Sharps Compliance (SMED)

Jen Belodeau IMS of Investor Relations
David Tusa President and Chief Executive Officer
Diana Diaz Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Gerry Sweeney ROTH Capital
Rob Brown Lake Street Capital Markets
Amit Dayal H.C. Wainwright
Kevin Steinke Barrington Research
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Greetings. Welcome to the Sharps Compliance Corporation Fourth Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation [Operator Instructions]. And please note that the conference is being recorded. the Investor to Relations. turn Belodeau, host, now of IMS will conference your over Jen I

You begin. may

Jen Belodeau

Thank you. Good Compliance fourth morning, and welcome fiscal earnings to XXXX call. quarter the Sharps

the we review and Diana outlook, performance, remarks, Diaz, today their David take we Officer. On Chief President operations the while P. from our following and the David formal the Officer; P. and will Executive call review Tusa, financials. questions Executive Immediately Chief company's participants. will and have will Financial Vice Diana President business company's call

as outlined factors me at during today. As formal sec.gov. being company portion out actual cause David. may earnings you're over These statements which in the well as by the uncertainties, are aware, With These make differ other are we to be teleconference. results well filed Tusa David Go to Commission. this and some apply from to Securities it question-and-answer factors review. in forward-looking the that subject where statements future documents let we ahead or way, events, and at are the our could Exchange in to of Web site materially can These the as presentation with risks of turn that release, to and our found as

David Tusa

as outlook. XXXX Thanks, the quarter and previously Jen have about year going about our call. the earnings and speaking same I fiscal good just morning, quarter I'm practice everyone. continuing Thank and in you for the with fourth participating business informally to really the

much XXXX profitability, that great company. is and it’s had in outlook. you, most fact a to year and important stronger year we the I fiscal revenue addition to the quarter tell business, the as So the in me We ended and got the growth to success

much $XX for plant strong in sheet cash. route capacity, greater coverage with balance infrastructure, and million and our geographic have business additional based additional route based very We

addressing, we what medication. much is continue and this positions company opinion, and leadership my need medical just our larger we're a unused to in So regulated market waste support the in

of the our greater Now during the relationships. our we date. of in served think to efforts I covering we business. lot be of and all also pandemic offerings. COVID. I superhuman disruption that. customers accomplished We and or recognize we've can’t delivered think that discussion had business something our We strengthened during for to solution that importance, have without a height showed of Further our customer maybe no COVID-XX/immunization course customers said And And the equal business there's we even

it's is to couple business this has a the combined the So regarding orders the business. COVID in and while for business. in and last And months of customer the our the about COVID seen mailback impressive great as $XX related June quarters everyone the and season. both quarters, happy very news, $XX represent date to we're were very revenue million related The immunizations billings, start slow. over have about March the is of they million high Immunization in to

shorts current current fewer slowed. has quarter as September of September the so the fewer there's quarter, activity And to the during in date, So mailback shots, far result administered. quarter a

to a the accumulated facilitate have being administered slower So fact shots portion least I fewer of from be quarter customers to used our flu perspective inventory, the orders, September have they leftover may plus inventory some timing related that rate a that immunization a of XXXX with the and anticipate season. expected can consistent at some than now,

will immunization XXXX, we adolescence looking the related potential March but and includes of potential, they which -- receiving and their by resumption initial the adult be the the the XXXX for in XXXX So vaccines. quarters, December, into June following, And an guarantee, not driven increase past September remaining quarter the larger year have and a customer the billings. fiscal

FDA if look of numbers, vaccine, country, As season, approval of make XX, that for fully as immunocompromised flu months flu. seen many and that fall the eight I could additional at and will receive adults, which approved hopefully, that we’re just like today of are And for to Americans there fact on in boosters, five the be would the be news which strong shots the that at COVID we a they begin their higher. one the second one of about the recommended to -- can vaccine early vaccinated as just the The the this the September matter additional zero you four A adults the there shots this will rollout for shot. XX% has on that news children's as be of after XX.

news shot this a news, watching which for we're closely. in So reality month, be to looks development big is big the But us. third next really here

know, many past you much immunization of mailback business, comprehensive We're hazardous we're and an services. moving the of waste than immunization So pharmaceutical business. as provider a more medical,

and markets use a service and provider. small a end focused We key We route-based over retail. opportunities mailback and market. and a We the primarily play generators route-based to of achieve in XX% and the to our of last They in the are as our to this, XX% had not of play our XX We're the the annually. comprehensive route-based population footprint a going to company We we're positioning in but quantity key growth officially to our continues direct company role years business numbers in business the healthcare service plus have serve business. states, bullish continue infrastructure the seven medium seeing the the the penetrate we medications. as that on our growth, to growth with remain they're role The business business. the further think about

have believe opportunity continue are year we there Our ago, to locations XX,XXX. to growth. we customer the over Impressive XX,XXX. trim. about And now A were

COVID focused more the this growth. expanded on The not sheet. acquisition growth. initiative long-term business guarantees similar we one versus growth We back to acquisition our on organic offering think unused Now of with start get with the goal provides organic units supplementing growth our a of have MedSafe the strength viable undoubtedly were strong I we've medication, continue as with part past. We're to the business. think possibly Unused by route-based track rates COVID-XX in on pandemic. play care line And you and activity the or flexibility that. on future seen The and starting to of us seeing the continue many to growth but what front. just from we’ll more know, balance big thing The worsened And our opioid that about company. We're of slowed this in opportunities of to in remain route-based some retail we medication. much focused some and was MedSafe two the more during supplement the minute receiving quarter great epidemic the around on orders pharmacies as infrastructure these and actually a returns be medications our been September has will

a where we as seeing like leading there. we so are is solution, MedSafe Our

a larger a and day just again, year geographic with word And extremely dedicated, base quite So build infrastructure, We well plant balance in XX our increased we and a route-based the with everyone's positioned strong sheet growth company coverage been ended and time. the additional one much for employee cash. and quick further more capacity, working on hard.

busy We they've been they've get my and recognize done. thank getting done. what is And them it's have them for ready to for to what to We want guess busier.

Diana to address turn So the over more with that, a I'll bit financials in who'll it detail.

Diana Diaz

quarter The Sharps million in to increase route-based our business to David. in revenue or Retail pickup route-based of as immunization year. reported $X.X in $X.X million as million increase of of quarter billings quarter, $X.X the $XXX,XXX. fourth fiscal to of $X.X the an million XXXX, prior than in year billings the our $XX.X in in in same billings fourth retail primarily MedSafe going $X.X quarter into you, which was the of period. million, increase million increase market the fiscal and XX% immunization services the business, were our an quarter. million were business Thank customer prior billings $X and $X.X forecast primarily XX%, XXXX our at with immunization services of compared million related compared an to MedSafe due for pretty of about fourth of year $XX.X to orders million an the increase the $XXX,XXX. due Customer driven market quarter increase an Professional higher XX% business to grew million which increase increased in increased $X.X XX%. in by Related the the $X.X fiscal or during quarter to we year of consistent is XXX The of million. million, in $X.X last billings installed of fourth is of fourth fourth XXXX

Our the retail their a mentioned, into focus still traffic quarters, potential the they June But and COVID and COVID. on the up higher March pharmacies. our on than related process indicating as the installation quarter were December, a XXXX, X% pharmacy MedSafe months March large program in of customer quarter, and annual X,XXX preceding response over could note, as positive summer accelerated with seeing and year current customers MedSafe retail so David activity that liners of more deal we're minimal the prior XX% for in XXXX lot sales

significant levels believe this a and and fighting term Therefore, crisis. MedSafe medication and once a we pre-COVID the of said we penetration we traction. is continue to is to temporary contributor we further there's billings believe that disposal key return MedSafe for long to the safe gained see in a to meaningful As sell the vaccine expect situation care installs medications opportunity lower previously, lower has the unused program unused market the of opioid quarter

each our fourth of will portion September consistent treatment sold forward about expect year be address to margin The of route-based the in $XXX,XXX XX% we and looking installs by $XXX,XXX quarter. quarter. that investments of December this a this the immunization for gross the higher installs to with So of goods the quarter result XXX of XXXX of was of $XXX,XXX with emphasis per in fourth a XX% in in take in the infrastructure quarter increase of year-over-year cost about us. increased about XXX quarter designed gross year. other revenue or expenditures number autoclaves, to fixed Gross fourth would level plants, quarters, units associated for as of points the business last Incremental margin margin increase basis reflects and

and XX% was or and per or XX.X% sales the the member Without EBITDA revenue comp, diluted stock EBITDA in per incentive We the debt income of in SG&A related net the fourth operating and or primarily the XX% diluted share to been We XX% $X $X.XX PPP and and fourth generated or in by debt $XXX,XXX continued revenue PPP $X.X fiscal fourth company operating EPS operating Without to in the on or or $X.X share a our X% for in fiscal investments quarter reported management quarter of of compensation the increased in of of for in quarter. in quarter. fourth in the of million million margin basic increase of This quarter reported an million diluted revenue is quarter million for compared current of year's of of XXX,XXX XXX,XXX per Program per quarter. impact quarter to EBITDA loan would to XXXX have cash, the PPP million last of gain Paycheck or Protection share $X.X loan year. forgiveness marketing. about impact and XXXX. of board $X the $X.X compared Our $X.X of XX% this of million expense dollars forgiveness, We adjusted loan forgiveness, increase of XXXX. income the reported $X.XX fourth of XXXX of $X.XX last of income fourth The $XXX,XXX compared the basic quarter quarter. the million

million Now, services the to to XXXX million Sharps and grew as was year. or year was $XX.X in in fiscal an by $XX.X Customer prior in compared year $XX of and in referrals, or increase in year. pickup XXX% in of compared $XX.X billings billings for revenue million in market to for million million net for billings billings million route-based increased due million year for million reported business the primarily medication $XX.X related XXXX, immunization to results. in million $X.X net immunization XX% of prior take the $XXX,XXX. billings partially the market of a And an million the billings XXXX XX% for waste in customer an Long-term at fiscal related deferrals Retail increased of volume we'll of compared the care million of $XX.X were increase The to in an related primarily $X.X that and increase $X.X increased our of $XX.X million business primarily for market million. pickup increase look our $XX.X to an XX%. $XX.X management immunization to $XX orders to XX% XXXX to due supplies. offset unused of COVID-XX decrease in retail increase an ancillary by prior increase an Professional business of increase $XX.X an full of services million. of market billings million $X.X at driven increase route-based

and Our portion $X.X as by result year goods as infrastructure million in route XXX of plants, $X.X increase partially last expenditures would to basis That a year. revenue, other designed to address our margin in of treatment billings immunization leverage investments to XX% last of from higher to full and fixed offset XX% market is XX% the compared growth. year-over-year the cost fiscal for to manufacture to increased facilitate for year, increased the the in full our and million our autoclaves, Gross compared points. pharmaceutical sold $X.X based primarily be to increased to business year this in XXXX of fiscal million the XXXX

the management marketing. stock margin SG&A forgiveness year of and costs, We related in $X.X increase and XX%. operating year, the recorded million a in operating and increase gain on in incentive increased compensation primarily And cash, due member of expense income The For $XX.X we $XXX,XXX for million a our XX.X% to and $XXX,XXX is $XXX,XXX including to board continued would to as mentioned, up diluted of for sales for $X.X share benefit share prior investment an million the impact XXXX. diluted million million of reported previously been the in $X.X $X.X $X.X stock of loan EBITDA adjusted the benefit during and Without PPP or mentioned quarter loan year as million million of XXXX. XX, Without our million fourth effective $X.X PPP $X.X of XXXX, year associated to The for associated revenue impact rate $X.XX loan from for was income our with reflects We the the of compensation of forgiveness tax share $XX.X last XXXX million with X.X% the of per compared million of XX.X% June $X.XX fiscal We loan current XXXX for $XX.X remained prior solid from EBITDA million the the per the was year. the or year. $XX.X to million, end cash or back year. generated last of year. working XX% David the at the turn of or And is up end have balance XX% of PPP over forgiveness of $XX.X year. debt revenue forgiveness sheet year. EBITDA million per call at I'll that, EPS $XX.X for And the $XX.X permanent to for the PPP exclusion the on of the compared income. for our of million of the gain net net reported full diluted debt with of income of David. taxable the $X.XX or year tax capital increase

David Tusa

let’s open up Operator, questions. Diana. Thanks to


we time, this [Operator be session question-and-answer At a conducting you. will Thank Instructions].

Capital. from with comes line Sweeney ROTH question of first Our the Gerry

Gerry Sweeney

there how expectations? a talked develops any of go know cetera. year? to et And start given for forward you activity we've being bit as about shots, taking year. lot your out setting in the slowdown. a of vaccines we this But I retail this is this front. the little the of to setting, How about basis about a Obviously, want on I place talked on retail vaccine matching I vaccines rest boosters, is look to rest in disappointment the the thoughts adolescence, feel on do the you mean,

David Tusa

I surprised nothing, shots think everyone and good Americans XX% mentioned a we were the the of in setting. retail with adults that is about felt with of that was it received have only bit of I What the we XX% surprised a surprise. vaccine

side, -- had we But Going forward, it. tell let vaccine stand in fiscal for million the world the at And to I'm and if bit just billings. me March going of you math at I XXXX here. how and for in June do look look quarter, $XX a for little my I back year

right X We long-term quarter have million about care. the December for in

XX it call million so far. So

So I I be of in approval understand, waiting adults. there a lot, increase, Day. increase I that population that going will Labor but is vaccinated which percentage from the some are understand are do be a to there's what not some around full think FDA, the From not the that for

let's that mailback, XX%, adults it’s say So is XX. the mailbock used XX%, another, I will up same may know, I get this, for used that fungible. pick like it's XX% in we don't the say look immunization for flu, our XX is

quarters. June couple are and place the orders the bake the for part they really March orders So of September, last that the all quarters, of were and they June typically in

flu So received September. like made been looks purchases it it in orders for we million or June have that I'm designated far, guessing will be X initial like looks of so would about have the that the

of over available would in couple think you five take are XX, they're you booster from XXXX. But bit dollars gets know So million everyone for knows. the to you get and a be the instead will million booster. it's who is the which of children's you a the in put to if since be two, there about fall that really at opportunity to little to XX folks if we the zero of then season. is were entire just related And if received vaccine the you that, XX business looking The you at that going away the to COVID, supposed the XX XX vaccine going believe the shot one gives

and at looking happen. all maybe roughly things XX these you're So if that's

So some was we'll in have used flu, have. that call that some not probably remaining currently XX, additional that stock it they flu

million, XX closer So XX maybe we get a million. to

XX quarter, XX so the million So We've what all to some that's those with million million, now that to you is morning that change tell we've seems slow. over available because September September booster And happen, make if $X.X in, far. -- about what of XX The million, what received it quarter all that the the about $X.X million increment orders. in million this this. will September XX sense. of we're things I announcement has of received although happened been may being XXth. and

So on maybe December more would XX million, related probably a roughly, it's the I I to boosters. number hopefully, it. -- happens, it. spread million, number March their upon don’t as hope and that the or rolls And And December, share if that is see likely of between be think heavier know, on and again, But we'll maybe really will more receive that that going increase XX booster. June, everything December to may how makes although, I That's shots how bit. March it to shots, that's see sense. getting shots the but be of we thoughts are administered out people we dependent how

Gerry Sweeney

incremental mailback that… that's on sort above over has higher XX, XX, historically of running been XX, the -- depending so incremental That's

David Tusa


Gerry Sweeney

Yes, gears bit a got little route-based. you. Switching

strong activity? type some talked mentioned that underserved driving an growth What's we've Obviously, you it's about that. think XX% I pretty market, growth.

geographic some got You've expansion.

been but It the Southwest. is What made XX% market? little that accelerating into expansion You feels actually driving it growing some XX%, a like it's has bit?

David Tusa

focus a We've tremendous route-based on business. had the

the remind is into sales areas the into is Southwest. we these we you, We Our very, selling before, that. I were went Midwest subcontracting reasons those very of areas weren't the team focused And weren't that. on or why into we selling on one

much it necessarily larger and selling we're part opportunity. to doesn't those areas be have in now of So a

in in we think So really Do the we're drivers. Southwest you four and before, agree? directly Midwest the selling I and one where haven't in states the that's of

Diana Diaz

adding that focused agree is that just direct getting and our there on our markets we're I team customers… out sales and

David Tusa

They're it trends. we keep good and hope at those bullish we remain can and to up

Gerry Sweeney

sort acquisitions this geographic mentioned or specifically then is -- around what there play, you density you are more what seeing is particular a or expansion or And is of focus?

David Tusa

about really talking We improvement. infrastructure So route population. putting an of in in states I hard we're place XX the really in XX% density think more worked

that not look I almost as infrastructure in like, we're able already density because So profitability complete the tuck-ins, what business. look improves the these, improves like well and to those, the that place, these because assuming like we for they the have route but only

look we're of five So more they like a to due-diligence geographic And in we're a would or four much on expansion. them. folks, different couple much, than will talking they tuck-in a

Gerry Sweeney

final obviously me, that meds. been months? then zero. know, because homes, of just and sort et ground in cetera, of opportunity I unused next, question from a the don't Where huge there nursing that back, XX, wise XX does Long care pushed stand And out term COVID opportunity that's always

David Tusa

that see care more. in to more up it year be of down that out and been we team out able more long-term some 'XX. seems definitely interest of we'll in but COVID. opportunity shut some Dennis we're popping long into term to And the think finally meetings the prospects like the see be -- long-term MedSafe It is the have hopefully, able and at, we're that fiscal has hopeful some movement our ‘XX in get the care. to to starting has And care of on we're to finally side starting and sales I they're of the coming the some looking see COVID, as


Rob comes Capital Lake of question the from Markets. next with Street line Our Brown

Rob Brown

kind to wanted the Just continue of on here. discussion MedSafe

rate next next of sort representative of units for step back is the that are normalized back kind planned run from -- year? quarters. XXX being go in or kind held you two to I over of that about the a think last of or And said catch is some up each to the

David Tusa

both. Probably They suspended COVID. bit a pharmacy, because retail at a of least for while, were in little there of

a up have think giving from a out should with track gone we're and I the as little getting of So probably what bit back units that year out catch on a probably ago.

Rob Brown

then saying mailback Difficulty] about team that What mailback or business thinking? back baseline And year to of million and the be that that business. the you're non-immunization guess that in on -- business. of it immunization [Technical there the and would of sort same kind is sort so what XX I of a so of million you're of Is top

David Tusa

So XX of and to XX… ‘XX ‘XX mailback about business

Diana Diaz

and year year… last XX this this last XX year million X revenue million year of XX and and include of immunization

David Tusa

included XX X immunization. million XX that from for about million million So

baseline. So roughly without XX immunization million

Diana Diaz

year this XX… around And was

David Tusa

XX year the so immunization this without mailback without immunization, XX on business. the

Rob Brown

XX additive whatever So are of baseline? XX would the be sort to be about additive, that immunization would sort talking of numbers you they to were

David Tusa


Rob Brown

of returns September. -- would walking order mailback But that how us in tail And makes understand shipments? through quarter, in just you of help low kind the could then flow maybe quarter? mailback presume the do September sort of through on just the flows and How of expectations I the expect fairly does you through that sort rates. the the on business, what's September that

David Tusa

in XX% it be to million component a sales, XX% of deferral There be that. -- revenue $X.X in mean would mean, just was mean, of $X.X I if as You would million revenues. I normally, it

as So the quarter… of revenue XX%, will XX% it September recognized be in

Diana Diaz

will Some the coming be back. of items

little We bit have more. that to maybe offset a

Rob Brown

sort this a and XX% sort terms then route-based recovered plus growth, continue? And be and should to of in fully COVID baseline of now new of from business, the that is you able this of do feel

David Tusa

really didn't see. We

the of think April while the coming bit about had 'XX, you out think bit If which by that volumes of we our of we is business, June through was increased a long-term down offset than route-based I where or route-based, it as on saw offset more of little tick was a business, care, well. substantially route-based a a

other. one So offset really the

much of a really tick. we that So didn't see down

we long-term but other the the have care Now increased. have volumes businesses reduced that

have we're and think and long-term down So to of care period a offset that may bit for we extremely a it short dental time. in the slowdown fortunate very that was well have like, and volume physicians of been very, dermatology a to general - positioned slowed


question next with comes from Wainwright. of H.C. the line Dayal Amit Our

Amit Dayal

just front. flu Most have Should potential upside been sort margin them the levels people sort from margins asked with volume the think vaccines the of at see COVID continue about these comes of you but as gross and on we get to any stabilizing may increases as coming season of in…

David Tusa

the because up. It's because they revenue volume they really as -- ran as and down. revenue driven will was leverage they by be revenue, they higher, it's model if year If high operating all is out this the the is lower, will be

Amit Dayal

then XX, increase of you you to XX,XXX customer XX,XXX XX Do had a year-over-year. decent a next have want target from the in like over might months to be terms where you've it looks And locations in customer efficiency? to

David Tusa

at can talked locations. correlate directly that been We've of in route-based I think this about XX% the growing number with the you XX%. we Well, and business, increase

supplemented could we So percentage could course And of you that that do acquisitions with the higher. percentage if could math. so be

Amit Dayal

revenues quarters go And in in of COVID plays there or back few out a maybe you. will through more we how cadence you? coming should out normalized some n be sort kind for has revenues, revenues, terms because the you played you of to feel for how the are a quarterly how of in now quarterly of Do changes strength for

David Tusa

the about always revenue two that immunization I say kind so a with way will it forth. 'XX, going the I've million I XX XXXX. and boosters In COVID I that at forward. depends to shot flow what the example of something on this, way it there's respect and 'XX here fiscal immunizations mean for happens mentioned mentioned and meaning regimen, it is to year out earlier, is, for another to potential Well, a maybe probably in in is going shot, and this all another XX a forward earlier I that with looked the so things million on to past stay. and does And looking think look at what that

So at which as million is of the and way to it of two XX I look million flu like think revenue, XX probably forward seasons going going forward. 'XX

additional going year. So XX much an a XX 'XX couple that as then of past million flu million million XX for as and for maybe or a maybe forward shots


Kevin Steinke comes question from with Research. next the of line Our Barrington

Kevin Steinke

mentioned typically couple So the when season. X we million that you season million sitting for calendar are, inventory were about think mentioned you be years numbers and And the what flu season could I used flu last X there, X in the to about the million. think, billings flu

we out? So minus how think of season, remaining season flu is kind eight orders the the flu might five play about just should seven,

David Tusa

so. Right, I think

You're right.

I think million. last year 'XX was like X.X

About is September. at we way have related and million look the So had typically would we flu million in orders. of June X about of it X all orders

So X million from X subtract remaining. about I you and X the think the

good at a way that's think it, look Kevin. to I

Kevin Steinke

about an made Should in kind as the is over the does added gross play impact on or on timing since next you you've on to having a that investments quarters? gross X here, was out quarters couple the result the mean, the impacts of couple I the treatment. it and next gross those of margin we And and think infrastructure you margin of start how what of impact for called million something lap? of specifically various on that out as investments margin is

David Tusa

was the So in starting Diana? infrastructure calendar late with impact XXXX and on mid what current the to the that quarter, investments

Diana Diaz

It was XXX,XXX… about

David Tusa

for Yes, the about XXX,XXX quarter…

Diana Diaz

quarter had looking year see about in over out we level And that. that same this year increases throughout the throughout at fiscal 'XX, fiscal you'll it's

David Tusa

addition, year facility, this the because to less of expansion 'XX forward the fixed would million So have going incremental $X.X will continue through to forward. out on addition we going business. once we autoclaves, an infrastructure, out get 'XX or costs the related route-based isn’t be of annual then the a But maybe Texas the the the much built and the basis, of build so

this as is year relative fiscal of we increase us thing that in to by business. did the it's route-based it, most immunization the 'XX. to increased we're have mailbacks business processing of volume the And think way, in because and because significant I So it that we're the well the tremendously obviously a the behind good increase going

Kevin Steinke

or you how your you throughout you specifically about pandemic strengthened that playing capitalize just from terms there to way that do effectively out moving relationships? on a forward? customer you perhaps serve can standpoint? And relationships, ability and the stronger Is customers competitive your talked How forward of any the benefiting in that going believe see you your

David Tusa

our are Our customers, the think very relationship from with and immunizations, strong. all customers, I

it's sure I think support we I'm otherwise. they're And much, to compliments. medical strong much, try business selling, much to pleased stronger parlay needs, customer that their into we've waste more again, that. go capturing or immunization we're stronger we're to company now many try and be management think delivered, cross going in to really relationship we're we're I the going whether that received use it’d to but is some to now. that the with And

Kevin Steinke

the business you competitive just or then it's same route-based in lastly, changes bidding there? the that Is you're competitively as about when environment deals? any And on been talk about can always the

David Tusa

we any seen changes like, really we're haven’t we well positioned. No,

continue And how sell. increase shows with flexibility in it contracts, XX% think that business. in great service in customer and lead We great to I we that's route-based responsiveness. And


we the time, back have to management session. end the I call this of the will now At remarks. for question-and-answer turn over reached closing

David Tusa

We for call in revenue for everyone business. growth, participating fiscal We'll you bullish next expansion forward Thank quarter. the today. continued remain to talk and and you. operator. look 'XX year the about and opportunities beyond. you, Thank our excited We Thank very