AlphaMark Advisors

Filed: 2 May 22, 2:41pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Amgen IncorporatedCOM0311621002601,075SH SOLE 3601,039
AutoZone IncCOM053332102642314SH SOLE 710243
Alphabet Class CCOM02079K1071,623581SH SOLE 810500
Celanese CorpCOM1508701037675,372SH SOLE 30805,064
Thermo Fisher ScientifCOM8835561021,6112,728SH SOLE 34602,382
Regeneron PharmaceuticCOM75886F1071,5482,216SH SOLE 37001,846
Broadcom CorpCOM11135F1019431,497SH SOLE 37601,121
Eastman Chemical CoCOM2774321008417,506SH SOLE 38407,122
Zebra TechnologyCOM9892071055811,405SH SOLE 40401,001
Goldman Sachs Group InCOM38141G1041,6545,012SH SOLE 41204,600
United Parcel ServiceCOM9113121066883,210SH SOLE 49502,715
Estee Lauder Co IncCOM5184391046902,534SH SOLE 58601,948
Hubbell IncCOM4435106075372,920SH SOLE 60802,312
Lowes Companies IncCOM5486611077153,535SH SOLE 61402,921
Packaging Corp Of AmerCOM6951561092651,696SH SOLE 64601,050
Molina HealthcareCOM60855R1001,4204,258SH SOLE 71003,548
International Paper CoCOM4601461031372,970SH SOLE 80202,168
Polaris IndustriesCOM7310681021,0539,996SH SOLE 80709,189
Ametek IncCOM0311001004583,438SH SOLE 80902,629
Vertex PharmaceuticalsCOM92532F1002,1508,237SH SOLE 82207,415
Waste Management Inc DCOM94106L1091,89011,925SH SOLE 834011,091
Utilitites SPDRCOM81369Y8864,17256,036SH SOLE 875055,161
Ross StoresCOM7782961034134,569SH SOLE 1,02103,548
Arthur J Gallagher & CCOM3635761096033,454SH SOLE 1,04702,407
Intercontinental ExchaCOM45866F1041,69112,796SH SOLE 1,086011,710
Quanta Services IncCOM74762E1026254,750SH SOLE 1,12303,627
Intl Business MachinesCOM4592001011,49211,476SH SOLE 1,344010,132
Apple IncCOM0378331001,91510,965SH SOLE 1,40809,557
Western Alliance BancoCOM9576381096718,107SH SOLE 1,41006,697
SYNNEX CorpCOM87162W1001,17711,407SH SOLE 1,48509,922
Global Payments IncCOM37940X1021,44310,548SH SOLE 1,52109,027
Leidos HoldingsCOM5253271021,32112,231SH SOLE 1,641010,590
Toll Brothers IncCOM8894781033587,606SH SOLE 1,75705,849
Take Two Interactive SCOM8740541091,91812,476SH SOLE 1,758010,718
Tyson FoodsCOM9024941038239,182SH SOLE 2,26806,914
SS&C Technologs HldgCOM78467J1006508,668SH SOLE 2,43606,232
Amphenol Corp Cl ACOM0320951012,16128,680SH SOLE 2,626026,054
ON SemiconductorCOM68218910587714,008SH SOLE 2,643011,365
Bristol-Myers Squibb CCOM1101221081,80324,694SH SOLE 3,007021,687
Marathon PetroluemCOM56585A1021,44616,907SH SOLE 3,494013,413
Verizon CommunicationsCOM92343V1041,56030,618SH SOLE 3,666026,952
Fifth Third BancorpCOM3167731002,25352,340SH SOLE 3,843048,497
Basic Materials SPDRETF81369Y1002,37726,963SH SOLE 4,276022,687
Kroger CompanyCOM5010441011,98934,662SH SOLE 4,325030,337
iShares Russell 2000ETF4642876551,7538,540SH SOLE 5,68602,854
Energy SPDRCOM81369Y5064,06053,113SH SOLE 7,191045,922
Consumer Disc SPDRCOM81369Y4076,29634,031SH SOLE 7,325026,706
Technology SPDRETF81369Y8039,82261,801SH SOLE 10,824050,977
Industrials SPDRCOM81369Y7045,56854,072SH SOLE 11,653042,419
Real Estate SPDRCOM81369Y8603,84979,649SH SOLE 14,200065,449
Cons Stpls SPDRCOM81369Y3085,10367,243SH SOLE 14,815052,428
Comms Svcs Sel SPDR FdCOM81369Y8525,93786,314SH SOLE 16,146070,168
Health Care SPDRCOM81369Y20910,48076,499SH SOLE 17,816058,683
iShares Russ Gro 2000ETF4642876486,02123,544SH SOLE 22,7340810
iShares MSCI EAFE SmalETF4642882732,65039,947SH SOLE 36,01603,931
Financials SPDRETF81369Y6056,840178,494SH SOLE 41,7240136,770
iShares MSCI Emer MktsETF4642864753,42760,127SH SOLE 60,12601
iShares Russ Val 2000ETF46428763011,22569,547SH SOLE 68,7980749
Orbital Energy GrpCOM68559A109614333,932SH SOLE 213,0000120,932
A T & T CorpCOM00206R102793,333SH SOLE 003,333
AbbVie IncCOM00287Y109128791SH SOLE 00791
Aberdeen Standard PhysCOM0032641081405,850SH SOLE 005,850
Accenture Ltd Cl ACOMG1151C1012986SH SOLE 0086
Adidas AGCOM00687A10716SH SOLE 006
Adobe Systems IncCOM00724F1015281,159SH SOLE 001,159
Advanced Micro DevicesCOM0079031071090SH SOLE 0090
AdvisorShs Ranger EqyCOM00768Y883261,065SH SOLE 001,065
AGNC Investment CorpETF02503X105141,100SH SOLE 001,100
Airbnb IncCOM009066101421SH SOLE 0021
Akamai TechnologiesCOM00971T1011193SH SOLE 0093
Alaska Air GroupCOM001659109578SH SOLE 0078
Alcon IncCOMH01301128230SH SOLE 0030
Alibaba Group Hldg AdrCOM01609W10229271SH SOLE 00271
AllianceBernstein HldgETF01881G10624500SH SOLE 00500
Alphabet Cl ACOM02079K3059735SH SOLE 0035
AlphaMark Actively ManETF26922A83422,443781,892SH SOLE 00781,892
Altria GroupCOM02209S1031372,618SH SOLE 002,618
Amarin Corp plcCOM0231112060125SH SOLE 00125
Amazon Com IncCOM0231351063,071942SH SOLE 00942
Amcor plcCOMG0250X107161,375SH SOLE 001,375
American Express CompaCOM02581610988468SH SOLE 00468
Amern Financial Gp NewCOM02593210432220SH SOLE 00220
Amern Greetings Cp ClCOM03676B1025435SH SOLE 00435
Anheuser Busch Co IncCOM03522910329480SH SOLE 00480
Annaly Capital MgmtETF035710409212,980SH SOLE 002,980
Anthem IncCOM03675210386175SH SOLE 00175
Applied Materials IncCOM03822210549375SH SOLE 00375
APT Sytems IncCOM03834Y101013,200SH SOLE 0013,200
AQR Diversified ArbitrETF00203H10730125,006SH SOLE 0025,006
Archer-Daniels-MidlndCOM03948310231339SH SOLE 00339
Arista NetworksCOM04041310667480SH SOLE 00480
ARK Innovation ETFETF00214Q104951,432SH SOLE 001,432
ARK Innovation ETFETF00214Q3022224,825SH SOLE 004,825
Astrazeneca Plc AdrCOM04635310834518SH SOLE 00518
Atlas Air Worldwide HlCOM049164205335SH SOLE 0035
Avantium NVCOMN0805A109386,645SH SOLE 006,645
B2Gold CorpCOM11777Q20910522,850SH SOLE 0022,850
Ballard Power SystemsCOM05858H1047600SH SOLE 00600
Bank Of Amer Pfd KCOM06050519520800SH SOLE 00800
Bank Of America CorpCOM0605051049225SH SOLE 00225
Barclays Bank Ipath EtETF06738C7784100SH SOLE 00100
BASF SECOMD062163176100SH SOLE 00100
Bausch Health Cos IncCOM071734107261,159SH SOLE 001,159
Bayer AGCOM07273030213750SH SOLE 00750
BCECOM05534B76017300SH SOLE 00300
Berkshire Hathaway ClCOM084670702176500SH SOLE 00500
Berkshire Hathaway ClCOM0849901751,058200SH SOLE 00200
Best IncCOM08653C106050SH SOLE 0050
Beyond Com CorpCOM08862E109120SH SOLE 0020
BHP Billiton LtdCOM08860610815200SH SOLE 00200
Biogen Idec IncCOM09062X10315SH SOLE 005
BioNTech SECOM09075V10238220SH SOLE 00220
Bitcoin Investment TrCOM09173T108702,301SH SOLE 002,301
Blackberry LtdCOM09228F103046SH SOLE 0046
BlackRock Corporate HiCOM09255P1074350SH SOLE 00350
BlackRock IncCOM09247X1013140SH SOLE 0040
Blackstone Group LpETF09253U1083943,100SH SOLE 003,100
Boeing CoCOM097023105315SH SOLE 0015
Boston Beer Co Inc ClCOM10055710737SH SOLE 007
Boston Scientific CorpCOM10113710722500SH SOLE 00500
Bp Amoco Plc AdrCOM055622104903,075SH SOLE 003,075
Bridgeway Natl CorpCOM10874R102034SH SOLE 0034
British Amer TobaccoCOM1104481078196SH SOLE 00196
Brown-Forman CorpCOM11563710032511SH SOLE 00511
Brown-Forman CorpCOM1156372097103SH SOLE 00103
BYD CoCOMY1023R1049307SH SOLE 00307
C S X CorpCOM12640810325675SH SOLE 00675
C V S Corp DelCOM1266501001811,785SH SOLE 001,785
Call AMC $35 061722COM00165C904719SHCallSOLE 0019
Callaway GolfCOM1311931044150SH SOLE 00150
Canadian Pac RailwayCOM13645T10048576SH SOLE 00576
Canopy Growth Corp FCOM138035100182SH SOLE 0082
Carnival CorpCOM1436583002100SH SOLE 00100
Carrier Global CorpCOM14448C10412255SH SOLE 00255
Caterpillar IncCOM14912310142187SH SOLE 00187
CC Neuberger Prin HdlsCOMG3166T11143,500SH SOLE 003,500
CDK Global IncCOM12508E101237SH SOLE 0037
Centene CorpCOM15135B1018100SH SOLE 00100
CF Acquisition Corp VICOM12521J103252,100SH SOLE 002,100
Charlottes Web HoldingCOM16106R1091575SH SOLE 00575
Chemed CorporationCOM16359R10323SH SOLE 003
Chevron CorpCOM166764100155951SH SOLE 00951
Chewy IncCOM16679L109012SH SOLE 0012
ChromaDex CorpCOM1710774072667SH SOLE 00667
Cincinnati BancorpCOM17187C102402,500SH SOLE 002,500
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1026100SH SOLE 00100
Citigroup IncCOM172967424483SH SOLE 0083
Coca Cola CompanyCOM19121610056905SH SOLE 00905
Cohen & Steers Qty IncCOM19247L106261,575SH SOLE 001,575
Colgate-Palmolive CoCOM1941621031071,410SH SOLE 001,410
Comcast Corp New Cl ACOM20030N10114300SH SOLE 00300
Companhia De SaneamCOM20441A10208SH SOLE 008
Compass DiversifiedCOM20451Q1042100SH SOLE 00100
Concentrix CorpCOM20602D10119SH SOLE 009
Conformis IncCOM20717E1011524,550SH SOLE 0024,550
ConocophillipsCOM20825C10426261SH SOLE 00261
Consolidated Edison InCOM20911510404SH SOLE 004
ContexLogic IncCOM21077C1070100SH SOLE 00100
Continental ResourcesCOM21201510108SH SOLE 008
Costco Whsl Corp NewCOM22160K105140243SH SOLE 00243
Crestwood Eq PartnersCOM2263443076625SH SOLE 00625
Crown Holdings IncCOM22836810619150SH SOLE 00150
Cummins IncCOM2310211061575SH SOLE 0075
Curaleaf Holdings IncCOM23126M1026800SH SOLE 00800
CytomX Therapeutics InCOM23284F10583,000SH SOLE 003,000
Daimler Truck HoldingCOM23384L1011100SH SOLE 00100
DaVita IncCOM23918K108215SH SOLE 0015
Day Hagn/Ned Dvs RsrcCOM86280R80317470SH SOLE 00470
Deere & CoCOM24419910564153SH SOLE 00153
Defiance 5G Next Gen CCOM26922A2891463,900SH SOLE 003,900
Delta Air Lines IncCOM24736170212301SH SOLE 00301
Deutsche Bank NewCOMD18190898282,200SH SOLE 002,200
Deutsche X-tackers MSCCOM2330512008,310220,365SH SOLE 00220,365
Diageo Plc New AdrCOM25243Q20520100SH SOLE 00100
Digital Wrld Acq Cl ACOM25400Q1051522,361SH SOLE 002,361
Direxion Daily China BCOM25459W7710100SH SOLE 00100
Direxion Daily Gold MiCOM25490K57014200SH SOLE 00200
Direxion Daily S&P OilCOM25460G65807SH SOLE 007
Discover Financial SvcCOM25470910826240SH SOLE 00240
Discovery CommunicatioCOM25470F104271,071SH SOLE 001,071
Discovery CommunicatioCOM25470F30212482SH SOLE 00482
Disney Walt Hldg CoCOM254687106132960SH SOLE 00960
Diversified HealthcareCOM25525P10741,400SH SOLE 001,400
Dollar Tree IncCOM25674610820125SH SOLE 00125
Douyu Intl Hldgs LtdCOM25985W1050100SH SOLE 00100
Dow Chemical CompanyCOM26054310339608SH SOLE 00608
DraftKings IncCOM26142R1048388SH SOLE 00388
Du Pont E I De Nemour&COM26353410916213SH SOLE 00213
Duke Energy C PfdCOM26441C50115560SH SOLE 00560
Duke Energy CorporatioCOM26441C2041801,608SH SOLE 001,608
DXC Technology CoCOM23355L106142SH SOLE 0042
Ebay IncCOM278642103731,275SH SOLE 001,275
Edwards Lifesciences CCOM26176E108760SH SOLE 0060
ELEMENTS Rogers Intl CCOM8702973062650SH SOLE 00650
Enbridge IncCOM29250N10517367SH SOLE 00367
Enterprise Prd PrtnrsETF293792107823,189SH SOLE 003,189
ETFMG Alt Harvest ETFETF26924G5082225SH SOLE 00225
ETFMG Prime Mobile PymCOM26924G4099175SH SOLE 00175
Etfs Gold TrustCOM26922Y105372,000SH SOLE 002,000
E-Trade Financial CorpCOM2692461041125SH SOLE 00125
Eversource EnergyCOM30040W1081211,377SH SOLE 001,377
Exxon Mobil CorporatioCOM30231G10277930SH SOLE 00930
F5 NetworksCOM31561610215SH SOLE 005
Facebook Inc Class ACOM30303M10297438SH SOLE 00438
FCN Banc CorpCOM30241C10912262SH SOLE 00262
Fidelity MSCI Real EstCOM3160928578250SH SOLE 00250
Fidelity NASDAQ Comp TCOM31591280822400SH SOLE 00400
First Citizens BancShaCOM31959X2024150SH SOLE 00150
First Dyn EU Equity InCOM33740D1071007,892SH SOLE 007,892
First Graphene LtdCOMQ3860H107429,500SH SOLE 0029,500
First Tr Dorsey WrightCOM33738R60529600SH SOLE 00600
First Tr Finls AlphaDECOM33734X13525550SH SOLE 00550
First Tr Gbl Ttcl CommCOM33739H1012368,310SH SOLE 008,310
First Tr Lrg Cp Val AlCOM33735J101971,370SH SOLE 001,370
First Tr Morningstar DCOM33691710923625SH SOLE 00625
First Tr Pref Sec & InCOM33739E1087350SH SOLE 00350
First Tr Strategic IncCOM33739Q309240SH SOLE 0040
First Tr UK AlphaDEX FCOM33737J2244100SH SOLE 00100
First Trst STOXX Eur SCOM33735T109523,905SH SOLE 003,905
First Trust Europe AlpCOM33737J11718465SH SOLE 00465
First TRUST GermanyCOM33737J19020450SH SOLE 00450
First Trust ISE Nat GaCOM33734J1025195SH SOLE 00195
First Trust Snr FR IncCOM33733U108131,000SH SOLE 001,000
First Trust TCW SecurtCOM33740U10940816,888SH SOLE 0016,888
First Tst Nasdaq 100 ECOM337345102116760SH SOLE 00760
First Tst NASDAQ ABA CCOM33736Q10425445SH SOLE 00445
FirstEnergy CorpCOM33793210739840SH SOLE 00840
FirstTr Emg Mkts AlphaCOM33737J1823125SH SOLE 00125
FirstTr Lrge Cap CoreCOM33734K109890SH SOLE 0090
FirstTr NASDAQ CyberseCOM33734X8462414,545SH SOLE 004,545
FirstTr RBA Amer IndlCOM33738R704372SH SOLE 0072
FirstTr RiverFront DynCOM33739P6081261,935SH SOLE 001,935
FirstTr Senior LoanCOM33738D309250SH SOLE 0050
FirstTrust Instl PrefCOM33739P85537619,400SH SOLE 0019,400
FirstTrust Mid Cap CorCOM33735B1081411,440SH SOLE 001,440
FirstTrust Nasdaq OilCOM33738R8455200SH SOLE 00200
FirstTrustTactcl HighYCOM33738D40829635SH SOLE 00635
Flahty & Crum Prf IncCOM33847810016795SH SOLE 00795
FlexShs iBoxx 3Yr TgtCOM33939L5065200SH SOLE 00200
Flowserve CorporationCOM34354P105375SH SOLE 0075
Ford Motor CompanyCOM345370860221,300SH SOLE 001,300
Freeport Mcmorn Cp&GldCOM35671D85714275SH SOLE 00275
Frontline LtdCOMG3682E1921100SH SOLE 00100
Frst Tr Low Dtn OpposCOM33739Q2002,45350,122SH SOLE 0050,122
Frst Trt Emg Mkt Llc CCOM33739P2026200SH SOLE 00200
FT Cboe Vest US Eq DpCOM33740F771451,250SH SOLE 001,250
FT Cboe Vest US Eq DpCOM33740F854671,930SH SOLE 001,930
FT Cboe Vest US Eq OctCOM33740F664451,300SH SOLE 001,300
FT Cboe Vest US Eqty DCOM33740F672381,150SH SOLE 001,150
FT Cboe Vest US Eqty DCOM33740F680010SH SOLE 0010
FT Cboe Vst US Eqty DeCOM33740F7142256,536SH SOLE 006,536
Fundamental InvestorsETF36080210207SH SOLE 007
Gabelli Multimedia TrCOM36239Q1095530SH SOLE 00530
General Electric CompaCOM3696041032722,971SH SOLE 002,971
General Mills IncCOM37033410456825SH SOLE 00825
Gibraltar IndustriesCOM3746891076150SH SOLE 00150
Gilead Sciences IncCOM37555810316274SH SOLE 00274
Gladstone Capital CorpCOM3765351005400SH SOLE 00400
Glaxosmithkline Plc AdCOM37733W105490SH SOLE 0090
Global Partners LPCOM37946R1095200SH SOLE 00200
Global X Blockchain ETCOM37954Y1602100SH SOLE 00100
Global X Lithium BatteCOM37954Y85550650SH SOLE 00650
Global X MSCI ArgentinCOM37950E2594100SH SOLE 00100
Global X MSCI China CoCOM37950E40814685SH SOLE 00685
Global X Nasdaq 100 ETCOM37954Y48340219,152SH SOLE 0019,152
Global X Robotics AI ECOM37954Y71525850SH SOLE 00850
Global X S&P 500 CoverCOM37954Y475992,000SH SOLE 002,000
Global X US Infra DevCOM37954Y673275SH SOLE 0075
Global X US Pref ETFCOM37954Y657964,075SH SOLE 004,075
Global X Variable RateCOM37954Y3762379,080SH SOLE 009,080
Grayscale Ethereum TrsCOM3896381075174SH SOLE 00174
Growth Fund Of AmericaETF39987410601SH SOLE 001
Gs Access Ultra ShortCOM3814302301,00019,932SH SOLE 0019,932
GXO Logistics IncCOM36262G10118254SH SOLE 00254
H & Q Healthcare FundCOM4040521026300SH SOLE 00300
Hanesbrands IncCOM41034510221614,510SH SOLE 0014,510
Hercules Capital IncCOM42709650810550SH SOLE 00550
Hershey Foods CorpCOM42786610854250SH SOLE 00250
Hertz Global Hldgs IncCOM42806J700150SH SOLE 0050
Hewlett Packard EnterpCOM42824C1094253SH SOLE 00253
Hewlett-Packard CompanCOM4282361039253SH SOLE 00253
Highland Fd IncCOM43010E4045400SH SOLE 00400
HillenbrandCOM43157110823528SH SOLE 00528
Himax Technologies AdrCOM43289P106434,000SH SOLE 004,000
HOGCOM4128221084100SH SOLE 00100
Hologic IncCOM436440101225SH SOLE 0025
Home Depot IncCOM437076102126420SH SOLE 00420
Honeywell InternationaCOM438516106190975SH SOLE 00975
Horizon Kinetics InflaCOM53656F6231414,224SH SOLE 004,224
Huntington Bancshs IncCOM446150104231,596SH SOLE 001,596
Husqvarna ABCOM4481031013150SH SOLE 00150
II-VICOM902104108346SH SOLE 0046
Imperial PetroleumCOMY3894J10407SH SOLE 007
Incyte CorpCOM45337C10238475SH SOLE 00475
Ingredion IncCOM457187102450SH SOLE 0050
Innovator S&P Invt GraCOM45783G20156926,175SH SOLE 0026,175
Intel CorpCOM458140100831,667SH SOLE 001,667
Interpublic Group Of CCOM4606901001243,500SH SOLE 003,500
Intuitive Surgical NewCOM46120E6021654SH SOLE 0054
Invesco Bulletshares 2ETF46138J866763,600SH SOLE 003,600
Invesco DB AgricultureETF46140H1069400SH SOLE 00400
Invesco DB Energy FundETF46140H30413550SH SOLE 00550
Invesco Fincl Pfd ETFETF46137V62117910,600SH SOLE 0010,600
Invesco Mtg CapETF46131B10051,990SH SOLE 001,990
Invesco Preferred ETFETF46138E51146234,050SH SOLE 0034,050
Invesco S&P Global WatETF46138E263366SH SOLE 0066
Invesco S&P Smallcap IETF46138E12317185SH SOLE 00185
Invesco S&P Smlcp MomnETF46137V498485SH SOLE 0085
Invesco Senior Loan ETETF46138G50863629,215SH SOLE 0029,215
Invesco Variable RateETF46090A8792,615104,906SH SOLE 00104,906
Invesco Variable RateETF46138G87041517,000SH SOLE 0017,000
Ionis PharmaceuticalCOM46222210021555SH SOLE 00555
iPath S&P 500 VIX ShtETF06740C26101SH SOLE 001
Iron Mountain US HoldiETF46284V10122400SH SOLE 00400
ISE Water First TrustETF33733B1008100SH SOLE 00100
iShares - S&P Global HETF46428732545510SH SOLE 00510
iShares - S&P Global TETF464287275460SH SOLE 0060
iShares - S&P Global TETF464287291611,050SH SOLE 001,050
iShares 0-5 Yr Invst CETF46434V100992,000SH SOLE 002,000
iShares Core MSCI EAFEETF46432F842689SH SOLE 0089
iShares Core MSCI EmerETF46434G10342758SH SOLE 00758
iShares DJ DividendETF4642871681881,470SH SOLE 001,470
iShares DJ Real EstateETF4642877391091,010SH SOLE 001,010
iShares DJ TransportatETF4642871922075SH SOLE 0075
iShares DJ US ConsumerETF4642875802042,725SH SOLE 002,725
iShares DJ US EnergyETF464287796501,225SH SOLE 001,225
iShares DJ US FinanciaETF46428778859700SH SOLE 00700
iShares DJ US HealthCaETF464287762111383SH SOLE 00383
iShares DJ US TechETF4642877214,62044,837SH SOLE 0044,837
iShares DJ US TelecomETF4642877136200SH SOLE 00200
iShares Dow Jones US IETF46428775495901SH SOLE 00901
iShares Edge MSCI MinETF46429B689120SH SOLE 0020
iShares Emerging MarkeETF4642862854100SH SOLE 00100
iShares Emerging MktsETF464287234571,270SH SOLE 001,270
iShares Evlvd US InvtvETF46431W62210300SH SOLE 00300
iShares Fin Svcs Dow JETF4642877702231,235SH SOLE 001,235
iShares Floating RateETF46429B6551182,343SH SOLE 002,343
iShares iBds Dec 2025ETF46434VBD197238,479SH SOLE 0038,479
iShares iBonds Dec 202ETF46434VBG41,42256,662SH SOLE 0056,662
iShares iBoxx Corp BonETF464287242110SH SOLE 0010
iShares JPMorgan EmergETF4642882817287,445SH SOLE 007,445
iShares MSCI ACWI Ex UETF464288240245SH SOLE 0045
iShares Msci Brazil InETF4642864005125SH SOLE 00125
iShares MSCI China ETFETF46429B6715100SH SOLE 00100
iShares MSCI EAFE IndeETF46428746539528SH SOLE 00528
iShares MSCI EmergingETF46434G764240SH SOLE 0040
iShares Msci Emu IndxETF464286608248SH SOLE 0048
iShares Msci Europe FiETF464289180191,015SH SOLE 001,015
Ishares Msci Grmny IdxETF4642868066200SH SOLE 00200
iShares MSCI Mexico CaETF4642868229160SH SOLE 00160
iShares MSCI SwitzerlaETF464286749651,315SH SOLE 001,315
iShares Oil Equip & SvETF4642888442100SH SOLE 00100
iShares PHLX SemiconduETF4642875231225SH SOLE 0025
iShares Russell 1000ETF46428761429SH SOLE 009
iShares Russell 1000ETF464287622107427SH SOLE 00427
iShares Russell MidcapETF46428749925316SH SOLE 00316
iShares S&P 500ETF46428720047104SH SOLE 00104
iShares S&P Glbl TimbeETF464288174440SH SOLE 0040
Ishares S&P Global MatETF46428869512125SH SOLE 00125
iShares S&P GrowthETF46428730957740SH SOLE 00740
ishares S&P Natl MuniETF46428841422200SH SOLE 00200
iShares S&P SmallCapETF4642873821094SH SOLE 0094
iShares Sht Term NtnlETF46428815847450SH SOLE 00450
iShares Silver TrustETF46428Q109472,050SH SOLE 002,050
iShares TIPSETF4642871762,83322,745SH SOLE 0022,745
Ishares Tr RussellETF464287598425SH SOLE 0025
Ishares TRUSTETF464288513114SH SOLE 0014
iShares US Medical DevETF464288810230SH SOLE 0030
iShares US PharmaceutiETF4642888361050SH SOLE 0050
iShares US Regional BaETF4642887781742,945SH SOLE 002,945
Ishr Tr GS Software InETF46428751587252SH SOLE 00252
Ishr Tr Nasdaq Bio FdETF46428755616120SH SOLE 00120
iShs iBonds 12/2022ETF46434VBA748319,272SH SOLE 0019,272
iShs iBonds 12/2023ETF46434VAX83,407134,779SH SOLE 00134,779
iShs iBonds 12/2026ETF46435GAA0341,360SH SOLE 001,360
J M Smuckers Co NewCOM832696405121896SH SOLE 00896
J P Morgan Chase & CoCOM46625H1002081,525SH SOLE 001,525
Janus Global TechnologETF47102366313280SH SOLE 00280
Janus Henderson AAA CLCOM47103U8457,390147,201SH SOLE 00147,201
Janus Hndrsn Sm Cap AlCOM47103U10026450SH SOLE 00450
Janus Short Duration ICOM47103U88618370SH SOLE 00370
Jazz PharmaceuticalsCOMG50871105534SH SOLE 0034
JD comCOM47215P10643740SH SOLE 00740
JH Preferred IncCOM41013W1084200SH SOLE 00200
JH Tax Advgd Glbl ShrhCOM41013P74916424,250SH SOLE 0024,250
JinkoSolar Holding CoCOM47759T10022465SH SOLE 00465
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601048895,017SH SOLE 005,017
Johnson Controls IncCOM47836610712185SH SOLE 00185
JP Morgan Alerian MLPCOM46625H365150SH SOLE 0050
Jumia Technologies AGCOM48138M1058850SH SOLE 00850
K12COM48273U102117SH SOLE 0017
Kellogg CompanyCOM4878361083345,180SH SOLE 005,180
Keycorp Inc NewCOM49326710811500SH SOLE 00500
Kimberly-Clark CorpCOM49436810349400SH SOLE 00400
Kinder MorganCOM49456B101191,000SH SOLE 001,000
KLA-Tencor CorpCOM482480100199544SH SOLE 00544
Komatsu LtdCOM5004584012100SH SOLE 00100
Koninklijke Ahold DelCOM50046750110300SH SOLE 00300
Kraft Heinz CompanyCOM50075410624616SH SOLE 00616
Lam Research CorporatiCOM51280710881150SH SOLE 00150
Lazard LtdCOMG540501021022,950SH SOLE 002,950
Lightning eMotors IncCOM53228T1012320SH SOLE 00320
Lilly Eli & CompanyCOM5324571084871,700SH SOLE 001,700
Lithium Amers CorpCOM53680Q207381SH SOLE 0081
Lockheed MartinCOM539830109200454SH SOLE 00454
Lucid Group IncCOM5494981035200SH SOLE 00200
LyondellBasell IndsCOMN5374510011110SH SOLE 00110
Magellan Midstream PtnETF5590801068154SH SOLE 00154
Main Street CapitalCOM56035L10413300SH SOLE 00300
Market Vectors Etf TRUCOM57060U506203,600SH SOLE 003,600
Marriott Intl Inc Cl ACOM57190320220115SH SOLE 00115
Marriott VacationsCOM57164Y10701SH SOLE 001
Mastercard IncCOM57636Q10481228SH SOLE 00228
Matterport IncCOM577096100015SH SOLE 0015
Mc Donalds CorpCOM5801351012891,170SH SOLE 001,170
Mckesson CorporationCOM58155Q10346150SH SOLE 00150
Medical PropertiesETF58463J3042100SH SOLE 00100
Medtronic IncCOM58505510611100SH SOLE 00100
Melco Crown Entmt LtdCOM5854641004525SH SOLE 00525
Merck & Co IncCOM58933110720240SH SOLE 00240
Metlife PfdCOM59156R5041636,985SH SOLE 006,985
Micro Focus IntCOM594837304028SH SOLE 0028
Micron Technology IncCOM59511210312150SH SOLE 00150
Microsoft CorpCOM5949181043441,117SH SOLE 001,117
Millicom Intl CellCOML6388F110321,274SH SOLE 001,274
Minnesota Mining & MfgCOM88579Y10127182SH SOLE 00182
Moderna IncCOM60770K10747275SH SOLE 00275
Molson Coors BrewingCOM60871R2091332,490SH SOLE 002,490
Mondelez IntlCOM60920710501SH SOLE 001
Morgan StanleyCOM61744644835400SH SOLE 00400
Mosaic CompanyCOM61945A1071161,750SH SOLE 001,750
Multi-Asset Divfd InccCOM33738R1003200SH SOLE 00200
Nabors Industries LtdCOMG6359F10301SH SOLE 001
Nasdaq 100 SharesETF631100104185510SH SOLE 00510
Natera IncCOM63230710431750SH SOLE 00750
National Oilwell VarcoCOM637071101150SH SOLE 0050
NetEase comCOM64110W10231350SH SOLE 00350
New Fortress EnergyCOM644393100250SH SOLE 0050
New York Community BanCOM649445103201,850SH SOLE 001,850
Newtek Business SvcsCOM6525262035200SH SOLE 00200
NII Holdings Inc XxxCOM629ESC01301,200SH SOLE 001,200
Nike Inc Class BCOM65410610315SH SOLE 005
NiSource IncCOM65473P105431,350SH SOLE 001,350
NN Group NVCOM629334103251,000SH SOLE 001,000
Nokia CorpCOM6549022042300SH SOLE 00300
Norfolk Southern CorpCOM65584410857200SH SOLE 00200
Novartis A G Spon AdrCOM66987V10961700SH SOLE 00700
Novavax IncCOM670002401335SH SOLE 0035
Novonix LtdCOMQ6880B10951,000SH SOLE 001,000
Novo-NordiskCOM6701002052902,615SH SOLE 002,615
Nuveen CA Muni Value FCOM67062C10717819,400SH SOLE 0019,400
Nuveen Muni Credit IncCOM67070X1013200SH SOLE 00200
Nuveen Qual Pfd Inc FdETF67072C1054500SH SOLE 00500
Nvidia CorpCOM67066G10467246SH SOLE 00246
NW BiotherapeuticsCOM66737P6001014,007SH SOLE 0014,007
Odyssey Marine ExplCOM6761182016950SH SOLE 00950
Open Text CorpCOM68371510624572SH SOLE 00572
Oracle CorporationCOM68389X1051631,971SH SOLE 001,971
Orange SACOM684060106252,100SH SOLE 002,100
Orion Office REITCOM68629Y103034SH SOLE 0034
Ormat TechnologiesCOM68668810256679SH SOLE 00679
O'Shares Glbl InternetCOM67110P704741,960SH SOLE 001,960
Oshkosh Truck CorpCOM68823920117165SH SOLE 00165
P G & E CorpCOM69331C1082200SH SOLE 00200
Paccar IncCOM69371810819215SH SOLE 00215
Paychex IncCOM70432610701SH SOLE 001
Paypal HoldingsCOM70450Y1031471,275SH SOLE 001,275
Penn National GamingCOM707569109421,000SH SOLE 001,000
Peoples United FinlCOM71270410513630SH SOLE 00630
Pepsico IncorporatedCOM7134481082861,711SH SOLE 001,711
Perficient IncCOM71375U101222SH SOLE 0022
Performance Shipping ICOMY673051211200SH SOLE 00200
Perrigo CoCOMG978221037171SH SOLE 00171
Petroleo Brasileiro AdCOM71654V4082125SH SOLE 00125
Pfizer IncorporatedCOM7170811032494,806SH SOLE 004,806
PGIM Ultra Short BdCOM69344A1071,00020,315SH SOLE 0020,315
Philip Morris Intl IncCOM71817210970750SH SOLE 00750
Phillips Edison & Co ICOM71844V2015154SH SOLE 00154
Pimco Corporate OpptyETF72201B101442,876SH SOLE 002,876
PIMCO Dynamic Income FCOM72201Y10114583SH SOLE 00583
Pimco Enhanced Sht MatCOM72201R8331,06410,625SH SOLE 0010,625
Pimco Enhd Srt ESG ETFCOM72201R6435,59756,459SH SOLE 0056,459
Pimco Intrmediate MuniCOM72201R8662655,000SH SOLE 005,000
Pinduoduo IncCOM722304102010SH SOLE 0010
Plug Power IncCOM72919P2026200SH SOLE 00200
PowerShares Build AmerETF73937B40718615SH SOLE 00615
PowerShares KBW High DCOM46138E6101859,450SH SOLE 009,450
Powershs Exch Trad FdCOM73935X3021456,650SH SOLE 006,650
Preferred BankCOM740367404117SH SOLE 0017
Procter & Gamble CoCOM7427181098,40354,991SH SOLE 0054,991
Progressive Corp OhioCOM74331510327240SH SOLE 00240
ProShares Ultra GoldETF74347W601575SH SOLE 0075
ProShares UltraPro ShoETF74347G30925880SH SOLE 00880
ProShares UltraPro ShtETF74347G4081193,545SH SOLE 003,545
ProShares Vix Short-TeETF74347W17101SH SOLE 001
PVHCOM693656100110SH SOLE 0010
Qorvo IncCOM74736K10163509SH SOLE 00509
Quadratic Int Rt Vol aCOM50076773650919,870SH SOLE 0019,870
Qualcomm IncCOM74752510315100SH SOLE 00100
QuantumScape CorpCOM74767V1093150SH SOLE 00150
Re/Max Hldg IncCOM75524W108277SH SOLE 0077
Realty Income CorpETF75610910424340SH SOLE 00340
Reaves Utility IncomeCOM75615810121600SH SOLE 00600
Robo Glb Robotics & AuCOM30150570747800SH SOLE 00800
Roche Hldg Ltd Spon AdCOM77119510422450SH SOLE 00450
Rockwell Automation InCOM773903109135481SH SOLE 00481
Roku IncCOM77543R10202SH SOLE 002
Roper TechnologiesCOM77669610613SH SOLE 003
Roundhill Ball MetaverCOM53656F417161SH SOLE 0061
Royal Bank Of CanadaCOM78008710211100SH SOLE 00100
Rubicon TechnologyCOM78112T2065500SH SOLE 00500
Rush Street InteractivCOM78201110091,225SH SOLE 001,225
Salesforce comCOM79466L3021468SH SOLE 0068
Sanofi Aventis AdrCOM80105N10510200SH SOLE 00200
Schwab Emerging MktsCOM808524706632,271SH SOLE 002,271
Schwab Intl Eqty ETFCOM8085248055123SH SOLE 00123
Schwab US Dividend ETFCOM80852479757720SH SOLE 00720
Schwab US Large Cap VaCOM80852440932450SH SOLE 00450
Schwab US TIPS ETFCOM8085248704587,550SH SOLE 007,550
Shell plcCOM780259305891,618SH SOLE 001,618
Shopify IncCOM82509L107812SH SOLE 0012
ShutterstockCOM825690100112SH SOLE 0012
Siemens A G AdrCOM82619750144630SH SOLE 00630
Simon Ppty Group NewETF82880610941315SH SOLE 00315
SK Telecom Co Ltd ADRCOM78440P1083121SH SOLE 00121
Skyworks Solutions IncCOM83088M10239292SH SOLE 00292
Smartstop Self StorageETF83192D1057446SH SOLE 00446
Soc Quimica Minera DeCOM833635105666SH SOLE 0066
SolarEdge TechCOM83417M1041650SH SOLE 0050
Sorrento TherapeutcsCOM83587F20294,000SH SOLE 004,000
Southwestern Energy CoCOM8454671093409SH SOLE 00409
SPDR Dow Jones Indus AETF25278710601SH SOLE 001
SPDR Gold TrustETF78463V1074122,283SH SOLE 002,283
SPDR Portfolio Short TCOM78464A4747,054234,111SH SOLE 00234,111
SPDR S&P 500 Growth EtCOM78464A409961,455SH SOLE 001,455
SPDR S&P 500 Value ETFCOM78464A5085115SH SOLE 00115
SPDR S&P Bank EtfCOM78464A79750955SH SOLE 00955
SPDR S&P Dividend EtfETF78464A76356435SH SOLE 00435
SPDR S&P TransportatioCOM78464A532445SH SOLE 0045
SPDR Trust Unit SRETF78462f10311,82526,183SH SOLE 0026,183
Splunk IncCOM848637104125840SH SOLE 00840
Spongetech Delivery SyCOM8491091030200,000SH SOLE 00200,000
Starwood Ppty TrstETF85571B1059380SH SOLE 00380
Stealth BioherapeuticsCOM85789A10522,306SH SOLE 002,306
Stein Mart IncCOM8583751080300SH SOLE 00300
Steris CorpCOM85915210036150SH SOLE 00150
Stillfront Group ABCOMW8781914572,600SH SOLE 002,600
Stmicroelectronics NyCOM86101210228650SH SOLE 00650
Stora Enso Corp AdrCOM86210M1062100SH SOLE 00100
Stratgy Shs Nasdaq 7 HCOM86280R506341,398SH SOLE 001,398
Suburban Propane PtrsETF8644821041026,350SH SOLE 006,350
Sunrun IncCOM86771W1051545,080SH SOLE 005,080
Suntory Bev & Food LtdCOM86803T1046300SH SOLE 00300
Tekla World HealthcareCOM87911L1089600SH SOLE 00600
TelefonicaCOM879382208367,574SH SOLE 007,574
Tencent Holdings Ltd ACOM88032Q10914300SH SOLE 00300
Tenneco IncCOM880349105502,750SH SOLE 002,750
Tesla MotorsCOM88160R101284264SH SOLE 00264
Teva Pharm Inds Ltd AdCOM8816242097750SH SOLE 00750
Texas Instruments IncCOM88250810419102SH SOLE 00102
The Alkaline Wtr CoCOM01643A20777,325SH SOLE 007,325
The Bank of Nova ScotiCOM06414910711150SH SOLE 00150
The Social Chain A OrCOMD6S45110710500SH SOLE 00500
The Southern CompanyCOM8425871072102,896SH SOLE 002,896
Tilray IncCOM88688T100405,202SH SOLE 005,202
T-Mobile USCOM59170810229225SH SOLE 00225
Total S A AdrCOM89151E10939775SH SOLE 00775
TreeHouse Foods IncCOM89469A1046200SH SOLE 00200
Truist Finl CorpCOM89832Q1092885,081SH SOLE 005,081
Turkcell Iletisim HizmCOM9001112041300SH SOLE 00300
Twilio IncCOM90138F102317SH SOLE 0017
Twitter IncCOM90184L102250SH SOLE 0050
U S Bancorp Del NewCOM9029733041883,532SH SOLE 003,532
U S X-Marathon GroupCOM56584910613500SH SOLE 00500
Uber Technologies IncCOM90353T100381,055SH SOLE 001,055
Unilever Plc Adr NewCOM90476770401SH SOLE 001
Union Pacific CorpCOM90781810860220SH SOLE 00220
United States Oil FundETF91232N10818SH SOLE 008
Unitedhealth Group IncCOM91324P1023160SH SOLE 0060
US Global Jets ETFETF26922A84220919SH SOLE 00919
Valaris Ltd 28 WtsCOMG9460G119041SH SOLE 0041
Valaris PlcCOMG9402V1090125SH SOLE 00125
Valneva SECOM92025Y1033100SH SOLE 00100
VanEck Israel ETFETF92189F63518390SH SOLE 00390
VanEck Vectors BrazilCOM92189F825160SH SOLE 0060
VanEck Vectors EnergyCOM92189H870651,000SH SOLE 001,000
VanEck Vectors Invt GrCOM92189F4865200SH SOLE 00200
VanEck Vectors Nat ResCOM92189F841350SH SOLE 0050
Vaneck Vectors ShortCOM92189F387125SH SOLE 0025
VanEck Vtrs SemiconducCOM92189F676830SH SOLE 0030
Vanguard Bond Index MaETF92193783511133SH SOLE 00133
Vanguard ConsumerETF92204A2071050SH SOLE 0050
Vanguard Consumer DiscETF92204A108104340SH SOLE 00340
Vanguard Emerging MarkETF922042858240SH SOLE 0040
Vanguard FTSE Europe IETF92204287417280SH SOLE 00280
Vanguard Intl Hi Div YETF9219467947100SH SOLE 00100
Vanguard Muni Bnd TaxETF9229077466121SH SOLE 00121
Vanguard REIT ETF IndeETF9229085537987,360SH SOLE 007,360
Vanguard Russell 2000ETF92206C664225SH SOLE 0025
Vanguard S&P 500 GrowtETF9219325052176SH SOLE 0076
Vanguard Scottsdale ShETF92206C4096147,860SH SOLE 007,860
Vanguard Small CapETF922908751154725SH SOLE 00725
Vanguard Small Cap ValETF9229086111165SH SOLE 0065
Vanguard Telecom SvcsETF92204A884323SH SOLE 0023
Vanguard Total Stock METF922908769524SH SOLE 0024
Vanguard Total World SETF9220427424964,895SH SOLE 004,895
Vanguard ValueETF9229087441811,225SH SOLE 001,225
Vanguard WF IndustialsCOM92204A60326135SH SOLE 00135
Vertiv Hldg CoCOM92537N1083200SH SOLE 00200
ViacomCBSCOM92556H2068200SH SOLE 00200
Virgin Galactic HldgsCOM92766K1061100SH SOLE 00100
Virtus InfraCap US PfdCOM26923G822411,719SH SOLE 001,719
Visa Inc Cl ACOM92826C83952235SH SOLE 00235
Vmware Inc Cl ACOM92856340253465SH SOLE 00465
Vodafone Airtouch AdrCOM92857W308150SH SOLE 0050
Vodka Brands CorpCOM92858P1042400SH SOLE 00400
Volkswagen AGCOM9286625019500SH SOLE 00500
W P Carey IncETF92936U10923280SH SOLE 00280
Wabash NationalCOM9295661075350SH SOLE 00350
Walgreens Boots AllianCOM9314271089195SH SOLE 00195
Wal-Mart Stores IncCOM93114210383558SH SOLE 00558
Waters CorpCOM941848103310SH SOLE 0010
Wells Fargo & Co NewCOM94974610135730SH SOLE 00730
WelltowerETF42217k1064334,505SH SOLE 004,505
Wendys International ICOM95058W10013583SH SOLE 00583
WesBanco IncCOM950810101862,507SH SOLE 002,507
WeWork IncCOM96209A1042300SH SOLE 00300
Weyerhaeuser CoCOM9621661049250SH SOLE 00250
Wheaton Precious MetalCOM96287910210200SH SOLE 00200
Wisdomtree Fltg Rate TCOM97717X6282,93758,406SH SOLE 0058,406
WisdomTree India EarniCOM97717W42216450SH SOLE 00450
WisdomTree Intl DvdCOM97717W7867175SH SOLE 00175
WisdomTree SmallCap DiCOM97717W6042608,150SH SOLE 008,150
WisdomTree US Total DiCOM97717W109871,345SH SOLE 001,345
Workhorse Group IncCOM98138J2061200SH SOLE 00200
XAI Octgon FR & Alt TeCOM98400T1062200SH SOLE 00200
XP IncCOMG9823910901SH SOLE 001
XPO LogisticsCOM98379310018254SH SOLE 00254
Yext IncCOM98585N1061200SH SOLE 00200
Zimmer Biomet HldgsCOM98956P10216125SH SOLE 00125
ZimVie IncCOM98888T107012SH SOLE 0012
Zogenix Inc Contg ValCOM989CVR014050SH SOLE 0050