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Kazuhiro Tsuga
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co LTD, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co LTD
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28 Jun 12
29 Nov 20
31 Mar 21


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Rectangular Secondary Battery
26 Nov 20
A rectangular battery with a plurality of stacked positive electrode plates.
Method for estimating thermal sensation, thermal sensation estimation apparatus, air conditioner, and recording medium
24 Nov 20
A vehicle including an air conditioner and a thermal sensation estimation apparatus is disclosed.
Negative Electrode for Nonaqueous Electrolyte Secondary Battery and Nonaqueous Electrolyte Secondary Battery
19 Nov 20
A negative electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte with a negative electrode mixture layer that includes a first layer and a second layer.
Non-aqueous Electrolyte Secondary Battery
19 Nov 20
A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes an electrode body in which a plurality of positive electrodes and a plurality of negative electrodes are alternately stacked with a separator interposed therebetween, and a non-aqueous electrolytic solution containing a non-aqueous solvent.
Power Supply Device, Vehicle Provided with Power Supply Device, and Power Storage Device
12 Nov 20
In a power supply device, both ends of a bind bar are coupled to a pair of end plates disposed at both ends of the battery stack in a stacking direction formed by stacking battery cells, a cooling plate made of metal different from metal of the bind bar is disposed on a surface of the battery stack in a themally coupled state, and a cooling plate is fixed to the battery stack via bolts disposed in a longitudinal direction of the battery stack.