City State Bank

Filed: 31 May 22, 8:00pm

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete.
The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3M CO CORP COMMONCOM88579Y1011521,021SH SOLE 15200
Abbott LabsCOM0028241006655,618SH SOLE 66500
Abbvie INC CORP COMMONCOM00287Y1091,74910,787SH SOLE 1,74900
Accenture Plc CLASS A CORP COMMONSHS CLASS AG1151C10159175SH SOLE 5900
Activision Blizzard INC CORP COMMONCOM00507V1093414,250SH SOLE 34100
Adams Resources & Energy INC And CORP COMMONCOM NEW006351308641,650SH SOLE 6400
Adobe INC CORP COMMONCOM00724F101114250SH SOLE 11400
Advanced Micro Devices INC CORP COMMONCOM00790310767615SH SOLE 6700
Affirm Holdings INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A00827B1067155SH SOLE 700
Aflac INC CORP COMMONCOM0010551023375,238SH SOLE 33700
Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd CORP COMMONCOM00847410819317SH SOLE 1900
Air Products And Chemicals INC CORP COMMONCOM009158106936SH SOLE 900
Airbnb INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A00906610130174SH SOLE 3000
Alamos Gold INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A01153210881,000SH SOLE 800
Albemarle Corp COMMONCOM01265310128125SH SOLE 2800
Alcoa Corp COMMONCOM013872106329SH SOLE 300
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADR Rep 8 CORP COMMONSPONSORED ADS01609W10216SH SOLE 100
Align Technology INC CORP COMMONCOM016255101614SH SOLE 600
Alleghany Corp COMMONCOM017175100910SH SOLE 900
Alliance Resource Partners Lp UntUT LTD PART01877R1085300SH SOLE 500
Alliant Energy Corp COMMONCOM0188021084,32969,278SH SOLE 4,32900
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions INC CORP COMMONCOM01988P1087300SH SOLE 700
Allstate CommonCOM02000210174531SH SOLE 7400
Almaden Minerals Ltd Mnrls CORP COMMONCOM CL B02028330511,500SH SOLE 100
Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Ltd CORP COMMONSHSG6331P10411200SH SOLE 1100
Alphabet INC CLASS C CORP COMMONCAP STK CL C02079K1071,042373SH SOLE 1,04200
Altria Group Inc.COM02209S10370413,474SH SOLE 70400
Am Electric CommonCOM0255371015675,684SH SOLE 56700
Amazon.com INC Amazon COMMON CORPCOM0231351062,725836SH SOLE 2,72500
Ameren CorpCOM0236081029100SH SOLE 900
American Airlines Group INC CORP COMMONCOM02376R1022100SH SOLE 200
American Century Focused Large Cap Value Etf Cntry Fcsd Lrg CP VlFOCUSED LRG CAP0250727941211,962SH SOLE 12100
American Equity Investment Life Holding CO Inv Hld CORP COMMONCOM0256762067165SH SOLE 700
American Express Co.COM0258161092681,433SH SOLE 26800
American Tower Corp ReitCOM03027X10025100SH SOLE 2500
American Water Works Company INC CORP COMMONCOM03042010350300SH SOLE 5000
Ameriprise Fincl-wi CommonCOM03076C106517SH SOLE 500
Amerisourcebergen Corp COMMONCOM03073E10577500SH SOLE 7700
Ames National Cdt-comCOM031001100371,500SH SOLE 3700
Amgen, Inc.COM0311621006082,515SH SOLE 60800
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals INC CORP COMMONCOM03209R1035150SH SOLE 500
Analog Devices INC CORP COMMONCOM0326541052191,328SH SOLE 21900
Anheuser Busch Inbev Sa ADR Rep 1 CORP COMMONSPONSORED ADR03524A108350SH SOLE 300
Anthem, IncCOM03675210360122SH SOLE 6000
Apple INC CORP COMMONCOM03783310010,11557,929SH SOLE 10,11500
Applied Materials INC Material CORP COMMONCOM0382221056554,967SH SOLE 65500
Archer-daniels-midland CO Archer Daniels Midland CORP COMMONCOM0394831021171,300SH SOLE 11700
Arconic Corp (Pittsburgh) COMMONCOM03966V107127SH SOLE 100
Ark Next Generation Internet EtfNEXT GNRTN INTER00214Q401110SH SOLE 100
Arrow Financial Corp COMMONCOM04274410226800SH SOLE 2600
AT&T, Inc.COM00206R10261626,061SH SOLE 61600
Aurora Cannabis INC CORP COMMONCOM05156X8844711,795SH SOLE 4700
Automatic Data ProcessingCOM0530151031,1044,851SH SOLE 1,10400
Avangrid INC CORP COMMONCOM05351W103501,075SH SOLE 5000
Avanos Medical INC CORP COMMONCOM05350V106118SH SOLE 100
Axon Enterprise INC CORP COMMONCOM05464C10180580SH SOLE 8000
Bank of America Corp.COM06050510467016,264SH SOLE 67000
Bank Of Montreal CORP COMMONCOM06367110112100SH SOLE 1200
Bank of New York Mellon CorpCOM0640581001813,646SH SOLE 18100
Barrick Gold Corp COMMONCOM06790110812500SH SOLE 1200
Bassett Furniture Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM0702031042100SH SOLE 200
Bausch Health Companies INC CORP COMMONCOM0717341072100SH SOLE 200
Becton Dickinson And CO CORP COMMONCOM0758871095592,101SH SOLE 55900
Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.COM0758961002100SH SOLE 200
Berkshire Hathaway INC CLASS B CORP COMMONCL B NEW0846707022,7297,734SH SOLE 2,72900
BHP Group Ltd ADRSPONSORED ADS088606108450SH SOLE 400
Biogen INC CORP COMMONCOM09062X103149705SH SOLE 14900
Biomarin Pharmaceutical INC CORP COMMONCOM09061G10115200SH SOLE 1500
Bj's Wholesale Club Holdings INC Bjs Hold CORP COMMONCOM05550J10130450SH SOLE 3000
Blackrock INC CORP COMMONCOM09247X1011216SH SOLE 1200
Blackrock Short Maturity Bond EtfBLACKROCK ST MAT46431W5079174SH SOLE 900
Blackstone INC CORP COMMONCOM09260D1072221,747SH SOLE 22200
Block INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A85223410331225SH SOLE 3100
Boeing Co CommonCOM0970231053741,955SH SOLE 37400
Bok Financial Corp COMMONCOM NEW05561Q20117176SH SOLE 1700
Booking Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM09857L10873SH SOLE 700
Boston Scientific Corp.COM101137107250SH SOLE 200
Boyd Gaming Corp COMMONCOM1033041017100SH SOLE 700
BPSPONSORED ADR0556221041454,932SH SOLE 14500
Brinker International INC CORP COMMONCOM109641100250SH SOLE 200
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.COM11012210899213,584SH SOLE 99200
Broadcom INC CORP COMMONCOM11135F1012540SH SOLE 2500
Calamos Strategic Total Return FundCOM SH BEN INT1281251014200SH SOLE 400
Camden Property Trust Reit CORP COMMONSH BEN INT133131102116700SH SOLE 11600
Campbell Soup CO CORP COMMONCOM13442910910215SH SOLE 1000
Canopy Growth Corp COMMONCOM1380351002311SH SOLE 200
Capri Holdings Ltd CORP COMMONSHSG1890L107671,300SH SOLE 6700
Capstar Financial Holdings INC Ho CORP COMMONCOM14070T1024200SH SOLE 400
Cardinal Health INC CORP COMMONCOM14149Y10810180SH SOLE 1000
Carnival Corp COMMONUNIT 99/99/9999143658300512,505SH SOLE 5100
Carrier Global Corp COMMONCOM14448C1041212,629SH SOLE 12100
Caseys General Stores IncCOM1475281034482,258SH SOLE 44800
Caterpiller, Inc DELCOM1491231011,0234,591SH SOLE 1,02300
Cdk Global INC CORP COMMONCOM12508E10115316SH SOLE 1500
Cdw Corp COMMONCOM12514G108318SH SOLE 300
Cedar Fair Lp UntDEPOSITRY UNIT15018510611200SH SOLE 1100
Centene Corp COMMONCOM15135B10163750SH SOLE 6300
Centerpoint Energy INC CORP COMMONCOM15189T107411,325SH SOLE 4100
Cerence INC CORP COMMONCOM15672710914400SH SOLE 1400
Cerner Corp COMMONCOM1567821041021,089SH SOLE 10200
Ceva INC CORP COMMONCOM157210105372SH SOLE 300
Check Point Software TechORDM22465104212SH SOLE 200
Chemours CO CORP COMMONCOM16385110815475SH SOLE 1500
Chevron CommonCOM1667641001,0016,145SH SOLE 1,00100
Chipotle Mexican Grill INC CORP COMMONCOM1696561054931SH SOLE 4900
Chubb Ltd CORP COMMONCOMH1467J1045572,603SH SOLE 55700
Church & Dwight CO INC And CORP COMMONCOM17134010254539SH SOLE 5400
Ciena Corp COMMONCOM NEW17177930949800SH SOLE 4900
Cigna Corp COMMONCOM125523100225939SH SOLE 22500
Cisco Systems, Inc.COM17275R1022815,041SH SOLE 28100
Citigroup INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW172967424541,010SH SOLE 5400
Clearpoint Neuro INC CORP COMMONCOM18507C1035500SH SOLE 500
Clorox CO CORP COMMONCOM18905410970500SH SOLE 7000
Cloudflare INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A COM18915M1072812,345SH SOLE 28100
CMS Energy Corp COMMONCOM125896100565SH SOLE 500
Coca Cola CoCOM1912161001,22319,732SH SOLE 1,22300
Coeur Mining INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW192108504184,000SH SOLE 1800
Cohen & Steers INC CORP COMMONCOM19247A10080927SH SOLE 8000
Colgate Polmolive Co.COM194162103971,284SH SOLE 9700
Comcast Corp CLASS A COMMONCL A20030N101771,644SH SOLE 7700
Compass Minerals International INC CORP COMMONCOM20451N101115SH SOLE 100
Compugen Ltd CORP COMMONORDM257221051200SH SOLE 100
Conagra FoodsCOM2058871022166,425SH SOLE 21600
Conocophillips CORP COMMONCOM20825C1042682,676SH SOLE 26800
Consolidated Edison, Inc.COM2091151044174,399SH SOLE 41700
Constellation Brands INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A21036P108136589SH SOLE 13600
Consumer Staples Select Sector Spdr Fund EtfSBI CONS STPLS81369Y3088100SH SOLE 800
Continental Resources INC CORP COMMONCOM212015101580SH SOLE 500
Copart INC CORP COMMONCOM217204106650SH SOLE 600
Corning Inc.COM21935010518476SH SOLE 1800
Corteva INC CORP COMMONCOM22052L1041843,201SH SOLE 18400
Costco Wholesale Corp COMMONCOM22160K1051,4642,543SH SOLE 1,46400
Crispr Therapeutics Ag CORP COMMONNAMEN AKTH17182108110SH SOLE 100
Cronos Group INC CORP COMMONCOM22717L1013640SH SOLE 300
Crowdstrike Holdings INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A22788C10524104SH SOLE 2400
Cummins INC CORP COMMONCOM2310211063601,753SH SOLE 36000
Cvb Financial Corp COMMONCOM12660010512500SH SOLE 1200
CVS Health Corp COMMONCOM1266501005325,257SH SOLE 53200
Danaher Corp.COM2358511022170SH SOLE 2100
Deere & Co.COM2441991051,2953,116SH SOLE 1,29500
Delta Air Lines INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW247361702842,130SH SOLE 8400
Denali Therapeutics INC CORP COMMONCOM24823R1058250SH SOLE 800
Devon Energy Corp COMMONCOM25179M103235SH SOLE 200
Dfa Dimensional Emerging Core Equity Market Etf Emerg Eqy MrktEMGR CRE EQT MNG25434V30265324,880SH SOLE 65300
Dfa Dimensional International Core Equity Market Intern Eqt Mkt EtfINTL CORE EQT MK25434V20398835,090SH SOLE 98800
Dfa Dimensional US Core Equity Market Etf MarktUS CORE EQT MKT25434V10434510,940SH SOLE 34500
Dhi Group INC CORP COMMONCOM23331S100254,139SH SOLE 2500
Diageo Plc ADR Rep 4 CORP COMMONSPON ADR NEW25243Q20555269SH SOLE 5500
Dick's Sporting Goods INC Dicks CORP COMMONCOM253393102550SH SOLE 500
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3x Shares EtfDAILY SM CP BEAR25460E2326200SH SOLE 600
Discover Financial Services CORP COMMONCOM2547091084263,870SH SOLE 42600
Disney Walt Co.COM2546871065964,347SH SOLE 59600
Distillate US Fundamental Stability & Value Etf Fundm Stab And VluDISTILLATE US26922A3215100SH SOLE 500
DNP Select Income Fund Inc.COM23325P104474,000SH SOLE 4700
Docusign INC CORP COMMONCOM2561631061101,029SH SOLE 11000
Dollar General Corp COMMONCOM2566771052551,145SH SOLE 25500
Dollar Tree INC CORP COMMONCOM25674610816100SH SOLE 1600
Dominion Energy INC CORP COMMONCOM25746U10959694SH SOLE 5900
Dover Corp COMMONCOM2600031083642,319SH SOLE 36400
Dow INC CORP COMMONCOM2605571032203,452SH SOLE 22000
Draftkings INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A26142R1044215SH SOLE 400
Dte Energy CO CORP COMMONCOM23333110733250SH SOLE 3300
Duke Energy Hldg CommonCOM NEW26441C2041361,214SH SOLE 13600
Dupont De Nemours INC CORP COMMONCOM26614N1022763,754SH SOLE 27600
Easterly Government Properties INC CORP COMMONCOM27616P10310450SH SOLE 1000
Eastman Chem CoCOM277432100649SH SOLE 600
Eaton Corporation Plc CORP COMMONSHSG2918310331202SH SOLE 3100
Ebay INC CORP COMMONCOM2786421036100SH SOLE 600
Edwards Lifesciences Corp COMMONCOM28176E10869587SH SOLE 6900
Electronic Arts INC CORP COMMONCOM285512109754SH SOLE 700
Eli Lilly And CO CORP COMMONCOM5324571081,2364,315SH SOLE 1,23600
Emerson Electric CO CORP COMMONCOM291011104660SH SOLE 600
Emx Royalty Corp COMMONCOM26873J10794,350SH SOLE 900
Enbridge INC CORP COMMONCOM29250N1052144,638SH SOLE 21400
Endeavour Silver Corp COMMONCOM29258Y1032400SH SOLE 200
Energy Select Sector Spdr Fund EtfENERGY81369Y506560SH SOLE 500
Ennis INC CORP COMMONCOM293389102191,000SH SOLE 1900
Enphase Energy INC CORP COMMONCOM29355A1071258SH SOLE 1200
Eog Resources INC CORP COMMONCOM26875P10114115SH SOLE 1400
Equifax INC CORP COMMONCOM29442910559250SH SOLE 5900
Equinox Gold Corp COMMONCOM29446Y502141,680SH SOLE 1400
Esperion Therapeutics INC CORP COMMONCOM29664W1051200SH SOLE 100
Essential Utilities INC CORP COMMONCOM29670G10219380SH SOLE 1900
Etfmg Prime Cyber Security EtfPRIME CYBR SCRTY26924G2019160SH SOLE 900
Etfmg Prime Junior Silver Miners Etf Silvr MnrsPRIME JUNIR SLVR26924G102141,000SH SOLE 1400
EuronavSHSB385641082200SH SOLE 200
Evergy INC CORP COMMONCOM30034W10655808SH SOLE 5500
Eversource Energy CORP COMMONCOM30040W10822250SH SOLE 2200
Exact Sciences Corp COMMONCOM30063P1057100SH SOLE 700
Exelon Corp COMMONCOM30161N101541,124SH SOLE 5400
Exxonmobil Corp.COM30231G10285810,383SH SOLE 85800
Fastenal CO CORPCOM31190010412200SH SOLE 1200
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Agricultur CLASS C COMMONCL C31314830622200SH SOLE 2200
Federated Hermes INC CLASS B CORP COMMONCL B3142111031012,967SH SOLE 10100
Fedex Corp COMMONCOM31428X106140604SH SOLE 14000
Ferrari Nv CORP COMMONCOMN3167Y10324110SH SOLE 2400
Fidelity Msci Consumer Discretionary Index Etf Cons Discr IndxMSCI CONSM DIS3160922048100SH SOLE 800
Fidelity Msci Health Care Index Etf IndxMSCI HLTH CARE I3160926007100SH SOLE 700
Fidelity Msci Materials Index Etf IndxMSCI MATLS INDEX3160928815100SH SOLE 500
Fidelity Msci Utilities Index Etf IndxMSCI UTILS INDEX3160928655100SH SOLE 500
Fidelity National Information Services INC Informatn Svcs CORP COMMONCOM31620M106325SH SOLE 300
Fifth Third Bancorp CORP COMMONCOM3167731001,23928,796SH SOLE 1,23900
Financial Select Sector Spdr Fund Str EtfSBI INT-FINL81369Y60512300SH SOLE 1200
First Majestic Silver Corp COMMONCOM32076V1033200SH SOLE 300
First Solar INC CORP COMMONCOM33643310717200SH SOLE 1700
First Trust Value Line Dividend FundSHS33734H1066150SH SOLE 600
Firstenergy CommonCOM337932107721,560SH SOLE 7200
Fiserv, Inc.COM3377381081481,460SH SOLE 14800
Ford Motor Company CommonCOM34537086057333,896SH SOLE 57300
Fortinet INC CORP COMMONCOM34959E109310SH SOLE 300
Franco-nevada Corp Franco Nevada COMMONCOM3518581051275SH SOLE 1200
Franklin Resources INC CORP COMMONCOM35461310114500SH SOLE 1400
Freeport-mcmoran INC Freeport Mcmoran CORP COMMONCL B35671D85710200SH SOLE 1000
Fulgent Genetics INC CORP COMMONCOM359664109350SH SOLE 300
Gallagher, Arthur J. & Co.COM36357610926150SH SOLE 2600
Gamestop Corp CLASS A COMMONCL A36467W109118706SH SOLE 11800
Garmin Ltd CORP COMMONSHSH2906T109868SH SOLE 800
General Dynamics Corp.COM369550108241999SH SOLE 24100
General Mills Inc.COM3703341041672,462SH SOLE 16700
General Motors CO CORP COMMONCOM37045V100541,233SH SOLE 5400
Gilead Sciences, Inc.COM3755581032574,330SH SOLE 25700
Glaxosmithkline PLCSPONSORED ADR37733W1054249,729SH SOLE 42400
Global Payments INC CORP COMMONCOM37940X102216SH SOLE 200
Global X Lithium & Battery Tech EtfLITHIUM BTRY ETF37954Y8559120SH SOLE 900
Global X US Infrastructure Development Etf Infra DvlpmntUS INFR DEV ETF37954Y6733100SH SOLE 300
Goldman Sachs Group INC CORP COMMONCOM38141G1045031,525SH SOLE 50300
Green Plains INC CORP COMMONCOM393222104581,856SH SOLE 5800
Growgeneration Corp COMMONCOM39986L1096600SH SOLE 600
Halliburton CO CORP COMMONCOM406216101391,036SH SOLE 3900
Halozyme Therapeutics INC CORP COMMONCOM40637H1094110SH SOLE 400
Hanesbrands INC CORP COMMONCOM4103451026400SH SOLE 600
Harley-davidson CommonCOM412822108240SH SOLE 200
Hawaiian Electric Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM41987010019456SH SOLE 1900
Health Care Select Sector Spdr EtfSBI HEALTHCARE81369Y209750SH SOLE 700
Healthpeak Properties INC CORP COMMONCOM42250P1031253,628SH SOLE 12500
Heartland Financial Usa INC CORP COMMONCOM42234Q1027150SH SOLE 700
Hess Corp COMMONCOM42809H10727248SH SOLE 2700
Hexo Corp COMMONCOM NEW4283043071800SH SOLE 100
Home Depot, Inc.COM4370761024911,639SH SOLE 49100
Honeywell International INC CORP COMMONCOM4385161067944,078SH SOLE 79400
Hormel Foods Corp COMMONCOM44045210048925SH SOLE 4800
Host Hotels & Resorts INC Reit CORP COMMONCOM44107P1044200SH SOLE 400
Howard Hughes Corp COMMONCOM44267D107879SH SOLE 800
Howmet Aerospace INC CORP COMMONCOM4432011085141SH SOLE 500
Hoya Capital Housing EtfHOYA CAP HOUSI26922A2304100SH SOLE 400
Hubspot INC CORP COMMONCOM44357310012SH SOLE 100
Huntington Bancshares INC CORP COMMONCOM446150104684,623SH SOLE 6800
IBM CommonCOM4592001017245,571SH SOLE 72400
Idexx Laboratories INC CORP COMMONCOM45168D1044378SH SOLE 4300
Incyte Corp COMMONCOM45337C10212147SH SOLE 1200
Industrial Select Sector Spdr Fund EtfSBI INT-INDS81369Y704656SH SOLE 600
Ingersoll Rand INC CORP COMMONCOM45687V10620397SH SOLE 2000
Ingevity Corp COMMONCOM45688C10710160SH SOLE 1000
Inovio Pharmaceuticals INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW45773H20172,000SH SOLE 700
Intel Corp.COM4581401001,14923,190SH SOLE 1,14900
International Paper CO CORP COMMONCOM46014610315325SH SOLE 1500
Interpublic Group Of Companies INC CORP COMMONCOM4606901009257SH SOLE 900
Intuitive Surgical INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW46120E60245150SH SOLE 4500
Invesco Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Etf Invsc Markt SovrgnEMRNG MKT SVRG46138E7842239,870SH SOLE 22300
Invesco High Yield Equity Dividend Achvrs Etf InvscHIG YLD EQ DIV46137V563964,400SH SOLE 9600
Invesco Mortgage Capital INC Reit CORP COMMONCOM46131B10031,300SH SOLE 300
Invesco Nasdaq 100 EtfNASDAQ 100 ETF46138G6494773,200SH SOLE 47700
Invesco Optimum Yld Dvsfd Cmd Str No K-1 Etf Invsc Actvly Mng Optm Yd DvrsOPTIMUM YIELD46090F100341,946SH SOLE 3400
Invesco Qqq Trust Series 1 Invsc Srs EtfUNIT SER 146090E103202556SH SOLE 20200
Invesco S And P Midcap Momentum Etf MomntmS&P MDCP MOMNTUM46137V46453609SH SOLE 5300
Invesco S&p 500 Eql Wght Etf Invsc S P Equal WeightS&P500 EQL WGT46137V35763397SH SOLE 6300
Invesco S&p 500 Quality Etf Invsc S PS&P500 QUALITY46137V241761,521SH SOLE 7600
Invesco S&p Midcap Low Volatility Etf Invsc S PS&P MIDCP LOW46138E19824427SH SOLE 2400
Invesco S&p Smallcap Low Volatility Etf Invsc S P VolatiltyS&P SMLCP LOW46138G10221426SH SOLE 2100
Iqiyi, IncSPONSORED ADS46267X1083585SH SOLE 300
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals INC Pharma CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A46333X1081100SH SOLE 100
Ishares 0-5 Year Tips Bond Etf0-5 YR TIPS ETF46429B7476,93866,110SH SOLE 6,93800
Ishares 5-10 Yr Investment Grade Corporate Bd Etf Trt Is Inv Gr CrISHS 5-10YR INVT46428863852950SH SOLE 5200
Ishares Biotechnology EtfNASDAQ BIOTECH4642875561,1338,692SH SOLE 1,13300
Ishares Core Dividend Growth EtfCORE DIV GRWTH46434V62157810,825SH SOLE 57800
Ishares Core Msci Eafe EtfCORE MSCI EAFE46432F8424856,975SH SOLE 48500
Ishares Core Msci Emerging Markets EtfCORE MSCI EMKT46434G1031342,414SH SOLE 13400
Ishares Core Msci International Developed Mkt Etf Intrl DvlpCORE MSCI INTL46435G32636572SH SOLE 3600
Ishares Core S&p Small-cap Etf Small CapCORE S&P SCP ETF4642878043383,134SH SOLE 33800
Ishares Core S&p US Growth EtfCORE S&P US GWT464287671330SH SOLE 300
Ishares Core S&p US Value EtfCORE S&P US VLU464287663448SH SOLE 400
Ishares Core Total Usd Bond Market EtfCORE TOTAL USD46434V61394018,934SH SOLE 94000
Ishares Core US Aggregate Bond EtfCORE US AGGBD ET4642872268367,806SH SOLE 83600
Ishares Currency Hedged Msci Eafe Etf HedgHDG MSCI EAFE46434V8032978,750SH SOLE 29700
Ishares Cybersecurity And Tech EtfCYBERSECURITY46435U13567515,800SH SOLE 67500
Ishares Dow Jones US Aerospace And Defense Index Fund EtfUS AER DEF ETF46428876055500SH SOLE 5500
Ishares Dow Jones US Medical Dev.(etf) Devices EtfU.S. MED DVC ETF464288810236SH SOLE 200
Ishares Expanded Tech-software Sector Etf Tech Stw SctrEXPANDED TECH4642875152674SH SOLE 2600
Ishares Floating Rate Bond EtfFLTG RATE NT ETF46429B6559180SH SOLE 900
Ishares Global Clean Energy EtfGL CLEAN ENE ETF4642882243130SH SOLE 300
Ishares JPMORGAN Usd Emerging Markets Bond Etf MtsJPMORGAN USD EMG4642882816366,505SH SOLE 63600
Ishares Mbs EtfMBS ETF4642885881101,080SH SOLE 11000
Ishares Morningstar Mid Growth Index Fund Morgstar Cap Gro EtfMRGSTR MD CP GRW4642883071382,148SH SOLE 13800
Ishares Morningstar Small Value Index Fund Morn Cap EtfMRNING SM CP ETF4642887031292,196SH SOLE 12900
Ishares Morningstar US Equity EtfMORNINGSTR US EQ464287127801,268SH SOLE 8000
Ishares Morningstar Value EtfMORNINGSTAR VALU46428810946668SH SOLE 4600
Ishares Mortgage Real Estate EtfMORTGE REL ETF46435G342852,585SH SOLE 8500
Ishares Msci Acwi Ex US EtfMSCI ACWI EX US464288240355SH SOLE 300
Ishares Msci All Country Asia Ex Japan Etf Count Asa JpMSCI AC ASIA ETF46428818249655SH SOLE 4900
Ishares Msci Brazil EtfMSCI BRAZIL ETF4642864004100SH SOLE 400
Ishares Msci Eafe EtfMSCI EAFE ETF4642874651862,525SH SOLE 18600
Ishares Msci Eafe Small Cap Index Fund EtfEAFE SML CP ETF464288273901,356SH SOLE 9000
Ishares Msci Emerging Markets EtfMSCI EMG MKT ETF4642872346137SH SOLE 600
Ishares Msci Emerging Markets Ex China EtfMSCI EMRG CHN46434G76412200SH SOLE 1200
Ishares Msci Global Silver And Metals Miners Etf Msi Glbl Silr Metl MinrMSCI GLB SLV&MTL464286327161,100SH SOLE 1600
Ishares Msci United Kingdom Etf KingdomeMSCI UK ETF NEW46435G334441,300SH SOLE 4400
Ishares Msci Usa Min Vol Factor Etf FctrMSCI USA MIN VOL46429B69757729SH SOLE 5700
Ishares Msci Usa Quality Factor Etf Qlty FactMSCI USA QLT FCT46432F33915114SH SOLE 1500
Ishares National Muni Bond EtfNATIONAL MUN ETF46428841436332SH SOLE 3600
Ishares Preferred And Income Securities Etf SecPFD AND INCM SEC4642886872,35364,595SH SOLE 2,35300
Ishares Russell 1000 Index Fund EtfRUS 1000 ETF464287622164655SH SOLE 16400
Ishares Russell 2000 EtfRUSSELL 2000 ETF4642876552781,352SH SOLE 27800
Ishares Russell 2000 Value EtfRUS 2000 VAL ETF46428763089550SH SOLE 8900
Ishares Russell Mid-cap Growth Etf Mid CapRUS MD CP GR ETF46428748110100SH SOLE 1000
Ishares Russell Mid-cap Value Etf Mid CapRUS MDCP VAL ETF46428747342350SH SOLE 4200
Ishares S&p 500 Core EtfCORE S&P500 ETF4642872005911,302SH SOLE 59100
Ishares S&p 500 Value EtfS&P 500 VAL ETF464287408105676SH SOLE 10500
Ishares S&p Global Financials Sector Index Fund EtfGLOBAL FINLS ETF464287333225SH SOLE 200
Ishares S&p Midcap 400 Index Fund Core Mid Cap EtfCORE S&P MCP ETF4642875074951,844SH SOLE 49500
Ishares Select Dividend EtfSELECT DIVID ETF46428716868530SH SOLE 6800
Ishares Silver Trust EtfISHARES46428Q1091124,886SH SOLE 11200
Ishares Trust Dj US Technology EtfU.S. TECH ETF46428772110100SH SOLE 1000
IShares Trust Goldman Sacsh $ Investop Corp Bond FundIBOXX INV CP ETF46428724222185SH SOLE 2200
Ishares Trust Russell 1000 Growth EtfRUS 1000 GRW ETF464287614134482SH SOLE 13400
Ishares Trust Russell 1000 Value EtfRUS 1000 VAL ETF4642875982401,447SH SOLE 24000
Ishares Trust S & P500/bar S&p 500 Growth EtfS&P 500 GRWT ETF46428730972936SH SOLE 7200
Ishares U.s. Healthcare Providers Etf US ProUS HLTHCR PR ETF4642888282485SH SOLE 2400
Ishares U.s. Regional Banks Etf USUS REGNL BKS ETF4642887786100SH SOLE 600
Ishares US Real Estate EtfU.S. REAL ES ETF464287739876SH SOLE 800
Ishares US Treasury Bond EtfUS TREAS BD ETF46429B26715600SH SOLE 1500
IShares US Treasury Inflation ProtectedTIPS BD ETF4642871762,36518,987SH SOLE 2,36500
J M Smucker CO JM CORP COMMONCOM NEW8326964051285SH SOLE 1200
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601042,39213,499SH SOLE 2,39200
Johnson Controls International Plc CORP COMMONSHSG51502105583SH SOLE 500
JPMorgan Chase & Co.COM46625H1001,2158,911SH SOLE 1,21500
Juniper Networks CommonCOM48203R104451,200SH SOLE 4500
Kar Auction Services INC CORP COMMONCOM48238T109331,841SH SOLE 3300
Kempharm INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW4884452066913,724SH SOLE 6900
Kforce INC CORP COMMONCOM493732101110SH SOLE 100
Kimberly-clark Corp Kimberly Clark COMMONCOM4943681033152,559SH SOLE 31500
Kimco Realty Corp Reit COMMONCOM49446R1091897,636SH SOLE 18900
Kinder Morgan INC CLASS P CORP COMMONCOM49456B101261,353SH SOLE 2600
Kinross Gold Corp COMMONCOM4969024044600SH SOLE 400
Kkr Real Estate Finance Trust INC CORP COMMONCOM48251K100331,600SH SOLE 3300
Kohls Corp.COM500255104116SH SOLE 100
Kraft Heinz CO CORP COMMONCOM50075410615373SH SOLE 1500
Kroger CO CORP COMMONCOM50104410117300SH SOLE 1700
L3harris Technologies INC CORP COMMONCOM50243110989358SH SOLE 8900
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings Corprtn Amer Hldgs CORP COMMONCOM NEW50540R409520SH SOLE 500
Lam Research Corp COMMONCOM5128071084584SH SOLE 4500
Lamb Weston Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM51327210416267SH SOLE 1600
Lantheus Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM516544103771,395SH SOLE 7700
Las Vegas Sands Corp COMMONCOM51783410710245SH SOLE 1000
Lazard Ltd CLASS A CORP COMMONSHS AG5405010211305SH SOLE 1100
Lennar Corp CLASS A COMMONCL A52605710424300SH SOLE 2400
Live Nation Entertainment INC CORP COMMONCOM538034109650SH SOLE 600
Lockheed Martin Corp.COM5398301098031,820SH SOLE 80300
Lowes Cos, Inc.COM5486611079374,636SH SOLE 93700
Lsb Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM5021601046286SH SOLE 600
Lumen Technologies INC CORP COMMONCOM5502411032200SH SOLE 200
Luminar Technologies INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A550424105211,350SH SOLE 2100
Lumos Pharma INC CORP COMMONCOM55028X1091111SH SOLE 100
Lyondellbasell Industries Nv CLASS A CORP COMMONSHS - A -N537451001751,705SH SOLE 17500
Mag Silver Corp COMMONCOM55903Q10412740SH SOLE 1200
Magna International INC CORP COMMONCOM55922240112188SH SOLE 1200
Manulife Financial Corp COMMONCOM56501R10612539SH SOLE 1200
Marathon Oil CommonCOM5658491063125SH SOLE 300
Marathon Petroleum Corp COMMONCOM56585A102911,063SH SOLE 9100
Martin Marietta Materials INC CORP COMMONCOM573284106230598SH SOLE 23000
Mastercard INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A57636Q104263737SH SOLE 26300
Materials Sector SPDR TrustSBI MATERIALS81369Y1009100SH SOLE 900
Maxlinear INC CORP COMMONCOM57776J10012200SH SOLE 1200
McDonalds Corp.COM5801351015162,086SH SOLE 51600
Mdu Resources Group INC CORP COMMONCOM552690109311,155SH SOLE 3100
Medical Properties Trust INC Reit CORP COMMONCOM58463J3044200SH SOLE 400
Medtronic Plc CORP COMMONSHSG5960L1031,34512,123SH SOLE 1,34500
Merck & CO INC CORP COMMONCOM58933Y1051,03912,668SH SOLE 1,03900
Mesa Laboratories INC CORP COMMONCOM59064R1091975SH SOLE 1900
Meta Financial Group INC CORP COMMONCOM59100U1081773,216SH SOLE 17700
Meta Platforms INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A30303M1023481,564SH SOLE 34800
Metlife INC CORP COMMONCOM59156R1082934,169SH SOLE 29300
Mgm Resorts International CORP COMMONCOM552953101461,100SH SOLE 4600
Micron Technology INC CORP COMMONCOM5951121031,14714,720SH SOLE 1,14700
MicrosoftCOM5949181043,90812,674SH SOLE 3,90800
Mid-america Apartment Communities INC Mid America Apt Communiti Reit CORP COMMONCOM59522J103941SH SOLE 900
Middlesex Water CO CORP COMMONCOM596680108102967SH SOLE 10200
Moderna INC CORP COMMONCOM60770K10726150SH SOLE 2600
Modivcare INC CORP COMMONCOM60783X10478675SH SOLE 7800
Moelis & CO CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A60786M1051322,800SH SOLE 13200
Molson Coors Beverage CO Compa CLASS B CORP COMMONCL B60871R20911200SH SOLE 1100
Mondelez International INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A6092071052163,437SH SOLE 21600
Moody's Corp Moodys COMMONCOM61536910536106SH SOLE 3600
Morgan Stanley CORP COMMONCOM NEW6174464483343,825SH SOLE 33400
Mosaic CO CORP COMMONCOM61945C10380612,113SH SOLE 80600
National Grid Plc ADR Rep 5 CORP COMMONSPONSORED ADR NE636274409226SH SOLE 200
Netapp INC CORP COMMONCOM64110D1045066,095SH SOLE 50600
Netflix INC CORP COMMONCOM64110L1063697SH SOLE 3600
New York Community Bancorp INC CORP COMMONCOM649445103111,000SH SOLE 1100
Newell Brands INC CORP COMMONCOM65122910611500SH SOLE 1100
Nexgen Energy Ltd CORP COMMONCOM65340P106122,185SH SOLE 1200
Nextera Energy INC CORP COMMONCOM65339F10191610,814SH SOLE 91600
Nike INC CLASS B CORP COMMONCL B6541061031581,177SH SOLE 15800
Nikola Corp COMMONCOM6541101053260SH SOLE 300
Nisource INC CORP COMMONCOM65473P1054110SH SOLE 400
Nokia Corp.SPONSORED ADR6549022041100SH SOLE 100
Norfolk Southern Corp COMMONCOM655844108519SH SOLE 500
Northrop Grumman Corp COMMONCOM666807102180402SH SOLE 18000
Nortonlifelock INC CORP COMMONCOM6687711083100SH SOLE 300
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd CORP COMMONSHSG66721104452,050SH SOLE 4500
Novartis Ag ADR Repsg 1 CORP COMMONSPONSORED ADR66987V10978890SH SOLE 7800
Nutrien Ltd CORP COMMONCOM67077M1084634,453SH SOLE 46300
Nvidia Corp COMMONCOM67066G1041,0783,952SH SOLE 1,07800
Nxp Semiconductors Nv CORP COMMONCOMN6596X109525SH SOLE 500
Occidental Petroleum Corp COMMONCOM67459910510170SH SOLE 1000
Occidental Petroleum Corp Eqy Warrant*W EXP 08/03/202674599162381SH SOLE 300
Oceanfirst Financial Corp COMMONCOM67523410812600SH SOLE 1200
Ocugen INC CORP COMMONCOM67577C10572,000SH SOLE 700
Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings INC Ollies Hldg CORP COMMONCOM68111610930700SH SOLE 3000
Omega Healthcare Investors INC Reit CORP COMMONCOM6819361008270SH SOLE 800
Oneok INC CORP COMMONCOM68268010342600SH SOLE 4200
Oracle Corp.COM68389X10579950SH SOLE 7900
Organigram Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM68620P10121,040SH SOLE 200
Otis Worldwide Corp COMMONCOM68902V1071011,317SH SOLE 10100
Packaging Corp Amer CommonCOM69515610990574SH SOLE 9000
Palantir Technologies INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A69608A108745,400SH SOLE 7400
Palo Alto Networks INC CORP COMMONCOM69743510534SH SOLE 300
Pan American Silver Corp Amer COMMONCOM69790010812430SH SOLE 1200
Paramount Global CLASS B CORP COMMONCL B92556H20611285SH SOLE 1100
Parker-hannifin Corp Parker Hannifin COMMONCOM70109410442147SH SOLE 4200
Paychex INC CORP COMMONCOM7043261073092,263SH SOLE 30900
Paypal Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM70450Y1031311,134SH SOLE 13100
Penn National Gaming INC CORP COMMONCOM70756910916375SH SOLE 1600
Peoples Bancorp INC People CORP COMMONCOM70978910122700SH SOLE 2200
PepsiCo, Inc.COM7134481083432,049SH SOLE 34300
Pfizer IncCOM7170811031,04820,247SH SOLE 1,04800
Philip Morris International INC CORP COMMONCOM7181721092332,479SH SOLE 23300
Phillips 66 CORP COMMONCOM71854610466766SH SOLE 6600
Pinnacle West Capital Corp COMMONCOM72348410129365SH SOLE 2900
Pinterest INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A72352L1063100SH SOLE 300
Plains All American Pipeline Lp UntUNIT LTD PARTN726503105272,550SH SOLE 2700
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.COM693475105161874SH SOLE 16100
Polaris INC Industries CORP COMMONCOM731068102762SH SOLE 700
PPG Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM6935061075984,565SH SOLE 59800
PPL Corp COMMONCOM69351T10617577SH SOLE 1700
Primerica INC CORP COMMONCOM74164M10847343SH SOLE 4700
Principal Financial GroupCOM74251V1024846,591SH SOLE 48400
Procter & Gamble CO CORP COMMONCOM7427181091,0406,804SH SOLE 1,04000
Progressive Corp COMMONCOM74331510390793SH SOLE 9000
Prosperity Bancshares INC CORP COMMONCOM74360610535500SH SOLE 3500
Prudential Financial INC CORP COMMONCOM7443201021681,420SH SOLE 16800
Public Service Enterprise Group INC CORP COMMONCOM744573106771,100SH SOLE 7700
Qcr Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM74727A1046100SH SOLE 600
Qualcomm, Inc.COM747525103105685SH SOLE 10500
Radian Group INC CORP COMMONCOM7502361017300SH SOLE 700
Raytheon Technologies Corp COMMONCOM7551115071,08910,989SH SOLE 1,08900
Realty Income Corp Reit COMMONCOM7561091041472,123SH SOLE 14700
Renewable Energy Group INC CORP COMMONCOM NEW75972A301631,033SH SOLE 6300
Restaurant Brands International INC Intrnational CORP COMMONCOM76131D10332550SH SOLE 3200
Roblox Corp CLASS A COMMONCL A77104910321450SH SOLE 2100
Rocket Companies INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A77311W1012200SH SOLE 200
Rockwell Automation INC Automat CORP COMMONCOM7739031092590SH SOLE 2500
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Group CORP COMMONCOMV7780T10310120SH SOLE 1000
Royal Gold INC CORP COMMONCOM78028710814100SH SOLE 1400
Royce Value Trust IncCOM7809101057422SH SOLE 700
S&p Global INC CORPCOM78409V104317773SH SOLE 31700
Safety Insurance Group INC CORP COMMONCOM78648T10057625SH SOLE 5700
Salesforce INC CORP COMMONCOM79466L3022371,117SH SOLE 23700
Sandstorm Gold Ltd CORP COMMONCOM NEW80013R2062200SH SOLE 200
Sanofi Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR80105N105247SH SOLE 200
Sarepta Therapeutics INC CORP COMMONCOM803607100110SH SOLE 100
Schwab International Equity EtfINTL EQTY ETF8085248058225SH SOLE 800
Schwab US Dividend Equity EtfUS DIVIDEND EQ80852479710125SH SOLE 1000
Schwab US Large-cap Etf Large CapUS LRG CAP ETF80852420111200SH SOLE 1100
Schwab US Large-cap Growth Etf Large CapUS LCAP GR ETF808524300680SH SOLE 600
Schwab US Reit Etf CharlesUS REIT ETF808524847286SH SOLE 200
Schwab US Small-cap Etf Small CapUS SML CAP ETF808524607474SH SOLE 400
Scotts Miracle-gro CO Miracle Gro CORP COMMONCL A810186106972SH SOLE 900
Seabridge Gold INC CORP COMMONCOM8119161055250SH SOLE 500
Seaworld Entertainment INC CORP COMMONCOM81282V100450SH SOLE 400
Senseonics Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM81727U1052775SH SOLE 200
Shopify INC CLASS A Sub Vtg CORP COMMONCL A82509L1072334SH SOLE 2300
Silvercrest Metals INC CORP COMMONCOM828363101121,320SH SOLE 1200
Sirius Xm Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM82968B10371,000SH SOLE 700
Slr Investment Corp COMMONCOM83413U100522,850SH SOLE 5200
Slr Senior Investment Corp COMMONCOM83416M10534924,650SH SOLE 34900
Snowflake Inc. CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A8334451091045SH SOLE 1000
Sonoco Products CO CORP COMMONCOM83549510213214SH SOLE 1300
Southern Co.COM8425871075107,035SH SOLE 51000
Southstate Corp COMMONCOM84044110912150SH SOLE 1200
Southwest Airlines CO CORP COMMONCOM8447411081372,985SH SOLE 13700
Spdr Bloomberg Emerging Markets Local Bond Etf Bloombg Emg Mrkt Lcl BndBLOMBRG BRC EMRG78464A391562,450SH SOLE 5600
Spdr Dj Wilshire Small Cap Growth Etf S&p 600S&P 600 SMCP GRW78464A2018100SH SOLE 800
Spdr Gold Shares EtfGOLD SHS78463V1071871,036SH SOLE 18700
Spdr Portfolio Emerging Markets Etf Index Shares Emerg MarktPORTFOLIO EMG MK78463X5092315,980SH SOLE 23100
Spdr Portfolio Intermediate Term Corporate Bd Etf Intrmdt Trm Crprate BndPORTFOLIO INTRMD78464A37532931SH SOLE 3200
Spdr Portfolio S&p 500 EtfPORTFOLIO S&P50078464A8545100SH SOLE 500
Spdr Portfolio Tips EtfPORTFLI TIPS ETF78464A65631910,550SH SOLE 31900
Spdr S&p 500 Etf TrustTR UNIT78462F1031,8324,056SH SOLE 1,83200
Spdr S&p Capital Markets EtfS&P CAP MKTS78464A7719100SH SOLE 900
Spdr S&p Dividend EtfS&P DIVID ETF78464A76343338SH SOLE 4300
Spdr S&p Midcap 400 EtfUTSER1 S&PDCRP78467Y1071225SH SOLE 1200
Spirit Airlines INC CORP COMMONCOM84857710219855SH SOLE 1900
Sprott Physical Silver Trust EtvTR UNIT85207K107263,000SH SOLE 2600
Stanley Black & Decker INC And CORP COMMONCOM8545021012781,990SH SOLE 27800
Starbucks Corp.COM8552441095165,673SH SOLE 51600
State Street Corp COMMONCOM85747710344500SH SOLE 4400
Stratasys Ltd CORP COMMONSHSM85548101141SH SOLE 100
Sturm Ruger & Company INC CORP COMMONCOM864159108232SH SOLE 200
Synaptics INC CORP COMMONCOM87157D1091155SH SOLE 1100
Synchrony Financial CORP COMMONCOM87165B103381SH SOLE 300
Sysco Corp.COM8718291071451,772SH SOLE 14500
T-mobile US INC T Mobile CORP COMMONCOM87259010413103SH SOLE 1300
Targa Resources Corp COMMONCOM87612G101451SH SOLE 400
Target Corp.COM87612E106142668SH SOLE 14200
Te Connectivity Ltd CORP COMMONREG SHSH84989104751SH SOLE 700
Technology Select Sector Spdr Fund EtfTECHNOLOGY81369Y80316100SH SOLE 1600
Teladoc Health INC CORP COMMONCOM87918A10529400SH SOLE 2900
Teleflex INC CORP COMMONCOM87936910658164SH SOLE 5800
Tencent Music Entertainment Group Musc Ent ADR Rep 2 CLASS A CORP COMMONSPON ADS88034P1091100SH SOLE 100
Tesla INC CORP COMMONCOM88160R101191177SH SOLE 19100
Texas Instruments, Inc.COM8825081046843,727SH SOLE 68400
Textron INC CORP COMMONCOM883203101222SH SOLE 200
Tfs Financial Corp COMMONCOM87240R10713800SH SOLE 1300
Thermo Fisher Scientific INC CORP COMMONCOM883556102915SH SOLE 900
Thor Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM8851601018100SH SOLE 800
Tilray Brands INC CLASS 2 CORP COMMONCOM CL 288688T100212,669SH SOLE 2100
Timken CO CORP COMMONCOM88738910418300SH SOLE 1800
Tjx Companies INC CORP COMMONCOM87254010919316SH SOLE 1900
Toro CO CORP COMMONCOM89109210831366SH SOLE 3100
Toronto-dominion Bank Toronto Dominion CORP COMMONCOM NEW89116050912153SH SOLE 1200
Towne Bank CORP COMMONCOM89214P10927900SH SOLE 2700
Toyota Motor Corp - AdrSP ADR REP2COM89233130718100SH SOLE 1800
Tractor Supply CO CORP COMMONCOM8923561061250SH SOLE 1200
Trane Technologies Plc CORP COMMONSHSG8994E10369451SH SOLE 6900
Transmedics Group INC CORP COMMONCOM89377M1093100SH SOLE 300
Travelers Companies INC CORP COMMONCOM89417E1095282,887SH SOLE 52800
Trinity Industries INC CORP COMMONCOM89652210929850SH SOLE 2900
Truist Financial Corp COMMONCOM89832Q10931550SH SOLE 3100
Twitter INC CORP COMMONCOM90184L102681,763SH SOLE 6800
Two Harbors Investment Corp Reit COMMONCOM NEW90187B4082400SH SOLE 200
Tyson Foods INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A90249410354600SH SOLE 5400
Uber Technologies INC CORP COMMONCOM90353T100250SH SOLE 200
Under Armour IncCL A904311107163SH SOLE 100
Under Armour INC CLASS C CORP COMMONCL C9043112063216SH SOLE 300
Unilever Plc ADR Rep 1 CORP COMMONSPON ADR NEW9047677045100SH SOLE 500
Union Pacific Corp COMMONCOM9078181085081,858SH SOLE 50800
United Airlines Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM9100471096135SH SOLE 600
United Bankshares INC CORP COMMONCOM90990710717500SH SOLE 1700
United Parcel Service, Inc.CL B9113121061,0184,746SH SOLE 1,01800
United States Lime & Minerals INC And CORP COMMONCOM911922102325SH SOLE 300
Unitedhealth Group CommonCOM91324P1027821,533SH SOLE 78200
Unity Software INC CORP COMMONCOM91332U101110SH SOLE 100
Upstart Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM91680M10719SH SOLE 100
Uranium Energy Corp COMMONCOM916896103234,960SH SOLE 2300
US Bancorp DELCOM NEW9029733043747,040SH SOLE 37400
US Global Jets EtfUS GLB JETS26922A84211500SH SOLE 1100
Utilities Select Sector Spdr Fund Uti EtfSBI INT-UTILS81369Y8867100SH SOLE 700
Valero Energy Corp COMMONCOM91913Y1001741,710SH SOLE 17400
Vaneck Gold Miners EtfGOLD MINERS ETF92189F106115SH SOLE 100
Vaneck Semiconductor EtfSEMICONDUCTOR ET92189F676310SH SOLE 300
Vanguard 500 Index Fund S&p EtfS&P 500 ETF SHS922908363251605SH SOLE 25100
Vanguard Communication Services Index Fund EtfCOMM SRVC ETF92204A88434285SH SOLE 3400
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary EtfCONSUM DIS ETF92204A10877252SH SOLE 7700
Vanguard Consumer Staples Index Fund EtfCONSUM STP ETF92204A207147748SH SOLE 14700
Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund Ftse EtfFTSE DEV MKT ETF9219438584459,268SH SOLE 44500
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index Fund EtfDIV APP ETF9219088443,56521,985SH SOLE 3,56500
Vanguard Emerging Markets Govt Bd Idx Markt Bnd EtfEMERG MKT BD ETF9219468853,34547,895SH SOLE 3,34500
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Ftse EtfFTSE EMR MKT ETF9220428582,27849,381SH SOLE 2,27800
Vanguard Energy Index Fund EtfENERGY ETF92204A3061581,473SH SOLE 15800
Vanguard Esg International Stock Etf InternatnlESG INTL STK ETF9219107256100SH SOLE 600
Vanguard European Stock Index Fund Ftse Europe EtfFTSE EUROPE ETF9220428746100SH SOLE 600
Vanguard Extended Markets Index Fund Market EtfEXTEND MKT ETF92290865257346SH SOLE 5700
Vanguard Financials EtfFINANCIALS ETF92204A4053,03032,443SH SOLE 3,03000
Vanguard Ftse All World Ex US Index Fund Investor Shares EtfALLWRLD EX US9220427751,04418,121SH SOLE 1,04400
Vanguard Ftse All-world Ex-us Small-cap Index Vgrd All Wrld Ex US Sml Cap EtfFTSE SMCAP ETF9220427181911,545SH SOLE 19100
Vanguard Global Ex-us Real Estate Index FUND Glbal Ex US EtfGLB EX US ETF92204267636700SH SOLE 3600
Vanguard Growth Index Fund EtfGROWTH ETF9229087361,3544,709SH SOLE 1,35400
Vanguard Health Care EtfHEALTH CAR ETF92204A5041,1964,703SH SOLE 1,19600
Vanguard High Dividend Yield EtfHIGH DIV YLD9219464063,15628,113SH SOLE 3,15600
Vanguard Idx Fund Total Stock Market EtfTOTAL STK MKT92290876923100SH SOLE 2300
Vanguard Industrials EtfINDUSTRIAL ETF92204A6034762,449SH SOLE 47600
Vanguard Information Technology EtfINF TECH ETF92204A7029372,250SH SOLE 93700
Vanguard Intermediate Term Bond EtfINTERMED TERM921937819675SH SOLE 600
Vanguard Internatl High Div Yield Index Fund Internatnl Hgh Yld EtfINTL HIGH ETF921946794981,450SH SOLE 9800
Vanguard Intl Dividend Appreciation Index Fund Aprectn EtfINTL DVD ETF9219468101932,441SH SOLE 19300
Vanguard Large-cap Index Fund Large Cap EtfLARGE CAP ETF9229086375392,583SH SOLE 53900
Vanguard Materials ViperMATERIALS ETF92204A8011,1245,794SH SOLE 1,12400
Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Value Index Fund EtfMEGA CAP VAL ETF92191084011100SH SOLE 1100
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth Index Fund EtfMEGA GRWTH IND92191081671300SH SOLE 7100
Vanguard Mega Cap Index Fund EtfMEGA CAP INDEX92191087316100SH SOLE 1600
Vanguard Mid-cap Growth Index Fund Mid Cap EtfMCAP GR IDXVIP922908538197882SH SOLE 19700
Vanguard Mid-cap Index Fund Mid Cap EtfMID CAP ETF9229086291,9998,403SH SOLE 1,99900
Vanguard Mid-cap Value Index Fund Mid Cap EtfMCAP VL IDXVIP9229085122761,842SH SOLE 27600
Vanguard Mortgage-backed Secs Idx Fund Mortgage Backed Sec EtfMORTG-BACK SEC92206C7711032,051SH SOLE 10300
Vanguard Msci Pacific Etf FtseFTSE PACIFIC ETF92204286652700SH SOLE 5200
Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund EtfREAL ESTATE ETF9229085531801,657SH SOLE 18000
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth EtfVNG RUS1000GRW92206C68043600SH SOLE 4300
Vanguard Russell 1000 Index Fund EtfVNG RUS1000IDX92206C73021100SH SOLE 2100
Vanguard Russell 1000 Value EtfVNG RUS1000VAL92206C7141642,258SH SOLE 16400
Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth EtfVNG RUS2000GRW92206C623130700SH SOLE 13000
Vanguard Russell 3000 EtfVNG RUS3000IDX92206C59920100SH SOLE 2000
Vanguard S&p Mid-cap 400 Growth Index Fund Mid Cap EtfMIDCP 400 GRTH92193286919100SH SOLE 1900
Vanguard S&p Small-cap 600 Growth Index Fund Small Cap Grwth EtfSMLCP 600 GRTH92193279422100SH SOLE 2200
Vanguard Short-term Bond Index Fund EtfSHORT TRM BOND92193782713172SH SOLE 1300
Vanguard Short-term Corporate Bond Idx Fund EtfSHRT TRM CORP BD92206C4093113,980SH SOLE 31100
Vanguard Small Cap Value EtfSM CP VAL ETF9229086111,7419,897SH SOLE 1,74100
Vanguard Small-cap Growth Index Fund Small Cap EtfSML CP GRW ETF92290859572290SH SOLE 7200
Vanguard Small-cap Index Fund Small Cap EtfSMALL CP ETF9229087511,8728,806SH SOLE 1,87200
Vanguard Total Bond Market EtfTOTAL BND MRKT9219378351,26315,882SH SOLE 1,26300
Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Bnd EtfINTL BD IDX ETF92203J4074077,756SH SOLE 40700
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Stk EtfVG TL INTL STK F9219097689157SH SOLE 900
Vanguard US Liquidity Factor EtfUS LIQUIDITY92193530011100SH SOLE 1100
Vanguard US Minimum Volatility Etf VolatiltyUS MINIMUM92193540910100SH SOLE 1000
Vanguard US Momentum Factor EtfUS MOMENTUM92193550813100SH SOLE 1300
Vanguard US Quality Factor EtfUS QUALITY92193570612100SH SOLE 1200
Vanguard Utilities EtfUTILITIES ETF92204A8767744,780SH SOLE 77400
Vanguard Value Index Fund EtfVALUE ETF9229087441,83812,435SH SOLE 1,83800
Vector Group Ltd CORP COMMONCOM92240M108131,061SH SOLE 1300
Veeva Systems INC CORP COMMONCL A COM922475108525SH SOLE 500
Verisk Analytics INC CORP COMMONCOM92345Y1061150SH SOLE 1100
Verizon CommunicationsCOM92343V1042,80355,018SH SOLE 2,80300
Vertex Pharmaceuticals INC CORP COMMONCOM92532F1002075SH SOLE 2000
Viatris INC CORP COMMONCOM92556V10615614,357SH SOLE 15600
Visa INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A92826C8395322,400SH SOLE 53200
Vishay Intertechnology INC Intertech CORP COMMONCOM92829810810523SH SOLE 1000
Vistra Corp COMMONCOM92840M102150SH SOLE 100
Vmware INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A COM92856340297851SH SOLE 9700
Walgreens Boots Alliance INC Walgreen CORP COMMONCOM93142710828632SH SOLE 2800
Walmart IncCOM9311421038385,626SH SOLE 83800
Waste Management INC CORP COMMONCOM94106L1093161,996SH SOLE 31600
Wec Energy Group INC CORP COMMONCOM92939U1066476,485SH SOLE 64700
Wells Fargo & Co. Common StockCOM9497461013016,220SH SOLE 30100
Welltower INC CORP COMMONCOM95040Q10413132SH SOLE 1300
Werner Enterprises INC CORP COMMONCOM9507551086150SH SOLE 600
West BancorporationCAP STK95123P10636113,250SH SOLE 36100
West Pharmaceutical Services INC Pharm Svc CORP COMMONCOM955306105123299SH SOLE 12300
Western Digital Corp COMMONCOM958102105235SH SOLE 200
Weyerhaeuser CO ReitCOM NEW9621661041804,748SH SOLE 18000
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp COMMONCOM96287910217350SH SOLE 1700
Williams Companies INC CORP COMMONCOM969457100541,614SH SOLE 5400
Winnebago Industries INC Inds CORP COMMONCOM974637100118SH SOLE 100
Workiva INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCOM CL A98139A1051801,525SH SOLE 18000
Wp Carey INC W P Reit CORP COMMONCOM92936U10942518SH SOLE 4200
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts INC CORP COMMONCOM98311A105450SH SOLE 400
Wynn Resorts Ltd CORP COMMONCOM9831341071982,480SH SOLE 19800
Xcel Energy CommonCOM98389B100951,316SH SOLE 9500
Xerox Holdings Corp COMMONCOM NEW98421M106293SH SOLE 200
Xpo Logistics INC CORP COMMONCOM9837931007100SH SOLE 700
York Water CO CORP COMMONCOM98718410815340SH SOLE 1500
Yum China Holdings INC CORP COMMONCOM98850P1099204SH SOLE 900
Yum! Brands INC Yum CORP COMMONCOM98849810116137SH SOLE 1600
Zillow Group INC CLASS C CORP COMMONCL C CAP STK98954M200681,376SH SOLE 6800
Zimmer Biomet Holdings INC CORPCOM98956P1023222,519SH SOLE 32200
Zoetis INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A98978V10334182SH SOLE 3400
Zomedica Corp COMMONCOM98980M10912,500SH SOLE 100
Zoom Video Communications INC CLASS A CORP COMMONCL A98980L10118155SH SOLE 1800