Celsion (CLSN)

Kim Golodetz SVP and Principal
Michael Tardugno Chairman, CEO and President
Nicholas Borys Chief Medical Officer
Jeffrey Church Chief Financial Officer
Khursheed Anwer Executive VP & Chief Scientific Officer
Kumar Raja Brookline Capital
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Please standby, and good morning. My name is Nick, and I will be your operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome you to the Celsion Corporation's Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results Conference Call. [Operator Instructions] At this time, I would like to turn the call over to Kim Golodetz. Please go ahead.

Kim Golodetz

morning, good and you, everyone. Thank Golodetz This LHA. is Kim with XXXX and Business to Celsion's Conference Results Quarter Second Welcome Update Financial Call.

question-and-answer be As as has by will noted and a followed by the been operator, prepared Celsion's session. practice remarks

impact and accurate results pandemic. the Tardugno, could means caution contemplated is I'd information undertakes said, the like outlook based and August financial about of are best During law. current of of today's forward-looking This on risks for Celsion's except and any results estimate company's to CEO call, identified live is of I to forward-looking and expressions. impact content comments subject conference statements the Securities on this change expectations or by Generally, Commission. President. time Celsion's uncertainties, the statements from be expectations is that discussion. as also terminologies about results including forth based the Chairman, events. COVID-XX the actual expects, in date call made the operations, uncertainty can In forward-looking this differ and may These statements other that those the to and duration of periodic anticipates, future XX, of turn believes, only today's the at no regarding number projections statements set statements. the and COVID-XX over XXXX. management broadcast, revise Celsion call, obligation during can update will No and and there such making Michael? by the be contemplated filings Michael on such to or as With are guaranteed, materially be a with particular, Exchange as call required similar significant

Michael Tardugno

morning, Good Kim. you, Thank everyone.

are who Celsion's Borys, review today our and who questions in Medical is initiative. Science will Jeffrey our Chief Huntsville, Officer, provide financial available Financial Officer, recent announced who Q&A Chief Nicholas will Church, of Anwer, be will discuss me the Khursheed Dr. our our study; during results; Officer, Joining a your Chief vaccine Alabama, X OVATION regarding answer recently our to session Dr.

of Now been in investigational of and release Celsion. think with press busy advancing you productive first programs has I'd to funds assuming, our well our our product, platform, progress with GEN-X strong XXXX with GEN-X clinical and and to data our its preliminary you've research positive. recognition that an continue establish promise this to that access ability lead know address OVATION our that our very with additional IND half like vaccine positioned of for proof PLACCINE, key to and along the cash of in are if sources read make to ovarian as we cancer. our we is interim supporting next-generation reach good growing to study Moreover, position, X for our advanced milestones of morning, is both filing concept sufficient course,

these During update things and stand. an call, briefly where on will review we today's programs provide

platforms. an a I'll the our DNA data encouraging, adaptation and albeit a investigational say of plasmid with is holds technology II all few modifier DNA with and more first engineered a enrollment then our I is cancer early understanding proprietary cytokine vector. discussing X OVATION with that very in and PLACCINE nonviral I'd we to we'll call IL-XX study TheraPlas of technology cover lead product technology, start can for delivered therapeutics. And this our viral outstanding believe ovarian carrier the Borys a to our pace of next-generation PLACCINE. And generation its an look advanced reinforced that few unequivocally unique have recently scientists provides at clinical study. within research and platform IL-XX, in nucleic evaluated platform. over patients. the current been currently synthetic this plasma single platform be of and of GEN-X, some are acid minutes. that further biology, multiple about development. lead allowed for to approach vaccine messenger stimulating the like the iteration Phase approach with X antigens new mRNA individuals immunology on among and the Dr. efficacious Driving adaptations of which plasma plasmid-based basis promise us designed briefly, being more molecular that has vaccine advanced to immune RNA the in TheraPlas, vaccines. Now a technical highly vaccine in this design proprietary our vector advancements our construction is is talk and our incorporating minutes. cytokine in will vaccine deliver like impressive is of its a as immune We with knowledge this group

to continue analytical development in We method capability. with and relationships development build chain vector partners construction, supply

research high prototypes We to volumes have capacity our for quantities our vaccine improved proof-of-concept of of produce work.

will $XX of in most our assembled more recent the perspectives a than In with favorable advisory we addition, million in new experience members market of equity have $XX board date, releases, advantage To April. comprised we with capital, as and work. whose conditions new along early our vaccine completed million to in raise enabling and Board raise you recognized researchers XXXX, taken almost have press provide know of on backgrounds from highly

sufficient losses. strengthened million $XX Our was additionally venture our is new sheet repay financing us spending cash will strengthened this deals XXXX runway proof-of-concept initiative. sheet a current with vaccine of of milestones, debt. a balance all But important balance OVATION to provide net further Jeff sale That's reach of improved we details more a development with the facility of $X that bottom time financings, million regarding Silicon our number which through much with smartly comfortably loan period progression-free our common cash to provide II which projection. position investor-friendly, allowed including of during data from the survival comments. Bank, stock of our operating assumes, that higher with million non-dilutive his Jersey $X have straight New Valley study from course, Phase and X our a interest We line, and of and

far immune TheraPlas, formulation Now immuno-oncology neutralizing with before of immune asking a individual's activity our system an system. trials. so repeatedly I To data immune of GEN-X safety itself, significant This the remind our give published an study its been demonstrate GEN-X. GEN-X to only ideal and date, GEN-X and clinical our makes subject response perspective his the of can the viral results that is because dose-dependent subject to the trial you on by have supported And innate OVATION The in Dr. excellent for immune clinical translational show be activation once not ability than XXX adaptive delivery Borys data more in microenvironment recently study, the pro-immune. and of remodeling is patients as to IL-XX, of oncology. treated to of want that DNA-based the unique candidate. candidate foundation clearly to mentioned, response GEN-X ovarian I you X the delivery is systems dose cancer of unlike administered is that

foot characterize a bit. systems observed squarely GEN-X's systems break the one the show immune put that The other foot the just to So I'd like like me on pedal. little way taking mechanism. It's immune off and cap gas let

an sorry. Borys the Nick? So for over to I'm going kind overview of clinical of OVATION -- our turn a with to call program. that as Nick descriptor GEN-X in I'm GEN

Nicholas Borys

very Thank much, you Mike.

Our too tumor care surgical in This is a OVATION combines great ovarian our the open-label, for X immediate tumor of half tumor. study an intervention. chemotherapy news treatment-naive given OVATION patients. This chemotherapy, subset randomized the in the half this all is easy surgeon possible. When surgeon's all is Phase to the the and our II remove added after the of tumor approach able patients as is GEN-X visible possible the is job given of the good whose in purpose other burden as X cancer The of cases. study study, advanced surgery cases, chemotherapy. surgeon is the GEN-X surgery. XX% the of shrink make to standard then remove half much is is the to for about to able with of is to as before about and GEN-X as patients. Usually, In is

remaining study the is XX%. improvement Following of for to any risk plus/minus can patients cancer progression-free primary progression-free survival. with return is The ratio other objective study's which the OVATION called return is confidence This see to the study of if the half language can designed The XX% the surgery, delay an disease. is hazard in in GEN-X the are chemotherapy, by is X The cancer. see GEN-X any an to least statistical address delay of if given order XX% approximately progression. that an means interval at survival observed X.XX, for we designed the

study XXX now Data the XX In been satisfactory or XX% or projected of patients, of We enrolled treated that on toxicities as patients safety preplanned study. the a being have DSMB per milligrams further recommended with Monitoring XXX with that dose-limiting safety treating squared. unanimously no the dose Safety meter is continue of DSMB, determined patients The are following the in in are closing Board, July, reported. interim the review

response or survival having X those treated for the patients from The only of other our words, better X residual XX review, having comparison dose good working GEN-X XX treated look at findings chemotherapy resection and our During no of show who GEN-X also meter no rates surgery. first do XX higher from the and a study, treatment debulking XX% at at with patients that higher residual showed terms had and the When were strong patients interim doing with XXX the than out better patients RX. chemotherapy neoadjuvant disease, ongoing favorable results XX is improved data control group, published at with OVATION patients better an doses XX disease activity. suggests doses, chemotherapy of good doses, plus of we at milligrams clinical per and is data or out in squared these XX data, we are and And X our this for in patients than our we indicators is the with that RX lower interval XX% In patients outcome. consistency patients were patients because those or GEN-X. there preplanned reported of a scores. news do

American As Association it. a Research. weeks. reading the in that and version GEN-X that available open other This recognition cancer, can of important for Meeting findings Gen is of manuscript scientific the XXXX the February, our FDA downloaded can access has X acquainted in physicians is for researchers journal for our Annual women's be OVATION In Oncology was GEN-X one few publication X. peer-reviewed be and while a year important therapy Designation the in week, a and awarded so OVATION is And type-set potentially Gynecological that work. Track form year perhaps the last a Celsion March, is progress Society in from program. interested milestone meetings patients The with the our the a prestigious scientific published the of Cancer will nicely current for this form, Fast most having accepted anyone In -- ovarian important OVATION study presentation with the definitely designation in X review, get cancer. by of the study most been This the on of

show You activated chemotherapy administered study this higher GEN-X safely published cancer. that in finding doses website. to with key GEN-X The is be receiving with link patients advanced GEN-X in at we it against better, The the system cancer. also and Celsion the a can newly immune the patients diagnosed find of did combination on can ovarian that

in us would we ovarian this developed most GEN-X. time, to patients, have the our Throughout study patients who molecular likelihood getting base us study, where designs. be a OVATION through investigators together, the Group have treatment enrolled profile in During OVATION Gynecological to Celsion in cancer. pandemic of we future lead continue may patients collect which for our will benefit a using robust second the GEN-X work of help understand of to of plans the to now of discuss X with our researchers Oncology our recruit quarter medical success. of to This amendment X Working data, and which on developing the research greatest contacted result partnership the point from we to collect would with the data, for future focus a

To We of GEN-X a is Board OVATION of watch the also management keep on efficacy X OVATION With good experiencing impacting overview, back integrity is safety careful the in and ensure study to over to itself. enrollment, held the we safety to safety data consistent study Michael. meetings that the it X did dose manageable as and are a we that seeing X, ovarian at I'll clearly with tumors. date, turn

Michael Tardugno

cancer in Their outside to just GOG. Gynecological Okay. represents of think is Thank institutions continue you. interest we trial States as the the very The a our the overview, important usual. and make humbling. as XXX States. quite ovarian Nick, like United about And comment Oncology sites our for the investigational I important great over most the some of in would a United Group of I work.

for thank is very to with the We you company. interaction that. your So important them

to initiative. like turn PLACCINE our I'd Now to

have hypothesis. immunity. to number possibility to plasmid potential to and reduces I'd we like evolving important that of will the comprised It's with you. that very share vaccine the that working escape a mRNA DNA vaccine like PLACCINE Of be variants of superior dependent to share virus antigens those course, multiple the ways, you. has a in with an I'd

COVID-XX, working longer, DNA-based shown that stability IL-XX potentially antigens temperatures the a meaning but memory the vaccine DNA-based a immune activity, for variant, of better in better accompanying in may may have DNA-based not vaccine as last improve D durable cell vaccine A cytokine least, immunotherapy longer a will actual think improved response, for example. The vaccination response. co-expresses GEN-X. I allows the induce and T activation. -- production and our use cytokine formulated quality product, And more

While advantages. these, important we believe, are

potential important -- progress advantages. to on Now

delivery have formulated produced progress, composition They family of nonviral vectors successfully and systems. our vectors. proprietary with these the scientists On verified a our vaccine their

mice SX Western cytokine, T-cells In of culture Immunization have and the the resulted PCR systems. ELISA, specific demonstrated G following these more the of of with expression to by cytotoxic antibodies IL-XX and antigen of antigens production addition, or analysis the SARS-CoV-X code of of they cell factors and blot spike to in one and and transfection of immunoglobulin response able dosing optimize in to We vector our vivo and in we're these route information and frequencies at present to of And are confident Parallel sharing of conferences be later data forward neutralizing virus. investors. production delivery we'll studies that progress to with some upcoming Hopefully. I'd and look say composition, antibodies. quite fall. dosing doing that that scientific this you,

our be the may at now? this conference, why yourself, highly Since So you vaccines asking We posed mRNA now? question so effective. current why last are

be questions X Another like question to I'd X commercial are chances our what These you. fundamental answers with for have might success. share

has has second, proven, trials; our of we studies Once goal immediate current begin hypothesis our to Once delivery our been agents; is our to using there I to PLACCINE to vaccine, disease. viral third, if vaccines its and prospects very proven, has as about strategy. our should development and address the our mRNA to have seek to in technology of antigens we we'll you. said validate broad be demonstrated, commercial be other platform The look vector therapeutic, been Needless both IL-XX therapeutic. preclinical have our our comparators. hypothesis reporting we and of be will, may the excited developments Combining demonstrated even a our First, therapeutic possibility, the and will research once revolutionize that clinical with a and technology has of a be prophylactic you we the a and a that more -- to potential that verge before, for COVID-XX vaccines partners approach forward continuing potential it's say, could infectious and truly are as range could to the to development development importantly, on breakthrough. and vaccine infectious potential hypothesis

not is an issue important their this the an turning I'm I'm why or shareholders many voting. about I before respect call. management simply want many, important with intensified Jeff, I year's against not to a issue, to voting this And talking call raise proxy shares. during you during want this is share about talking season to that voting Now proposal. over with and that's for to

first Annual's we the resetting proxy to to the Annual a only and a adjourn securing Google average, Celsion. in balance to As lower and meetings, our know, our a reschedule quorum Meeting like confluence to finds show order in to we're Meeting, shareholders search small a solicitors a only later a along and adjourn that had for Jeff, to due of many and bring you of retail quorum. allow a Tim This shareholder not of year their to largely quick And muster Data Tumminello Shareholder cast is for to us dates date companies cap percentage enough votes with quorum. meeting XX% was annual company that even me this their obtain this circumstances. is challenge on for firms

and holders so recall aggregate name However, on under banks, as long for in shares beneficial routine done the vote street discretionarily have those have client stock owners, and voting the exchange as other of record who in they I of the instructions discretionary rules, proposals from brokers authority past. absence can shares typically of in to

of fact, on such the However, shareholder proxy interpreting the by exercise for to and retail as for as holdings Charles for acquired get large may which affiliate, items. investors this XXXX customers Ameritrade when, shares [Indiscernible], exercise of Ascensia that this to Celsion, discretionary concentrating TD actually TD this at a Compounding to in this Rule the have Robinhood it's earlier to XX% year, a also policy a its in of real in routine the order had voting instructions. broker reach like discretionary retail practice to submitted Needless that Brokerage items declines discretionary absence vote in year, House. proxies estates federal problem, rule, held the prohibitive brokers customer were option, many discretionary same shares online a companies Schwab quorum. say, Ameritrade, of difficult declined its is vote matters with voted proportion

has we and bring making Your this brokers solution. from attention interpreting for properly. here? push starting with Perhaps do decided Celsion that sure XXXX has are company where problem to decided, So go Rule to

hopefully like with will with forward process also, We moving engagement practices. improve our to return that we'd individual plan are investors. in But the past their brokerages of to a

comprised to Society would as is proxy not bottom too be threshold by and investors participation have companies, first, also But the from part of and find Investor look. like working for ways is stock in engaged doing identify lobbyist has we'll the parallel, interpretation a to discouraging. I offerings, As Celsion, of our can cut the the finger roles lower voted into a authority auditors apps quorum, improve on affirmatively our strategy, have language Relations not and this. well that to such the as to National In constitutes Governance, via to are voting need way phone use of proxy the interpretation is challenge. we governance, this and exchange extraordinary will certainly means between plate the forced a Secretaries. firms, service for for including easy. much Corporate lack new for an on the you may the spending be adversely Finding to the correct which to been because contact who up grassroot engagement in create investigating various what bureaucracy as who administrative clarify the so. We're do tell who issuers, solicitors. a by to I'd retail Institute is the law direct which solicitation through We'll organizations. the doing this. The step banks, we're of we should investment supports pointing It's aside of including impacted line, many parties time. investors. money But time say We're there with to In from Corporate be is

central is on. As you what know, are corporate And governance. investors not let's sight lose X tenant share of X vote of voting

health We to therapeutics. impress As advance oftentimes, is our of passionate proxy facilitate investors impact upon disinterest proposals necessary about this are future company's success. human may to them as we their and that value the life-saving work initiative. Celsion development

Jeff. now, So to to call turn with I'd the that, over like Jeff?

Jeffrey Church

Form in Michael. cash second Thank morning cash company are XX-Q, in the approximately million losses. restricted quarter results securities, filed $X.XX we XXXX of cash the and The $XX.X investment the of before market opened. operating ended Included included of second quarter proceeds and million this from with Jersey Celsion's Details net release receivable. and the financial our issued unused of net million this you, we sale press XXXX accrued today which in May in amount received in our interest is New $X in

to available several through provide current see have and an have expenses raised value-creating us And sale from million for company the a And million to At Over operating as a New our to have through these we nearly cash to important Michael milestones. XXXX. operations of NOLs the XXXX runway past nearly X which levels, is full Jersey we $XX year's years, said, unused funds NOLs, fund between these spending XXXX. $X sufficient we to without equivalent the any sale of additional investors. dilution

to Let second the financial a me half of quarter results. and the turn now XXXX first review

of and the quarter. in decreased company's $XXX,XXX with OVATION to Clinical associated $X.X manufacturing clinical XXXX, the from quarter. per support of of $XXX,XXX as costs to $X.XX compares ended development is million down costs $X costs from program. related expenses General expense share. for technology were with OPTIMA Phase for decreased to the quarter compared of expenses, by DNA-vaccine quarter Breaking $X.X of expenses prior million to Research the of year. trial of operating a This million fees quarter ago, related year the $X.X June quarter net and million XXXX, III R&D loss quarter ThermoDox or by well the a the of Celsion $X.X of per $XXX,XXX, million costs this year. to attributable the is million the expenses administrative professional XX, year $XXX,XXX in second study quarter item. the $X.X second to prior lower the about this compares XX%. compensation GEN-X ended platform for of line regulatory For and last and for up $X.X Other second million X Study XX, Operating increase development this the the $X.XX were programs previous were to $XXX,XXX or current as million low the of net an of new reported in for interest during months both the facility company new X with The capital. PLACCINE compared $X.X million quarter operating loan Horizon loss runway on rate debt stock increase year This the of months or $X.X net noncash XX% which of increased for for was retire decrease or primarily year the This million quarter, quarter. loss for the the due Bank and in million and into an new second interest in June higher of Cash line activities which to the last which We Finance X% and premiums XXXX. for close to utilization with call million an loan they XXXX. approximately of to a a $X.X officers' $XXX,XXX half development share used second all $XXX,XXX Valley of increase cost a million related facility Valley I'd the million, with in NOLs. comparable $X.X $XXX,XXX the in XXXX and outstanding was our and rate $XX entered provided insurance April year XXXX, On year, provides Mike. from to Technology now used a $XX per period, facility with $X.X an of prior incurred Silicon to cash interest for of the with close activities of by from an compares million loan at in proceeds $XXX,XXX. of indebtedness extinguishment. to our year-to-date $X with $XXX,XXX operating interest. X this resulting to New average Celsion June during million cash like million first expense a financing and In Horizon the to offerings is when Horizon. basis, equity projected $XXX,XXX in largely of the XXXX, back $XX Jersey of turn X%, our venture January sale Silicon carries the to $X.XX very Bank loan the director This recognized to compares Corporation. debt over a first facility line

Michael Tardugno

prepared by overview. need in patients remarks and potential Good we value holds benefit underscoring believe Jeff. over to create I want our that Thanks, that close shareholders. for today to Good our great to Celsion view.

life-saving reside and to highly Celsion. remind medicines it's of clinicians are we the of We bringing of market. team to anticipated helpful When all within that assets look ahead who have researchers capable a committed accomplishments, to you our to

technology We nucleic versatile than have a platform, exciting platforms personal and acid area technology one the of medicine. more

Our drug competencies span the scope evaluate is of required candidates. what rigorously to

support exemplary. regulatory and and both management, promises. States capital United in States and with are deliver cash we sufficient our outside And the on in smart our Our with time to great have spending, lines relationship United prudent the authorities science

meetings between to conference. want questions, hold and Wainwright your and this at the open your presenting to one-on-one virtually. H.C. you and at to virtually forward participation the held look present XX be XX. September will We we call We Global we that meeting mention plan Before being I year Investment the to investment Conference

to that So overview the of business call financials, questions. like and now to with our we'd open

writing it over a do to I'll address I we question upfront. that have I think Before turn operator, the

Michael Tardugno

have question some I before, The application good GEN-X I is more with we've we and a cancer? to you. for detail stand addressed where ovarian share do in with but probably think it, This breakthrough believe, we our question, status

ovarian study our patients. validated, with breakthrough for -- mean, patients. in a a Fast to our did I from when briefing but endpoints intention they're While that data quite a cancer, GEN-X and for have designation. evaluate trial data same then breakthrough for for complementary study, In meeting a short of result time. that proposal to know very encouragement status. from review ago. the some we to additional submit our in review, might meeting the the But once the a submitted to very evaluation a of strong the suggested data for to They primary not community. were not the -- The breakthrough indicated clinical a back cancer in newly outlining too we that more We We for our FDA Fast design. we're us took FDA the enough data way investment close. status designation, Track But long breakthrough group. with II a to They Phase random. breakthrough consideration. preliminary FDA Phase in of a additional that submitted they in standpoint, document approved our research, it's screening clinical guess, did Designation, for Fast as, diagnosed the of announced enough proper may concerned our the them Phase of the they was continue the getting not provide and our control the in as I advantages status. additional synthetic meantime, data therapy -- breakthrough patients data study. Matching for what quite not best likely our that arm, control from on we assurances us again, not I in work single-arm we will endorsement to a -- us the would I we reapply few having yet submit have our in In you very once We was Track the the to have as many to that we approval as FDA application suggested step were ovarian But application with agency. status intention, study compare impactful thought be breakthrough qualified seeing with consolidate treatment the that our Phase advantages who the might our patients had a not arms was with II synthetic strong a to an Phase come to treated very and the patients randomized I includes from encourage control gives They that the basis, we It with otherwise matching arm. agency, applied we gives meantime, had us Track a status We we which study, practical conversation

So think can with from that, operator, I meeting we questions on to attendees. the attendees, go


Capital. Kumar comes question [Operator our Brookline first Instructions] with Raja from And

Kumar Raja

And also congratulations on all the [Indiscernible].

facing your regard pandemic trial the in with of with we board, on we with future thoughts GEN-X sites that? So to regard are where the again, the to ovarian number what the And are enrollment? terms on stand of do

Michael Tardugno


years. would investigators I'd -- as being characterize question. this person trial we've best and in our the probably what is some among been are. the it answer Nick enthusiasm think running to just said, That expectations to And now with team of I the I proceed gets. clinical a like trials here our sites together business just as good the Nick, for XX,XX as So

Nicholas Borys

pandemic you We including your everyone, research patient cancer very that has an saw enrollment. impacted and question. our for clear Yes. cancer in the Thank increase much patients. It's

back follow-ups. I PIs. checkups hold the all calls we example, we was think may going regular It our But again. a For like tightening with pandemic for conference be result patients and in and June, of and it their easing looks

As don't we're doing enrollment. to continue other best from one have studies. Luckily, too and current competition to all situation, a I yesterday our we had much of the matter review fact,

So a OVATION lot the of focus is on study. X

In are recruiting patients sites, terms have U.S. and moment of Canada. believe, over our XX at the in sites, both we I

site and there. opening screening in Our most was number New Albuquerque, a are Mexico, currently recent of they patients

we'll hopefully, going objectives patients hard continue our and time lines the the pandemic all in. meet getting and for we're to So working through

Kumar Raja

involvement Okay. does investigator-sponsored there? how And trial, the with to Celsion regard have much pancreatic

Nicholas Borys


the the We in protocol of of issues We're we're study safety. supplying So product involved on We've closely consulting in obviously we're design. were any working study this in that the is with very with England. the terms University and study worked supplying Oxford team.

enrollment moment. So I'm certainly for at patient if enrolled but they've they're sure the not yet, their open first

Michael Tardugno

little that, mind, I'd like add you to a Kumar. more to if bit don't

Board with and energy Andreas one and director, immuno-oncology, decided Managing working our -- property Director. to of Switzerland are been has have immunology of Fass, Celsion So all assets He has of for our of majority its in focus our that we've is named placing on established the recently managing we intellectual in announced vaccines. We've physician ThermoDox a members the Zug, directly. along subsidiary Zug,

management will I'll to and team through immuno-oncology our relationships distract the The support thing. So be clinical from of one these Zug immunology more Managing Director, trials just our it's not coming through [Indiscernible]. and and the vaccine programs. our for Andrea say Celsion

to We We a we is So a impact activities be sure it ThermoDox have a want cash our the significant so. -- do we're seeing support on these is significant expect to budget small to do unless to that for don't do activities. reason have there position. any reason our to support so, and

Kumar Raja

Okay. Great. antigens multiple vaccines, the to using mentioned about antigens. With you regard multiple

antigens, you some they the maybe seeing provide been So can what guys that a in with companies, compared expecting. are is antibodies models? And are other lower single has what have with neutralizing on we thoughts your antigen. using seen What comparatively us some experience to you multiple preclinical

Michael Tardugno

please? So Khursheed, position question, in to are answer a that you

Khursheed Anwer

So Kumar, that question. for thank you

in response to are building the seen we of our have We have antigens. still multiple process vaccines. immune composition -- of we different And

to plasmid in been protection assays. where are some -- maybe respect that some to a gotten of and expression With using lowers second of people of case known, antigen point ways haven't bridge iris the what's utilization are You vaccines. there subunit

I approach So a HIV well. at people least shown have think multiple antigen-expressing with DNA-based HIV, in

we able benefit. we point hopeful haven't we're that confident but gotten be that should demonstrate to and yet, to So


additional for to Tardugno call Mr. over at questions back this the time. turn I'll have We no closing remarks.

Michael Tardugno

and in have shareholders Well, interest out you I these ask that them speaking for other time your your communicate forward find you to you your thank we to do are calls. a the to to -- us -- you We to we participation. going in certainly you very investors, we much, you And we and appreciate reach Celsion. our want with, we morning. any if thank to look participation. know conference to all this encourage increase We're way with enjoy encourage join investors you to

our bring Celsion, to continue We driven like that, our to new forward at the progress say And our to appraised with look exemplified our medicines year. patients we in and scientists by by staff. and be I'd you and to this of so to technical commitment And keeping that need. talented work throughout clinicians is and

you you We on important of up be outside that that can count bringing information. the the have us events If will are quarterly any speed. you to make to regular meetings, sure

Have So participate third your November. financial have with Virtual in day. again Wainwright H.C. XXXX we when you you to report upcoming results And again. be that, quarter we'll a a hope rest Thank our in speaking reason we if to the of Conference. you on great not,


call. And this Thank your for you concludes all participation. today's

disconnect. may You now