SXT Sensient Technologies

Steve Rolfs Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Paul Manning Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Brett Hundley Seaport Global
Heidi Vesterinen Exane BNP Paribas
Curt Siegmeyer KeyBanc
Mike Sison KeyBanc
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Good morning and welcome to the Sensient Technologies Corporation 2019 Second Quarter Earnings Conference Call. All participants will be in a listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions] Please note, this event is being recorded.

I would like to turn the conference over to Mr. Steve Rolfs. sir. ahead, go Please

Steve Rolfs

discuss Steve Sensient Vice like Technologies you call all I’m financial Financial to and Officer of to conference Sensient’s of Corporation. to second Rolfs, morning. quarter President results. Senior Chief welcome XXXX Good I would

this results. Manning, Sensient’s morning available the is A Executive copy and Chairman, XXXX our on Paul we at now morning, of This released by our second joined President Chief I’m Officer. quarter website financial release

reference performance certain non-GAAP provide results filings. as items will stock-based financial the During measures, information of believe the our we in periods. financial noted call of we non-GAAP investors impact non-cash the compensation, to currency which today, and These comparability remove reporting company’s between evaluate and movements, other additional measures amortization, with depreciation the company’s improve and

financial Non-GAAP from isolation financial of calculated Investor accordance morning. considered with financial GAAP. measures we to with this of financial directly or comments these as non-GAAP to release. be should press reconciliation information results reconciliations section the encourage substitute review for comparable GAAP in measures We the Information in A on in the most not a our at in and make website connection our available is the investors

XXXX. remind I the in defined this morning, Reform would Private questions, comments that forward-looking Securities to also as of statements including Act may like made everyone responses include to Litigation your

these comments read analyze mind by for certain Commission. the detail in description Exchange be Sensient’s you including Securities affected in with to today. in when our Please these which factors. a urge statements Our filings discussed you filings We bear of and company’s factors may factors, risks uncertainties, the are and

from hear Manning. we’ll Now, Paul

Paul Manning

morning. to per you, Sensient in year’s quarter, share of the earnings compared $X.XX second share $X.XX earnings quarter. last reported Steve. per in of Good Thank

factors, including raw of our markets, actions costs of challenging several in a destocking half of several key outlined facilities. XXXX the impact timing last our calls, and conference manufacturing higher financial have certain within reducing our as availability we result materials, would be of pricing during softness inventory of As the two input the first and and

Consistent for items improve as second will impact of of half expect XXXX results the with I call, our the subsides. last these

to continue conditions our actions see markets, many of in have offset of on market improving cosmetic particularly and We makeup across some in to material the executed increases. pricing raw our company the we

costs for not continue additional the raw of quarter, begun half have the results. materials able are to as In second second well cases, tariffs some rest tariffs impact to impact an higher as create in our to the from the during would Tariffs resulted world. that on the However, headwind has the full our pass we likely pricing. of business China, to impact through from of

half of tariffs also colors second The digits for impacted Europe, demand markets. the natural Color XXXX. Natural were colors single in Asia. to digits revenue quarter strong first Latin North for in The double America, have and certain see high and Group the in up America, sales continued

cosmetic partially We colors food in growth several pharmaceuticals also the during growth wins offset saw and extract pharmaceutical double is our This in Mazza quarter, sales. driven digit by lines acquisition. product and recent our from lower ink by makeup

in down. markets the business other has Inks our The were and pricing experience begun. rebound digital the year market, half volume but destocking in as the Sales cosmetic makeup this continued business expected ink of the fashion second to declined we and in

of costs, higher actions. the quarter, in cosmetic and As was the the case timing our lower Color second sales, raw because quarter Group’s the profit down of first pricing was material makeup

line results Group in will the challenging of the The year, natural better in colors second driven pricing of XXXX material year. business, expect and we Color growth communicated feed throughout quarter half deliver half in we in be XXXX. success half the growth our picture be the gradual put in second the half allow in the the stabilize, to the improved. for improved the and place improved begun would pricing and of continues of actions. top by first the and input At rise half in that second us second in will moderations improvement cost an We our has and much headwinds This point, would the profit to revenue this cosmetic pharmaceuticals, results raw

in the to year. first growth finished continue solid to flavors the Fragrances for experience Flavors we quarter extracts Group, and sales the and Turning & of half

meet down attributable these second in results were of the those my primarily groups’ the very certain Part currency groups for was yogurt quarter. the for processed a this soup, quarter decline year, not categories, flavor of ingredient current quarter markets. decline continued by sold is product offset The results sales local and However, expectations. strong to in the revenue but food, did into demand last

lines, flavor higher are ingredient from winning inventory in continue the offset higher in finished our natural costs, volumes on product material ingredient’s our product production to profit we flavor in the lower lower impact levels. we the focus ingredient We as reducing growth Gains quarter. business in demand saw The this in declines the but lines. line raw offset to our of not enough were our business, by group flavor and saw product

reduction the contributed Our quarter. cash strong a inventory flow to during on focus

and commercial to flavors Our extracts towards seeing and continue finished our is where we build pipeline focus are we wins. directed new

continue and digit our markets product second half in expect I in better such trends environment extracts lines. improving savory mid-single sales results expect as our finished to flavors an and also We see as soup certain at a to competed improved grow in pace.

reducing ingredient year. to decline have structure cost actions These flavor the also Furthermore, our in align second with of this half to deliver we cost the costs will overall been our in in sales. production begin results

finished to strengthen good focused continues brand see where we we opportunities. dynamics company, and growth and to and continue flavors colors, pharmaceuticals a extracts, market As our on cosmetics, natural remain and

the will improved continue of allow half We customer remain reductions, the results which our the in cost deliver strong and service, projects, on to will to of second focused pipeline us year. new

provide details additional will quarter with on you second the Steve results. now

Steve Rolfs

you, Thank million quarter, adjusted period compared revenue to the was second comparable in approximately million was currency last Paul. during current million, down the Operating $XX.X to $XXX $XXX.X quarter. Local $XX.X compared year’s in in EBITDA Sensient’s was the quarter. last X% year. income million

Foreign the quarter. revenue currency approximately operating by translation income in both and reduced X%

comparable $X.XX Diluted earnings per share the were period in XXXX. the quarter, compared to in $X.XX in

quarter. reduced by translation currency in EPS Foreign approximately the $X.XX

revenue to $XXX.X million, of $XXX.X to XXXX, Operating of million the of compared of income XXXX. first first in the $XX.X first million the in million this the months For was $XXX.X compared half in XXXX. first year, half half six was

$X.XX Diluted compared half earnings per share a the of of half was XXXX. to in in XXXX, first $X.XX the first

reduced diluted EPS per was quarter. exchange compared approximately $X.XX rates The the in months currency the during to consolidated six by the Foreign XX.X% tax quarter, earnings XX.X% by in quarter, rate the approximately first XXXX. in last share reduced which $X.XX second company’s of year’s

of months to consolidated XXXX. XX.X% For of compared first tax months the XX.X%, is six six first in company’s rate the XXXX, the

to million. As operations expenditures was is reported, of quarter of $XX.X from million, XXXX XXXX. in the the cash $XX.X second the XXXX in second the of million Cash from months $XX.X flow compared million Capital $XX.X XXXX. for of for first second adjusted of flow million, first were XXXX of for quarter the six operations quarter six the to months results compared $X.X

flow in first flow cash free the cash XXXX free Our first compared the million, months in six was $XX.X of six months of $XX.X million to XXXX. adjusted of

with We results. during company’s at debt June continue debt-to-EBITDA. X.X the since inventory, XXXX quarter, $XX and and million the particularly capital, decreased focus company’s million last is $XXX we’re working seeing leverage to the end of to times our on strong million, of total reducing $XX year The consistent and

I expected down reduce cash use to will trend continue our leverage flow we XXXX debt. free throughout as to

to Given time of the half your to X% market slightly EPS our year’s first current now previous this guidance full-year result. for our end full-year X% lower adjusted below Thank below local last morning. and now currency our expect We currency EBITDA conditions, results to to local you we guidance. our be be anticipate

now We’ll questions. call for the open


you. Thank

Instructions] go ahead. Please begin We answer question question now the Global. Hundley and [Operator first comes The today session. will Seaport from with Brett

Brett Hundley

Hi, guys. good morning

Steve Rolfs

morning, Good Brett.

Paul Manning

Good morning, Brett.

Brett Hundley

and it a speak like previously reality are you sounds lot viewed if guidance you us bit Paul how to guys? you the understanding give can and reduction situation an maybe has more driving tariffs for developed in of case, what the tariff versus that’s that a little forward maybe of just the

Paul Manning

that Tariffs raw anticipated. certain it bigger a very forward than Yes. had calculate, They QX mean Tariffs that initially is the materials we impacts. but certainly is your could second a part are I in pricing. there impact to one picture. I think I factor take explicitly makes certainly increase its of often predict in to obvious number of think times impact were ability difficult have the the

price who have can right, in we in subject context. competitors when ground, the So, same potentially on you’re that to tariffs, you for example and are States United these competing equal

your too competitors many advantage obvious if can on your timing this to to your good. are you take pricing not of not U.S. in and pricing tariff, competitors of some your with the your aggressive the that at or However, subject marketplace they’re in not you’re are disadvantage is attempt and of

your So, bit terms and that your therefore make difficult be can also anticipate input headwind a and a difficult little of covering more to bit to in cost little margin.

we that a those essentially manufacturer sales know, contract had businesses. You in another where that producers. to tariffs one that were comes have while That’s of production with U.S., those local loss examples subject was of tariffs. shipped example producers outside Asian implemented as local Those their the products shifted to as not country is to tariffs us. for traditionally these there other China our We was a producers of contract

a Now, attempt but always pick you path. somewhere clear not can else, that’s necessarily that to up

increase associated bit terms the a second ambiguous of stability how an at material is easy for that of at that and we of include of a or cost, factors that’s straightforward there’s lot may in you lost price also other calculate, of tariffs. these would that as there short lot year. look that ones very those I complications your with QX the opportunity come but the also think of that items a but the it the have the looking the in half make consistent raw of I of whether obvious So, very form XX% year, of some in priced, some traditionally impact Yes, with are they XX% in guidance

Brett Hundley

and tariffs look flow how that’s related few a of restructuring this month And pretty was company cosmetics the you that’s over That’s where as just on back next side? that is aside I results the questions that, for all Okay. to to half helpful. the it That’s I color on clear. P&L, expected we announcement, place around to be going year, large your going to think at the guys forward through the from a years, into disruptive take major think announced earlier

Paul Manning

Yes. very and business are pretty is we We with in have be, brands that familiar which don't of and broad general market everybody would particular that into but that’s with. the need we get presence to it’s conclude the to well often specifically that easy represented so most yes, a in

there So, restructuring, potential a any impact is an our time on always is business. there

also for on course in service as as are the cosmetics providers. the And that those focused to an business, bode much on-time their improving and widely most those that's practiced, and reliable necessarily of efforts think delivery much to best though, will their that very However, industry opportunity of by reduce in companies very, for typically as well as go lead business very us a where base our supply with aspect times much I are in not has an us. restructuring,

we of is makeup number factor example. into our very would for business cosmetic a products of terms in diversified that The the other segment, sell well that is very,

good very I be cosmetics continued be much think would to business and So, us. that were see the for those bigger it – will I think we very to the factors of moderate. in that issue destocking for But very important two was begin market improvement the

we turnaround thought. faster Europe bit than a its has begun little

Group. mentioned; related has we've Asia, the was in And other I very tariff a line significantly Nevertheless, first half. anticipate most you that the impact would you the on better Color had cosmetics as second way half those this to for just unfortunately, issues situation. the between that went have know, and the and than of would bottom think one helpful a I

Brett Hundley

follow-up. have cost related I of have the relative for in related broader something how maybe you, segment. to a Can give had I planned want the QX it comment ingredients. some QX, ask that In to just sound give And it and in like That's we Fragrances, or on at way more but might well, and us margin your it actions just had your might flavor for – half more I then a something don't And then relative to additional macro, that weakness hear. included seems you least disappointment good that's either the into quick in Flavors is back cost was that year you little guidance? A sounds driver & color you does the on internal be to performance of that to main like actions, know if if related the modeled maybe what that it follow-up. you a one

Paul Manning


the So, good. quite there. compelling Those flavor been but little and a are certainly more sticky, that subject less to some competitive At tend down. general There is But that to actually higher are we feeling yes, pressure. was bit portions ingredients of times, what a business are have that as it volume, also Certainly, statement. defensible. be less

we those had our that yogurt those the with some is that of sold not has as post impact. many restructuring for declines an which only talked into about, businesses. X, these market ingredients consolidated No. impact So we've of it, certainly associated some markets; example, are

of the really two flavor it's business, much factors. those So, ingredients

plants. piece, Now, as out for cost opportunity volume those you about many becomes an to reduce think that declines, our of as the costs this us fixed in

your here fill around because here production to not to the somehow around the up your match the volume. capacity is The your going plant metric here. you and you So, volume land to metric promised to that's expected is bring

plants And in are we they very focused number and ingredients market. a action aligned so we've these of consistent flavor fixed remove, we've taken removed, until to continue with that and logic, well on will the with costs

As you outs, gap. absorption those you volume when a a through. you know, that, have the bit when you oftentimes is as between then get And inventory the there's declines, there costs lower little to do flow obviously of

to we and be did take would So, impacts on QX. an that also second was half my QX, actions would into an the improved But impact feel take cost QX. reference to we and in based those QX even continue on in in QX more so

sense strategy news positive makes we and as the grow is concerned category. The most far to extracts as flavor and our is the the news that that continue

For the some term, really of is. where business continue that the think, to areas. much that. not to we and continue very more strategy ingredient is the I are moderate to about not year-to-date, and But aligned going high-growth good losses. we're digits defensible, and market That long of mid-single up piece will in very, feel the portfolio we these more take emphasize that's action our we're the flavor to to Those

of into those, which And we start a as matter the outpace half so, that I here. continuing think we can it's second to do getting

Brett Hundley

just Great. give segment? can us sales updated expectation real by Okay. quick, just And on growth an rates local you currency

Paul Manning

growth. digit So, achieving to certainly are long businesses continues horizon, our the expectation be mid-single the that capable term of or over

I elements just I that Certainly, think business doing that mentioned colors. you extracts. the natural are of see certainly and that. flavors

much you're such to cosmetics back that will XXXX corporation in the think revenue and as looking we beyond, can of into year, do those approaching the structuring we half mid-single can we for that overall that certainly you're continue and think we as be categories digit resume I get very growth. believe this pace but and the

the been a With moderate additional very costs we've approach we've taking to had out, SG&A.

in In fact, each SG&A down been the of businesses. has

That of sustain at that our a You're is heavier us to quite is CapEx fewer new frankly, a an from we these able seeing outflow businesses. put level is of years the also number That CapEx ago. down. that restructuring, had plants, investments really, has

a generate scenario growth all businesses. digit So, then better, and profit those I even can growth create mid-single where to combine those from think perhaps mid, factors

raw a of is For move see moderating. it's this some past rest that of move We tariff. to matter that the the year, material to continuing signs inflation. past of Continuing the

impacted And that are the pricing so of on as the raw inflationary expectation would to based assumptions those we my material be and/or by many But subside were would that most notion able categories more in move forward. the we pressures it. get

Brett Hundley

so Thanks much.

Paul Manning

Okay. Thanks, Brett.


Our from Exane ahead. Vesterinen go comes with Please question next BNP Paribas. Heidi

Heidi Vesterinen

morning. Good

can there talked onwards? So, QX pricing you of you in was please through level about Colors, first or actions the it first in is of on that of question. in QX all timing the some coming pricing already That's clarify,

Paul Manning

matter than last and just is QX, clearest the year. are QX. and got necessary on cases, back get you even is the pricing half market the late being we once. probably pricing in it to to back implemented more that. yes, date, of It's pricing go of degree to we example. customers to products More question yes, an So, anniversary But may than since be for your get some in the will year, answer In more which a which able to what

Heidi Vesterinen


pricing you're should correct? Is you half fairly confident materialize see of your margins already the maybe that your in that numbers? year? So, and it QX That the second in improve

Paul Manning


Heidi Vesterinen

And comment in you. to speech. go then Thank your on just your Okay. back

the you So, markets. softness you from had headwinds – softer each seen destocking, like talked in one, headwinds, these etcetera how and about demand

which So, these seeing you you're once go again subsiding? headwinds areas already can through

Paul Manning


was makeup the long-term the demand mentioned about to we're chain still the we in That's needs. supply So, a of very I now are real real good for headwinds recalibration months very in growth number what cosmetic market think of ago us. months XX owing to a one in that XX market, the market. the of There's of spike good headwinds sort obviously a first and from

so, profit mix only in standpoint, that that impacted not a and revenue – very And from the was the a Group. favorably obviously Group, a headwind Color of Color but from the contributes that to

that moderating say, we're X half seeing in already headwind half was that X. a So, that versus,

of come the seen that would into second color, look only some into the have if inflationary begin materials that them you to created. The not go pressure we some of that in at but also be, flavor, raw down, moderate already

material But is a So, be will continue that raw helpful. to headwind.

And is indications that seen the a we've some important. suppliers so not will business moved therefore But pricing don't believe material very, some across seen very to that, example, for Vietnam continue China to other or tariff subject I India other inflation. locations point, already material we've or that in the in regulation-driven perpetuity. inflation At raw or raw necessarily have

disasters, side impacting and In the the was natural that certainly well-publicized that of fragrance in inflationary some many cases. otherwise there pressure business, were

the some the So, we're in half. seeing there moderation market second in

So, would saw that in. the coming we be those headwinds some key of

Steve, if think, you FX speak as anything, well? want I to

Steve Rolfs


tied So, about the talked our be production efforts inventory. one would levels to we lower other headwind reduce to

So, about million we with to levels service last we've inventory inventory were far. $XX taken our in out of investing year this and help building inventory thus year, and

headwind, created a have also we're bit levels taking production costs Paul's point, profit out lower the but those plants. of to a So, of little

half by I but year. inventory, the to continue think, to the offset, we've we of taken should on as that be we'll the second focus get out costs So,

Heidi Vesterinen

then was a you a prepared that a We sort had. the two-year I of run on question, or tough comparable as with QX also observe do if think in average. can that weakness line the QX less you very more the actually that rate, of you was F&F part two-year said final And in in remarks

in is lot look in growth business? So, expect out easier. quite into as the into the second we comp nice half QX, we Can go we F&F a a as back bounce the

Paul Manning

F&F be look an as certainly it second think I improved the XXXX. as situation Well, and for we half, we into will go at

category, extracts, mid-single to that continue in I pace. to you're see type Our flavors think and digit going sales that

QX that can to upon. continue would as consistent rely – fairly continue will think been and think think I can in headwind the the that that as there we I don't QX we've I and as you that's was strong it and level ingredients in offset. – well. headwind be in certainly QX The at flavor one be

see category our positive where watch, moderation see to some the metric So, the going to I we And efforts strategy I extract be in where attention and to but been. ingredients, core very and the that's to our continue flavor really related again, think you much, flavor headwind really the to can developments. focus to think, and have continue is and

Heidi Vesterinen

Thank you.

Paul Manning

you, Thank Heidi.


with question next comes KeyBanc. ahead. Curt from The Please Siegmeyer Instructions] go [Operator

Curt Siegmeyer

Paul. Steve. Hi, Hi,

Paul Manning

Hi, Curt.

Curt Siegmeyer

just that struggling. some exiting that about some talked you competitive at, Is lines guys at a are or rationale these would a relationships that? and point? I would something the to business of little question at product strategic is, And if look what look your guess lead flavors, process maybe defensibility would the in some on take not In us of to my struggling that it the color be And there? thought nature be business, other give not, lines you customer

Paul Manning

been Well, portfolio Yes. even things little evolving. different. may a have How ago Right? bit is looked a year the always

was the programs. much to parts were lines of strategy. all really We identifying production portfolio restructuring our the weren't the of profitable, that evaluations defensible, portfolio. key capacity, too not things them origin – the of we first legacy those The product had where Call

looking we're always continues, the journey at the as portfolio. So,

categories certain enables to of and situation as again, flavors looking categories, the these our between that are where Group, move us on change, between always colors, we And, parts Flavor table. certainly certain other we that a always synergies lot parts and out make as We're in the competitive Group, those. of the and of of improves of it have at sense, have the may success parts Color

analysis that of of think we'll the And so, that part portfolio. I as our ongoing leave it's an

Curt Siegmeyer

some that but to flavors? quantify Okay. of in I had savings apologize Fair expected talked if you it, enough. missed the you I about able were And

Steve Rolfs

We previously have significant cost-out but them, actions. quantify did not we

say cost should at of get would levels $X I of targets the in and And have between margins lower million and terms $XX million volume of our right-sized out. the stabilize We of us production level. that

Curt Siegmeyer

helpful. more on you savory segment. expecting it. one your That's a environment squeeze expectation? competitive had you in, a Can could If Got expand little that bit? mentioned maybe the Why just Paul, less I in that's

Paul Manning

Yes. This is is but obviously a the the one public producer savory products. now, of has of to or information production those sale ingredients exited and going of exit

guess shows reasons And that you don't know time for think so, their I that a market, couple positive I any of things. but competitor specifically a a would it, a I exits us. I think for be

Curt Siegmeyer

sense. Makes Yes.

Okay. Thank you.

Paul Manning

Okay. Thanks, Curt.


is Our go with question KeyBanc. Please Mike also from next ahead. Sison,

Mike Sison

Hi, guys.

Paul Manning

Mike. Hi,

Mike Sison

think if you about your XQ. the big we looks like And in it dip for around Fragrances, in when profitability model it Flavors you'll a took pretty settle & in Paul, there out somewhere your guidance, year [XX%-ish].

about you what you of there, just should need always you've business or XX% savings last think it maybe get segment factors be given there, profit you and do couple years help cost talked get had us we of build you've that sort improvement get over can structurally at do help a potential? lot to the are sort there. wanting that you where about a to of that the think to get would to So, When that

Paul Manning

that garlic from Those driven additional our – natural and our ingredients extracts, the flavor It's sales going to additional will coming BioNutrient onion sales sales and additional business. be business of by on products, of drivers. the flavor volumes ingredients certainly plays headwind into big items. Where handle plants these picture have profit of the these capacity of to large the many the be is profit

many, a of customers. us, business stabilize the Group, as a been business your and of of many stable of products upon stable where not very, It provides important, the obviously it's to profit with the help really a sold necessarily capacity. maintain ability a provides to we considerably. for that certainly basis have drivers unlike huge foundation. you production That for parts base stable those deal can the which very So, are but many Not years, have number Color

of kind sell a range You of products. these

the at absent key [technical we the to associated related a and level And, out that, stabilize the us kind business of business SG&A taking much side I also have going SG&A, be difficulty] times, with is profit business. larger build the infrastructure more but R&D is allow them costs to a we're is, some to necessary in investment And of would of important. offensive in think fixed made have a thing and the around technical operate so, commercial the order ingredients turning flavor continue would to a the larger that – to business.

to need as flavors heap don't other we and areas. So, whole these extracts BioNutrients of add more revenue and a out of SG&A we important generate in

point is So, key here the ingredient at the flavor this moderating thing losses.

certainly, and ice a growing it. will That decline years and growing been right? But been stabilized in considerably that it's cream market we've of Some on for been has has about seven come from these now. markets, I been mean, growing. has actually yogurt

added have from think on emphasis very there. soup may be that's one helpful. I some the has market some The to very been the There very, signs of competitor house that CPG side a and of is placed there some indications be That'll be of been very, and some improving. those the helpful. categories, changes also exiting going

flavor think the see would I on the extracts future and the profit side way that's things. of that improvement I So,

Mike Sison

colors natural shelf Got converting for do the inning synthetic think your Do space customers the with still in there's side, growth colors terms it. on a you from long color products to runway And you think colors? shelves? in then you see what of do or natural on for

Paul Manning


half this color first sales. we're natural the XX% up on of year, For of north

the colored. baseball the of I'm In – terms of innings Europe about naturally so, talking here, Americas be would shelf now of space XX% outside

in it's bottom the probably So, that In Asia, third like, you about seventh would inning. the we're we're eighth first. In probably the in, that Europe, or tell the about inning. of

Mike Sison

Great. And then …

Paul Manning

So, lots many, years of many, come. there growth to many for potential

Mike Sison

F&F then looks are shape. that But Group. for good out multiples of sheet there particularly? growth potentially help in Right. is the flavors like still in pretty some you accelerate the balance pretty maybe It opportunities could your And other rich

Paul Manning

smaller play Yes. the there could technology-driven here. future interesting that certainly certainly Yes, are a and part companies in platforms

Mike Sison

Great. Thank you.

Paul Manning

Mike. Thanks, Okay.


question question follow-up from ahead. is with Please next The a Seaport Brett Hundley go Global.

Brett Hundley

Hi, that. thanks for taking

be the other XX comment further I've announcement. your guys, Thanks. opportunity want here. as that that just quick, then on or that real adding, member wanted to give Just talk any it will board and couple you And inbounds XX around clear, received make just into go it will you to just I so that new make to that XXXX? put a to about you're

Paul Manning

Carol be our XXth Yes, mode years, the I've the always board refreshing member. is Sure. – in we're And the this as over the board. discussed so will of

release, So, the International. Harbison saw CEO of as she's from Walker the you press

a board. It's I she'll manufacture. complex commercial think business. be think and very And I to international very she it's has business. a a They an pragmatic approach So, our businesses contributor good to

are So, authorized, Thirteen, our I believe, up in to we to fact. board. have XX on

December the her band we have to I think to very And, we're for operate on board. much the forward so Carol so, will we'll and board. in that having And within continue start looking

Brett Hundley

Thanks, Paul.

Paul Manning

Brett. Thanks, Okay.


for back to company remarks. our session. concludes conference this over Ladies and I any the gentlemen, would closing turn question-and-answer like the to

Steve Rolfs

our Thank this Okay. will your time conclude for morning. That everyone, you, today. call


you. conference Thank has The attending presentation. for you Thank now concluded. today's

may disconnect. You now