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Tucows Inc. (the “Company”) held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the “Annual Meeting”) on September 7, 2021. The following matters, all of which were set forth in the Company’s definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A (the “Proxy Statement”) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 29, 2021, were voted on at the Annual Meeting. The results of such voting are as indicated below.

1. Election of Directors

The Company’s shareholders voted upon and elected the following nominees to serve on the Company’s Board of Directors for a term of one year expiring at the 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Nominee for DirectorVotes ForAuthority Withheld
Allen Karp6,948,876148,067
Elliot Noss7,031,38765,556
Erez Gissin7,025,49971,444
Jeffery Schwartz7,016,05280,891
Brad Burnham7,090,5656,378
Marlene Carl7,090,8166,127
Robin Chase7,060,94835,995

There were 592,628 broker non-votes with respect to the election of directors.

2. Ratification of Appointment of Independent Auditors

The Company’s shareholders voted upon and ratified the appointment of KPMG LLP as the independent auditors of the Company and its subsidiaries for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020