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(a)On May 4, 2021, BOK Financial Corporation (“BOKF”) held its annual meeting of shareholders.

(b)The matters voted upon at the annual meeting, and the number of votes cast for or against, as well as the number of abstentions and broker non-votes as to each such matter (where applicable), are set forth below:

1. Election of DirectorsForAgainst/WithheldAbstainNon-Vote
Alan S. Armstrong45,539,63714,604,748 --5,169,727
C. Fred Ball Jr.56,231,0323,913,353 --5,169,727
Steven Bangert52,769,2257,375,160 --5,169,727
Peter C. Boylan, III56,205,8583,938,527 --5,169,727
Steven G. Bradshaw52,904,7967,239,589 --5,169,727
Chester E. Cadieux, III51,737,8978,406,488 --5,169,727
John W. Coffee56,330,1913,814,194 --5,169,727
Joseph W. Craft, III56,194,8353,949,550 --5,169,727
Jack E. Finley52,159,7377,984,648 --5,169,727
David F. Griffin55,393,3914,750,994 --5,169,727
V. Burns Hargis56,198,8153,945,570 --5,169,727
Douglas D. Hawthorne52,161,5017,982,884 --5,169,727
Kimberley D. Henry56,537,8593,606,526 --5,169,727
E. Carey Joullian, IV51,275,7338,868,652 --5,169,727
George B. Kaiser50,760,3359,384,050 --5,169,727
Stanley A. Lybarger47,416,12612,728,259 --5,169,727
Steven J. Malcolm55,385,2484,759,137 --5,169,727
Steven E. Nell50,469,5579,674,828 --5,169,727
E.C. Richards56,196,9483,947,437 --5,169,727
Claudia San Pedro52,158,0577,986,328 --5,169,727
Michael C. Turpen56,310,3523,834,033 --5,169,727
Rose M. Washington56,548,3863,595,999 5,169,727
2. Ratification of Ernst & Young LLP as Auditor for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 202163,403,9401,467,483 5,200--
3. Advisory vote to approve the compensation of named executive officers59,114,490420,742 171,6645,169,727