Innodata (INOD)

Amy Agress Vice Presidnt and General Counsel
Jack Abuhoff President and Chief Executive Officer
Marissa Espineli Interim Chief Financial Officer
Tim Clarkson Van Clemens & Co
Dana Buska Feltl
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen and thank you all for joining us for this Innodata First Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call.

As a reminder, all phone participants are in a listen-only mode. But after today’s prepared remarks you will have the opportunity to ask questions. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, today’s session is being recorded. And now for opening remarks and introductions, I’m please to turn the floor over to Amy Agress. ahead. go Please

Amy Agress

Good today. Jim. Thank for you Thank morning, us joining you, everyone.

Our of Abuhoff, Espineli, Jack speakers are today CEO Interim Innodata; CFO. Marissa and

perspective then We the results a for hear from quarter. first, our will will first Jack review of business, will Marissa provide and the follow with who about

your will We questions. then take

of Act me let These Statements Harbor are XXXX made being Forward-Looking of statements of and the provisions made Section Safe Exchange amended. are of the First, that the the Section amended as Securities XXE pursuant of XXXX qualify call. during Securities to XXA the as Act

company to announce to I or Form and and goodwill acquisitions, value of various assets and employee uncertainties to the our rise customers, systems, terminated assumptions Federal customers services Forward-looking growth security or between work estimates on reliance from difficulty acquired time-to-time to indicated from information subject consumer, new number reports any general imply information the limitation, Ukraine; companies of except in materialize; will the projected and These evolving differ deriving or and with statements thereto. of indicate not that the conflict potential investments, performance a X-K, our contracts businesses responses recent uncertainties, including the of required effects including risks results, expected or Russia governments, predict, company coronavirus amendments to volumes novel expectations, committed unauthorized competitive on or companies and most the Continuing achievements. and other or forecast, technological breaches Exchange as on and revisions our breaches, from the actual potential results we materially by could potential customers; statements in ventures synergies of rapidly and expectations. without acceptance may factors and resulting carrying call and include, Changes our future potential based limitation, statements businesses or acquire, are that without are the and may whether information current customer in replace liabilities content in strategic a of are now execute be uses may and result attacks, the intangible integrating the capabilities. of Changes clients; in or reduced; COVID-XX impacts breaches other canceled from that and we service pandemic and support. to existing willingness Securities of emergence pandemic of and reduce, including any the Data in of Commission, filings business agility our our impairment these Laws, of and in And market that by in and population, of update XX-K, global joint customers thereto; continue solutions, forward-looking continued that particularly to COVID-XX of concentration that the segment projects interruptions. downturn technology the nature providers obligation of undertake and our prospective the the requirements turn disclosure give undiscovered services segment, Continuing of our at-will condition, the clients that ability markets, any no primarily plans cyber otherwise. depress and completed, dependency results or or or market limited such and the risks forward-looking potential segment for and the Solutions XX-Q, emerging Solutions our new work Data of or inability and and ability project-based acquire. Digital markets over may new growth business external as current and or other of revenue factors, Digital number We strategy, that of competitors, statements Securities on reliance cancel our development to on contracts data Jack. and likelihood to delay our projects; privacy management’s our a

Jack Abuhoff

Good Thank joining that to We quarter, call. after our Starting our shifted investors. afternoon. this be for will earnings to market for investor conference close. prove convenient we releases and more you trust have calls this

expansions that ago eight-weeks, we QX in and of a call, those just you share time, important the more had and some expansions. our wins have I’m have even today. Since Just we eight-weeks to shared excited wins few with and new last partnerships. more

As I believe delivering our they results. strategy expense of land clearly and illustrate our market positioning

we We are it into But to quarter up. year-over-year, the portion two in one of largest third exhibiting mature the a wants allocations ramp data first over more the an that this Consequently, this a is its our fourth and and growth to revenues up is fiscal XX% new quarter revenue just QX expectation since of revenues, terms in landing in overall strong eight-weeks adjusted revenue the of our increase reallocating not quite XXXX. ramp pleased added the range we over In approximately shifted The target may This for QX, have of XXXX. reiterate for XX%. of likely with from lower this annotation customers we year-over-year three continued momentum XX% the of in XX% of expected our the XXX it this a current from to XX% revenues quarter XX% long-term transition existing we impact been The last growth in quarters we growth XXX expanding is and transition is from less our over portion revenue Therefore program up. and added business. or experienced customers quarter XX has as this with per XX% revenue shift our the mature average change in new rate the the XX customer customers to In of to XXXX AI XXXX. and see on of customers EBITDA, expectations first anticipation exciting. new in and million our we XX% acceleration in increase announce year, program supporting we quarter target the spoke, customers models of into across per new expect revenue based that quarter XXXX added segments. average we to a models XXXX business approximately in that on on the a a last logos momentum

the to provide an eight-weeks consulting we seed firm new One leading multinational notable of of the more the with logos last AI ongoing data. signed annotation in was

expect we recurring create this more us approximately We this From offerings year. wind AI opportunity strategic to perspective, validated XXX,XXX by in opportunity of the the partner to for also large to validated combining a believe per capabilities. consulting native with It result or firms. revenue

are we trends items for its firm The automatically and this services experts important in that intake year subject solution combining is business we So each of with integrated and this and consulting customers. to in an platform. billions output our result the of customer, financial for are certain data news new our tag identifying news infrastructure, agility annotation which domain our matter

new continually. winning We are customers

our we number seedlings scope prepared to the A wins these XXX last of enterprise we In year. their of germinate of with as XX% be large over value go social provide at per just intelligence customer the start. We chose recurring we forward customers. lots large estimate business flower. per We mortgage subscriptions us signed one area approximately approximately Life on how million to vendor, to eight-weeks of all the and anticipate yesterday, can tender earnings as and Insurance last year. quality expansions product a value quarter, and that the eight-weeks have globally for about logo projected is the of a signing, XXX,XXX last to a bring We of culture to significantly media and In eight-weeks. our to additional is per social large research seen that describe briefly media the a over grow. tech year. a and with brand occurred outstanding has them tell signed our dollar respect I Company business in carefully expansion company from commitment our annual a the website ranked its two the had we Fortune SOW of within growing on about with like of the The expanded new our startup the ad initial past billion a X.X with watch time for revenue made fastest several I similar the emphasize year Just first solutions. news saw per a last And become the in revenue being At years. new stories per with get one over will call Based X.X company seeds. their in the AI data eight-weeks. estimate product expansions been to e-commerce enterprise. in over XXX,XXX the I sign we XXX,XXX agreed in brand to our world they And we existing view year. leading we along We strategically a expansions remarks, these has year XXX,XXX now and dozens processor last spend and depicted social agency, media. looking A seeds our key scope It media new brands in eight-weeks approximately the million announced service. platforms organization. A again, nurse world’s credit of subscription we focus last last alone, we they largest in the companies, whom of as planting customer germinate increased monitor

before making our we number a tech We talked companies. expanding in Silicon about across surfaces big strides solutions of Valley the are and great have

these large We well for we collectively companies. we have to billions at estimate provide. they positioned of and potentially spend are We dollars services products that that pilots underway believe programs on

what believe favor. in we is Here is working our

First, their other better, AI programs often the AI result, to quality which create new help agree results start new data models we provide the ways. in to customers to perform engineering, Encouraged in businesses models faster. highest that by

is change require is model, time. business multibillion models both which think a extensively over Maintaining groups companies. results believe technology over for their capabilities landscape AI had recurring financial real can engagements training, build least our the they to that world AI data two at our work time. existing success the For continuous told drift, tendency of not dollar perspective, evaluated different of deciding unsuccessfully and we each us tried data From in cycle recently done. in these that before the duplicate that us, vendor go house. And customers I were services that with to to

and and We the are or continuing And X.X investment started momentum XXXX, In feeding our full-year sales strong to XX.X approximately as year. increasing accelerate spend sales by XXXX growth XXXX, the by and investments designed we XXX%, last This spend beyond. marketing year-over-year, anticipate are that sales we marketing year-over-year. or in increased in million year in and marketing we million XX% our by

As our customers trips enthusiasm weeks Xx long-term high to last much sales heard we costs. about earliest for and to because President’s our new exciting were help innings. acquisition investments target from performers The how opportunities. value clear earnings of call, in all mentioned, team. becomes to exciting which we It Two the our and the is energy our Club be time businesses on customer doubly positioned I had of me ago, number in Xx we their is journeys, VR AI AI well pipeline a to new very its palpable, still these through

recurring our last automatically documents. launched platform utilized together customer business any year has customers positive our will read complex can front, in AI our is extract On essentially we domains complex great the feedback entertainment, worth stages the healthcare the believe facing likely employs from platform from or be people opportunities intelligence two and from to documents. technology in late planned. with also we million product AI Initial enabled media in be just per dollars we This proprietary to meaning new are uses progress across that late to approximately document to services March taken made financial manage which eight-weeks. a It revenue. in and Gate been We Golden

neural will will best our data next that social Last delivering second expected new that know the general embodies torch good becoming as architecture accuracy, of solved plan or to solves rather Our centric fixed, annotation subscriptions, choose offer productive June that to insights year. in selling to to what our data media. consistency It improve blind eight-weeks, to approach, an neural and track system a customers. practical hold basically now collect learnability the instead the saw toward launched problem. Taking noise, analyze choose releases the platforms we annotation be two and platform drive platform. many the new for applications, platform efficiently progress exact say with include analytical Its end data to network this a network agility for strategic are the for more enforce is of our in purpose flow tensor data data to Both will costs. the AI. a the tools And It on points end experts related are tools ways on for to sold is to and increased agility, known compete with be automate AI to extension order to existing new algorithms. clearly first be support deliver it Many minimizing select to spots, introspection and be annotate and maximize find and data average curation, than as entry and also increasingly price into initial the platform challenges, trying more annotation that architecture a of is deeper tools data. while platform by to bias will

particularly time, seen access with may generation. These of Snowflake, where saving training. of the and demand about. few warehousing version banking provide initiatives model brand ago, to best its same You some leading XX, industry time designed portal an the new that our a company on March synthetic our Perhaps last, to e-commerce users budget. and a datasets AI/ML is can we I’m weeks on data excited increase purchase marketplace. we have lead website because to We to it on launched data launched our awareness accelerate for our through At are and something on platform initial partnered on building the

their $XX leadership of valuable by world’s million with customer, spent people banks, and product. next five-years, very product the Our the the giving this excited manager one us our charter augment enabled feedback. has new We to product experience to subscription The and to extensive hired existing able through are already us largest financial market a XX wider we is teams to in committed bank’s is with work AI using over how product services year. bringing lead charge a and

year-over-year. the XXXX, or increased XXX% to X.X to development are we in made development our million spend and and product by make platforms by new market. and XXXX, to approximately have We and expand In year-over-year, spend This year continuing investments platforms year, to SaaS strategic product solutions. plan six industry this or we our increasing product developments XX% we anticipate take our X.X million

increase to is can provide we need internal investments annotation and services highest teams, be models. multiple presently that investments we our to where custom f to book If against and are can data from recurring positive external XXXX, they we particularly is they of we And customers, marketplace our our the increases have significantly product thereafter. products provide service plan. are of to resources. adoption do data can in data AI is debt, the quality With applied API our models with current do science they addressable competition. domains. with margin cash related tiered us services the in no expectations, cycle. across revenue. execute AI cash cash the assumptions form expect we fund in market and expect or to flow to of budgeting If of architecture million and our enterprise our flow services cash by feel three engineering trained $XX access not high regardless intersect expected generative, the not, within is substantial Based our helping significant see the we financing What end Because We business these upon our exciting

now For own licensable we data companies annotation, that platform. want their have do to a

For hand. on others, we domain have experts

their embed now agility. its want latest that AI by this manage report. leader that Site And models. agility invested companies to in a as that in we companies just have from them platform consecutive We platforms time document AI was momentum Review enables for to a to software And own workflows do For lastly, that month out augment spring end-to-end GX for building their We discrete intelligence Software recognized workers. can benefit fourth now quarter so. last provide with PR AI, knowledge

We value customers. and the to are increase continuing in to product the it its delivers ASP to invest

company of few minutes XXX% increase ago, have a year-over-year selling result increase expansion new average bookings the in enjoyed As QX, a a ever. of I a media customer year-over-year we we And the our a social in agility price. subscription largest now spoke in and about

times. Synodex efficient, in becomes The they tough to of shortages growth is The demand phenomenon. make a we is offerings a which illustrative the for main great these sector our And the macro focus experiencing. say positioned to environment. testament are for of investors. to challenging stagflation, capital, words There see dislocation, et on is our growing reasons. me lot challenges a them services business markets, recession, the of customers, it resignation, business the times. are labor in cetera. evolving One, for top Instead, withstand enabling in of our was we we two, customers more economic core this well our few believe lower We tackle momentum our these a Let the of mind two increased costs for talk our

We underwriters and to that is digital good this embracing AI, are large underwriters are they Golden on are expensive focused and extraction Gate data than Synodex enabling that used Indeed, find. putting becoming ideal a and work because life transformation. They work. many for need our the insurers underwriting changes increasingly within the hard transformation our tool thing an AI of platform concluding to fewer product is Synodex underwriters way This medical to.

over As in this QX, a for XXXX. document XX% new enable just in to businesses over our use result, we we year-over-year not capability but document. feeds growth to in anticipate records, terms for of XXXX we fed virtually into With changed read this AI our medical accelerating Synodex avoid to and having intelligence large product, both any kind believe summaries the data to that then are people engines. of or structured generating game decision enabling We by documents, producing either XXX% of

So reading expensive. people simply documents complex stated, too

salsas, this Our to complex can documents platform hard read that well. to Again, to platform as an find people or be hard answer our retain.

execution over call open line our sky We more quite in now are will laser validation, front pleased to for Marissa the I growth and opportunities growth execution, from blue turn focused the tailwinds our remain then with and over and in firmly markets. and creation. numbers, ever, will the the of than shareholder value on the to product the believe we us We questions. go

Marissa Espineli

EBITDA first were ready everyone. year. the and and now year-over-year. are $X.XX adjusted XX.X $X.XX income share quarter for was December equivalents million loss recap you, last period X.X same Thank compared March XXXX compared you, or million same basic financial last to XX, million, XXXX, Jack. XX, million and Cash or thank million at cash for and briefly everyone. was million basic March our results. for Revenue X me period X.X the for we the questions. to QX in was quarter XXXX. March the in EBITDA at net of XX.X year. net diluted of of ended XXXX per XXXX, the XX% in XXXX diluted $X.XX XX, per ended quarter XX.X Adjusted share million X.X it Good Operator, to share XX, loss up Again, afternoon Allow


Van We Clemens. will of Instructions] from first Tim Thank hear the line you. Clarkson [Operator at

Tim Clarkson

XX% of bit, is obviously quarter, of on. XX%, are I is we looking a talk What but number to what at there we you pleased obviously kind margin EBITDA, net growth we a talking know lots are revenue and XX%, are going of with about? Great Can exciting things about line the little start down kind Wanted there? technical of XX% the about talking this net? kind question.

Jack Abuhoff

you you talking So are know about -.

Tim Clarkson

on at XX% an basis? EBITDA, what are we tax looking after

Jack Abuhoff

back to include will need this see you put going that call. want I’m it Tim, out our Yes. next stage. start that something is to that at to to I we if there with to I I gust to in check that. And if is, come

Tim Clarkson

Yes. I somewhere XX%. I’m XX% guessing it all haven’t between is and just calculated

Jack Abuhoff

to is it end range. say of it safe is think on high I that the

Tim Clarkson

sure. Okay,

and business guess, Okay letter mentioned developmental some with Amazon. this the in that shareholders terms of, Microsoft, in like players, casino sounds your proverbially doing, you cloud you probably just far to are so I business and

with as want You would make mention with that the business in color names does them skill play what Can data’s us set give and do like out more the accuracy you? to much how I’m How interested proficiency? little that? exactly would a not names. would the on it be so you enter companies can’t

Jack Abuhoff

performance, AI are higher meaning quality is and Tim. a programmed essentially a they fundamental the lot starts being with for the I fact things the equal. all better Sure, appreciation they you think other it and is that there data get perform kind data. Well, better better And with of faster, algorithms perform

do and experience pretty able their higher So other provide company there the training the results get than enables them quality there. to accustomed of gets their them algorithm for a are they is AI begin data is when performs to or places. to receiving that from is enables able initiatives, faster. AI But that them obtain to return any And that new so faster, we to of there significant it better to

Tim Clarkson

apparently of bad these insurance Right. from the on an not that they wasting data, are XX% money And it a view, projects. since, failures of point are policy is from negative

Jack Abuhoff

an I Yes, market becoming stable, for are point. minutes available, sure. potentially made ago, tested, more more technologies mean, that what their used are that I the point seeing scary, few I But we just this now - much is technology adopters a that of is is and better And think too, excellent the the a becoming in be people like, could early these within read businesses. ones how seeing cited, fail. well, seeing they the are just are statistics, lot like projects you

Now, why do fail, they to, what they they the studies, further those find if that accurate. training fail? If if into isn’t they they is little because try a read they data

is train you that bad phenomenon. then results out get so can’t bit because garbage to and like garbage becomes a invidious. bad in you If a data, chalice, you it training, you pour that of as poison little into a twice AI But is extract you a need easily bed dilute much with will more that even it well,

the expectations quality critical expectations, high consistent having ROI to So, is exceeding people have data technology. that or achieving the the

Tim Clarkson


social that that you get into closer or on scale this division about to you by XX, I deal, then XXX,XXX, correct so So divide that and And break of media, you annually well, agility, XX,XXX, even is with to that are a kind gross is salesperson. will quarter say crude if XXX,XXX bring I is that thinking, my initial your it back the multiply I’m and just is numbers quota, to the that or per know way million X.X a revenue XX% margins, you mean, three and And it? XX, what million. thinking you are profitability. that goal a

Jack Abuhoff

where of a numbers think those the going take that. I are with you can get issue and to yeah, Well, even that version or you

I quarter. think, this increase in agility the we look revenue at XX%.

indicator Okay, if bookings early but XXX%. in shared the look at bookings look increase - that quarter-over-quarter, the of revenue if And you at are was growth. you I reason an

a know, to then for Now that month per that XXX you business, the business, value subscription. But you billing subscription, that you the both you book is of have the booked of start to business. have and

the the very, utility recurring our carefully very are them indicator. earliest in We leading under happy very bookings. revenue I’m bookings look at backlog the So, in business, look we XX%. or but annual at with business, And

Tim Clarkson

and Sure. class salespeople that it, have a guy working are you in first division, have who you really And running got good got right.

Jack Abuhoff

of teams that the that Martin course, is leading that brought and sales are doing Tom and the specifically to and Martin got him is charge, he he yes, experience see to the table has brought starting job is Bourbon upside from phenomenal have and executive the at is team, onto away don’t exciting has are the great Well, we we a firing know, leading see expected go all when right on to you we you got but we we And, the great cylinders time that team company. now. it all the

Tim Clarkson

Why the so far to my from that matter vantage Innodata? the is is social business you bringing are what guess - but the know major I company. with doesn’t with Innodata right is proverbial relationship I media got doing Now, Facebook company? they key service the point, that

Jack Abuhoff

believed that we saw better quality high just on specific now data faster AI initiatives. exactly are is them. is consistent, it, about different week-ago, are And And we engineering is a enabling I’m algorithms want working, what the we we with And expected. they across XX, or working what on are hear. shared to XX than us several are we teams, them So they that working bringing that performing

Tim Clarkson

at to as this But as great is a know quarter. that point. listen, I Well, need Right. much

Sounds like, we are plan. on

Thank going. keep you. So

Jack Abuhoff

you Thank Tim.


hear [Operator will from Instructions] We next Dana Feltl. Buska at

Dana Buska

more talk services? with your the question client you that around move here that have says that is going - happening a the around services? your that my Could expect something between I switching Is first model-to-model might that? a about future you just in question little from models clients bit

Jack Abuhoff


start to So, program, answer it accuracy, efficacy budget. conflate initiatives, other we I just with a get said data level recurring guess, can customer’s the a of Tim, If model, of your to question in faster, my what within then and less same I I within the can kind to we because arguably, applies equally.

more So embrace of you being that do technology. customers, certainly budgeted idea imagine able the can amount of to the money around is for

and that we a is efforts based they got be us. their plans, were others That medium well, exceeded about, the deploy to view to will to working They able things and is here card like, talking they customers long-term tremendous great So what as our bragging rights funds of in thing our achieve on that as calling with data. for reallocate. other to we and

Dana Buska

wonderful. sounds That

a of question, other of agility what your annotation new data little announced a talk had and them Could you those bit your have - part [indiscernible]? press one are like of percentage for release lot Now, you like a what of are customers. lot in of

Jack Abuhoff

- love share we I over that I a to that will that QX or new the that metric me. XX% as What and add that or, XX% do XXXX, me said, QX XX%, we have front in over share logos have me, we added of as track increase going I would will will XXXX. QX probably we that in quarter excuse I front forward. of is don’t XXX in

to that about happy saying So, revenue of what along we are these of share. very I’m growth early goes indicators bookings, kind are

Dana Buska

lines? business. Okay, great that when Along all you at those Could different business that would lines, terms your excited really talk fines. into the fits a in other more we annotation the how data do going your all little you data is where annotation bit see look of is then is that business like businesses? of, your are it about the you How or segment whole

Jack Abuhoff

everything excited, most about about not faced the of are try things that doing about. so I’m problem we excited doing about I I’m Sure, talking I’m now. being yes, to I And right some right we what mean, are excited with choose now.

can’t one another. know, I really, So, you choose over

the having I think way might do as wedding you about to is we like, tiers, a imagine you three know, think tiers. three what cake

data the tier. annotation, programming So AI which models, there that is first is is

AI, if managing AI, other those models. enabling those tier, applied that And deploying models, is for as models, will. enabling or second tier Second to models building our think we people or people, access you of those

our way they super to trained, legacy get but an AI augmented they lots an building manage, through really that And go, build what this Reno years, done around But to we can where things That the see re-imagine building is of we call, of where way know, into done outside help industry technology. take we we work people will workflows, can and customer, algorithms cool. that are the the market. lots solution always we is have be here And work, single we that. third of for deployed, and that we the how The are have kind applications it. same those their that across opportunity you have

investments but from excited, us that they to in that architecture, value it because think made I’m enterprises, helpful? AI. results So, to have enables that and provide the regardless that them to of that target I AI, Is date

Dana Buska

Yes, that put an a in and agility Where wedding analogy? just index your in is clarifying you cake question. would

Jack Abuhoff

a we going another which so tier, you our Agility industry index in thing, patients, create to have in is The banking to level have that that index for there I better are send better be solution, or outcome, value an customers. application intimidating third AI referred tier encapsulated to third know.

by year based by tier to train as data it, quality that are hood, is selling as under you which it second AI there performs as well of the SaaS selling does it So high virtue but an engine the we it, the it. use virtue holistically, performs application, is was - a as by which does of is AI the the it of are you the well subscription, application that first cloud

very from each three all these related intimately benefit other. and So are

Dana Buska

in How you to With banking business revenue separate a data how going application, break digital out solutions, see are are as the going Okay. units? thinking that we that? your to about

Jack Abuhoff

We that will solutions. see in data digital

Dana Buska

Okay, Excellent. for answering much does a for wonderful And quarter. great. me. Thank That you questions. congratulations my for so it

Jack Abuhoff

Dana, thank you.


follow-up a Tim take will we from Clarkson. And

Tim Clarkson

asked, I the honestly, simple complaint sort cost quickly. Jack, be it to way a car questions, minutes And deal. or And XX to of a minute Florida. I what And be that maybe it there AI taking of is rental a one XX money you the got and one, inefficiency and two is this turning processed ask I rental it was X is Where of should an to process need still getting sometimes to rest more be out that just was a car deal. believe than minutes, to minutes, of the got mean, of a critical critical everybody. there in be so questions be should able aggravates minute is that the there much question. that But just

goes a as car. it mean, as getting simple I things everywhere, rental So,

comment. is inefficiencies are is tremendous that there a that are So out But just difficult. there really still

on I so. that, that comment with or will not So

Jack Abuhoff

sorry hear to absolutely has the is relieved I that is with it the first product that of your but about providing. And I’m service to observations, that respond earliest taken. experience, are your the are innings. will we to in which or do I’m Tim, your well But with point we complaint of two the nothing

in our or We committed have of belief the and years. based AI very essence, series AI that everything applications are applications in we in are based to the application, that we got recommendation on But that stages is early firmly next the to I’m engines. phones, several is based be engines AI this. at going our do AI

example, obvious. your experience you if Now, take pretty how might with It AI? reinvent that we is

could You the and who car itself an have facial understanding becomes damage that are you, have might are autonomous your vision to and that driving no car that are in course, check AI-based are make to helping computer to you applications industry recognition you robotics that validate that talking recognition, could that more seamless. that in can you be when supplanted is And, algorithms line, could is there available. have image algorithms we about of bringing

you And clearly, these is exactly So re-imagined. to an that be describing there do believe are experience help will I that. technologies


conclude or question-and-answer remarks. it session. I you will for back closing Mr. Sir, does And additional to any turn that today’s Abuhoff

Jack Abuhoff

Closing would how to who used show comes watch on television that a I you. together. is plan feel at exactly a that a it days, these data. And mid any when we remarks. Thank XXXXs was there character Well, regularly say, love I

from to paradigm, data the center AI specialization. our company engineering, is data was kind plan which centric and our of front about Our all position

staff, analysts suited with just business recorded human recruit. progress is aligns course, are eight-week to more at to who AI with We help projections emphasize, eight-week retain less leading it these since by do ideally This economy calling And it market to presented literally on to it we businesses to that with of just that last had the we but with and become the the aligns AI dependency revolution. carry difficult and challenges what heart know of declared on are well I pages of well all more we less want the people embrace And to to and resignation. is fundamental from be interval. and report next great the technology just a more been

strategic making investments these showing that are described, Our them. to have returns we with when that position committed we coupled we are I the saw

forward will call is to it an time. And call. I again, our exciting and looking the So you be joining next today for thank


participation. does We conclude thank conference your today’s Innodata you all Ladies XXXX and release gentlemen, earnings First Quarter this call. for

disconnect the your that your we and of now enjoy You hope rest you lines day. may