Ensco International

Filed: 11 Jun 21, 3:25pm


Exhibit 21.1

List of Subsidiaries of Valaris Limited


Name State or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation
or Organization
Alpha Achiever Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Admiral Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Archer Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Aurora Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Falcon Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Falcon Drilling Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Int’l Drilling Company S.à r.l Luxembourg
Alpha Leasing Drilling Limited Mauritius
Alpha Mako Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Manta Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Offshore Drilling (S) Pte Ltd. Singapore
Alpha Offshore Drilling Services Company Cayman Islands
Alpha Offshore Drilling Services Company (Ghana) Limited Ghana
Alpha Offshore Intl Leasing England and Wales (UK)
Alpha Orca Company Cayman Islands
Alpha South Pacific Holding Company Cayman Islands
Atlantic Maritime Services LLC Delaware (USA)
Atwood Advantage S.à r.l Luxembourg
Atwood Australian Waters Drilling Pty Limited Australia
Atwood Beacon S.à r.l Luxembourg
Atwood Deep Seas, Ltd. Texas (USA)
Atwood Drilling LLC Delaware (USA)
Atwood Hunter LLC Delaware (USA)
Atwood Malta Holding Company Limited Malta
Atwood Oceanics (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Atwood Oceanics Australia Pty Limited Australia
Atwood Oceanics Drilling Mexico SRLCV Mexico
Atwood Oceanics Global Limited Cayman Islands
Atwood Oceanics International Limited Cayman Islands
Atwood Oceanics Leasing Limited Labuan
Atwood Oceanics LLC Texas (USA)
Atwood Oceanics Malta Limited Malta
Atwood Oceanics Management, LLC Delaware (USA)
Atwood Oceanics Pacific Limited Cayman Islands
Atwood Oceanics Services Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V Mexico
Atwood Offshore Drilling Limited Hong Kong
Atwood Offshore Labor Company Cayman Islands
Atwood Offshore Worldwide Limited Cayman Islands
Aurora Offshore Services Gmbh Germany
C.A. Foravep, Forasol Venezolana de Perforaciones Venezuela
Clearways Offshore Drilling Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
DrillQuest International Offshore Drilling Services Co. Cayman Islands
DrillQuest Offshore Company Cayman Islands
Durand Maritime S.A.S. (In Liquidation) France
ENSCO (Barbados) Limited Cayman Islands
ENSCO (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda
Ensco (Myanmar) Limited Myanmar
Ensco (Thailand) Limited Thailand
ENSCO Arabia Co. Ltd. Saudi Arabia




ENSCO Asia Company LLC Texas (USA)
ENSCO Asia Pacific Pte. Limited Singapore
Ensco Associates Company Cayman Islands
ENSCO Australia Pty. Limited Australia
ENSCO Capital Limited Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
ENSCO Corporate Resources LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO de Venezuela, S.R.L. Venezuela
Ensco Deepwater Drilling Limited England and Wales (UK)
ENSCO Deepwater USA II LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Development Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco do Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda. Brazil
ENSCO Drilling (Caribbean), Inc. Cayman Islands
ENSCO Drilling Company (Nigeria) Ltd. Nigeria
ENSCO Drilling Company LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco Drilling I Ltd. Cayman Islands
ENSCO Drilling Mexico LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco Endeavors Limited Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
Ensco France S.A.S. France
ENSCO Gerudi (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
ENSCO Global GmbH Switzerland
Ensco Global II Ltd. Cayman Islands
ENSCO Global Investments LP England and Wales (UK)
Ensco Global IV Ltd British Virgin Islands
ENSCO Global Limited Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
ENSCO Global Resources Limited England and Wales (UK)
Ensco Holdco Limited England and Wales (UK)
ENSCO Holding Company Delaware (USA)
Ensco Holdings I Ltd. Cayman Islands
Ensco Holdings II Ltd. Delaware (USA)
Ensco Holdings III LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Holland B.V. Netherlands
Ensco Incorporated Texas (USA)
Ensco Intercontinental GmbH Switzerland
ENSCO International Incorporated Delaware (USA)
Ensco International Ltd. British Virgin Islands / United Kingdom
Ensco International Management GP LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco International Management LP LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Investments LLC Nevada (USA) / United Kingdom
Ensco Jersey Finance Limited Jersey / United Kingdom
ENSCO Labuan Limited Malaysia
ENSCO Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco Management Corp British Virgin Islands
ENSCO Maritime Limited Bermuda
Ensco Mexico Services S.de R.L. Mexico
Ensco North America LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco Ocean 1 Company Cayman Islands
Ensco Ocean 2 Company Cayman Islands
ENSCO Oceanics Company LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Oceanics International Company Cayman Islands
ENSCO Offshore LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Offshore International Company Cayman Islands
ENSCO Offshore International Holdings Limited Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
ENSCO Offshore International Inc. Marshall Islands
Ensco Offshore International LLC Delaware (USA)




Ensco Offshore Petróleo e Gás Ltda. Brazil
Ensco Offshore Services LLC Delaware (USA)
ENSCO Offshore U.K. Limited England and Wales (UK)
ENSCO Overseas Limited Cayman Islands
ENSCO Services Limited England and Wales (UK)
ENSCO Services LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco South Pacific LLC Delaware (USA)
Ensco Transcontinental I LLC Nevada (USA)
Ensco Transcontinental II LLC Nevada (USA)
Ensco Transcontinental II LP England and Wales (UK)
Ensco Transcontinental LP England and Wales (UK)
Ensco Transnational I Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco Transnational II Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco Transnational III Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco Transnational Limited Cayman Islands
ENSCO U.K. Limited England and Wales (UK)
Ensco UK Drilling Limited England and Wales (UK)
ENSCO United Incorporated Delaware (USA)
Ensco Universal Holdings I Ltd. Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
Ensco Universal Holdings II Ltd. Cayman Islands / United Kingdom
ENSCO Universal Limited England and Wales (UK)
Ensco Vistas Limited Cayman Islands
Ensco Worldwide GmbH Switzerland
Ensco Worldwide Holdings Ltd. Cayman Islands
ENSCO Worldwide Investments Lt England and Wales (UK)
EnscoRowan Ghana Drilling Limited Ghana
Foradel SDN B.H.D. Malaysia
Forasub B.V. Netherlands/ United Kingdom
Forinter Limited Jersey / United Kingdom
Great White Shark Limited Gibraltar
Green Turtle Limited Gibraltar
Inter-Drill Ltd. Bahamas
International Technical Services LLC Delaware (USA)
Manatee Limited Malta
Manta Ray Limited Malta
Marine Blue Limited Gibraltar
Ocean Deep Drilling ESV Nigeria Limited Nigeria
Offshore Drilling Services LLC Delaware (USA)
P.T. ENSCO Sarida Offshore Indonesia
Pacific Offshore Labor Company Cayman Islands
Petroleum International Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Pride Arabia Co. Ltd. Saudi Arabia
Pride Foramer S.A.S. France
Pride Forasol Drilling Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria
Pride Forasol S.A.S. France
Pride Global II Ltd British Virgin Islands
Pride Global Offshore Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria
Pride International LLC Delaware (USA)
Pride International Management Co. LP Texas (USA)
PT Alpha Offshore Drilling Indonesia
PT Pentawood Offshore Drilling Indonesia
Ralph Coffman Cayman Limited Cayman Islands
Ralph Coffman Limited Gibraltar
Ralph Coffman Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg




RCI International, Inc. Cayman Islands
RD International Services Pte. Ltd. Singapore
RDC Arabia Drilling, Inc. Cayman Islands
RDC Holdings Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
RDC Malta Limited Malta
RDC Offshore Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
RDC Offshore Malta Limited Malta
RoCal Cayman Limited Cayman Islands
Rowan 240C#3, Inc. Cayman Islands
Rowan 350 Slot Rigs, LLC Delaware (USA)
Rowan Angola Limitada Angola
Rowan California S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Cayman Limited Cayman Islands
Rowan Companies Limited England and Wales (UK)
Rowan Companies, LLC Delaware (USA)
Rowan Deepwater Drilling (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
Rowan do Brasil Serviços de Perfuração Ltda. Brazil
Rowan Drilling (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
Rowan Drilling (Trinidad) Limited Cayman Islands
Rowan Drilling (U.K.) Limited Scotland (UK)
Rowan Drilling Cyprus Limited Cyprus
Rowan Drilling S. de R.L. de C.V Mexico
Rowan Drilling Services Limited Gibraltar
Rowan Drilling Services Nigeria Limited Nigeria
Rowan Egypt Petroleum Services LLC Egypt
Rowan Finance LLC Delaware (USA)
Rowan Financial Holdings S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Finanz S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Global Drilling Services Limited Gibraltar
Rowan Holdings Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan International Rig Holdings S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Marine Services LLC Texas (USA)
Rowan Middle East, Inc. Cayman Islands
Rowan N-Class (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
Rowan No. 1 Limited England and Wales (UK)
Rowan No. 2 Limited England and Wales (UK)
Rowan North Sea, Inc. Cayman Islands
Rowan Norway Limited Gibraltar
Rowan Offshore (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
Rowan Offshore Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Relentless Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Reliance Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Renaissance Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Resolute Luxembourg S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan Rex Limited (Cayman) Cayman Islands
Rowan Rigs S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Rowan S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Rowan Services LLC Delaware (USA)
Rowan Standard Ghana Limited Ghana
Rowan US Holdings (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
Rowandrill Labuan Limited Malaysia
Rowandrill, LLC Texas (USA)
Rowandrill Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Malaysia
Saudi Aramco Rowan Offshore Drilling Company Saudi Arabia




SKDP 1 Limited Cyprus
SKDP 2 Limited Cyprus
SKDP 3 Limited Cyprus
Societe Maritime de Services SOMASER S.A.S. France
Sonamer Angola Ltd. Bahamas / United Kingdom
Sonamer Drilling International Ltd. Bahamas
Sonamer Jack-Ups Ltd. Bahamas
Sonamer Limited Bahamas / United Kingdom
Sonamer Perfuracoes Ltd. Bahamas
Swiftdrill Malta Malta
Swiftdrill Offshore Drilling Services Co Cayman Islands
Valaris Holdco 1 Limited Bermuda
Valaris Holdco 2 Limited Bermuda
Valaris Holdings 1 Cayman Islands
Valaris Holdings 2 Cayman Islands
Valaris Holdings 3 Cayman Islands
Valaris plc United Kingdom