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William Rice Chairman, President, and CEO
Gregory Chow SVP and CFO
Jotin Marango ROTH Capital
Joe Pantginis HC Wainwright
Mathew Bilger Oppenheimer
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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Catherine and I’ll be your conference operator today. I would like to welcome everyone to the Aptose Biosciences Conference Call for the Third Quarter Ended September 30, 2018. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speakers remarks there will a question-and-answer session. Instructions]. [Operator you. Thank reminder, a maybe recorded. And this as conference Susan would like introduce now to Pietropaolo. I Please go ahead.

Susan Pietropaolo

Good welcome results afternoon Biosciences Catherine. Representative XXXX. you, Thank and Pietropaolo, Susan to quarter September Communications financial I third am conference Aptose to discuss and the operational Biosciences. for for ended XX, call Aptose the

CEO Chief call Chow, Senior Gregory the on William Financial me Mr. are Dr. G. President and and Rice, Joining today Chairman, Officer. President and Vice

made remind we U.S. call during I statements like that Before within and of Laws. this to include meaning everyone statements proceed, Securities forward-looking will certain would the Canadian

at Dr. reflect and read actual Dr. statements They Chairman, to Report the as expectations call, about and it after they Form are is statements known made. set date law. to learn Risk of XX-F no speak of statements to SEC this involve To from performance update future Annual and recent the President reflect and not by forward-looking the the events and or that SEDAR actual results, this that events, those filings. materially results materially only and as undertakes Aptose are Rice, revise please uncertainties Biosciences. and more made unknown forth differ except during turn Aptose over circumstances Forward-looking but Rice? Aptose's or call required on assumptions date cause of I obligation now Aptose's All uncertainties, performance, current CEO will call the possible from could performance and expectations. guarantees may to stated achievement most of expressed. differ in regarding Factors these risks risks, these

William Rice

far call other, the compelling I'd have findings and clinical to distinct September hematology We on know from and for their are APTO-XXX molecule to both exciting in drugs, reinitiated one one thus already first like quarter the today them that robust CG-XXX. that drugs on of hematology that been their market. Those MYC our of safety the Thank other are clinical demonstrated Mechanistically we with both profiles, ended now many Xb announced call you recently is Aptose APTO-XXX Phase trial have two have bring everyone have from characteristics on Susan. small Preclinical we developing you, XX, XXXX. distinguishes the just welcome I’ll from the up our reached product inhibitor. important development. candidate in And junctures strategy. and to-date they

FLTX is and BTK approaching Next that stage. we’ll molecule our inhibitor CG-XXX discuss R&D and small

drug to to we’re even candidate the continue uncover characteristics in We to this that give this disciplined and very for chance development, its success. possible it more best make being compelling

review Greg review also following quarterly will will a for quarter financials. few Chow updates the and business We Mr. these highlights our

will update financial the open for then the your Following call questions. we

first, due So returned which the new issue APTO-XXX, on I'm hiatus manufacturing formulation formulation. up-to-date to original a recently the with pleased setting clinical to following you with to bring the

target. it is potential malignancies dysregulation may leukemia expression. it have AML, is those to clinical making acute target attractive only all MYC just that call the and the oncogene or is be For MYC APTO-XXX new a the XXX driver who or we’ll myeloid an known directly in of MYC molecule stage many common inhibits Aptose, you to including therapeutic

investigational apoptosis population to myelodysplastic drug have in of therapies and researchers that ability difficulty multiple MDS. have directed by including to severe patient toxicities, the the therapeutic target a therapies conventional for AML approved itself. as in vitro or cell AML, XXX myelosuppression XXX benefit are with potential areas. death MYC We synergy induce large classes well resistance, in the or of as blood reported Aptose syndromes and MYC various across protein other believe various cancer cell However, the at limited lines

synthetic XXX. function, solid XXX to potential because well that our to we’ve data XXX, AML is a in discussed these interaction lethal be BRCAX call target suggesting as but tumor This XXX. of BRCAX and indications compelling causing for to AML, or fact in particular XXX, last for cells exhibited are validated cancer In is hypersensitive path an during have cells revealed a deficient MYC cells sensitivity in that

remains AML. focus on initial Our

AML complete lower and level. conferences is designed one to forward. in requires once XX clinic selecting patients studies. higher investor administered combination expansion dosing transition XXX design patients single XXX assess dose profile levels. moving two patients appropriate then XXX with MDS, October tolerability in single-agent the to and recommended relapsed one high-risk a seek vicious resume of and to will XX-day its levels expected We and will two you with clinical Xb Phase received initiate sick escalation multicenter with of several refractory this in to to and the [ph] lowest only point on levels, refractory benefit to from favorable Phase Xb to provide for of levels explained patients. acutely up a The the the place we setting trial. meticulous by The cycle. agent. only during relapsed As each patient and that for are approach establish first may hope escalation be trial AML to a to patients FDA open-label carefully dose this overcame be MDS. XXX at back weekly and per we The we’re tolerability, or dose are as with with enroll efficacy and Relapsed patients at dose the be the clinical pleased study we tend We and screening aware allowance refractory we followed two X of AML protocol dose AML dose dose responses challenges the get safety, greater to pharmacodynamic trial patient to to to very to the patients we and The malignancies cohorts over is is those and hematologic study Phase to pharmacokinetics significant

reason more DLT. cohort dramatically selecting delays dose level then that’s is AML expansion enrolled were patient to For an disease. To number upfront this further the not dose [ph] level of patient in a to limiting advanced toxicity or on screening six appropriate than and the less patient the X our may the process clarify from one their dose in require observed because the impact even if experience timelines patients a of that trial in is X patients, during likely

proven. clinical schedule has XX, at the squared two to and to The clinical trial we the bring cohorts XX the mgs shown and dosing still addition, and the during actively the original Phase expected deliver sites for course to efficacy centers sites for We’ll three XXX formulation participate initiated other XXX the And testing XXXX. similar Xb are be have level In the be currently first to November. during remains remains the dose trial new study. in complete fill expect we the been to relative five online to which to protocol. dose while then initiated to to to three XX continue escalation in preclinical could exposure expect were allow expect screen during a to sites clinical XXXX clinical of XX, and meter per original formulation. times And levels four and Up patients lower

as to surprisingly forward I highlights upon we clinical cell B to with XXX, and we to are CLL and look bone to patients cell as of our express clinical Consequently, the Many malignancy and to this XXX understanding samples include Phase We to action reporting final trial. IND back the One B importance XXX amending reported process. C-MYC, over the B working survival. lines patients to be MYC for depend investigators the skilled and marrow note are AOL to in for of pleased are of and our and cell the from such mechanism on cancer sensitive well plan our malignancies clinical drug. found as we such cell regarding

let with treatment oral for Now kinase B cell malignancies. first-in-class turn inhibitor. agent me XXX patients certain multi-cluster the CG-XXX, and Aptose’s pan-FLTX/pan-BTK to AML of is an

address XXX in needs and see molecule such hematologic dollar being also have proof-of-concept rapidly developed is indications. potential XXX tremendous unmet derisk in multiple market. the in multibillion As the designed to to clinical manner a malignancy

In serve our XXX inhibitors; meetings two, a agent to highlighting XXX malignancies AML, Association one, scientific has eliminate of Our year AML other its inhibitors. ibrutinib, preclinical superior in ibrutinib with that reviewed and last particular demonstrated, activity and the was multiple from superior the patient it cell AACR and the much work excited and potential of care, kill ability tumors patient other transformational relative to at the FLTX about We malignancy differentiation of with or in with European favorable animal the current B relative profile XXX and to to advisor others. and standard three, EHA and are samples call Hematology science models. a BTK safety on samples our its ability hematologic breadth the we earlier believe from presented of to including as the CLL potency

to in non-covalent bucket we inhibitors considered a in reside of just a of XXX and covalent bucket BTK completely second bucket, BTK than reside then agents. non-covalent one The inhibitor. agents inhibitors to in is XXX As BTK other mentioned we reside various separate to a more

FLTE type it Histone kinases, but initial and or pathways the terms forms XXX the as cells. the effect have allows operative by effectively and alterations it more MYC inhibits represented pathway. receptor simplified drugs caused or well mutant cell and In SXK pathways, rescue to multiple ERK BTK emerging to rescue other B excuse to wild BTK may mutant – the SerXX rescue or driver proteins this the on as well type and have -- pathways the cancer other me, mTOR, wild HXSXX AKT, As pathway as pathways, pathway drug of as pathway, treatment targets the kill in all X, driver BTK resistance,

October [Indiscernible] a our ability study and toxicity. presented we tumors to generated results no observed the nearing eliminate in XXX preclinical doses from that demonstrate of presentation During that

you other we forward look unmet our of these a well-differentiated B data you website for to look to other these FLTX the encourage other would safe and to All available to are review and data are getting have address they AML the while very cancer key another are. intoler, pathways take existing forms if driver inhibitors, are presentations Suffice say to all to FLTX from on an as as rescue for inhibits for a patients continue and preclinical subject forms to and XXX tremendous inhibitors potent cell all of kinases, all BTK We’ll with resistant as XXX. exciting think all studies we already. refractory agent patients much of and that patients needs in well BTK as and of are

up to-date So let have on the me XXX status developments. bring important where of some we

more includes treating the for plan rapid study healthy sicker and profile that malignancies is plan therapeutic other with identify cell Aptose therapeutic patient is B the non-covalent volunteers dose of healthy in review order was is XXX plan favorable due into an B-cell exposure toxicity XXX IND set are and pharmacokinetic development AML are deliver first or to FDA ibrutinib ascending directly is intolerant and resistant Our be a the level the allowance of would to volunteers likely Once far population profile. that malignancies. chronic In by expected present single immediately dose dose seek and up if safety that patients. after to holds This covalent FDA to the move thus to XXX to patients with that in the observed therapeutic or favorable and with suggested of the clean a parallel BTK profile those or data patients is following XXX to to of an dose inhibitors. that begin refractory safety is identified which approach AML,

doses of lower likely benefits will Aptose. with using sub-therapeutic. patients PK provide of without that doses rapid data A levels than need healthy It and escalation several the human -- complicated Importantly, and collection level patients, dose study dose patients dose enables Aptose multiple us dose data provides faster volunteer AML start accelerates is of set determine level. it safety are therapeutic collection dose the more it most helps to dose, sooner, rapid XXX. recruitment It a which to potentially patients, importantly dosing of therapeutic have sicker to start to

healthy into safety acquired those are have tests safety and respiratory preclinical and is for that cannot volunteer, are a drug additional studies CNS, drug any until dosing dog volunteers required are hand properly patients. of be studies cardiovascular required include genotoxicity, performed is been The other dose-related for healthy the for cancer studies not as On taken GLP studies tolerances and mice such defined. understanding completed mice, the toxicology toxicities the and an before

have decision volunteer and we completed studies well-tolerated, to the move through the GLP path to to to perform be molecule made the AML we found that safety studies. Now healthy XXX toxicology patients and the very additional the

not Let and safety the this result me feasible of preferred is it emphasize, so any studies. the concerns strategy is is XXX GLP because from well-tolerated, toxicology

to AML acutely and first our by the AML to underway filing patients cancer study the identify allows the a it healthy potential set in and for taking potentially immediate into well sub-therapeutic our of some R&D to concur and derisk then study dose see requires the therapeutic directly potentially in even dose acutely brought potential We approach preparation studies proof-of-concept are from AML This IND parallel a in while directly approach volunteer trial healthy safety and from the the trial leading efforts. patients AML earlier FDA. And XXXX. have the in XXX dose, So spares patients we into AML taking therapeutic ill XXX responses additional patients. performing starting us that significantly early taking patients. us moved This a if the B-cell to by the includes volunteer with

effort reminder toxicity. animal per daily twice activity. efficacy we daily GLP an studies mgs with a we that demonstrated XX kg On studies delivered all once strong to As in anti-tumor dosing tox dosing draw performed in

daily the toxicology in of GLP mgs studies daily Dosing completed twice XXX to XXX and per have twice in per We kg mgs receive mice amount report demonstrable leading and dogs toxicities. and drug [ph] loss expect of soon. formal kg standard were consumed or well-tolerated appetite produced massive dosing being species. animal was limitation the and The a haemolysis no of in literally the to the

levels. stability safety were favorable We these [ph] to become for the bone doses demonstrate study therapeutic clinic windows to our profile we're into have the dose Currently we in the genotoxicity study two candidate encouraged data as well-tolerated by and now to CNS we possible. appear and thus that certainly we our strength as observations supply Ultimately, limiting dose safety toxicity with these soon are respiratory as completed continue higher the have clean. expect confirm all the Importantly, dose marrow dogs. in cardiovascular IND studies and drug far. considerably to get to the we AIMS studies this Also as all clinical mice additional and of therapeutic suppression seen the above conducting well Preliminary collect doses capsules are safety follow the the XXX. of the eager be to

KOL bit. -- address a ASH the So and upcoming upcoming let’s now and

additional and research X, Anderson Society to XXth poster. Cancer some and be ASH of new Aptose presented present year's two being poster, Hematology's Center this of These meeting. data will preclinical separate in a year December American held The will at Diego. findings. this present Cancer one poster Texas, the this data annual On The at in Knight highlight several in of data Xst we will University in Our that partners team presentations presenting M.D. and the Institute meeting OHSU, Xth will will key data separate ASH. XXXX XXX is announce San presentations November be

marrow or FLTX a demonstrated PDX cells a ITD, with FLTX dual with of xenograft in represents patient-derived XXX having into patients. the collaboration that study mice. to very were may suggests a a The treating treat the orally difficult useful be implanted dual mutant form in from in AML administered M.D. patient which in MDAXX in PDX XXX efficacy Anderson, mutation the And AML bone such model First, population.

greater OHSU with exerted Knight marrow in than CLL samples potency ibrutinib. XXX freshly are self-held XXX [ph] patients collaboration bone activity studies XXX Center demonstrate and in of Second, broader oscillating that Cancer from

in mutation ASH previously subpopulation that week, recently that preclinical subpopulation November that and answer include from the their poorly to perspectives In of data will December high-level studies ever on and addition, held XXX and Xth, Separately, sensitivity event the announce Aptose poster of will he GLP how also molecule. event first prime needs genetically share our Scientific at we undiscovered a also studies meeting. our with believes needs. malignancies, we’ve to In York Board this demonstrate be that Advisory of to Dr. Brian as KOL XXX the samples, a Chair and plan webcast. we be agreed a Monday plans on toxicology New and administered patient marrow is XXth That a on particular who of on disclose to identified AML bone serve patients of host well-tolerated has his hematologic in best in questions XXX of may December KOL Druker, on

As Dr. developing awards. numerous holds his for leukemia known many role he know, you Gleevec in Druker CML patients with or for chronic investigators and best is of myeloid

researchers in the and a We Druker often Aptose’s among held us team. up advisers and about have quality is distinguished Dr.

share to have us such leaderships KOL pleased Dr. Druker strong and support about have enthusiasm quickly. very present We’re and XXX and

So AOL calendar. please mark your that event on

US previous the XXX the the issued pharmaceutical protection cancer. XXX patent quickly the treatment is claims provide until expected XXX news patent and including various the patent patent of for the the now and Japan compound the of uses compositions of the our end in adds and European patent to the The comprising we state including on with CG-XXX, compounds XXXX. diseases various September, touch from quarter. me for additional a compound, In few highlights Let issue had granted

addition into a In XXX in China patent year market this and important the future an this allowance received XXX. for represents

Board Directors. Ms. welcomed We also Ms. Carol of Ashe,

with accomplished as XX an leader than pharmaceutical the Business in and executive more Genome Biotech New Officer for the currently is Center. Ashe Chief serves years Industry and experience she York

with be the will her. Chow Chief working results Greg call to our I Mr. happy We’re turn now will who quarter. Financial review from Officer, the over to

Gregory Chow

and XX, approximately morning million Good equivalents common stock million Today cash, $XX.X facility to At-The-Market XXXX and with of the quarter purchase X.X the Aspire more XX, ended Bill and to eight we Cantor September with million cash way. provide than million to run with $XX agreement raise you, have cash further which cash subsequent cash the Thank a of We XX equivalents and from investments Capital months compared the more than we investments XXXX, Fitzgerald, and June $XX.X at $X.X in million everyone.

due During we to $X.X increased our increase recent quarter. a for use cash of approximately in the compared during surrounding and XXX in million cash XXX utilized the with XXXX. activity operating was activities quarter This $X.X quarter third in

XXX clinic, increase develop the to dogs of investor on $X.X activities compensation were the This and technology, compared to due to to API the primarily million increase statement This income which be increase the in GNP cost GMP to and development such for the increased increased studies XXXX. tox $X.X expansion G&A supply the we quarter for primarily operations. revenues the $X.X include to to the Moving as toxicity well formulation the and million manufacture company's increase animal compared $X operations as the million office-based GLP is expenses in use those administrative stock-based quarter and return in salaries improving clinic. growth in GLP quarter. on in XXXX. million rodents development studies of an and for and animal same clinical related increases continuing drug as was had to the supporting in relations, travel Research third for expenses quarter XXX no in and and prepared to of headcount for with XXX due XXX

the or for million our will $X.X back call quarter in third was now quarter the the net I $X.X Bill? $X.XX loss share to million over per Dr. Rice. turn share or Finally, $X.XX for XXXX. per compared

William Rice

I’d Greg. the to question. the call for questions. if Operator, open introduce you, Thank could please like first you


Thank you. Capital. question comes Jotin [Operator first with Our ROTH Instructions] from Marango

line open. Your is

Jotin Marango

for taking questions. morning. Good you my Thank

I idea health dosing the parallel. When in is think are couple I seen actually mean I a now good that inhibitors B-cell dose in dosing second really B-cell is going gen which tumors time. in So, By of it in would by titration AML that will tumors, continue a the into understand BTK gen we’ve save comes reversible. probably before companies to second

keep Thank and approach, is So also any to what you -- in from preliminary will narrative time clinic. positioning know enter a it do important contemplate clinical you sort specific data, this aware in assays but on mutation thought the that What being the approach, their [ph] mind of these indication we study you. of [ph] about is the approach on based when good is you a as this that? of sort think

William Rice

the for Thanks morning. Good questions.

the it’s keep through eye especially other that molecules competitive going are CLL So to well on as but the quite BTK as – on these the B-cell that clinics bit malignancies. inhibitors, a other across yes, question, unpacking we

we covalent second-generation BTK talk they that's – that will the the drug inhibitors, lead The the molecules to – that So as, -- Those compound covalent, know inhibitors. viewing as they’re efficacy. we why it's biomarkers covalent generation those BTK, that that the and non-covalent. respond patients inhibitors than a the give after watching covalent completely different in so biomarkers about, typically the have of for are you various are and inhibitors, who CCLX are failed resistance the non-covalent the or and they going our first mentioned BTK next we as bucket mutations positioned

that the picked can We I also is that difficult patients, to accrue think but be it see up.

benefit. go believe we would but are that hopeful BTK actually get higher possibly are we we that beginning hope and those in in differently. to molecules we they’re markers, is well, at to inhibitors see are I can the be malignancies they’re But the culture. do various because or levels. going benefit, all as other ours B they the see to They the into cells again positioning We beginning and cell [Indiscernible] And CCLX we of cell inhibit showing quite think to also reductions what can we what a BTK that only see those you non-covalent the call to patient rescue cells have after pathways. but forms broad failed we take covalent other and not

can other is And treat hit cells these You enough to them of of what you pathways of rescue see emergence to kill quite other these drugs. to the the with we’re pathways that able up rise And the those cells. effectively.

we we think completely So are different molecule.

go shouldn’t inhibitors. to to all of all refractory I – the or the malignancies, B-cell patients non-covalent but able are that hit B-cell malignancies We’re relapsed after. those well, the are covalent to who We say, the believe

great myeloma. seeing activity for B-cell except form of multiple at against the malignancies We’re all different looked patient that [Indiscernible] the we’ve from

Did are B-cell [Indiscernible]. there aspects the of adequately us that variety like hear? that both particular leukemia’s malignancies for to question So answer would other that well positions your or you

Jotin Marango

questions good. as extension I that, about those two abstract. of Maybe That’s ASH have an

what which the spoke maybe just one So related about. first then to we

and dosing yesterday of data some from CLL. XXX ibrutinib, and to Phase ibrutinib and it the is may you ibrutinib – a X asked have think or abstract of comparison previously or today global Beijing head started down to head so One I presented a in versus this the

you data extent apples-to-apples are able we to based and them if comparative any between appropriate? is to ibrutinib even or on I’m if compared the curious XXX that biochemical So of have assays

William Rice

but direct have other data we we BTK compared directly to not the So covalent ibrutinib for inhibitors.

any the But we So at poster a of thousand year. hundred of suspect at because robust those don’t but clear the killing we to comparison ibrutinib, presentation BTK the that. show other inhibitors, be have it a over I going the it’s had would other BTK earlier some on as cells to this you killing presented same have this the as we often the in but as well times address time indirectly mentioned in we data regarding to cells, potent it’s more again, ASH covalent superiority XXX data pathways. directly we more

Jotin Marango

I model. other it BTK the in It in action synergy which I very read what week was abstract And and between interesting. last it. thought Got shows myeloid it FLTX this

that of that I AML. slide presentations As tackling think feature prominently and AML [Indiscernible] really couple the and ibrutinib every of been back BTK BTK which didn’t puts anything. heard in mutations out map a one show doesn't AML, I only gatekeeper there There’s at AML and in initial and study we’ve with up about ASH. model, that driver but seen

on selection. it or What that? treatment. went have was there You think that low intensity ibrutinib question any selection do biomarker Do and think with monotherapy was not on combo see have of I sort it patient and you much? maybe in it you it using reason a study a a of think should been combo or

William Rice

take every different set uses pathways. of AML cells of cell when variety a Well, we a

cells that pathways samples cell we we in of in many So lines And see BTK on the inhibit we those that BTK and cells. only or And can active. off patients pathway our turning the all can at doesn’t clearly AML the effectively samples. you if But it BTK them. the kill is is all drug we that different see in look the do really

If concentrations at to levels require it of that micromolar you all AML the that general those to we’ll look typically five kill ibrutinib, publications in level at that just the toxicity. XX was cells,

killing cells nanomolar to have a micromolar range, X not BTK you’re to if general it in five the the remember just the X that ibrutinib We but XX down to to inhibits toxicity.

the will as just AML require under our and BTK pathways So and role work so in drug cells, effect. the the cells FLTX a I think from knocking but legs we think you multiple well, insufficient BTK out does inhibiting alone does the can play kill some to And to a is table. it said, and hits combination other that’s BTK it why

Jotin Marango

Understood. See Thank much. you very you ASH. at

William Rice

Okay. Thanks.


Thank you.

Our Joe with comes from HC question Wainwright. next Pantginis

line Your open. is

Joe Pantginis

refractory morning. or a XXX could obviously population, AML the you color more failures Good on just the mention have patients to ask relapsed were little a question too screening screening sick been acute. some because guys. if there provide did that Wanted Hey, you in too

what's if before hit you So optimal the group while you relapsed in the still will screening refractory the when status? XX

William Rice

Good morning, question. ask coming so Joe. Thanks for a me and early on

a reason two two again lower and one has have We sub-therapeutic can to have one status to those yes, everything to do out The to patients. So, ------ this to been we’re sure dose to patient only a a want we get patient the want get is have levels. Those potentially And with – on at dose dose not each make levels. one levels. of Sssss patients we reasonable trying we six expand performance levels. to are challenge. on

these on criteria short. can to So, they relapsed onto anytime not refractory criteria. from life much drug status. from to because have the putting every to trial, you very lowest you're the through at six AML two easy to Then, certain have clinical to our efficacy very expectancy patients wash patients other to will the levels into those very timeframe. cycle most there. find patients. even put into Their month to patients see have because have AML of our those to is are we screening higher that first trial and to these get these we'll patients what for ill get very can out felt that one remember, time And And expectancy there, levels levels. for and those resistant prior we've hospice we because these they life a die, very XX-day patients with They have we're the into extend time a patients dose effectively dose don’t I'm is that comfortable the we out But therapy. therapy expand a that's dramatically go think on they out if often patients difficult reasonable when more they'll performance we set reluctant said levels. cycle, DLTs get you the patients, the have it's and And

of of lot call of treating talked What's developing all the us, associated patients. delay volume toxicities with we're we've possible to that to very trial, just get sitting so, patients companies this all drugs all of part these getting a clinical those And And the willing there is other upfront for over to we're sub-therapeutically, we're the early the dose ill levels. death try years. patients take the AML interesting, best to we

You six see just expand have timeframe to much. you DLTs, your out to the and gets extended adjust so

So, help dose we taking, painful we're and the through earlier here that pathway we sitting increase and it's levels more actually this. it's this us faster. ethical more think expeditious will to and going But think it's

doing each only those levels at we're we're it's same sub-therapeutic So, what's interesting of with doing of this study. dosing dose reason one patient at XXX And later. in kind any is, not looking

dose very can well-tolerated that the therapeutic are with few mentality, these patients So, into get you same the levels. it's drugs, levels so sub-therapeutic that

ready you up. careful. be that And these to take Instructions] last So, [Operator That's it we We'll you. Yes. were we Q but A Okay, now on study to Rice Bill. these and they literally that's thanks our of - Thank Operator see are question Joseph Mathew helpful, Pantginis for Oppenheimer. on have - too, Bilger Joe. went at on A okay? up, here, Joseph Q have Got just a with think have didn’t Very patients patients, of it's sick we and very coming how William it. are, some you, we from - as three Pantginis Rice they - William suddenly put patients again Thank show into painful we about hospice. these I the it's find wait

Gross Matthew A B. - guys right. How that's Gross. doing? - question. are A We're open. Hey good. William Gross. was, Q Gross Rice Q William Matthew Your for it's line Matthew Rice - Matt my B. you Gross Q guys, is - thanks That - taking Great,

Bill, on bit phase So dose detail escalation little a if maybe could XXX. just the give us you more

would ongoing how dose - more on the to cohort to to dosing B-cell plus So, portion? in malignancy wait three next that in the parallel also of the And the how long dosing B-cell malignancies. Gregory move A Okay. do long just you traditional Chow then three to style? before kind to cohort can And the have then Is next wait healthy you employing have volunteer and clarify, the portion, you in patient?

pronunciation the So, there. correct let's on, coming well, Bilger, thanks Matt with for

the, Pantginis one. a have Joe name, bit his big We there's little also it was

Okay, so trials. the to

still our to here guess in I'm to say application. this our we to best is what going R&D all So FDA present again, have because the

so of the caveat. dose tolerated. So, in that's three this once What two that. one we B-cell then each the go well levels But going dose do partly then propose malignancy those knew just patient one see patients. into dose at the after would We patient and would lowest least by is to drug at three propose lower patients, is a even DLT, levels, you at

exposed it patients you want want patients, like treated. So, quickly a that these to Even ethical the number dose be day of the sub-therapeutic also though necessarily the that one patients will are dying more and getting and AML patients minimize to to with diseased dose. us potentially these you of number escalate are patients, would chronically still not help minimize

to very that's we what starting level through be But significant going to be at that be proposing we speak going working now the the I'm will be going believe we'll because our dose a we be But that still to the So, FDA. closing dose we're not actually that that. believe to FDA, again, to it's exposure. it's safe. starting we're to will

study. the healthy to volunteer B-cell Then population. parallel, malignancy want in do So, that's we the patient

the proposing doses like agree studies I'm study have these you a follow it. lowest to patients the over of period PK level and give in about one to the talk But again week. to and they then let's studies, a give single sad we're dose at FDA So, what that say then might typically going you and take six you and sitting you with a dose that in

You something --. patients due and volunteers is need these or because might your to placebo on even you two a it to your on drug know to patients it in take need you happens placebo four if healthy is the do and drug due to

have are would not total--.[Technical take we a to out patient weeks two want typically So, patients. and Those six Difficulty] about we get to sub-therapeutic to in levels. would levels. expect expand potentially We on one dose two

trial, very our have there, patients, dramatically six screening have two and not we reluctant they is you're certain set our of timeframe. very AML go a on have criteria. onto DLTs into very remember, And month these for life first these put I'm patients. we we've get much a to criteria you And through even efficacy die, said time it's AML that's drug patients they is resistant the one patients for we that wash status. get have out anytime when to into patients reasonable extend XX-day levels. don’t because the to from to the they patients will putting patients very short. more what because most find cycle easy that you have because prior ill to out expectancy life levels they'll levels. to lowest often the out So, we're expectancy to and that these can see the felt performance relapsed from the and have can difficult cycle, every we'll those levels other are very with those think these those to get therapy. But on into higher there. hospice effectively patients refractory patients we They Their And a trial at time dose clinical therapy dose comfortable to if Then, expand the

clinical possible to we've best we're early to this we're ill And the levels. of those And toxicities What's patients. lot willing upfront is dose volume with call associated very interesting, sitting we're talked treating drugs that death of part for developing there all a of just all delay to getting AML other trial, try get years. the the the we all so, of patients these companies to the over us, take patients sub-therapeutically,

the you gets six see out so just extended to adjust and You have to DLTs, timeframe much. expand your

So, and going we us this more this. But that sitting we think expeditious faster. think pathway to it's actually earlier help here through and it's it's the painful increase dose taking, we're levels and ethical more will

dosing kind one And this study. So, reason later. it's is, we're doing of not XXX interesting at sub-therapeutic dose with patient what's any in each we're same levels only of at looking those doing

So, it's mentality, well-tolerated dose can levels. few that into sub-therapeutic that levels these same patients so you therapeutic the are get drugs, the with very

have to of these of our into again and it's they up, it how didn’t are the that hospice. painful were patients that's very these some to and we on are, have think went just sick patients be three That's careful. here, find it's literally patients, as take show I on these So, we ready we but they put study we wait suddenly about

Joseph Pantginis

Thank helpful, you. Got Very Bill. it.

William Rice

Thank you, okay? last Joe. too, We'll at see you

Joseph Pantginis


William Rice

on Okay, thanks for coming up.


question And Mathew [Operator have from Oppenheimer. Instructions] now Bilger we a with

Your line is open.

Matthew Gross

Matt Hey guys, it's B. Gross.

William Rice

Gross. B.

Matthew Gross

are How right. that's guys was, doing? That you

William Rice

good. We're

Matthew Gross

thanks question. taking my Great, for

us So Bill, give a the bit maybe if dose on escalation you more detail could little just XXX. phase

how traditional malignancy the to next more that volunteer can on in And just ongoing you the B-cell next before malignancies. dosing So, to three healthy patient? you the move wait would cohort wait employing B-cell in long style? portion, to also dose and long three the you Is the then to the plus portion? then dosing of in have clarify, And cohort to have how do parallel kind

Gregory Chow


with well, correct on, the Bilger, thanks let's Matt So, there. coming for pronunciation

name, the, little big We Joe was his also Pantginis have it there's one. bit a

Okay, so to trials. the

So our again, what still to I'm because present the to have going FDA guess is R&D best all we our to say application. in here this

What caveat. well go lowest once propose the the would then that's a that. one at the do tolerated. at malignancy and patients. dose least We in you even So, into so one drug dose those by is But going just three we this patient at see after knew levels, B-cell dose would DLT, patients, of partly to then lower two each three patient propose levels is

are it to number that patients, treated. minimize not us help would potentially these still patients and Even dying be patients, exposed of the you also sub-therapeutic a more necessarily these with chronically the are of like number and patients dose day patients that getting ethical to want AML quickly the diseased one you though escalate So, want will to minimize dose.

speak to that not we working we'll starting dose to will to starting proposing significant we're going FDA. believe it's we a we our dose believe through be it's be I'm going still that we're But the closing what that at be because very again, the that's to be that. the level safe. FDA, will now going But be to actually exposure. So, to

malignancy B-cell that's parallel, Then study. we the population. So, volunteer want healthy do to the in patient

So, you to have give level of the and a in dose and studies a you study over agree the to to proposing studies, might going one you single PK take then sad we're patients like a that talk doses dose period with what it. in that week. sitting at But follow and six and lowest they you give again then FDA these let's typically say about I'm the

happens patients drug need You your is something might due even these placebo know to because you take volunteers to need four healthy --. two patients in do is it you to to if it or on and your placebo on drug and the due a

Difficulty] total--.[Technical on expect But kinase take weeks would CML. once we those ABL and the cells about a would we typically in So, that BCR-ABL dependency two get there’s in you

the it it’s the comes dependency. thing, again just you’re – dependency down same targeting a So it

Unidentified Analyst

questions Thanks Got look so at ASH. forward my for and to you taking seeing much it.

William Rice

say, the one several I’m did I levels. several sorry, weeks months dose for or Well, –

between take several So volunteer months. levels as it’s each full we in go study level weeks in would not of But the months. the dose and healthy dose couple a



would You several weeks. be said it

William Rice

right. want be to Okay. just certain. I All

I speak want sure didn’t make miss to Okay. on Thanks. I that.

Okay. Thank you.


like Thank closing turn further time. back showing this I’d Rice for no you. remarks. to And the I’m at call questions to Dr.

William Rice

would be for like thank the work innovation. our to us everyone. our this website seeing forward also can at your and progress We you and thank couple www.aptose.com. look our webcast Well, Aptose just right. a our on on reporting hard day soon you great All note speaking our support again. in many Please continued at and of and I analysts you for and weeks. presentations found you ASH for Bye-bye. a again Thank morning. Have of shareholders to employees everyone recent joining to of


the Ladies thank in conference. participating program. conclude This today's for gentlemen you and

may You great a have all day. Everyone disconnect.