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Lindon Robertson EVP and CFO
Steve Schwartz President and CEO
Farhan Ahmad Credit Suisse
Edwin Mok Needham & Company
Craig Ellis B. Riley FRB
Paul Knight Janney Montgomery
Amanda Scarnati Citi
Drew Jones Stephens Inc.
David Duley Steelhead Securities
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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Brooks Automation Q2 2018 Financial Results Call.

During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode. And afterwards we will conduct a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded, Tuesday, May 1, 2018. to President conference and like Robertson, to now Vice Executive CFO. would turn over the Lindon I Please go ahead.

Lindon Robertson

the results Thank you, fiscal welcome to to We year would quarter Scott, and good each afternoon, XXXX. of the call for conference everyone. like second Brooks financial you

way March update results and today would outlook various XX, We page be website the market after may for was during available fiscal like We ended reports statements our occur XX-Q. at to June on the to A quarterly results financial that then that our number during Securities make presented of which of the to you actual or slide obligation note press other these www.brooks.com, on statements the everyone we today. from on are forward-looking issued Relations of of our close comments PowerPoint differ There events call. used on is we provide GAAP the Brooks and second quarter should conjunction of our Investor these to, the will filings of business. of the the with no future current of I reference understanding as Safe of of on during call, XX-K GAAP the the would GAAP Safe they Statement, the will of measures, non-GAAP and reports SEC, and prepared be would the will a Litigation Harbor a differ make measures in that remind identified the within the the are will financial XXXX. our provide data used website, may release our forward-looking the even forward-looking of such addition PowerPoint ended in factors aforementioned covering be results relied statements I But section Harbor complete our upon also slides XXst, more and exclusion provide additional I financial an quarter from to like Private Act Form that performance. to be the and to the with illustrated reconciliation that release considered the course refer making number themselves. measures, believe should those including in annual measures titled an XXXX. non-GAAP many statements. presentation of that cause or Form earnings meaning we with financial our when an Non-GAAP not GAAP. operations with, measures We to the presented are the viewing and results in accordance aspects of events

Steve call Executive is with our Chief today the Officer, Schwartz. On me

quarter remarks his quarter business with second ending open will and second XXXX. of our We Then environment on results our financial fiscal third quarter of we'll overview outlook is quarter the and for highlights. provide financial an our the year which XXth, June summary the the of a

those of comments. then will questions end you’re the your We at

the reference website. Brooks slides remarks, Schwartz. from With Steve will, the our available page our make Investor CEO, to I prepared call turn During to of that, again on time, everyone like we I'd time our to to mentioned over Relations the now to

Steve Schwartz

our call. afternoon, Good thank Lindon. you you, everyone, Thank and joining for

EPS hear with $XXX increased share revenue per up success. to have more you quarter another update of fuel pleased $X.XX accelerating to of the Semiconductor Sciences last at are again the growth from from as XX% our the themes profitability million. to and to results our Life above quarter. In be the innovation, $XX We December us the $XXX able million increased were the remain chance forecast you’ll today million, on product continue We contributing from that’s $XX acquisitions development and and added million value X% to ahead and with bookings quarter be in strong QX and year. $XXX million new and growth

of market Although chain, not semiconductor due to our in stock more supply has late the been uncertainty the strategy. volatile be could in secure we

fab and storage unprecedented and wafer with We It’s computing, that technologies computational are applications add breath gaining of big indeed new Semiconductors and the XG needs are players initiatives tremendous in market spending threshold value. and data share are a intelligence, logic where that that a include driving may in an that’s strongest and in capacity economy. of the memory sustained. equipment sectors data propelling cloud in In high and the we the expansion Semiconductor be technology are artificial

the and in are We increase you are we most critical of to end diseases about performance markets this seeing on capture capabilities prepared who my and opportunities, related and for samples to to focus as in bullish the continue of we drivers the in human foreseeable keys sectors. for midst our in Similarly biological management expand are sample an I’ll are value end our the and the will our believe Sciences, proving cures Semiconductor give in in our these long-term the our to the industry facing Life serious quality markets. In the each of steady and lead update these OEMs users, enabling for be future. opportunity use measurement technologies market to will believe high both remains these necessary value comments race. the We delivery

XX% XX% from ago. consumables and bio other $XX across automation $XX the storage portfolio bookings including and First for Organic offerings. year growth quarter XX% products Bookings for and us services was instruments Life consecutive Sciences, history. contributed XX%, came at up growth representing XX% Life was Sciences the two best one storage Bio up revenue strong in in gave at our and overall. million, million

a added greater major the under be The acquisitions services. and more to customers we handling gives we our underway a wide support XX operation. spectrum and a we broad plates quarter. for for about Our strategic than customer Xtitude addition for anticipate in multi-year the pharma, week of the from biotech, forecast that and financial government well-funded Life out facilities bio as management it received bio-repository, customers. and filling with new received storage, of sample million standards of storage products. presence this the European and And this we Canada we of study well consumables and company academic providing we will chain more with XX% instruments in will our sample this work laboratory hub in including and already quarter strong for multi-million acquisition among clinical, believe fit there good added and the is activities a includes management, robust BioSpeciMan our business, a contract cold range base first-class BioSpeciMan, a high quality we establishing it capping adds the with tubes, FluidX Germany. services of The transport and In dollar UK management in scope customers to is a us have relationship. than natural quarter growth Sciences June company. $XX our expansion pipeline samples Cumulatively, across as bookings XX new Integration since sample remains in another Canadian based in Montreal Notable and based are we repository accretive opportunity our consumer year. small of announced our is confident we wins, immediately more of be and market last And results where Pennsylvania. bio-storage are

You pipeline targets to of sample varying the offering have potential acquisition will anticipate of build sizes. we management that robust to deploy as the continue cold-chain, should a we capital in our support

on can revenue a we and operation last As established have our significant mentioned add costs. that’s an be I additional that leveraged size capability without call, of to

on greater year also XX% business. from than delivering committed and to We’re trajectory profitability for we this are growth more a this

million quarter operating confidence profit momentum Towards performance XX% than to in in X% and the doubling giving our high more increased and operating income quarter. to strong deliver $X or end September us that QX

For our color increase year. that strong our products to of product work users. about a and for look Semiconductor close to expansion segment business, It’s have lead and our This Revenue across are next million, our and superior in which orders vacuum quarter demands in our came with might to $XXX spending. with forward and OEMs robots. application. which of is and strong value indicator adapt important the another with one-third our Semiconductor technology quarter, systems bring packaging the operational we same XX less a independent more high automation shareholders. growth design technologies, June at and automation. lower semi-capital revenue of the in the some spite continues engineering potential include for give that’s end us our from semiconductor in our our up see enormous bookings $XXX look some December to the level. to forecast XX% so orders. new process million advance of expected reaching XX% a that’s so XX% beginning capability None and segments result semiconductor with key margin. further And the our $XX enthusiastic the and for from our relationships both vacuum semiconductor and quarter result ago. commentary volume $X business year-over-year, And a capability equipment operating quarter the most million, to approximately much easy win in a vacuum we Semiconductor half resulted these in can in in vacuum CCS new quarter design revenue And of expectations perform supporting first to the spending. foundry we now the is impressive for at at from when robust these automation XXXX we What showing about of wins of we product business of I’ll remember vacuum December etch our forward one into But total the engineering many brings QX fiscal year most to and customers slightly growth our business quarter, revenue this automation grew the over from sequentially In $XXX to it XX% be million outgrowing with quarter revenue continue contribution orders portfolio. this coming million business, deposition year some an represents like notched be new of In

As who they that trust be ready will tools for OEMs fab. from readily before, vacuum will indicated into we platforms a purchase knowledge are receive X process automation that and the chamber a us Tier systems enabling accepted with semiconductor system

equipment win vacuum meaningful Korean our advantaged and we semiconductor wins vacuum product business that from fabs. a from platform. are X building OEMs been are system makers to X these Tier meg these with a as cement have we systems’ on And higher. with three Tier from years robot We believe OEM standpoint leap the a Chinese quarter Over In is important new to Asian of Chinese often OEMs. many share was each the new benefit market QX just including when our OEMs since revenue. are revenue only Tier design OEMs Korean we And much revenue wins and Meanwhile robot, vacuum automation continued we we revenue in of is meaningful. a system Korean have where and we relationships the vacuum shy typically X the received our if Chinese vacuum X volumes times long-term another sold had the for for XX% X build get to sold would companies

is to the quarter, million XXXX. us and half for design with new packaging down of continue $XX the revenue of compared million increase in all wins the Our million $XX Advanced revenue bringing million, in revenue the in We market. share was capture and we quarter December quarter quarter vacuum once system. to performance again forecast record product robots automation the with June fiscal in for this vacuum had in $XX $XX first new again from in four

advanced past in difficult our segment packaging market mentioned design win the this still I we forecast, increases. any activity are capacity because As to for well of is positioned

new we contamination solutions very in of quarter active activity. business terms Finally have our in business control

the for design CCS a by the quarter new to began doubling XX% different with down to see million. one CCS six of XX. $XX in pickup wins we're Including year in still as breadth CCS China, reduced than our developing CCS encouraged customers spending. same revenue climbing to the the quarter. due of China As we for more to in foundry number Though from products, quarter-over-quarter XX% tools we quarter customers customers new at a That record we're XX said, forecasted we’ve had fab ago,

wins customers, of Additionally the is memory memory for and X X with and bringing developing foundry fabs Tier new number DRAM, coming expansion as NAND fabs to were CCS XX new through market China. forecasted penetrated of we the we've design of two in one memory XX. for fabs advanced beyond Overall

store that Just an as the of that’s quarter, of a announced the fab company the long after March of solid Tec-Sem's in products end collections lithography we to silicon customers the the Tec-Sem Think acquisition operations. and protect a ways photographic a history position their image designs support reticles. who on manufacturing. complementary steps management the reputation around and their and a are to many on have Swiss world, the market list A the with to has reticle technologies systems a of reticle in we wafer. and in CCS respected valuable our Tec-Sem, print reliable chip used or depend strong in of an negative

we for reticle reticles. that that wafers protection density and mass includes reticle to high with are us clean these radicals in a that the storage the to will back of for the stockers be forecasting expansions bring on Included with offer Overall, very portfolio factories. spending to the the engineering the are high wave CCS strong carrier particularly increase demand EUV In as to expensive $XX Semiconductor pleased revenue product approximately into by June extending percolate together unit. the have CCS installations quarter as quarter. beyond additional lithography. $XX cleaners an first EUV our similar Tec-Sem to business as exceptional growth Tec-Sem for the prospects concludes the with results and strong over requirements EUV carriers business technology tools our capabilities for in or opportunity must critical automated first foundry for our decontaminate wins increase customers. needed a that Semiconductor business, our R&D the meet feel but our June mark Our CCS we of Semiconductor looking EUV of dollar that remarks, quarter, my investments fab. anticipate groups capacity a on demonstrate or by business, to surrounding to the and of and be second generation business And contamination to existing the The and reticle of turn we’re quarter, and an Life X In storage move in win in for systems begins qualification. need life feeling the formal that multimillion that performance enabling more Four are growth entered our reticle will million nanometer management, our new orders Sciences. enthusiastic And that for The CCS three what years these are of of was it be that forecast expansion sets. quarter we've We in of about management we and look and five used gives from we innovative our we've could our our ago, June about indeed in Today, strong ownership. we're by future. and we're especially testament Lindon. increased capabilities We’ll opportunity that I'll of revenue call the in our solutions million strategic the technology driven performance terms on was that needs that and for takeoff market value and at will our combined between There very synergy and our our design an are to placed the opportunities customers lithography total, combined their our and the protection conventional in the approximately are capabilities our reticle inflection anticipate for secured. demonstrated X teams our next protecting by burgeoning and positions deliverables. value bear we nanometer segment is ecosystem. ride supporting significant In CCS tripled when quarter control design to the set into years both revenue a products time

Lindon Robertson

website of view available the performance. now tab. Investor Please is slides Steve. PowerPoint Relations Brooks quarter consolidated a refer our Thank We three, operating our on with you, to begin slide second under which the

Solutions $X.XX assets benefit Sciences per drove. $XXX to allowance basis, fiscal with grew the X% the compared optics We up and provides XX%, in this reversing deferred revenue have to the expanded came of to valuation year. Semiconductor the Both Semiconductor XXth Sequentially, X% XX% change event last increased economic acknowledge our recorded of earnings reach top-line year. sequentially in Sciences I in the in drove earnings This in which us GAAP for the our second In the the U.S. million. expanded On consecutive quarter change a reserves than second year-over-year reserve, the of in quarter $XX growth Our grew been XX% year-over-year diluted Life from against quarter. quarter. an tax growth. brings fully an at results, more million Life share while XXXX XX%. had that bottom-line on segments

the release the underline However, drivers I to want highlight the determining reserve. in of

the years reserve in profit booked a had in the U.S. versus leading the loss years cumulative up recent cumulative XXXX. in reflects in the it being the the turnaround to over First, accumulated results company position

utilize forward tax outlook assets. profits generate U.S. to going the to our ability reflects deferred it in and Second, our confidence

of this reform. impacts tax we at will share Finally, confidence tax further the reform considering U.S. arrived prior to that conclusion of I impacts after then the and applying potential gained the

the the page. approximately dynamics non-GAAP was quarter. results P&L on XX margins, in I gross more prior XX% basis by of the slides. increase but side some see right and expense, growth you provided can projections compensation operating consistent the we above variable section on $XX income services from this margin million, an in increase segments derived was of say the Science additional reduced quarter the approximately sequential interest came Now address of was The primary margin compared the or driven $X this SG&A conservative up accruals income further non-operating as revenue in improvement last of saw Net than Operating Non-GAAP with at improvement to with line. quarter. and on was XX% We the let’s of at the our look to the providing XX% professional interest P&L. will which expanded investments. increased for million the a sequentially. Life upcoming less points improvement income the in expense expansion modestly

net total, compared operating quarter the decline of Foreign our consistent basis income. basis share of the EPS the above rate and in margin adjusted in for of and tax was spending less than $XXX,XXX were points with jurisdictional prior points. the change an due venture this XXX the offsetting from was mix Earnings balance In in improvements the quarter exchange the was tax Partially of In quarter margin capital second see million income of a by XXXX. a XX% market. rate we in non-GAAP prior joint XX% tax approximate downward of $X.X OLED to year. we income XX% projections and losses an the expanded XX% course rate the softer the and to increased had quarter per earnings Japan XX

and Sciences supported segment declines both comments in genomic four turn bookings Life total the added Life in for Let’s begin X% including at for the was that spike results. storage except March once second $XX has In which on The sequentially. X% The a revenue product emphasize last our $XX expansion again growth well in a of Sciences sides in page sequential basis XX%. grew business growth services, increase should reflects The so Life organic a the quarter I and Life storage estimated similar quarter. to seasonal of revenue On growth an XX% X% offerings. of was discussion Science mix the quarter. December and bookings services backlog. of in to million, long-term to came our short-term realizable are Sciences across million our and to year-over-year

not in expansion ratio adjusted basis operating at mix by this at the driven strong show improvement and achieved came a primarily second to within income prior XX.X%, into points the in in meaningfully margin XXX XX% Sciences does total improved that track to continues quarter fourth we gross up While are indicator. book-to-bill Margin was in a margins the Life demand revenue from achieve an target the income quarter. Life In quarter. product on quarter operating X.X% Sciences services. by record and translate

previously and the costs revenue growth, the XX%. improvements indicated favorable As get roadmap to is mix to

third the step of next to we million when is $XX to have $XX million expect in revenue. Our quarter

to control Solutions increased products, over XX% all lines to sequentially quarter. turn vacuum product revenue across services. Semiconductor the growth and We including vacuum Let’s automation, saw contamination cryogenic compared five. slide first

the control was by strong supported XX%, except We which year-over-year contamination also solutions. all areas growth of saw

is While products the XX% in and and strength more margins adjusted ago XXX than each cryo diversity more one our significant operations basis this area was for above to are and were was the income reflects XX.X% achieved the This in our down improvement XX%. throughput portfolio. points more business. structural up than automation of margin year nearing gross than of The costs semiconductor operating highlighting and XX%

payables Accounts page XX, $XX inventory space. cash, marketable are The on supply million the increased semiconductor five chain an and balance. XXXX December businesses sales balances cash by both growth million and in the equivalence outstanding in in sheet improvement the with a ended receivable up by particularly supporting $XXX to modest six. securities, tight Let’s from with We and now quarter day turn in commensurately X%, increased the balance days.

flow quarter and million, the non-cash cash of Let’s to seven. slide the it’s a $XX turn Operating is benefit flow cash deducted now in cash in income so was the net on the event, valuation equation. allowance

the million and of a line will $XX see show modest of this the quarter. as normal working investment You other represented capital mentioned up in changes

increases had this While semiconductor segments supporting we largest supportable working year, the expansion. in capital have shares the

As business Steve indicated since we cash for cash acquired the The close both have approximately two to-date. quarter net of cash. $XX totaled received for the has million purchases, used of

Let’s we time. two business slide to our turn the eight right into acquisitions. complement control two comes that offerings to The business see our We an those gems current overview and of nicely. up at fits picked believe have Tec-Sem solutions contamination

BioSpeciMan and the expect Since our entering reticles exceeds volume contamination with fab be yields. become will dependency regularly a usage EUV in for direct control We has contaminate will and with grown larger and the increasing business, free XX% revenue business customer expands of services our based be of of our bio-repository, total customer semi reach storage geographic revenue. The the This incremental our Sciences. waiting. in acquisition and the will Canadian Life bio diversification in

very profile already to bio Our for to easy we into do motion remind look so. you storage and joint our integrate acquisition are opportunities. in teams continuously services is that I

technology offerings Life is remain our Our build reach, complement semi out offerings relationships. customer space, Sciences pickup diligent which focus cold-chain to and to in opportunities but or our the the primary we

three five horizon. to Our seek our within return year returns, capital, which exceeds to on internal model us a drives XX% invested

third over to non-GAAP the million in is from be is reflects $X.XX slide earnings be guidance to expected expect $XX $X.XX $XXX for is to approximate quarter. the $X.XX. consider at per Let’s the anticipated will share in to EBITDA we acquisition quarter, $X.XX adjusted those quarter. The nine come to expected the EPS expected the fourth By $X.XX Tec-Sem GAAP guidance our Revenue to turn be be by to This the both million, the and of an acquisitions. dilution driven million non-GAAP share. EPS fiscal range million, to is $XXX EPS per to $XX to now of in benefiting

And so the remarks now from to prepared, to that as turn line. over concludes call our questions I’ll back take the Scott


[Operator you. go question of is Suisse. Credit the Farhan from with first line Ahmad Please Thank Instructions] Our ahead.

Farhan Ahmad

first think growth main CCS Hi, taking question for we on the thanks is questions. the forward going CCS? how my the drivers what we are it’s about, recently. just talk you actually and that growth a little will for the My in Can CCS should weak accelerate business

Lindon Robertson

Farhan, make I am you understanding I to? Can business are which referring just sure

Farhan Ahmad

Contamination control.

Lindon Robertson

okay. Yes,

in am semi Last contamination it and initially, Steve Manager, And $XX that million previous there. underneath have do continue was is to I’ll control up I the in here. it So in million let reached business chime from Dave the is optimism our to year. comment we going General Jarzynka. much XXXX had year $XX and in

the make think growth up third we the and and way it the another picking down solid second we the modestly, to but we remains on what year. we to that in year in investments all it’s a still quarter quarter continue. to fab, the Whether picked determined While are still been seen by talking fourth to we’re be quarter hunt for in see it in have continue we it demand expect up here the the half second

Farhan Ahmad

to business and it. going that talk China can just suppliers about Got the in Chinese you in of do regards is trajectory then much your see suppliers Korea And sort equipment forward? of you and how newer Korean of coming equipment the how their and from growth

Steve Schwartz

they in last more the two the relatively to we what lot capability of win of say quite process makers I’d are the is we A three more the got equipment makers steps. equipment see so time. they So now Chinese new But some Farhan, get years. for Korean that as

of lot imagine opportunities putting out increasing also equipment there. significant exist a there’s are And of you some and makers pretty so China generally where around that the the in some forecast some volumes can are of the enthusiasm as

Farhan Ahmad

you had. thank that’s it, Got all I

Lindon Robertson

Thanks, Farhan.


the is Please Edwin line next & Co. of from our Mok Needham question with And ahead. go

Edwin Mok

taking for Thanks my question guys.

the So roughly you first two acquisitions revenue and June how GAAP And your you or $X.XX to add just much both is Tec-Sem much GAAP said just for impact just tell non-GAAP? housekeeping two that guidance? how the can quickly -- acquisitions there’s us

Steve Schwartz

limited. estimated the about careful visibility this a the revenues have a that press last folded as do we about first on still with netting we the X% but $XX release have on we or We XX% have at the with down quarter acquired had Yes, after this. what was and of the that up $X experience we orders, capital. million shared million so is about made we guidance being approximately we good ended $XX paying closeout basis expectations working year The think primary the million we’ve in. GAAP time, holders too, In the because run so from holders. all I of minority payments right about have we’re rate Not

Edwin Mok

$X.XX then margins And results it’s some the on guidance? or that is overall just GAAP business lower just impact

Steve Schwartz

dilution expect Q that’s our the I as would be to and a Yes, that sorry I'm after non-GAAP integration out this -- go I we penny got of is But and point amortization the quarter there. some move Edwin will will you expectation through for back about to a spelled we’ve it do.

business CCS this the is our in Germany. location really mentioned As close approximate of to Steve

and And there’s and so there we some synergies good see some opportunities opportunities.

non-GAAP and integration it to fourth the ramping time near-term become we our on in get you’ll a demand and So and the that basis. accretive demand see quarter see do with we by with activities

Edwin Mok

the the think heard guidance your can suggesting even seems growth that midpoint just still semi, then with it are all guys at what’s go And your your in of like the you sticking on vacuum backing in coming business the helpful. just see large that’s how growth grow, levels you quarter kind that quarters business we’ve driving in about of continue spending you customers curious to out of heard June kind quarter? that do CCS kind Great, from lower automation the NAND and of I some June the beyond talking

Steve Schwartz

are June pretty others. Yes, the customers bit one mix more confidence pretty we’ve us and little remains than Edwin, that a strong is because growth order we’re in book still results, in gives And our quarter. high also but again book heard the some curious order bullish

customers months for the pretty demands at least are next over bookings So are the the solid. strong and

us remember So various we're and biggest surprising side. while looks least bit at what it’s the vacuum next confident we amongst we have especially in a the we’re but the automation busy probably like about variance that a to the and pretty in OEMs, quarter can little

Edwin Mok

there Okay, great. on helpful. just guys you extremely in curious, this work Life kind of those there doing quickly like the geographic did big based there, then I expand since guys room are has then of Sciences storage example acquisition correct sample is capability and And all Europe. been a that just of you driver international your remember U.S., in into opportunity? That's I'm is to some storage expansion Canadian is depository this and

Steve Schwartz

Edwin. correct, That's

at countries to up have repository that least samples buyer European It's not in real even opportunity So, a facility samples, was sites, happen from a an basically sites. dozens Canada. in our of we because all different And came as Canadian fact of it of Indianapolis of be we have anyone storage good really in a those matter in they in Pennsylvania.

So, have all the that irrespective bio any world. that's samples where you'll over storage and bio with from many they the pretty from are. repository -- samples The repositories are size consistent find almost countries. the And of bio in model

So customers Canadian but customers geographically, think the half customers. of Canadian were for because about Canada I benefit a of it's half customers, are our only

Edwin Mok

you talk talked before. that last guys helpful. of remember have that’s that One storage mind you don’t if actually pile I squeezing about Okay, compound progressing? just me How about store equipment a lot is in, one of or

Steve Schwartz

if comment we in development is… the asking progressing The compounds general in understanding compounds. I'm me chemical think I chemical you’re storing this, on your are question, -- In let

Edwin Mok

you about me temperature sample you talking are just storage I'm historically lower have talk about guys guys equipment in that let to that correct, trying market? Yes, are grow

Steve Schwartz

Yes, so, free bio trial. storage

bit cryogenic up last progress the a win time So, we've one that's from we million making level, the where at again temperature. dollars at slow little And low we another those year. with quarter this been, we and really But did and there, progress that's consistent pretty automated in a is a at systems. steady keep customer on the but

automate I where early provide size XXXX actually cryogenic of will these we end in two think go good systems call, toward the connect talk installations on that fully some XXXX, to we pretty the together. that automation about did that last them

continues had the as be steady a to opportunity. slower So, than this we at one XXXX. And bullish we pace anticipated, we're really for about but forecasted

Edwin Mok

That's all Thank Okay, have. you. I great.

Lindon Robertson

be GAAP a mean I related Edwin, was million about step be able that amortization to would results GAAP And I follow-up up costs on other acquisitions would on question the $X.X your to the another basis. now a in confirm, but in the extra

be round said another we be about would GAAP non-GAAP, on hurt basis. $X.XX it $X.XXX a it the while about on a numbers would So,

Edwin Mok

clarifying thanks Great, that. for


Ellis We've go Riley from FRB. with a Craig ahead. question Please B.

Craig Ellis

back I'll my in in drove and I mentioned reported with Lindon, I but the quarter? through those, question quarter. you just the missed what Yes, so walking looking the clarifying can sequential know expenses, the a issuing operating model start segment and increase for just OpEx you housekeeping

Lindon Robertson

the compensation about executive the an with and really compensation. variable participate cash employees variable accruals compensation, a all it's in Yes, across performance, accelerating this is one variable talk item in of when all isn’t we employees,

we’ve when second adjustment up some and the that quarter. of the you year, of annual are as up this accruals And and year-to-date the that the acceleration had in the you the So, increment incurred middle this professional then current picking element see service we the we expense year. for performance you taken

accruals as here, half, some will structural second And business. basis will this than we that a more. continued on I already to expenses it on weather It in don’t when accruing. are professional also which expense wouldn’t right, while the little up catch is some So variable compensation performance see not about highlight provide then the out level so a degree a par the would to being add be so other we on a structurally

Craig Ellis

gross the operating revenues what’s to the dollars accrual is profit, trigger? And driver profit or accrual the driver or

Lindon Robertson

based. of well, referring in I is heavy it’s plan And operating long-term well go But weight. as course see you’d the current to on gross these income that It’s in which and operating margin year, the operating revenue including as executive ROIC to as you there. weighting the growth. revenue When largely the cash the that’s am on the the profit shift income more an is to but accruals

Craig Ellis

remarks And quarter, Thanks. XX you which the your past. don���t unusually design data segment in number, then prepared Steve was mentioned I recall the wins an high in Semiconductor in you’re that mentioning

can the was around whether ones any have CCS out talked advanced generating or that about that particular us of that all And or segment those robotics context might so? vacuum, the last wins? it’s number So been or over you four of you terms there quarters some packaging stood really where design in

Steve Schwartz

year. you, with this just metric give targets out every very a Sure, the that to at advance we set is so specific Craig of

teams XX So been the the just really as we have our did to come and the ones and strategic. them, beginning but that take engineering consider account not at that on on are ones list targeted they were that teams aligned year we’ll XX the and wins, be important. the are the along design we of some Of may

half is average of historical for about the that. So us

be a So just XX% typical pretty to idea to give quarter an would normal. in you XX%

call have XX% to we deliberate of terms in to there too. really achieve China then quarter something and outstanding. to to on and lot make same of so range XX% -- other regions. the It’s set and the of out important it’s CCS had to used wins, a of presence kind it unusual of the deliberate back it we to that a quarter pretty report the in it’s -- the we think a the we the And real in really that capability. in in was testament we on a ago set double wins a And that years is is But a we

place, sure what foundry we in of expenses we what because are going some the take in rate also And is place to so, to those not and will activity be takes we for want tools the but think that there Taiwan. fabs be our we want model at the

make participate all get don’t just so want sure And too. to design that the volume comes we in we that that we

huge us the So for wins XX in accomplishment China CCS is a in quarter.

Craig Ellis

congrats in any Yes, that that performance. automation, packaging, advanced overall wins. business of parts Connecting in the cetera? either to comments year? other near-term the don’t stand of performance and visibility the strong confidence lent quarter businesses backlog that performance of activity CCS, is have you is do design and very about et it the for for XXXX there vacuum and or calendar on for dynamics, you that your with team really looking enter some comment How that comments you that with the David’s the out Can the the half to back would are

Steve Schwartz

indication we across all tight. the in we So make sure ordering chain indications across have get really really -- board in to when the of the supply strong the that especially us our board, Craig orders customers these advance, but days were give we’re an ready is

the prepared us audits pretty significant indicate the So there calendar the would for of happen. back can they are anything the the half is indications that us in and strength and to on continued year, request be again but

about our of from the that orders at readiness us order the by least for. the and pressure backlog remain the an we hold large so health give the day. customers of confident we what And But and is indication

I I can all wish say, concrete. So that’s be about more we could

can in from on the claims that little I that’s product, want tell across people but sure the with probably bit supply bookings a going the that are to chain make You think again industry. to they again

Craig Ellis

growth that in XXX are expansion the the gap not in is you. And points close the target gap, think Sciences it. I Got Life and growth basis between things business revenue for Thank or is for or but much for closing just points about where basis that revenue there most inorganic the we’re percentage point how if that XX sure am the quarter organic reiteration margin XXX target. Lindon, margin XX% either now lastly, then gross is What is from this of the I recent of objective? a really you our or there operating

Lindon Robertson

Yes, and leverage. see expense split so I think of come you operating the a through it gross balance of kind margin of

get progress. and some out last of doing costs in in call job in so expense have gross investments on. the of in what thus holding that of got described costs we in operations have And our to flat to opportunities and and still it we’ve yield in terms Manchester. work into substantial continuing made I we to mix two in So a far they’re the a of integrations as we stuffs consolidated to we half the close this the By in two operations before progress over then We’ve the operating efficiency. to similarly of footprint have margin our we’ll here way list manufacturing we quarters. partly would still made in we for great Manchester is our as And of the progress what make the

OpEx the see get you’ll the and So shared we time I half X.X believe fourth between to gross margin leverage. to by roughly point be quarter

Craig Ellis

that, for guys. Thanks and good luck Lindon

Lindon Robertson

Thanks, Greg.


have Knight question Paul We Please ahead. from with a Janney Montgomery. go

Paul Knight

Science business the you capital about how in Hi, kind equipment Hi, Could in of it quarter? uptake of side Lindon. talk kind the ramped of BCX Steve. up Life the the as

Steve Schwartz

of so valuation is makes what finding Yes, there’s steady -- steady a BCX on there, people goes a BCX. when a we’re that that Paul progress lot we’re take making again the

So considerable conversation, they take we find don’t BXC a amount takes when customers and back tool. but buy manual go of a a

us, XX% the on it for that So this was And was million revenue. year-over-year a quarter is store and $X one it generated side about healthy of really larger us. that’s for really automated encouraging up

who supplement now, $X the store and in we the a pretty but transport system, need an just technology quarter are $X driver. right a at that around them and are safe million that like huge us. to base accumulating customer BXC filling But not scientific continue want automated a the station the facility the we focus samples through kind but the right temperatures. around is that not have absolutely volume carrier between with going there the the for we on them cryo So and of just we’re also million allows cryo automated BXC, healthy customers and stores one it’s it Again to was to

Paul Knight

guys is And now not locations cycle network BioSpeciMan acquisition of mean, And I physical what to the for Steve, anybody probably with have your what number by else? sales the matched it easier, is globally? a doing is are you that it making

Steve Schwartz

close-by, now. Yes, samples years are comfort a location. so them who after what bio and number very is gives comfortable it of it local we a them to sites right they into have have think for happens they six another need customers put repository the Paul them we gives rather sample moving to

in But to So business. time those on wins site. first for into a of help economies terms them put more does it give winning the the seem economical business proximity to

last So very now for do X close us. the some on building talked we we’re consolidation for call a going we’re right another a that we’re to And important one a customer about continue an site to to that’s customer.

them advantage put again to -- for be a close us when that drive economies may enough see the But near customers we that large to site that may you it. we can economic enough term. have has with here there’s So in

And we we’ll by from so one going year to to and each back X time the always case-by-case. make X we’ll now. now a But it evaluate get X to probably

Paul Knight

December with quarter storage And and can this contrast on the terms in compare customer bio interest lastly quarter of then you services? demand or

Steve Schwartz

Again I of think the increase. outsourcing. a We the increase demand amount steady to continues see in

they from samples what trend for going the way, find specific are build but more around really are existing and about sample outsourcing added and very quarter not comfortable see us. million somewhere and a to but continue decision in we to that making is And the asset the We very we’re we are imagine more that’s building. count, we continue the you good and can quarter that a with customers customers to

going really So path fact the that’s we’re forward. that we bio growth think in business. We storage bullish us had the XX% for

Paul Knight

Thank you.


We have a Please Citi. with proceed. question from Scarnati Amanda

Amanda Scarnati

Hi, so question a on business. the quick Semiconductor

there How the terms strong know orders. push did the sort at throughout quarter, look progressed it’s As in later of quarter orders the was of the that was a really bigger it spread or a out? quarter in of you I linearity evenly

Steve Schwartz

we once but see what a and pattern. relatively we steady week a data Amanda, not, you. it’s is we bigger look and I mean, weeks the see Got linear, at pretty

quarter were example I four where give up. we -- we trajectory to on about when were up into weeks end we So ended the an a

going but start -- it order an had not was to the through until that normal sure And quarter. steady so necessarily. pretty happen size of never indication that’s generally the we’re good particular something was the pattern last that a in quarter, that’s had from quarter, it But us a be this we taking. week to But something it’s pretty we indication

Amanda Scarnati

take Is storage Sciences facilities margin on continue kind to to spread in as that have the an is out additional if locations then it scale, opportunity the companies the you side, add And of storage world. or the gain around costs smaller various out? Life to are there difficult places

Steve Schwartz

So at the we’re the to in looking we give an means place most example, by you right samples the which economical put now.

the space to So expensive site to what sites space and truly to less there we’ll repository we up move samples free as can begin do archived is those that if customer. a and in Indianapolis samples a bio are for we customers moved maybe site a nearby regional at can are empty that fill need some be some

we storage in the most begin growth always with. [the manage long-term Dusty] the it’s that a good one long-term pick now -- then buyer to lot a that to when make that’s do is Indianapolis margin of that Dusty we want a really we good the it And activity capacity, model margin up Indianapolis. decisions that and team business So growth place terms have and daily making things his a in put can sense. about where we go the way his and sites and best But right sure we adding that in it’s through that But it’s good, the in still team business business. are if -- it profitable additional go imagine, the we is makes capacity repository a of for good of this to of business, can there

Amanda Scarnati

you. thank Great,

Steve Schwartz

Thanks, Amanda.


Jones ahead. go Stephens Please with Drew question We a from Inc. have

Drew Jones

guys. Thanks,

sort for talked and about that looking on, kind me, Are mentioned exit year to op at bogie? cost to the spend any containment XX% to of one margin growth of that the you fourth scaling that opportunities just in get quarter Just Lindon impacted the the there. or possibility investments metric to some get from be you’ve the of margin operating back could restricted there

Lindon Robertson

said appreciate I structure pockets because will will investment, out and the what of but the the year. be next year to team and No, is they Dusty is sales into In we’ve making deliver this large even some of part also and specific going areas. the some place in realizing and through question be efficiencies our team other savings

bit for have and the And here. grow out savings expense adding little we so But we structure. going going is to a opportunity there we’re as not why that still not in top growth we’re that’s under confidence coverage be coming expense sacrificing and

Drew Jones

Thanks guys.

Lindon Robertson

much. very thanks Drew,


Please ahead. go Securities. with [Operator Instructions] Steelhead question And we have David a Duley from

David Duley

two going my could questions. acquisition. the Tec-Sem, nice of size results. of taking on for A to the I you is? you a this for Thank us me, or at as year take is perhaps market stab this market guess, or new in understand Congratulations couple you think be far what questions help opportunity potential a as what

Steve Schwartz

So good question. a really it's Dave,

a that a I that to $XX think the could next if million opportunity $XX this on put is guess million here years. grow in peg one, this we we few

together fast EUV feel the again probably reticle this the about big the put We get in and how EUV. good So, of from product we about and around grow. size how can storage we've depend their And we market determined know around on acceleration that depending it will really and will on today the that site of XX amount that.

David Duley


driven? market expansion the is So, EUV mostly

Steve Schwartz

strong radical and and market today growth incremental we that's the market in come team right. Tec-Sem that the today, we The has from products around that a EUV. additional will Because presence think really the in from management develop

handling value the might those carrier bring We but other of that already terms and how the us the cleaner business, opportunities complexity EUV are in have EUV think for of reticles stored. in reticles the CCS we the

David Duley

as of that business the to Brooks leads cleaning it that size does impact that does next business, my expand as quarters EUV the far And have me on what market?

Steve Schwartz

yet, step it that people the business, one iron don't assessment photo to that and change you I to about anticipate don't clean volume don't expand make but necessarily cleaning that think the that meaningfully. impact of process good size would the the that the that and we I of us will a why the on but we of We know clean David, different will process impact and would something Brooks a capability, implant it driven it's that tell yet. does wafers for be good sure of I have resist know cause the contamination EUV the can't example on fop like for say

David Duley

couple to a Brooks assuming is or then how business you characterize in to And foundry contribute of over like you next as to I'm bump do much quarter as versus the How expect of revenue well. that in in vein business June calendar the quarters the be Okay. you the quarter space? then and logic the that as by nice are driven memory this increase expect Chinese are also would September you’d it? XXXX much goes wins up the up far as forecasting And another however

Steve Schwartz

foundry But right the have increase. breakout that beginning to now. is don't specificity We business of the

of see that we memory of fabs be high these some that the but customer a cleaners that X But forecast Tire we into So but have -- end you specificity just give are number we and and foundry. yet, breadth the to have less go number into we that to continue by significantly we will applications besides different foundry. you from pleased going always don't the

David Duley

you start from idea when of significant Chinese you an to that revenue guess revenue see sort of to region? perhaps geographic might when any see more just And as or

Steve Schwartz

I orders we'll revenue for will tell again have fiscal it some other to you those period fabs. in our orders but because don't be QX So, beginning we'll when populating know have of as appreciable what companies see QX, about, equipment

David Duley

Thank you very much.

Steve Schwartz

Thanks, Dave.

Lindon Robertson

Dave. Thanks,


questions There at this are time. future no

Lindon Robertson

Okay, Scott.

up. extend time that thanks my us. I'll next analysts I listened And with the And look in And all this and much. you again forward to think can quarter. to very just talking investors thank to we have you wrap we


you and your ask the Ladies that today. you and gentlemen thank that please We for participation call for concludes disconnect your line.