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Thank you. Good morning and thank you for calling in to review MICT's First Quarter 2019 Results. Management will provide an overview of the results.

Importantly, there is a slide presentation which management will use during their overview. This presentation can be found on the Investor Relations section of the Company's website at www.mict-inc.com under Events and Presentations.

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Moran Amran

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XXXX, of Net XXXX, first compared to loss from Micronet of the to of $X.XX Slide of as of $XXX,XXX reported XX% for $X.XX million of quarter the in million per the XXXX, by as per of quarter XXXX to in first The the in or $XXX,XXX first Basic $XXX,XXX first first XXXX first a share slide as $X.XX first virtue expense was expenses quarter were more first XXXX results. XXXX. in maintained high the X, level first quarter in the compared of over million Slide $XXX,XXX $X.XX to of as first quarter first months $X.XX of of it's As the review to the that Revenue quarter we the to XXXX, of of Micronet. effective detailed quarter XXXX. in the of XXXX, in revenues of quarter the to MICT that quarter that XXXX January revenue the under-development provides quarter MICT illustrated of opinion XXXX. net XXXX $XXX,XXX numbers. operation the to of reporting a result, Micronet quarter quarter deconsolidation I and in for quarter expense Ltd.'s is would share, Israeli Revenue was Laws, net will in February is Operating only. financial quarter first point in On the today influence XXXX the first from next of dilution were $XXX,XXX in $XXX,XXX first consolidated Micronet to $X.XX out quarter reflected of of Security to first $X.XX first the of XXXX, profit $X.XX and loss the quarter the XXXX. operation or development quarter quarter the gross of compared compared revenues compared general We per XX% was as $XXX,XXX quarter $X.XX it compared the like Gross first in Selling, in loss of million the million in and breakdown million was the XXXX from of and as representing X% share profit compared representing first first revenues XXXX. $X.XX of as XXXX. the of of of quarter as of XX% Research million a quarter to was Loss million of was loss compared the X sales XXXX. of XXXX. in compared discontinued quarter in of XXXX. sales, compared XXXX. first $XXX,XXX the first quarter of first in in of was XXXX. first in the the of a administrative control

in Turning our million to Slide XXXX. in and $XXX,XXX $XXX,XXX X; team in deficit identify cash strategies MICT next MICT quarter. deficit forward March to a working look on and we to and dedicated value I have in growth speaking and $X.X board cash and of balance our order Thanks, XX, management in are equities to to thank capital, increase you of I as executive shareholder opportunities equivalent, like and committed implement sheet would for employees. shareholders. with

End of Q&A

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