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Filed: 5 Sep 13, 8:00pm



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Ms. Stephanie Ciboroski

Senior Assistant Chief Accountant

Division of Corporation Finance

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Washington, DC 20549

September 6, 2013


Re:UBS AG Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012
 Filed March 14, 2013
 Form 6-K filed April 30, 2013
 Responses dated February 28, 2013 and April 29, 2013
 File No. 001-15060

Dear Ms. Ciboroski:

We have received your letter dated September 5, 2013, outlining comments from your office with respect to certain issues raised by the captioned filings of UBS AG and our responses to earlier questions raised by the Staff.

We are working diligently on preparing written responses to the several issues raised. We expect that this process will take more than the ten business days within which you have requested a response, because of the need to investigate underlying facts and to discuss the issues raised, and the commitments as to future disclosure that the SEC is requesting us to make, internally among numerous senior members of management.

We expect to be in a position to supply our full response to your comments by September 30, 2013.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about this.


Very truly yours,  
 /s/ Louis Eber  /s/ Sarah Starkweather 
Louis Eber Sarah Starkweather 
Group Managing Director Executive Director