Aptose Biosciences (APTO)

Susan Pietropaolo Communications Representative
William Rice Chairman, President, and CEO
Jotin Marango SVP, CFO, and Chief Business Officer
Rafael Bejar SVP and Chief Medical Officer
Gregory Renza RBC Capital Markets
Emily Bodnar Cantor Fitzgerald
Matt Biegler Oppenheimer
Matthew Cross Alliance Global
Soumit Roy JonesTrading
John Newman Canaccord Genuity
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Good afternoon. My name is Tino, and I will be your conference operator today. I would like to welcome everyone to the Aptose Biosciences Conference Call for the First Quarter ended March 31, 2021. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speakers' remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. you. Thank Instructions] [Operator

this introduce may go Ms. reminder, would ahead. recorded. like to Susan conference a be call I As Pietropaolo. Please

Susan Pietropaolo

Biosciences a first quarter Thank to March XX, financial afternoon, Good am ended for operational conference Susan Aptose I Aptose Pietropaolo, and the you, discuss representative call for and results XXXX. to communications Tino. the welcome Biosciences.

and CEO; President, on William Dr. Senior G. President Officer, and Dr. Chief and call Vice Rice, Senior are Dr. Business today the Marango, Rafael Joining Vice me Chief Jotin Officer; President Chief Financial Medical Chairman, Bejar, and Officer.

proceed, call remind everyone will we Canadian meaning that this statements would forward-looking and during the within made Before like include of I certain Laws. to U.S. statements Securities

assumptions current guarantees and XX-K revise except as may regarding CEO risks or the over Rice? are law. known statements to by to and call, They possible Aptose's and update forward-looking that speak only uncertainties, Chairman, Form reflect undertakes and events the and risks, these differ required Rice, to obligation Biosciences. factors of performance is results, President this or circumstances will read those it date differ Dr. uncertainties, Aptose expectations. expectations on of no and during of the about materially as and set performance, they actual the from Dr. to report please now events achievement after I Aptose's not Aptose results turn the call that this annual To date SEDAR filings. All of SEC made more most recent statements that call and involve unknown in from risk materially and could future expressed. Forward-looking learn statements forth stated performance, these cause actual reflect are made.

William Rice

ended, Susan. XX, first you, our for everyone to XXXX. to welcome like quarter call March I'd Thank the

not the malignancies. to that pan. And to continue in hematologic and transformational medicines first-in-class for merely treatments and building execute right we creating We develop team is the deliberate precision a understand on and process, flash a our plan comprehensive

his a insight, announce internal Chief our Regarding role. capital and his who, Chief natural into background, position. has accounting superb analyst With research to Officer, pleased the team, finance candidate Financial we're this Officer the markets Jotin role ideal very practices, be will knowledge and And already support this banking for and Dr. Wall was new the of Marango, fit team, and the Jotin Street Jotin stepped leadership appointment maintaining Business seamlessly. with of today the of

Jotin's You as release site. in can more Web press read about background our today, on well as our

and In as Yuying Affairs; Controls. and addition All Jin these ago, the skill Rob provide EHA, today experienced Jotin, Regulatory Association, well brief Vice our update. and as future. are have Aptose and joined European with of for last President call weeks just Dr. a highlighted we Vice Because of us a Biometrics; are Manufacturing as our President Dr. you we build just to conference a will right was our have because sets essential Hematology they of clinical team proud month, very ahead the in or few executives that skilled, also of of we Vice President appointments of as our Melco recently highly as George Killion Chemistry to Dr. and help we the

of As ASH later Hematology, EHA, present to future past, at present, you disclosure data or the year, then updated around the is for American and our the in Society meeting plan June, quantitative and data in know, December. in of

premier data hematology a and to throughout at continuum ASH. two So, of we our have goal been the EHA the release and will on meetings execute medical clinical year, continue to

one in presentations, submitted December, XXXX. have abstracts year this submitted that They recently prior, data Again, were were virtual we our merely mentioned for in were with clinical each ongoing all been those of three known abstracts what we EHA, that past was early accepted this placeholders. notified as poster Regarding trials. for I've reflecting

EHA, present clinical patients at data we all available enrolled in dose all levels all from trials. plan However, to our and

As or dose at studies, us value more to referred to also on patients clinical to time. dose continue to profile as providing inform And as trials second-half opportunity will and to is 'XX, longer higher and those ASH. CG-XXX of see as drug the escalations. and enrollment finally, overall place track strong have further patient luxeptinib, we'll we we in move at the during deliver more the And company Being clinical through our forward able on just on to of look to of on over flow then and continue dose continue levels we treat escalation updates lux. EHA, the periods patients our

Rafael our ask Raf? our Dr. Chief Medical an Bejar, Now, provide I'll clinical activities. overview Officer, to of

Rafael Bejar

lux, clinical or the luxeptinib in with with Two MDS. and I'll other our myeloid patients of the talking ongoing with In patients or trials. and you, cancers. kinase Thank B-cell APTO-XXX. trial, AML MYC with three our acute in Aptose studies APTO-XXX, Bill. one AML, leukemia start in third patients by about has inhibitor, repressor,

useful More a/b trial oncogene, patients. of Our all time since cancers. XX% passed high-risk refractory or XX and in largely inhibitor, because to that at is MYC have Phase APTO-XXX, contribute being inability not and And relapsed MYC MYC a selectively target clinically effectively a human of to tested have than to years research protein. discovery development and of AML MYC since estimated inhibitor, the the yield least MDS X efforts

approach X pique inhibitor began report it novel XXX we're fifth will enrolling patients in the to have APTO-XXX us. APTO-XXX. we director to XXX dosing in cohort the meter of Safety targeting meter happy per and And of dose the milligrams of trial. Phase in that I'm see CSRC, represents square pathway. completed patients at beginning of pleased we a We're this our APTO-XXX oncogenic where or Clinical or to take sixth the Review square. per eager escalation that dose cohort, a milligram is Committee, level favored for MYC dose As interest, transcription,

lux during development, associated luxeptinib, inhibits a toxicity, and lymphoid often other hematologic with agent BTK Moving that potential the it's is malignancies. onto precision and targets only non-clinical spectrum avoids that both that a broad like drug of are FLTX giving potently with the no known commercialized across therapeutic myeloid

have including XXX been Phase in or CLL intolerant leukemia to-date, with failed at XXX milligram trial in twice has and in mentioned over dose be including four to we patients we're Thus I concerning and luxeptinib expanded tolerated lymphocytic B-cell dose dosing dose hope As level. far, doses patients with or parallel, a cohort, escalate related patients safe. day non-Hodgkins and the that chronic levels safety below an drug We completed lymphomas, no our call, multiple luxeptinib dose In when which backfilling cycles who the well NHL milligrams trends last XXX we've XXX to treated of those malignancies, newly shown dose at we in continue milligram current milligrams to is or has to XXX milligrams, milligrams therapies. enrolled milligrams, continued to XXX XXX patients. level treat our

B-cell are clinicaltrials.gov. please malignancy the enrolling specific in visit sites trial patients, more information For the on clinical that

refractory as drug to consolidation all is a focus who will are our to host cell the primary multiple induction cycles have FLTX other additional cells mutant, trial clinical treatment a as which It's study. oncogenic rely AML distinctive and in Even that which and majority multiple B-cell crenolanib, important have the AML venetoclax as the currently our in potently In patients signaling AML referred drugs. remind of or treatments been and to has progressed on So, with therapeutics. cancer in AML and mutations, case now often relapsed FLTX patients inhibitors of allogeneic are positive with with lux pathways patients undergone and survival FLTX plan. our for you resistance, available and quizartinib, have been agents always gilteritinib, kinase transplants for suppresses and stem and upon FLTX after as selectivity, the patients of eligible with methylating sorafenib, other why luxeptinib including already a such treated will trial similar midostaurin, that investigational have chemotherapy, best to simultaneously well being

to greater which is is luxeptinib, dose rapidly population population we patient heterogeneous our possible drug In exposures This escalate effort highly now our need demonstrates may driving promising for an patients the pathways So targets on and tough a broader last lux early and treat. enthusiasm investigators. drug. epigenetic achieve activity that backgrounds. to act call, is and But genetic activity among we anti-leukemic to reported diverse with of anti-leukaemic multiple active to in AML affect an as as

well the being completed in had been we call BID. receiving the had cohort patient XXX last drug the date in milligram it reported cohort level tolerated the population. we of date we treated dosing XXX goal, initiated well dose dose this profile we no toxicity patients. trends that or important, us can reach heterogeneity treat AML tolerability generally relapsed is very lux that And is to that escalation. further allowing is prevent hopefully tolerated dose with patients in AML in Towards has BID find are to and because BID now to could diverse continue to signals refractory milligram second XXX believe this dose higher milligrams the levels and This the

are that the patients, on of at ongoing For visit safety AML and by trials. recruiting tolerability pleased and across clinicaltrials.gov. and in drug escalation dose of sites the please clinical are candidates clinical luxeptinib progress APTO-XXX our more the allowing their three all We're programs and information trial both

now review this higher further ASH the results pharmacologic Dr. Jotin? Marango, As pharmacokinetic generating Jotin the look data. providing updates Chief at Officer financial I'll first turn for meetings Financial and we the call forward additional treat quarter. our and We year. EHA more Chief Officer at will who to patients we're Business and over doses, to

Jotin Marango

December in We good afternoon cash to cash, approximately $XXX quarter million and Thank you, XXXX. Rafael, compared at ended with investments equivalents $XXX million the everyone. XX and

same approximately activities, The activities of attributable purposes. and to for increase cash in administrative the increased quarter, with is we last During $XX.X and lux year. million general compared million and surrounding $X.X operating utilized XXX the quarter

was Development the begin had $X.X variance in quarter. for year. an trial did related primarily for Research Moving year. to the last to compared on not million year. expenses were to for of new revenues our until The clinical the the last quarter million due same increase increase mostly $X.X in million, which quarter G&A compensation an variance increase quarter due the in This positions. fourth of was primarily expenses quarter stock-based were an and same compared $X our expenses, AML, costs, income $X.X for clinical statement, last personnel to lux to the including we no and million for quarter, the in program to

net Finally, Dr. will the or was information call our million loss SEDAR. back over turn per to in be the share. Rice. filings on $X.XX detailed EDGAR our More can $XX.X I for quarter found Bill? and now

William Rice

Thank you, Jotin.

As wish of participants to if one you because please questions. open pose question. we the call of the we respectfully first And to yourself could a us. have we number in ask each any to the of feel free thank limit ask you introduce questions, to advance. please for question Operator, will Also, who to questions, you we


All from from comes of right. [Operator question John the Canaccord. First Instructions] line Newman

now is Your open. line

William Rice

may be don't [indiscernible]. we hear any John mute, on


is line John, your now open.

William Rice

difficulty. back perhaps mute in John He come on just may a or having be Operator, few moments. may he you'd be to



Renza next from the Gregory Capital question have for we So, RBC do Markets.

is line open. Your now

Gregory Renza

intra-patient taking and appetite with that questions, just just up going the some looking at we perhaps could below and team, on the you the Bill update below forward expectations just And the the layers data XXX the the just call, have Bill, with that's much us my very also, around Hey, dose perhaps on EHA, and for enrollment one you backfilling the BID. holding going coming to reminding for. and thank -- of an mg question But provide escalation, context that sort EHA.

out about think we're if we us you of how curious during important, remind having the And CLL much. this being with and as just Bill, how laid rationale AML Just lastly, for in scientific NHL the the that, trial? and to the that trajectory should community is sort us for can the especially and Thank update for that then, the of as the very you conference? there, of data anticipating, company, well related

William Rice

around line the at be to the we your malignancy AML about the disclosed is glad get A call All right, earnings there. time the asked the Greg, will in of at that the thanks, the we trials. interested telling as as for around until couple and All you clinical all was prior around our layers be careful. or expectations. we'll luxeptinib, trial the people providing to what and we're What We're both working trials very we're EHA are things, that everybody trying data present data lux, all Most clinical all trial. provided at EHA. well quantitative was B-cell

other your terms in was So, question backfilling. of

the at the escalation XXX of dosing be so So, in portion are point, dose patients in a malignancy B-cell to determined at in has we that's BID, been dose. But this the are back trial backfilling. We drop safe to, trial. addition XXX milligrams we milligrams

we at compare And below began two treating we dose can formulation. a XXX our and So dropped patients down of that way one generations milligrams. that it's

trial, be to into in create machine-filled the order but the The supply GX. future, to the first-generation call had we GX that, for capsule, is capsules, going a to it hand-filled able we

treat other. providing So, weeks goes that one, with the properties. pharmacokinetic milligrams. move to Evaluate for with patients we patients well, two the up XXX everything And the two weeks we then, the

year, try importance of decision. particular emphasize not of the we see us a go you EHA, forward. and actually ASH. meeting the to What to also any as and we going binary compare to strategies. then One the a of then formulations present me in EHA, throughout that on we data We get it. more with the patients about and And So, into is do GX continuum terms study, try the as second-half two to GX of had into asked is provides

year. the do So, we later Greg. we'll dose for dose levels for all all present into have present you, ASH, higher EHA, clinical trials, both at periods all data patients, then and the that the we that time, at all longer I levels, in as of will Thank get

Gregory Renza

Bill. Thanks,

William Rice



from from Cantor comes Young line Fitzgerald. the question Next of Alethia

are live. now You

Emily Bodnar

XXX for is have in the appropriate dose you. how as the forward? you're this now Hi, the as on seeing dose group on those Emily what was thinking you And for do wondering study, taking there? you're Thank level our AML dosing updates you Thanks Alethia. question. I dose milligram response moving are any

William Rice

have as that level at embargo, no feel all may time, been accepted So, information be dose the abstracts EHA. we're providing the on this the because for under because we -- though actually of we --

just be careful about we're that. So to trying

EHA. you Bejar, dose as dose the forward. to to drug to data that want that that not the level point need this a that well a for we we're at safe. and So, in to the that well would until additional we that Thus any continue move point limit reasons, X terms then providing anything time, then in did of Bejar at long effective been any can tolerated dose dose-escalate is maximum we final select will what will phase escalation. is we dose the get be, identify we see We a the in to it mentioned, trial? far, Dr. biologically believe for don't as dose least We'll And add Dr. has And to the tolerated. as tolerated.

Rafael Bejar

accurate, No, I think that's Bill. exactly

William Rice

Thank you.

Emily Bodnar



next of Your comes from Biegler question Matt Oppenheimer. the from line

are You now live.

Matt Biegler

based development do this of you maybe alone, response strategy the think that don't about broadly, But for in forward? there FLTX inhibitors going Thanks. avenue least maybe thanks guys, a just approval new I broad there's congrats trial? I rates for the at Or kind strategy market. Hey, a of more Bill. are you an and the of on the here, given Jotin, think question. couple expanded jump question gun, guess to of kind want how Do variation of accelerated an already luxeptinib expanded the on on role.

William Rice

thanks calling Matt, in. Hey, for

then So, I'll I'll want respond both briefly, if Raf to and they jump ask Jotin and in.

that As we failed these come look patients, relapsed patients the as Bejar trails, they Dr. to essentially on these refractory everything. mentioned, at have

rapid of we populations drug. forward atypically be So, or responsive to can we And could patients will what of are be sub the hope approval. for move that either genetically more we looking path that identify toward that then we'll the in

definitely do dose the that move that those them ask I'll time. But can And Bejar yes, and that goes to if So have then studies. the drug Dr. that. way patients and our into patients well we believe types at subgroup, are to Jotin of available. expanded also identify to add Phase single expansion. to there, activity then we show of -- then And the then just take we multiple registration then they to want a X if And agent as all in if respond can that an is you to

Jotin Marango

Dr. Bejar?

Rafael Bejar

Sure. is are patients study. There lack need are we're thing that one of there. not those therapy that patients beyond out statement I things there, seeing a available would is already echo Bill's additional certainly on that

there out really So, met yet that inhibitors need. that there the fact are other FLTX has not

opportunity do is that and find And forward I to think successful goes path is I treat. think that certainly regard. we if a patients that in there have well, to the

William Rice

you. Thank

Jotin Marango

And the nothing will say not cohort, even have kind I the Perhaps that -- to that we since a you early dose escalation communicated and in add final from we say expansion I words, about innings moved for would here. or me. and Matt. anything a yet are design are dose only study, still identified in still Thank

path Raf So, at just this mentioned about and I'll the point Bill second forward. what


from question Alliance Matthew line of Next from Cross comes Global.

You live. are now

Matthew Cross

scenes, you for and and between and of busy APTO-XXX, kind could you behind fifth about your of whether the interesting now view we're June. you're But Bill consider at of any EHA reach expansion know in lux a wanted curious on And path progress given but hoping and becoming if well, program, at forward to that to speaking the some and direction to and a interest note the I I a what data some cohort on last, kind signals, of so you finding wondering at here shed to ahead? guess, MYC forward seeing pretty of Good clinic pharmacologic that, if as the little could get further as kind recap wondering some where increased in update targeting you've EHA a or I'll month for combinations expectations and use forth. there's the with we've status I you that was the in of any a be a studies worthy XXX bit could is if the was CDKX update all advance Thanks. you see light bit safety other priority, on call looking Hey, press trials out data I while XXX basis the modalities, think I mentioned, soon, before little that. this no ASCO, I to presented ask to as inhibitors guys. because more was if again on don't of in kind activity, there we're lux so hinting we would with more EHA. marker covered without

William Rice

All right. from again. you Good hear to Hi, Matt.

into the that terms presentation do in we with completed been even have and six. an dose we're yes, the So, plan data. We dose mentioned we of EHA, of abstract today that's to five, moving level level we do had present XXX, accepted

that five. things, to dose pharmacokinetics the one we're weekly. hoping is to what we're get follow Remember, to reductions that also see already the days. exposure to an the moved And dose said multiple of over pharmacokinetics And we MYC. extended days. we three hope dose to from the a increase, that is And exposure over this couple past, up We've higher seen pretty level see continues. hoping in is we've two levels once of the continue molecule. of that We we maintain level period We've seen

treatment a do that we at PBMC MYC over expression different we here before evaluate patients fraction look is One to after from what the the things total we collect of of have it. to is times. look treatment And we

that to, at the allow able cells. rather the of in malignant to us than look we're malignant the at or just mixture cells we'll be trying least to future, hopefully develop So normal at looking methodologies and themselves,

they then in be levels repressor of in understands sustain out We the targeting inhibitor had what inhibitors even because because Is going be hopefully there drug, a MYC. And some the reductions We what We the plasma. about show to a so. have is XXX. for MYC toxicity see reductions have a agent seen of we that no deliver see likely. there the this which involved it MYC MYC escalate. gene, is to be through can excited lignans hope to And And combination that one so in and show MYC, means. don't We direct inhibitor yes, could other targeting right can in to growing MYC, able MYC. most responses? indirect single if pure and But do know it's hope it that But we're We're it you're many hoping not, then in remain in clinic. continues. that actually we'll associated activity, interest truly a it used in a does does, molecule I

EHA. And present that. data want we that And we thinking, thank where add that's the the in to question. have perhaps for and our So Bejar might you are we'll to Dr.

Rafael Bejar

cohort, what I think other have the you dose that, Again, would now to at current target. that in also attractive several are it And we down, protocol. a say cohorts could that sixth makes go I above echo really we we said while with

forward levels. will to look even higher to we And there. we dose have we seeing what So opportunity the find explore

Matthew Cross

a good Thank It's you. really quarter.

William Rice

right, All Matt. thank you, and

Matthew Cross

memory refresh I'll you. you and to and next my Yes, thanks Bill, month. talk Rafael. Appreciate

William Rice

there. Okay. you See


comes Your JonesTrading. Soumit Roy line from from the of question next

now alive. are You

Soumit Roy

what with Jotin you're the you're that towards question, Hi, patient with patients. your the there One as is patients? has physicians have drug do a physicians your a Or agent congrats getting is role the month no elderly approved what question the the what patients? for they among Would extended AML on transplant the Are they and within go the trial, or intend everyone. trend conversation is to been going the into. Thank the the they you in the for again taking two? from CR physicians? Do lines think mute and to these you combination patients earlier previously single elderly you in thought. these to could monotherapy? migrating able alluded are patients Just And you flip as the second that elderly be do for Or drug see that between to any them? a tell

William Rice

All right. Thanks, Soumit.

of all, congratulating everyone first So, keeps Jotin.

up doubling for we also. him So, thank his work so

congratulate him. just thank and him Yes. Now

so So up let elderly me no you the agent through approved. flip also that's mention brought - population, the drug single Newton

Yes, hopeful drugs single to for We that show are to see very as activity, be then activity very treat these all difficult that in as We and agent as you our population. population used hope will that going to are patient but others. well patient patients. it's mentioned, ultimately drug combination

and trial Dr. that email get Bejar address expand CRS ask both possibility transplants. also you on I'm And of to about your to when going so the question the and

Rafael Bejar

thanks Bill. Yes,

we transplant. to the think like I receiving sense It's exactly to achieve if situation multiple particularly move certain classes, where be in I in therapy are particular early, available frontline. might as in the especially know going combination permissions to for of forward we're the to drugs very AML think several allogeneic try the combinations consolidation be end therapies right AML now going is We to where sense. you're up it with similar, that absolute different have capable even myeloma, more with make in they patients important in that

the So, we that upfront activity AML. is of in to treatment think don't agent single future be going

the able real low are first with be drugs allow that might They safe or curated to to more refractory drugs profiles to Patients disease lives allogeneic You're so that only big are a difficult is toxicity for the deeper, reactive to more other put these perhaps to patients unfortunately agents want combinations that many resistant consolidation a to much line into nicely permission therapy are who in have that that tend sustained, not difference in relapsed transplant. even will really going of combine in therapy. patients' treat. be that makes that those

study, for gotten. they our in a eligible they on were transplant, would direction. subsequent certainly achieve So move a CR if were that This to and patients hasn't

So necessarily do, investigators to what is this give we it's the prone and appropriate. are

are for eligible to candidates necessarily study transplant. allogeneic good participate are not patients many However, on our that

to to those keep would a substantial continued long So that to patients curative of for need lasts since in as And therapy them. consolidation a a hopefully, won't a likely remission have them available time option possible. have they as amount

can, transplant if they patients So will as can. be offered continue they and long if can't, they'll they as study on

Soumit Roy

Thank the and it. I'm again you on Got month. next forward to looking data


of line Newman Your from the next question Canaccord. comes from John

Your line is now open.

John Newman

Question as Bill I apologize escalate just for in cohort to to or that? if already additional about here plan do how until the sorry asked. luxeptinib just curious to Thanks potential you're regarding have curious you AML. is guys. limitation dose dose continue Hi, safety, kind expand when I responses see this before. thinking If is question plan is activity, taking my question. been or I'm that I work, you you on a of the additional some there's just to missed

William Rice

No, John. thanks, glad I'm you line your fixed. got

question. So no one that else had asked

from we X/X. So And you have We point patients. not XXX-dose on started a very is at the XXX. we actually at that as of it's thought three dose X/X might study we've have that in started earlier, activity. Remember mentioned have to which lowest

did I completed And as into for trials, to patients remember refractory can as what's draws flip that to we it's get we deep more three that patients to also that as the So, pathways. have that put more between other have have think three possible. patients just but purpose you on the have we data is patients much quickly there. safely the of trying additional ability these much as these important than relapse But to

So dose, drug, happy dose right comes down we response It the at the saw patient. to XXX milligram that all right and we a were right level. very the

then as of But responded. get the pathways. as hit forward, can going you had patient that want drug patients possibly much to these as so many into And to you

trying do to safely, we levels possible. responses sure we'll we so escalate we're quickly can. able get hopefully continue dose be dose we make so dose We higher And want rapidly as level. to but get the to to as higher going to see as And to additional as to the try to we're

So backfilling the seen of other and that. trials concept that possibly we've do

saw was which response that trial in the inhibitor, For of might've them. you expanded population had those seen in failed past the at None at a patients in each time. they patient FLTX looked instance, out different at each ever a very never where trial a the level they [indiscernible] at dose

patients of the we're drugs. variety more refractory a So much getting to different are now

So that. to going ask we And as impossibly. I'm get as much can Bejar we expand to to on Dr. want drug

Rafael Bejar

Yes, I can.

it's [indiscernible] yes, example. So, a good

Some frontline, of in setting, the distortion many that seen which it FLTX refractory of had receive my relapse care. but inhibitor now standard the stations would had none course the in seen of patients

So Bill. patient me other part to of then question, And population. remind it very the different is of a the

John Newman

escalate going it's to do or just do to continue we plan it? we just Well, to dose

William Rice

of aspects two that. so Yes, there's

those not exactly one the And targets that think relationships. is different response matters may right, may additional only that target I point have important. and Bill's FLTX be be was the may drug

FLTX for to pushing for for explore even So we actually in in opportunity to patients. are necessary to those differences that mutations. patients study, lux. seeing course, want started explore because higher doses eventual outcome for patients, targeted miss any simply FLTX pathways eligible mutant a to also to these patients of to may we able see responses, be that dose target FLTX are by the for And higher wouldn't be have of that, that And the levels that drug might example, we want oncogenic may out

So activity. see be want dose start seeing to where the ones escalate exposures we increased any safe able first necessarily dose to and long it as as to of and be to higher is might we we're levels, sort

Rafael Bejar

even of remind responding of very Yes, ligand. over FLTX or expression just often, an over be expression have to wild-type everybody, FLTX patients the FLTX with to they'll they'll the

patients thank because will it drug also question. wild-type. you for to be those that And so hopeful our able doesn't we're give the John, to respond,

John Newman

question… additional one Just

Rafael Bejar

Yes. hear It's to just difficult you.

John Newman


question, of necessary? allow patients the that does does re-escalated the into maybe you those curious additional Just dose be interruptions dose, the then reductions? allow Thanks. type keep design or this to study the dose that one Just Not would need if of, I and on may. But to the then adjust study study And drug? the types have that of sure necessary. if just for in for if you also, be flexibility case temporarily, built dose

William Rice

ahead. go please yes, Oh that. something That's

Rafael Bejar

hold ability out think. the really further that If the to a to tackle alter turns to to take the interacting it or them study reducing wasn't have can or who you if that dose toxicity have or And there's quickly, when to until escalate. the things capability determined. appropriately whether also uncertainty make held can is that, not, drug, Often, sense experiences a as be do allow toxicity patient it's penalize we nature. that a medications dose I the or with resolves would of or to And I drug-related have drug re-dose patients that it we patient.

is the study. So there a built flexibility into

John Newman

great. you. Okay, Thank

Rafael Bejar

Thank John. you,


the I'll remarks. showing over now to Rice for turn And further no Dr. currently back questions. I'm closing call

William Rice

right. afternoon. you thank All us joining everyone, Well, this for

of very luxeptinib two our rapidly. That promises new clinical of to to been ahead Although we we're progress momentum APTO-XXX. what very gratified and and Aptose. be of trials by lot our for escalate exciting the we've a us, clinical able to that year to recruit and patients a have look we and the And work programs, dosing continues, ahead

patients work. We team, our help this and their in the also important for clinical to want investigators our thank

updating appreciate support and analysts. of also forward shareholders we look to And next on the Thank our progress you, evening. you and enjoy your We our month.


concludes Thank That gentlemen. you, conference. and ladies today's

disconnect You have may a all day. wonderful and