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Susan Pietropaolo Communications Representative
Dr. William Rice Chairman, President and CEO
Dr. Jotin Marango Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and CBO
Dr. Rafael Bejar Senior Vice President and CMO
Alethia Young Cantor Fitzgerald
Gregory Renza RBC Capital Markets
Joe Pantginis H.C. Wainwright
Matt Biegler Oppenheimer
John Newman Canaccord
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Good afternoon. My name is Vena, and I will be your conference operator today. I would like to welcome everyone to the Aptose Biosciences Conference Call for the Third Quarter ended September 30, 2021. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. After the speakers’ remarks, there will be a question-and-answer session. you. Thank Instructions] [Operator

this introduce may go Ms. reminder, would ahead. recorded. like to Susan conference a be call I As Pietropaolo. Please

Susan Pietropaolo

Biosciences third quarter Thank to September XX, financial afternoon. Good ended operational conference Aptose and the you, discuss call for And results XXXX. to Vena. the welcome

President Rice, Bejar, Business Senior Chief me Chief Vice and Joining G. Financial today’s Senior Officer; CEO; and Officer are call President on Chief and President, Rafael Dr. Dr. Vice William and Officer. Dr. Chairman, Jotin Medical Marango,

Before statements I meaning Laws. would statements will that we Securities like proceed, the to made include everyone remind of within call Canadian certain U.S. and during this forward-looking

and Forward-looking stated by President I now Chairman, turn will statements of cause guarantees the that to performance during learn over of reflect except known expressed. annual SEDAR filings. Dr. made events the results or statements performance update that and and SEC read expectations please report these and speak Dr. made. this circumstances and may Rice? expectations. achievement Rice, events uncertainties, and after undertakes they date law. and about in call, differ call to on as unknown only forth statements the forward-looking recent those revise that more future or are the actual All date risks, Form Aptose as of from required this are differ To most Aptose to Biosciences. the call Aptose’s obligation of from materially XX-K no CEO to They actual risk reflect could not involve set results, these factors Aptose’s uncertainties, it current regarding materially and performance, is assumptions and risks possible

Dr. William Rice

past XXXX. everyone I the Susan. to you, we’ve our and XX, year to in to third the call Aptose. over to value quarter build taken entire want spotlight ended during September quarter actions the welcome for the Today, like Thank I’d

that of includes them. our treatment program, expertise and look company the hematologic develop with malignancies inhibitors, and on an in HMXXXXX XXX, focused This effective at kinase a to company Our with team just just an a or newest multiple we patients. expanded which week, the and already exclusive announced has oral with AML a kinome license And an myeloid spectrum Pharmaceutical broad responses last for of Hanmi agreement once-daily complete inhibitor Company. delivered global

We that also we proven of and a the with pipeline. XXX And non-covalent our Lux. inhibitor From means our catalyst advanced oral Aptose overall on kinase Lux, not rational of as or an increases added with activity success provide is will what portfolio, inhibitor. kinome we dual an to update a will deal highly probability with a increases for to transaction XXX lymphoid more latest us. just potent, derisk for inhibitor, a And our molecule investment myeloid dramatically any in value this address sudden measure. activity this by luxeptinib kinome a asset XXX significantly therapeutic clinical believe the revelation thesis,

toward emerge lives all over relationship and evaluate to some many by past matter began as and already profiles business our of adverse changed AML at that in as them XXX drugs. to inhibitor and Lux. the for tolerated XXX team with our And effective other ago that has developed even data well we we’ve favorable treatment entered a a Indeed, validation Hanmi been the our that than AML We while stages, clinical of to CrystalGenomics watching has the a a compounds, months. time Lux. the and a moving CRs the the achieved with multiple focus, kinase XX with non-responsive partnership proactive responses a efforts As mutation evidenced team in render XXX continue time, molecules agreement patients, earlier course, other for safety profile. This ill early year very is critically development an drug of our harboring complete patients or did clinic

that want the of by exactly the defines ASH in and goals our this deal abstract program. and fits the this negotiating And orchestrating Dr. was agent data illustrated driven competitiveness timing recognize XXX, Marango deal. at XXX of So, The released emerging the for last emerging Aptose. with was into type clinical for the as week I to

proven addition move the clinically We’re through pipeline thrilled to the evolving reigns development. of to the an rapidly our development and take for next agent to this as of steps

treat wider Lux, strengthens ability patients. XXX AML of As Aptoses a a to spectrum addition to complementary

Lux. have Lux XXX does Lux? XXX activity. a begun anti-tumor and how merits of our where response its addition complete for to own to to signs develop its in not Lux to a already replacement being intend for It consistent Lux full this tested capacity. is we is impact stands So we clear, deal and To pipeline. where on relapsed/refractory an is see AML patients, relapsed in achieved patients, has or refractory malignancy it B-cell be highly

not collection so target. cover oncogenic fully a all forms acute focused patients treating than all believe did is important XXX? of range the step bluntly single on one will answer No we’re toward is, short because treating The AML pipeline, in in if merely The AML be want we agent we AML XXX diverse. that adding of represents an vision. mutationally to a our active along and that answer can therapeutic drivers you in with own and patients, leukemia longer licensed we AML of of asked, because Some and it’s space the disease, patients to one is, have Lux Lux this then why is rather many

in treatment said As room many AML. the there’s past, in the for agents we’ve of

targets FLTX FLTX therefore targets TPXX, many or others. in only a mutations that patients manner. While in the other have tyrosine broader This of FLTX kinases as we cover patient to including escape that mutations covers many oncogenic it as pathways some may all possible. targeted possible duplication, lead domain populations And or can then as genotypes than in operative FLTX, a disrupt by internal the mutations essential by AML in AML you no albeit to NPMX, and consider of Simply cover And kinases many RAS disease. or and covers the and as behave and safe driven Lux mutation each AML, a will is cell each particular disease the FLTX drug. kinase, develop all want program FLTX, constellation in routes We effectively be to AML might we a any constellation of alteration single one a of and which any at plan one different want kinase that is tandem can and gatekeeper or why also XXX, want is kinases. covers a of genes, epigenetic molecule, IDHX, other multitude but drug. in of coverage to as different not to AML

For must XXX, have response reported level with any patient’s multiple a subjugated achieved a complete have can patient drug, complete be must targets. to those AML that patients and be that target a achieve administered by in been levels to-date with With responses. a profile those disease already the drug at suppresses drug that the

AML one XXX, levels have Lux is achieved durable therapeutically in earlier response an for already Yet patient. with we development in Lux complete AML. with active we have reported While already

the three developing continue test plan milligrams clinical passed introduce are to in formulation, reduce our into to drug drive an of and clinic. manufacturer, driver meaningful or current The advance patients we through additional our higher formulation studies milligram with step dose been those suppress GX, and administered. GMP a Lux, the formulation generation could administered Lux, as parallel We to oncogenic and can patients. at exposures We XX-fold referred capsules to XXXX. with effectively per significantly Lux also XXX we GX the additional amount of animal be as now deliver greater studies it for for have current ongoing substance kinases that burden this GX the to treat to escalate bill drugs a hope escalations In exposures we dose GX will have new and to stability

administered carcinoma is Lux lymphoid you ASH. While B-cell patients to to where developing anti-tumor activity at for it I continue AML update that with spoken malignancies, patients, lymphoid we’re we also about Lux and see being you and have will a inhibitor I’ll remind we

are progress already we’re observing hematologic and over our with for the Lux failed have Lux to be we valuable a that prove ongoing treat So of will that difficult hopeful clinical trials, is therapies and diversity cancers. and are encouraging, very the patient populations to these above

pipeline for value expanded have development the our Before can to to focus and Bejar, also dramatically diction maintaining I Dr. the hand success a now while statements. back by want We I we pipeline, have the our bring increased adding to XXX, to potential my original Lux. stream of microphone

Bejar, Chief ask our Medical will an to Now, I Officer activities. overview clinical of our Rafael? Dr. provide

Dr. Rafael Bejar

hematology you, potent what associated start drugs malignancies what’s far, of a that and agents. shown selectivity targets AML that is of other with kinases drivers related and resistant and happening target agent. that sets ErbBX, and inhibitor it with development which agnostic clinical with known occur FLTX, and including AML our Bill. to the highly CLL EGFR TEC, has Lux in the Thank suppresses clusters B-cell mutation apart This often market oral from in could in to BTK been Thus a what with are Lux We’ll as that avoids compelling cells selectively primary kinase targets is makes other and precision cells render which the mutations such or toxicity.

reductions regimens over indolent multiple enrolling therapy. malignancies, available. non-Hodgkin’s dose our as Lux or enrolling are in lymphocytic treatment patients patients CLL NHL twice-daily our Let’s two completed XXX This from since pleased repeated the milligrams more cycles. I’m established tolerated to to lymphomas our review update, or report have of now cancers. continues be those leukemia, whom failed dose patients cohort. and other to study. including are XXX options no levels, ibrutinib, we milligram who that with lines trial in aggressive to intolerant or tumor the includes in B-cell the two last Patients we’ve across observed well Lux these Of to both cohort drugs in valuable been and of prior by or and XXX from XX up treated including reductions venetoclax rituximab disease different types, and milligram have such received and to dose in tumor chronic

is well is will absorbed. during like update that it activity ibrutinib but Lux We during event specific it drug, on in December. demonstrating active clearly not is give an data ASH this our corporate

the in increase continue levels, we which order So is exposure to the key. to push dose

preclinical in better to At looking studies. we time, We’re did get mentioned, levels of lot a will new achieve can and complete as that tumors exposure a Lux absorbed. just that formulation on Bill spent of dose the eradication be time same effort we of as

new with where you pleased and we are with that formulation, posted. we’ll We’re keep

Now failed inhibitors the by patients include particularly all let’s such treat been leukemia sorafenib, other midostaurin, as Lux therapeutics, gilteritinib, myeloid or venetoclax, the and in treated best our like as have FLTX can in AML, acute difficult the have currently been hematologic and with and AML therapies available investigational which drugs. to well quizartinib is chemotherapy trial of a cancer, as try AML crenolanib,

or use exposure. that at would the to trends doses, critical, signals experienced find dose Lux treat are of tough who to This profile with is Also, treatment it’s reach important blast patients escalation levels. a patients with XXX dose now patient reductions, B-cell levels complete no in presented future further response. year, is well combination demonstrated we generally that in other the continue these MRD this prevent this lower milligram enrolling like we is tolerability extremely note, cohort, agents. on permit at Lux as negative the Earlier an remaining we trial, is to dose at we that toxicity higher because that durable it well to-date some in should the trial, dose tolerated our us as to data So or allowing believe increases patient In population. and

of the ASH has and far cell CRs Now thus FLTX a in In In mutation ITD delivering with the let’s centers, patients and stem an clinical last talk XXX, trial AML and our for our and in X/X U.S. this described to-date. the HMXXXXX CRs remained six in form AML and impressive in NRAS, The three CR and FLTX plans key clinical transplantation in wild type of at occurred exciting about trial of Korea TPXX agent. is three the currently NPMX, call, our profile newest Phase in Phase went experienced has the into patients lot. we reported karyotype with a hematopoietic TKD One other superior preclinical or tolerated The with TPXX these program, XXX to agent single harbored and abstract in as we FLTX BCL-X [ph]. combined through months. them multiple the important go activity when in a a a durable underwent patients drivers been a of patients the cited as patients X well. method mutation AML. the lasting agent four in complex early venetoclax three strong already IDHX array anti-leukemic mutations additional AML FLTX inhibitor well a CRs and many diverse has and This of hyper translated that mutation,

TKD dose might to has FLTX shown refractory later CR was been major achieved To minimum transplantation. allogeneic across broad already A at undergo mutation was early genotype agent. activity gilteritinib potentially has stolen an agnostic dose level, genotypes, a with treatment patient representing have potential effective who to therapeutically able several identified. at summarize, a with XXX prior the Another AML

our these were higher toxicities the the profile of Last to-date XXXX and development. new that and and studies in an earlier malignancies therapies includes aggressively the include to dose presentation for cleared and abstracts XXX level an line the a to because moving which on are Based response, abstracts we cohort, well as we allow on incremental December, the those ongoing difficult later limiting no existing of cleared results now XXX to accepted on single dates, studies. doses. already up-to-date agent our expression. dose in of will event milligram data. plan safety poster our XXX as based Lux well bring This plan The move submission patients Because we on signals trial agent studies director were a complement has as dose clinical combination ASH are the as milligram APTO-XXX cohort. markers posters today, data and corporate on to in with contain being B-cell announced of exploring treat would registration the that However, as and data dose some as presentations from the particular release you towards more The particularly and treatment. genetic XXX enrolled on XXX distributed patient seen strong milligram cutoff lessons previously AML, populations, favorable cohorts, ongoing well or as for recently week, our Lux poster press presentation and will on MYC of oral actual largely and recent for all who

long drug trials. across that progress tolerability programs and APTO-XXX the and by in pleased are XXX and our We our our all the of our clinical safety ongoing of dose Lux, candidates, all escalation

data the are generating meeting doses, at higher As ASH to forward at additional we and this further we providing pharmacokinetic look year. in more updates patients we treat later and pharmacogenetics

more ongoing turn review for will clinical recruiting sites For our that first clinical Chief Officer Marango, the will Dr. quarter. Jotin Chief on over clinicaltrials.gov. patients, are Officer to all please of trials and our Jotin? I call visit the Financial results financial now and Business who information

Dr. Jotin Marango

afternoon, and Rafael, good everyone. Thanks,

the well in receive million, for sales. Hanmi up include as receive indications, of and indications, on agreement million all shares. will upfront Aptose certain $XXX.X clinical, global and licensing net will the to the several exclusive XXX payments, an $XX.X rights for of tiered milestones regulatory terms First, quick $X in summary potential in totaling will of which a key for upon million cash payment milestone achievement as XXX, across future rest sales royalties contingent to also Hanmi the

with look ended approximately in quarterly financials. quarter and million We cash, our investments. Now cash over the equivalents $XX third

well operations planned administrative operations, pipeline utilized During surrounding company XXth, which on and September fund sufficient activities, our million activities at to we purposes. XXXX. general Based company current into resources were candidates, cash in the all quarter, approximately as to hand on $X.X provides early the attributable operating with as

now and to trials, were on the expenses statement, pipeline of and continuing million pipeline candidates, no personnel was we were for the for for supporting attributable million and had G&A our million the product and Moving in information our back SEDAR. revenues quarter clinical development activities. will for I Research of the More headcount EDGAR $X.X loss quarter including clinical be our trial drug were call trials development to Dr. Rice. for manufacturing quarter. for the costs income $X.X quarter and and $XX.X Bill? over for to improved filings formulations $X.XX for clinical costs or detailed candidates can per turn found share. on manufacturing net the expenses

Dr. William Rice

Thank you, Jotin.

questions, pose any Operator, open if question. first please to we the As feel you call introduce to free for a question could of the please us.


Instructions] [Operator Cantor Young question of the of Fitzgerald. line comes first Your from Alethia

Your line open. is

Alethia Young

curious congrats to but Hey, question question maybe just escalate, to have questions Bill. on like you I mean, incremental right, this patients taking get abstract, we on of maybe the they might that pretty guys. for ASH? is, is I is you active? a and Thank interesting, what couple nice an I I’m Hanmi feels [inaudible]? is, then the looks about Why just or question I you Thanks of or might do think obviously, asset the talk, the data my the you’re me, you any you’ll kind look up testing -- as XXX are? see second would think, The think the you can very numbers one, information But do one at like saturating can that that interesting, be feel milligrams. at And mean does know but want from Lux, good give question it target. you’re asset like hypothesis, kind and do you you third I characterize of more obviously

Dr. William Rice

is Hi, Bill. Alethia. This

I’m give Dr. perspective escalation it they up. going intellectual the ask to while And the I’m So of and to to Jotin? quote plants. about going autonomy give to Jotin to Bejar talk might want ask then describe to

Dr. Jotin Marango

more address Alethia, Bill, probably giving partner. that to and up they’re the us. be the words most ask they asset, for Yeah. address I will partner value. Perhaps, thank way you, such they the Hanmi, I and kind you, thinking that recognize Aptose Perhaps the that would able a since the about question for this question way that, not is really Thank when will the would rather them -- that seeking it appropriate a than I question. that to were And being of that it way, create is

So interact was we from way observed Druker, some probably They scientists whom advice the inhibitors. licensed such phase Board, in Lux preclinical are Scientific who top multiple as observed they that in field, of through away fathers field that far the the very studies. had and take of Brian in the some way inhibitors. took the and and kinase physicians field kinase are of of of from of leaders our the one we doc, And reassuring it Advisory the at stage the some that

to a the this asset believe in move value. we lot to and of Aptose most belief, ability these have conviction create their strengthened comfort and forward And their their so

Dr. William Rice

And Jotin. Bejar. you, Thank Dr.

Dr. Rafael Bejar

Sure. question. address can I that second

have paraphrase is and right targets. activity just levels that escalate at to escalate. dose just signs we we different you remind study already continuing So that may be can reach dose I asked drug one the even driver in some patient. if But particular we we targeting appropriate this decide not of How if FLTX and And is the this signs multiple the already not that target -- will for to I have that has are seen question? of early if activity? saturated, we You you’re impressive your signs and dose just when will continue

set to translate responses AML dose that So which for escalate, of patients already the number hope the shown in patients mutation. we study, continue patients in two activity including we will into without safely, those to of having we do greater that to don’t the targets have can want cover broader necessarily a mutant broadest disease,

Alethia Young

see And then at the but you good luck, people ASH, different how more will many have levels? dosing said

Dr. William Rice

haven’t publicly any Well, given we information yet.

dose the data continue are we XXX the the same and we at AML milligram So as at to malignancy occur dose at exploring the we’re we’re escalate doses, that, XXX to data. all as Again, of we’ve present completed Lux, the we’re dose milligram longer B-cell have patients event the level will dose What at in in corporate -- with present we’ll and the trial. those said milligram dose we’ve Alethia. and patients time that the to greater we’re to time a continuing with XXX levels around level. the is beginning continue we completed activity, escalate drug and higher ASH. XXX data Also, accumulate see trial, you, on on level the should this the Thank

Alethia Young

deal. Okay smart congrats on a very and

Dr. William Rice

Thank you. Appreciate that.


is next RBC Capital of line Gregory -- Markets. of question from Capital Renza Your the

Your line open. is

Gregory Renza

bit fully And taking point curious the Yes. again, characterization, speak if respect secondly, excited? what Good us the has just progress that speak to with Congrats maybe and you again that just… not questions. helpful preclinical or or comment maybe gives or with afternoon, could to it just then leave around broadly, ongoing, and you you that to seen kind XXX, would is for you of even of you’ve confidence you that about could historically on you just plain it’s to work a in some a or little if done that as inhibitor that inhibition, my team to broader highlight even specifically and FLTX respect thanks Hanmi team XXX team. maybe characterized Bill, the Bill your

Dr. William Rice


Gregory Renza

Yeah. Go ahead.

Dr. William Rice

then one that tackle second? we don’t Okay. Why go

So it’s a really good question.

this often, is they So is AML, think I when target. FLTX about saying, what a think very about people was

a as it’s often drug inhibitor, -- inhibitor. and will a FLTX people have kinase a promoted you if So they

the wild gatekeeper, Now, going tyrosine But different ITD, all to do that, forms. there. kinase no forms inhibit you to need different the you need absolutely to the selected inhibitor the you’re is FLTX, type, all of inhibit there if kinase out domain,

that, AML, we that Again, constellation to want sure being also they’re have hitting, at inhibit So potent we kinome as if that of this a toward make look myeloid cover to that call as we’ve to said, we drug it kinases. broader one we look it we want was we across can SICK, does make they’re directed of inhibiting. that sure but these, about we they’re FLTX, going all if is this talked compound a very made inhibitor kinome FLTX. sure has of we inhibited confirmed, SICK, And

also it that mentioned the forms of C wild mutant the also but kit. type not We inhibits

which animal with or combination -- as different hypomethylating it other But other agents, models I cells well these would had FLTX, models, in put in also in wild it it additional toxicity, a combination when in in here out all of different is, kinase So constellation. the the what in into -- well could will they is, competed they of drugs various without that’s inhibitors studies, animal collaboration take AML most variety very a worked areas. other potentially inhibit preclinical inducing as FLTX venetoclax, in important type say -- agents. gilteritinib The aspect in mutations,

mutations the other So into that have data translated preclinical clinic then those with preclinical had AML early well. those that where was can’t even been work data drugs it humans. strong and And even in cells

we So the strong data you into they’ve and in see seen what’s see important activity to therapeutic beginning in data absolutely and that preclinical humans most get as then broad the emerge humans. is those levels

It’s for we’re a will the broad of of patients. constellation of kinases the AML of constellation really we this like that set kinases but broad whatever seeing is, all None liked activity it. So set them and we in patients. AML appropriate cover patients,

Okay, so question number two.

Gregory Renza

you even my answer I super follow helpful. Actually, Bill, up. think That’s

Dr. William Rice


Gregory Renza

And ASH. Thanks we’re looking forward again. to

Dr. William Rice

Thanks here. being so much, Greg, on for


of Wainwright. Joe is Your next question H.C. from Pantginis

open. is line Your

Joe Pantginis

taking question afternoon corporate I Good the a thanks question. question. have guys. for logistical Hey, a and and

you Bill, I to separate first, were the able dosing have you’ll think required discussing included So it that just formulation a you you studies? do into describe GX or can process do Lux, be for when get be will first start the within you to to study bridging Do current? the guess,

Dr. William Rice

for Joe. here? Thanks question. being Really on good Hi,

formulation. So this different is quite a

when filled or versus to gives into higher we very the that different was clinical it the is levels machine hand just this it just was GX the It or trial. exposure milligram. and formulation. of per easy blend us had much a So original GX But filled that merge formulation into ongoing

doing that’s completed. all XX-day must you is dosing, Single process the have XX-day animal we’ve done But various understand seven-day and rats So in been dose, We’ve it’s studies GLP dose what completed in yet. toxicity, dogs. in acute models. that. dose, tox actually the don’t We report the

what we as at into try as make dosing. the decision multiple is dosing that as done. want then possible, a for get continuous to initially to get is and of exposure to it for a to levels the be do levels patients, But all needs peek soon dose what appropriate So quick

appropriately FDA. Again, them sure into is work part and go accordingly humans plan, back how the with this. that you making the to them, process that through agency, through work going the you’re with and presented a have work will of We to to then get regulatory execute

get to here. identify this process taken much long one. many, a been many effort It’s it’s to and So months

We’re very hopeful formulation. for this

one about. been willing to First we’ve speak

said the question. that’s so corporate you level you had high a then and GX on Okay,

Joe Pantginis

helpful. that was and Thanks Yes. very

a the guess, look, you’ve lot over had -- recently. I even of, obviously, last nice the So, hires and several months

the manufacturing anticipate potential right to the point can future that now, are or company, right where at do plans you when regard corporate you you needs? for growth you guess, with positions certain you and to at I how we are So, look this feel also sized link do

Dr. William Rice

very Again, insightful. good Very question.

the to been skill drugs trying we kinase want -- company. to we in focus So, would a malignancies. of forward want multiple lymphoid the the molecules. hematology, develop experience We focus have expanding We we well to malignancies, want move both on to on have bring again yes, that sets as multitude us AML, and to inhibitors we across heme as to allowed

in So brought as Bejar just us forward. we to Dr. drive

Finance, Vice we offs Regulatory, of have Operations, at Now Clin President our CMC.

So all areas. of key these

great not So need, on people. gradually execute And right that preempt great don’t not that is people any that make a we the sure to new future. right time. But now hires key may going vast missteps majority near any have now want at It’s into able of this team, the hires the mix on to we’ve the right of the now we we and luxeptinib, additional molecule bring to we been but the ability look only have a to right build at we there. the to also the have part

continue grow you right the waste sets as yes, make time. want appropriate. So, sure those we’ll at to but We we don’t want money, to to have skill

So, to Jotin, anything you did want that? to add

Dr. Jotin Marango

Joe. No. Nothing Thank you, to add.

Dr. William Rice

Joe. Yes. Thank you,

Joe Pantginis

Thanks, guys.

Dr. William Rice

Thanks. Sure.


Your of Oppenheimer. is next question from Matt Biegler

Your line is open.

Matt Biegler

I little think the is of agnostic you Hey, too pretty mutation That’s you want of attributing But or what prior this point to And in I on of mean, kind kind XXX’s tell? do FLTX is guys. you guys the type a point this impressive. question. like, patients? touched Bill, just Thanks a label activity to do are for at kind the question. in think, it you wild ask you soon bit considering

Dr. William Rice

hit. doesn’t kinase go hits I’m going every or to into So potential that not

did So type mention the that drug inhibits this we FLTX. wild potently

these FLTX. So call we’ll in patients it, that have, unmutated of some

you the over FLTX, over drug that’s to the You of in actually marrow the of Often, wall ligand that binds have is bone also actually expression a FLTX. wild sensitive to if FLTX may inhibitor, type potent will get your expression on the type.

wild in But important. these. and very the so case, that to the pathways FLTX able we variety to as this phospho watch ability are look inhibited. cell, is of inhibited having have And inside you mentioned inhibit will variety earth able SICK the the We to type the you’re a SICK, pathways also, downstream step see you to pathways of the SICK a pathway, we’re

targets. at you will looking has pathways. ones licensed week, a you you at, these enough but even cell that. cell different try actually not we’ve And hit I to of of broad past inside the as drug, different just safety every as it redundancies this we’re and already it very activity so the just with you So just pathways to hit this of And those that tell been, need is, happy what all understand this and can, and AML been to of the set though have we’ve key we hits those different many to look

very terms Now the of Phase X. Again, in in label. we’re early

as -- We couple seen. the I other we’ve activity of FLTX Bejar mentioned, the were had with of activity the Dr. mutated. the failed thrilled one a some patients, these We’re TKIs. that mentioned

inhibit various even act TKIs, patients that type have that that some got some, have drug not they can If drugs address. wild able -- the patients, that you’ve have other failed to mutations on can a me, have other failed who other of been excuse these

combination. as single development, for believe as agent we well there are multiple So paths

that long So was winded.

Matt Biegler


Dr. William Rice

point? add Dr. to this anything did But want Bejar, that to at you

Dr. Rafael Bejar


I you the are think to there, pathways the targets operable has FLTX drug type exactly. multiple that the form have that activity AML at as you other and nailed as are activity including against did well There that. wild-type that pathways to wild

Matt Biegler

for that That out? the housekeeping on makes that question million bulk part profile, finances forward looking had are when presented. quarter a Thanks. just on as be deal. of the next would it? be of going sense. I Definitely is it you Jotin planning How to of -- kind spread it’s upfront Yeah. that $X guys recognizing or quick Should to seeing

Dr. Jotin Marango

you, the Thank for questions. Matt, Yeah.

upfront reported we the we of That include component just you balance the September payment larger will on also amount does XXth. Hanmi, license to not a here, That and was EDGAR. cash that today million give agreement paid which find as within was the million. in $X frame $XX be cash is full as of to reported -- you Thank calendar our year, you. filed this will So

Matt Biegler

guys. Thanks,

Dr. William Rice

Thanks, Yeah. Matt.


John Canaccord. from is question Newman next of Your

is line open. Your

John Newman

for question deal certainly. Hi, guys. Thanks here, an congrats the on and interesting

Dr. William Rice

John. Thanks,

John Newman

current a AML. I’m is abstract, received after like study, couple patients a It’s CR, with, in as happens cell uncommon. It guess, in curious transplant escalation. I going stem in terms as of which that were dose well the the not there forward looks a ASH

them. to of transplant, a would to some to Just in at that it will you doctors like leave encouraged or curious or sort you where a put higher in to framework of if if you stem the would would cell CR conduct way establish doses, be look just terms patients study the the of achieve they if they if up wouldn’t

curious at looking to that? Just you’re as how kind of

Dr. William Rice

on. Appreciate John. Thanks, coming All right. you

we great seen those give So then this to in drug. activity statement, I’m alive. transplantation good very and going what what a it’s Dr. they with going patients ask then Bejar broad CRs in. we to The is, actually And to understand jump news for be have broad AML very I’m just -- over remain patients that news taken with from can to

long I will -- drug. patient on -- go your who’s a great and abstract. actually ask transplant that’s about for one news. durability cell that a that was to as So an not believe time, People We who a of stem was have also there did

going speak global escalation. Dr. in at beyond PI talk abstract the But dose and the current to the not in am information this an just in be about the on going going presentation. ASH We’re presenting I oral step ask to to because now, what’s study the Bejar, all in is to

Dr. Rafael Bejar

Yeah. Thanks, Bill.

You’re exactly right.

remission person for the candidate not transplant, the all AML will transplanted population, have just that completely I it until perspective, other candidates reasons the either to think said, win. first. comes study good drugs transplant. understand some have patients take drugs be into hit or will a them and understand stay but clinical to patient From earlier, would the some on relapsed/refractory the I put have been That durability other events. for those we an allogeneic when absolute an patients that’s ability some not progressed of will help in they doesn’t a you you and

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course, after if drug. be Of therapy the happy curative we move patient potentially were able would our on to to

Dr. William Rice

here, full guess, treat want patient, a consider patients to we transplant we to the that win, Al CRs, can to right put the on I for earlier, responses continue to them about physicians the a to the and if get okay. talked right. put to on we will encourage that’s here So to thing we what’s the encourage all going physicians patients point best and them,

John Newman


Dr. William Rice

you, Thank John.

John Newman

you. Thank Great.

Dr. William Rice

All right.


further currently And for the no I I back closing call showing to will over Dr. turn am Rice questions. remarks. now

Dr. William Rice

-- forward will catalyst XXXX. afternoon. All Thank a company, through pipeline value look and ASH And joining remarkable into let me you have the for are more that. set be both then we right. so bring next Thank to going assets just us watch month everyone and should also thank We that significant and truly Lux to shareholders We XXXX of catalyst and to and you. that during much. us sure evolving our going our updating you on this to XXX believe distinct


that Thank concludes today’s Ladies and gentlemen, conference. you.

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