Intellectus Partners

Filed: 15 Nov 21, 9:22pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

1847 Goedeker IncEquity28252C109604192,500SH SOLE 00192,500
1847 Goedeker Inc WTDerivative28252C117207123,030SH SOLE 00123,030
3M CompanyEquity88579Y1018995,127SH SOLE 005,127
Abbott LaboratoriesEquity0028241001,55313,149SH SOLE 0013,149
Abbvie Inc ComEquity00287Y1091,0239,483SH SOLE 009,483
Abcellera BiologicsEquity00288U10624,5181,223,429SH SOLE 001,223,429
ABCL PutDerivative00288U956185100,000SHPutSOLE 00100,000
Accenture PLCEquityG1151C1011,1303,533SH SOLE 003,533
Adobe SYS IncEquity00724F1013,2105,575SH SOLE 005,575
Advance Auto PartsEquity00751Y1067523,582SH SOLE 003,582
Affimed N V ComEquityN010451081,164188,400SH SOLE 00188,400
Airbnb Inc Com CL AEquity0090661019445,627SH SOLE 005,627
Albemarle Corp ComEquity0126531014722,150SH SOLE 002,150
Alibaba GroupEquity01609W1023,85826,060SH SOLE 0026,060
Align Technology IncEquity0162551018871,333SH SOLE 001,333
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL AEquity02079K3056,3522,376SH SOLE 002,376
Alphabet Inc Cap STK CL CEquity02079K10710,7554,035SH SOLE 004,035
Alps ETF TR Alerian (MLP)Equity00162Q45294828,440SH SOLE 0028,440
Alteryx Inc Com CL AEquity02156B1032323,175SH SOLE 003,175
Altria Group IncEquity02209S10356912,266SH SOLE 0012,266
Amazon.Com IncEquity02313510615,6634,768SH SOLE 004,768
Amgen IncEquity0311621007473,512SH SOLE 003,512
Anthem Inc ComEquity0367521039752,616SH SOLE 002,616
Appharvest Inc ComEquity03783T10330646,900SH SOLE 0046,900
Apple IncEquity0378331003,67725,989SH SOLE 0025,989
Applied MaterialsEquity0382221059377,281SH SOLE 007,281
Astrazeneca ADR EachEquity0463531082474,114SH SOLE 004,114
AT&T Inc ComEquity00206R10229510,927SH SOLE 0010,927
Autodesk IncEquity0527691061,1093,890SH SOLE 003,890
Baidu IncEquity0567521089095,915SH SOLE 005,915
Bank New YorkEquity0640581002534,885SH SOLE 004,885
Bank Of AmericaEquity06050510485920,235SH SOLE 0020,235
Baozun Inc ADR EachEquity06684L1032,121121,000SH SOLE 00121,000
Baxter Intl IncEquity0718131095016,213SH SOLE 006,213
Berkshire HathawayEquity0846707023,24611,893SH SOLE 0011,893
Beyond Meat Inc ComEquity08862E1094664,425SH SOLE 004,425
Biogen Inc ComEquity09062X1033631,281SH SOLE 001,281
Bioline RX LTD SponEquity09071M2057828,500SH SOLE 0028,500
BlackRock Muni Inter DurationEquity09253X10299765,338SH SOLE 0065,338
BlackRock MuniyieldEquity09254M10529319,202SH SOLE 0019,202
BlackRock MuniyieldEquity09253W10425317,000SH SOLE 0017,000
BlackRock Res (&commodities ST SHS)Equity09257A108980109,757SH SOLE 00109,757
BlackRock Taxable Municipal Bond TrustEquity09248X1002,712105,336SH SOLE 00105,336
BlackRock Va Mun BDEquity09248110040022,401SH SOLE 0022,401
Blacksky TechnologyDerivative09263B1164730,012SH SOLE 0030,012
Blackstone Group IncEquity09260D1073,29328,304SH SOLE 0028,304
Blade Air MobilityEquity0926671042,001192,375SH SOLE 00192,375
Bloom Energy CorpEquity09371210755129,451SH SOLE 0029,451
Boeing CoEquity0970231056032,743SH SOLE 002,743
Bristol Myers SquibbEquity1101221081,94132,526SH SOLE 0032,526
C S X CorpEquity12640810384728,465SH SOLE 0028,465
Cameco Corp Com NPVEquity13321L1082,211101,750SH SOLE 00101,750
Carparts Com Inc ComEquity14427M1072,449156,856SH SOLE 00156,856
Casella WasteEquity1474481042222,925SH SOLE 002,925
Caterpillar IncEquity1491231011,5688,168SH SOLE 008,168
Centene Corp DelEquity15135B1015518,840SH SOLE 008,840
Check Point SoftwareEquityM224651043252,878SH SOLE 002,878
Cisco SYS Inc ComEquity17275R1021,24122,791SH SOLE 0022,791
Citigroup IncEquity1729674241,26017,955SH SOLE 0017,955
Clorox Co DelEquity1890541095893,557SH SOLE 003,557
Clover HealthEquity18914F10318224,580SH SOLE 0024,580
Coca Cola CoEquity19121610065112,318SH SOLE 0012,318
Cognizant TechEquity1924461024646,255SH SOLE 006,255
Coinbase Global IncEquity19260Q1071,1895,225SH SOLE 005,225
Colgate-Palmolive CoEquity1941621034786,324SH SOLE 006,324
Comcast Corp NewEquity20030N10173913,215SH SOLE 0013,215
Constellation BrandsEquity21036P1082,87113,625SH SOLE 0013,625
Cortexyme Inc ComEquity22053A1073,93142,889SH SOLE 0042,889
Crispr TherapeuticsEquityH171821081,25011,170SH SOLE 0011,170
Cummins IncEquity2310211068163,632SH SOLE 003,632
CVS Health CorpEquity1266501007178,449SH SOLE 008,449
Delta Air Lines IncEquity2473617022,72663,982SH SOLE 0063,982
Descartes SYS GroupEquity2499061082202,705SH SOLE 002,705
Direxion SHS ETF TR (DLY S&P500 BR 1X)Equity25460E86925116,000SH SOLE 0016,000
Disney Walt CoEquity2546871061,0596,259SH SOLE 006,259
Docusign IncEquity2561631062701,050SH SOLE 001,050
DoubleLine Income SolutionsEquity2586221092,980167,796SH SOLE 00167,796
Doubleline Opportunistic CreditEquity2586231073,052154,784SH SOLE 00154,784
Draftkings Inc ComEquity26142R1041,53131,800SH SOLE 0031,800
DuPont De NemoursEquity26614N10281411,974SH SOLE 0011,974
eBay IncEquity2786421032022,895SH SOLE 002,895
Emerson Electric CoEquity29101110495910,180SH SOLE 0010,180
Facebook Inc ComEquity30303M10210,87432,039SH SOLE 0032,039
Fedex Corp ComEquity31428X1061,4956,796SH SOLE 006,796
Financial Select Sector SPDR ETFEquity81369Y60576020,248SH SOLE 0020,248
First Solar Inc ComEquity3364331071,53416,071SH SOLE 0016,071
First TR Inter DurEquity33718W10335814,324SH SOLE 0014,324
Fiserv IncEquity3377381085384,960SH SOLE 004,960
Fluidigm CorporationEquity34385P108770116,768SH SOLE 00116,768
Fox Factory HoldingEquity35138V1022161,495SH SOLE 001,495
Freeport McmoranEquity35671D8572,45175,353SH SOLE 0075,353
Gartner IncEquity3666511079413,096SH SOLE 003,096
General Dynamics CRPEquity3695501088444,307SH SOLE 004,307
General Electric CoEquity3696043017267,051SH SOLE 007,051
General Mills IncEquity3703341041,03917,372SH SOLE 0017,372
Gilead Sciences IncEquity3755581033,59051,396SH SOLE 0051,396
Globalstar Inc ComEquity378973408534320,000SH SOLE 00320,000
Glycomimetics IncEquity38000Q102269123,000SH SOLE 00123,000
Goldman Sachs ETFEquity3814305456937,029SH SOLE 007,029
Goldman Sachs GroupEquity38141G1043,82610,121SH SOLE 0010,121
Graniteshares (platinum TR SHS Ben Int)Equity38748T10324726,000SH SOLE 0026,000
Harbor CustomDerivative41150T1161221,000SH SOLE 0021,000
Harbor CustomEquity41150T108964410,106SH SOLE 00410,106
Herman Miller IncEquity6005441002326,127SH SOLE 006,127
Hershey CoEquity4278661087474,416SH SOLE 004,416
Home Depot Inc ComEquity4370761021,7695,388SH SOLE 005,388
Honeywell Intl IncEquity4385161061,5037,079SH SOLE 007,079
Illumina Inc ComEquity4523271096,36415,691SH SOLE 0015,691
Infinera Corp NewEquity45667G1032,692323,500SH SOLE 00323,500
Intel CorpEquity45814010088816,668SH SOLE 0016,668
Intellia Therapeutics IncEquity45826J1056,83550,950SH SOLE 0050,950
Intuitive SurgicalEquity46120E602692696SH SOLE 00696
InvescoEquity46138E20640714,650SH SOLE 0014,650
Invesco DB Commdy (indx TRCK FD Unit)Equity46138B10347023,309SH SOLE 0023,309
Invesco Exchange (traded FD TR S&P500 Eql WGT)Equity46137V3571,69311,300SH SOLE 0011,300
Invesco ExchngEquity46138E5372629,754SH SOLE 009,754
Invesco Exchng (traded FD TR II S&P500 Low Vol)Equity46138E3544347,135SH SOLE 007,135
IovanceEquity4622601001,45058,800SH SOLE 0058,800
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETFEquity46429B6971,19316,235SH SOLE 0016,235
iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sect ETFEquity4642875151,2153,045SH SOLE 003,045
iShares Gold TR (ishares New)Equity46428520452015,570SH SOLE 0015,570
iShares Inc Core MSCI Emerging MKTS ETFEquity46434G1032744,432SH SOLE 004,432
iShares JPM USD Em Mkts Bond ETFEquity4642882811,83116,635SH SOLE 0016,635
iShares MSCI EAFE FDEquity4642874654625,928SH SOLE 005,928
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFEquity4642872341,76835,099SH SOLE 0035,099
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETFEquity4642875563,57122,087SH SOLE 0022,087
iShares National Muni Bond ETFEquity4642884145114,395SH SOLE 004,395
iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETFEquity464287523339760SH SOLE 00760
iShares Russell 2000 ETFEquity4642876557723,528SH SOLE 003,528
iShares S&P 500Equity4642874086964,787SH SOLE 004,787
iShares S&P 500 Growth ETFEquity4642873093795,134SH SOLE 005,134
iShares Silver TREquity46428Q1095,015244,389SH SOLE 00244,389
iShares TIPS BondEquity4642871769517,447SH SOLE 007,447
iShares TR 10-20 YR (TRS Etf)Equity4642886534893,322SH SOLE 003,322
iShares TR MBS ETFEquity4642885883473,212SH SOLE 003,212
iShares TR MSCI (china Etf)Equity46429B6711,36120,152SH SOLE 0020,152
iShares Trust 0-5 YR (invt Grade Corp BD FD Etf)Equity46434V1002554,927SH SOLE 004,927
iShares US Utilities (etf)Equity4642876976037,633SH SOLE 007,633
Jacobs Engineering Group IncEquity4698141072391,807SH SOLE 001,807
Joby Aviation IncDerivativeG651631186830,036SH SOLE 0030,036
Joby Aviation IncEquityG651631001,281127,350SH SOLE 00127,350
Johnson & JohnsonEquity4781601041,78511,055SH SOLE 0011,055
JPMorgan Chase & CoEquity46625H1003,40220,781SH SOLE 0020,781
Kansas CityEquity485170302229843SH SOLE 00843
Kiromic BiopharmaEquity49763410530398,850SH SOLE 0098,850
Kla-Tencor Corp ComEquity4824801002,7098,097SH SOLE 008,097
Kraneshares TR (quadrtc Int RT)Equity50076773651618,500SH SOLE 0018,500
Lam Research CorpEquity512807108397696SH SOLE 00696
Lean Hogs Index CmeEquity5024311091,1895,400SH SOLE 005,400
Liberty Broadband CL CEquity5303073056123,541SH SOLE 003,541
Lilly Eli &co ComEquity5324571084491,944SH SOLE 001,944
Lincoln NationalEquity5341871091,68924,564SH SOLE 0024,564
Lockheed Martin CorpEquity5398301095,83316,902SH SOLE 0016,902
Luminar TechnologiesEquity55042410562039,725SH SOLE 0039,725
Markel Corp HLDG CoEquity570535104657550SH SOLE 00550
Masco CorpEquity57459910657510,354SH SOLE 0010,354
Mastercard Inc CL AEquity57636Q1041,2163,497SH SOLE 003,497
McDonalds CorpEquity5801351011,9298,000SH SOLE 008,000
Mckesson CorpEquity58155Q1036433,218SH SOLE 003,218
Merck & Co Inc New ComEquity58933Y1055777,620SH SOLE 007,620
MFS High Yield MunEquity59318E1028117,624SH SOLE 0017,624
Micron TechnologyEquity5951121032,40533,834SH SOLE 0033,834
Microsoft CorpEquity5949181046,45522,898SH SOLE 0022,898
Momentus IncDerivative60879E11920777,509SH SOLE 0077,509
MSCI IncEquity55354G100498818SH SOLE 00818
Nano Dimension LTDEquity63008G20321337,693SH SOLE 0037,693
Netflix Inc ComEquity64110L1061,8603,048SH SOLE 003,048
Newmont MNG CorpEquity6516391064,01173,859SH SOLE 0073,859
Nike Inc Class BEquity6541061036934,766SH SOLE 004,766
Northrop GrummanEquity6668071021,2043,342SH SOLE 003,342
Novartis A G Sponsored ADREquity66987V1094976,072SH SOLE 006,072
Novus Cap Corp IIEquity67012W20319018,500SH SOLE 0018,500
Nuvation Bio IncDerivative67080N1196626,081SH SOLE 0026,081
Nuvation Bio Inc ComEquity67080N1011,535154,427SH SOLE 00154,427
Nvidia CorpEquity67066G1041,5857,652SH SOLE 007,652
O Reilly AutomotiveEquity67103H1079191,504SH SOLE 001,504
Oracle Corp ComEquity68389X1051,82620,958SH SOLE 0020,958
Owl Rock Capital (corporation Com)Equity69121K10416711,543SH SOLE 0011,543
Pagseguro DigitalEquityG687071013,45966,872SH SOLE 0066,872
Panacea AcquisitionEquityG6882C10642043,000SH SOLE 0043,000
Parker Hannifin CorpEquity7010941046552,344SH SOLE 002,344
Paypal HLDGS Inc ComEquity70450Y1038,95534,416SH SOLE 0034,416
Pepsico IncEquity7134481081,2848,538SH SOLE 008,538
Pfizer IncEquity7170811033,82188,851SH SOLE 0088,851
PIMCO Calif MunEquity72201C10917615,950SH SOLE 0015,950
PIMCO ETF TR Active (BD Etf)Equity72201R7752692,432SH SOLE 002,432
PIMCO ETF TR Enhanced Short Mat Active ETFEquity72201R8338798,619SH SOLE 008,619
PPG IndustriesEquity6935061076584,601SH SOLE 004,601
Principal RealEquity74255X10424016,296SH SOLE 0016,296
Procter & Gamble Co ComEquity7427181095964,264SH SOLE 004,264
Progressive CorpEquity7433151033874,283SH SOLE 004,283
ProShares TREquity74347B2011,34373,200SH SOLE 0073,200
ProShares TR ShortEquity74347B42583054,502SH SOLE 0054,502
ProShares Ultrapro (short QQQ)Equity74347G8611,076124,700SH SOLE 00124,700
Pyxis Tankers IncDerivativeY71726122832,000SH SOLE 0032,000
Qualcomm IncEquity7475251032,12516,475SH SOLE 0016,475
RaytheonEquity75513E1014615,358SH SOLE 005,358
RegeneronEquity75886F1071,6402,710SH SOLE 002,710
Relay TherapeuticsEquity75943R1021,07834,194SH SOLE 0034,194
Repligen CorpEquity759916109212735SH SOLE 00735
Salesforce Com IncEquity79466L3022,77210,222SH SOLE 0010,222
Schwab Strategic TR (us TIPS Etf)Equity80852487064910,364SH SOLE 0010,364
SDS CallDerivative74347B3834370,000SHCallSOLE 0070,000
Seagate TechnologyEquityG7997R1033834,642SH SOLE 004,642
Sector Spdr Health Care ETFEquity81369Y2097135,603SH SOLE 005,603
Sector SPDR TR SHS Ben Int EnergyEquity81369Y5061,41727,210SH SOLE 0027,210
Servicenow Inc ComEquity81762P1021,1401,832SH SOLE 001,832
Siteone LandscapeEquity82982L1032041,025SH SOLE 001,025
Skillz Inc ComEquity83067L10987388,950SH SOLE 0088,950
Skyworks SolutionsEquity83088M1026093,694SH SOLE 003,694
SLV CallDerivative46428Q109416,000SHCallSOLE 0016,000
Snowflake Inc CL AEquity8334451093021,000SH SOLE 001,000
SPDR Blackstone/Gso Senior Loan ETFEquity78467V6083688,000SH SOLE 008,000
SPDR Gold TR Gold ShsEquity78463V1077,22944,023SH SOLE 0044,023
SPDR Index SHS FDSEquity78463X53346915,843SH SOLE 0015,843
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR TR UnitEquity78462F1034651,080SH SOLE 001,080
SPDR S&P Biotech Sector ETFEquity78464A8701,37910,966SH SOLE 0010,966
SPDR Ser TR SPDR (bloomberg)Equity78468R6631,92021,000SH SOLE 0021,000
SPDR Nuveen Blmbg Barclays ST MunBd ETFEquity78468R7391,13623,003SH SOLE 0023,003
Spotify TechnologyEquityL8681T1021,2245,430SH SOLE 005,430
SPS Commerce Inc ComEquity78463M1072701,675SH SOLE 001,675
Square Inc CL AEquity8522341032,61710,910SH SOLE 0010,910
Stanley Black & DeckerEquity8545021013111,775SH SOLE 001,775
Starbucks Corp Com USD0.01Equity8552441092,09218,963SH SOLE 0018,963
Stoneco LTD ComEquityG851581061,37139,500SH SOLE 0039,500
SVF Invt Corp Unit 1EquityG8601L110994100,000SH SOLE 00100,000
Sysco CorpEquity8718291075326,733SH SOLE 006,733
Taboola Com LTDDerivativeM8744T1146635,900SH SOLE 0035,900
Taboola Com LTD OrdEquityM8744T1062,070244,718SH SOLE 00244,718
Target Corp ComEquity87612E1069784,274SH SOLE 004,274
Teladoc Health IncEquity87918A1051,42511,235SH SOLE 0011,235
Tesla Motors Inc ComEquity88160R10116,17220,854SH SOLE 0020,854
TJX Cos Inc New ComEquity8725401093415,169SH SOLE 005,169
Total S A SponsoredEquity89151E1091,64434,293SH SOLE 0034,293
Twilio Inc CL AEquity90138F1025231,640SH SOLE 001,640
Twist BioscienceEquity90184D1003,00128,058SH SOLE 0028,058
Tyson Foods Inc Class AEquity9024941031,26015,962SH SOLE 0015,962
Uber TechnologiesEquity90353T1003,72183,062SH SOLE 0083,062
Unilever PLC Spon Adr NewEquity90476770457410,582SH SOLE 0010,582
UNION PACIFIC CORPEquity9078181087523,838SH SOLE 003,838
United Parcel SVCEquity9113121069965,471SH SOLE 005,471
Unitedhealth GroupEquity91324P1029082,324SH SOLE 002,324
Urban-Gro Inc ComEquity91704K20226219,700SH SOLE 0019,700
Valero Energy CorpEquity91913Y1002173,068SH SOLE 003,068
Valvoline Inc ComEquity92047W10158418,715SH SOLE 0018,715
Vaneck Vectors ETF (TR Retail Etf)Equity92189F6843832,192SH SOLE 002,192
Vanguard Index FDSEquity9229087696923,118SH SOLE 003,118
Vanguard Index FDSEquity9229087369203,170SH SOLE 003,170
Vanguard Index FDSEquity9229083632,5646,480SH SOLE 006,480
Vanguard Index FDS (vanguard Small Cap Growth Vipers Formerly Vanguard)Equity9229085953171,131SH SOLE 001,131
Vanguard Index FDS Midcap Growth ETFEquity9229085382481,051SH SOLE 001,051
Vanguard Index TREquity9229086526913,787SH SOLE 003,787
Vanguard Index US Reit ETFEquity9229085536626,500SH SOLE 006,500
Vanguard Intl EquityEquity9220428744747,223SH SOLE 007,223
Vanguard Intl Equity (index FD Inc FTSE All-World Ex-US Index FD ETF SHS)Equity9220427755348,757SH SOLE 008,757
Vanguard Malvern FDS (short-Term Inflation Protected Secs Index FD ETF SHS)Equity9220208052,34944,680SH SOLE 0044,680
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bd Index Fd ETF SHSEquity92206C4094315,225SH SOLE 005,225
Vanguard SectorEquity92204A3062633,521SH SOLE 003,521
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETFEquity9219378271,11813,648SH SOLE 0013,648
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index ETFEquity92190976866310,477SH SOLE 0010,477
Vanguard Value ETFEquity9229087442,77520,501SH SOLE 0020,501
Vanguard Whitehall FDS High Dividend Yields ETF SHSEquity9219464061,54014,900SH SOLE 0014,900
Varonis SystemEquity9222801026,911113,576SH SOLE 00113,576
VerizonEquity92343V10458310,790SH SOLE 0010,790
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncEquity92532F1006493,578SH SOLE 003,578
Viasat IncEquity92552V1004,42880,400SH SOLE 0080,400
Visa Inc Com CL AEquity92826C8391,7027,639SH SOLE 007,639
Vision MarineEquityC9665711620029,150SH SOLE 0029,150
Wal-Mart Stores IncEquity9311421039957,137SH SOLE 007,137
West PharmaceuticalEquity955306105208491SH SOLE 00491
Western Digital CorpEquity9581021053646,450SH SOLE 006,450
Workday Inc Class AEquity98138H1011,3815,525SH SOLE 005,525
Zoetis Inc ComEquity98978V1031,1235,786SH SOLE 005,786
Zomedica Corp ComEquity98980M1091631,180SH SOLE 0031,180
Zoom VideoEquity98980L1011,7166,564SH SOLE 006,564