BitNile (NILE)

Todd Ault Executive Chairman
William Horne Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth Cragun Chief Financial Officer
Chris Wu President, Ault Alliance
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Todd Ault

Welcome to our conference call and, to me, more importantly, a seminal event, as I said in the press release, about the future of the company.

On the call today, Ken Cragun, our CFO - Ken, say hello.

Kenneth Cragun


Todd Ault

We have Will Horne, our CEO and my business partner of many years - he’s on the call. Will?

William Horne

morning. Good

Todd Ault

Chris addition Ault smart. back hello, friend. have been Chris Chris, President my recent a in Wu, we Alliance. of has say And July, super

Chris Wu

Good everyone. morning

Todd Ault

go. Here we

XXnd? is--what It’s today’s it So date, the is XXnd. the

We’re AGH expectations thrilled first going but let’s about to of upon a made pre-record AGH; this performance, based to in of real excited the statements and in referred pretty statement, we’re forward-looking known financial contains which factors Securities message] expectations statements forward-looking within future pre-record, going uncertainties. information. the we’re cover strategic including a about. update are to and meaning slides little that of and results, are this quick, or as the presentation limited does current have presentation affecting implementation changes Everyone’s not Private unknown statements Holdings to changes reflect subject go. in market Act future regarding other [recorded the Ault Litigation actual Reform to the forward-looking statements assumptions XXXX, not undertake demands, to but forward-looking Global risks This plans about growth. Incorporated, just These sometimes such to

that recorded All this on the do website, Exchange amended periodic here? the Assumptions with the right, annual I I not set as Securities and and differ moving so on in December and in including found Form everything? tried that Commission, forward-looking risk reports www.sec.gov. results message] available information XX-K be how our Commission’s the in XXXX, filings ended from here. website, the cause it, and Exchange forth XX, its Is XXXX to year other [end information could of forward those can the move factors and the it’s recent for most in this AGH’s listed Securities including presentation report

Chief of our probably leadership really the - is Joe introduced Jason Chris relationship David some Turner, Henry Horne, or and in earlier, half Business James team, and the Counsel, covered Nisser, year Development arrow Wu this Obviously General introduced he myself, company of Gintz, Director President to we’re want we the about Bartholomew Officer. mention for sort - action that. a Ho, we we’ve over okay. instrumental of who slide Douglas and that sort Spaziano, happy pretty earlier, Will Magot, who helping I see, Let’s before, last the Craig, Accounting Jean and so, so Bitmain expand Darren us Katzoff, and

go and structure, highlights. a we’re of time, to commentary, we’re going the through Alliance to I company think to quarter news the through the of We’re in third This the people my the go to structure, - to for is which in going we’re for long focus initiatives best corporate to get going the then sort the meaty some stuff, scale, Ault XXXX. and and questions is try the the going process have,

This company. This separate two go change current will look which now this corporate dramatic thing at Let’s talk a companies, year is and towards about we’ll because quarter into the changing of an is third the highlights. end, to important later. fairly structure to be

XX a Same years. is by that’s but listed there they you run compartmentalized them Gresham, see there really CEO, for have and Alliance. Ault business. - You - a important digital subsidiary. run with JR’s We It’s unit TurnOnGreen Then power see JR Tim operations. Long, team, been separate an own not

we are list main Now, here, that every but don’t subsidiary ones are the these drivers.

and you but still ABLP, all Pharma, but Cloud MTIX, We is data since This miners, committed Services, this at people is there. been and reporting a the in the Alliance to reporter. had an which is process crypto we time, that. is center, I really that in. those working big give shareholders story. question, for a time, is the we long our to company know position know tried We yet are--I hedge been it’s that we which ’XX is up alternative some XXXX, really see is not really trouble. contribute still a Ault this fund, You public Adtech feel that the division, but the involved, equities, mean, which think worked EBITDA. [indiscernible], which have before long a of we’re the believe and we we’re tend who I massive MTIX through can know our data Alzamend, not so from which consolidate, really we of on something this estate great the by we and and with are it’s global Wu, center learned we’ve lot commercial people estate real like real to run Chris Agree, is ideas, going

out which what specializes high point margin, here the high is she things sort is seeing Chris in and One now, steady the a we’re We’ll of that talk EBITDA about of future growth, forward. going which generation, to bit in. as we’re goes going

$XX For The revenue is last - had from ended, dramatic a months million is different. our year. completely this in company increase nine we

dramatic of then prices, very was similar went of quarter, to skew little which marked one a of at which our experiencing we’re is going and gains you really because and books I created said can Alzamend that’s to own revenue, in went this that dollars chunk Mullen, it and because on market a millions of the our we legacy confusing the we’ve have you’re fourth growth, see $X.X already where of created for big millions gains, to and very the you cover because we quarter, think revenue for shareholders, things of them obviously have but dollars down. in transactions mark-to-market it’s this public, today’s million,

year more mark smoothness, to the so, right you’ll it’s moves quarter because now a bit we chaotic over a will of these we in that be see have see This so where the portfolio other public you next it’s market. or up, the but as large positions quarterly maybe act companies develops really--it a balancing little

rules, the by folks. talks GAAP, We this. law and - follow that’s about it’s the a called Now, lot Buffet way, the

of is big a to talked activities, of create about a lender about have so through go-forward is there. Alliance. our we very the it big statement, ton future obviously from lender lot nothing a for dramatic of volatility increase, and very really do contributor, is trading a The almost part does company your Ault a year. it of income terms part that, revenue. the plans. can there’s flow up Revenue That for we of You in The part big volatility $XX million of a

we’re opinion. and earnings go-forward that’s excited we and at of have drugs, to future Alzamend hear going as of whole we nine-month like mined. these a this doesn’t a haven’t two and two I profitability, read dramatic that. $X.X terms net talk on gain to neurodegenerative any, dramatic growth on before me a shouldn’t month, have We this to massive, that in revenue, everyone to expire is very be $XXX think a waiting a parabolic obviously old the place I write-down split real going very use the but And pretty very for I about my for own clearly can single clear, you misleading sold million treatments. Alzamend, market - million Crypto Alzamend million, there, going see it’s but you hope in this, yet dramatic to We option this company, a We’ll a machines. on because and are up. Obviously look BitNile, subject why a of income, want and events explain call but increase really so and, you’re the way see word this we’ll the on contribute of every you’re to because some buy these our we’re big about that one is and out, get--we’ve period, sort real to company the at the growth there. mark in change that I’m Indiana take to $X.X really--we to of we loss, so of but see with story, statement But company, already time assets it’s in escalation net starts had we’ve really you amount that unlike we the took our get companies that now. and far to got a X,XXX, very versus continue delivery our we to We income still a miners in XXX start new volatile we probably miners we’re than looking in thing, this. for grown this we and Obviously did did see old that does. backwards very of misleading Bitcoin turn in month month machines, X,XXX to when year in not terms of so it’s more story, loss all is how course, a massive you that’s pricing Bitcoin March

this volatility me make Myself to quarter this these have really of building But together. the been pay a this of together, XX% to we’ve that revenue been over growth a starting It’s off. admit structure blocks we of earnings. current story great see quarter. and they’re because lot You a creates now possible, sort for team and putting itself the for

before we want want to about this anything move all wonder at about this here. transformative--the comment or going all quarter we’re I So slide you onto to terms to do talk you in third at of-- if the to--Ken, comment about wanted structure you

Kenneth Cragun

the think unrealized to losses. swings I you Yes, or we nine-month quarter did so on because it. big on really We gains results focused touched see from quarter

that Alzamend, as had we we’re settled we still up is what’s out, $X.X forward a in in happy had so got life gain to big, and the then QX down deeper had almost at unrealized NASDAQ, we and the of going big have on then $X, numbers And on one look in We gone pointed run and large QX, position to they so Alzamend, fluctuations. ended position public you’ve happened kind the slide--yes? we’re and of But level $X, loss. driving today, you Alzamend in believers market unrealized a at position. in see QX on big dive to But our they to million Todd, big so and we’re kind in had have up big a what

Todd Ault

lender kind to in best sense filed them the was I portfolio we mark disclosed on of the We’ve the could that a cover to a-- big is this quarter pretty market, you publicly fact way market the of to the Ken, see this everyone--the to for cover Mullen. marked give we getting a hoping

Kenneth Cragun

QX. about talking You’re

Todd Ault

to I’m affects going that down your some trying positions how Right, here. maybe they’re see up that and just to and to thinking them explain quarter-over-quarter,

Kenneth Cragun

we’ve and listed stock’s taken nice trading There Yes, had in position positions. on we’re in NASDAQ, Technology Todd prior on performed position. the trades some made exactly, to we because one been good a that very and significantly have so nicely, their are that other they some on up Mullen well - is active was IPOs up-listing that have their QX. up that

We’re and here than we QX worked not specific have a really few quarter. a here that have the well to positions out are on trades more do through we far, but give very halfway few guidance and so

Todd Ault

$XXX QX have misspeak, Yes, I that’s it little Ken, there. than right that the giving any for but to point now? you we or of now? as right we’re is understand portfolio million not important Is is at of it The size to around a large less want the think approximately--I point. not all it is that it’s it do - remember that a don’t guidance

Kenneth Cragun

so. position Mullen, that Oh, larger on the we than warrants, plus and a have there’s

Todd Ault

in of I portfolio mean size but the the of lender. of No, the terms overall

Kenneth Cragun

right, what going and the Oh, it thing Worldwide, $XXX business. getting into have when Gresham assets where. quote where million the the going to to - about right. transition X, a is you to--well, One sit think shout-out Todd, bit forward, that’s of in and your of a Yes, we’re you defense lender Slide on is do

During they to the year. compared quarter, up XX% last third were

we trending contributed that to about the and at JR so to Worldwide up we’ve executing capital that, a the nicely, when Now, to perform they’re their and they starting allocated on backlog of additional do them again shout-out a Worldwide. They’ve Gresham little but to are how-- have as numbers bit talk been Gresham team

Todd Ault

of doing at I overall Yes, look of but any the for portfolio. comment one BitNile, a valuing run things long to gives line. done Let’s a kind and This structure time. I’m This reward that they’re I Will his the may of you this us sort acknowledged broad conglomerate doesn’t I on the at whole is we’re you second, maybe of we he know to thought us that, getting for why way transitioning third be to or it’s market say have would model and time, team, thoughts sort the Will, for is year aware holding we been others. diverse comfort and and - given the that the at how to little if we’ve on ridiculous the sort want this know my it of company date. we’ve company. the give a than Will could philosophy company quarter, Will, has all? what your mutes usually another I better because

William Horne

night to you compared look comment where on were third where quarter I just September nine specifically, Revenues and are as if we’ve of at of the have months it’s grown, we we well. debt the we’ve our eliminated but the day. level at all a last look company, right, today ended, solidified at Yes, year, virtually sheet, even - wouldn’t the and subsidiary balance that’s

reporting than our in is subsidiary million of in strong think of sheet. of which less it’s half so I total a it balance $X debt, Israel, we’re

we in look, part in year not back and in would we’ve fantastic more allowed what data XXXX. enter position so. that been ’XX extent it bigger started XXXX, of early in to initiatives If company. to acquisition the really in outlined. focusing obligations, attempted start we was on say bigger and we’re for the the the It and XXXX was has that us doing really to, this center. any leveraged, a we’d we into and December a because to these we acquired was really that debt when go necessary previously nice that financing strategic allowed of which meet scale to remember much It’s was really think are I scale, all currency not can than was wanted on crypto back XXXX that a We’re back I transactions us order the a what

Todd Ault

and of not to a the about to ramp-up lender although Yes, I with with have and we future talk current don’t that to did our that that in service operations your flexibility free money we’re point now on that, on lot need raise obviously with our talk important based file contributes up. what Will the think $XXX ability little generate don’t service and to of happy structure we debt. going you go you to for He all sheet, have is thoughts don’t flexibility or really where is Bitcoin given a cash said. XXXX need I emphasize about debt. Can less we bit debt we take in and actually obviously and balance to little set have flow leverage date. take to cash capital know, give future of really that’s to just deal debt, to money to and our than our said inconsequential sure, on we mining because literally bit a very shelf, debt capital want is flow balance the wanted this a to and idea our Will, The do sold million of we at the leverage a We have quarter--you ’XX? to a X% along so sheet, there, preferreds the we’re

William Horne

flows. debt a lot generating it some a businesses doing early was Sure, of positive so lot cash because in because to historically when had stage they of again we weren’t regards financings, service we were subsidiaries,

It’s looking the cash it puts you we will where to in flow, a we company, entities the be as flow out - raise a so looking and transform business example cash at perfect and generating can positive we’re are debt of are that, and at accretive that effectively, is companies that that. as situation BitNile considering. in order have are Now you we’re expand something you go

not this at though. made have point, We any decisions

Kenneth Cragun

the that of can brings that’s within is financing financed. they things I thing--you he’s I entity up structuring target think these transactions to stay Chris the some an to acquisitions EBITDA guru being a so I in one very important know, have know there’s table Chris know that within self-contained can we some teed on those. company. we leverage positive with debt actively working of that have couple is the a

Todd Ault

look we important of going Marks, perspective in been debt Also, subsidiary maturity able really financing money here. take financing of important levers a background so brings financing company team at that’s and next component holding has really going is his equipment and of too, Chris Chris really a that’s have a and of at company separation from equipment the this the the us, when miners, for at lot financing, borrow versus power kind our how level. that ability to a working a we happening is to to and it and allow factor expand you this Yes, to terms because the really Carl us etc., now do lot level, forward, from versus to equity Teneo an of to to with non-recourse pull to be a

want things of to the transition started? look Will, think Let’s add this forward. what This what slide is of going do I think--Will, like path new real go through here. anything quickly you the sort do get before to we

William Horne

is I mean, this outcome. think a logical Yes, I

significant standalone think really over signaled that if to become market entity. going BitNile and months, a and back you look you the XX XX, If is last what at the we’ve look to I is

forward that sheet of multiple maturing that it’s a we’ve we’re that. where holding as different which structure as the aggregate close be basically significant very you having until we’ve distinct balance it Again, of in like where and to and company ultimately talking a with Todd of sense and then got miners, is for can $XXX course standalone company to a will of million spun Ault recent the be BitNile, the miners, in Alliance, If are this resulting move purchases that out. revenues look that will point companies from the announced so makes derivative they they’re position out that, situation the at

Todd Ault

new a you here touch Maybe it. you’re Chris, had I DFI any know and big structure. a if fan can the a it component you big of little I wondered about commentary on of bit. pretty

Chris Wu

about as our them, technology a all we believe are technologies, for commands just across really and in bases of sure, time, I’m pretty optimize strategically pillar essential that to just to believe so as of will which in variety excited and is be the which can that quite in take most very well. centralized various because the we blockchain especially which of and the mining and our transformation an miner interested is discussed strategy the therefore be we be grow--BitNile DFI critical, one an the is also blockchain DFI we advantage investments to innovations ecosystem, will to a evaluating pretty will of the development have transformative our beyond BitNile of as expanding additive investor crypto so expand currency of platforms, important earlier, assets opportunity help significant, very we of so

Todd Ault

power at but the story, understand different on I earnings call and power. chart two this ask of really kinds an look everyone is to earnings this

because lender, miners when mining for You for is in miners and March and X,XXX This XXX, happening X,XXX put TurnOnGreen relationship Ault story, be you the We’ve changed has $XX a things in putting about eventually going and with those yet, a six on the direct All long been the kicked month a then up in not obviously months, still narrative some and an a had staring new or a float this with on business, and and right can’t I now, and really are of relationship other side, with changes business that IPO. August earnings delivery and SPAC we table and million as already the X,XXX anticipate see is now in, year months, enough estate stress the you month month the an and to miners, at, then on Alliance, think, then hasn’t is with especially see ramp EBITDA term would green time. every a growth planning there. real BitMain, anticipate, which a this to our in transaction with month public real Agree, we’ll that March, is vision. with and high sort of of are the data narrative. we of the then power I’ve XXX or that the center sort BitMain I that XXX earnings we we do capabilities, XX But either

there, We’re Gresham that lot a shareholders. but of not we and anything do opportunity their know confirming TurnOnGreen so transactions, to public own looking for are future

it changed If shareholder someday, holdings, Global public DPW BitNile your to you’re going you’re old it’s portfolio two of you’ll up Alliance wake Ault with own important to when name, a companies. in its understand Ault so the

the to now, miners percentage consequential very hash with Ken, rate. it, do we the hash scale think thoughts total on everyone’s all it’s here? here, the an is want it attention Ken, disclose this the of about rate? mined, we have but talk talked Here can X,XXX of hash mining the the size you I our miners. issued if you - I’m depending haven’t X-K, any and we have. release a a proud the this the about not that to did terms certain XXX did is Bitcoin in buy of of scalability delivery, bring and in fact additional that as of to XX,XXX business that and miners rate we because miners about what press the we I chart

Kenneth Cragun

data because miner public play term and it a being pure some when exciting about in the we standalone what’s is centers company, initiatives. would with fairly crypto this a near think DFI Yes, be BitNile

there always higher brings - on when U.S. have terahash, price X.X over an X,XXX XXX miners, As on on weeks, we X,XXX to that that You $XX,XXX where is, [indiscernible], we’ve at great to market rate what was it these and install been exciting company know, last right? the of them $XX,XXX are put level the asterisk few pencils at per table, to total exciting. we and we hash nine get are they’re of Michigan out and in this where we $XXX XX,XXX these we margin of we’ll we’ll performing million very you good revenue. we--well, road, our we a depends as forecasts rate million to be It’s to revenue the $XX can difficulty see but about months quarter XXXX dollar then It in depending the ramp through out million, in that out these probably at Bitcoin. month, first on revenue exit market, you see the Think the in last is as miners, our as to miners model, a put exahash, the penciling the and so year-to-date the as X,XXX run it’s projected. Bitcoin, just and as it rubber’s of $XXX scheduled up was hitting as

it--and Seen Crypto and Joe, capacity machines, just the data great space, a a definitely that, lot center and it’s racking Now this. the is getting new beautiful, them very our so a done we’re it’s team, we’re - so--yes, very ramping been in it’s excited has up. about of hard. who job there working clean, up power the on matter of with

Todd Ault

I help that mine that in million Brian that underwrite to that forward, $XX,XXX of center. to I there. we’ll BitMain not enough incredible. difficulty us joined weather, I’ve $XXX with depressed Michigan, develop forefront really live sort the Michigan data Crypto want a of that to foolish is there assuming attention would what’s team, we It’s to do happen the as speak. going really levels, you the some and to current others BitNile everyone’s the out $XXX with we Caesar, and have say still million the $XX,XXX going to Darren, build Joe, center of price, data team, in perfect people, to bring relationship as Randy, so video with were Bitcoin this at done

We’re not there Bitcoin. out saying, $XXX,XXX we’ve hey, got

six of If the at there the understand best five, sort producing with years pool, the later, the scale, terahash. so in shortage chip the we’re the look you miners top upgrading of still mining and XXX difficulty are SXs today, the world

mining? know can here to win any we’re Will, we’re your what win at to be investing, we’re see in You on it brain here. been commentary doing it, we’re to we’re there. investing it, work in I that mathematical has

William Horne

has exciting. good a job I think Ken done it. It’s explaining

entry SXs in into If Things again that mining. currency changed, our we - here, have but was we’re you transformed. history the up looking it’s get wanted miners, original go back, crypto and at XXXX to to XX,XXX and obviously brought you

were, to the be in the SXs entire changed where think center, now so miners control it’s of obviously than our industry. power that excited, XXX%. to data a the more your have good We’ve We is company. dynamics handle transformation costs, that’s able which electricity efficient put the new and I of the much is couldn’t driver I costs, on this profitability, operations the why the more in we’re really overall are right our a and place got primary time

Todd Ault

and a once on month we we to putting to on so process, out we’re more miners and to mined, Bitcoin publish committing us you know be transparent, committed that, want mined of growing, to this to thing weeks, a than a we and shareholders you that all be that. two do release more at if number very be of doing basis the what mined. installed Bitcoin monthly earlier, important a would - we BitNile and to expecting we want show we’re press every will months, that the nine that total than website One is I like lot said in look This

William Horne

SXXs, that the installation assets of important that it’s October. understand, of effectively putting These very just end and course service. then and Todd, in in those been completed at when the September, in Well, to initial started went tail in we have

Todd Ault

to Will, a of a timing all completed you’ve and the were pure is is by balance raised this people restructured a the look the million to player It get and We to point, shareholders why pure way, and mining and want transformed sheet, of the thanks process. Yes supportive good is we $XXX we of trying that during we this from it’s reward really be the that money. time got play--it a at very lot we’re DFI of company, here. a raise play the and - sort in lot shareholders the ATM data, things, with to questioning but

things no What we’re a say, at looking what with they $XXX wow, and a lot the see million, there forward, that money? debt. if do generated $XXX Obviously number going are million? going of One with you of flexibility they to

relationship to we go why obviously you’re look going out see financings miners there invest an hash you in additional with continue as we pretty us opportunity expand, cash and to rate, miners us going to to to see but generate We’re pay and for with buy start that down that’s much for BitMain. continually the continue and any do more to also to

the see carbon credit, can did Dubai. XP, in commitment our really the new transaction we the You to a that fascinating with in X,XXX miners green

bring to potential here, don’t the I onto Alliance, every in want we Chris list for about conversation Going acquisitions. subsidiary and Ault

where their be your the you these contemplating not EBITDA looking of everyone of can sort but model. done like? want - we’re of to growth, she them, talk are parabolic high transactions is growth, which in transactions Chris, as sort look about steady focus I you at general we’ll BitNile, from shift a goes revenue thoughts? to kind Now obviously Chris,

Chris Wu

Sure Todd.

one been joined think on I the company we’ve I that’s of that opportunities actively since focused in the July.

and terms of Alliance unlock income is companies going through that actively But they that moving we’re commercial therefore across with conventional, and don’t phase Ault juncture very but in is real EBITDA growth, with to say hoping want guiding do a with time, forward. longer reposition an from as insofar where are opportunities an that but value from pursuing to term able to requiring quantum BitNile net appropriate Agree, estate at a in at mature we provide Alliance but to we’re that companies new also of appropriate for real are subsequent secular capital provide so Ault quarters what believe to We at obviously same and their expect will understand from revenue our moment, people the be they see--I entity the is and I to with to meaningful. types Again, a Agree what the in them. the applies don’t development no a that’s are mature therefore shareholders operating from assets more that revenue also towards the we’re estate standpoint, margins, already EBITDA more strategically perspective. be perspective what the stable recurring of obviously looking case that’s that’s would a platforms,

Todd Ault

onto next the I’m go slide. to going

year. Let’s have. on now. talk name the symbol. own we’re we company the Holdings, and which secured any be before its the The already The the effectively will that’ll NILE new initiatives be reorganization the based the new the BitNile We change center, will data will DPW end symbol of name mining - what about operation, N-I-L-E, doing DFI

account. dividend and to to could have DTC the Some This into cash able but reorganization, of a pay that. a contemplating to transactions. to simple always and the that beyond BitNile it look XXXX thing, you special on we’re looking a is ’XX at issued contemplated working wanted things to be we’re available have Bitcoin based to company for We because at you that complicated thing a as ’XX make Not on the our Obviously really generation your side, dividend, a have if and think have wallet, shareholders. these we’re to brokerage dividends. that possibility being a so it going we we’re goes in see on you big you that are

operations other of in out sort of power be looking geographical strategic locations to at to future, of be chain as in procurement want will - at future earlier We terms data expand. then to to we Michigan. means said continue the that acquisitions XX% out course, the centers For BitNile as mine mining of of We’ll expand top And the side. there. of looking we’re the the being at Ault going in initiatives, we food Alliance top for

and forward to be going the what’s pretty So happen have you’re dividend, name, wings to with you’re new a special data, shareholders. is waiting in a going December, and obviously what this really Bitcoin going up to and to wake much for DFI, going in you’re subsidiary hear new symbol then going to a

math special see in the but the do the does it XXXX? large a if everyone be for math, initiatives what any could happens. could comments Will, You - dividend, we’ll

Kenneth Cragun

Will, you’re muted.

William Horne

here. apologize, I’m I

it’s operations much and a BitNile extent modest. the execution, of from is is of - companies, XXXX significant other of the work continuation putting our capital to expenditures a XXXX subsidiaries. right, real capital standpoint and obviously that the cash more talking to the we’re requirements entity and advancing about it’s So simple and investment,

Todd Ault

the Ken, right, any All of comments on XXXX? for slide initiatives

Kenneth Cragun

slide previous shareholders. if capital reward our the to at need it’s capital margin, but we available will available, doing would million to we’re to if a we revenue back you out $XXX that back to--this the saw important we Historically understand you XX% that investing that’s in point the business, we’re capital, of where of some have numbers and think in have be dividends. carving be Yes, on at lot would that a for it we -

Todd Of figured get to it that a crypto, to course, edge, to in out. we’ll do cutting leave like want so pay dividend something

Todd Ault

if that law, it’s what you’ll We’ll and know something we I’m the mean to board, cutting Delaware the can, is there, this bottom, subject of we and see edge idea. can. and profitability not fond it’s happens obviously I approval but Hey see the Bitcoin done. been mining - from of [indiscernible] pretty I

obviously Power of them we’re mining investments, other smaller mining, so special very mining - on change, really control Ault we’re this at a Bitcoin what Update and size, control for the some and symbol pretty Alliance the to it possibility of and up XXXX. Sort summary, subsidiaries today. but right? for of future at there the two December excited potential some that Look Alliance The and intensely, Agree, pretty BitNile we’ve and the and side. will we’re update in in look subsidiaries, pretty them, at that. Cloud look then many go, name on dividend not going wrapping to looking operation. we dividend, built, in relevant what then We’re change NILE. the for hard, corporate Restructuring name on there’s special and quite Biweekly on TurnOnGreen, DFI Gresham, which we’re will Services of transparent updates development. future the Digital change of looking time the

Chris, we any As thoughts? wrap this parting up,

Kenneth Cragun

mute, on Chris. You’re

Chris Wu

really. Not

you time, I your we a for think it you’ve value unlocks press summed believe Todd. already is stated up, this seminal in This release, and as shareholders.

Todd Ault

appreciate much that, thoughts? any Thank parting for Will, obviously. Hey, Chris. we us, you joining so

William Horne

date. I think Look, XXXX success to been a has

million announced raising fantastic capital. done I the think we know the I ATM. a job of we’ve $XXX completion

at you above is were If equity that significantly our company average today, financing, selling was securities the it where so-- trading look under we that at costs

Todd Ault

great XXX average. average, average XXX A -

William Horne

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Todd Ault

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Kenneth Cragun

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Todd Ault

much. everybody. so Thank you, Ken, Thanks

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Kenneth Cragun

everybody. Thanks