Chesapeake Utilities (CPK)

Beth Cooper Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Corporate Secretary
Jeff Householder President & Chief Executive Officer
Jim Moriarty Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
Kevin Webber Senior Vice President and President, Florida Business Unit
Tate Sullivan Maxim Group
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Good morning. My name is Chino and I’ll be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Chesapeake Utilities Second Quarter 2019 Earnings Conference Call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. you. Thank Instructions] [Operator

like the now Ms. over Beth Cooper. to would call turn to I

your conference. begin may You

Beth Cooper

Thank Good XXXX to the you welcome Chesapeake to Chino. Utilities morning, everyone. second quarter earnings call. like conference I'd everyone

on and Moriarty, Chief CEO Risk me President Counsel Officer. Compliance President, Jim the Jeff Executive are Joining Householder, today and and General Vice and phone

We us. with have the in room other members team of the management

Lane is Complex our in being Delaware. call Today's Energy held Dover, at

well as opportunities our quarterly and presentation looking Our focus results forward. will on year-to-date as

to slide to of know to forward-looking you performance. I that factors from disclosures includes X. familiar future with most our refer list information forward-looking that to are Turning our our in could cause of XXXX this we've statements related differ it company's included we you concerning annual the slide, results today's report but Again a normal presentation. for

Today's discussion and certain margin include EPS. measures gross as non-GAAP such will also adjusted

Jeff. now turn will I the over to call

Jeff Householder

joining speak Good happy thanks Good company's Chesapeake in report quarter financial the results. operational long generating and with deliver to second strong Utilities morning the that history, for you to continued I'm today results its second and us. has quarter. to

execute representing share dedicated employee last group of in those per earnings combination be today. thankful several We'll of for was as strategic to a very talk and $X.XX, of regulatory the initiatives. in always quarter that compared And Earnings to to terms share. X.X% growth growth year per about adjusted of we and identify continue continue

Florida. expansions results positive in and Delmarva natural quarter from the gas Our second reflect XXXX both impact

two $X.XX about per in experienced share in a saw Delmarva weather this lower also operating We warmer significantly earnings $X.XX spring. of Ohio about and reduction from in we share offset that a expenses quarter

chart year related Those to and compared normal fairly income weather an remain to X. on last page differences see significant. can You

to slide over Turning X.

know of EPS. And you in we've long that year, a shareholder generating of of in half growth a this in have at first first dividend return over May of XXXX Just XX.X% XXXX, above company that continued this the X.X%. all the as with the growth dividend highlights We've also history five-year the we are of a half X.X% by from XX%. which increased XXXX represents adjusted least

across $X.X growth replacement the And that reflection The projects $X.X driven that we've the with including margin in Marlin execute million. growth $X.X acquisition businesses Florida the gas and natural of really been on, projects we with about our happy generated news to able conversions the projects is to distribution pipeline of a through pipeline a new about Marlin. service margin date about of variety million; in in we've million

initiatives. we're other variety pursuing regulatory million has with portion $X.X retain that operations. doing margin results. distribution of Florida to a mentioned our we've gas happy The earlier is of as one thing those the tax in added a is certain very That of of natural savings quite in about I our been successful year-to-date And to our TCJA ability

noting for the worth our with a of along It's we the filing. Service filed the be reserve. Public Florida the that's a recovery two-pronged is recovery think I this in There's Michael. kind Commission adjustments that associated remaining thing, incurred other The piece Hurricane the costs of permanently storm will week with of with recovery fees

continue the slide earnings of just the to summary first to of X some half Turning XXXX. over for

share. mentioned in adjusted XX.X% earnings growth prior per As I over year earlier,

actually Delmarva of by the and consumption and again $X.XX. the see the about earnings we fairly a have can Ohio course quarters first weather You reduced weather -- over that two to due significant customer decrease the experienced in variances in

years XX and slide X.X% share well trend. X per ended December that positioned Turning in believe Earnings X.X% that to averaged growth XXXX the We continue X. XX. to and for we're past

We some almost years to to $X that growth on we couple have EPS you billion guidance and capabilities basically X.X%. the to of guys takes through last provided over earnings from growth XXXX guidance up have at XXXX, our provided our X.XX% investment

see the of share the those our per numbers XXXX You earnings numbers on in reflected chart. forecast

think are numbers. to good I we shape forecast in achieve those

see earlier regulatory And add We occurring significant that operating have literally margin we've expansion have initiatives as underway. continued one the significant been every indicated of projects number very of areas. in a growth our in our We successful to for company. organic I

are per next savings few continue effort $X.XX share we'll about underway not slash between efficiencies we years. we cost and we to efficiency but looking cost see improve simply to indicated to as a ways And of of find for here, We'll and a synergies opportunities at our units. to variety It's drive continue savings. a look business some that continue for operational the over substantial to

I'm back Beth. see. let's you turn things to going On probably to page X,

Beth Cooper

Jeff. Thanks, Yes.

million and service increases about $X.XX slide expansion as earlier, expansions in mentioned share pretax shown The slide. share of projects coupled are GAAP we you'll recorded Margin second in distribution gas quarter. $X.XX gas per identified the for with Delmarva as Florida drivers and in associated and added natural per growth earnings see As margin X natural on $X.XX per of the key income gross added transmission our earnings share. the on $X.X about or

late conversions by we per margin Natural $X.X gas Energy Gas distribution million gross assets Services Unregulated gross customer in and segment growth million share. from impacted old margin XXXX. $X.XX positively The in Marlin and the was $X.X that or added acquired Sandpiper propane

experienced and expenses reflective I'm costs territory. talk quarter. payroll-related of and amortization expense footprint offset did million. Michael facility fully continuing operating depreciation, weather $X.X to our expenses that and during of growth related the taxes The warmer the the Lower in investment are level expand costs higher outside our services, to to funding in on our slide. Hurricane next service restoration further related increased going to about Interest

two did about negatively the comment slide Before were even that impacted the still want key our strong. to though, quarter very though factors results I moving to next

significantly weather the and the quarter. second the for Jeff XX-year in quarter to of First to the average XXXX earlier, quarter a mentioned on was warmer second elaborate point compared the both that

As our earnings XX% or potential a lower was share. per $X.XX result,

impacted $X.XX those year-over-year Secondly, per results PESCO EPS share. negatively by reported

are working with the strategies We possible. quickly PESCO implement restore profitability team as to as that

debt slide eight, record financed in capital approximately to up to of million beneficial Turning show the was breakdown investment be to million $XXX of borrowing long-term short-term $X.X program debt. with half the it year-to-date expense. year-to-date compared our as we thought increase Average would we first of interest year last and the both

higher XXXX. rates points as LIBOR electric the Short-term rates FPU's of year's XX Michael than devastated the last in continued Florida, half basis of half in and year, up distribution moved operation first Hurricane, Last for were XXXX Panhandle. higher beginning borrowing second the

intermediate XXXX. tremendous required of in $XX Our in million debt efforts early due issuance the also restoration

The expensed loan are these been have are Year-to-date $X.XX filing, rates in Florida we XX not made on basis by the a note costs the reduced LIBOR recovered with plus attractive yet Wednesday points. these at share. and of Please and have included per EPS interest interest been costs portion PSC.

accordingly funded private placement notes the York half in XXXX. in X.XX% were and of first XX-year placed of fully were million XXXX $XXX May Life outstanding New and November The with

XX.X%. four years XX represented June June XX Slide fiscal XXXX. our and as nine, At of shows the our capitalization for last capital ratio equity-to-total structure

was Excluding capital XX% our June. Hurricane equity at initial Michael which total the to of not capitalization plan in financing end represented

last with On notes XXXX placement this August that coming previously we a due Monday, Prudential. of $XXX circled are million funding we X.XX% private

We current asset expect to finance by notes the intermediate-term in maturity due the of the portion long-term debt replaced the $XX liability which this end to XXXX of in line. newly today the million year included with are match

structure with We and the dates projects. for plans equity of financing growth and our timing capital conjunction capital spending debt for and reviewing are our in-service in

target our expect of latter that to through into year we move the migrate this part We structure as closer XXXX. and to

In X.X%. rate aligns May, annualized on Slide basis share or dividend dividend $X.XX per of to increase increase of $X.XX The of X.X% growth GAAP Board XXXX $X.XX voted with dividend shown our rate our Directors X.X% X-year as a XX. from X-year on earnings growth the to our

dividend has the of grown dividend Chesapeake years each a consecutive the paid XX. for and past XX in

to growth approach dividend in shareholder to and opportunities growth driven return, our the Our disciplined and by goal above-average resulting investment provide earnings is per share.

reinvesting above lower of payout of indicative providing retained our Our given investment industry. the flexibility XX% growth prospects while earnings dividend is dividend ratio continue future to

in and XXXX XX% from electric Gas our budget, Regulated increased The transmission Slide distribution associated approximately XX primarily segment natural gas capital growth Services. associated reflects Marlin projects projects for expenditure distribution, forecast our our $X million for Energy million updated $XXX for of forecast and with with projects. including

near the later talk for we will and term. opportunities in about the longer Marlin see Jeff

that we strategic could continue progress to year, capital through the evaluate opportunities add our will to plan. spending additional As we growth

many Slide achieved at total we of ended and investments. of have our amidst the wide XX, out at seen XX a combined presentations. approximately the earlier range ROE stands -- those shows and XXXX, investments XX% Once have capitalization March and and with capital again for returns you gas among which peer expenditures gas made on Chesapeake we the years capital our performance companies electric to XX.X% quadrant given three have in

to top high investment and performance right-hand high the quadrant, place This us in return. continues

most the CapEx, X.X% is performance mentioned return XX%. growth metrics just in key of show the traditional of monitor above we the I the EPS XX.X%, growth shareholder compared as company that Chesapeake's above of recent include three-year percentile And those period total also peers. We XXth our to the and ROE, gas dividend for financial each

I future regulatory as further to to am our details and growth now initiatives. call recently Jeff turn as on well the projects going to provide back completed

Jeff Householder

snapshot XX, as of projects on the the margin provide projects slide On well highlight as or slide initiatives. we Beth. completed use that XX you, table to are We'll either a underway growth and contribution. Thank their major

million, expect of For of in half growth XXXX, includes margin approximately achieved the million $XX $XX which first year. the we

For service growth projects XXXX, next would year. trajectory add And new or we that currently million seek beyond. in XXXX $X and we are into completed incremental put in that margin as to projects out gross partially continue margin to obviously, are anticipating

we you in development. in-service on forecast have been of for dates. the does XXXX include depending table or under not can our actual see, As include the new those Once approved, them projects XXXX, beyond, margin projects

Wednesday It I'm margin very details of and a of this another in are annual we and expansion margin filing. pipeline on to in pipe happy some to approval which us a incremental received We'll month interconnected we what expansion gas and Auburndale for that able Gulfstream go report we system to Callahan operate fruition. gate-station approximately a note Pipeline, into interconnect into natural on a more and provide that to acquire $XXX,XXX the which quite the Florida, time will project actually It quarterly that happy will in came pipeline distribution our we through to together was develop. relatively Florida Central approximately put that we're gas see of we that's XXXX next from Peninsula project bit already important system. it call our add to It's providing to another very service the $XXX,XXX. project actually interconnect was project into took complicated of

system. XXXX margin to are XX. Natural natural recently of Delmarva these of in in a or here projects represent Shore we're investment of $XX we Turning Florida $XX a Peninsula projects $XXX estimated on in combined either the are slide that Pipeline. They with Most million million and are thereafter. gas completed million Again, Eastern indicating underway annual and list Gas; providing our of

on making the history We've growth led above-average strategic targets. our for capital had five-year earnings worth a disciplined years. spending initiatives, strategic five earnings this that's long investments approach Finally, over to of and our share return past growth point at updating we're taking very time a plan per a here, and to equity

to expect continue trend We forward. that going

they to that X.XX% the plans $XXX are fact as capital Beth believe $X XXXX. but period over growth a our initial ending per of to five-year target, share with they certainly between rate we and Our indicated ambitious call earnings history recent billion spending reflect for X.X% achievable. has growth million It's an in

strategic The Our map working leadership process cost to priority paid serves planning team, based employee the a planning plan road identify on is efficiency. attention business business. equal Growth environmental a future process, the collaboratively and as future we involves for in best. for our growth high strategic what our have communities but this serve, an to we stewardship, safety, do development we opportunities

Pathway quick Project Natural a of on Just few Energy turning now XX. projects the is update to development. a major Del-Mar under Eastern Gas, slide Shore

this the calls with day Sand anchor system per growth additional customers to additional prior build out is may to capacity system as distribution you dekatherms As we from project Marrow the in XX,XXX recall, intended Peninsula to follow provide four an area. distribution of

– that second XX, may capacity from this project fully we Maryland. full XXXX. the slide expand third million the We and in once place $X Estimated extend by Sussex project to our Eastern County in areas as XXXX will FERC capacity As approvals front FERC prior quarter quarter of and of you forward in the in the after are high-growth is then this proceed the first quarter shown Delaware, recall million the receive County, for will approval believe we in year. with filing environmental of in gross Somerset service going project on the into for margin the time $X.X of to

to Pipeline multiphase West project Florida. early system PSC approval the Beach We Florida to slide Peninsula received XX. transmission constructing natural company's a on four Palm, this gas Turning projects expand is in week. multi-community

June of phase XXXX of December the months the and margin was into for service project ended six respectively. XX three XXXX First placed gross $X.X of and million in $X.X additional million generated

approximately expects in $X.X estimates and this of annually of XXXX Company phases early $X.X remainder that generate thereafter. gross it and in the XXXX to will million million project in complete margin

initial We slide annually serve million XX-mile Transmission demand we Pipeline of a expecting jointly plan It per we areas project margin the with in Peninsula Gas System May in XXX,XXX these service both were market project. the capacity XXXX. of a Nassau Emera environmentally County our Gas affiliate. in quarter together Pipeline pipeline Peoples On pipeline will Seacoast for intrastate to million economically Peninsula transmission the and growing million dekatherms Emera able in to ultimately that thereafter. was develop go an It day. in in gross in to XXXX to third Callahan announced owned and XX, Pipeline This is intended beneficial construct $XX and systems County an that Working $X.X project Duval of is in and the distribution growing a with generate Florida. of XXXX, for $X are

we been in gross gas $X.X in And forma plan XXXX, grow the the our service achieved business are we've Marlin our natural numerous the believe We've service generated report to acquired expectations. it Gas There It's slide forecast in Marlin approximately XX. service delighted remainder of business Services opportunities for our million of XXXX. traditionally XXXX. our of we Turning provided performance the year to the have million beyond and total has in a to initial increased that compressed margin margin in. to contribution pro to and we transportation December that given I'm that above expand we year-to-date. for that $X.X really areas expect $X.X outstanding. success from significantly million margin estimate

compressed couple of natural areas. ability also deliver to We technology we into leverage gas different expanded delivery can our the in believe a

gas area as We renewable would aggressively. and quite to natural commitment the markets the ESG. would and opportunities area. transportation significant see well natural to our gas pursue the be want of natural those with gas renewable The second emerging those for One liquefied them transportation align be we

I'd will bit turn over little the Jim talk that. to And a conversation about he like and to

Jim Moriarty

to pleasure you has be fully which today be and continues in you DNA. is talk and ingrained again about to ESG and thank back Jeff morning, It firmly our a good to everyone. Well, with been

dedicated and approaches For the creative on strategic are Utilities, our innovative our our and meeting of focus approach clear employees laser-focused our that reflects engaged customers. needs to our Chesapeake ESG and

serve. recent of our our and connections of most customers we areas XX who highlight of accomplishments and ESG of the decision-making; just and XX the the governance, and corporate focus which and our a we and are communities enduring strong culture, our processes, and foundation with our are; our company few core Slides employee-centric our

path to ESG internal to provide of Chesapeake a reviewing those had group been practices and information our and and we ESG. We Utilities, of inform peers ensure stakeholders have practices communicating our on most relevant history here forward the long-standing help industry working with at our

rely Every and earned spirit engineering the accident criteria territories. improving and and national prevention customers Aspire of identify operations these of for awards our natural National included of AGA gas to energy-efficient through day Energy employees their savings reduce all -- In dedication research. we Safety commitment the industry FPU unwavering on each from entrepreneurial In Achievement professional our and commitment to the and our on safety, carbon sectors and emissions personal to safety. based the our that generate have in solutions, actions, June, of two an subsidiaries

Our but in mentioned organizations. these they company. community also slide, employees important example on events, One others, of only here not this many our hold participate are is there others in leadership employees these roles at

Finally, efforts gratified our are their Board we and embraces these that our ESG same guiding practices. promote to principles, recognize many

are accomplishments Cal two Morgan here those slide and are Morgan, directors, of of on Dianna our of which including their We proud extraordinary highlighted XX.

Thank remarks. turn Jeff to I'll for you your for the and back floor closing time

Jeff Householder

Jim. Thanks

shareholders an and right the indicated to Just very slide last conduct the for performance. years provide that's business solutions for responsibility. and significant in last to summarizing several customers to we've deliver our to provide foundation in superior turning a with continuing going investment certainly the several We deliver Jim opportunity and commitment energy decades, us returns way our XX, as to really proposition and our over environmental to strong efficient believe laid our

have a return this assets was company the of strong our average on end and balance equity XX.X%, sheet. we past the $X.X through five years for billion now in XXXX and in

significant retention dollars into that projects we in fact generating and those high are for have and reinvestment significant are margins reinvesting returns. We a rate

company. in about already total the return talked the We

impressive. it's fairly I think

billion have of group this think this be positioned million driving through million that track occasions We to forward in we're in to growth well year several to over dedicated range us on and $X X.XX% in in $XXX in of five-year forecast a down and And path, has for quite annualized business EPS are growth. for and employees are targeted Beth very indicated XXXX the a XXXX. we something I continuing enthusiastic $XXX range. continued as that X.XX% energized capital the spending moving period spending for

reemphasize to to seeking based focus, important a I and improve of think customers ways and keeping certainly safe and innovative engaged to on in shareholders. eye culture foundation is sustainable business value our corporate a strategic serve it's our that strong way, while employees, on environmentally to friendly enhancing our our

in you and Jim this appreciate may that interest Beth, your happy and will Chesapeake any address be We questions your morning. time to I have.


Your Group. from first of from the Sullivan line question Instructions] comes Tate Maxim [Operator

Tate Sullivan

you. morning. Thank Hi. Good

Beth Cooper

Good morning.

Tate Sullivan

CapEx morning. spending? the table couple Good on And a I'll you A other that questions link mostly Marlin and that that follow-up of spending the unregulated quick of $XX million normally to maybe energy ask is too. to put fair

Beth Cooper

XX% that with a XX% it small There's associated -- piece some of is to yes, looking there we're about the at. Aspire for Tate, of Marlin, in and working that is related also It's but initiatives Marlin. is projects on, that

Tate Sullivan

mean slide -- -- is see And additional is infrastructure-related as to is please? costs for on -- is Marlin Okay. trailer other that that it I trailers or adding well car fleet the the I that

Beth Cooper

some fleet. And other at that as help that. we're about we access markets be in can facilities to looking of able adding the that talked the us and primarily serve equipment those is to will Jeff It ways

and us. would us anything on add joining line is there that? to Webber Kevin is with you And like Kevin as well the about

Kevin Webber

is compression stations, right. and It pursue to exactly it it help you're unload those equipment is tankers think the all more but and activities. more new reg I is

Tate Sullivan


to example follow-up worked you As recently job specific can give a of us that has a a Marlin on?

Kevin Webber

are on. an recently awful jobs there lot worked of Marlin Well, that has

and of South hit a shut contractor. for where turned back out customers having We have by on. risk off customers recent aligned Florida was those all most is -- going a ones was And one of to be the it in at of hold XXXXX

that the that customers. system we did lose so hook area, not so were and maintain up, get And tankers able into to they those

Tate Sullivan

and Great. Thank you that partner is the Callahan project? real a you. on approval start and development? like how did Jeff under project long process the a looking teaming up it And at When on with Pipeline, quickly, that

Jeff Householder

time Savannah so. Southern dates or probably a Well, looking back to that Natural for the at of down build years literally opportunities pipe a XX off the We've actual decade. Georgia through been development comes transmission of pipe out

we're The with of obviously County ability the the from original gas and gas County system. and This Nassau Peoples pipe Peoples of System the to us to reverse gives through still FPT significantly the Duval Gas active. come able greater Natural Duval into and County into moved pipeline get through that Southern is up the off actually flow pressure volume a than

gone looking the -- two last the been put ground for it Emera decade. for on the with real a So, but probably we've literally development has before in at shovel this a we project years

Tate Sullivan

that. I'll the Thank you. Thank for you line. get back Okay. in

Beth Cooper

Thanks Tate.


question We follow-up Tate Instructions] do have Sullivan. a [Operator from

line open. now Your is

Tate Sullivan


mean there? I I the quick saw that the count case in electric previous was the think in dropped I Florida the are customers quarter. and dynamics What customer Sorry. real slightly

Jeff Householder

It's hurricane. the

Tate Sullivan


Jeff Householder

no our indicator division really largest northwest didn't the back there in because on is there. issue houses are largest and It's come anymore customers or there that the really that

Tate Sullivan

instance the approval about then is faster for And is in backdrop? process intrastate it Florida building okay. it pipeline terms in or regulatory it -- similar and much Delaware for regulatory is of Okay, a gas Callahan natural

Jeff Householder

commission Florida that Shore It FERC. in in opposed off Delaware is transition to pipeline. FERC-regulated by and pipes pipe as the is Peninsula Pipeline Eastern And regulated build different. The we the so-called Florida of are the intrastate coming intrastate

regulatory don't process time intrastate go requirements a or through for Florida you I Oversight that how delicately of can is layer in there this? FERC the significant to put pipe. -- see So there

Tate Sullivan

Callahan you regulatory of Okay. finishing I in seems project. the the asked and because it getting then terms fast approval just

for so quick like because no it's that? XX-XX no the net margin is margin that, there's So there's accounting -- minority partnership like net slight on it's for -- or -- the interest self and real anything Beth a

Beth Cooper

own correct. jointly that's we not own it. -- is the correct, that joint venture. a -- It not jointly project. is That's There's we both it both -- is is this It

accounted and for -- we had Tate that So our account shows done our and is another ours in we it financial investment our unlike we project past for have not up as in statement. the margin

Tate Sullivan

And the update you. me I can -- rest last Thank Community sorry higher of on an System missed the propane Okay. then for If than seeing bifurcate Gas growth it is, the give in if you on that strategy. propane strategy Are you business? you still can that please?

Beth Cooper

in I we service in mean, of core well of outside Systems as that continuing having legacy our areas evaluate opportunities our service growth So territory, Gas relationships because are we've to are our as built. the Community projects to see we both even

well. So propane when business strategy growth business as out that's look really within our you today, happening -- a there's that multipronged it's

continuing CGS, the have which grow. to is You

start-ups growth the years, occurring. initiated several still that organic have You you're that's having were where

area. beyond of You into moving being will new peninsula the that's by Baltimore to into both is us western have in also our and which opening we opening growing on up be here on Pennsylvania start-up AutoGas also Maryland. Florida driven business, the shore -- and locations. a that And We're

growth in for a of here beyond Tate even that there's business. opportunities and lot So

Jeff Householder

being down is I CGS it's it first areas. that get you beach the Delaware propane over the of in gas, working couldn't an a where quite expansions mean, that toward now had I too our natural of as mover number we're to mentioning opportunities in to part strategy the seeing was systems of CGS natural the worth kind convert relative place we've well. area to put existing into those significant think the gas that in

is to what or obviously, do propane path And this then would business And path. exactly which same our a us when we is so down that's years so what doing. find several years, more started we moves the the and see down over next that ago thing CGS hope exactly we dozen the

pretty at So that's and this working comes -- that strategy when the nice out perfectly it's planning is point. together much

Tate Sullivan

all all day. Thank very a That’s you rest me. the Okay. Have Thank tips. of the for much you. for good

Beth Cooper

Tate. you, Thank


are no CEO call now Corporation, turn the there at time. the of Jeff to Chesapeake would questions Utilities like over further back And Mr. Householder. I to this

You may continue.

Jeff Householder

All Thank a how nice to the do we appreciate tell good third quarter. appreciate look if quarter time forward questions, joining to I in today. a I is and want you good you. your and We had us there other report again And you day. we much are

Beth Cooper

Thank you.

Jim Moriarty

you. Thank

Kevin Webber

you. Thank


This concludes today's call. conference

disconnect. now may You