BitNile (NILE)

Milton Todd Ault III Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Will Horne Chief Financial Officer
Darren Magot CEO, Super Crypto Mining
Bill Corbett CEO, Digital Power Lending
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Welcome everybody.

We are about to begin the webinar first quarter 2018 financial review.

Before we do so we will start with the Safe Harbor Statement and then I will turn the meeting over to Mr. Milton Todd Ault III, CEO and Chairman of the Board of DPW Holdings as well as Will Horne, CFO of DPW Holdings. This presentation contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 including but not limited to statements about DPW Holdings Inc. market and financial future the of the regarding plans strategic growth. expectations demands, performance, future implementation DPW’s These statements uncertainties. are are subject made based upon known unknown current and risks and to expectations that statements DPW undertake actual changes affecting assumptions does in factors presentation changes other forward-looking to forward-looking results, in not or such to in update reflect this information.

sec.gov. with other those be the filings in in as this information like would can Securities set found turn and in information amended, for this the forward-looking periodic could on time XX-K and the the the to to Mr. the risk results call cause Commission, on III. most year at website that Ault and factors Exchange forth and Assumptions Form Exchange to listed from presentation ended Milton in At including differ XXXX, and recent available and including Todd statement the I DPW’s December XX, Securities its over the website Commission’s reports

Milton Todd Ault III

a misunderstanding I your XX, do Twitter May first terms people cover on lead believe a exciting if that social we what's the mute you're Excuse that put please take the except that calls reporting is Thank while don't you, talking. to been on unusual the I of asked reporting call future. where more of time media there the in going some me ended lot talking ever just company. the my phone of a terms I'm what a little always you. to about information will one are skews because being anyone today that Company's me and we're the going little probably pay not Thank questions we're of call we're of the some Darren. It with year to We somewhat in is out really the kind on. days I've the highlights to important in on on March attention account of XX period. is numbers this bit presently versus say

let as acquisition So quarter, quarter acquisitions this old of were year largely everyone is to saying company. results quarterly a the as holding great. me line knows over They we due transitioned more an over a start to story were business of an diversified year by

a to want growing very but what So versus of quickly we year sales you I $X.XXX X.X last the we cover part give and behind increase the as about million, versus of results last when relative the ended you're reporting I in middle the is and dramatic quarter to the in versus you education made of revenue. that will million terms pretty of an quarter acquisition million everybody time that at X.XXX recognizing look is at perspective your encapsulate very the about to the from like that acquisition acquisitions total

million in would there So date X.X would many for been this but first the the revenue of of closing number Enertec you have that in the include. actual quarter middle not X.X million in therefore the we're in picked didn't higher which know acquiring is happen example to have

the million. no in X.XXX is Enertec there So revenue

today, call. a company's conference of the Enertec by acquisition this this before Board approved meeting of Now the bit was Directors right little before

hours going will it's which but so. maybe Enertec we we're that sure to believe hours in XX pretty it the acquisition or be XX around assuming So closes XX next

dramatic line include one integrate see quarter total acquisitions. have a you're revenue left their that our each closes you in backlog reporting days revenue in their to XX the should so you're this only increase Assuming right top of when going of terms very total and to of as you

into be lender a that you fear explain and though financials included in we're last December the which it the in at ramping total so those revenue more to financials, hospitality on was maybe or this for least will we won't be a to Let quarter bit me see XX.X%, to step that assuming that quarter acquisitions. and answer or have need second, quarter until million a total really margins that reduction you make a The a our from line X.X an but not another in revenue you we'll introduced I the get in if any take hospitality additional of the in additional hoping needs gross as raised million that to integration simple those would to and decreased increase here. since reduction I business top don't the would dramatic back our Will bring could top line reflected that is be comment capital see even you but X.XXX of the in business on the comment XX.X% I'll first capital

first machines machines affected. as ramp profitability go number margins of gross decent the machines MTIX, the have important few process and the and there then but you a on the of kind have we profitability few of by fixed pretty we out why first a an made margins rate So our so are are increases you understanding part gross learning so as of being and that's

million to that million they collected would we plus Now full fact this get will and for reduce what in going million backlog. XXXX, X.X quarter quarter million purchase MTIX from start the X X.XXX the as and be thing of and guidance million the to X.X in reported MTIX, we've to bring important expect forward revenue see on because recognize to said our did an included report XX is you'll that and for we we is the here we million if revenue manufacture that revenue million ramp XX that machines the for total Coolisys order continue from to between for of MTIX X

we'll Foreign that over time integrated the saw the did is of $XX Enertec on probably transition the you military backlog of is is now as million of have strategic and backlog because loop over they're for to be and looking access because a company to going following approved going a transition contracting. the U.S. U.S. to Military is Enertec I'm increase to here defense money press going foreign them we to orders why to defense subsidiary going Enertec now funding FMF, U.S. of a on of the and forward million million at the assets more see of through we to the the increased report acquired we be many why from orders second company continue one should there. by we of $X.X reasons $X part one go then Indian XX.XXX we'll and million. company just revenue hold as start to increased, FMF to almost As Funding to now assets and government and approximately The and

people once when with really million larger in March will be June into Joe quick we let's going we to north income as the out so what to May things even income lose to we're total ended million the for second we've two maybe to you. a statement at the out we really can important them look remember the that acquisition switch the be capital XX number other course will the expect number you quarter remember, I approach Enertec for much is XX, Thank of Of to for of $XX number get much that the the depending and of larger losses closer that quarter to quarter. to some second point point I on things the that again to statement. taken in end

So above $XX when top that to income portfolio you line our income net our Well line the if revenues statement see bottom other you securities million go unrealized down losses and million. for in total of reflecting our ended see total about X.XXX comprehensive you securities. the

held either Buffett securities about account flowing about everything the have we market our at of of about declined you we that while didn't positions that's for Hathaway, the trading So be the quarter. those income how held lot seen what this Berkshire add through you've in in Warren so reports but talked securities value through we in one this to it statement. million of media a our will was sell $XX each market about together resell you two $XX and when happened or million

wasted listing trail expect in the the that look happens Nasdaq the positions on our sheet I realized as MTIX at and truly when hope opinion account. dramatically number our So watch from is you whether now gain we as over those acquisition their up loss and will a time. the public in what trading XX to to we to net securities see a is what stuff aggressive million continue so results what take their number we quarter comprehensive portfolio we pretty for relative to portfolio. big to fluctuation so we bought you grow in These should as be then that make over my that sold our companies International be number and of and continue and look held fluctuation to it we quarterly quarter stock grow a to for resell at you you adjustments. or grow pretty and with will rollout want The volatile other to our or on hold the expect balance

portfolio, stock is a the way that basis $X comprehensive our income taking of for look be that. of comprehensive bit it if loss sorry was than Will our number. talk about was. That for somewhat I'm look sure quarter when a I number people about waste cash million it our up further [indiscernible] little not want but was value were with total more will dramatically and $X.XXX reflective in of you've million time the number that into in loss for you the the cash see a go they're that charges little the number that million, $XX non-cash change gain net reflected the lost I a to loss I in get value securities the really quarter? to do account first was will helpful and on my So everybody. I'll non-cash our believe that real see time and here makes you the or net quick


So back going the to I'm mission switch statement. to

cover to skip a want holding because some We little company here things. around are to I now. are going truly We bit a

at are We've we end We opinion my want. of of the sum truly gotten scale quarter. the the in in

some cover topics. continue that real now statement the a see categories. year the different hospitality have of you you for come the working As subsidiaries, its on a will Can later talked can mission pop Super Enertec we you you a their increase. second be will in eventually there. we're have base bit to mining little fourth mission as will that tell in have, forward and You'll some on around space the Enertec with play the change Joe? Technologies asset not Lending and will we see real will up company. as So I and estate from a very of active do be truly We're reporting I estate our that please as perspective up that we're acquisitions Power operations the project different there right Do the holding you We're big very holdings with to skipped there but then back the pending change but see business that its now. to section into today key under and hospitality own the earlier Coolisys in dynamics We operations, moving a will can go are excited knows I and holding have Digital I three then and see Coolisys. presentation everybody with the and we Cryto subsidiaries and the businesses wanted they to about a about right

So our charges if charges, where to you non-cash back was go total million. the about non-cash losses for I X.XXX were

breakdown and really so understand continue. try narrative of will everyone encourage non-cash press the loss if you'll from founder holding the position course that to company. by charges individual now organizational structure the get beneficially it the but with in read have there would the can little help be you we on cool or little on and we of comprehensive convert increased MTIX we anyone basis diluted a release going. of converts can lot you'll it a see XX.X%, bit We International some Right of eaten the a mark a down up Enertec that large see was now numbers by a we are. So PowerPoint ownership to to the bit portfolio of look for have if do you Keep that the the where a a more the of position in underneath at along with market We I will see you smidge. a of our

own to position a in WSI continue Industries We and Sandstone.

of continue. with going company consultant kind a of page hand everything help a the what maybe a underlying created the Let's timeline outline etcetera, subsidiaries this holding We It with on side. a right infographic. we're of on one is the the

You when you XXXX terms highlights top the infographic XXXX, can in see at the of look assets. of highlights total XXXX,

to of that XX maybe see as million XX for March million adjustments almost million to of as today to XX X.X the some the million in of depending and to from June. assets million went $XX can number's that be end on even million, me closer closer our have You going XX excuse XX XXXX, XXX,XXX

which see of I our all of many back we page. almost include in the didn't here, you getting remembering so We've in closing, will did the year when numbers here. I'm fairly in-line we because of that than pretty what did that I'm All were let's questions to can reasons come a the timing optimistic last right, of it beginning what's first go years. the sorry the and bit this stagnant half you. quarter other said Thank growth little is more first for we dramatic to acquisitions revenue quarter all You misleading little the okay. a next see in and done what call and I'm

we questions the people's get for answer of generally to are relative to me on and we effectively have are the back reflected asked this total to is I money feedback ramp. so lot supposed contact earn not like are come get strategy buying they or the of to we so we're X.X your I doing think and have been what's time. but infographic more been and the be better how the We really and probably short going get on to acquisitions months wanted and or raise long to of at like end on we for of you a if those day would of this appear get revenues create are of I what to if infographic, covered assets about people little them you laid know those rate really someone like I'm loss, and bulk of the please buying love those a I to about total quarter we $XX.XXX comprehensive and this, etcetera. some questions say term assets that me happened We the on we're to to think what raised in who you trading I really assets the so from total highlights acquisition the with is seem diluting X are it, [indiscernible] revenue performing. me because about understand were non-cash just which have on what charges, don't those income, million. were June me. Recover quarter how of the the you to money are let's paying of I touch the question were the what those XX the in their is on assets it, go attention for question be get a take burn going talk assets the ideas We to performance part the getting wanted and when because us term and and number misleading well almost is it's trail deployed return we this so the million out we've we impossible ended because one the it the and it we're you stock for don't we

I've really want the to So switch the We to to to time raising company, energy to holding part quarter, get. a Super to you. Thank the earlier covered required to a move we to let's everybody about of the takes on be important own it the happened but I we is that want already numbers can't plus million capital total and going slide in that million this accommodate and We've holding assets want move here process as in reflecting bitcoin to be was grow it's really a the an to $XXX and we etcetera. without capital slide. company but first pointless revenue are We're Cryto $XXX cryptocurrencies plus concerned X. this in of to about what switched just quickly going I quick. with real next to a


facility. of decision the towards for move mining our them when a miners we from heat have installing miners to quarter situation how and in we what that not much end really January Indiana certain out with them wanted rather were by miners discovered we very the affected to there the of We the lot on in and first LA that cost and a going in you and and us to install them is We the know than we Cryto were we being get first a mind-set really a our found started this the aggressively mine with with was really So put location our made a and urban quarter. offline really miners strategic for the you tricky us in pleased take Indiana higher place here was to minor were miners put miners off to Joe, but so that we that was displaced we very all learned we installing best spot. find to being know location, guys late and December that

we is facility our in operational have which my it's we Indiana quote So said very well. in doing

credibly that the XXX,XXX now. we and that number are says mined the coin pleased We're with a month it of more crypto XXX,XXX in quarter month X.X look million is About single if misnomer growing. first it, you We where a every doing than at is worth quarter. and

XX,XXX machines it's machines math expect as XX,XXX you. dramatically that towards the produce ramp what based we go higher, number to would will on We not hard that do

besides the XXX,XXX of in space bitcoin the develop month litecoin are that our to One which to replaced Ethereum crypto a shape in we plus and miner. here other doing doing within things we're and advanced shifting own talks

have own -- be our with We manufacturer to available we to and chipsets company American in that the discussions space. a are minor with ourselves competing are the in Bitmain of public. major major first We for North produce to want a then the

is rebuilding a these growth become at collaborative So build we with our AI to you think the we be is really Darren reasons Bitmain, be be and Crypto go one building power number North of at integrated data-centers something advanced want and continuing allow for that's business so two and talks miner, to be will and that only we're Coolisys really used we XX,XXX now in force is they have company also staff competing and big this like us transitioned the will to supplies not us and and is why hyper relationship Coolisys. in can in our his but you over capacity tie XX,XXX this manufacturer, us time that a space. is and the companies, a if staff development we helping be they're The between achieve this Super facilities this go will back at Coolisys to looking because American sister the to more for

have going be think the XX,XXX the XXXX what now. like doing feels to plus believe a Darren he's current talk about first by going it don’t in by on about why everyone about miners end. opportunity for month I'm the are we did what you to to what's doing little important a about quarter we're July said on some the will and XX, So the make in and we bit transition, an what he know what we Indiana, operational comments you still year XXX,XXX here and Darren

Darren Magot

you, Thank Todd.

that the for to build foundation. key emphasize I fact need to long a here think we term is the growth strong

already launch we've we evident Unlike which will actually grow and have with are Manufacturer back correctly So pace spent meet as modeling with that meetings we've allow we've sharing mining for year offerings. just really growth and lot of from Chipset to cloud, stepped and things at are set energy year. our up also to mining, and going working establish an the happen we [indiscernible] discussed Then which his paced graphic Coolisys, time XXXX to machines into that preparing ourselves up more out will but only from website, we're not a aggressive and security and our throughout our not mining then how next shortly this this than our round us year. and relationships only to going next another of and name which round but purchase Amos this cloud protocols and team also

opportunities. an real this incredible the The there a we but but infrastructure so that on also number have excited technical really transactions just future sort that in XX,XXX growth, thinking, are never team pure are cool partnership. to support a about run we're reaching forward the play year Additionally rates there in and about would we I that crypto delivering watching about is our concern that and just and of ourselves us. we're for so really machines well our wallet mainstream put on where pace Midwest. outside excited innovative, estate a Bitcoin focused no at position blockchain blockchain, and that's to financial is of Again blockchain add of know transactions the

Milton Todd Ault III

thank Darren, you. So appreciate that

above us a make really for question clear be mining easier the of price really things going XXXX, and believe is miners out. market to months thesis power to when little basically I'm not that Ethereum saw portfolio believe as important that only them I collapsed and gave to you is XXXX, whether bit to this the other a next during us too think cryto three March to four the decision the and of note continuing will the but - to California kind make in that crazy was time first price of in you a you asset down where providing XXXX something we went so we're the any place play to we're We and real relatively AI here it's it's one this we in it's move will we January it and XX% all going was for to The or to the from simple competitive we're I build everybody. mining installments but this asset, and bitcoin and bitcoin next the or that companies have build still to and simple from of considered worth a that your pause as shareholders most be Southern XX,XXX is to come really mine mine XX,XXX you also believe the cryptocurrency us difficult day. stabilization of of power basically solution. our into the versus going a saw kind own believe as mining it miners our know less demonstrate you it Indiana you We that bitcoin quarter.

really Todd wish business something consider really the on us, Of us that so nothing it's please. with for first of. active it's bitcoin? quarter big my on for million you if bitcoin of course was was here a was did Darren excited a So things to tapping at the we're a second in the don't even producing forget I win crytocurrency pleased saying to with. Do year progress pace deal be and I lower That's Hold I us and a X current hard and a shoulder and a do. really part though. else challenge this very good I'm for still we're volatility the little but

absolutely our staying the some to fits thing are something of term good model the want we're go fact are is that long big here consultants so and going in long with still mean have We with there's cloud mining we replacement in I what we're terms here believer true. credibly bitcoin do and it some to we currency the be this in that's and us. so and we pleased and a

We have a nice hope little a with watch how of built bitcoin platform has it bit that of a improves a we decline been that we back the business data services. to think additional will the the rate of offer work building but with Thanks. we're to me? to challenge that centers Coolisys Can opportunities go hash a and we're lot being going have for you up

Coolisys the but is reasons, data-centers supply data-centers. been that an devices and of around around one the and the that's business top the commercial existing that’s Coolisys forget many for important defense XX power today with power sales plus small combined and years we company of this with don't combined represents we will a So back for take think since the acquisition a market is company. makes connect the Enertec organization Enertec Enertec. to we have let's XXXX, for XX FMF propel been and in get Enertec make you military funding our supplies one runs the This engineers U.S.

contract and about million layer changes the to if XX in no that Amos' going he when on, put we're year basis acquisition today the company did was the engineering on do can including revenue Amos after So million of products, call you continues the is million the XX telecom, simple the etcetera. next holding closer morning to to Amos not just is contract This we Coolisys something half foundation XX it years if look excited look advanced MICT company's industrial year talks will a think you year Enertec represent and the of the you think between still very approve long next for work you time an you pleased conference period that their with the growth here defense in manufacture with grow I ability by and this at business million team foundation a had relieved and key of what the and this is the mining more that for you have XX chipset about miner them making run and especially of solutions then up radio with to to one of space come company and of producing the this we many hard assets. powerhouse, and is I commercial Board is a medical, them a with frequency have our MTIX after

know will I you somewhat is look people holding sold company and that opportunity this Enterprises to my private its division recently of equity DPW of I [indiscernible] casino questions of here to think automotive it's whether Now did on its [ph] chairman's division. ICON can off to lot understand you off or in if important lot recently can as it's parts its I letter about and put somewhat IPOed, a be sold a a like at look so enterprises deal a and there's get see

commercial sense We the Amos know have I you our from the make Israel he's for look deals. call think we hospitality We'll call to pleased to call. will very if other on out to defense the here, are on of do I'm all you been that grow today? as look Amos them what's subsidiaries deals I to may is think don't traveling you with on do to do on lending. going today?

lending business. are Let's switch to Billy, the you there? over

Bill Corbett

How I'm are here, doing? Todd. you

Milton Todd Ault III

flow, to of fun of is loans and about the of things you'll a I is could you as can and growing my thought lender. you're the in scenes the maybe business. to a what doing right maybe your know Lending. you be a the really you're of about little bit at doing at about you're companies starting little conferences right. This maybe deal a getting kiosks, lot this presented little I Billy we we the the the Power public the about what man. exciting All about part, one bit, give All how you're talk making you're last kiosks you're Digital bit one hit talked stride tidbit ATM of a the them behind talk talk kiosks the other

Bill Corbett

Thanks, Todd. sure. Yes,

be we basically deals you flow. I license it's be Investors us almost quickly them and almost to participate investors can in Street say six to which overview like GM, to a very, the an We've analyze Street. an we've let to Todd most CEOs same a ever we incredible our months. you subsidiaries that platform, is consuming micro of very participate can that would flow very allows give where make unprecedented our attractive subsidiary investors can that really Wall which individuals see over can time I online they small help that with provide that us our that get us ask would deal for go you Lending and at model Finance mean time we know deal for sophisticated offer the I've last developed we with had network hard the a capital lending to capital some brief but the interesting little becoming Platform GMAC investments mentioned the So me loans find very wouldn't allow in and them originate basically through created and for Wall an seen built California them network from do to to

terminals this January we're We're a that we Southern intent platform out. our that in rolling was to started call at stages that from crypto rolling the is of that crypto. we mentioned talk City were expensive we that California. these that to do kiosk exist, mentioned not crypto that we've Vegas It Todd that in that about a facilities license conference if there in some allow to individual people most late that but They buy money we research like need has on bill the want investors with kind to to from great As Mexico can an them utility which for machines individuals will for to machines They of out to audience, allow our money to they the there the an really and machines exciting compelling in it's wire able of in to done Los a these incredible have. in pay are mining because sell be the we're want shown is listening of very ATM to really example transmitting Angeles. machine buy they're all

box. So they can micro-loans buy the on

long it put us and They're us going that. and other run time. for it California to mine that ending microcaps. I've for together with we're short order, They're very do that to friends really are very investing that have know going huge in right excited vertical really we to up some we them to of the ability to bring very or throughout building profitable can looking a help really areas numbers these in we're put to integration out XX we microcaps, CapEx I'm not that space. start in commitment numbers now quarter in able the experts doing XX currency great of for They partners June in years a offer in ramp are individuals in about it. excited, as will but got are machines companies being it's forward we've you compelling, been our excited XX think to that years the we we see we roll think are and for in been about that we've to us Southern experts the So the

a a worth investing that warrants shareholders portfolio lot in find of So with can more assume what dollars we're and together we that and into. hope develop incredible of us equity than companies will for all the opportunities, be we

be back I So able we the to anyway you. appreciate Todd time of to to everyone where tell kind are. tell

Milton Todd Ault III

doing It impressed. gives power [indiscernible] it's you you're No, pretty what there. exciting

flow operate Billy's we let holding questions that with them own to in IM them wanted that talk almost and been a has Billy, today side answer and people why running -- Billy their growth that. some we're so some at don't happened with you about and deal to the happened recent out space we of but reiterating we the run that help main As the shows, businesses whether lot believe of I'm really Darren a involved been of I've provide and company's with potentially keep capital a should and company our Billy Marone I the some know loans other talks parts you one and of I buy deals participate able he market try lot we pretty the verticals. there as a we happened value excited think of our about maybe One and with the building have business a little to bit sheet with total making that look today know met has what will add Billy I there knows the has company what on we about and the thing many you've been and too getting so news value can the of understand the IM that is transaction. balance existing to the

out it's in add integrated line. think $XX humming well, top over David to Why five there, hospitality Krause what initially for and just let and next doing team the to talk million been Krause So about and going you're We million PrepKitchen. buy with they've don’t somewhere the business set year that into the what's going stage me business next restaurant our that's on to X.X they're going his them really is or Debbie to build financials be doing you quarter four years with them in about you now. fourth Billy the do lent for and our

Bill Corbett

Todd. Thanks, Yes.

Cheesecake we've be a acquire they so incredibly have pick do comes extremely the were we've excited. including were space long profitable immediately. in although doing and but Factory. up IM doing the team, transaction of an kind to well. several last history They this it numbers we're The restaurants in know for last very management seen so as that the We shock are profitable closed I talented believe So a they'll years quarter

out of will We will allows us they obviously the flow and were back they paying and once which to have paid XX%. loan own loans will cash they to back on be XX% consolidate the

and out So more restaurant. are currently on to over a what build partners of a already probably now over we and year they're own next path XX% will doing great They they supportive own the next the out half and acquire XX.X%. we're cash flow about right very of and and they're

great for them. it's It's great So us. for

Milton Todd Ault III

PrepKitchen. were instrumental Krause. and his they with I've never she don't believe David spent lot a I I've and building of in job did to them and Factory about really their Vegas wrong Deborah time expert they team she hope wife this I their he's out was in an I Nightclub get really when plans Cheesecake incredible left Pure marketer. an for talked

have location they a coast four Marcos, think four will is [indiscernible] there number there fifth the think a St. quarter they Italy, locations, in down terms plan what to big locations and Southern think XX have in and of I Little Los are I they a I Angeles. so the I apologize but California have that's already first up they open in in

that's private they really, because what be today going may and and as partners we're give us to in to order us we to operations. not mentioned invested and money equity and report made a back, I've joked get loan holding -- out what of don't made we're got to our They back them they model. and that's about a the transaction talk want out as kind go a see run on they those someone quarterly, really before the this million, really so me X.X of which and to to and really for of us is to of about. their the to seem all pay We're a with successful and that we really hospitality are I with recently, and [indiscernible] proven they Billy that pay a equity had think know us as do as as lent about it's back run have partners have going meal part earn really going prove uniqueness early to is truly excited to listen, that really this to we that they the proven great to I with should day something want dedicated them are there accounting to system track been really earn I we'll kind miss We have but loan have company. business equity important who is this a you ramping they the day important for us before to space I operators, like they are they're work there they're record on money of I where and on be the [indiscernible], so go we've although

having fun. little Just a

Lending part so a they're will MTIX, have email go of going in that kind pretty business we're if money Power finish a and be of made pretty the part I'm you because them. space. We are business. maybe great a have for operators MTIX We move questions. going on we us and the excited loan, I'm to in here. send new Billy you any questions, excited money questions any hospitality next you subject. for the and to on these to or the we that or an some that will a have with to think any to be want past needs lend of about lot Any and staying that thanks of of the we're time we Digital people of

you contract not for pay lawyers but and to. give guidance off I'd So if Okay? to going it starting this I'm is wasn't more

on and We they're year. one the in million our couple financials contract I its doing will be I've a current to completely to the this they're or two a tweeted believe revenues we next We out will to X.X company business only months kind investment. this this expect truly Coolisys biggest That avalanche month ramp, of million half be Europe, know what the this dominate it's It's and will space. believe that of adds truly in Nasdaq the things ramp. owners this and continues they We in the company X for remember once is about the We and the this to our goes believe sheet, outside a our with the are million I general dollar behind around biggest current beneficial as value we company of seek uplift contract to the every one the be an a making $XX up balance price company. these along sheet with ownership balance subcontractor. [indiscernible] that our to DPW Coolisys think other puts about build additional manufacturer of to think of at will to

notice completed We financials. an to not with is them. we've it we're owner. and something their you excited So about, are We're happy we where We're team. we've position said, we bought be as more continue increased just consolidate this have and to do very happy the clear our say with management

number can which we the We a them the it have we be and this the with more to own but option little we're at common we open we the bit the pleased eighteen. purchase a $X I than orders to for as will convertible of back deliver machines. much I expect large higher the market order portion think in have stock do this, or do paid than we money and to be convert our lent XXXX hopefully additional XX% very looking for purchase XXXX lead million are

continue on. Let's

would our can mining The to wane a thing existing of lot we We of that example bit. businesses need that much for one little get places capital out in as capital to help portfolio I example one raises at looking a hospitality, needing that always capital start are for we say crypto questions I acquisitions, New put much This as especially not won't etcetera. on dilution, will just etcetera. operations. is about into

Darren's month. As of is crypto $XXX,XXX a producing team worth

building with of fact think generating we that but offset over big new own price those less being miners get the is month even to down purchases choose selling we his made a he prior those we're lower Darren buying time that average is he's when XXX,XXX in to we cost directly plus if those internally a So and are he XX,XXX that miners buy burn that prices can the had to from to our Bitmain cryptocurrency machines. the

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