Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio Exterior (BLX)

Bladex, a multinational bank originally established by the central banks of Latin-American and Caribbean countries, began operations in 1979 to promote foreign trade and economic integration in the Region. The Bank, headquartered in Panama, also has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the United States of America, and a Representative License in Peru, supporting the regional expansion and servicing of its customer base, which includes financial institutions and corporations.

BLX stock data


28 Apr 22
20 Aug 22
31 Dec 22
Quarter (USD) Dec 21 Dec 20 Dec 19 Dec 18
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
Annual (USD) Dec 21 Dec 20 Dec 19 Dec 18
Cost of revenue
Operating income
Operating margin
Net income
Net profit margin
Cash on hand
Change in cash
Diluted EPS
0.4% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 11 13 -15.4%
Opened positions 1 5 -80.0%
Closed positions 3 1 +200.0%
Increased positions 1 2 -50.0%
Reduced positions 5 4 +25.0%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 723.55M 859.96M -15.9%
Total shares 2.52M 2.63M -4.3%
Total puts 0 0
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio
Largest owners Shares Value Change
LSV Asset Management 965.88K $12.82M -1.1%
Beddow Capital Management 445.21K $5.91M +0.1%
Lee Danner & Bass 365.82K $4.85M 0.0%
Motley Fool Wealth Management 333.47K $4.43M -3.3%
Thomas White International 298.76K $3.96M -15.5%
Estabrook Capital Management 52.05K $690.76M -1.1%
Rhumbline Advisers 38.42K $510K -8.9%
Seizert Capital Partners 21.99K $292K 0.0%
Captrust Financial Advisors 719 $11K 0.0%
Meeder Asset Management 300 $4K 0.0%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
Thomas White International 298.76K -54.96K -15.5%
Los Angeles Capital Management & Equity Research 0 -23.47K EXIT
Motley Fool Wealth Management 333.47K -11.2K -3.3%
LSV Asset Management 965.88K -11.1K -1.1%
Rhumbline Advisers 38.42K -3.76K -8.9%
AMAL Amalgamated Bank. 0 -3.73K EXIT
AMAL Amalgamated Financial 0 -3.73K EXIT
Estabrook Capital Management 52.05K -560 -1.1%
Beddow Capital Management 445.21K +250 +0.1%
Nisa Investment Advisors 200 +200 NEW

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