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Sara Silverman Director of Investor Relations
Lindon Robertson Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Steve Schwartz President and Chief Executive Officer
Jacob Johnson Stephens, Inc.
Patrick Ho Stifel
Paul Knight KeyBanc
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Greetings, and welcome to the Brooks Automation Q1 2021 Financial Results.

During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards, we’ll conduct a question-and-answer session. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded, Tuesday, February 2, 2021. I would now like to turn the conference over to Sara Silverman, Director of Investor Relations. ahead. go Please

Sara Silverman

year and today. Malika, our to on of everyone conference Thank would good like line fiscal quarter first We for to to the call you. the afternoon XXXX. welcome earnings you

Our close the the issued of earnings first market press quarter was after release today.

Lindon Robertson

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please. moment, One

Sara Silverman

me? Hear

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you Are back. came just You there?

Sara Silverman

you can Lindon, Yes. hear me?

Steve Schwartz

Sara. Yes,

Lindon Robertson

Sara, Malika, we apologies. my you hear now.

Here we here in if that's of sound our conference audio room, or the in we the are lost and it Sara our whether unclear just room. was on transmission


look is Ms. Silverman into back. will that. We


Sara Silverman

We call to earnings would to our Thank the year for you like everyone you, Malika, and today. afternoon welcome conference good quarter to XXXX. of first fiscal line on the

was accordance quarter to and a today. will the other titled within would on Investor events market with or during our Harbor a Safe of of are available future to I XX-Q. the remarks aspects occur many way events the Annual of the conjunction operations measures, I PowerPoint and Reports but filings earnings we more to or statements. our in statements the financial and to measures, is GAAP factors identified GAAP during release, our GAAP. statements on to the press make from such SEC, complete first the everyone financial reports the even and an viewing should exclusion to when actual Form of non-GAAP website no Non-GAAP today. Private you should GAAP the of the measures measures are be presented call, be at forward-looking with the results of differ Harbor We would Form from We of statements non-GAAP Our Act to We reconciliation in additional making XXXX. in Safe that after used the that such earnings our of of forward-looking There located will the presentation on XX-K release the of considered provide meaning number an of with Litigation number relied Securities performance, update to course measures slide slides financial they forward-looking financial our these refer addition remind results data prepared with may and in the that refer believe today cause supplementary statement, upon including and themselves. understanding PowerPoint presented quarterly section that aforementioned Brooks business. website in the our brooks.investorroom.com, our be differ obligation on close various results may not on used provide issued like Relations which of the addition those

On and Chief our Officer, Lindon Executive Vice today Executive the with President Chief call President and and Schwartz; Robertson. Officer, me Financial is Steve

Then with our of call the second for from highlights detailed outlook the quarter. our provide Steve open quarter into will We and remarks more results on the look will XXXX. fiscal financial first Lindon on a

our to at With questions like then the call Steve We would I our the turn will CEO, take your remarks. to of prepared that, Schwartz. end over

Steve Schwartz

fathom technologies, of certain It's be since this to away dramatically only hard company redeemed a to demand, not adapt, year weeks to from moment an period. past everyone. in to of to the than the Good also the could anniversary this Brooks. to the Sara, report all world sustain confirmed It's our for From so it's that the challenges presented COVID began first six were satisfy during one-year we results just from tested can allowed to More able another of we're pleasure strong afternoon, our many. but opportunities you, to on and that us and then. and anything, we impacts to quarter. growth changed today customer and capability, welcome operational that on and Thank we their you need we the to company, they our us meet essential our new customers demonstrate that there to be

our give the look comment us of record at we're will results robust. color I'll to trajectory. to which our midst sustain drivers and from cautious this on of still another and allow remain we more of that about quarter earnings in is revenue forecast, believe a highlight key a Lindon strong although, we So very will a future. environment, importantly, bullish quarter Today, quite the

we each Life post-pandemic. Our the solutions. sustain from In with applications, double-digit our of and of the need the been communities and comes quality market interrogate gains that and complexity capabilities of we to unique we share differentiate our highest We've high portfolio millions positioned opportunity unique in can Sciences, our our and samples high day manage targets offerings where research our approach satisfied who clinical achieving growth, growth needs to to fidelity. deliberate

markets, will end $XX will know and satisfy quarter that wave some the the as both computing, in Consistent million, Life of well solutions aggressive products as and high that to best I'll the Sciences capacity our our the momentum, year-over-year. some the our produce technologies of we Similarly, of us XX% makers of reliable OEMs Life critical Our products trillions high discovery innovation more services -- XX% enabling that devices as bio offerings Life interconnected the engineering autonomous specialized the revenue million was devices to continue XG, now edge gain build that wave customers business our XXX scientific essential BioStorage semiconductor our In part revenue, excellence vehicles sample-based pipeline. up of Internet we Things. delivering leading-edge quality by momentum, with are for be enable enabling talent and Sciences technology than more Semiconductor are a developed fuel device Sciences. information reputation next in Services, $XXX segments the and capabilities Semiconductor our in give we and now In execution. the up for industry. our color of fast XXX in with share and into added starting in turn customers year-over-year. positive rode the

capabilities. by in up by a million outstanding and drawn quarter another customers, our over but again we demonstrated therapy workflow $XX reached revenue, sequencing new gene delivering increase analysis QX, our synthesis year-over-year. including volume XX% up customers QX steady from solutions XXXX, solutions, in our in Next-generation capabilities driven also existing XX% record to Once single-cell in

for are therapy Our strong antibody value discovery and these cell and areas. research exciting propositions for gene enablers

mature couple invest even development. robust continued meet a the continue growth sample We business, the though been grew revenue, more new discovery extremely and valuable was years, we've than a rate $X.X the gene repository without confidence an to clinical years it's portion the for we of additional of Even back positive business SRS synthesis to throughout continue standard Services includes strong of which that business globe. the with demand. not in X% pleased delivered services still the the part business vaccine-related performance grow million in to at discovery our levels. the a it's And XX SRS and gives as more to remains was across capacity Back continued in a In growth to expansions gaining pharmaceutical role in important vaccine-related services. scientific strong advancement this China in to Sequencing year-over-year. new year. in XX%. We're up and And sectors, growth. and -- Sanger record than the although it able back the to of Storage in us for be and solutions business, likewise plays momentum while customers an technology, of seen we we gain U.S. momentum revenue Sanger

mentioned we first customers to sustained particularly COVID-XX-driven demand in subsides, what delivering processing the I consumables will not be this conversion even growth SRS many the COVID-XX pharmaceutical purchased for samples market Products Sciences consumables, and more new more automated units but several the tranche call, of XX% the driven in, our multiple which on kicked to we of in these instruments, has to their scheduled and III offerings, quarter and maintain consumables in off be completed over our new year-over-year the we of demand rapid shift We the the than to customers percentage business. handling added able of competitor applications contract Cryostore quarter. account now quarter, last when large will that XX% of our a be for we applications. added after customers came products customers, year. cell many new we we'll BioStore purchased that customer strong systems. the All XXX products received of Cryostores needs record first than now, had a pandemic to due We six weighted in driving by Specifically, workflow product received be installation because believe automation-capable only We meet to a who from remain $XX of believe including business, million. scarcity maintained our for impact caused new COVID-XX-related phase Life company with needs. large our to those ability beyond end therapy the favors consumables a shipments more our because units of for automated with us a XX to the what Cryo are a penetration meaningful million of to one heavily XX stores we and in who've lines, as gene

build pleased and by the to world. technology that ramp anticipate this post-COVID and and acceptance Still, a the see customers faster of enabling we're innovative of continues product this momentum adoption in our Our a we'll we capability. with

Additionally, segments workflows. at for of impact to in Agilent her also vast prospects, a seeing automated on level go-to-market Linda our and deliver Life positioned that record their global slowed deep the proud growth, fiscal approach. of capacity across the capable single vendor, but of is with January was that strong a of value more our year. manage the three delivered business is footprint Linda as Corporation the and serve our form Waters in large our different Sciences the is with market has and tremendous begin the that the leadership ease team Brooks customers Jesus her have offerings. to of responsibility in critical this backlog our bullish and not been demand for of the across and all track announce experience integrated currently the and portions investing more welcome that secure De doing more half Life executive but who started expansion our commercial end, joined Her in we accelerate solutions and to the Sciences second business having addition also the way Officer make to to business. are and industry that to the Toward at beginning five at customers countries. and to build we're days streamlined projects with positions customers. bring already projects she we of a advance only of an about under capability will pandemic our Thermo, and earned of understanding building active out us of activity We're Commercial and with early stores next willing to complex workflows, as since all to senior Chief to are Overall, have for We're to experience

had business Sciences September On we last putting revenue on the for is Life the $XXX in noted call, of annualized Sciences a revenue. Life exceptional we million that story in us million time, surpassed our Our trajectory earnings for first in growth. a quarter, $XXX

growth exceptional and are that's already in a the to path any continue. Now middle a quarter a annualized to a revenue million run here $XXX by on intend rate, measure we trend of we

well supporting and Semiconductor looks by the orders artificial and to plans recently Semiconductor and strong some Spending enabled growth our are of turn learning communications, devices backlog record as for the for what very explosion that the interconnected Things. growth by we're business. chipmakers of I’ll at bode like the announced tremendous of high-capacity Now well spending devices beneficiaries the capacity of the mobile business. in Semiconductor outlook computing, strong another semiconductor as segment, Internet machine year levels, we remain our major our In intelligence seating seeing in capital the for additions

slightly in positions our growth slowed expanding and with growth contamination in outperform led by year-over-year. contamination is and the increase our of This in quarter QX propelling revenue record no control, technology on slowing the was automation drivers we for need down as signs control to have XX% secular up million, was Semiconductor down. which Nonetheless, and the the XXXX. critical these Our above-market to Semiconductor $XXX of years. the for products tear comparison CCS was market automation continue past solid, quarter but markets we several in a by

increased growth market combination and and year-over-year was past design Tier segment, OEMs X equipment process this robots in because consistent of from not for the Our Tier years. automation in X up systems faster wins revenue, of over share XX% but just and our with the of support

reported a As products. in growth XX% automation last a we of year-over-year quarter, matter fact,

seeing was throughout quarter good line. one So additions. leading some significant capacity we at the strong very the as back-end was continued X% ago, that we’re record well. period a was only for We not year. year an consistent Contamination packaging exceptionally our million Revenue business foundries. CCS market sustained quarter of healthy, we a rather pilot QX sustained and for win X edge was another are investment, up particularly a but delivered to a activity but share with when but packaging manufacturing of for of front-end QX as healthy more these gain. coming from for million strong share there We outperformance $XX of a capacity, once XX% not Tier addition in $XX growth secured below growth. high timers, the control design for one capacity year-over-year, advanced in million, increase advanced revenue the anticipate number from $XX numbers delivered quarter X tools nanometer solid, and Revenue again increased

we EUV captured orders and memory manufacturers. two also respectively. and EUV sensor, for applications, from logic first pod new in image DRAM customers won clean And were memory. tools We our China These Japan, Europe for

for CCS a development the next-generation be our new winning June and quarter for the Again, share ramp to of stronger start into and we’re reticle is for our Our activity product quarter. is at both market nodes March outlook aggressive strong, even share an is wafer carriers.

quarter business themselves, we them. not believe sustainable from economy, As of of capabilities role device All driver in global double-digit in, for two concerted of to strong robust tremendous on we The the to critical with our fossil enable comes long is them more for move of outperformance. but businesses. another applications. opportunities and Each semiconductor In and communication and sources that a satisfy makers the enablement the growth we outsized is present energy support only from for delivered QX, continued these with capture business electrification. period and a our of the a to expect in are to prospects more catalysts partnered computing, verge we the in conversion sustained and fuels to equipment these ensure of makers and its strong growth

customers We but have competitive with needs. also advantage of our from technology connections from their close and sustainable of our critical support both engineering, in and science applications

and are established and robust fulfill are each becoming we is clear, we’ve markets demanding that we Our with trusted and strong request relationships our deliver. breakthrough that focus our secure solutions more

we’ll forward coming over formal I’ll my quarter We’re about the to start remarks to That XXXX Lindon. quarters. and turn an excellent in we the that the off to now call look to deliver and all concludes

Lindon Robertson

same line XX% slides X. double-digit growth over to and of year. XX% quarter summary top attention on growth website with begin in a Semiconductor growth the the your strong With our the businesses. on was Solutions, have strong call I and Slide $XX driven we indeed Steve. another Life year-over-year, by QX additional XX% last we’ll in to Sciences you, quarter. highlights in revenue added both grew million Thank Revenue

A leverage, you improved with with that earlier. growth XXX% gross revenue basis XXX are flows momentum first a this you’ll per was that $X.XX, under year significant highlight this, Cash see $XX key a earnings. up than again. out we a in from higher quarter pay year-over-year. margins course, see us will points Non-GAAP and Sciences And margin gross Of also record operations earnings model in profit is significantly XX% share when for point level business of any a Life to for highlight quarter of in the our cash sustained variable compensation. it’s certainly million fact, for and

additional quarter. came in X Referring up XXX highlighted, the $X.XX. year’s can by XXX basis The right and for and the improvement Slide points operating results and than first engineering growth income XX% earnings improvement The to at margin that last compared results, in EBITDA XX.X%, Let’s year-to-year, adjusted was by year-over-year. I’ve share was a per R&D, projects Semiconductor page, XX%. points earnings on in accruals the operating of incremental combine points. Solutions reflects of with More drove saw in the gross the to XX.X%, structure in and XX%, non-GAAP quarter XXX% expense XXX side and to was see that margins loss move details the at margins FX by benefit Sciences in growth you expanded acquisitions you’ll headcount, a for basis also operations up favorable with sequentially non-GAAP the in basis XXX Life and year-over-year non-GAAP in driven margin income in on we investments all, up the revenue share. points $X.XX. per basis operating increase company. When revenue continuing across basis earnings line, that Semi rate the higher X% quarter per compensation just Below GAAP earlier supported XX.X% driven it operating up year you now double tax gross and line the the from SG&A the XXX expansion points of With the up over shows from variable see share

compared Page please XX% increase XXXX in business. results and X let’s generated Science business Science over to revenue million, first turn the now the our when an $XXX QX of In So for quarter, sequentially. X% our Life with Life of

and As year-over-year. had instruments year-over-year. our a driven year-over-year. and demand XX% all the was PCR revenue, excluding business. significant a basis, growth of is Life continued instruments, by approximately and sample The of driven this GENEWIZ driven impact demand noted said, we our strength Science Services of the sequential by synthesis the in been GENEWIZ of business NGS positive our revenue repository net automation year-over-year as COVID the solutions in offerings. X% COVID-related continued of organic in grew This If which XX% We organic primary a business, and million growth, in the on accelerated the capable being would quarter environment. XX% on research I by is comprised grew tubes Alliance business XX% this, driver automation have demand. and quarter-over-quarter the high grew plates, strong estimate $XX chart, business The and with the growth approximately from demand the A to demand instruments. Products were be year-over-year, XX% portion business exclude by consumables consumables primarily in

Excluding revenue The year-over-year. repository sample the services and services storage was by was informatics. led up stream, alliance XX% growth

XX.X%, in basis XX.X% point benefit instruments. did and by the point mix higher in margin both portfolio. points in provided margin recent $X the margin, we Science QX and the Life year-over-year, the business The higher XX.X% from services basis primarily volume business from Life acquisitions, the up XXXX margin leverage basis sample Now basis the driven business in again the the gross operating business of basis the acquired expanded and The revenue contract of year-over-year. quarter, carry February current GENEWIZ approximately Science million in strength of XX.X% favorable business the exiting XXX points of benefit the includes Products XX In acquired XXX performance margin. over at total, remaining improvement up XXX driven was percentage consumables procurement year-over-year, Services of XXX the And last XXX and Services gross which mix Alliance for informatics for are points gross two than year. contribute increase gross came the improved by Exiting by December, quarter, average points Alliance.

As and of revenue $XX into Sciences $XXX the range million. of million to the quarter quarter Life million expansion second in expect growth we year-over-year. to support be $X to we range approximately this revenue to This $XXX of from XXXX, another indicates million look XX% XX% will

and the on Semiconductor in Slide X% million turn XX% increased of first to of sequentially. revenue to down Solutions the the compared quarter X. quarter was Let’s business $XXX XXXX Semiconductor

last of XX.X%, cost and XXXX We we by expect and toward Operating look up – second with variable the higher XX% were R&D mix for was margin actually look strong year-over-year. accruals. year-over-year, with but vacuum Services XXX amount forward, driven quarter was As quarter robots and improved Steve vacuum million Controls noted, by year-over-year, grew our part including remained the points sequentially. XX% was in in up driven Contamination Semiconductor up $XXX be automation consistent year, portion, similar this year-over-year. Semiconductor automation margins basis group automation Revenue business products at Gross points the products, to in compensation XXX a down $XXX XX% million. range of XX%. fiscal and growth compared I’m XX.X%, Within our basis of margins sorry to expense operating business the down the to by absorption. grew systems, revenue and we expectations favorable

to XX% revenue would year-over-year this supports XX%. of expansion sequentially million million Now of $XX growth $XX be and to another

Operating X in million. the cash over So for let’s quarter of for Slide $XX first to quarter. the flow turn summary was flow the cash

on a pay historical EBITDA high which for is gain and first higher annual leverage comp. The to we’ve paid highlights, the in trailing cash excluding for the is generated We an adjusted drive paid this or of used When so operating this sale includes of quarter GENEWIZ $XX XX flow evident shareholders variable CapEx with We $XX a approximately $X quarter. in I out million million growth flow. basis. I in Cryopump the China in million months reflect business we about dividends project, an profit to past on CapEx the the the basis. operational to cash on the business, $XXX year, quarter of and the on million As for referenced taxes building in is the $X our converting million of the

of over finished So view million. quarter Slide an of advanced first current to $XX large This securities. is stable the driven Working assets cash, was the deferred sheet. $XXX increase was million, quick for revenue net capital had growth. which up support was store restricted even the debt by The With let’s quarter, at while X million upward cash, to billings $XX balance stable, $XXX of same on we million. increased with we new marketable cash, turn of a At systems. of the also $XX million end

EBITDA range anticipated to million million to to earnings $XXX to $XXX Slide $XXX Life share. $XX range XXXX. Adjusted our $X.XX. be million expected to million. Semiconductor be quarter is GAAP of the and is million $X.XX non-GAAP $XXX of of be earnings the is revenue, $XX be share and $X.XX to $XXX share the be $XXX With the the Meanwhile, guidance range to second per million expected per to Revenue revenue to per Science expected of Let’s expected to that, expected to million again, $X.XX in for X turn to of million. in in

But me nicely for as new to Now created you sell Sara prepared forward, each began Relations we really know up in Sara have call. interacting me us treasury from cycle, can with the my a remarks, take look January, investor of to experience, Director bringing closely I very our you joined splash her operational first the the acknowledge and difficulties there is, Silverman, we wrapped apologies on front. through in technical and Investor experience with that she the of moment and our pleased she side, let with this partnering with as on the to been

So our on the find website. today’s you as press as release website, can of Investor on our information well her site contact on

prepared Malika our remarks. to concludes questions the to from turn call I’ll the over now this So, back take line.


Thank you. from first line now of [Operator with phone your Our open. ahead, is Johnson the Jacob Inc. go Instructions] is Please line Stephens, question

Jacob Johnson

think comments, for there or be this quarters Maybe benefit really question has the on on the of recently. will like like on your it revenue questions quarter. congrats thanks Hey, obviously, first and that sounds It taking consumables durable. performing sounds growth things, the business has just been also side instruments you strong the from COVID. and been some from But Steve,

on C&I you near-term revenues? the So maybe around comments expand first and the can for maybe durability of then your those outlook on comment

Steve Schwartz

Sure. thanks. Jacob,

capacity bring We’re able online. to

been to We on more reasons some to the you pandemic. we the sourcing of that of days one pretty bring so are have able the has So strong demand say earliest worked hard the more capacity. since

– relatively source have at things, are a demand that been sustained what in lines COVID-specific of durability instruments So has becoming And the prove – a ability level the what’s might can But business, us that had have that that drive it. is just in the they helped terms think of to the And find is we the don’t I and high but and you’re us consumables for they automated. our necessarily lot to aren’t we believe yet instruments to that we have the remain tell because the customers past. the coming the workflow of more of serve lines of to number business. we the

been So that’s workflow be in shift high we environment, manual can volume where no do a of extremely longer accelerated some by a here the done fashion. COVID believe there is and the lines are

that believe to and to least our lot be we think think able of that at that’s number customers us, significant be instruments come people sustainable. more tubes to hope a who the automatable to started we I our will We automated who sustain. and converting do workflows. And a we’ll use

We’re that really that that going have feel in another for the year time. long customers to – confident high are a have that we are out, we prove customers pretty we intend quality to but

Jacob Johnson

helpful. but know of think, us I guys That’s couple can any gene other gene Steve, therapy market you therapy couple and times, heard on you I Got end want if generating just that regarding don’t you market? different color you or – the talk you also about give it, you got to from end business a a kind around cell it. of maybe And revenues then, have cell numbers, I and update lines. of the are

Steve Schwartz

the a So, the we in we capturing a XXX% all opt have gene precision the When with Jacob, everything that that XX% that we is a the it’s really it’s won’t see that we’re we’re basis, and nor but XX% to. precision say growth cell I like-for-like moment it’s don’t therapy, confident we want. on question. – track question – good it We and

But a think we’ll and million, upside magnitude here. our ago. in an this gives was more there’s healthy, year here. are but the an what a $X you that on calculations you one. it idea, from up million lot of working roughly idea are quarter It’s we keep give that’s the But XX%, to by bright XX% it a So, $X numbers these

Jacob Johnson

the it. the taking Congrats quarter. questions. Thanks for on Got

Steve Schwartz

Thanks, Jacob.

Lindon Robertson

Thanks, Jacob.


Stifel. question the next go line our And Ho with is ahead. you. of from Please Thank Patrick

Your open. line is

Patrick Ho

first nice Thank Happy Year side. on you the much Semiconductor New and belated congrats quarter. maybe and the very a off Steve, on

advanced packaging wins? how your advanced nodes strength, you type top device advanced mentioned particularly advanced you Tier I end share front year shifts these traditionally the remarks of nodes terms see prepared particularly in on structures, you your think lot with X made they’re advanced are usually to X and driving packaging going a more of turns to more more in inroads OEMs, more of techniques, about the will end and seeing you

Steve Schwartz

that. packed lot a is Patrick, a things. there me couple Well, try into of let

next-generation in faster much MagnaTran These from and below. quarter, which expectations. decade. a beyond below you customers launched in transformed the which our quarter market and an in to the way I model the give robot. are as years us shift capability it been we – at with new the there automation speed September products ago MagnaTran that that product And of the is things idea, shipped X less leading units than market – to been MagnaTran two nanometer X has surpassed and the and the we December December launched One Leap in we have has as observed – more that times X for number down X as MagnaTran our X a of than now Leap, MagnaTran this a We lines. the have MagnaTran September X did is been And many vacuum takes of did we we

it an overwhelming So it’s was shift. a –

side on the are are the know We we capabilities we there. we related. significant. the packaging so are know advanced really And see demands What that brought

of in substrate, contaminant, more see packaging kinds the handling we only we that just Now a than used the requirements complex same to see handling front-end. in advanced high-precision low

a players as do packaging challenging two and we There’s breadth the products the in seeing that back-end they spend it’s a so for do advanced had just lot but we ago. not So demand more a X, much don’t much advanced and front-end overlap. packaging and than years we even more – the of Tier Tier X see Tier as strong we’re environment continued of X there’s not the

Patrick Ho

Sciences. follow-up maybe give a management my services Can of on uses little you business trends think potential storage the question, during more whether Great. in biopharma lot That’s sample environment? helpful. I the you or the additional COVID-related a of that anything really in GENEWIZ opportunities Life strong on quarter. just you management of And you this mentioned business, saw color side as type And sample services the the had services

Steve Schwartz

Sure, Patrick.

– generally in So good increase we amount we the had storage. of

effort been more significant what enhance the capacity business in on XX called be to think You used collections to we’ve a the past on for the think to everyone’s and very ability I we’ve there. aware months, customers to successful and continue our BioStorage capture the and pretty storage capability had

different we’ve from vaccine indeed now COVID-related with to not begun six the but just positive a COVID standpoint, samples. On store companies, the activities,

been has those taken automated or be most have started collections even interesting too. be those using in stores recent opportunities new deemed for we stores, negative, purpose for managing samples to will from so that to quarter, a challenge they're patients And the and us. where automated positive And so and the hours to for later sorted when then three samples are out we're and

the with to seeing side, to opportunities deal the across COVID we're management help portfolio, So on different sample. the sample

opportunities. say in million So won't at breadth serve strong really of been and is services it's of significant to adapt time, applications far. immediate but couple I of breadth products to of ability our a them and a has one capabilities those moving any our are a so they a dollars

Patrick Ho

at things, upward look look setting in how into Sciences maybe the this record a flow outlook environment, the cash And you XXXX. company? good? the also flow metrics strong given question business starting cash the now of the final in on cash Great. do Is for generation you positive, Semi potentially terms of for generation as side turn capital flow working generation Lindon Life especially very a With or year go to momentum with

Lindon Robertson

we Yes, six Patrick, the million last two quarters, And months. and you that $XXX I the in few QX combined, that's of two if exactly at million short quarters, QX think a what just last look we're expect.

think I indicative forward. of the capability you're going business seeing

M&A sheet our to as It's that. So not just invest, our but about on we're It's for ability quite potential converting put cash. well. to pleased organically, balance fueling some to

with really that. And so we're pleased

Patrick Ho

much. Great. very Thank you

Lindon Robertson

the Appreciate Thanks, Yes. Patrick. call.


go Instructions] ahead. Please Our Paul line the is with [Operator question KeyBanc. next of Knight from

Your is open. line

Paul Knight

FX organic the Hey, Lindon, what What was impact growth? in quarter? was

Lindon Robertson

a will me break It of it give couple second. but Paul, million, in a was XX-Q. our out that

this, XX-Q the broken it's it's filed, Let modest say when impact. me but out it you'll a see in

Paul Knight

Steve? Did to impact, you talk COVID

Steve Schwartz

impact. didn't COVID talk we No, to

Lindon Robertson

What quarter. business the Sciences in driven in $XX tailwinds the million Life highlighted by substantially roughly instruments. was that and consumables the of it I Right. positive had I about was And I mentioned have

Paul Knight

COVID, Around Lindon?

Lindon Robertson

and instruments, automation for automation Consumables also have all automation-ready and we an is barcodes right. but that's a little capability where caps, a supply bit temperatures XD is capabilities, tubes we produce it's Yes, of which didn't, on driving bottom, piece that in work saw side, the not desire way the high the we a barcodes the on attraction necessarily minus for a to and of XXX had others an standard, that, volumes and differentiation. industry

highlighted, delight have and is our more XXX we've up as weren't aim undoubtedly strong, why, that with finding customers quite places to the is those is customers those in the picked were experience they this customers there with capability supply some than we us. and So quarter of COVID-based and other

to them, the particularly going we're with expect we capabilities. So keep automation

Paul Knight

would… you Why

Steve Schwartz

Paul, we're clear on to this one I make sure that want too.

customers from COVID, We who buying first not the have be is priority. some consumables of those might us that C&I for because COVID are always

supplier we first if buy and a they of customer in who our can COVID, get way. that they for So had have continued because count need prioritize that came their for us something priority. another COVID no some longer another from their we if demand get tube COVID-related research, the they could But consumables

Paul Knight

expansion specifically, potential lastly Right. regarding thereof? square China, what's what's the timing where in and footage, And the contribution GENEWIZ, then

Lindon Robertson

provides two What It's I have later, what Suzhou, to in existing in you of years Jersey phase our double capabilities option is currently, phase almost Phase and build that another site. a building largest to a we operational on have first more size. X. the It said, have say that the the highlight building a I'll And in to the we second Yes. double New the lease terms second Suzhou, next is we site when to capacity significant replaces -- and which bases add property. our four likelihood in with same have we building us it's China. It

So another capable everyone's district. through may a step something company just see often we described of market. Suzhou, in When Cambridge significant there. China. rich life of be in life And company have on science the sort ride highlight, you after science it the capacity you I'd It's is as radar, not Suzhou

is So rich, infrastructure science the resources beautiful. rich, are capabilities, is the

that. really pleased with So we're

end go to building that calendar expect by the of operational or We year this before.

Paul Knight

you Thank very Okay. much.

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