly front. us at Mike, me can we of and the for

the when So get five where get for that's anything solid it to you you'll that's just those have it. one well, of megahertz. don't And, want announcements to foreshadow We

Mike Crawford

Okay. everyone. you, Thank Thank Gary. you,


come line Jaime go [Operator RF question the will Instructions] The Lafferty. ahead. with of Please one Perez from

Jaime Perez

Good taking Thanks question. day, everybody. for my

headcount. the you I mentioned few know have a And projects. You

increase these yourself work some for be to the of Are out. headcount these for projects? going projects of not to Pinnacle You some need to rolled subcontracted you get doing

Ganesh Pattabiraman

Are you referring to --

Jaime Perez

Thanks, Ganesh.

Ganesh Pattabiraman

product of stuff referring the Yes, about? some we've sort Jamie. Are you that talked expansion of to

Jaime Perez

EXXX like products? Well, the

Ganesh Pattabiraman

no we those I headcount fully of on we're Currently, them. we're don't Yes, waiting not mean, the for on customers, deliver that anticipate, time staffed all to projects. types

think of business development, where we of that's, customer that types factors, after. some increasing our up we also gearing the markets is on of are of I sales we're that headcount because obviously, and support the enablement, sort anticipate, really for verticals new and you going customers see, the volume

So I expansion of where is. lot think that's really our a

a gaming It's of I less the that's And staffed, and E are goes that have any signed, projects for same and that, course, of for the more is to is, that's, it, system etc. beasts. and waiting remains the types are charge them. and is sort customers platform are large that's some with the same. and, IoT so applications. of to products, where on a hires but integration. of where the mean, and beauty we have API able or slightly we that different then well for And no lot execute XXX the of and our SDK the, a there's those of we And, the that's

Gary Parsons

public or gone we Ganesh and little we same are try have to that. platforms that, from do, to partnerships will outsourcing in say, could note it bit of you a want do that not safety, probably ourselves. out vertically like even the chain number move were Jamie the something if hey, and on you Yes, and trying provide asking what a that of up we We're announced to application the

the answering public already to safety piece or the are are those dispatchers that providing, software for that. services, for things We and example, arm and like to trying the folks CAD apps points, mapping equip

they But bit try that a make going to there's go ourselves. good to it well, So manifest a build of and really use not sure little product we're to product. assistance

getting to that try the So we and product were rather platforms from having yes, yourself. than partners, leverage the that build to the

much that -- yes, So

Jaime Perez


So I've it. understand their into to right. the all Basically, you're support Yes, support product it into your what application. basically, you to this, to going have got that's developers and takes integrate

containers to? there's mount Now, going those it that, only able dimensions, chips dimensional it NextNav? you end as application? technology, Is to be two were alas three replaced? put as RFID on far this a have the old no what's game the The he be that end is shipping to the Is goal, that

Gary Parsons

technologies, et Jamie, would along types Sigfox last what think, primarily these is cetera. the to providing cases, I to case, specifically, LTE lot I dimension technology with guess, using they third we're I say GPS, In mean, of complimentary the of are the capabilities broadly, and a that, mile be I in for there enabled. allow

are, with of So dimension and are they're, that talked is that is of and you actually that lot localized liked what given markets of enablement folks types certainly that infrastructure they types about. the There asset verticals, these third providing hospital idea of an gets that different is of of and some we're important It into tracking a and large in infrastructure. deployment platform types tracking IoT of free that situations. to we're applications platform who expense RFID discussions the

over that happen Certainly, that's the And so I natural possibility. of time. a think may course

Jaime Perez

and other interesting, you that next sort of end snap next of like to You any level? something defense, markets. might mentioned the to something that that That's automotive, to send get market desire it's be data,

Gary Parsons

I with are, mean, working discussions we of again, so verticals. Oh, in yes. many and those

In timing of that terms continuing the wanting the in technology service capability, position urbanized EV drones need to the they see, to are different or enable navigation I mean, areas. lots of types use partners automotive leverage of to that cases, our that again, because reliable we and

announce And there. so those I of we good momentum will seeing and, see time, traction to that and continue of we're think course

Jaime Perez

Now, fees the those durations? are partnerships the the one-time or are as contracts? they they fees? contracts And some mean, quarter? far Or just of terms I what's these as you licensing during announced on signed

Gary Parsons

contracts, past type depending mentioned, monthly of request of side, in on bit are per it Yes, a of they specifically on active public type the specific in of arena, I And the similarly to the I the we've in terms more desktop may a the don't of, if application perfect the that talk side, active usage. we talked it user as I can gaming to in frameworks a safety something type about know little API side, varies model per be say IoT that's will with consistent on, it's or the model, seat a essentially of type just on model.

what frameworks I with there. we think past. the deviations about remain consistent We see in significant talked don't So of those all

Jaime Perez

All have. taking right. That's the Thank questions. I all my questions you for

Jaime Perez


Ganesh Pattabiraman

Jamie. Thanks,


time. for further remarks. any There conference are turn questions over I'll closing no the at this back

Gary Parsons

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