Midwest Energy Emissions (MEEC)

Richard MacPherson President and Chief Executive Officer
Gerry Sweeney ROTH Capital
John Nobile Taglich Brothers
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Good day and welcome to the ME2C Environmental First Quarter 2021 Earnings Call. [Operator Instructions] This conference is being recorded today, May 17, 2021 and the earnings press release accompanying this conference call was issued before today’s call. On today’s call is ME2C’s President and CEO, Richard MacPherson.

Before we get started, I will read the disclaimer about forward-looking statements. This conference call may contain in addition to historical information, forward-looking statements within the meanings of the federal securities laws regarding ME2C’s Environmental.

about underlying goals, that assumptions than facts. statements or future are include historical and performance and statements plans, strategies, objectives, events different Forward-looking other statements

anticipate, identified expressions, that current similar these forward-looking expectations on and statements. cause changes Investors words means statements forward-looking actual subject cause words in to materially Forward-looking These involve the will exclusive but by materially not actual and identifying are could that expect, intend, are generally such statements management’s as those of differ believe, are from differ made. uncertainties uncertainty results to statements Matters statements plan, and are risks, results based using circumstances. forward-looking the to in of cautioned coal gain may from are and other major change factor loss significant significant demands, change supply supply among major capital personnel, any our customer, the disruption the operations environmental capacity of experience the change of might regarding general materials, conditions include, plant a power units, in factors, disruption electrical utilities in power of in of changes regulations, availability any and customer’s in our economic of a significant key in demand, of or fluctuations customer’s and loss management regions company. litigation to the where statements that

this or The Further arise this publicly call. information MEXC company’s current statements Sir, to any the management’s to would information could information At circumstances analysis best Securities Rick industry revise statements Exchange issues conference the over of does any can turn forward-looking in reflects refer to call. for date of affect the time, contains after that to And that company’s please reflect the of addition, forward-looking found materially this concerning conference be of I time-sensitive Executive more that financial like future or periodical date ahead. call this related In MacPherson, only call you all go as Commission. not events, we to conference and update information. filings website also the to supporting obligation company Environmental. Chief with presentation would on this Officer the performance contained undertake

Richard MacPherson

you towards operator you, XXXX joining of are the Well, for monetization thank to environmental and strong in we today’s to an us full everybody make Thank technologies. we on incredibly headway significant as our off start patented call.

a momentum company into Our efforts name we in our during of seek the combating the the following reflects we year clean-tech re-branded power been this have that sector. U.S. climate to likely suitability new leading feel we trade the to important Those coming as across this Environmental dedication quarter first noticed that had to our as that cause change. February, off built enterprise position our we elevate MEXC

technologies Our by diminishing continue extremely industry plant recognized in improving emissions to be cost efficiency and the toxic manner. control power effective solutions, as premier emissions

or throughout so SEA XX% of of approach our adopted today This additive, system Let first enhancing efforts me our technologies coal-fired these, in believe where was recap, during the update adopted multi-pronged the by objective technologies. best our to North the we strategy, have most in the well an emission much early that of mercury process the with are widely To our U.S. industry SEA patented on created creating by are play proprietary in emissions. the was America. the litigation capture quarter. begin XXXXs providing focused sorbent plants received

process to reset strategy, Environmental out were used compete left to shareholders. materials the against portfolio MEXC to pretty ensure reduced much. of emissions suppliers the America While degree, and the commercial has of everyone, for using decision quality improved for undoubtedly firm across that robust various invented North to value initiate air we a the a Left adoption our in litigation to this as we with our enterprise a large our the approach business of technologies made own patent them, technologies

been this with to we second of heavy so we be has our agreements our monetization successful addressing between technologies. technologies. having producers U.S. this And quarter continues of and objective are major coal this first of adoption very that with and XXXX far, signed the have Our of half fire approach the been year the using four

coal that refined are effect potentially stake big we the value us decision allow in addition, realize our had nearing a In of technologies, we the a to would that sector. have believe court which

utility with for customer. also licenses side all We an to process team’s us. while sustainable our effort acquire or knowledge operating leverage of our continue cleaner, in more operators to to become their an recently supply can actual We deep communities many more expertise improve and efficiencies, creating plant engage have them to

with We are licensing base continuing the to across supply recurring and agreements top margin utilities a build stable, from revenue U.S. solid

our address the Coal of in legal believe proceedings. business simply, X operators scheme put been underpin to years, have briefly me Refined today. credit tax used the coal-fired utility a allow continues across So, past different segment massive of technologies to To we it our which over our the variety

dollar very or in billion We by the proceed the have future. against decision after near laid and claim consideration a not this expect industry to receive due sometime judge annual to

in supply business This are us production partners, legal facilities, Notably, prefer the our guidance litigation. handling existing a beyond. are communicating leverage guidance, across we parties million to legal Cassady conversations allows States which of taking United to adoption patent with we and continued position the capable are & annual Curry, over well Caldwell long-term $XXX into infringing monetize to with their approach under to and effectively business first Our meaning versus enter of products. side customers its our needed providing our agreements revenue that

we large through U.S. a process. SEA the secured provide continued our a March, a in made In new existing capture. multi-year business and customer achieved supply long-term We customer new agreements our contract for competitive past also with business to this secure bid this to with during Southwest mercury extend technology quarter. emission a We base efforts with utility

We also received an a product. to basis our agreements of at relating and mentioned, going to Midwest with for of terms valued $X technologies on capacity, revenue for in investments sorbents. growth, as the extension are contract we annual supply forward. our In collectively our strategic SEA preparation million the under These over facilities to coal our made custom licenses expected X-year able in our being supply have production expected in support utility

in the distribution is Our Texas, this in fully center service expected commissioned being business year. Texarkana, uptick now manufacturing for and to paid-for meet

of sustainable promising verticals industry. of package on opportunity issues capture each us technology led of offer the developing in change new The while world what we and me the for announced to our for front for several new technologies the is to facing round solutions of that like might mercury Now, emissions out our energy these our name, comment most state-of-the-art today has which initiatives still the during the have the business, long-term. on solutions business will largely to pressing new the foundation each suite the today. quarter Allow MEXC look

industry oil remediation. a of the we XXX our methane conducted the we oil a believe by and important $XX for power of under our First, mercury equals the alone technology couple development our for technology to methane year initiate chemists could metric near-term. that in coal-fired as industry us a commercial for positioned as in team gas new which released and of scale potential United billion over value our leads to by expert control We emissions proprietary was emissions study to pilot gas million last technology testing has are and internal believe control gas States the tons be the industry, annually the been years, the

we feel the substantial gas a We achieve about a to testing, greenhouse have the curb emissions are efforts which emissions federal Biden good point us methane for becoming makes gas effort reductions note, calling and just right an for are monetary in and recently methane sector Of administration’s emissions. quickly of finished support very of to oil central now. where round

is uses many Over imports billion of highly doing These a batteries Dr. very is U.S. remediation. also efficient these Now, the significantly technologies power the enable industry the Dr. one rare in opportunity coal-fired are coal available creation to television, the Drummond technologies Eleclear of These that valuable market. economically automobile participated improve last not the full environmental to and Eleclear a to develop significantly the take commercial being in and earth in firm, compete more magnets, focused near process water elements catalysts, other to reducing currently grow across area, solutions to future. XX earth develop new vehicle market the global to developed North scale, in and with for the from This U.S. technologies presents and it we the other of earth will all with we while technologies with the least, on developing move to them finally, intended on elements are elements devices. elements rare medical also consumes. so extracting are which used processing technologies, Drummond, and rare both we earth rare for working new scale to are that is soil an manufacturing impacts. mining testing Together by these but elements Scott poised in for America. industries, global and of And of cloud areas technologies further allowing

focused So, we these improving that’s actual manufacturing area the that are rare particular of and is area in that elements. earth on process the the of

incredibly to the working industry are being tech to changing are clean the bring game of new anticipate at what excited technologies We we forefront diligently markets. and

a arm research presently further processes we a conclude on them, testing. with to hope final of the earth rare element research continue extraction are near to our University prior State the working We they to with and leading in infield working being stages future Penn initiating contract agreement to

major moved the it market our investor exchange liquidity the the On a to valuation. In as fair generate a and to or reach deserves XXXX, the increased markets plan exposure NYSE. such we company ensure receives NASDAQ capital front, broad to will

are in this year. working We fashion task so a to diligently a this and timely accomplish do plan have to

our I make an first of further provide we this topic through gears, move quarter on will XXXX. overview financials. We now as Shifting will announcements

licensing. are timeframe, our Let $XX to by growth we grew significantly during the the XXXX annual than value has would of exhibited in which revenue, to of of progress occur play XXXX across fleet $XXX to The prior positioning. commercial converted the needed which proposition of returning an to with initiation all supply in technologies making once million a defense the approach U.S. we up annual were side the begin our saying potential to me million supply side patent we our rather revenue XXXX in to on infringers

year quarter of process Adjusted loss sovereign increase increase quarter was diluted first in in half We $X.X XXXX with a per per continue million, from million growth $X.XX QX supply than QX compared substantial $X was in $X.X were in significant of in share $XX,XXX Net the the EBITDA million, $XXX,XXX and compared to million particular, see year first in take is $X.X side million the compared the quarter. Total increase $X.X ago. a of of to increases a the year the as costs basic net same growth to legal to and for this agreements just quarter. more million sales the the of in XXX% ago and even year ago The to Revenue cost quarter primarily expect an expenses the the fees sales. year increased loss expect product diluted incurring first revenue period. the in share of XXXX of in positive attributed $X.X quarter $X.XX initial or XXXX a the QX less was million of over to and for the ago or first XXXX option sales and of to see loss in hold. growth in to

licensing on cash cash million. million the initial quarter end. $X year quarter from and Product $X $X.X the of – increased Our increased revenue million the over by $X million quarter received sales million $X.XX warrants also hand of year. same last exercise in of over And in little over first we

capital working $X.X compared a million a our year million to a $X negative So, ago. is positive

are have in million $X.XX Again, conversion the quarter particular. an And to pleased cash with shares very eliminated of to of be will the that million the our addition, the improvements million hand. In line technologies want on in monetizing debt with our of in through realized year increasingly first improvement to gained in we with momentum And emphasize quarter top and shareholders $X convertible growth operation patented efforts and profitability. half and $X.X we we exhibit during about this latter deficit. finished I

cost have to We managed our reduced and ensure this changes manage dynamic through base closely the equipped our to operating we operating industry. are in framework

our significantly to continue overseeing deep and joining and growth starting team team, XXXX. exceptional recent of currently effective CFO years Jami in Satterthwaite understanding forward significant of On where Jami major a wages. our in the Chief myself initiatives play X. today a to as fiscal company’s combined business that financial our a strategy worked and will Those we management has portion serves Financial we recently since diligently Officer. with operations are management, kept we are where Chief and Our our our in to have in contributed keeping us June line. play be Accounting She has in will tomorrow. part appointed get company note, the going costs of with have our or She where going Officer, commitments, our she deferring as

So patent closing, monetizing we folks, progress our licenses. making are substantial contracts long-term technologies recurring by in with and protected

over new that both take and earth with as soil ventures look positioned in and given questions. growth MEXC on forward and is business to extremely for around environment working our the environmental present turn shareholders, creating come. will call well to advantage our record communities uniquely to and well that, opportunity and excited technology a which of them. are the each methane customers and leading significant of over forward years an with of partnerships our to we And to-date are positioned look rare to our be a long-term. gas, some sustainable to and the We we their element are company the remediation, the We our track back as impactful steward that the core I value extraction have built operator wastewater Operator? in


Please question Thank from you. first [Operator Sweeney Our ROTH with Gerry proceed. is Instructions] Capital.

Gerry Sweeney

Good my Thanks taking afternoon, questions. for Rick.

Richard MacPherson

Gerry. Sure,

Gerry Sweeney

of obviously, people that those I part follows four see mentioned the had much percentage? – to I yes, in going am maybe the four of to how maybe after then that out I in think can that question remaining you in can if U.S but the coal-fired sort And I remarks way this that but your it, you XX% guess to a you represent? prepared agreements many talking ask these answer to, that of harder are to way what a you question maybe how this round answer with and producers,

Richard MacPherson


about megawatt in So, the infringement. they in usage the outstanding terms actual technology a view, of from account field point probably for of of of the XX%

of be I I licensed could that majority and then X say we the at buying we not need or of can’t about to active we to And certainly group any question, engaged it XX% with would feel have that, them. forward. each settlements right the we now, folks it, point to unclaimed discussions second from your go this be we guess of using the specific And will details proceed announcing but next with the are move us. utility significant, as the at either still we so that that are of through on And once but on fleet be unfortunately, and group, levels I give of different negotiations regards ongoing part are of significant with rest engagement, corporations the And of usage.

Gerry Sweeney

are bridge X am basically I under those infringement – sorbent the the that’s agreements, is I a Got the it. some And the versus discussions there are licensing supply that’s purchasing what guess assuming I and around discussions, say? side little water more of as bit

Richard MacPherson

that of on back discussions and Yes, that’s the operators quite get the actually a to needs actual this bit plant basically place stuff. it. down take with There – before to you quite forth it’s is can a

there, patents, a go actually how the the putting taking the process they whole patents. explaining out You of advantage patents explaining of through are

that Sometimes of they through how identifying the are. megawatts back statements how plants, work using then a sense actually even to the where the And that system, to many a now. to term So come both at handle bit you to put a know out they position? go are of point do working longer quite sides get various document they is how that plants they on have don’t use get much makes bigger got to or value and of the stages the trying and have point you got on process we a through are value right there

nine, in to With through going some some details. weeds the the still and the very close completion

Gerry Sweeney

is on as – And every maybe side it. another Got a plan question, bit little this the technical is well, different. different

smaller in is that capacity, than It’s how… So, if use on even other megawatt correct? a terms some it larger, could sorbent that more it’s maybe plant just depending of play

Richard MacPherson

of That is thing that some in the and large may corporations But have say they true. all is they three most are fleet, whole but only use their other of possible, be all And not shuttered probable. is boilers have could coal fleet large that most that of our more have process. Well, a corporation process. its us the interest only and may units than a economic few using to the

to folks which it’s bit the we as So, value. with more dealing are a of proceeding have

Gerry Sweeney

a there more predominantly as is go to utility, to… if incentive just coal-fired there it’s opposed back is bit power So, economic if – little a

Richard MacPherson


Gerry Sweeney

it. got You

it. got Okay,

Richard MacPherson


Gerry Sweeney

case talked you that’s I market. we thought soon, think, in there side. worth like to closure I of it’s maybe it have past court I mean, just I go what’s it sounds the on going about touching Coal could a but the upon discussed pretty significant obviously over, for and a coming you pending mean, Refined minute?

Richard MacPherson

– And general just you a will but overview. will I I will Gerry, words, be give with my I Yes. just cautious

We credit years was program… filed a ago usage patented have different tax suit defendants a technologies we our of X.X against felt the based on XX what in

Gerry Sweeney

right. That’s

Richard MacPherson

make credit is is sides looking noted the has this the now at the which with for aimed as to providers been of feel is based integrity have decision the it Which what whether technologies. very to dismiss we in this reducing defendants government submissions past basically discovery, it to a was and to proceed our expected both case that the on of he regards day to We any X.X provides day course federal program is of that year tax hoping on at by year of not a would the emissions based and the And billion are the or much $X information to patented put court. of our or our forward judge allow merits program. for

so have it. that the are program how patented lucrative waiting that value, they And for technologies. use loss, significant that very were not shareholders just for we see significant And a It’s feel shakes of we are if those compensated our to out. indeed, operating

Gerry Sweeney

the right, call Got to the it. earth That remediation makes rare that, maybe sense. talked and or but think three probably future, which metals, are capture and you about I And earth got soil furthest commercialization? rare along then elements, elements, I I also want on I those said probably think to water it right, closest of the methane then

Richard MacPherson

about feel I would where we with that. good are very rare the elements, we say, earth most likely

with well the are paper As to have for on us contract the with, we field. were and in side the with. just We research I been they in which group the that work – negotiation felt best the industry in extremely mentioned Penn known is the side State, talking in call, now

mineral – of us a are in we that have process field. in the great found we earth allow But So, of place we we further. is we are and mine that key we have due not after there looking that able dealing field what rare all up ball to that much factors where feel are nature. that level And a to bring or work folks to to take good will to to we in folks the about any our we forward, developing of any with that guess any have to different to the But feel those expertise go pick of advantage field that take pretty technology one very I deal for be this a developed our space of. elements our and

only to we from a not whole. technology the earth to coal extract So, through introduce success to industry coal from And will also fired the from plants, our a residuals working effort and power to as we rare mining, multifaceted but that approach, that have to is try I on. think that are elements technologies

Gerry Sweeney

it. taking Thanks for questions. Got it, right. I my appreciate

Richard MacPherson



[Operator from Brothers. Instructions] Taglich proceed. Our Nobile is John with next Please question

John Nobile

fact Hi, just When alluded for and/or taking the demand annually. rare tons the that believe Rich. release, call, produced thanks much And good the questions. up that the bring you that working I you XX,XXX looked I is to the I again are at afternoon to this is wanted approximately technologies elements on. earth press

much rough what be potential am estimate you is you just everything curious, market believe to or that hoping quantify believe as fully that I you of to I revenue? penetrate, able give a to that could was when and equate might you do would developed, So, how

Richard MacPherson

and or to I mining give overall rare extraction fired not what is for try us help to point where time, in only John, that to had economically improves we it to create on, rare question. as a the are I there our we And looking point just point now thank And for working I is of coal coal the that viable we and the technology, which from if extract from you. the with earth technology this earth becomes fired for to are you minerals this the extract coal the byproducts At development, will byproducts. earlier, mentioned just for the elements answer wish coal able it to extraction create of earth of too percentage regards also to get to which even all very on any that’s focused we at but what kind be is new what areas, got have those chemical something extract, mining. a it to got number me this from head creating taking flue extraction from point. way what to of valuable. the the those the would estimate do the mercury improve of In we we gas. as down it’s of our we trying past, rare guess But is With was best, approaches efficiency elements early out of

being But extracted. Now to very viably is terms elements from of order it’s way to make whatever. actually to extract more of the it’s today also much of whether operation, able able frightful be very that it what rare reduce in process, to much important rare earth they elements, environmental footprint out be in viable mining which takes more a or to the able a that them to solution, earth are take a traditional economically – approach

only economic it this can important extremely a be but of play sense we we what industry, it the Suffice role not on value will better real to have taking say, And is. country, valuable year, in holistic should are it the numbers will at now to the feed more approach will the much are its some if into we So, a John. technology, focused it, right just this to system, economic once but right. we it then getting point benefit, shareholders. we have I some an

John Nobile

are mean, obviously, I market accepted. ask of the too sounds mean, should would early fruition, share. on it’s it provide tell. your definitely update think well mean, a But technology? ask gas this to like does methane control But be when development things it progressing I to be decent I it an to one anyway, come if to would I just with I more, you emissions I wanted how could Okay.

Richard MacPherson

that round John ago. weeks finished, recent was two about most of the So, testing we

of that of We trying to with regards in the some putting what versus the was, and to models to into do rate are the economics terms field. capture, the it capture just crunching cost

pleased actual on We need away from economics just it fact where are to it are now, probably some is. of another We crunch see are couple weeks answers. how But the economically the we very to works. definitive having we that viable of with in terms it

what not are but that’s that an on economical only that we are say next earnings something only commercial follow-up on We call, things I actually viability. to in do company be should now. it works, sits. to good not a would with should – stage. have I have that do tries that focused but the time, – have revenue who working be very on out to figured handle a developed and the by will And how where but that models, that we we only move to able And next

John Nobile

elements The you to could gas I repeat, earlier. development, if rare you to technology? And Okay. you the methane that mentioned to earth just emission time or ask first development, did say was it

Richard MacPherson

fall. will seen planned late the element that have us given that would what most say will earth recently think progress rare Penn with and State, I have the put think work we actually quicker, we early in stay I I summer,

we will. if will hoping it it have We very work some to out proves as indeed are significant developments,

John Nobile

I have. you my taking questions. all That’s for Great. Thank

Richard MacPherson

John. you, Thank


reached back -answer call over the end to Mr. have to question-and for I session. We the of turn would his the Rick like closing MacPherson remarks.

Richard MacPherson

Thank listening and Thanks you, for operator folks. in today. much very

expect very quarter-over-quarter. clean to revenue the sheet. is balance continue a As good going nicely the hand, have are that to regards we continue The much to to to can I a increasing expected, expected on main up with positive in up-listing things off we cash very started as note, first increase fashion from are developing in good with the see we quarter, you exchange. on an earnings,

to And or a whether have sense, will in folks licensing not have going or very of side, on as particular will to think be on back come at we these we dealing it’s point I that reporting this are refined unknown better infringement are a for we everybody coal of is the as that we sense majority out. And waiting the as go from significant That’s find we we to now, side. So, very where in a down. to big to the I year. we are side get on going also that of a supply with be the And nine good here convert us things. decision soon

I thank Cheers. look back will quarter. forward reporting So with at to say next and the you of again end that,


for you. your This concludes you today’s Thank call. Thank participation.