EMR Emerson Electric

Pete Lilly Director, Investor Relations
Timothy Reeves Director, IR & Assistant Treasurer
David Farr Chairman & CEO
Michael Train President & Chairman, Automation Solutions
Frank Dellaquila Senior EVP & CFO
John Walsh Crédit Suisse
Andrew Kaplowitz Citigroup
Gautam Khanna Cowen and Company
John Inch Gordon Haskett Research Advisors
Deepa Raghavan Wells Fargo Securities
Julian Mitchell Barclays Bank
Jeffrey Sprague Vertical Research Partners
Patrick Baumann JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Joseph Ritchie Goldman Sachs Group
Robert McCarthy Stephens Inc.
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to Emerson's investor conference call. [Operator Instructions]. This conference is being recorded today, February 4, 2020.

I would now like to turn the conference over to our host, Pete Lilly, Director of Investor Relations at Emerson. ahead. go Please

Pete Lilly

Executive much, Reeves, XXXX so David everyone, Emerson's and Dellaquila, to Chairman Officer; Chief Thank Train, of Mike Conference and Investor Call. Quarter President; Senior Frank Officer; Earnings Chief course, by President I'm First and and Financial Tim you of Executive welcome, Vice Director joined Farr, Emeritus. today Relations,

Timothy Reeves

graduated. I Emeritus.

Pete Lilly

with driven is start to expectations, Promotion. along in in X guidance Despite which and you North lower on we've fourth quarter presentation, provided by $X.XX, deliver I'll website. all American activity. executed came discrete follow results quarter. operations available encourage flat the of gas to our I in slide well the on and softness growth in of sales, adjusted Underlying the Slide call. global the the upstream on markets year-over-year, sales EPS below oil slightly spot

which due softness. U.S. below was stable. underlying somewhat management's was Solutions other in Demand and primarily expectations, hybrid discrete process global up markets Automation and remained aforementioned the upstream X%, to market

booked saw the -- projects the year. large the LNG second quarter year the we also last delays Importantly, half after several of in of from

in softness was by and Solutions expectations, Residential reflecting in with Europe continued markets stronger & Commercial chain markets, X%, East Middle in Africa. and down tools professional offset global line cold somewhat and Asia,

year, quarter up Cash in improved of to performance on expected call. restructuring million quarter's the XXXX. with of significantly the reflecting the was cash net discussed last half from quarter, conversion the drive million income. in incremental of $XX actions are free year, XX% initiated company flow The actions, last second flow combined actions versus above $XX These prior in solid with profitability well

Turning to the Slide We'll P&L. review X.

percent markets. to of XX.X% highly a discrete at was upstream profitable First basis XXX points mix, due and by sales primarily and favorable to flat price/cost gross margin was SG&A U.S. offset lower shale unfavorable XX.X%. roughly business as as regional quarter increased and

stock compensation this points However, XXX a price. basis includes to due impact from higher higher stock of unfavorable

EBITDA and basis points, related restructuring and declined points EBIT Adjusted exclude XXX margins, and basis which XXX respectively. costs,

these and points basis unfavorable compensation, losses. Importantly, FX XXX of impact from pension stock include changes combined

EBIT respectively, adjusted XX strong prior up year read-through impacts, were actions. XX these and EBITDA basis and margins reflecting Excluding restructuring points, of

geographic QX. Turning States down Europe down, in The to by From respectively; below Eastern U.S. and growth saw and and The Slide end up in due weak X% results gas markets. were X%. Western X. to with was down we X% Europe, underlying a Americas mixed slightly were sales oil Canada Europe. X%, expectations United and Latin discrete upstream offset America, and in perspective, sluggishness

led Middle Middle X%, East and up in China Asia, up by growth East. Africa the strong and X% was

points adjusted Total points XX.X%, well unfavorable negative EBIT Slide regional segment reflecting to basis now impact. dropped XX business XX losses X. as of impacts the Turning mix. to as basis items margin totaled These foreign unfavorable and transaction

and other to XX% price, due of XX% pension Corporate increased excluding $XXX and million million. was cash Operating lower due conversion. As costs, to stock favorable. costs flow QX higher And increased cash by previously and discount performance compensation costs, costs was represented cash flow a restructuring free over related increased to flow stock solid. rates. mentioned, $XXX

X. to Slide Turning

contribution our balance line quarter, exchange with EPS. to operations In first in $X.XX bridge interest transactions sheet and for $X.XX also sales. quarter summary, guidance delivered in net costs on was adjusted share repurchases We line with compensation, EPS foreign target Tax, EPS which on stock an lower-than-expected lower of guidance. $X.XX, the basis. will headwind pension delivered Operations, and totaled and

December by grew quarter. second expectations to nearly several at note, trailing X% to half the sales last X-month of driven came $X had the will to year. orders delayed backlog Of quarter. LNG up compared large in underlying sequential by turning last basis Solutions bookings Automation growth XX. We been billion from platforms, that on a below Slide were now business somewhat underlying for X%, review X%

discrete Eastern The single-digit markets sales down in underlying continued X% down was were Europe offset Europe Western Americas were by than sales X% soften. as and weakness as upstream also low to growth more in Europe.

East led and X% Middle Africa the grew East. Asia, by and China Middle

Adjusted down American continued basis points with basis steady year-over-year from upstream both decline points, resulting the discrete growth and XX reflecting as up impact EBITDA long-cycle well and digits. as unfavorable of more businesses was Control Systems Final mix transaction unfavorable Our the in markets. losses mid-single XX North margin FX profitable

Excluding these sales, reflecting adjusted restructuring the on segment improved impacts, lower-than-expected the XXXX of EBITDA margins benefit business actions. delivered

to year. the the quarter, actions, actions sales half margins the underlying actions of across restructuring totaled XXXX, of with million $XX In are platform. $XX for slightly to approximately These positive flat in together incremental second the improved segment support adjusted on million expected

Slide grew underlying underlying Now & and Residential soft sales X%. X-month chain X% Americas slower industrial professional and sales HVAC were down X%. underlying weighed trailing down were North down cold remained markets by turning on as December markets to were demand. Latin residential X%. The Solutions tools XX. also Commercial America orders American

mid-single-digit Asia grew across Asia, and X% the Middle growth of China, Africa the East Middle and East. rest with

price margin year EBITDA basis primarily increased and cost Solutions of actions. points, adjusted restructuring favorable reflecting Residential benefit & the Commercial prior XX

Combined actions XXXX, approximately of million the from quarter, totaled profitability second the with actions of sales. $XX for half the slightly $X on year expect million. improved underlying incremental we For restructuring negative

environment resolution, some tensions, elections cost-cutting to updated focus geopolitical a on corporate progress the growth and cover pending drive -- Despite we'll no a in to low expect no XX, Slide trade toward to to we continue Turning XXXX. guidance.

to coronavirus, impacts On be the is not unfolding full the year, does the this include any later underlying will in note, outlook potential sales. for change no there from our which discussed expectations call. Of

investment in growth a economic XXXX. a the mindset last the half process our plan. investments restructuring of managed this second history. shifted phase we And As we the highlighted next multiple our call, in from slowdowns Emerson to the We in environment, of that initiated cost $XX current announced last increasing on million focus management mindset. Today, year, has have

For Solutions fiscal the $XXX actions, restructuring within expect year Commercial million million approximately of & Residential take $XXX platform. and Automation spend to will and be will happen of million, total $XX $X XXXX, we million each which respectively. Solutions Corporate

$X.XX additional present expect midpoint, We adjusted Board's $X.XX well Of the longer-term of expect investor $X.XX, an increase announced as of the note, EPS an we of as reflecting during of cost the our at the in actions. outcome of the conference, October now beyond upcoming review X on XXXX. the update to framework benefit guidance detail to range XXXX

to expected $X.XX minimal spending billion, to unchanged impact at expect net CapEx $XXX cash flow leaving our million, and cash We has $X.X restructuring flow is actions. increased Operating target free billion. from be now cash

adjusted of in improvement Largely Walking back prior our actions. total of have XX. bridges for the tax, offsetting our XXXX across point of which from we favorable guidance. reflecting $X.XX of right, $X.XX the of of year operational sales, to flat items tax $X.XX This pension. restructuring up guidance, and Slide the benefit stock XXXX discrete to starting on now turn slightly this adjusted headwind of excludes expect FX, slide XXXX for EPS to charges. and adds XXXX comp these Continuing we Please is $X.XX, EPS bridge $X.XX EPS expect The $X.XX. headwinds, GAAP discussed restructuring down we of $X.XX, a from $X.XX

of midpoint $X.X a adjusted also billion balance structure EPS cost We planned share to EPS us $X.XX. year gets of and from of sheet strong a $X.XX expect with improved repurchases. This debt full

basis include to and adjusted in the and second Despite sales headwinds, continued of we that for any EBIT up discrete driven not actions. North guidance. reflecting potential American prior basis the upstream This turn global expect XX segment EBITDA quarter markets. XX. the impact points, Slide headwinds of Note restructuring lays out margin XX North mix is outlook up outlook slide benefit quarter Please America margin coronavirus. continued flat, our year by this The does points total XXXX underlying

million half planned the out EBITDA progression sales underlying excludes guidance. $X.XX, respective for which Please restructuring of of midpoint assuming slide in business, second our EPS This first XX. Slide adjusted actions adjusted lays expect their margin to quarter. the $XX We the and turn of

expect totaling first Residential million cost, across headwinds favorable and Automation significant half approximately platforms. Solutions up mix up Solutions points. points easing approximately Commercial with spend $XXX & improvement restructuring and price together We in adjusted margin XXX both approximately margin half, These basis drive with investments, XXX basis EBITDA second the

the structure exit look plan forward as investor with on our and We long-term an yields XX. go plans laying out to earnings that XXXX February improved at we forward, cash to cost we conference and stronger

with that, And Mr. turn now the to over Farr. will And XX. to David call Slide please I turn

David Farr

that in the want as I much. investors around what all markets and leaders analysts the Emerson this follow first the all very afternoon you want Emerson our Emerson full for we the we we year. our and discuss quarter results Thank Emerson all uncertain made aggressive we global -- challenging markets. are much happen industrial also I expect to serve thank welcome this to competitive that the with to and stronger, programs cost deal for as you commercial your Thank world employees for more the make very and quarter implementing make efforts. Emerson and total this resetting the and this

quarter quarter press executing been a our release, X.X-year efforts. see cost busy can first As around you busy, first for resetting it's the

million. maybe money took the we we a As million. helicopter. those by the and the dollar per little savings sold down accelerated dollar, you includes are we a and built program. and a quarter, where did headcount dollar plan reduction the this corporate, bit a the fourth to that of X, into flowed originally cost resetting In we the dollar more it about for from Emerson Part than $XX That -- based know, on fleet savings was year, plane quarter $XX first into

But cost drive you'll see the around for next million, big starting savings we're cost quarter see structures facilities savings expecting $XX and will restructuring. and back north to $XXX higher year in second million period, this 'XX. -- well half going after access time total, well and year, over and the in during 'XX to The this you million. we're incremental continue issue around million. $XXX $XXX X.X $XXX well of are the of year now into over time the to And week this of We restructurings could go the million and on into is more expecting, we're first total XXXX. well with reductions pay period, attack And

doing than more have and it. details with that pleased detail going and We investments, hours will for cost understood done, customer at dollar taking viability dollar damage make they great cost Board we're damaging not what the it's over as X.X to setting the well with quality time. we at all the reviewed yesterday we're long-term said service the Board. Emerson. support and pretty execution businesses at technology sure have and I'm permanent in is of actions, we out the have this with the savings franchise that there, not the and We Well of core with when point it permanent

New It's As in City be unusual not week me. know, on our Valentine's have going you -- to It's February we Day. be on annual XX. conference next investors York for

do in but to our investors guys make you spouse you doing special So that everything evening, our the -- be your conference morning. for -- sure call going we're get

we the drive growth laid the lot around to very Details environment. resetting new out little where growth very the a peak of detailed cost -- margins, with global

reach what flowing You'll from timing, trying we're an margins when how to EBITDA EBIT those in, in when the it, savings trying they're and we're an we're to the annual to going undertake basis. see basis, do

around at headquarter look same as our St. the Commercial At world to looking best significant only actions taking time, here Louis the Automation and but optimize very ways Solutions structure & not cost around structure, we're the in the corporate the between we Residential.

optimize levels Lal, and will Bob of Thursday, the leaders with next at major This Emerson's each but of record more the leaders, progress. efficiency, units. could have but put how drive is McKinsey key the this we the driven as also business to support by margins very looked effectiveness leaders, profitability and corporate and of the by we color business I good on internally we

Sharp, of up. the his after you and pop to year, Bob Automation As Bob margins see, underlying improvement of half in the are this second already can year, profitability seeing starting Bob in last and took Solutions the businesses. they're team, this

as taking we So doing the lot a job, we'll and actions about are go that hold, talk more forward. a and good they're

know full fact now. and on growth global the cannot that employees we execution But we no Emerson there's well, the right are as mode the out know there. depend fast in And

growth, how our to or earnings our growth cash figuring in out our maybe flow negative and to profitability, how grow environment. We growth grow are low no a grow a

the at this term, Mike we in I going and Both term, ignoring it's long now. a see an term point what time. near definitely right medium will this. little to as I'm But potentially, have we about the definitely, look this bit Train and coronavirus talk at impact and in

underlying tightly you As are our quarter. It tells at as that very now, now right the in plus minus look for range could sales. the we've see, right the orders the X, in laid me we that month range in current we total current X trending out trending towards trending the are X

North Pacific, Africa, we and had trending several for the The pretty doing was other the full pace, I there. the still -- sales Asia North which good good large is projects those is are pace of in just as look to middle January, the East look weak, and and underway. Eastern in, Europe's Middle now, look were was right line, Turkey. in I America pretty driven at But in pretty weaker happening Russia continue order Western We thought. world. primarily and and the look and as down, well better, by of up X%. X% at that growth of at drive we first year markets quarter, to than growth the we is world Europe catalysts America for about In

parts earnings to out but incremental growth I this have it, the Mexico we're point things as and to fundamental is, in don't If through nor now don't the fight, quarters seen how through time. to we're right figure I do concern cost and the couple see long look better U.S. drive destiny flow is to What it, I get America. at in next the other Latin that to catalyst our believe, year back of My Canada, costs pockets reset. happen are be we drive and I cost and and of our this see resetting up control at trying growth I going to cash for continuing of comes to have all so pick us.

easy. a time. this As not will there. moderate and markets see the out global They're I second opportunities I I for you that. we that. time. know those not we're see could I'm betting on actions growth, there be do at are don't But betting point company my people the growth or on see, believe low will growth how at around easy when is half. from no now, in right very growth, levels definitely not and get necessary to this This But driving stronger standpoint,

Operating flow cash be will good.

the cash quarter. first the saw had quarter. for very You operating good first We flow

sheet. working opinion, my in trapped, capital was that on of Some the balance

some that the we first had to Frank team, flow taxes. restructuring should in that That based first this flowed his into through cash year. done and We go Frank continue on had taxes restructuring, half us help also as some of quarter.

acquisitions, Overall, going we're dividends. We're no back our billion. to the our reviewed XXth to nicely up cash pay I of and think dividends. $X.X assuming going is Board, see now, the significant $X.XX we billion flow this, as how on with year Right billion be in increased to we in working $X.X

below you XX. Our at ratio, free down is dividend look flow, dropping cash as

assuming X.X, this Our in at point share repurchase somewhere significant no acquisitions around time.

repaid our of shareholders shareholders. of to support in our what flow So should with trying XX% to close do back we're be cash to

we've have structure spending reset structure. capital assuming for as new $XXX locations we We're if acquisitions, cost continued We've raised million we the as higher this the range, also our of around taking support take million to facility we're the actions world, build we'll them. to spending Again, year. best $XXX in our opportunities capital up that and range, cost

at situation. now small. cycle funnel the nervous very right in are about with uncertainty China is around with acquisition time now the pretty this selling Our People point assets

We little in $XXX have, process, worth right price, the the -- Residential both talk in or acquisitions value million bolt-on not one nice closing Automation in about we purchase we're both -- X process Commercial sales sales, $XXX Solutions, Solutions, million in about. control of now of of of that pyramid the in always part the one element

on a and team China, bit you While going and we're are I insights -- give some little tag joined to Mike this. to

and Let over overview. I'm turn go here. going me forth we'll give to Mike, a and back to brief

all want my to I something say first, situation employees. to China The

have We XX,XXX here. employees

constant touch We in are them. with

We XX,XXX ongoing our of every minute, employees to ability communicate on the to basis, day. have an every

all are apartments people hearts that locked their out going Our the now. in are right up with

But at all our our are time, phone, as relative we clearly, thoughts how world. that the they also by we in point to have of they're safe we to their get around it's come working, we But them in to not this Fortunately, in get out this? going concern employees, communicating, this are with point time. by try out They're ready at a there, all apartments. do figure only and e-mail, as obviously, but

this be $XXX impact. But will XX, we between believe allow and see let February $XX I'll I start a and they chain, manufacturing we'll in you go us from again, have and assuming supply now, the look sales million that it million still somewhere here. can right started, negative again, impact, on through of Mike I my As some to at do perspective, points

If I but what I'm I'm you will think my extends, China feel folks giving giving going you for feel. just is my knowing number up, happen. my to that Now and this feel go for

concerned the we'll at start-up Mike the that. they'll of the in lot. situation concerned look am about about and show will back some come up you I customers As how numbers around fast you, this, give sourcing and I'm I

at now, Bob be also about have components some the of lot lot do marketplace. have to of and manufacturing depending of heating wait concerned and and is, that permanently that is business a I'm going there, a as million Sharp's heating system here the look on. for some $XXX We of $XX the Once shipping and you're of next customers system there, the right year. work on lost, perspective of number I our we to out million that gone, going will My and

that Solutions, firmly make it long, I doesn't believe within is year done the before that estimate go Automation at what have feel quick should shut or of of thing we're fiscal and assuming I'm up. we this start on right looking how long this our is the too the will to But calendar sort again, year. up based be now going down how

facts, of why forth back Mike, give little So couple talk them bit more? you we'll go a and don't and a and

Michael Train

Great. All right. great Thank be afternoon. this to David, you with very everybody much.

platforms want of we Today, XX,XXX had and XXth share QX a to. employees. $X talked anniversary our to team, that celebrated employees. my digits a China. Pete both recently China We our have mid-single XX,XXX in again, all, China, size, billion nearly I we And also in thanks to that First solid business almost our in in in terrific

pretty us. Secondly, important. That of U.S.-China trade January we is saw which deal pretty important XX, deal, X the Phase to was the signing

be X -- shortly. excited to commencing Phase also some that. excited by it think It's which time, sides, discussions going we're about were announcements We're that. both there would take I but on

same have coronavirus to people about wanted that just recognizing So we is when that. that I that, were time this highlight issue. But

been intend February January And our XX days. Year we and currently, out XX They've now or Our facilities for government XX. on Chinese New on out for start restart next employees their to XX the under -- regulations went holiday. guidance, Monday,

next need And little on to watching make can week... happens. we sure a report that. that we we'll But that think bit And be I

David Farr

can. we Yes,

Michael Train

that face these manage to facilities. restart as think going have going be of Obviously, to you the our to issues we're we're some are I facilities. around going to

monitoring. have the temperature We

chain, and those I best -- that We're It's the despite rocky of restrictions. think, manage. just will we chain, be sub-suppliers things. travel going suffering But start. supply everything doing all need kinds to a be have our We to The supply efforts. logistics,


David Farr

our China, How do supply now, right chain for Mike? have much we both in

Michael Train

So chain out actually $XXX goes China, our business. to million. stays supply million the $XXX China's about million in global in $XXX

impacts China, in impacts So in of beyond have terms we'll China, that. have

modules, going China you build beyond we're thing. as we that as again, were see that well. in China impact their to use some And have highlight, of their other customers business impacts global would several that regions there to kind projects, And

of So kind happen we're starting with the view to off what's of going here.

We'll no go could be going week there. a Again, saying week. as things we think what's maybe will I learn some big And next more we then to important happen there's forward. comment.

David Farr

Mike. We'll do you, Thank that. Thanks.

I aging we As yesterday to Apollo X the the today, at the for this, I blackouts. the here, X have myself Board their I'm referred or people reentry look in and -- programs, minutes, space

we We do clearly, know organization don't up, now. to in this point this But time. are are possibly right -- on what this everything are ready listening in be at wake can right now. I listening they on China, they not for who get or phone period doing the China will know that get phone when know reentry for blackout We

just different the moving all chains, sub-supply lot chain, there's these the to that the components lot things, I here. uncertainty, know our supply a of logistics, feeders a there's the supply of parts, chain,

feeling on would to So not to this, we're the can on. our think be, long But a and be economy. not going and for ready around I getting now, straight. done. get it's we're everything have they negative to sure negative get It planning make potentially, if term, we be is it, will need right, so drag to negative. right trying they a execute people job thinking will -- resources just not started. it But it time. be we're the the will that bigger, It doesn't short global It This thing don't think for a get drags for they're

on will up XXth, sorry, XXth to update you this. happens XXth, to a we as tells it what XXth slow good geared the are that the we'll But get feel what's will space minutes, on. they'll look at be their to act XXth, give -- me, gut on I XXth for we "Houston, to recovery, we're an And again, come you and in all work. happen. a reentry, at My Apollo and and I'm where we things back and knows as on that. give when We'll program get live." you'll going one together at because They're X me, talk look X no the we'll talk about

a So again, major scare it's don't that's this in in I in how we people. to facts. do at strong point China. very We're But business China. see the We time. want very

a where China. I in sit government, the of and we're together try And our government employees, a have as worked this work through you -- But we'll time. point China I a both we Mike supporting And sense we many We as lot for keep informed. there. and of that's to we're and good years time we we're at have managed supporting this. team, spent our supporting in

and want engagements the I several months, our been want And I that shareholders. the shareholders thank in to also with to all I employees. engagement. thank have will I continue thank So the to last want to the Board's I've having

we get Thank clarity the out questions there. can have you. if we'll that, concerns some to take open Q&A around see With and people the lines and we'll some


Instructions]. [Operator

Walsh from with Suisse. question first Credit John comes The

John Walsh

you you that the So looking coronavirus? guess, comments guess I going thank of that you remarks from just around excludes point could the prepared impact the release, clarification, be, what through you at I maybe a all think detailed guidance for kind of the some then but any and color China. the have impact

David Farr

Correct. Correct.

John Walsh

actually Just Is minus lower it trying around $X.XX sensitize we in the quarter? how the that? you to that plus greater be it next than... -- or do Or call than so of kind would

David Farr

to or John, would now it's say quarter, honest. be in I in $X.XX the minus that right plus

have going up slow we're and to starting that XXth, assuming we we're in the have Now XX, ramp. February a

right seeing year, to slow say, So we're $XXX That that $X.XX, I covers million on what impact that the see potential minus some or to plus million. based on I would start. $XX now

Now that." York a chain and this really we But how if reconfigure there time in and that play, right or we're we'll this now, "Hey, with hard week sitting next I'm have have supply customer having that's standpoint saying, is factored our and thing New standpoint, minus also into grinding both to plus our $X.XX.

You're exactly right.

John Walsh

the America, And about the maybe how Great. of for aftermarket than couple OE thinking cadence at just you Automation I'm are greater for just the quarter through that? of How you be, prepared then North here. some about thinking things discrete, are Or Okay. in at about I'm the I the seeing go less looking margins year? mix point as year, about some guess, the about maybe negative about called -- of mix thinking we a out as remarks. you in Solutions, balance the thinking

David Farr

is around are The for world. flow. the to -- obviously, relative negative we cadence year, of for in like North to what would the see very our the discrete business negative us discrete really America we was quarter very So us. happen first the

So those. very high both profit business, of

expect will -- I think us. going see which strong So to be we're KOB the to cadence does continue X, help

America, cadence oil and in growing, our not but stabilizing. think stability within space is see we I some North market that gas the

bit will And as the we channels, business, margin issue little the which at the and was a The pressure. us So right last called challenging the on two help our base, improvement is flow in quarters. a the very going restructuring, customer the see the and in for look to look we'll discrete we difficult North rest of you some then come discrete very now it from flow all is America right. the help as in us. It but at

you'll see at we're releases right into look that's little able be we our plan this see back and that half, it. which order will obviously, we our second where put to some help we stability, is basically, some comments, seeing improvement, and we now. as our get And now, tell how on our it as right And to a margin wind

things If seeing a improvement that seeing "Hey, say, important us. you start bit that have know, improved." us better little Things You'll around to have John, stabilized. we're which business, is very flow


question at Andrew Kaplowitz next The from Citi. is

Andrew Kaplowitz

know you the much the versus the color cost, from, is too your majority reviewed Corporate. before in looks for color Analyst your C&RS more like So like what want the around as or it don't It program consultants Day. give the FY AS and or us million I $XXX that 'XX Board focused million? on But opportunity looks initial to $XXX

you when much all does previously the get and margin program the about? done, give AS up that XX% to you've said margin back to how confidence So talked

David Farr


mean, I said, in I actions. Board time, extremely. Board the talking these point confidence, We're Board So confidence high is spent hours about on the and at level the my X.X confidence extremely as this my

We serious actions. are taking

Bob's negative business well out Bob's you started, sales. his on Bob cost quarters started sixth of quarter know, ago. his X

late major throughout actually back XXXX. in So you if at his 'XX restructuring, it look started

consolidate. to working actions facilities on right take fixed some So facilities try what around are fixed now he's to offline and

a lot the bit starting different. a be are haven't he's of and get and That's fixed So why now, doing with years, over little Bob right his he'll that. next his seen savings, a couple to business you

I feel very confident. very,

good and in feel very half. the I at in involved the those chart Board bridge feel from Ram, I detail, and I'm we're about you and that good the Now reviewing looked look with very about second savings. showing at Lal we I costs, the work the

issue, the caller, think the I relevant is that very relative -- mix John, stability. which to asked question needed previous

oriented much start the short so some term, we're very very in and that, facilities, I they're to at that to look then it's want I Frank? confident you as in feel margin move second because starting actions doing longer-term right the up now Anything add take half. of to people But the seeing we'll the

Frank Dellaquila


we as confident a depend the got margin a And The will business going of We're restructuring in second we've does mix. think actions of in I the go improvement plan year. in significant the a margin lot on through the the in, looking for and we're forward. development half. kick good it pretty pace

David Farr

and put case between to we pretty but later probably McKinsey the And We to this deal next starting not work with other study to and yesterday going couple we pretty protection are -- -- and now reported we swear, supposed hands let's swear, early want we our I'm "Oh, got or [indiscernible] flowing it actions -- can some full to some we're additional of some And that I'm way, have right out going lay can two in backup that stuff see how the units some another and going did with year our actions in the we've in and this maybe Corporate, them but to years. opportunity, but us give plate's business start year, on. happened." Board

more and to very a sheets. pulled the more be trying we're how corporation perspective, how McKinsey and but a good efficient time, cover makes my perspective the at the from around But did what our culture, we back discussion franchises It that. Board we're could protecting the from Emerson as effective. they good job look explaining unique, was same

Andrew Kaplowitz

did you really December they when that released up of signs LNG. mentioned you in orders some display AS, picking then And in

again increased that said backlog sequentially. X% today, You AS

bit uptick So become of cautious coronavirus Do did project customers? again an see as you releases continues by a to they think more the in you spread?

little do decreasing project your been won large is of the on it's but been while or a still And you funnel, us back, you stepping since project projects that stable? updated you've funnel haven't billion improving, maybe $X you've told have roughly And booked?

David Farr

issue you've of about a to starting head America to The nail sure I'm worried that because now, my business see a projects be right So here. the is customers I'm are production as be we're North release, the I China. very -- going I lot worried think to mean, hit shipped in will shipped

months. is it slow And the so coronavirus and longer, should in of if it projects of this that delay projects, here down next those some could the released think could couple we my goes concern be

an many, to impact things many has base. coronavirus our on relative the So business

challenge that's banking how be that. convinced that's second that are for why us, of still therefore, because we're and things that So could half a at X we the like growth

I mean, China, East were the and say are I projects will there. the But projects would work India. are East, the and just release, I Mike, India Those China. on separate Middle we the the still and in releasing, going see Middle I believe from projects. been you Now

help up the feel pipeline those. will good fill XXXX. into and year think we So I that for that about of the I And us as second we half then as move

some to settlements, projects. of slow then we And got if corona. that's some the down resolution to traveling. going on the don't, But some We've clearly North America we've to some get get got


at is from The and Cowen next question Company. Khanna Gautam

Gautam Khanna

this I was Solutions KOB for percentage your curious, just as a is Yes. of Automation X revenue? expectation year what

David Farr

my little rubbing Okay. I'm Gautam. head here rally bit, monkey's a

I okay. if So can -- see

XX% to you KOB I give my think going feeling now, around So okay? for I'll right be X. we're

think for going where mean you, where now. we're we see things X, think for any have and look KOB XX% I be but that at right don't the talking to X. -- the be will about That's And for ball -- pipelines, look XX%, I at I than so we're XX% KOB crystal I that's I what's XX% more right I now. -- the

-- are any with of not investments. Board the KOB We the we're off backing we shared X

and on installed We're now organization We take some around. those help projects. start for flowing, market to X the continue dilution motivated to because cut base. that to from us take up that the other offset But build right it'll try we highly things to is that costs projects to area focusing have margin share. want the KOB ripe us our share will And strongly

Gautam Khanna

thinking? far you right This from 'XX? Like providing Got week, financial to next thunder how targets? you projecting? are long-term anticipate how Or do out is not but you long it. what a And now fiscal are steal

David Farr

to I We're 'XX. we're go 'XX. think going going

can't handle Iowa bridge we'll talk numbers. the I forward. $XXX I in we we'll going for what this to But all see me. will We any -- guys you These will of XXXX $XXX -- -- try about going about, they what honest can't bridge handle you sort bridge will see the we are we the we truth. -- bridge know, million to they that, They and then be be can talked transparent, could -- and on mean, million. so caucus. what like I like movies -- see And the try the as they not

manage see really that and much growth, growth the to to some underlying costs. going forecast a focusing keep going in happen lower as the You're going rate cost we're strength down manage I to we what's to until growth to sales we're it keep around on and -- see

So bridge you committed what think we'll tell bridge. always you 'XX, we that also last give try think about to you but I what But -- I what I and I'll told 'XX to. year.


The next is Inch Haskett. from at Gordon John question

John Inch


want to be clear. I just So

the this So did the that million about this Dave, you mean the $XXX or we that review no Board's is of the about restructuring, basically XXth restructuring is present potential? reviewing that? year, confined articulated? new you've there talked still with Board. of restructuring there you you Or The it, to top more on million is $XX talk on when last the Does now what

David Farr

talking be going is in million? No. million? and to is Yes, that's What there right for this out it Is at what $XXX okay, I year $XXX time. point we're just it to locked about laid this -- going

but going for, a going you you best everything to to -- to XX-month as We we're time we well period we're could. we get are try show and wanted and know, 'XX within what done

-- we quarter. did a So we're last to little going bit

million. the now back quarter is typically to which right restructuring, We're doing right towards want year. to I get period when here we a going in last run in I a fourth our We're mean, doing stability this fiscal pretty rate be 'XX, 'XX. busy lot 'XX. But of move out in of around $XX

the up million what how this $XXX I go unless it that in ain't going over you're okay, we're because you to could see But we focusing changing number ain't cycle and told how I total say that. -- change. have to we So year, shouldn't

we what full our a world the and to locked had to have hands And happen keep business, relative year. if say change, refocus, that's something something the happens and we I right the something happens with for major in going to would now, to that's but China, But we loaded.

John Inch

So traditional the what going we're analyst XXth other review, hear there. then to than you in Board -- the have McKinsey guys the on

You've obviously, bottom done look top this, through. to

no expect? You're if strategy going Or talking the new there's what or Like... be we more the restructuring, payback? -- to so about should

David Farr

for of going businesses. talk how we're generation talk and to our flow next some We're years, cash We're couple that flow going of and restructuring. the talk is about strategies. about to allocate outcome macro to We're going to review generation the going cash fundamental about on the

-- taking next Lal's platform, then that on see doing. from out presentation we're platform leaders, to Final key presence. give level. to a you going to You're he's Ram's where business the not built. Ram's give work update which of -- going but transformation this we also level to coming a an Control Or one presentation on digital what And we'll on on new the going yes, units

going and to going drive. doing insights, we're there's -- a how lot a there's So we're be strategy, company what lot of the to

and that Both owning you of tool key away months going our We're update cost, to update XX to driving and an well, effort you want they're the to strategies walk with give business. professional around But I of business. we're an going We're we're and place, professional part to you around tools and going also that a are fundamentally, Tools going Textron after the in the program to the drive how B&C ones and value. going. repositioning give is drive very

couple the like going about there's he's going because plant to management of to positions do of part down thinking see open room, if here maybe And happy he's and going he's -- in HR to here in put be and different. down And and a that, maybe. real we're Tim's there we're anything him


at Deepa from next question Raghavan Wells Securities. is The

Deepa Raghavan

question virus not guidance does quick the below understand clarification like assess. on midpoint maintaining. are looks But the that we on impact, a $X.XX your you We expectations. impacts trending Just how easy the know range coronavirus are to -- now? is region what your American at feel given North It the there's EPS a

but -- point Or sales at EPS the keeps midpoint just midpoint put upper also midpoint risk -- headwinds this intact any guide part impact? of the time? is newer the sorry, but range, the of these but to do curious, is the keep part Just in there upper to the of EPS the upper sorry, range, part risk range the

David Farr

we trend guidance the bottom, mean, a right on ends now, hit didn't this, I -- the we we middle. But that lines and believe there. the our think both of will I is No, both $XXX top back the can and is midpoint the production coming because start wouldn't put they'll will based the out of calling with the can -- the assuming it sales. -- million upper coronavirus most that $XX And million some up. start back we'll we're back, even point that get come likely. The to of feeling

issue, more lot everything So the help are is out. point we a still it's happening. we world cost at with our obviously, believe bit fundamentally actions face margins, that, EPS. range this We the a viable, From little It and in even of around timing the The always help in that timing time. can cost get there.

very side, we at the in feel we're range. some And too. my positive still X, time, probability, that is highest see in that potential I is point -- very this but comfortable clearly, -- I that range at also on mean, I So see --

Deepa Raghavan

right. All

you sales Another Can areas China again. percent you your overall and clarification I is... China, the gave or impact us in China question on supply chain versus profits know exposure? the of your what ring-fence is a affected number, are

David Farr

That the further now, the west, right No, markets all depending that. where which on I to think -- on we we is north. do across going can't going sales saw are customers are be of east China customer -- the

that there's down this break we at -- can we time. in no way point Now

know force claw are a going I be of to to going back be kind sales it's can mean, see they -- figure things to this we of up. is as to And our one going some how I back. try out fluid those moving

-- may It out a how come to location. that these going back. pretty business different energized get they're to So figure in to be

-- at I there's time. it's says -- in this nothing So point


Barclays. Julian Mitchell from Your is of next question

Julian Mitchell

Maybe a earnings and first costs tailwinds. question on the restructuring Slide XX,

restructuring you year costs the have of $X.XX, the of this So benefit $X.XX.

that, we wondered recognized a Do drop what's thought mix $X.XX. in we in about what's the that through? and how XXXX also, reinvested of sort XXXX? is network? Just things like of assume balance that So And that's service kind of

David Farr

you now share we'll you. sharing So are out up flow we share going yet. not to But with you the and that savings that will with in 'XX 'XX, how and I'm with

So you're again, Say Julian? trying to that one say mean, see, I more time? that

Julian Mitchell


that as on that it's Slide XX, you're this worth year, So just the recognizing $X.XX spending benefit. restructuring you're about and $X.XX of

balance just of it that business? -- portion $X.XX wondered of that is reinvested the coming $X.XX, just I So is a is all into Or next year?

David Farr

No. No. No.

that is So next because start going is we've falling come our delta, a or facilities until out. facility there's will the delay that not around be -- still plan, the into big what already. out netted standpoint. took cost from to on we there core that reinvestments 'XX in And may have of see built nothing area 'XX. the else chunk year we here that But early our restructuring There's late the savings of out some standpoint. The spend the we'll going the the from

and Those neutral. be flow into -- here a savings to impacted as it there'll being a should as know, cash Lal as there -- will there's you'll talks savings that flow, keep and effort. and good managing move And see cash we pretty be repositioning in pretty 'XX, been significant you cash we've little and his very because trying that about we're increase about

savings multiple, we'll from you're this over little into us of savings those hanging say, XX% flow those back restructuring talking right I will have So still and tail would a there 'XX, in about. 'XX and

Julian Mitchell

the That then just Solutions. Maybe Automation second outlook sort and in the line of on And just helps. petrochem piece my on question, top chemicals Solutions. Automation focused of

sounded pretty chemical AspenTech on Some companies spending. like last negative week

under like Some in customers of are Chevron ExxonMobil some or petrochem pressure. the

calendar your sort you likely you more chemicals through Do growth lumpier? orders this in think QX. that year? So Or had in of continue piece it's I petrochem know can and good to get

David Farr

feel good it. about still we now, Right pretty

it stronger we're there. had in quarter be. some come was Now But I business time. too bit about number the point not this think I We think in than I thought don't first I little don't -- at Julian, would -- a that project worried

going of like broader AspenTech the business, quarter as to I'd Now know, that will on serve of base there. another we But and that than businesses, lot serve. what's that customer an we chemical petrochemical, see a group

Frank Dellaquila

first all. of KOB X, our And

David Farr

on KOB right going X Yes. And we've there. got strong

that. I gas upstream the concerned and So side worried more and feel investments. oil I'm don't the new about about

KOB now, what guys X. as marketplace. said I about of And that's coming I high think we'll KOB firmly when earlier, see the believe better down continue X some me, very the downstream I improvement in it. a asked I see And right some to feel I

optimistic I'm that. So about more


The at next Sprague Vertical from is Jeff Research. question

Jeffrey Sprague

this guess of off an about incrementals. earlier kind dovetails kind question, just I thinking of but

time, of guess, that? normal we this and that So of period obviously, non-constant, should the $XXX kind drop end so kind of a if on some growth, can you a or top we're of at us in incrementals XX% X right? we no-growth of is incremental X I to environment, million savings assume year you do of on or But though are suggesting

David Farr

We'll that as you here. through. Julian obviously, and me show about out in has about restructuring the reinvestments. talking doing the -- think we That's -- if going I asked have the we're we're And as lay we growth flow plan, to what to sales. that we're Yes. mean, then I our going incremental someone to

through. months. changes we it So very went term. want some key Board XX with the thing cut The in very, key very Board key we're through interested making That's the right we'll for programs the they growth -- long because that we're that is structurally flow -- lay here don't trying XX make We issue. little is to that banking to next on now does that the detail. sure here so But

Jeffrey Sprague

that Yes. for the And code incremental? that XX% comfortable ZIP of is kind to XX%, you're with

David Farr

building I that on standpoint. it what we're Jeff. on, building That's think XX% from we're

Jeffrey Sprague

through. the was some it to And then LNG on of come see the orders so stuff, good

the deliverable hit And... and revenue standpoint Was stood? XXXX as currently your from released it things. was two for that wondering order Just stuff a book

David Farr

I deliveries don't any think on that. we'll see

think progress I stuff... could you have and some some payments of the

Frank Dellaquila

Stuff working we'll and that we've... to what it. start orders, And went on Yes.

David Farr


progress latter And so probably have into XXXX. we what probably part of 'XX. the in falling some -- It'll -- will payments be we more we

where big bookings then coming. the obviously, -- will projects, you instrumentation. well LNG that goes It As then and know our valves, see more these you'll systems, compressors control the the go,

of in are stages we the this So X early now. way right

wouldn't in that see booking year probably XXXX, So in but sales Systems And we be progress should -- payments next late the X to guarantee a money we're anticipating year. I continuation than some this some more X, here we'll the we'll X, stuff. book months of in have I this

Jeffrey Sprague

the you scope on of far? what projects, kind total scope so talking your like Emerson if of XX% So you value so like thought have We're total these XX% far? of booked only project or

Frank Dellaquila

We are expect small. very

David Farr

so can't trade the concerns, major Coronavirus, that we now, the got trade think, little little right There around bookings should process a we first, I to with we've the more everyone's again? I it is always down concern concern Phase get you That's deal one of that X, going slow visibility a was going will a as Mike lot why But we projects. and the which this, mentioned Very remember what small. now small. And coronavirus, of mine. more of -- my this again that again, can that's need Very Very guys do. book. mentioned. on a things bit and slow down through have to could this, get whole small. here those bit That's


Tusa, JPMorgan. question The Steve next from comes

Patrick Baumann

This Tusa. is Baumann Steve actually for Pat on

So can on on comment restructuring, the minimal you're explain seeing the an opportunity based taxes made me cash actions you taking? was you're you the harass you. so net flow about the he from why what gave healthy cash Hey, results? And then to yes, impacts

David Farr


ahead. go So

Frank Dellaquila

the of on insignificant when out And expense a pretty write-downs This things spend noncash. It's the is nature. asset gate book that not we Frank. of the the of that's is There's facilities, significant restructuring and as then versus lag here. get it's portion we a

all think net So the when in we not we significant, will probably terribly than it less impact through, $XX million. XXXX wash be

David Farr

you cash upfront, people, get lot early front-load of times, Yes. year, some a not our and was paying. you this you're eventually I mean, get late but back -- year, the cash that of which last because there's

and it generation good. cash right So washes pretty is out now and --

relative go to international So through net's taxes, basically pretty some to I process... doing been be mean Frank's as that this some subs we work The going neutral. just are

Frank Dellaquila

We've the the Yes. several had It's a benefits just I savings quarter. -- don't had doing. same little but we have cash and reorganizations we will magnitude tax expect into year. the cash ongoing them went actually bit flow the that a there, this been tax through we last to and get in discrete know we've first be to that year, here

Patrick Baumann

net out What will you $XXX million be for the cash the mentioned?

David Farr

a the my top a number the head. have -- It's have rough do number, don't I off of you Oh, Frank, number?

Frank Dellaquila

to of XX%, would end, cash... in is say, have, probably the it I going XX% I be

David Farr

Over time. Yes.

Frank Dellaquila

is the timing the mean, I key. lumpy. It's

David Farr

you -- And payback, once the are takes cash quickly. facility it sooner of the cash part and long then hardest the they for time. key the issue some don't get savings cash the the there because the the out, because impact goes off done, The get is a that get you faster you one's

Patrick Baumann

What update a you this us just do in seeing -- give And what's what America. of Okay. gears, for an in the for you're business there markets few resi, can year? quarter? your outlook Maybe the sales North did switching kind on in

David Farr

winter zone good. mean, into flat we America That's -- to a the time hard the and it's some here right North a residential down. of tough good I in still middle Typically, we in a start sign. doing I mean, mean, payback how March is of I'd improvement thing here, now. that truck. We're slightly one fast. to Don't as I say sort marketplace is period. seeing some get like Construction's

we change not that's get a much a it's weather. going -- until be to into not So going to warm be of bit little

there good and was We quarter That China. Asia had happened that bothers everything a me. in before

bit a financing going of as now to up try that about and the President out and he's I'm Xi, come hear little try we to it. so And from We pump going, typically, concerned economy a after go -- guys versus the could which solution the the guys get done. stimulus, to commercial residential auto going that spending the market, goes some get strong after

probably residence, in for move now, But we And we're is, question commercial down quarter business weak. can the right see America globally. we is total sixth our some then the improvement into And the our second North in year. HVAC forecasting half as of

Patrick Baumann

the makes that more anything business there? China you made just at in see January in Did -- you -- what out all of the you do about orders there Or expect? you like concerned is

David Farr

month much because -- expected. It not slightly it's the It's was Chinese New negative. what we that Year. good. pretty were a They Again, were they it's short

alive, going to worried orders And there's so on. over I'm but not still take a from it's that -- small pretty business We're But right trying perspective, much month. the really now. about what phone we're we

as what February next February post live what seeing so about So that slowdown we we'll or And comes into weeks any X people that? we -- for pick see this after the XX get or start X I'm if see. time in back it's period really here worried up, in do, that as happens certainly to XX there's


is at next question The from Ritchie Joe Goldman Sachs.

Joseph Ritchie

on trying in margin the expected second to And fiscal focused really second, and just really about your for think Solutions quarter. Automation first. just So a step-up

here of better, there's you standpoint? clearly, And things clearly, curious, guys lot there. then, a took We headwinds secondly, XQ like, fiscal better, are to a much in XQ the out about some talked from restructuring actions mix quarter. just fiscal So get first expected versus I'm definitely in coronavirus.

And sizable XQ? those benefit pretty fiscal so seeing from we actions a start do in

David Farr



Sol's into the you in back quarter? did? Is that you margins did second So what Auto

Joseph Ritchie

I well Yes, I you backed in -- margins up. as mean, have

David Farr

could them. you Yes, back into Yes.

if expecting two the that, One, second sales you things. typically quarter. in business discrete about we auto the are around flow around there's and And think some that second mix sales, the our business. of quarter in are seasonally stability So higher progression, obviously,

is that's So us. normal for -- not that

a some think, and Auto spend Most was to get the was Sol. lot $XX obviously of quarter. $XX we first And Sol some of the Auto the -- aggressively obviously, we've it then million around savings, that million started So the in that around fourth I almost, quarter. million $XX in of of -- over

taken. seeing quarters. And happening start those and so actions and about and -- more third ramps as fourth really the now, seeing are into it you're guys clearly that into the that's going to cost that are that benefit that they up see second we because and right are more near-term these are quarter how savings But go

Joseph Ritchie

I have follow-up. helpful. your just right. And buyback shape. great I there's That's All one to sheet no like, question Okay. is, bridge. guess change the guess, balance my I the look, of in I is that the portion then, saw

You guys to more? if bit what's potentially little a a you at juncture, buyback. to be more it doing back guess I the like, have opportunity want holding from and little toggle the up this you bit aggressive with

David Farr

opportunities, an we first most back I that you look have investment we more we at the don't to And acquisition stock a also several If and history, if mean, at right secondly, buy higher the look the high at up. take bought all, I point continue back it I company. feel to on been reason work But if to than see this pretty buyback think to time. substantially I now, last there's any years, don't what we people. take that in front, want we'll our pace, continue any of we've

That we Now acquisition to going front that then forth increase shareholders said that we're we're I've the always the moderate, the state to flow reviews cash see keep we're paying a have in to balance of the leverage and number. the have Board already again, our coming if going situation is But back it in XX% mind, sheet. XX%. is very XXXX. good


Stephens. comes question last at Our from Robert McCarthy

Robert McCarthy

seems just be what authorities they that the have that that? thoughts question, over emerging China. Chinese tendrils of the about with Because, I around contact any guess the the of fact comfort have had be days? the And credibility kind to any last substantial it definitely couple around first response, any obviously, to in do, the nature given gap to you of there's that seems a you need

David Farr

back national government, Our and the government, have report and Mike constant the in I a a organization, top get level there. the and at by local OC daily the they're the team's level. we The out both we Chinese told being a from leadership what and get -- with contact

I misleading to government I people. disagree been mean, are that feel open Chinese very us. the I they've

Now everyone wants a hard a like in answer that's something you get this. but hard moving can't answer,

look I and very the getting about team that and leadership governments at it. regional my reports feel Mike, consistent good the into to from government information I'm the to I But as people my

So my comfort right now high. is pretty level

But know lot it's they gals key the issue here. start for major me people start nothing back go around. can hard the I of now. get just And the to happens be chain could else a if there flowing a mobilizing, guys and things is plant And are and supply can as getting working matter work because this pretty -- right But across Mike logistics China a the of problem planning. then all

that hold goes feel a to level assuming days, of is that's good, my does they pretty a to deal. big XX% Rob. tent. comfort -- that, couple Or can I if -- that XX%, it Within So

-- again, the back in this ready feel the moon about or for point comes we're the period blackout blackout now, X shots I when to So I it time. days. right goes in next in at it we're reentry think But period United the Apollo that X back States,

Robert McCarthy

binary a almost outcomes could like destruction of material high in Yes. outlook two could to synchronous chain, on terms with visibility demand real trajectories see you I -- obviously, in point, seems supply because, very cost degree. global then, actions. But that your one, downturn, mean, your your it or it's have you problems almost impacting oil guidance projects to

pronounced to resolution expected could a which oil, projects. this, stimulative quicker a do if rebound probably have of than upstream you would in we be Conversely, broadly see

but to You of to obviously do a be? which that maybe the more be the could different upside an growth, fundamentally in square attentively, restructuring environment. what circle overall, a How demand M&A, where you on see would the -- lot we in puts obviously, could terms and pressure you -- deliver

David Farr

all, throw don't in time that and first first where some tax the down of claims I'm the at I a couple in might box, side I'm thing, Pandora's of as maybe and same of there. -- Yes. And not down going locus not ships equation. going you in which to well your is the

I'm more I are that. positives and thing I regrowth -- slowly there back. be comes some now -- and I there quickly, in But say the right status -- that that recovers could think this pretty feel I that as thing this could recovers

We probably growth that bit. China, lose were the a a little a couple little we of from points bit about talking takes for which high-single-digit us of away

So awful, this I'm empty half glass we or more glass the full the than glass one. see

Frank Dellaquila

it's doing Even next to if they're even. to make than really going it stimulus, more be that, year,

David Farr


let's guess, this. know to guess trying get -- we second everyone's think I -- I

about -- they've and wait plants those and up to dates, start seeing got running, things consistent. the work to we good those you've think I XXth, the here and say, I been holding then that. or pretty in XXth feel back If going let's XXth, the hold

because we've could up business. plants the that. But thing obviously good failing, a and got us that watch start and starting If it's to they for Now think be start I

listen people you're be all hear communicate up supplies? clear. up? the will the -- or the not follow starting going people to I Are to loud see you key them that to and to And listen So Where they they how you've think indication. things that and starting. pretty and got starting all are I your getting think

David Farr

I thank I Again, us go process. as the global thank want the this investors to you now. want organization. for much everybody. Bye. we I want through and very the to supporting shareholders Thank thank to


today's The you now attending conference has Thank presentation. concluded. for

disconnect. may You now