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Good morning. My name is Jodie, and I will be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Jacobs Engineering Fiscal Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. you. Thank of may Head your Relations, Investor Doros, begin you conference. Jonathan

Jonathan Doros

to Good morning you. all. and Thank afternoon

statements such Our presentation earnings the summarized which Form in refer have statements our of announcement is XXA you XXXX presentation historical and that Certain which on statements. the Exchange Statements term our the statements posted constitute and this in defined website, in of based as forward-looking would contained a by Harbor fact slide not amended are are of forward-looking we prepared morning, covered to remarks. such Safe X. Securities Section same. copy as like will our is made of XXXX provided we slide forward-looking I are in to and XX-Q presentation Act this reference be the were on to intended as filed Act the this disclaimer, of amended, and Section statement to XXE Securities by

such of and forward-looking as current available implied on by economic place reader our statements the there differ We is or projected are reliance to what materially. contained, and actual may caution differ and uncertain, results financial, forward-looking competitive, other expectations and data, currently could results undue Although on are are you risks, estimates should based such and a cause that that not variety inherently uncertainties factors materially actual from statements management's statements statements.

differ filings Form as September the statements, our Securities XXXX risks, ending well For results that other Exchange Commission. cause factors the forward-looking a and XX, as that see uncertainties, to occur these on could period XX-K and our description Report some may with actual Annual for of of from

a to results few review of our applicable for turn any items after in remarks Please law. under and for agenda today's to conform actual now date of would to presentation forward-looking call. like update statements are regards no duty a slide as the today. note except required of I to this the X to We the presentation by to

our results included Our today updated review lines business. three a of reported by

purposes, comparative current accordingly, on quarter the provide We data structure plan and this basis. revenue updated a we and For had historical the segment operating quarter year for quarter same reflecting a income ago. disclosed to rolling level

pro-forma joint we discuss results will presentation, are comparing project. forma to in of prior performance underlying of figures pro related the our XXXX performance information restructuring venture the quarter River other MoPac of business to Chalk CHXM's adjusted insight this and During current We additional charges, a CHXM's deconsolidation Jacobs periods. and against current basis. comparisons XXXX the calculated and The on CHXM's believe provide in exclude helps trends into

values, strategy. with Steve discussion our I begin allocation then with for for will CHXM the as questions. a Steve review each our along will fiscal metrics Steve business on agenda, recap our our the will it and call year open that, over remarks, capital now and balance closing sheet our our as pass provide review we'll and Demetriou. to CEO, With well outlook of some Kevin the chairman on line to a provide core market quarter then second of financial Turning and provide of discussion an will a update provide results some our integration. in-depth of including

Steven J. Demetriou

second fiscal earnings quarter Thank call. to you. year XXXX Welcome our

everywhere which water we're our the excellence our mental sponsor approximately recent most and gained safety safety Water the our we're to with week, each improve every BeyondZero to with building Jacobs. on to all in also diversity. Jacobs, sustainability our acquisition. culture values topics our we've lines year, consistently persistently that inclusive place, I'd culture by we're other an of of of review Beyond taking firms world, week, day caring two initiatives around steps in We're make This industry-leading differentiate are extended with align and CHXM some the at observing quarterly Drinking involved: well-being framework, innovations actively resources our initiatives of Safety employer to we results raise industry's performance. to Week taking to on Plan and strategy we Before globally highly very innovative and business, discuss pleased Week we commended core are and briefly like drive achieve delivering new choice us with This which compete. Jacobs, at further lead to to commitment important awareness. key enables our XX Jacobs Jacobs our industry-wide best-in-class where and industry our Actually, And build

muscle architects, clients that are putting and efforts to behind kind when provide engineers, biologists, builders, brain big We tackle scientists, the these our happens problems together. thinking, technologists

positions our culture create With employee to the is commitment mission understand that to in of our and values a the Jacobs-CHXM no great a and and combination, on like Jacobs, core and company, best brightest. culture employees, At approximately makes professional to grown attract other a Jacobs we've we the today. world services kind to new company, we're great XX,XXX a one that

drive XXXX. growth XXXX with and build in half this of to focusing and priorities increased fact recent of margins solutions, drive And acquisition, profitable targeted the winning second fiscal our we're profitably our deliver executing on grow to excellence. on year and the client-centric opportunities resources X, with all we're our revenue deleveraging synergies commitments synergies with accelerate on are by work a to strong business CHXM Turning well regard to reflecting culture, that to to differentiated to track results, higher-margin deliver cost and executing across strategic major slide fiscal lines

revenue Environmental and end to business continue of Infrastructure grew saw and market XX% across We the versus growth Technology, year. all forma our and pro with in across Nuclear business. Facilities demand we Notably, lines benefit line basis of forma fundamentals Energy and Buildings, strong our sector. Resources business a pro Revenue improving from Aerospace, Chemicals prior Advanced our on along strong the

execution improved benefited with quarter from higher the XX.X%, gross quarter our project year's last second We at points margin margin. to second up to total now the strategy the from and continued acquisition, basis XXX margin mix CHXM reported in deliver drive from on gross

the a legal EPS As including with a result, quarter share, adjusted earnings of I'm a Kevin very pleased year-over-year, increase per XX% charge bridge will expected our $X to $X.XX included of in remarks. EPS of an second for an his cover GAAP components matter. which

quarter, backlog million quarter to note remained growth. impact last to previous that the approximately at contributing It up $XXX our is lines Second is all billion protest quarter under $XX.X forma second year's a the of that of on business of our with the three awards of pro excludes the and second end X% quarter. forma increased to pro also of sequentially important second basis backlog from backlog

evidence great on Our is is the creating with start. are our synergies second with our excitement our momentum. of lot my We're quarter acquisition in new transformative off a clear and cost clients integration track gaining to culture expectations, combined and of that surpassing a CHXM is offerings,

year-over-year was business pro perspective, forma pro as just on line was a noted, BIAF and X%. margin revenue services Higher grew strong From backlog I of pro X% backlog professional forma to XX% our backlog billion, basis. a forma backlog X, a increased a ATEN Turning at and growth. quarter XX year-over-year, on over $XX.X basis slide second % by up

and We business markets also experienced showing are modest contributed our recovery. up which of growth ECR commodity-driven as was to business, stabilize end in our X% year-over-year signs

points basis margin More up importantly, on basis, mix margin reported the and CHXM overall our gross XXX demonstrating is the acquisition. year-over-year backlog a from now higher

backlog up pro with Environmental had business versus be There Nuclear, very revenue contributing ATEN than and providers posted industry. offsets in than Turning me line noted making expect the which let backlog legal overall Technology, fiscal the revenue the business. both increased also $XXX strong a X, more by to $XXX confidential our and will renewal million approximate successfully ATEN with profit growth. quarter pleased a burn-off Aerospace, matter. the to $X.X protest, the was by strong of slide I'm for XX% service up government business in to grew per QX, ATEN XX% forma the XX%, generate we approximately contract backlog previously up basis, year-over-year. associated second legacy performance year with more We CHXM operating on discuss of previous the backlog XXXX. quarter line year-over-year XXXX, that and in growth approximately of that our With and last our as to calendar billion This of trajectory, in our is largest this a later In XXXX. excluding early of on one the growth track it Jacobs beginning under ATEN quarter combined is remains year's ATEN gross growth, million margin in awards cleared strong added onetime

automotive. continue build-out confident spending also We such is plus-ups. XG organic investment continue NASA that and from benefit business to end in share areas we two government are internal areas resulting Department benefiting such opportunity. to our our market we're Strategically, strong benefiting an acceleration of renewal demand that standpoint, an as an in rebid of priorities end-market this gains. high-tech commercial from and dynamics: key is in the funding commercial ATEN Department from Energy, markets, of the execution feel national market wireless and From seeing Within cycle Defense, as in

a combines efficient expertise, gains industry-leading localized are share market organic Our driven unique structure. that a proposition strong and value technical delivery an model, cost unique by

the to it intuitive, While replicate. this on proven surface by difficult model seems others is

and will weapon opportunities opportunities of in multiyear cycle, of X major of the Security continued Tier focused Also CHXM. these also we last at our government cybersecurity life emphasis Looking with market these be strategy, on summary, and areas. National on capabilities, selective us solid profit IT against cyber Command. synergy a excited XXXX. together In well multiyear driving opportunities executing forward, the foundation ATEN year-over-year nuclear In has with the Operations on a CHXM targeted be in January. by many we're our position with billions worldwide million contract services We're comprehensive to growth dollars. scope contract Tier focused work operations and other week, focused which These business of Operations for are an worth double-digit fiscal and to the nuclear U.S. about highly capturing the top recently opportunities adjacent instances, to on support, We $XXX task Special in example and contracts. areas development, work built an additional providing a management combination SITEC, awarded IDIQ key award with on Nevada IT revenue cleared of were Department are the Energy operations, commenced years, for Site, Forces contracts $XXX of for five gains protest which orders similar that Information SITEC and X share million new with over system through expected Technology we're of Special Enterprise, one deliver

Advanced slide and quarter basis and which results. forma business, versus increased strong Now last Infrastructure discuss to a delivered a revenue on Facilities Buildings, X significant profit. operating line BIAF on increase second pro of quarter to our second BIAF, XX% in posted year's

water, opportunities. And funding, margin market a world, U.S. to revenue East local big Additionally, nicely demand seeing bill remains recent and the for strength pipeline in demand last year gross across and perspective, in the Brexit, three Asia, The demand. continued X% in strong by growth Middle year-over-year. positioned was transportation seeing resilience. we're and accelerated and to we spending well transportation, macro seeing the fueled we're From which backlog from the this. of a versus despite backlog we're priorities: and omnibus double-digit are strong up state very Around healthy up and led and infrastructure benefit our infrastructure, UK with

years We U.S. needs A the investment next in water. also of billion U.S. infrastructure infrastructure believe significant over early a XX improve to recent $XXX the cycle. the of is drinking EPA water stages cited survey

cycle. water Our with investment pipeline in project an strong aligns improving

strong design with won opportunities Within our in We're the water recently we San global passenger next and the and busiest aviation, world's economic largest air for globally. expansion months. wastewater we a also continues airports example, have airfield California, of expansion Jose, management Transportation XX and robust design-build pipeline for For City show program investments programs. project of airports driving overall growth to demand. the sales leaders some in and are in

and we to further solid these So, opportunities. capitalize urbanization a increased is expect on demand From worldwide. highway rail driving standpoint,

a entering for England client example, Highways to services is For a as this of increasing partner period we're design key spend.

initiatives increase to Additionally, High-Speed the UK. recently City regard California we in witnessing Rail area an an among digital governments our with as our relationships world. incremental Tier innovative awarded intelligent business, Smart we is with scope built we're for With local environment the and Network Jacobs with X combine were cities. buildings strength of This deep Rail with for solutions the around in

Jacobs in business builds. for during example, was program well greenfield India Advanced driving advances and our driven as technology performed development in client as better where Ireland and the and as edge quarter of driving And continued legislation secured electronics, smart cities cloud than industrial overseeing automation, investments an investment. a plant increased tax in large-scale the strength a also life We're culture sciences As we computing Facilities contract Consumer Europe the the potential seeing capacity, recent computing a sciences, U.S. management semiconductor is our expected manager investment are contract reform selected a new by in with facility. new and market. In biotech life in Australia. win new electronics cell construction Switzerland as vehicle such

in our to our ECR the focus much percentage increase weak providing winning on in move strategic line initiatives energy, logistics lower-risk industry, increased basis better of compared progress infrastructure. profitable clients' well our in on chain our against opportunities utilization to and ECR X%, capacity superior basis, teams by and ECR importantly, increased in than this during CHXM spend. on execution grew In than our revenue the but the Energy, business. focus aligned beginning downturn. points, the reiterate continue see line on that and signs significant be So, of now decline revenue standpoint, operating business recurring markets X. we're energy on bottom to we to business up together was discipline with improvement a profit a on OpEx lockstep, driving second large the segment is XXX business demonstrating seeing slide segments value with and that the and strong to maintain are starting a definitely with many highly a are From focus in for and margin to Resources significantly. performance to This backlog to peers opportunities expand entering chemicals with of and the in will large a an the will mining XX% XXXX as are and successful of recurring witnessed business, weighted recent increasing clients I is revenue manifest Chemicals ECR strong integration business pipeline. revenue high on basis, highly the and strategy to in and more a of And infrastructure commodity to strategy XXXX quarter, want poised growth. downturn while pro-forma prioritize making of backlog which margin our to both our weathered working and very velocity high-value as significantly, improvement backlog synergy average to decline Jacobs now continued operating the digits pro-forma the And the rest proved We're more excellence. margin pleased gross low-risk, our backlog BIAF refining across pursuing globally our the project this revenue forward the The combined the the I'm relentless execution with as summary, deeper low-single and plan

to for projects Middle starting fuel, across refining work invest this. And significantly America planned, to secured hydrocarbon clients U.S. sector, the cracker sulfur the and mining upgrades. as chemicals large and capacity an U.S. wave and regulations regulatory in as Asia. In are several ore, as XXXX technology and both To with standpoint, our seeing Latin to this six industry drives from that MARPOL pipeline by the involved we move a market we is to make supply solutions. to ethane to we're refiners and cross-selling leading benefit will domestically energy their forward including shipping requirements. see across the and positioned robust the several shippers expect work second our crude reduce to project downstream upgrade local derivative studies the across year-over-year crackers require major. opportunities well minerals opportunities mainly we're iron in higher-grade require driven opportunities with oil early expect will steam already We've engineering East, a We're from of Also business, as vessels build India, benefit and in the Middle we're East CHXM continue chemicals Specifically, that of industrial mining expand mining, Asia, with on globe. comply, emissions. which in opportunities growth From up a great global and we tightening, for copper multiple to a water well. indicator shift

We are solution. FEED slide the or again, XX, several very pleased going to well. opportunities to on CHXM of is I'm integration EPCM now EPC working converting On report

worldwide. implemented organizational We the fully structure have new

rate metric levels. for of employees stable, with businesses As attrition talent we're we and levels retention. retaining levels below voluntary attrition importantly, have closely stated, are the Overall, us a monitoring global is at previously pre-acquisition in key a CHXM lines higher

initiative is streams In all very we've to I'm deal and more count to synergy track with and detail will increased growth the that targets, achieve pleased synergy work are Kevin fact, testament on provide actually trajectory. acquisition, a our head net X,XXX, which since by our cost cost targets. major associated

organization being the opportunities we're I profitable see beginning XXXX entering revenue stated with identified large earlier, the synergies to across As pipeline.

a that the in for call company the now combined predicated on now this over scale not revenue industrial being of turn Kevin. Jacobs according is was News-Record. clearly creating firm impact the the summary, today. The does largest Engineering by ranked combined logic the to throughout to acquisition is better world the in I'll So, industry. felt exist our design

Kevin C. Berryman

the during to of And year. of slide second our moving fiscal today, the more I Steve. provide quarter prior CHXM's discuss those against believe business calculated will of XX, for in you, Thank help sometimes performance We remarks see forma performance this comparing will you a comparisons and quarter in periods. XXXX when results Again, financial our pro to trends information Jacobs current XXXX performance insight current of a on detailed additional basis. our will summary underlying my

So, as second year-over-year X% fiscal pro from prior accelerated for improvement legacy growth increase gained in organic was basis with margins of strategy sequentially. Jacobs Organic with points our respectively. of XXX fact, year-over-year the XXXX-XXXX revenue inflection XX% growth forma XX% XX.X%, up were forma year-over-year This and messaging both to to would, and the the first traction. year-over-year growth our quarter period on consistent and Gross quarter. basis growth reported point revenue growth strong be basis XXX a is pro of XX% that in an broad-based CHXM's businesses, our points

this of year-ago Trust figure. for the amortization, benefit G&A, the fell basis that in year-ago discrete versus comparison realized pro current and forma spend the G&A forma acquisition-related note good of leverage XXX the revenue growth points in Regarding percentage a pro restructuring adjusts India on and the in as Welfare our legal G&A we matter QX, incremental the Please as CHXM quarter depreciation figure.

year-over-year. expenses GAAP $X.XX. $X.XX, acquisition-related synergies, While charges profit was and CHXM GAAP change our achieve X.X%. EPS impacted operating by CHXM-related profit restructuring was professional costs to transaction-related in margin including costs, to X.X% and other margin operating down adjusted fees, integration due was EPS control acquisition

time this included EPS accretion CHXM in against at XX% our announced U.S. we and the we the EPS remain revaluation certain up confident that a of we the $X year-ago outlined in a the last August. performance, assets excluding tax was $X.XX. figure. that from is With adjusted resulting a acquisition Additionally, matter transaction the costs, reform by $X, for will targets deferred tax connection charge that with figure, with $X.XX When headwind we from impacted legal that EPS liabilities these which deliver the versus

ratio Turning detail. to time our and revenue to XX, trailing margin X.X XX-month period, adjusted in for forma slide the gross Flipping trends pro more at and our the bookings let's for quarter look book-to-bill in the during second respectively. was quarter, sequential period

As gross we markets. reducing higher stated, cycles in execution, on margin value QX, focused throughout and targeting we solid to project stated. performance is of profit Jacobs' due CHXM gross The are reached end margin have our a combination project mix. write-downs, as opportunities previously higher improvement disciplined earlier the execution, and our a XX%, margin, strong in gross In

expectations that second lines additional Turning XX, into please structure. the note will We updated revised cover to businesses. by this and our our outlook and growth slide regarding and segment historical of provide for I reporting both profitability trust support will additional half performance our insight guidance for

legacy So, basis on being portfolio growth. organic XX% Jacobs growth a ATEN. in Revenue approximately pro let's year-over-year with the forma with most grew pronounced begin XX% with

sequential Looking mid-single pro resulting our of expect ramp to as forward, numbers, in growth off year-over-year contracts. we continue awarded newly forma we double-digit QX growth

the matter second percentage was quarter operating results. current from While impact the for was legal in down year-over-year, the XXX-basis-point quarter there margin

this of impact X.X% margin year-ago adjusted the operating above was our item, forma the Excluding figure. pro

the by pro points strong basis Operating XX XX basis and ATEN pro above was to forma We the further in grew a X% range ability XX% XXXX half in on the driven points revenue expand the longer Asia in fiscal margins of year-over-year Americas, a from X% on second Middle forma X% quarter X.X% year-ago with the to expect East, margin basis, basis. of BIAF growth Pacific. up term. and

forma half the continue expect year-over-year in balance to we this a solid robust second year, be over the level continue the growth growth do expect to our of we to of the While the revenue pro of at not year.

benefit see second XXXX. to to expansion BIAF we We in expected X% half for project drive as businesses. be X% range of in delivery metrics for margins continue strong room in scale margin, BIAF and the are the from margin As the the of combined fiscal to

grew our a by growth on the was Lastly, projects The a as though business XX% turnaround driven basis Jacobs year-over-year Jacobs' benefit ECR year-over-year growth included points margin maintenance, front-end Trust, driven was Jacobs' as pickup mining the even up India construction, margin as and a well also ago. in by pro legacy X.X% ECR studies. year-ago portfolio. the of of which the Operating ticked margins basis restructuring slightly to XXX to the year Welfare added forma

Excluding on up in benefit year-ago that the XXX forma from pro year-ago figures, basis operating actually the period. margins were basis underlying points an

before down not and on was increased in So, next turning slide, our slide million $XX QX. figure our line the the and corporate but to while of forma with highlighted non-allocated $XX pro million our from to expectations in overhead

of each we all overhead range in of $XX business the million QX to Overall, strong of mid-teens pleased second revenue grew per are in continued each a pro expect unallocated year, basis with line million the the in we for the For on items. $XX performance corporate profitability. improvements as realizing excluding the to large across half be quarter forma financial with underlying discrete strong

the slide XX, of realized cost an costs. costs our update We of estate million track of cost me net real $XXX provide and to largely estimated acquisition-related synergies remain costs achieve and related. cash $XX achieve related. are synergies. Approximately initial on $XXX have to been and in have achieve million to let approximately $XXX certainly synergies in with QX, Turning outlined have net we labor cost QX. $XXX million in we two-thirds These targeted Through these of million, million we these an restructuring on incurred to now

of a of have run the As of we of of $XXX million. rate QX, synergies end approximately the expected one-third achieved

to achieve total $XXX end of the expect fiscal rate a year. run of of savings our synergies of by XX% over We the million

XXXX. we result, net in year our in deliver confident will $XX we a As benefits are synergy fiscal million

end impact XXXX these cost confident are will actually $XX In could we our run at by fact, potential bottom mitigate of synergies reiterate, that although there $XXX XXXX. also investments of we the believe least and incremental upside estimates the considering net the synergies. we Regardless, that line we deliver in are additional of synergies net to synergy our fiscal is million the rate million of to

and expected it to related to of the these $XXX over be incurred years. cost expect will that a As bit achieve be P&L to next these in relates of costs couple our we million over synergies, continue half cash

Finally, our in control as change million it transaction approximately to we through and have relates incurred CHXM costs, QX. $XX

We largely costs. discrete completed with these are onetime

change our move an matter, part let we Before the There acquisition matter. CHXM. sheet, the to diligence as me of on the original (XX:XX:XX) on Icathus referenced relative is also Impex our (XX:XX:XX) the provide as when update conducted due balance no in of expectations to we project

to be any very the and in will continue this matter approached We well into be early process, this future. we expect that potential resolution of

XX and We the and billion. quarter of sheet to the capital gross allocation a now slide of $XXX cash million strategy. with debt turn let's balance ended to on approximately $X.X So, and

down Our our modestly QX debt from level is gross level.

to of fell end a portion with debt be previous which per credit of leverage at announced a Regardless, terms this used commitments, end down on we focus credit calculated will facility. QX pay with use of pay In proceeds $XXX Additionally, we have private previously expect the we month, revolving down to line to our continue fund to planned our our cash million grade placement, X.X as the QX at the strong profile. as adjusted the agreements. our times the maintaining times our X.X of gross larger credit debt investment versus our to EBITDA position we to

our dividend maintaining also are We program.

million dividend a share. declared third recently and our we in $XX paid quarter has we dividends, announced quarter, $X.XX second the During board per that of

our deleverage reinitiate year-end, ratios freedom end the our via near we our of and we debt opportunities, stock to additional have our shareholders to program. consider net growth will As continue again return our to degrees of repurchases, cash of target fiscal dividend

Now, let some thoughts. me closing turn it back over to Steve for

Steven J. Demetriou

CHXM. lines progress Thank and we're integration extremely second of all quarter our our of pleased with across business the of of Overall, performance you, Kevin. our

we're $X.XX our a from to fiscal raising such, is to range adjusted outlook guidance of $X.XX, $X.XX. quarter's up As which to $X last EPS of XXXX

open So, the now operator, we'll questions. call for


line Credit Suisse. And Jamie the first comes question your Cook from of of

I'm hard - to open. of of Your Securities margins unusual to I think margins first trying back Cook the impressed to the L. the in gross in my anything and line in quarter. nothing gross the year gross numbers. with that guess, quarter, was the Credit (USA) helped it's if is accretive think upside understanding your there's this Suisse I in half Good was morning that question, Jamie there about LLC that level margin. unusual CHXM context, And and there. was Hi. nice these sustainability gross and margin not there's just

Kevin C. Berryman

There's Jamie, after but and gross with really No. profiles. think margin levels the improving good fundamentally in No our that these figure. strategy we appropriate are always you takes part and sustainable, work the believe real we margin of feel that go right about and profile, that's And to the is fundamental. puts know risk really quarter, that we has

what color some relative CHXM second sort (USA) we might terms Jamie LLC sort - L. schedule And strategy with you just Securities you what longer you're the would certainly that's the you potential guess reinvest would be and question, opportunity to gross and said savings. business. of in sort terms of to of you term, surprise ahead we're of upside driving alluded Cook degree And of the could of give But in looking can on aligned our I So, do to Credit you. what where have profile. reinvest? Thank then upside us my Suisse of where you thought obviously margin of then some that

Kevin C. Berryman

on there. so it just real the aggressively certainly the duplication to move to organization, over-performance implications relative away people think we throughout be are the continuing after to sometimes the can so and potentially real I tricky to of that estate Look, We're peel continued offices Yes. and takes for relocate estate, while and improvements, potential as forth. go it's resources labor a and because onion that not has but

it's bit related really a is system getting opportunity combined longer to real really well. a So, estate configurations in and our more is and together an final organization. The as term, piece little

investments those to – we will about our to that And are of companies the and to as well – opportunity. maybe it choice. invest are as environment, our we're as the there employer think looking programs perspective. become benefit as to thinking other system we comments back might continue and consolidation Steve well. we offering upfront And P&L that relates an will things point may from want upside two on that of investment forth, into be the three the and there make some be potential to think that really some I in say and so so as I can all is combining our some about business

Steven J. Demetriou

this think the it Jamie, see through summarized able we as that is year you into and important next progress us line. I well. is year, claim think synergies I be all bottom Kevin, see hitting most what thing you'll them with we'll as the to we

updated in everybody and how providing, - back we're creating we'll queue. quarterly on a Thanks. get Securities LLC Suisse Cook that's Okay. rigor the Jamie keep value. that's L. Credit (USA) just I'll so, And basis


from line Your comes of the Markets. Tahira Afzal next of question Capital KeyBanc

is line Your open.

Tahira Afzal

in Hi the congrats and quarter.

Steven J. Demetriou

Thanks, Tahira.

Kevin C. Berryman

Thank you.

Tahira Afzal

if and other of in know other opportunities you're the you're the your water. area and in I I talking about frame of can seeing of of In terms months, Steve, to more this perhaps kind you're one some know segments? you but more it's of seeing maybe the synergies, with point you of out, look the is size would businesses? revenue most or early still what you context what scope

Steven J. Demetriou

ECR Yeah, so ECR now CHXM there's being excited as et think cetera. our Facilities, commercial the we Tahira, bring what mind, side, business. to to building the as about that footprint, mining parts similarly, one. clearly and we're you now to and getting The synergy pipeline, business our opportunity of sector, water environmental the well to when of early-stage across company, say hit revenue environmental CHXM's able permitting things our I'd bring the can on that Advanced a capabilities petroleum come other chemicals about handful so

like of example, major are in of brought now, unfolding a clearly increasing lot the exciting And pipeline the with an pretty that for Jacobs, another programs another semiconductor side, the sector mind. electronics deeper, big what the clearly, looks CHXM our Nuclear are opportunities things that capabilities to combined going that And seeing a business. the of on opportunities company of As comes there. some very as and environmental on a demand combination comprehensive cleanup more we're for with horsepower area

as I revenue heavily now building hear you're opportunity coming two the got said, the excited. we've synergy there, to cost going several on on. a pipeline Kevin but across the more significant together. next over pretty we're about side think and of more quarters So, companies synergies been focused And We've early

Tahira Afzal

as to macro be but perhaps And beyond Steve. of the you, some expansion out follow-up XXXX, Kevin, more fiscal up seem Thank be you it. you revenue shaping visible cost appearance look to opportunities is synergies partly just seem of of environment this maybe Got hinting from margin the a for as more for well perhaps year also because and synergies. and

identify which look driver year or or more As synergies perhaps equal? itself fiscal cost business of upside, the they're potential the prominent you maybe you the as XXXX, into margin would

Steven J. Demetriou

Well, let start. just me

I the improvement Our that the confident focused and we're able comments be around drive we're continue to in that to all to ECR that couple business, will focus opportunity business, of very as type think margin on that demonstrated there and synergy our going sort we're be our centered as on of I delivery in my project whole that part the last project that over of new years business there has capabilities of the winning, excellence delivery center cost well. been of excellence

going that profit in improvement area these more scale opportunity margin aggressively those you're benefits continue as see there. from the to of we're as as going be ECR well. to combining and operating benefit to BIAF, businesses benefit we an we the of for the cost two think in But see companies, two grow ATEN of also showing structure So, productive do of efficient, I us

Tahira Afzal

Got it.

a again and quarter. Steve, congrats good you, on Thank Okay.

Steven J. Demetriou

Thank you.

Kevin C. Berryman

Thank you.


from comes the question next Your line Bank. of Deutsche Chad Dillard of

is line open. Your

Chad Dillard

Good Hi. everyone. morning,

Kevin C. Berryman

Good morning.

Steven J. Demetriou

Morning, Chad.

Chad Dillard

this your gains And as you the sustainable do you on just business. you've to the little relatedly, growth is? just Can year and a a on you forma share I about basis? bit unlock how can this then talk commentary keep So, think this think exit growing to ATEN in wanted pro you you changed ATEN what focus backlog about

Steven J. Demetriou

there's that things Yeah, have several contributed to gains. the share

The the with low the then think of footprint IT which it that so and of a cybersecurity, client side. execution. organic over unfolding. that ago. inorganic last Jacobs industry-leading is within the years leader whole especially the with the all all it proved specifically specifically, And the industry. that's and I mentioned, didn't acquisition as to the the given his But leader whatever the the team others of which other in I years to strategy what FNS be with sort with the and it's is couple and Hagen working start Blue only and in It's and versus in project acquisitions business opportunity several us we've started growing developed cost tailored program several over strategy, be a have that in ago program five Jacobs, does have an we starts and is outcome sector, the that's rest the we last IT years a able the we're model Terry can Canopy program, a to cost with develop, government the client industry. but and flexible as at needs not align to base made to piece that And that have years differentiator it been of clearly cybersecurity

able surface we'll share when be look able sector across as that only scratched ATEN already ECR use part the to government our you BIAF connected that sector, in unfolding. just we've think because the of of gains which not that enterprise so, take made And services but only we sectors, at I and the be to Jacobs in this our offering of is specific opportunity

those there's it several other how share think of that factors are go as getting I well. into we're So, examples and gains,

Kevin C. Berryman

work now other businesses in the where nuclear about and be and having we're environmental as the think to into augment Jacobs pedigree. the world have positioned of to CHXM to that that you acquisition, Steve's access where projects think the strong the point, didn't have that the we of poised most very to if Chad, much I complex comments, from prior come are

businesses the positioning to us solidified was at portfolio Jacobs in also nuclear we've so parts about really and augmented we the So, strategy environmental feel good compete too, not of and well highlighting, going on only, higher as our Steve but a legacy stuff, that. forward ATEN those are level the

Chad Dillard

for these then just total in expectations and awards, And nature on the like to like visibility you terms available to could switching about talk that the over hit environment be of you're going contractor side, versus brownfield, just actually the share greenfield of you just mining you after. of project go and just and the the awards can and capacity timing from what If it. that seeing the then your Got the is mining, more space? can in it competitive

Steven J. Demetriou

as it's more business, gain clearly sector. whole optimism commodity we Still that table. it ECR area I'd at to improvement. is the characterize a mining across of real demonstrate postponed canceled was side we the or where at starting to stage The the coming work When more Yeah. lot and previously now that back a is starting say do we're look it on the

for we involved convert full to of fully FEEDs still XXXX. EPCM work these smaller now is half going on going as we would the lot a a give CapEx and front-end us client. to more that services XXXX we're more building we to I studies, consulting, some convert ramp-up It's in start the probably enter say first be the that going to So, to what for and to as FEED – other projects expect of those these are fiscal pre-FEED, this is bigger and and projects now confidence studies on are opportunities

around other very the a Our a areas the where and markets few and iron I'd of few focus say but in are and copper Australia last remains mining seeing world, as around the message we're it's biggest other focused Latin opportunities. and America And quarter, those ore opportunities. same the the very,

Chad Dillard

it. Thank Got you.


Andy question Wittmann from of comes of next Baird. Your the line

Your line is open.

Andrew John Wittmann

with beat Maybe, or the $X.XX. boil expect you Thanks. essentially Are as to about balance year? just the balance of comment of consensus just guidance the really thinking on the can about mostly there and the your to contribute improvement $X.XX prior unchanged you number that to guidance? is a passed from just along, tangible real Kevin, being $X.XX start or the down, out, by the to year operational you is Great. raise You it here, outperformance the

Kevin C. Berryman

in the on working driving focused relates the slight big the both of part we're how pieces performance, things saw moving were improving with we figures quarter, think and culture where got to lot aligned there a year. that. versus delivery good I ultimately right was Well, But all balance-of-the-year the it which before. being half focused the of uptick we're is creating I we'll a plays towards the of we together, actually. and in to single Clearly, that Look, that we've a a a dynamics now, that's out of company balance of of the Andy, bit back the would deliver of little there's as see say in

time. to level in point So, focused we'll at continue I would an there. say be particular it's appropriate guidance this

that an but I we guidance imagination, our appropriate to taken. step go think of by know you prudent think any stretch the have and on I don't overboard it's

Andrew John Wittmann

what ATEN You like and in couple of in sense BIAF just some terms comments sounded expecting you for think to in up on give were your do you specifically Welfare the what adjust if of they but you that made margins kind And the want sense the there of can I you're India year. that It organic get for in item? revenue margin a just a recognizing generally margins the of us outlook. there's of the about segments optimism could your ECR, balance

Kevin C. Berryman

it number hopefully, kind that Look, the that X% be think range the range or above X%, in of for plus the ECR was thereabouts. business where in We a QX good quarter. we'll on was for

important certainly to see So, growth us I profit come do there's going feel to for be to into there. to start growth, us of get that be it's that to to would off the position and XXXX leverage some incremental do will opportunities as gross able that we think we play. look

since that much So, the improvements about the of end position line about half. initiated feel We're they of the good can historically, and how made our think than strategy. kind feeling a were we in different good businesses back we at those I we're we near levels

Andrew John Wittmann

the but here, changes And just question update portfolio. evaluation or so some a time optimize an right it happening there you'd before evaluate final clears you organization Is the continue to on changing much on in wonder that didn't I with so deck you maybe I is going you dust portfolio? wait my there's specifically bit the you a till now? integrate to said now little specifically, portfolio that. much to like And the another text is comment willing undertake as if think right but you that you lot do of the because the could give would be you given have inside CHXM,

Steven J. Demetriou

the majority when the about always talking majority, say but to to continuing integration Jacobs. continue XX% of the of are and – the I going say organization successful We're I'm portfolio, we'll evaluate – focused CHXM on

doing initiatives, we're cultural driving and this that next occurring about, getting the success, in that's And deleveraging demonstrating quarters, and what nothing further the folks corporate and stage, and few a it's the But be have job to how to market this about from accretion for expect we're acquisition, we've and discuss got is discussed. have their about on. that all a several we We at integration, to the synergies, portfolio monitor second to all we cost the the continue demonstrating future. evaluate successful think half focused as the

Andrew John Wittmann

Thank you. Okay.


Your Goldman next question Revich of comes Jerry from of Sachs. the line

Your line is open.

Corinne Jenkins

Jerry. for This Hi. on is Jenkins Corinne

could a across bid was the bit competitive you about I So, environment your little hoping pipeline. talk

Steven J. Demetriou

get ATEN this of industry, know, our we of market that of. three share always across have sense The competitive huge really, small level. In very environment a we're a winning that's you I extremely battling think, we're you businesses battle hope where all in an high I as that and still what our where government predominantly side they're different. services as the at And competes, lines a

is seeing it I've hadn't we job last across competed several previously about not many model that at share excellent companies And that continuing against. team chipping think years and next the I so, ATEN I and And years, against, several had there the in an think competitors through doing gain project the we're a it previously our synergy to cases to of competed that extent, talked we we away the pretty That's of we the part Jacobs it. it's of not has, intense key about that competitive as offering way broader portfolio field for to we In the offering opportunities with renew can BIAF, is you some I in And Enterprise and water bring to our focused Jacobs bigger CHXM narrow innovation decades, we're these say definitely with our ourselves, also environmental think relationships of that not our and do scale projects and the a bring. that to a out started combination companies. Connected CHXM pipeline. competitive because can here from two these And conditions area. power then with cases, we've with situation overall, when try from a and opportunity there back, terms take the combination, clearly those those created in partnerships at is onerous away high-risk in clients many in getting awards into with now other really the with clients just on specific against competing sole-sourced ECR, we focused stay differentiating stay and tremendous digitization and initiatives. being to But you continuing and a again, a of and step bring what and excited because

stay So, here clients provide solutions really we bid. rather commodity-competitive that and be I focused away trying we're where I'm trying to than on in and is profile to from describe the can traditional win trying areas hone really think with that what to those a on

Corinne Jenkins

strategic about you've much that a you of that maybe versus booked backlog was the implementing are strategy margin on something Thanks. how before gotten Great. being in current reflects talked up. this you'd focus how Can really backlog the it? along far And and you just about there lot talk gross on your

Steven J. Demetriou

What talk only margin we're backlog, in and quarter, we incrementally backlog. been calls gross very have about is as to quarters, the but about several to in margin demonstrated quarterly improving. And we're is gross try the the to excited the we this that backlog again, not these building just have as revenue backlog do that the talk last

as better it in percent the line where to that and we remain every of to these out And three business so, margin and by projection just going continuing a to of sort that are lines on profit margin remain we're and revenue. better focused. been we're that point to to to awarded we've then higher hit We're businesses bottom going not of going of win of we demonstrate fully on to other keep And quarter it. a than driven executing put ultimately the operating focused each

Corinne Jenkins

you. Thank


line the Bank America. question of of from comes Kaminskaya Anna next Your of

Your line is open.

Anna Kaminskaya

Good robust. Maybe why receivable can morning, just about realize do such Any on very big cash start cash I free organic I had flow. color guys. we has been off talking outflow? growth a

year? parts leverage any targets on moving end rates, free can So, any be for if by eaten flow for at And such year. capital? you cash we of color for by of the the the Just growing more working cash the set a will continue lot

Kevin C. Berryman

Kevin. is this Anna, Yeah.

come the So, of we actually a March. briefly, very we as real very, course quarter, over in the saw just chunk large into the business play sales trend saw of

DSO fact. terms, So, was of in have given the XX-day there businesses came the the fact that of bulk many March, tick in up of that really our a growth because that

Our in know go March, of accounts the part going in, comes for terms where bit. always to But metric the we see got the quarter. of expectation sales, we're that it revenue at cash. certainly the to of came our all revenue up picking that And don't get of is player end the we that that a But the that fact all of going or incentives. a in forward that's little in kind while adjust there that terms you not receivable was

than to to and we're compensation try So, that on the able of down relative obviously to balance payout. year. that the less satisfied drive be We'll be figure focused over our

hundred expenses the and The have to That as well was is over did dollars. other sizable point we acquisition-related that couple one-times a costs. million synergy-related it relates

to And this half for lot that a of QX, noise. we're is back that one the substantial in able seeing more would year. de-leveraging quarter expect we position the So, to we we'll we get and where be we think where have as a QX of the back

Anna Kaminskaya

of of Great. I take your outlook quarters. in and see and year? together, the growth steady maybe going put outlook here from if kind in be implied then comments to for sequential of all backlog end moving on? your the of of next energy some just year, through it Can the chemical should summarizing large your back what And trying outlook, parts your Just we comments the the for the rest the project on the on maybe government on and comments business the

Steven J. Demetriou

in we're go had the a to say our backlog. would years. of ATEN we over driving Generally, last on the you when sequential back significant half year, a has in for backlog growth increase couple second

unfolding. see from power mentioned is the ATEN continue. areas of to are getting legacy the demonstrated to X I Jacobs ahead growth that know, we're to we'll low the continue and this to now And backlog, appears and benefiting over last, a of unit, X, I should start part months of think that on to out business ECR to X combined maybe showing couple modest together now. over I an and next XX But Jacobs timing CHXM which out again, in And continue from so, XX signs where ourselves going improvement expect be course expect XX again, to and growth and But as in is on the projects regret getting recurring that into over months to we of revenue rather has upcycle expect standpoint, X, quarters awards selectively next, don't than risk we nice from BIAF, some backlog. prudent X focused long-term pick to and come early as you those to the we that of of years in. ATEN that stay to

the overall, expectation that's for our backlog a I XX growth So, around think message positive months. X over next to

Anna Kaminskaya

Great. Thank you quarter. very much. Great

Steven J. Demetriou

you. Thank


of from line of Michael Your the next Vertical question Research. comes Dudas

open. is line Your

Michael S. Dudas

industry of business a and been calls backlogs in going Good risk morning. forward. of the talk there's and Steve, lot mixes about

So, something do in construction I ECR mode. willing billable-hour, bit looking and in is Buildings, a at into build to design going of your to little you work O&M more it Is any especially presentation, or noticed that just the of as kind like that and are opportunities not what be through those with on given still keeping CHXM, from you, the size or measured you kind the want end combined have markets? clients it the design, much

Steven J. Demetriou


in combination high-end urbanization now, of we're build environmental of and We've I transportation where an starting we planning professional work pipeline And think your rich pipeline our example water services. the what and as is the describe CHXM mindset around a seeing a bringing with as solutions. of more to latter whole consulting and on got comment opportunity really is.

that's focus is. so, our And where

the We selective have selective very excellence with or work, we're kind we've focused water clients those a or in where delivery areas success where projects. there build do strong we've proven example, EPC global leader on project very to design markets, those of industry for with proven capability some are and that but side had

try shouldn't Jacobs that our stay area on at to and sort So, other to into areas extend this risky construction of see or you expect time, of strategy. focused ourselves

Michael S. Dudas

of get and anticipate be would talent, you that that. you modest into change? have diverse given but and half follow-up, base to and in order well do confirmed that How XXXX fulfill year you Steve, growth opportunities going and opportunities the backlog business growth? My see and employees front in do a is upgrade the And we you not you have the over this achieve your XXXX? to only the three XX,XXX that enough expectations the the years, Good second with to to more ability the five the and employee and next

Steven J. Demetriou

That's which Our three from growing, focus of company, now to in maintain Jacobs we up on to standpoint. needs refined we've approach benefits able put large-scale the yet the flexibility, our be ago, place with we line line a of but that new business how excited on to from years lines tailors two that almost set in we're get about of that think, now. level both that combined And companies and of the to point total culture clients' the the what's to benefit Jacobs down hitting is haven't worlds. I largest our and in business be firms one innovative industry the now And a structure best at you're we is that where our company that a from to create that business other getting bring this proven that for successful. unfolding entrepreneurial of combination

our seen clearly have we've companies. set potential the of CHXM company focused now and to aggressive. quote regard targets combined growth synergy mentioned, these we're a And don't from with to don't anywhere or from that I two benefit are that revenue the standpoint. goals now near a standpoint We're the acquisition, specific is what But I think as we with going so,

about side, around synergy expect fully top you're get standpoint what expect to whole So, a from companies. the going we more as through line we of year I next combined the cost hear these

Michael S. Dudas

Steve. Thanks,


the line Your next question of Steven comes of UBS. from Fisher

open. Your line is

Erika Jackson

restructuring Do the Hi. of on the second to that half year. Erika I just business. in quick start deleveraging Steve. This Jacobs flow question I the a for is finish guess, half kind combined of you cash in also the hitting the business free I full to of, more will expect potential cash start this flow the the all story cost? know this you're going had of combined profile of CHXM second that year cash and you XXXX or accelerating Jackson the up be once about

Kevin C. Berryman

this is So, Kevin.

comment. Just a quick

receivable on our a that get boils the it's with We I accounts end of I'll the do to little accounts timing to our But think hit see that traction. see fact do going of fiscal very from CHXM ourselves. the Exactly year we're that to incentive and to efforts that start to we much comp to how it got the that that traction to established end of targets to receivable our we've need start organization. integration gain that really bit DSO result it want and not, we whether that hedge improve the the clear on comment. mere by we or expect for we down the we

And assure you, kind or not, how up not to play. figures get we're So, we'll it's of can end those to or after we it. I whether going seeing target

You guys forth. new in, terms about out, negotiating relates is and have a pick-and-shovel with customers, heard are which appropriate me discussing on and day lot so day it how say this is and to rigor and work, so as contracts discipline, receivables of that

it, to targets we're clearly, for established our personally I'm on an to So, ourselves. timing way. this get it's we The going well But of on part we've in incentive for us important able think our going to to exact be it. to hedge be company

Erika Jackson

Great. Thank you.


of line question from Kaplowitz the Citigroup. final your Andrew comes And of

open. Your line is

Andrew Kaplowitz

Good guys. quarter. Hey,

Steven J. Demetriou

Thank you.

Kevin C. Berryman

Andrew. Thank you,

Andrew Kaplowitz

a on with that. Jacobs in higher and than business legacy So, big pro businesses mid-teens look, your forma, was obviously, up acceleration revenue

gains. legacy market Steve, think, the about business, guys interesting a seems is than acceleration I've just like I you here you What's probably Jacobs sudden ever. seen it maybe in talked share bigger for

So, Is waiting start been the when for? that. spend I tend customers this about to you again. Because we've to maybe guys side cycle on the talk earlier guess, inflection be,

respond an uptick higher Is So, you just the and customers it to commodity orders/sales. as prices? reform your the March tax mentioned

Steven J. Demetriou

or a about coming growth higher decline is, that legacy shed to were question, margins a revenue as to explained of growth. you're really again, the most to started here a I shift We phase. we couple business start started. and the the we richer is factors sustain we some that we ended And business think went side unveiling several were We we you going with that low-value and and mind that started value. our company now what's on two-thirds revenue started our the we strategy on There's focusing we see up to back years did that asking with that, that if before as committed grow business even then what's to on as that focus Jacob's margin. part pivot those ago, mix that's And to go unfolded is whole CHXM acquisition for the of what happening and organic through clean-up had probably said we we to unprofitable would

you're you clearly year, showed also you quarter, growth a last this ago which look quarter data then Jacobs And two year growth legacy to we've at, to at CHXM, organic yes, second quarter I'm tack correct. year. from organic When the from on revenue So, years from quarter from this second looking growth. that demonstrated – second

we benefit as to next P&L continue growth that to to And have put of together years. and a one from revenue a start benefit from the this several standpoint the company. going the over the so, that expect now strength track combined you portfolio We fully drive companies is us combined

Kevin C. Berryman

a too, other comment Just quick Andrew.

year lowest the about this the may level when ago of revenue, were of recall, kind you we we and that talking of the reached QX As to point that's was growth factor. pivoting

year-ago figures, is that it going do we of where you the start if growing, kind So, what look now to okay, said happened. point sequentially at it's which is

this that to of that's was last it's So, time, ago, which been just low. year acceleration building over the a part comparing quarter quite

necessarily over now comparing the look, year of starting the to that year numbers at be back in And them half. because to to I some growing we're we're figures so, growth the started in inherent be mid-teen see to balance don't last think going

Andrew Kaplowitz

rest then just Kevin, X% for I some you mentioned and margins, for questions, of clean-up think the margin the ATEN year. X%,

talking you and for last X.X% quarter. and I were about oranges, old but X% in A&T versus that on reported the that and think X%, business, you be may to you could quarter, comment maybe that the apples it just

Kevin C. Berryman

of that X% restructuring X%, to pulls businesses of X% been into legacy now Yeah, legacy lines number. the to so ATEN where it down has the our Jacobs CHXM the

pieces portfolio. in we're believe now the CHXM of X% we X% range to So, new the with the

way. oranges, right yeah, it's positive and to more feel we forward and in drive try apples there's So, opportunities that and still like you're a

how So, to we'll out. plays look see that

Steven J. Demetriou

second point and is to Yeah. back the and stand-alone basis, that quarter at Kevin's if Jacobs year profit that's you're second margin. build year operating CHXM out to side is a quarter because go think take the grew legal their just analyzing And I side, this year important on onetime, on look and both them last you when the this matter

over whole you'd the track talked that talking think the think I so, what is in to about, of with And what ATEN. margin couple growth I last years we've is story about with that continuing put Kevin

Andrew Kaplowitz

cash, for in in CHXM is, And just cash you you're one term. curious on to I'm if from you just can versus if sort have cash if Maybe the what I could, mentioned you of clean-up tell million but that generation deal more don't payments CHXM-related Jacobs break potential consideration want medium I how and Kevin, out payment. that we QX you me, $XXX sort know us of progressing can, know that you a cash used including over the final CHXM

Kevin C. Berryman

up call it the to I Look, I would say – items. clean it as look, relates kind would of consideration

activities, being actually things in international control-related stub example, was, kinds December period of were up for all of these shareholders So, had. there change and executed of we that ending in not that two-week

they costs, $XXX the of transaction-related of as they whether banker was whether then the it half fees, these probably well. legal be that, internal be be investment we're and half there's maybe to on they costs, onetime-related other making investments So, million, other was relative whether

So, was high this That's a a high point. look, point.

actually that great down million. think question $XXX debt bit earlier I receivables with and we gross about the in in little went our Anna's QX it's that with talked with this ultimately, a uptick

these we're and I costs certainly onetime behind the are to the able the going – how that and portfolio power effectively. of to this things shows us would it transaction-related that So, I those be it the costs, de-lever once us. from And consideration call things think you behind are

now, to the get we're out about So, investments synergies. really talking the

back So, that see the us to will to over in the year. allow that the of leverage itself looking we're half to start see

Andrew Kaplowitz

Thanks, guys.

Kevin C. Berryman

good. Very right. All

Steven J. Demetriou

the call committed joining for thanks acquisition. CHXM committed we fully Thank and you. that on remain we've strategy I delivering our So, that on to today. reiterate our to promises want just executing And to the


concludes call This conference and today's webinar.

You may now disconnect.