SXT Sensient Technologies

Stephen J. Rolfs SVP and CFO
Paul Manning Chairman, President, and CEO
Heidi Vesterinen Exane BNP Paribas
Mark Connelly Stephens Inc.
Mitra Ramgopal Sidoti & Company, LLC
David Green Boldhaven
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Good morning and welcome to the Sensient Technologies Corporation 2020 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Earnings Conference Call. All participants will be in listen-only mode. [Operator Instructions]. After today’s presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. [Operator Instructions]. is event this note, being recorded. Please now Mr. would like to to over conference the turn I Rolfs. Steve go Please sir. ahead,

Stephen J. Rolfs

to Corporation. morning. Good I'm would to Technologies Financial by quarter this earnings Steve President of call. like Sensient's I I'm fourth Vice and Rolfs, Chief of Officer welcome you all morning joined Senior Paul Sensient now copy we available investor fourth quarter XXXX Sensient's President, Chief and our at our website Chairman, our and Executive results. on released of A Manning, presentation release is Officer. This morning, the financial

should most will in call available today, information also from isolation certain encourage this may statements. our GAAP accordance performance which non-GAAP calculated review comments responses of During financial remind a not measures, as the reporting or of including results comparable connection with we evaluate would provide we this and financial for with to we We be comments additional that everyone reference questions, with considered between financial non-GAAP comparability A information the These results investors in financial release. to GAAP. directly morning, substitute improve company's to believe press periods. to the make is include the morning. measures investors reconciliations your our in I reconciliation measures like forward-looking these non-GAAP made to in financial

particularly of additional comments you materially, impact more at uncertainties in could filings today. in We the of bear of mind may our you activity. our when to XX-K our created these COVID-XX view read a results and a action, Please remedial potentially attempts forthcoming urge SEC in the that Sensient's pandemic, economic description the factors actual for governmental factors analyze differ financial results. previous timing Our normal return by of

from hear will Paul Manning. we Now

Paul Manning

currency adjusted morning. growth to quarter quarter X.X% that and currency and Steve. XX.X%. of pleased revenue local Thanks profit Sensient of very growth adjusted operating report earnings delivered reported local fourth morning I'm this we fourth Good

pharmaceutical We the and from group, group. in strong and and our and business continue food Pacific our have color flavors Asia to results extracts group, our

Our for the company an Overall in extract growth achieving growth. financial group high results EPS strong and had were of Flavors our XXXX. the and performance single-digit outstanding double-digit operating the had end at guidance and top year. year a revenue profit

strong over group, color mid-single-digit the revenue of and signed debt reduced to over We a Within and profit we food and flow increased by operations and in business of half our the which year third two cash $XX double-digit the purchase growth in a million pharmaceutical XXXX. The agreement close three had divestitures for XXXX. expect XX% also completed the growth company's XXXX. first operating from with in we

for a factor Our our the has customer revenue on past in focus over been service significant XXXX. levels strong growth years

continued on Our paying sales benefit is lower off sales and along all execution groups future continue overall periods. focus with three attrition should to across

and initiatives solutions. XXXX growth transition adjusted have In efforts, local are from restructuring and revenue in and addition, has earlier initiatives added contributed driven customer robust growth and with cost sales and revenue XX%. our had takeout leverage. product win profit overall the focus service, fixed profit fourth value sales with also The our Flavors improvement execution, to by on ongoing reduction and more growth to of currency very local reducing also quarter cost to sales rate, continued margin lower high fixed attrition, along The profit overall our adjusted profit a strong and improvement. our group a finished great costs focus strong group's currency of contributed with extract our XX% on operating year

local group and Within currency year double-digit a had with ingredients business extract strong natural the flavors sales the growth.

is and years and service, business food positioned leveraging extract further food The world business XXX to XX innovative to robust value continues well growth for the focus Our ingredients. the and its spice grow the profit up in for flavors basis quality CPG, the in Overall, companies on the new chain, and and come. added organic, group's with was supply points This natural, development. the margin points around basis quarter customer product model, and natural business over operating year. service by highest ingredients supplies strong

growth, revenue profit I improvement. operating Over margin and the to deliver extract expect long-term, group the with flavors mid-single-digit continued

color pharmaceutical is for continues up growth and functional nutraceutical, see the on demand group for result food, and natural used natural mid-single-digits The of service customer solid colors clean the group, in label and Within colors and to execution. year. extracts a revenue for food strong solutions, as innovated in pharmaceutical technologies, focus sales The areas OTC color these and applications. quarter our

within Asia a of throughout future result benefit the personal care be to demand the revenue a and group America, a efforts, will As down in XXXX, as Overall, the to impacts of rate Europe, win of substantially high makeup these down North Also XXXX. XXXX continues in and business was the color achieved and continue and years. negative COVID-XX. for products haircare result which

personal food revenue launches continue natural strong colors products by market and growth business COVID-XX impacts makeup. revenue new in to from color and better product of -- mid-single-digit first a our Given personal of the this continued impact, care and make plan, natural some Long-term with mid-single-digit growth manufacturing hair, the These our operating strong to operational through and expect subside, our continue I headwinds the and I align for driven extracts. growth Once for group designed on COVID-XX, sustainable in our and improvement business I skin, half of platform progress operations. which its to colors strong expect care will personal from of trends for growth XXXX. actions care, continued consolidate at we uncertainty toward leverage. anticipate the structure least and to cost long-term is the pharmaceutical as I result expect cosmetic technology Despite

sales of group, expect a term, Over are we long EBIT color XX% margin the Asia Within at maintain seeing the above our sales organization. stronger or by impacted rate we as group's building group's win continues restrictions. Pacific regions driven The be service a our in for result revenue certain in on negatively COVID-XX execution high technology the and to group. focus to customer

the rate mid currency and was to a these summary, I the group's food XXXX. the and In local X% expect as Asia restrictions and XX% profit However, each in businesses and was growth. operating over for Overall, begin extracts up year, up adjusted revenue to at Pacific group mid-single-digit resume should the ease, high-single-digit to for currency our pharmaceutical year. flavors local revenue grow revenue

of to care will XXXX personal least Our continue due business headwinds to the COVID. first for half at face

Our within to XXX and point group. our XXXX. margin we The operating continues the continues the XX margin profit grow XX%, color operating around which is flavors extract be for improvement profit in level a for long-term and to to basis group group a good expect

sheet strong. balance and are cash Our flow

have on to still made reduced progress more our days by XXXX. inventory good our XX We reducing opportunity more further. in inventory, reduce we than There's which

acquisition, good are we evaluating we option in invest we to ROI an acquisition and back projects Absent have and opportunities. sensible to debt pay capital buy the down stock. will continue continue to We

Before a supported who take of all turn moment our our to I employees throughout recognize call I the to XXXX. over success Steve, want to

plants to remain changing am keeping tirelessly personal workplace, open way our care all now and to employees very employees and safe a essential additional worked our committed to results. on while our healthy you delivering the on Steve proud ensure markets. fourth quarter constantly mission will adapted ingredients provide to customers pharmaceutical, supporting the Our food, and provide and to with time. our environment, to our products of details I that a the

Stephen J. Rolfs

Paul. our of to and adjusted differences provides our this the be these impact my investors picture how remove employees. morning, improvement and that company's or related operational divested, clearer I a performance. In items our for results believe you, costs, to related a of divestiture COVID company's of XXXX operations plan, operations the reflects and costs also explaining This and The will We the management related removal our impact payment Thank the XXXX performance. to the one-time the the to reviews results adjusted divested be comments GAAP of between the the results.

employees During the company's quarter, recognize the and the their our of pandemic, during approximately cost COVID-XX million. fourth COVID-XX. associated to this commitment $X Board the unforeseeable to with of Directors challenges a payment is one-time The and payment approved extraordinary

COVID diluted GAAP the of cost per $X.XX. the the one in are X.X operational quarter earnings Included payment. related Our per share or approximately these of and divestitures, the time $X.XX to was million share plan, costs improvement fourth results

related fourth earnings GAAP per In divested, this in million addition, represents operations GAAP divestiture in of for to results operations XX.X be and earnings from earnings quarter approximately include of targeted of the revenue. of share which XX.X quarter. the include the quarter approximately Last per to $X.XX year's the million share approximately approximately $X.XX revenue results our

but is care local in which our the X.X% color in operating was The impact currency, company's the income of growth local the mentioned result adjusted extracts by and quarter which on negative. local business in increased the the has to our in quarter XX% Paul and as Consolidated XXX.X in increase was an up extracts currency. income COVID operating in and result of overall was X.X% and XXXX. the business XX% XX.X% on color in XX% XXXX. the XXXX. local up the quarter the of combined food of local was the businesses a operating company. businesses income Excluding within pharmaceutical compared with Pacific growth was overall The the mixed million, in of This up revenue was in group a consolidated million pharmaceutical growth fourth had net also currency. have flavors the The income earlier This group, primarily in currency group discussed, these these of increase group a adjusted Asia led The in in lower increased a items, to structure XX.X local income currency. across volume negative fourth approximately impact been personal group, significant currency. Operating growth by operating cost in in the is impact we results food flavors in revenue approximately nice nearly

local EBITDA year adjusted the quarter, the X.X% in of increased XXXX. currency and for full Our XX.X%

for cash and flow for Our increased XXXX strong inventory was the to due XX% XXXX in growth Capital cash expenditures year. from million XX% up XX% efforts the our earnings strong for significant and extremely in and reduce to and XX% our for the XX quarter, levels. operations year were free up flow our the quarter

beginning the the since have million year. of We by debt reduced approximately XX

is of debt EBITDA the the Our X.X year. start at down to adjusted from now X.X

XXXX. turning Now to

We be $X.XX. expect GAAP EPS compared EPS to reported to to high-single-digits of our up GAAP XXXX mid

includes costs, XXXX adjusted currency full $X.XX businesses compared basis, up Our of approximately $X.XX our to $X.XX. to adjusted plan we improvement XXXX an the operational costs, impact to divestiture to On for expect of EPS of related and year divested. be our the mid-single-digits adjusted be local EPS guidance XXXX

at our line also We rates currency XXXX. to law, Based on expect in rate with grow rate be a mid-single-digit in we expect local tax current our adjusted tax XXXX. our EBITDA in to

the rates, $X.XX due current to include by to and currency. exchange expect based approximately Our our impact benefit reported on of results earnings currency, we

the XXXX product The low beverage launches in have company we negative. on and the and net mixed food or of better. a as In the market quarter. groups, to was COVID mid-single-digit adjusted color discussed a to care XXXX. the has the revenue expect see growth. but industry and As for Furthermore, timing were into conclusion, new was uncertain the decline at is significantly saw starting late in our impact business impact as quick our and products recovery in market to makeup the second exact in EBITDA year-over-year personal long-term negatively over rate from of we a our groups impacted. mid-single-digit each impact savory we such of of areas restaurant our grow was personal us business, care service improvement a we COVID grow solid at expect could impacted continue continue Other rate The to the on business

XX our continue down XX priorities be our million in we We of debt to the to terms In anticipate in to range XXXX. pay near-term. allocation will the capital expenditures of in million capital

have We also evaluate to we and continue buy ability to the stock. acquisition back opportunities,

improvement this completion foundation We margin of key for half food, expect focus plan fragrance sale to personal the allows our The pharmaceutical, your on while you operational complete in care, the revenue business for markets our future and the improvement morning. providing and of us time the and operational our XXXX. divestitures the growth. Thank of plan customer of first to and

questions. open We the now will call for your


[Operator Instructions].

first Vesterinen go Please Our Heidi from question Exane. ahead. with is

Heidi Vesterinen

morning. good Hi,

Paul Manning

Hi Heidi.

Heidi Vesterinen

strong Couple flavors of please. in questions on growth the

On you then And the the how with much you had was And please strong to So think Thanks. had we you how know regaining on market point XX% that disappointed? on second many go your of on much U.S. outlined driven that. market flavors, exposure the how and was think quantify overall customers very driven by you the first the start and lost? do and do is market question regain to was to year, customers all, let's on last initiatives you and further could there you price? of big the volume you was have previously very, much that you that customers, growth U.S.

Paul Manning

comments the Okay, so U.S. a couple of on

we towards half U.S. the think of kind first across of consumers product you XXXX year, was of volume year, had the two, were ways the was A these stockpiling the So really want of lot it. throughout certainly in I the a growth the -- that in down Number market certainly Board of as cycles as the lot however second were describe went one observed it to stockpiling. categories. half launches point. receded, By or that's

launching were from I launches. think launches when raw lot bigger a just that. those the a XX% In quite customers you launches, the for meaning it down product But customers in the product consider estimates it Now bit attainable, of of the number was down suppliers. fewer words, value more by our less than about other launches of Value was smaller

the think a factor. two I launches were it factors, those in second was So reduction half

the were accelerated I throughout year. really as you the lower can kind we're volumes as our But the of group, mentioned end heavy then growth think flavor much the I towards year. and -- in our very the beginning, in see of

quite segments. And the in bit say probably rate excess of could market higher. was believe grew be, so Other what X% to second half, a to regardless a were these well growth we I actuality think fair in segments market we of X% that volume in of that in it's to about it some

flavor in board group. really each the was key segments success within and our certainly across So kind group of food of our in and the the the within U.S. colors pharma

our So we gone many, spent customers. regaining about your a restructuring lot of years is the time focusing on And our many them, core P&C customers, question to now.

I we well that past impacts. are those think

the have, XXXX generated, on built I which the certainly ability hold something in wins is that back hurt really us was we've upon we think to the to success really that and our XXXX. business that new

So factors. think I very, are key these very two

in us business have. to part very, We're a As market you very consumers. maintain end look aggressive we of a to win, to continue at the opportunity to XXXX, for the lot products launching that's continue about that there's certainly to of

chances we'd With take there, very, our your very respect there. compete think let so And we price we volume that. like Steve to I'll effectively

Stephen J. Rolfs


the say flavor growth X%. volume was would I So price largely driven, was about

So the was there most volume. of growth

Heidi Vesterinen


So down. then launches could on if being talks I about your follow-up product

you appetite flavors? do see or innovation too up do off it's see early in and So taking that picking you

Paul Manning

we to of is use bellwethers sampling the Well, of customers. one our rate

probably during So XXXX, with our XX% reduction with sampling a XX% to customers. to average interestingly about consistent launches our down in enough was XX% XX% on

believe sampling here, would I we think that revenue is So rate XXXX. we a achievable mid-single-digit look suggest growth forward our in as

see first half personal type even the interest -- would back they the than more customers, our when half is as second would with would tremendous launch indications be as think timing true that the see talk absolutely most launching. indications business I pipeline, factor half in But our we half customers of is using our about That is of that think sample we would than we we business. bellwether. first at of I thinking we -- heavy our I there be more back you're care would in think a look launches our factor. anticipate at a certainly the definitely XXXX, Certainly timing. food in That's being

opportunity of cleaning COVID revitalize line, ingredients. have product their lot We this up taken a customers introducing who've really during natural more to labels,

So there I improvement second is answer the here and food was activity a of food would for XXXX, But real incremental beverage. particular here for in half the say the would first the and anticipate half in half lot in launches, of very beverage, market. some short I good second care for think but on Heidi in I personal long-term

Heidi Vesterinen

Thank you.


[Operator Instructions]. Mark is Please with question from go Connelly The Inc. ahead. next Stephens,

Mark Connelly

couple categories you really when you. things, of thinking and hit Thank you seen last A year, how like actually in half about Can well candy to cream talk first those categories? of the much the second got I'm quarter recovery energy. and back particular you've in hard ice

Paul Manning

would you're half say particularly of that was Europe. last in I ice the bad, cream Yeah, first right, pretty year

the occasion cream as market in a Much of progressed, lot is use, the the think be that Europe. feeling in for ice right. continued Americas, improved but of year to I driven it headwinds

consumed the in So home Europe say, cream of outside a Americas more lot than, ice the market. is

headwind really in we products, play, improvements not in would I second flavors that If than things XXXX. there and maybe throughout think but anything, saw so much. that growth don't area pretty, aren't the And flavored not going colored Europe, and there say because that a was we that first wouldn't Candy big don't think less because worse be headwinds colored, were we necessarily lot areas There's in traditional a in that I chocolate, continue to highly a indulge by was out. I it's but in. half, highly of beyond cocoa been little play flavored it's half we definitely was folks

side, saw Asia that's drinks, pretty steady a market, good certainly Europe the -- we really the us. across drinks. steady on Americas, to for energy the energy had And pretty to from On world in a growth a year energy that

Mark Connelly

there. of helpful. going in to couple there Okay, initiative your last talk footprint. the of maybe last the question, progress that's just over obviously Is significant a on you've that of at was some or more couple But of market? about room to quarters, manufacturing made sort go the that second is And lot a be some years

Paul Manning

No, would was the big I I the ago, two phase many principally phase at mean say work years and it's margin. one our flavors. directed that restructuring

I right footprint top we and you on saw and think the of XX completed that we've The very those last portfolio in much the that months, substantially. certainly driven. got divestitures were certainly

yeah, about optimize XX restructuring take means We're really technology, think very, the always efficiencies organization, where we out done not like I'll XX but I the still footprint, business, organization the I with to portfolio a far here. We by streamlined SG&A to more right. optimizing But more on improving we're and the of food in wake but a to along very care we're looking an costs beverage, done, days think to was that, us utilize any or you, XXXX. for our from always So manufacturing tell contemplating, enhance massive actually looking standpoint to took no it There's are to like is areas I us. for at do. around personal it's focused out standpoint. in inventory, pharma, organization, we're like more there with not

very these opportunities the in for continue improve think and We be good a big there. still to that team on lot particular operating working going got flavors. So helpful as margin in us are to profit we very, a I so of

Mark Connelly

one slot just could to attrition. question, lower customer I if more you And pointed in

run lower the obviously market You've to you your have in made there your changes way Is products. some significant you attrition more there hit or targets? room

Paul Manning

be to zero. attrition want always you Well,

it a attrition philosophical real a Customers suppose the attrition is of they from it, than delist product, it's they they remove down our yeah, natural. substantially of more the a market. target have some I I mean target. So is and But

from the But some down natural providing we're the markets new in lot letting So out to and I'm you the everybody a that's thing of this hate other projects kind Sensient by there service expect the pulled market. make is particularly to is being in that customer way. up driven to got in knows focused of things business. win for would serving, other a attrition that which poor there's And part you say I or are on that your losing then

And that I any strong really customer service. other part our the make indulge day with It's and something very think businesses business, a may blanketing day activities of lost running customers we often in very point really fundamental but it's good so things of that a in. the to gets

now we're that. very, on very focused So

and of real think trends those some in I year terms reversing XXXX. in a say XXXX improving was banner of and XXXX might've seen you

focused send like swapping the competitors us in there business out. sticky the contemplating a for that customer on Those would be as answer groups. very our don't technically tremendous or defensible those that far risk represents and be been more other tend sophisticated last that. point sophisticated And in to have our I on more that certainly good perhaps a attrition we selling there So we've is products are

with are how attrition, think some part of going it's an respect commercially. about of the think those we So to to be ongoing we things

could. So down yeah, it lower I would even I if to like get

Mark Connelly

Thank you. helpful. very That's


Heidi a is Please question with Exane. next The go follow-up from Vesterinen ahead.

Heidi Vesterinen

had your on please? and Hi costs you couple, I year cost last what about our a natural think headwinds. And outlook ingredients, again, in specifically pricing talked is material raw

at Thanks. question acquisitions second you is exposure of examples plant-based on, looking exposed we about sensible interested the So and perhaps lastly, And in sort you're then if to you your could out if And latest some trend please what you the please? are XXXX? the give as what there? is acquisitions, is talked there look sensible then what

Paul Manning


with -- Steve interested our So, have raw be about know business which folks speak and your can I'm more to I'll in. start material price about I S&I specifically going talk

a inflation I think amount in we raw general, materials. don't see of on tremendous

there went very to were course we inflation availability very, or But last the were really across was annual on that for us problematic of other overall raw couple reasonable factors. products some, impact the some a of to into As year always were due pricing somewhat board material in discussions, an general, there over us.

so take us not in the to game. as a a broad XXXX than more a some therefore, in may volume revenue a XXXX. pricing here Certainly for And is surgical us we growth be going pricing of game and for it's initiative say there, based contribution but

had on core would one. are Lot the it's I your what's now. a, growth On open technical I whoever in things It's all that good and is probably market. most from wins. of of involved companies my There parts of you yeah, has This in a no the the other would if a nice that products, say see constraints So XX% as about project, and to from other of it come plant-based, market. the technical such booming producers these price. of question come balance real right is best an volume trade getting that's XX%, market listings will solution and these that really about with our challenge opinion

there well We've actually like in our solutions. color with competing quite done particular natural we there. So

So market. we like that

come. to there's really it to continued get lot technology of for real requires some number But think one that right. that potential it's I of in a years market a

to go want that say S&I something material let me, to raw you back one me Steve, there. Let on if

Stephen J. Rolfs


Paul Sensient his prepared products product this in our ingredients garlic, So, chili everybody's S&I, that very within comments the line group. And natural benefit. top types dehydrated line. like onion, well flavor peppers, This It's the other is a and mentioned on or of done for that. had it's extract year,

next the chain the the for the crop of and crop So a little look about better, that of looking into the same. cost look parts other year, parts at supply

to whatever out structure gone no think change big have pricing with in So we we recapture And to. the there. needed also I cost

change big well as that we in to XXXX did cost XXXX. no front there. So on the And product uh, expect perform, line into it

Paul Manning

Heidi, And third question, then sensible your acquisitions. on

to constitute much to avenues product are lines portfolio, to want our one a invest focused these would good more in. tell that you with continue acquire. that of we So, any could portfolios really I

treated whether we're excipients, everything personal potentially of surface lasers pigments. Any us. could mix ingredients be many, of care food So for talking about these from which pharmaceutical colors, in things ranging are one soluble to the there

And for so it's earn interesting insist companies a mean, There's there. market, I of and able lot of we shareholders. out an lot right? a on companies to acquire a and out established being there's our more there, startup return

And so to would say shareholders. that of I be, to interest returns about when something sensible, the the talking implement, our generate I'm our think ability I in

of of fewer are in there but things maybe so these those, And sort tend move to cycles.

something you're But going kind product not segments, that optimistic be in XXXX. blockbuster And I of anticipate there so see XXXX. make us we some on to interest but can be in patient acquisition of may some I'm very, very sort would

bigger very hey, too. we prudent, but you be think something to want could very, I come know along never

return but we paying got a and earning to we're And we're very possibilities lot of that open a there, we're, sure make on range very, of so to acquisition.

Heidi Vesterinen

Thank you.

Paul Manning

Heidi. Thanks Okay.


Mitra is Excuse from Please next ahead. Ramgopal me, the with question Sidoti. go

Mitra Ramgopal

Thanks taking Yes, hi, questions. good morning. for the

First, I you little a subjective, us it's back of impact line? just sense you wanted at -- in on COVID I give know to terms the as and can to as bottom if the you think XXXX of but was look a what

Paul Manning

a business. a of it very that net took makeup people real going to mentioned, our company. the it Leading was our negative negative specifically just was With Steve much Well, -- as not that it personal out, clearly net was portion care toll. more and

and comment, problem Ice mentioned sort but still first though, or it a then right. so very Just earlier, Food a was that mixed, cream hit in go but the headwind, does -- in second beverage, wasn't. the somewhat half, Candy half a service over was was hard headwind. that Mark to headwind. less was a food very, it also asked was of a

in conclusion, suppose it's a net it but so a I And was for real negative us. mixed much very bag,

hell think think a instrumental what Now, just really really out And to that our we of opportunity of them. customers service of very a is And this and us our in to meaningful the then helping in an that I commercially as on business lot net in focus and us way. in this we accomplished invest I took positive was to really, mission to market. parts for was win really a really business,

whether open people very Sensient in was So very fronts, for we it as lot very, knew mission of a we delivering delivering shipments, seriously. our business, reliable took or being reviewed and was samples

we So a think from going that launches into COVID. and second and But improve activity. certainly respect as XXXX, was see half the improvements optimistic product is everybody's with customer I think incremental go do we that benefit to I to

the optimistic we're for mid-single-digit can our that So growth achieve we rate year.

Mitra Ramgopal


great. improvement, the sounds in that operating the to plan is as assuming Now also seems about guidance that initiatives? And those then that I'm you're halfway relates through it contribution from baking some

Stephen J. Rolfs

charge that not in a a a which the talking huge being past, this about when This to say fraction about couple of scale, is -- what done of facilities, non-cash. order think of is Yeah. impact the really from is a on off, we've most you economic magnitude we're

of so millions nicely. And say those are quite terms of tens in rather than speaking we're But, millions. progressing

probably that done lot conduct half And will we'll lot event be where we'll a a then I done of is have the get really you'd first expect group Again, of And segment nominal that restructuring where a of get would and very like a kind the is to of confident be some is of fairly of and benefits. second color that. we'll impact born activity. see the the so we year in then benefits, should feel that XXXX full in really personal you'll But correctly. We see those of experience that. care more and that that see half where that

Mitra Ramgopal

as with the curious thanks. with with that to going terms the if with nice look -- could go, comfortable here No, was divestitures comfortable existing there, forward growth? how now a I of offering, to always just I you able you're to in close know one get you of now more business, some add very revamped the coming Okay. or terms And in you with just but really at are something product being

Paul Manning

right like I food done and demonstrated I nice really in over personal track care our like there. our We've think COVID it. before well odds I colors quite the a years. had certainly Well, record

chances our like I So there, great markets.

we strong have very think I there. strategies

I think we portfolios. have very good

the where that of underlining for I portfolio, flavor, food, add not ditto really, real and to course for good open something can from be opportunities And and type a to in flavors fill the good the top of reasons real operate think is, of is and again, a S&I it on, extracts trends our is, with successful up acquisition have are we on here estimation really with good. think extract those tough, extracts a towards insist the great point smart integrity. could and future. we strong. a good, a great in sure. really a is around continue a who that gap natural leaders And and also we and are much But high label growth, is programs and think And really production, the customer, there a and degree I types It's the markets have or really desirable with same group, then having trends layer really, of maybe having portfolio expectations we're on more of it's with market what well-suited Same I that. towards drives successful for my we lot really lot business, local success to in, and of right. to And and have similarly of then they converting trends more whether and really leaders leaders. our year innovation a flavors

the much unless organization on for not that I couldn't, think, fundamentally we businesses other larger of to them, sold, I a once in good way before, you're a were based in or that businesses, cultivate in segments. willing we can either in sense invest probably these more that interested make the said as them lot but a arms our we they preference

Mitra Ramgopal

traction globally just [ph] the sort you the way expand a some to China more And within of is on or Thanks. meant platform color -- is that gain local of Yat-Sun then the still? just collaboration, partnership, if a finally, market can give really having that Okay.

Paul Manning

is it in does Well -- long and certainly this way partnership. goes China, a global it a

opportunities. very high our things and I the and the this back we rates. are And types our see we recovers a we Yatsan with strong And, we're good that optimistic with working very think for growth so resume China's and partnership And really customers. us. on good cosmetic of indicative is market [ph] that go fully that of market

that lot think Asian and lot the insight collaboration good case, of a grow beyond. we a but of a only to in potential and recognize they co-development so And market, not within recognize sharing, that I

that quite excited got that think we've great in we're I Pacific about and for cosmetic again, sure. in opportunities Asia So business

Mitra Ramgopal

taking questions. Okay. Thanks the for

Paul Manning

Okay, thanks Mitra.


with Green is line go ahead. next question Boldhaven. The your Green, Mr. from is David Please open.

David Green

there. Paul. hi you're Amy Hi, Steve, Hi if

Paul Manning

Hello, David.

David Green

hear you Can me?

Paul Manning

Yeah, sure.

David Green

I Hey, how are you doing. you're [Multiple well. hope Speakers].

Paul Manning

are. we Yes,

David Green

of is beat sales what practice hair. what couple that there in the quick questions, about better When execution, London you We are --? does mean doing A please. you you about actually talk actually and in

seems just are the color have, net end know give finally, business Are end one markets promoter strong. driving very on uh, trend very, school. that's to flavors don't specific but is may, any I there in that? offering. some be Just a there questions you final a towards, then obviously it. the could an I And that that internal service benchmark end two you full And if on whether industry us if to specifically,

get your well and thoughts wanted you how that placed on are? Just to

Paul Manning


customer, good it the are customer And your or her versus very the what So it responsive principle about right question, is. a sales It's simple. because that on the and one, first sounds execution, very being It's in does concept, very, mean? of basics willing very what very, is expectations to distinctions do. his the are different. A the understanding you're lot expectations what with problem interactions a or to good of of

expecting Some gaining give I Others alignment about and one customers are and the these it's and you give two, only you them we between eight so eight. be lot a three. think may them And, to things, customer. expect

our been it. around built has And strategy of lot so commercial a

can You successfully pick successfully help to that you got to things compete, and ones make better we deliver we them got can them the pick and and make right customers the where money.

And better, money, so I we think business think making our our make lives better, about and helping their serving them that's how focus making customers on sales. their more

on bonus of it and contact good manifests possibly close fundamentals support. and selling very much And obviously very want people salespeople management in and fundamentally focus very a then they I as our close itself, our get the with so as collaboration sales can. to good

organization on so order as what do that, to the execute they're doing job, very support to to well. they their have And in strongly has but

And our to continue so around a And to exception. of that on improve, like certainly but lot we want got here, get these business areas better of work to no I continue are think cultural everything aspects our we that at. and

What don't what is. does score, and I David? Your I that heard that second think I know say promoter net mean, question, you

David Green

guess of where well you companies you think, in but are feedback have are generally it? not terms of It's how but basically customers you all a will your at school I school giving the

Paul Manning

I'm necessarily we we're don't, that serving that of. metric. No, there's aware Yeah. markets And no benchmark the that and on for in indisputable

shop being matrix, one-stop folks interesting. service. selling basket of On sounds would lot descriptions, is that one do I describe based a at and on kind customers, that don't a of opinion I or promoter estimation I the dependent as broad for get ask end got a third a feedback offering take us that care. this So of them what lot But and And a that of company in but they it in most in the net of because a is that. compare your of I'll think don't with for get of your this score ask the from others. believe the to look something is have full Yeah, from any do I folks may question that think though, those And some this and one my customer yourself, quantified the he you our the take ask get, or yes, the but is we that, don't. answer you does integrated to at that? something more customer times to conceptually, do approach or does day, we we why customer. what goods

the them cases, deal other depending But quite want in all. ingredient. to the helpful helpful customer. it be at In could fact, They they it you to don't want with and independently, on

at a the I that's least surgical tend to or we rather market. in it. that to And of approach concept way So view surgical think execution take the right

David Green

markets -- on apologies then the flavors And the specific any driving business? end

Paul Manning

lot growth Oh, beverage I yeah. business, I'm for of headwinds about. despite broad did our sorry. businesses of well. think some the the each sweetened savory, very mean, me our pretty Yeah, I performed And, business, well S&I a that based, in we describe. quite very, these heard the that was we you of talked even certainly reasons

ones In a really big gum and ice pandemic was pretty services, I it certain XX%. as wiped before beverages number candy of the cream, markets, was well out. a food in a a lot headwinds, were businesses, headwind in our was during hit that there the ways, hard Now, of of as down mentioned lot were XX%,

applicable experienced that was of B&C service not continue on that think to launch the model, new So comments for lot segments. of across focusing in products. are then growth really of comments these that these would the in acquisition Europe the -- be -- lot I of think the I growing just Asia again, business we and I And These customers win which well. a are And Americas. across with enabled to really a as each customers, us are our

David Green

on that. one quick one sorry, I'm

a percentage more of as take QSR how they would of we candy, headwind end if where was markets say much mentioned, So flavors you there of gum the market. a in as end be terms that well

Paul Manning

in I me, some was enough headwinds small conclusion others, there was could markets. markets, our that overcome breakdown I these of worked of in guess, -- in I There in suppose that of have a in there lot don't specific these our were but a tailwinds offer. we we of favor lot the them front distribution and that is would some of

David Green

thanks. many Right,

Paul Manning

David. Thanks, Okay.


the time. no further are the back I'll to closing for conference turn any company There at questions remarks. this

Stephen J. Rolfs

Okay. Thank again thank your to the conclude call results. our that about tuning for will morning, in you everyone hear for you and this time


concluded. has conference The

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