BitNile (NILE)

Ken Cragun Chief Financial Officer
Todd Ault Executive Chairman
Will Horne Vice Chairman and CEO
Henry Nisser President, Director & General Counsel
David Katzoff SVP of Finance
Chris Wu Head of Alternative Investments
Darren Magot CEO, Ault Alliance
Douglas Gintz Chief Technology Officer
Joe Spaziano VP and Chief Information Officer
James Turner Deputy General Counsel and VP of Legal Affairs
Laura Kim Assisting General Counsel
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Ken Cragun

Okay, everyone, thank you for joining. This presentation contains forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including but not limited to statements about Ault Global Holdings, Inc, sometimes referred to as AGH. Expectations regarding the market demands future financial performance, the implementation of strategic plans and future growth. These statements are made based upon current expectations that are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties. AGH does not undertake to update forward-looking statements in this presentation to reflect actual results, changes in assumptions or changes and other factors affecting such forward looking information, assumptions and other information that could cause results to differ from those set forth in the forward looking information can be found in the presentation, and in the AGHs filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent periodic reports, including the risk factors listed in form 10-K.

things website@www.sec.gov. website identify and the also Commission Exchange can on and our Security You it over turn I'll back Todd. to you now,

Todd Ault

ago, Thank most have exciting -- a is in the the XXth. obviously as conference time would and we et Digital in sort the history, turned holding I the for of my a June Power period second a business just an wise, from operating cycle probably company balance say few Company's call years opinion ending cetera. you, that of quarter was sheet converting to this

Can So, am I see on screen? everyone me?

Ken Cragun


Will Horne


Todd Ault

So, crew Director company. Horne, and now. see our then, who Katzoff, on shine Counsel our help with & Kim, company, really the pleased billion later hired and a forward. been and Officer, General Laura there's Chief in Henry at Chief that us partner has Jean was sort CEO the really side, General as Alternative William for and Ken's our what to in added James Chairman as terms as We from Alliance; of Head Ault January; VP you'll who Affairs; our of Counsel. establishing few Douglas CFO, and the Alliance, Senior His subsidiaries Ho, Legal CEO, and Officer; a I'm at been of great while a the Chief as our last leadership Ken a months Gintz; who's of our Company team, who here. add-on Vice VP Ault powerhouse Ault deal move get promoted flow. is we Gintz, a Chris that Chairman; of Officer. Inc. President, we'll VP Obviously is been Finance; dollar we lucky get Assisting our Director Darren, President Joe of Global who's Turner, Deputy and establishing companies really Executive at were to in parent Ault Accounting myself Information Wu, into Douglas who a just to starting General And team, while NASDAQ Spaziano, Investments Counsel really of a David Technology Nisser,

of slide. highlights, executive Let's to through with go opportunities XXXX there ownership we base, beneficial in skip lendings operating We'll leadership Did through I'll near-term initiatives, slide rights for which outlook Ken next Alright, corporate the the future going go forward Hold updates, little forward sheet, and On balance corporate so we that Alzamend, strategy, the is me, for team, this looking go which structure we key commentary go. financial operations, we're the statements, the asset did and Will. to any? to performance, pieces. financial the Power related cover the on. important. near-term acquisition activist looking Digital

Let's What? see go to it Sure because they don't the next slide. now.

Ken Cragun


Todd Ault


some So, the let's executive quarter highlights. over the go second summary, of

slide. Next

everything it So, important at. most important own. covers what of own, this primer sectors look the we kind an to It cover doesn't but we of is

the led in on bought contracts, really Relec starting a own last defense England, Power if current synergies. at big Gresham seen lot Gresham in R. is screen, left we Microphase with operate the of November. become a by of you've you're before, this Worldwide, We England, which is to beneficiary in Connecticut, hand Tim which seen and you've If business this Reed side Long, J. looking

the see a can, progress on mine Amos the EV and Cloud business, and Jodi we lot we the shortage. best with this status chip Ault which Digital They our of there, Israel. Coolisys the business started we'll here, and is what you private whole and a Alliance, Amos going right, closed we obviously then is given Ault Overall, of between revenue this that's is business, of happening the services, have driving run The Brichan a we're production. think public Kohn. potentially of years company XXXX. a call we Enertech, a Alliance separate January a and tremendous which on where center is middle. see is ago, facility. of you And XX.X then power completed in foot that few in chairman I acres, the in CEO a Then started data This which with is December. our XXX,XXX in process our to It in back by what's on and bought today. we XXX Coolisys. about east megawatts business we was original acquisition comment TurnOnGreen, Power, -- the an later which square is really crypto building

really, ever lender, an a to drives a warrant Pharma was to investing and exciting Our year, open based is minority Lending, to in small International, next made our up and earlier, month a of the there. Will Greyledge of, including company which back set up which And which lonely in have in activities, think investment cell heard stake; has right which to comment Alzamend, get AdTech a paid a licensed all special I announcement Power potentially which have XX% progress happening we later, the we is money. the Company Greyledge, think making the Digital Colorado. made our of which wonderful the MTIX a XX% we last we'll large position, have we then something stem where in hotel, no where one's

and couple important could read numbers Let's just us walk along go to through you real Ken, the through here, Ken. points way. quick, could this sort next I some through thought of would A the commentary slide. these give them I if you then us take

Ken Cragun

Yes, you bet.

activities, share point our XX XX investing Neuro. from and last the in So, that from fantastic growth DP was of revenue from from our was Of million, holdings X.X Alzamend top-line fiscal million. of lion's most a from quarter a and revenue update year, million with lending, driven lending which view of came

a had people know call the a and next a have and revenue going to of from for Alzamend Alzamend gain had bottom-line. bit successful were But many revenue a of to had more about mining, value of our slides. little $XX.X a our the gain talk the QX. to June, we in to million We investment mining we're on market on we increase in IPO down of crypto modest significant mark the able in dropped from and Neuro our as the So, lot from lending activity investment the

million million excuse net So, tremendous profitability from million, $XX.X me, before so -- taxes, came of Alzamend. XX.X the -- for and income income the quarter XX.X

been $X over to compared still million have would solidly a $X it quarter profitable So, million QX. in

chart the financial with step gain, Alzamend excluding off an up So of kind it's results. nice Alzamend, the

significant assets, our marketable a quarter raised in $XX chunks last the securities, quarter over have have in with few investments over We of of to about us quarters billion XX are to the allow positive working other XXX over capital and the million and million XXX in assets capital million. big million and cash

Todd Ault

or or I profitable what Ken, quarter Am believe, I Will going in wanted order the I'm first slowly years time have on think, been to the that of profits reiterate we X.X so? had very Ken? correct The and for first first and X.X so. I I about, million? XX about of this X.X to we million everybody, is. take

Ken Cragun

Yes. X.X.

Todd Ault


second we're still position, Alzamend $X.X quarter. million the for exclude profitable you if So the

could virtually be of this the I a even you number like double have row Well, the heard you a commentary pretended been with I agree you that profitability Alzamend, you in there we to happier If can quarters thrilled excluding any at assume of of with all? Alzamend with quarter. see have me two never first quarter that would I versus know Do that. I guys second any guys having don't

Ken Cragun

No, best. you've I think said it

focus see results. all ever We're this strongest the hasn't not company's to contributions in your not businesses, think Alzamend, make overall attributed Lending, everybody's DP position across the just to good the I just to that's to solid starting big best starting portion been. but it's execution

Todd Ault

my you Ken, have any do on commentary comment?

Ken Cragun

doubling think it kind profit. kind of I X excellent No, it's I million, to think X.X of trend an that over

to lender have to They're up up capital their having help the Gresham, and They us a get making So, good have on fully rolling, capital the is working ramp the defense on the need Coolisys they business business year-over-year. investments ramp-up some business. significantly trend. they're execute funded, they and they need EV having the backlog. to

some think volatility line Alzamend a overall, large on probably see good about see in see prospects top volatility Hathaway public that I the about Berkshire likely we'll it's But time the their investments. on expect that and to feel does quarter-to-quarter. position we companies great of and to our we'll and stakes company. talk having these

Todd Ault

Worldwide, pay about you where could large our Coolisys see investment one up positions. Ken's iterate business, to want because or that the I think lending I which operating you'll later, those Gresham point, attention up exclude you to think talk we'll day wake businesses, primary concentrated down volatility, and if of investments, our large you I in

shareholders those us I things your think talked through investors from understanding you to sort this a history of we I this can? about push flow give Will, a an long best our of forces quarter. Buffett to each Warren through the we lot. of accounting kind law and this, why CFO, can have you of talks accounting them That's an about perspective, being know, now

Will Horne

fair every quarter, and price. that's we're at our to Sure. in best standard. value fair our I whenever mean indicator the the Well, the the investment value public closing mean, you're of required I business of positions, Alzamend end like instruments talking market mark

balance without having fluctuate, our the adjustment So, the income markets fluctuate. as values the And can't a sheet you just corresponding investments statement. on

even what investment, value have not our one QX, anything in happening still at quarter, happen that's because as may right? sold the really drove it big gone what a revenue And looking with has our we're if will or numbers long-term significantly. we that's, down that's So, And volatility. have we though

Todd Ault

to… going But back

Will Horne

ahead… go now, Because

Todd Ault

had Going it years, the accounting have into prior back change, doing prior to we're way you to your wouldn't those flow positions the today. mark-to-market portfolio to

Will Horne

what position on -- how depends right? what concentrated it your is, Again, your

Ken Cragun

Of course, did him? we lose

Todd Ault

profitability. I part. a caps, we announced assets little where part get investing back have assets statement if lending the allocating small grown in strongest dollars future levels, lending if prospects. million and here. to and investment our We we'll XX-years trading new this billion think Okay, results a a the dollars. estate billion in stays quarter our quarter, quarter second companies we've to strong get those acquisitions. or strong reflecting at Either the commentary to these in We've of strong, million strength of to Obviously, about is our for XXX to or envisioned we the and goals real great about a activities. my about it results we company, dollars that current remains give a for seen of market operations, pipeline can dollars This to And billion bolt-on a a and quarter add-on we quarter profitable companies our a to to holdings, distressed believe

out we accounting significant where company worldwide prepare of Let's earnings why like a to go there's would are the carve to initiatives and slide. and I some aggression to where this into team Ken have and to would he's a we're to into this baked public is do These a of leverage ownership added the I is cake now to his of next think near-term and so about, able still kind sort lot key cake. talk become

we're as if quick Ken, IPOs. can about two these so, the we And exploring real talk team

Ken Cragun

big Coolisys or doing two capital roll at with on those them to have up public taking we get markets. strategic our Yes, to looking some and projects Gresham is access plate

And our Gresham is with Coolisys/TurnOnGreen these Amos Jodi key be is She with lot their our our has an an Ho, great transaction. a on she brings background. and she a working of Jean IPO. at who's COO, is focused she to She to also help initiatives. team. horsepower to is Jean with Chief Accounting have a and IPO working going and team. CFO. another CPA for energy and a and We She has lot Officer, been tremendous a a attorney, closely addition them And to two of or

addition a and of XXX% her team, great So, projects. to to she has time the on ability these focus key two

like working consummated. the transactions with feel done, to required a these done audits get of legal, progress to getting we're the lot we filings so, that And make with working going bankers carve-out

we're adding So, we're like and key corporate very finance that addition; and I horsepower the that the said, about bandwidth happy to team.

Todd Ault


to are shareholders a not So go for the process, for those familiar one public. you to that of with want actually separate this that ones have our audit subsidiaries, each have

wonder sort to be like thesis in companies our hypothetical, subsidiary a whether still capital, in a Coolisys. the able company. their this they're into still other of revenues of an our public or access bring is our would we're IPO but their category, so, in shareholder, Alzamend wholly-owned Gresham future potential consolidate you transaction, the are of with with whether a then Alzamend on because to that and how another Worldwide and Well, a they it course, envision have public to sort I would pretty separate mind, road? partner with capital idea I've testament markets where proving because form ground Gresham an TurnOnGreen, is companies merger as they if be happening And were public to sheet, just separate significant TurnOnGreen our going that, of of being Global that it seen Ault with their go own that on accessing any or IPO, that DPW to down this about a markets put have earnings, balance you capital access And have how Gresham you a Worldwide position, what at own we're look we'd why growth, look and should capital happened excited the it's their raising them the people become if commentary company some

Ken Cragun

mark-to-market, Worldwide is, have we're I looking stock was the is goes expectation If which is ownership, whereas I touches not be Yes, alluding back consolidated. your doing smaller a of the price. Coolisys/TurnOnGreen, in like We're think, to concentration companies per will my upon what and consolidating they a ownership this large to just have Gresham se that thus company, we ownership right. initially it something and would a or at those we're we a initially what

closing fluctuations on see of stocks in a those public prices any markets wouldn't the the particular you day. as on So result volatility and

and if choose volatility swings gains, of as either reduce recognizing dividend up to as stock we liquidating profitability. see interests, our However, a see would we down, would reduce in and type we ultimately ownership our our or interest, overall or the through significant then goes price we that

Todd Ault

XX,XXX center, emphasize, there and an square square the I forward. center data to how we of we what's XXX,XXX potential a square to a terms XXX,XXX IPO it's when transitioned of Company we Well, as own of two if coming still would which the and of to think feet you their far. Directors, but access where from base, as over audit, are Board important course, give earning this they XX,XXX So, you consolidate, of own to, wonder the at way update so feet leverage years own we move have to using I which taking of their Michigan is feet would want could us capital square going kind in subsidiaries, we're data for of place feet, you the their out as as think events ahead, look at

Ken Cragun

the in using include a expected. many September a in expect build-out has what Right again, we've data be press was Todd. feet that. Bitcoin built and would panel, than miners timeframe, say last February, in or announcement, where So, little and on we're now, our mining. we longer the where it a There I were bringing essentially last original position a in put we amount as X,XXX that however, we legacy 'XX we're crypto that we'll I I XX,XXX operations. think small September, I to about position out on in we is operations I announced of significant own in initially a can certainly miners the got bit fronts; is everybody's release aware, COVID a factor And took believe install our delays been we're think doing on should initial

Todd Ault

believe I yes. was February, it

Ken Cragun


it, one I as on but rapidly feet. for was that's our say far just That and so square footage. original the that we're, side that's, To can more square actual we're the that build our we as So out, again, overall of it was square build doing expectation needs, build arbitrary, increasing sufficient to the not be think XX,XXX power out it's lot revisited more footage, on going we've it's a capacity today. the out

Todd Ault

center we're total schedule, with them. now we look online, of those data as of I you a agree time. we When coming with see at of the at I If that where we'll see will I Bitcoin increase correctly? assets, report goes crypto the versus will, a look online, over assessment, miners. the Will that hash they from how see percentage rate think as certain will increasing what that mining get and February, said September total installation as with you schedules delivery comes a this I you as versus But announcement mining, the as delivery happen course, percentage quarter-over-quarter assume

Ken Cragun

One, very to to market, price cryptocurrencies to going over for do Look, volatile need we we I a who like the of next figure as mine dominant it's are. reasons. bullish be out of position until But in not couple liquidate going we're Bitcoin. going have it's multiple that it's them. the the years our the to we be on players I'm

I say percentage, increase to we the that can overall as would expect next over an So few yes, years.

Todd Ault

giving to are we'll the I business, Company this are And all you And an to limit S-X with middle move after on to reporting the reason. very we order $XX we for here is comments to the filing S-X. we an So MLSE, can from that purchase of MTIX we're getting MTIX, in a And that as we're is filed. the commit million committed update. going to what's our happening say committed specific is

to our just committed Well, limit marketable know comments, pending. didn't to you an for S-X that there's an S-X we there's update we after out, here give S-X. kind the if we'll going the progress this we're are given think comments standby then want because want here. that, to of you saying I that I but here, get But I wanted the to but limit process. to And say anything, to

Ken Cragun

Yes. it love And technology, for love environment. can at the I do the it I what that. I business. I'll and leave the love

Todd Ault

this our our, category. added hired a expanding to Chris portfolio, we've portfolio analysts in and So we've investment including professionals Wu, in loan other

of and that we we'll DPL, talk some that So, we're and companies that too And Power next fact slide. at we in of to ramping later. slide, million investments and portion have targeted this loans is Digital think go inside Lending, we'll them go a really the about portfolio public later what up future about $XXX brought say, we'll acquisitions a I last portfolio is, be on the then the that let's talking

here I entire with because potentially here want our take Now, a for what not position full want to $XX gain the million in second. it's what have I time and we're of Alzamend. a we that is. We tricky a And reporting pause to did can on situation report

affected you we reported a kind the us how them while because operating quarter what you I an Maybe that million investment I of at how million we people carefully true and outline of of at potentially we Ken, wanted us best for could end had so you have leverage could to gain give that's XX.X can but shares? from a to an which XX as lot own that be think standpoint through And Alzamend. see actually gives to navigate on actually the can many the right the walk what the bottom, shares,

Ken Cragun


warrants currently on XXXX X.X bit We of security shares warrants warrants that own a end plus got agreement. our IPO. at little QX, yes, shares. got to shares, the, X.X It's less related in We So, those the million but million we we purchase on outright. the March

on we warrants by June. the Black-Scholes shares the price generated the outstanding So, took at $XX that multiplied are the stock and warrants and The closing gain. million valuation outstanding the

that purchase update agreement certain million security on Now, $XX the had milestones.

we $X invested million. initially So,

on FDA trial to trials So, or on it's million a Phase green-light drug million proceed clinical approval up ALXXX. front, first to was from I for was the $X $X XX million, Alzamend's

that So in, we X put believe million but after it did extra was, QX. I put that we we in, that

Todd Ault

a is subsequent It event.

Ken Cragun

event. subsequent Yes,

are So, $X we million commitment. that million into $XX

I. we the view getting a of of investment So, ALXXX, of that that successful rest as on our kind contingent completion Phase

gave and on investment, X we'll then, then So to that million right be that million purchase associated well. warrants the as another do no similar last on defined. milestones the And security also but the terms, in us agreement on million XX with put $XX there'll March

the XX additional current upside we with X warrants that. million go and position, have remaining and million So, our the from associated an that

and a kind -- warrants, own rites and of we lot a So, the own the this could on we to of slide bottom that's it up get we XX.X line all where we can up million to exercise invest to shares. should

as today of million outstanding shares We X.X are warrants. of common million X and

then So, parts are do favorable that. warrants and on but kind few more rights with overview. that's it, terms invest to associated have moving we of significant at There

Todd Ault

foreseeable clearly next you Ken the they that, know that what for you year, money future on outline for through So, we testings one their released Company and because don't their the get need capital. any the they're stage for was to Company's says currently they could of need now, already that see don't

if us, every need to about dollar So understand is they the it's million but for that of fully exercise only you and in price increase we this owns. while, not capital for in really to DPW total can additional see for were everything, not portfolio would terms obviously us important a that $XX.X for

higher And that every $XX would was so, million. $XXX our than purchase be obviously price over

in a we your and we're hopefully the for they're their into drug, to baseline announced lithium qualities in understand very what excited and go hopefully a later spend lot cocrystal the on to time we what September is day and year. are, watch patients its replacement with them vaccine doing lithium, the and ALXXX initial they optimistic So, of are we about be

reported have more obviously So, don't with we the vaccines and a Kennan other to because know the XX about what talk where get on trade, and for really and make to if stock more in with but Alzheimer's our volatility and the progress I they what power have going a any massive they milestones wall look treatments is as in is be this host earnings, here patients potential of indications AL-XXX happier. we is that And value at valuable, you participate has, shot to upside. couldn't of will and

If bit visiting, marketable you potential were Well, I've me about is I been think been really would the of little any shareholders convinced with this that covered? have anything investors there more ago, commentary position do us, year on a amazing. a something to haven't overtime, have or ask scientists a that researchers the for a you have my involved, skeptic with the I or that and our

Ken Cragun

Company in No. at right price. we into position I a predetermined the $XX invest to we're million to have mean, the fantastic do another more up because million to acquire $XX

the look. it's shareholders of best our that, So, will in do if we interest to

Todd Ault

need that, a the right most certain not obligations circumstances. I certain participate, to but And hedge or hedge most have but love the we're would not of investors think hedge rights, not to funds but people we these understand under fund, obligation. funds and

Outside So, us were independent here. of both involved what the negotiate worlds. involved Board here. help we here involved to think best we we've had here. were Scientists negotiated was firms The

And so I'm about. excited pretty

slide. next Let's go the to

our especially lot performance. a we're say there second, but -- position public years with of strong transaction this of and that, potential would any that to with digress TurnOnGreen. a Will only-goal, on financial Ken I'm transaction of our was IPO go Ken, I'll you to ago. the I potential the only or to here people this, we were let a a think counter Gresham for there Gresham let few that, a for calling slide? a public demise start business commentary on the going IPOs But in lot to go or go a Let's with of

Ken Cragun

Enertech, X.X Coolisys lending. day. the of the balanced excluding Microphase three you're X.X Relic fairly million Gresham, billion at see can you the revenue, then or trading all and larger and Relec, between companies Yes, and

MTIX prior you of we million then up Year-over-year, up. see International, I debt securities, total net assets cash, of in our up, That's Gresham significant in XXX up can all big the between there we which were On it's that that MTIX, of a X a is investments also also known significantly their think line, as obviously circle or dotted they subsidiary XX primarily this Alzamend related million from were and kind chunk there billion XX of parties equity is our segments. And Coolisys other we of year were quarter. marketable in million. on investments was Alliance assets. securities have were so big, business there. a on up about Yes, million, in quarter was we up Avalanche Ault

segments. business see good to strength across of all So, our it's

Todd Ault

Yes, see really out still take slide the substantial ability Microphase Ault to if side XX.X missed. there. they commentary the have, the really turnaround if Tim at important you the remarkable million, XX of I say you still the you Relec, are and I with results, $XX were really think even long you and just huge and J.R. line They're navigate you if Any at EV power not that think looked worldwide We're gains, current off a up by million be million mix on because that what then of revenue of to understand a see tail take still important and I pleased them it's would at a of we'd in of was Gresham that a contracts. really this picking to Long, electronics the business their Coolisys, killing just they've from with all the These calming for basis. staff it And operations contracts stabilities percentage their cylinders. and beyond Company said Ken and away blended pleased. place the on you taking Will on are

Coolisys And of Gresham, just pretty in look EV. at big is $XX on a a they're tear you themselves. business becoming, If getting started million

about -- I any So, run thoughts, Will? the we're really revenue here. Anything think rate optimistic

Will Horne

hindered has we've historically strong it's company there's been a the been been haven't all always capital. fair issues around this of because right? or if I over had a all Yes, we years, look mean, at you sheet, had really number, balance it's and last three four the

a got require EV months business that's publish some parent on Avalanche, So along that XX allows at I our strong pursue at in well right look additional we you've the International, the balance a and to that's that and that's XX we're for going got both over and our with we cash, as million in capital. to us to position company financial with success require to cryptocurrency, to got came talent. really look XX acquisitions execute, now, really, strong that going capital. all We've we've investment. balance if XXX to be really felt got got next obviously, position cash securities; Unfortunately, sheet, we're we Again, of businesses bringing resources marketable the again, strong on MTIX an a something as sheet, learn, needs now going we million warranted in

Todd Ault

call. I'm what I'll show that say budget, -- later That's I a our to in sorry, the cover show want conference used today risk commentary to the on the great. would or I give

One to of acquire strong our those of and sheet positive, wonderful with potentially, the changes EBITDA potential at the deals profitable, are I and really things put we're in that the coming that's acquisitions. long-term that Chris is companies balance that's think for ability us are the obviously happening looking that running narrative we on,

here. go the next Let's to slide

only powder. would We've we reached dry be outline people operating this not something is at think of little assets. public. $XXX we're hotel, to we a bit of the capacity, sort in of wanted XX% do consider So kind We to a, for million go that

Although, conversations our of It's go our have sheet. sheet. over there potential been balance sales million about about not that enough to It's really significant on anymore. that on X balance only

who's up year ability going talked MTIX negotiated if They Greyledge quickly. to AdTech we've to that XXXX at buy at negotiated Alzamend, I XX%. about who and talked that in get into We you buy the significant a a the about, for really in We potential For Pharma. there already. Company. look public effect I'm involved valuation would a people for go talented like AdTech about was Pharma. pharmaceutical progress, material made we industry, Alzamend there's It's And AdTech that there. for Pharma to position the amazing, of a to a in to of kind AdTech who's lot think Pharma.

road. and Now, be that in for think this you and I to granted, but that, for us to size, no happen, in down to down AdTech being will be is benefit should similar, the road, not scope, is the ultimately earnings material Greyledge, that but maybe public there terms DPW's looking very of something assurance in

pretty excited about And owning positions. those so, we're

I been to which activism, go a Let's slide covering to what is a slide. a the Will next filer specialize shareholder what This this having about in. sheet. an activist is I've talk XXD before, balance goes

SilverSun in You currently can SSNT. a on Technologies, this We have see Slide. position

Therapeutics, a largest identify the Briacell value. the Energy, then hope you price, big Company think some changes the kind that to Enterprises, to of changes you Houston, in to in the take some get entered icon BCTX, and where you got value from shareholders obviously there gas Company there, hope XXD a we're steel in a All And benefit asset, could things something you you trying at at Longview, active we look that position from could know the company with of make. oil you significant lower do, or and kind the position, of you have out extract can Houston position in We making acquire a those that model about anything filings Texas, and company you we're Texas, to management in of HUSA. there, if and Friedman where

entry If position XX/XX XXX. with position day. We this one, at the you exited, an and got entry XX started, average early. date the an of one we me I previous Will XX.XX. at We UUU of was this of is a had When bought believe directly we an examples helping on it's

return a around This basis, change. thing from You on we $X in October, see entered and of can late went rate when November. some from

take. of made at I Will, But, or it X.X was is think this meaningful. give this believe example actually an point something investment, $XX on hit one intraday. we million I

Will Horne

It was take. obviously. a or Give QX investment,

Todd Ault

to most I if candidate. publicly comment in we we look if if think I to of strategy or to them. of we've whether money, on SilverSun, I and you of as the with trying not at relationships management Yes, of can see, you follow, all. know are our know hard don't value these them, and these from didn't these the some with you you on activist all public of sort excrete Will, good made it Obviously more want to actively not. companies have not XXD having reported, we're at envision we want involved like generally do

Will Horne

-- been I that. bit a it's do have a war how to we chest little of think

success our others and continue leverage I it's opportunities. these some the to balance think had you identifying on and have at so and Chris a do are think some great We've far I team good to on of we this. sheet

Todd Ault

anything Well, sure. from you? Sure,

Ken Cragun

say I look right? we these ironic, though, would management. They're existing increase short-term The have position our they of short-term, would meant existing have market, think because in they been of than more a because and bit volatility. the to but it's healthy some is part companies only be we thought would management interesting, have a than take really results never better in can it's little who been thing We get this either we because or position at

Todd Ault

been short-term. have they Yes,

doesn't generally them. or but we're to I can of kind lift, of pool, a little of sort a make And think when we And add activity that we ultimately, bring wait lead to sense. some sometimes the value whale. you to got here into bit

sort we're assets to I to a a in XXXX. it growth about end a with of the probability billion what looking and those But is for think have just this future potential So, like a the not want category, assets. you people on would of the And to like getting return also, of return assets, on a company.

Now, here, should public categories, a Will we're amount of combination to liquidity where of probability? terms what investors shareholder kind dollars in equity to model financial to partner free or flow of with do of and not like of red by have companies the stable spin-offs, a about a assets the marketing transactions, flow, we capital events IPOs, any a to end everything certain subsidiaries of and free from billion leverage, these commentary cash that XX, acquisitions think like of on or hope have black a on we like are how financing looking through want the cash grouping mix in the parent have company going

Will Horne

flows, the business. the as it's lending cash the a ultimately, XX% result years down positive ultimately, flows mean, lending want real Because revenue companies place from this predictable. start the been of now, I that's we concept and And why the good unpredictable, will predictable a nice XXX then of operating see predictable and can we're love I that we've bit types thing I are to, estate. driver can love and streams getting key little like the can streams this that activities on there's to that's that about road buybacks, you I And from are trading always so next data you to companies. got distressed invest again, turn in dividends, on see those very that around really cash operating long-term. stable businesses the can at MTIX, we've going love category in Look, mix focusing years on the XX or share estate, Well, where company. at look real not look to estimated and you that balance you like a successful. from do be, the and those we at for investments in those opportunities center, look XX very, sheet can you've got growing operating that can an good revenue your fantastic only year, And lending overall of many a future adding versus and revenue but

Todd Ault

on this? have you do any Maybe commentary

Will Horne

loans, Yes, cash the on rather XXX we're although maybe volatile, chunk have been our lending that investing create activities than more big maybe be lending on flow, the weighted into would the million, investing. would I put that some balanced a and more in lending side stable or deploying heavily think trading versus if

lending have fairly side stable that the investing of predictable. to get X% nice capital So, that XX% of a being could

that's So, on another a and an going that flow us the return should real the chunk model targeting again, positive of forward flow have of cash then investment EBITDA lending, some stable for cash stable there. companies

these more approach, little think generate categories diverse diversified I flows. balanced, a to a sustainable heavily So, the But all weighted operating. of should three we have cash

Todd Ault

exceed to we attention attention the and shareholders is, bottom, little asterisk your assets of bring at would the that want really not when a I do the all I made strategic investors a to to that there's that in XX% decision cryptocurrency.

I of Bitcoin think way a you commentary about there's at to to this be in of you keep mark-to-market is the if on assets, or everyone mark-to-market. to no billion be have what and if assets, that, it in least million, it's lot around kind around not is I you Will, not wonder a danger and exceed would those because XXX, a million minus XX perfectly plus not being So, exceeding But in us that around there's that. give or million, exceeding got that'd XX XXX that way

just So, around high I why assets could thought want to to wonder we a level if Bitcoin? limit you on of maybe give XX% everyone our

Will Horne

based of now you markets. And could I take think to a talked that long-term look Bitcoin of right business we've the want Company, that to for EV have amount at goals XX% it's for type this holding Now, the equity. and of company, about what is access significant company a structure business the operating our are reasonable upon capital obviously

Now reduce right. be there we overall the that needs ways could do that with can and

you do phenomenal these But, having It's and or looking like on think we to at look and crypto out leverage IPO into at we minders, at power, thousand million. got megawatts Obviously, scratched data has the up electricity the that right center In us that of something can market. put In sort our I really facility, it some lot out. directly. minors, only going build for cost square You million nice crypto miners the of potential I and where about talking the can that now, I surface again, either targeting that. it, base of truly on going to XXX only way gives couple looking mean, that capitalized maximum surface it XX% it with XX now. feet. of or X, you be a you couple the options, can initial capital we us now, go gives optionality a merger build scale right of if start we've gives look lot believe And anything partner you the XXX,XXX at XXX only scratched markets of a company. that business. on you if another are orders are you look X, We've really you a but that to us company, where what megawatts, minders X it the really, I we've a think is our

Todd Ault

Thanks Ken. Thanks Will.

to Let's next slide. go the

example improper Wu. us really acquisition took kept headquarters Newport So example we We in wrap about Chris we legal the What We're can look obviously do half it. an Finance. a first public, VP in perspective and a course to corporate someone The improving. XXX accounting opportunity moved the office where deals it at from Alzamend of under very this going bring is. talented, here. we of is an the like office is And the Nevada, center and really of thing proven, Senior look you Pharma, talked of a do the assets. operations kind Coolisys, of Alzamend Alzamend. we in an Chairman can we right things Ken see, the in in it. is at quickly is deals data them we million but achieved York. of would our a they that going there. of you AdTech up All said are never an they that strategic goal what in bringing milestones and says really brought an XX% mean hired to year. think actively We've public. of it and New a strategic intimately Gresham Alzamend up if the We building finished of And driver we TurnOnGreen, proved and could successfully management EBITDA asset that continued over buy have the coming is update. and as it as management. has do team hiring. place Will an there a who fairly in team, we team could to Will Obviously, to which We involved This corporate We're is really

by their have So, that believe with I the not, our and COVID into. all we're COVID, thrilled And which with can't improving. I'm three dealing they're very go travel we now, affected performance, been way, with and employees our month affected office it presently still the or was in last

that of AVLP forward team top are just working to And potential and and International talked take we're green, up Worldwide on file about or These improvement Coolisys IPO name talked away. company. is go diligently the Gresham for S-X profitable hopefully COVID to profitability, you and MTIX that away opportunities still Alzamend and we that can at even go transaction AdTech the the already slides. unfortunately list Alliance on demonstrated next And about let's then, and change if someday the and call, Alta we've Worldwide, Greyledge. Pharma, public Gresham turn an significantly the line not execute, so the already TurnOnGreen, both thing of going growth We've to

want on technology. the bring that long-term NASDAQ we to the of bullish too. We're the So, value obviously to

that about that be here the be I well, about continue stubborn did think they're as MTIX that, on you continue is. that. manufactured, frustrations understand where commentary probably the any commentary to have say But about if to didn't capital where for. we we to Italy of I one into My had? and don't the we we rolling thing you've of and commentary what then would doll in needs. were fact a rollout manufactured, globally we're pushing full I here bullish they're Do know Germany, your maybe partially truly be, just And commentary the COVID complication top England

Will Horne

see can't a this I really year being can't. frustration. I as

having having year, human capital, or But allowed past financial management bulk capital make the and just those issues some a this teams in investments the it's was with whether think was and the struggles, capital it something to that technology struggled it was to some I start of really and AVLP resources and we historically. us sheet MTIX the execute allowed or, driven. and that balance strong to has of

Todd Ault


these things these IPO is you excited at I'm of well, at is one forward of say, when companies more Green opportunities, could event. about On right there's go you well, demand here, look can be Turn of think, and with public and or them the common five Alzamend look you onetime If these Gresham potential of looking a than we that potential you the onetime any But now, events transactions expect.

this their what look And the all with to capital built companies, management there's a out their market lot biotech a sheet? one that six on on AdTech is, couple Manny, year, own months own long management that Global and have in is time. with is potential for of teams, companies and be gets question of Pravin team, a Coolisys, great. forward and these especially world. Gresham, there? TurnOnGreen, drive has traded potential for own Gresham around have, five MTIX is their doctor so who's same. their which doing been a in public balance of runs And the the has doing with the to they TurnOnGreen, lot And if for to shareholders earnings with Greyledge. you the and and a them which that companies they're is Holdings who these here Ault their the the AdTech potential they They've separately own

here of more, the turned is there, you these that onetime think not They're just forward more thoughts I So, Any into events. get one opportunities events. Ken? time

Ken Cragun

well, potential these and think MTIX. we've on as as talked think think cannot you shots-on-goal be I getting the Greyledge massive opportunities. homerun I are I real. we're No, more Coolisys, AdTech, I head, in I Well, about and think think the are about past the hit there and shots-on-goal, shots-on-goal more it with there's the optimistic And

Todd Ault

of Because for sheet balance strong that sure.

Let's go slide. the to next

think about last potential running he about strongly involved you let legal and Counsel to look team, President, the slide. Henry going our Nisser, you the you James and When identify of and in the General of and at that acquisitions Will separation recent kind is duties I'm wants categories And and which some he's back in this built talk certain obviously what with additions. he's to So, Laura, there see.

parent You at financial really out to acquisitions dollars on sort talk get the Will Will you top of EBITDA the assets about trying I Horne. thought those new around a space. our can maybe to parameters to billion look line with you the operational and Ken's by company with the side look is then hires, build business, at of overseen reporting the strategy, recent CEO, which and

Will Horne


again, liquidating discussing, next maintaining two, things is gives to event. over consolidating publicly be think or that back anything the we real companies, some than that us that a or to general, the when more at either or companies, companies companies. traded that when right to acquisitions, That's we XX want we think we're at able price, nice fully the something able have criteria you buy So look operating flow. But historically. lacked XX five focused a positive it we an warrants one that's at slides, the I'm and to look, less opportunity the and as being said, were looked whether these different standalone focused in looking to significant we've of that going else generate operating going price went creative companies as thing we make on and estate yes, couple at you are If cash profits years, onetime about that to company. we it's on this and stock what's be position company But we're one, stressed get companies, it have a

down to strict anything that's care to of and So, Again, that it's every as has look I if sustainable estate, look Todd in at you technology. things it's one operating of company biotech all profits to going We're we're and sit we'll spaces, of the I time. I And areas, the real sustainable, look in to quarter. it's great we growth. a worth that be those having it's think acquisitions, opposed one open and different a just holding company. Otherwise, got but their something don't all that the not options a

Todd Ault

numbers risk on able but could not borrow explain everybody could side EBITDA, to $XXX my we'd put sheet picking you to talk an non-recourse borrow percentage acquisition was certain buy about we of Ken, private make we thought if say to let's balance Maybe million was revenue, except for I a company's were million non-recourse $XX million of of to that the of $XXX parent out But were for be million million, basis. we a the something equity, was worth to I on down, where wonder that here. that XX EBITDA. a XX some head in generating XX million? against you business say it

Ken Cragun

past deals for background the the great and us. the and that has on then contained flow like initiative, debt, under too large positioned Wu sometimes a leverage. to really that existential some great on He entity you can the of non-recourse think worry that because a and to we on within have as having model much debt Global we now, do that it But a has company perhaps a creating keep about an kind doing consolidated more within execute CFO, can that almost Right. cash public parent to we're Chris But entity. acquisitions background we those its be threat financed deals. In private leverage taking And because I on debt equity support the has if entity, a have described, that. getting Ault as wing.

performs more debt debt the to that equity from acquisition, they You value holders and debt, and the the value then make as the holders. shifts then the as to can company borrow that value, pay from holders, enterprise down

get Our an more in shareholders initiative. interest that overtime, of

on-recourse the then can I We parent it's keep very for for prudent and debt something us. So, separate there. it self-contained of powerful kind a some within that thing that safeguards there's and think it's that corporation be

Todd Ault

and comments some myself, the I'm Ken. Will We'll pretty from questions minutes bullish on probably of Company. have last going We're go the minutes, X to closing XX now. to

of going a this against we of idea commit some there well, one not general answer questions back Let's Will. I'm the is thesis. know stock? know Yet, buying questions. morning of I I buying to the to got was I And the stock. do are back

the have consider maybe thought I, it. and would the length. about I can talked commentary that potentially the There stock, stock trade buying you get You we would your continues buyback of and Ken's this if be there Board scenarios book to on at the or value? below

Ken Cragun

we long-term over the now, to where us I the now right that our ourselves initiatives a that's front seriously. our the and got don't in next seriously knowing a a we cash. for sitting on of say, stock we weigh it's evaluated time that's always people use XXX you've consider prime overall not I these wish years, we do against discussions okay, know little overstated. something months. time right and a now Board the would bit I and that, would always It's at that's got it to times million had $XXX a or in But had just million at I We've have of cash table cash. XX in buyback, it's buyback. is we've numerous and this Look, whether level five needs see look the know some and Right think next a and the better Yes.

Todd Ault

know Got it. questions, other Any you received direct haven't Gary, couple. I a

Unidentified Analyst

Are we any considering cash dividend?

Todd Ault

Are some number. call will we we that don't of considering larger a and for now I dramatic opportunity MTIX XXX around billion. a XXX,XXX a commentary, sort it dividend worldwide think can, would really the a don't the assets million, opportunity world business, we're flow consider million XXX if I have away cash understand dividend? think for XXX consider dividend from million the there in we key to achieved I we're people that plants I give the in would cash getting will. XX my metrics about the and around Machines we and when textile guess free cash cash but until

Will Horne

now, four them so we've they sort to five we're liquidity to entities some public or a of the companies standalone at make access path got right event or markets. can Again, that looking

a position able cash that, to a or think work considering when we I be through not dividend. we'll we're start in whether

table, I happening over not the off months. it's I that certainly but think something XX not envision it's next the

Todd Ault

people Yes, a owning cash be think I dividend. would DPW not for should

return unlikely don't the going the going really on have side. people fact forward. think given got I to I we're invested think other to that understood that capital high think it's we I

think him done David, migrated out people Ken, the rock on liquid And the have Will star people he's We side, enough base. last last assembling a shots-on-goal think And with have that being have key hope to going team side, don't now the to realize I'm place vote here don't the people took as we Friday. and we're passed, one has known. have from a getting be CFOs shareholder on to best at and we say with reporting scale we're CFO? that he enough to work we're recruited Those convinced we David selfish NASDAQ didn't shareholder Ken has I and realize and team have a assets. Thursday, around and which work market, that and That billion I companies. other Craig the staff I've that Will's and we of initiatives, really to porous company, question when Jean that at was that. and that rockstar, have great we're just work. growth. for I dollar work the We the a to we've multiple no ever to the me what in power. that potential organization, earnings And billion there's building that future come get financial

believe control. believe price. that'll every a I up just up is generate return. eventually show that don't we through stock -- can simply buying Company, almost Ault holding and stock that been personally could in private I And buying company So, reported I've the our been listen, I I've stronger day. Will Hey,

sell to check than simply, writing. people have choice. discount, want commentary that's the if their actions to I at a don't market's there us through speak I my other a So

So, any other questions there?

Unidentified Analyst

any investment [indiscernible] you Are Yes. considering Dogecoin?

Todd Ault

that we Ethereum I the future. Bitcoin asset can I going inevitable is we're Will to I we're with there IPOs? be question. And No, having or other now we're subsidiary there public. Will in be there bigger Ethereum. base Ken are that to go Dogecoin. stake or smaller, question any and said, with I perspective, not can that back in handicap I stick it's Bitcoin only obviously, committed go cryptocurrencies be companies, primarily generation investing got have a an of don't with will I to could we've be Will but cryptocurrency value, that? to slides times. there. the in think Bitcoin may XX% almost comfortable several partner I The in to if this either there. as goes and think right in from get a the up up number asset those commentary maintained company And I this

of half Ken with Listen, internal auditor. the have of any well You and them, months you Ken, on want being to next can on six hiring to your year, financials. to timing the then Will never with guarantee to And our wrap separate the set the anything going the add our then else with it, but word I'll stage to last ability the it working thoughts you and produce thoughts let first year? a Ken, up. Gene, here. We're has team I'm for

Ken Cragun

raise and and fulfill performance really company, for been goals time, to the capability. capability bottom or that half several been encouraging getting the type see holding equity the to private it's first activist and capability Yes, capabilities for that equity us, line has you've to outlined very great ability for years us the

before like like what's currently for the of feels very It's future's happening And it I'm encouraging feel I on table, are encouraged opportunities now. that and the And So, time. real it's and quality the the it's out us. together. coming with bright right

Todd Ault

any here? Will and process words thought final

Will Horne

historically areas. the we has is -- capital, addressed had in think, two lacking I again, One that. lacked been and Company

these profits looking operating sheet, XXX whether to help will We balance some order to realized are gains or in XXX to the opportunities grow that it's that to at we to increase certainly a get of have our billion.

doing on we're little we well us Chris this that billion. to really with think we've finance that's the think are dealt expertise just of been discuss we've that of with. side. ton we've name bit, and really call increasing into entering that the as today's there's we but legal together a brought into think expertise Wu. skill people the Wu But drive I So, also come or balance X does consultants was to, Chris help have. level on we those to think with I I go brought along specific I the like of And hires failed on not have set his all the sheet key know and And to going a We relationships what mentioned side come side. going also I

Todd Ault


We've just end it we've in So, never of position I'll where financially stronger. little on Will a stole thunder. this bit been note. a my been

strong. We are financially

We have lot of wherewithal. a

We've lot lawyer. our is going another bring Nesser, We of General have to Henry She's go who recruited Laura is good James just Turner. brought who brought up, I'm and it, there. banks talent a through behind us. Counsel on

the team Henry built strong James. really brought internal we're James over. around to addition legal wonderful has a and So, has Henry what been and

Lynn, of Gresham. Katzoff, at On the Coolisys, team David internally, Gresham side it, team the we have Ho, who at financial the at Alzamend, the Jean team Ken, management Worldwide,

making lot Ault partner Global. easier I where in business capital of us, Company we've allocate is really large story owner a at at He's behind my to my a job people becoming along Will Ault committee because decisions think with is where is this gotten is he really my executive a and partner. Henry challenged

Darren think of Wu, Jodi. don't that hired and and EV over the and Amos Douglas Joe so, And it that Chris and group that Gintz and together work in to come we've get we've and talented with of I Marcus people realize people with, side with

cake is great from baked think a coming there of That to I finally. going is you're not obviously into see there. upside so EV part things the yet, lot

can buy he we finally decent a really making going hopefully there's and what people buy can brings a getting now, assets out things the for you're bankruptcy. the think Greyledge. don't that move Gresham company; associated just AdTech valuation. the The people public a with balance ton strong with we sheet, buy. at Chris see is I with this with potential are we distressed of are of I that have even to towards TurnOnGreen, connected a and know think EBITDA. can things that up We We auction potential probably

a I’m that's of The So, more the future Company. I the on of never our been future [indiscernible] I bullish businesses, think on have call.

team legal our now. calling So,

and and everyone months. people positions. the of us. and being other you on Will It all shareholders with some much. so appreciate call. can was the Obviously, I six Henry So a Will thank Ken, appreciate great Vanguards taking you -- see to the I and the of stuck world

look thrilled allow seeing company quarter We're to holding a goals people you the pretty happening in get reporting this and our year. the and is to the base about and stable the of other happens milestones One shareholder of at grow. and quarter third third this end Company, to what forward the

Ken Cragun

Anything else?

Todd Ault

to talk Ken, we'll take Everybody you care well. later. be right. All

Ken Cragun


Todd Ault